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Digest NrSubject
2019.03.27.03 Emails Going To My Spam Folder
2018.12.20.02 Seek 88-note Telektra Test Roll
2018.12.12.04 Mason & Hamlin and A. B. Chase Player Pianos
2018.11.26.07 FS: Wurlitzer "Autograph" Piano With Welte System
2018.11.24.03 Viewing Roll Labels With Faded Blue Ink
2018.11.24.02 1920s Amusement Park Photo In YouTube Video
2018.11.20.05 FS: Wurlitzer "Autograph" Piano With Welte System
2018.10.18.04 Seek Replacement Flat Leaf Spring For Telektra
2018.10.08.06 Aeolian "Snake Bite" Accent Perforations
2018.08.13.05 Lubricating Telektra Brass Music Rolls
2018.08.07.04 Lubricating Telektra Brass Music Rolls
2018.07.22.02 Powder On Rubber Tubing Irritates Eyes
2018.07.19.03 FS: Wurlitzer 3/11 Theater Organ in Illinois
2018.06.16.03 Welte "Musicalle" Roll Changer
2018.06.15.08 1914 Steinway Upright with Welte Changer
2018.06.15.07 Seek Welte Roll Production Machinery
2018.05.27.01 Blackpool Imhof & Mukle Orchestrion
2018.05.20.03 Ampico Rewind Problem
2018.05.11.01 My Welte-Mignon Corporation Stock Certificates
2018.04.24.05 Making a 26 Point Sprocket
2018.04.22.05 Seek 26 Point Sprocket
2018.04.18.02 IRS Appraisal and Donation Rules
2018.04.09.05 Gluing Book-cloth Leaders to Dry-waxed Paper
2018.04.09.02 IRS Appraisal and Donation Rules
2018.03.11.02 Seek Bearing Machinist In Chicago Area
2018.03.04.01 Movie Newsreel Fanfare Music
2018.02.06.01 Welte Philharmonic Organ From Milhous Collection
2018.01.24.03 A Lovely Old Melody For A Piano Roll
2017.08.21.03 Welte Philharmonic Player Organ Console Photos
2017.08.18.08 FS: Welte Philharmonic Player Pipe Organ
2017.07.26.01 Henry Ford's Estey 125-note Player Organ
2017.07.25.03 Ossip Gabrilowitsch Conducts Wedding Reception
2017.06.17.04 Unknown Make of Piano in Godowsky Photo
2017.05.30.01 John Wrasse, Instrument Mover, Western Trip
2017.05.27.02 John Wrasse, Instrument Mover, Midwest Trip
2017.05.18.04 Rachmaninoff And His Ampico Recordings
2017.04.20.02 Rescaling Coin Pianos To Improve the Sound
2017.04.20.01 Who Built "Wurlitzer" Pianos?
2017.03.11.01 Telektra 88-note Reproducer Video on YouTube
2017.02.13.01 Horizontal Grooves in Welte Organ Tracker Bar
2017.01.09.01 Marguerite Volavy, Reproducing Piano Roll Artist
2016.10.20.06 Ampico System in Mason & Hamlin Upright
2016.09.21.01 John Wrasse, Instrument Mover, East Coast Trip
2016.09.18.02 Surface Finish on Wood Parts
2016.08.27.02 FS: Welte Philharmonic Wide Format Perforator
2016.07.25.02 Seek Special Screws for Telektra Piano Player
2016.06.10.02 Ragtime Rolls & Photoplayer Accompany Silent Film
2016.05.30.05 Piano Rolls in 1914 Store Photo
2016.02.23.03 Seek Tel-Electric Roll Chucks
2016.01.27.03 Seek Wessel, Nichol & Gross Sostenuto Wires
2016.01.05.03 Seek Telektra Roll 80017 by Tina Lerner
2015.07.14.06 FS: Artrio Angelus Rolls, Piano and Vorsetzer
2015.07.06.06 FS: 1917 Wurlitzer Autograph (Welte) Piano
2015.02.20.05 FS: Seeburg Spool Frame & Coin Accumulator Etc.
2015.02.02.01 John Wrasse, Instrument Mover, West Coast Trip
2014.11.17.07 Seek Material for Tracker Bar Lint Filter
2014.11.08.03 Seek 2" Motor Pulley
2014.11.08.02 Vacuum Gauges
2014.10.10.09 Seek Upright Piano in Very Good Condition
2014.10.10.08 Repairing Welte Roll Changer Power Transformer
2014.10.10.01 John Wrasse, Instrument Mover, East Coast Trip
2014.08.09.08 Tel-Electric Motor-generator Restored
2014.06.17.06 Finishing Poplar Base for Welte Roll Changer
2014.06.17.02 Player Piano Prices in Today's Dollars
2014.04.01.03 Seek LP of Aeolian Duo-Art Pipe Organ Rolls
2014.04.01.02 Welte Brisgovia D Piano Orchestrion
2014.03.29.03 John Wrasse, Instrument Mover
2014.03.19.03 Edwin Welte & SS Kronprinzessin Cecilie
2014.03.09.01 Henry Burkard, Welte-Mignon Piano Roll Artist
2013.12.05.06 Seek 2.5" Sprocket for Player Piano Ladder Chain
2013.11.25.05 Cast Aluminum Vacuum Pump
2013.11.24.08 Lubricating Wood Bearings
2013.11.24.07 Cleaning Phosphor Bronze
2013.10.26.01 Cleaning Phosphor Bronze
2013.10.19.04 FS: Junchen American Theater Organ Encyclopedia
2013.09.14.03 Player Piano Motor Case Temperature
2013.09.11.05 Player Piano Motor Case Temperature
2013.08.30.02 Seek Aeolian Test Rolls & Twill Rubber Hose
2013.08.15.08 Holtzer Cabot Player Piano Motor Restoration
2013.08.11.04 Restoring Nickel Plated Parts
2013.08.11.03 Restoring Aniline Red Mahogany Finish
2013.08.11.01 Aeolian Duo-Art Pipe Organ & Charles M. Courboin
2013.06.06.05 FS: Recut Wurlitzer 165 Rolls Including B.A.B.
2013.06.01.04 Seek Welte "Musicalle" Special Magnet Valves
2013.06.01.03 Seek Durrell Armstrong PPCo Memorabilia
2013.04.01.05 Types of Wurlitzer Music Roll Paper
2013.03.29.03 Who Built the Wurlitzer Music Roll Perforators
2013.02.12.06 Seek Flat Springs for Player Finger Buttons
2013.02.04.05 Seek Art-Echo Rolls
2013.02.04.04 Seek 73-note Hupfeld Phonola Rolls
2013.01.11.06 Seek Maker of Torsion Springs for Motor Mounts
2013.01.10.05 Seek 1920s Hubbell Toggle Switch for Welte Motor
2012.11.27.04 Seek Small 6-Pole Holtzer Cabot Motor
2012.10.31.01 John Wrasse, Instrument Mover, in Colorado
2012.09.25.04 FS: Aeolian Hammond Player Organ With Rolls
2012.09.05.02 Welte Philharmonic Organ from REO Clubhouse
2012.08.09.02 Aeolian Concertola vs. Wurlitzer Roll Changer
2012.07.22.02 Wurlitzer Apollo Reproducing Piano Vacuum Pump
2012.05.07.08 FS: Welte Philharmonic Organ & Reproducing Pianos
2012.05.03.06 FS: Recut Style "O" Rolls
2012.04.27.07 FS: Recut Wurlitzer Rolls Style 165, 150, 125
2012.04.10.05 Seek Wilcox & White Transmission Parts
2012.03.27.04 Seek Welte Licensee Spoolbox Parts
2012.03.08.02 W. W. Kimball Organ Soloist Music Rolls
2012.03.07.09 Seek Low-cost Brass Plating Service
2012.01.14.05 Seek Bodine DC Gearmotor for Music Roll Drive
2012.01.13.03 Welte-Mignon T-100 "Red" Test Roll
2011.12.11.05 FS: Wurlitzer IX Coin Piano
2011.12.11.04 FS: QRS Solo Apollo Autograph Piano Rolls
2011.12.08.06 FS: Estey Minuette Player Pipe Organ
2011.12.01.09 FS: Artrio Angelus Piano & Rolls
2011.12.01.08 Seek Roesler-Hunholtz Artistouch Organ Rolls
2011.07.11.05 Rebuilding T-100 Red Welte Player System
2011.04.19.02 Player Pipe Organ at Boston University
2011.01.29.01 Identify Instrument in Circa 1920's Photo
2011.01.10.02 Seek Wurlitzer Welte "Autograph" Rolls
2010.12.30.06 FS Free: Wurlitzer Organ Piano in Fort Worth
2010.12.01.04 Unlisted Welte-Mignon Rolls Identified
2010.12.01.03 Source of Welte-Mignon Licensee Piano Rolls
2010.11.09.04 Seek Welte Pianon Tracker Bar Scale
2010.09.30.03 FS: Hallet & Davis Artrio Angelus Reproducing Piano
2010.09.15.02 Player Organ from Warner Residence, Pasadena
2010.08.30.01 Rachmaninoff and the Ampico Editing Process
2010.08.06.03 Steinway Tall-case Red Welte
2010.08.06.01 Need Wood Species Identification
2010.07.24.04 Seek Welte Philharmonic 150-hole Roll Player
2010.07.17.01 Wurlitzer "Autograph" Piano With Welte System
2010.05.14.06 Seek Wilcox & White Angelus Player Action Parts
2010.05.13.03 Edwin Wood, Artrio Angelus Recording Artist
2010.04.06.03 Welte Philharmonic Roll Player Valve Bleed Size
2010.03.27.08 Seek Welte Licensee Grand Parts
2010.03.27.07 Seek Photos of Welte Licensee Grand Installation
2009.11.04.02 Herma Menth, Artrio Angelus Recording Artist
2009.09.28.04 Herma Menth, Artrio Angelus Recording Artist
2009.06.30.02 Recordo Roll M611580: Toccata
2009.06.29.11 M611580 "Toccata" is Played by Leopold Godowsky
2009.05.04.01 Seek "Artistouch" Pipe Organ Player Rolls
2009.04.21.03 Abrasive Blasting Cabinets & Media
2009.02.20.05 Where is the ex-Bellm Philipps Duca Piano?
2009.01.14.07 Rebuilding a Continuous Pouch Board
2008.08.05.04 Seek Flat Steel Stock With Rounded Edges
2008.04.22.06 FS: Pipe Organ Roll Player & Rolls
2008.04.07.08 Missing Recordo Drawer Parts
2008.04.06.03 Missing Recordo Drawer Parts
2008.02.29.04 Seek Wilcox & White Grand Player Action
2007.11.11.09 Seek Early Knabe Piano Catalog
2007.08.27.07 FS: Welte Philharmonic Pipe Organ Rolls
2007.08.24.05 FS: Welte (Licensee) Recuts and Originals
2007.07.08.14 FS: Welte Philharmonic Pipe Organ Rolls
2007.07.05.04 Rubberized Cloth Made in Australia
2007.07.05.01 Recutting Artrio Angelus Rolls
2007.02.15.10 Tracker Bars for the Player Piano
2007.02.15.03 Sergei Rachmaninoff and Igor Sikorsky
2007.02.12.04 Seek Wilcox & White Spoolbox
2006.12.22.07 Seek Wilcox & White "Angelus" Push-up Piano Player
2006.12.22.06 Restrictions in Artrio Angelus Pouch Action
2006.12.22.05 Mehlin & Sons Piano
2006.11.22.06 Seek Old 88-note Spoolbox
2006.11.22.03 1911 American Music Roll Standards
2006.11.19.01 1908 Buffalo Convention Piano Roll Specifications
2006.10.06.06 Problem With Corrosive Leather Nuts
2006.10.03.03 Problem With Corrosive Leather Nuts
2006.09.25.06 FS: Apollo/ArtEcho Piano Rolls
2006.08.16.03 A History of the Artrio Angelus
2006.05.24.07 Primary Pouches of Continuous Leather Strips
2006.05.13.03 FS: O-roll Spool Frame by MSI, Inc.
2006.05.02.01 Seek Welte Philharmonic Pipe Organ Roll Catalog
2003.08.07.04 Wilcox & White Recording Piano
2003.05.25.01 Seek Organ Rally Near Allentown, PA
2003.01.29.02 FS: Ampico Roll Collection For Sale
2003.01.28.11 Who Composed "Just A Memory" ?
2002.12.18.18 Seek Upright Ampico or Straight Player Piano
2002.05.06.15 FS: Piano Roll Cabinets
2002.05.06.14 FS: Ampico Roll Collection
2001.11.08.06 Telelectric Rubber Grommets
2001.05.28.04 Seek QRS Angelus Roll Catalogs & Supplements
2001.04.20.03 Electric Motor For Roll Inspection Spoolbox
2001.03.16.02 Seek Small Electric Motor for Music Roll Drive
2001.03.13.01 Seek Wilcox & White Angelus Player Drawer
2001.01.31.08 Seek Wilcox & White Angelus Pouch Action
2001.01.01.04 FS: Mason & Hamlin Ampico A Reproducing Piano
2000.04.02.12 Seek Motor-Generator for Tel-Electric Player
2000.02.27.15 FS: Components for Wurlitzer 105 Band Organ
1999.12.20.11 FS: Mason & Hamlin Ampico 5'8", Restored
1999.05.19.05 Unknown Artrio Angelus Song
1999.05.18.02 Seek Small Wurlitzer Band Organ
1999.05.03.08 FS: Steinway A Grand
1999.02.05.04 Ricky Diggs Restores Carvings of Organ Console
1999.01.13.03 Seek Woodcarver Ricky Diggs
1998.10.10.07 Wanted: Motor Generator Set
1998.08.30.06 New Telarc Rachmaninoff CD Available on the Web
1998.08.19.05 Seek Contact with Rudolph Friml Estate
1998.07.26.04 Art-Echo Recording Studio
1998.07.26.03 Seek David Saperton, Grandson of Leopold Godowsky
1998.07.08.07 New E-Mail Address
1998.06.06.06 Seek Black Jap-A-Lac Varnish
1998.06.03.05 Imhof & Mukle Interior Finish
1998.05.27.16 Seek Tel-Electric & Tel-Elektra Rolls
1998.05.13.19 Seek 88-note Tel-Electric Rolls
1998.04.07.09 Seek Trevor Shingles in Australia
1998.02.22.16 Damper Pneumatic Problems in Ampico
1998.01.18.05 E-mail Address for Larry Sitsky
1998.01.16.07 Player Organ Recordings
1998.01.12.02 Introduction & Artrio Angelus Rolls

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