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Digest NrSubject
2019.01.21.07 Unknown Tunes On Capitol G Roll G-464
2018.11.22.03 Artrio-Angelus Tracker Bar
2018.11.01.06 FS: "Pictures At An Exhibition" Welte Licensee
2018.06.04.02 Holmberg Musical Clock
2018.05.28.03 Imhof & Mukle Orchestrion
2018.02.23.01 Passing of Ken Caswell, Welte-Mignon Musicologist
2018.01.31.05 FS: New PianoDisc 3.5" Floppy Diskettes
2018.01.16.03 Rack & Pinion Tempo Control
2017.11.26.04 FS: New Player Piano Roll Boxes
2017.11.25.03 Keeping the MMD Format?
2017.10.14.01 Star Perforator Photos
2017.09.15.02 FS: Atlas Music Rolls
2017.09.14.04 Hurricane Harvey
2017.06.13.04 Electrova 65-note Roll Label Images
2017.06.02.07 FS: Re-cut Mexican "A" Roll
2017.02.10.09 Extra Holes in Ampico B Tracker Bar
2016.09.01.01 2016 AMICA Convention Wurlitzer 165 Table Favor
2016.04.04.03 Shipping Music Rolls by USPS Media Mail
2016.03.25.02 Woody Frisino, Mel-O-Art Piano Roll Artist
2016.02.29.02 QRS Music Roll Factory Today
2016.02.26.03 Piano Roll Repair Table
2016.02.25.05 FS: Re-cut Aeolian Grand Music Rolls
2016.02.10.08 Threaded Discussion Groups for Mechanical Music
2015.12.10.02 Seek "O" Roll for Re-cutting Project
2015.09.05.05 Source of Paper to Make Music Rolls
2015.08.17.11 FS: "Star Spangled Banner" Calliope "A" Roll
2015.05.25.03 FS: Recut Piano Roll "Shave 'Em Dry"
2015.04.26.01 Taylor-Aeolian Player System in Vancouver, B.C.
2015.04.17.01 Filmusic "Picturoll" Piano Rolls
2015.03.01.01 Source of BT-176A John Arpin "St. Louis Blues"
2014.12.24.02 Plastic Spool Flanges for Music Rolls
2014.11.13.03 "Tempola Breakdown" by Andrew Taylor
2014.07.20.06 Pete Wendling QRS 2253 "Natchez & Robert E. Lee"
2014.05.30.06 FS: Many Lots of Vintage Music Rolls
2014.05.30.05 Shipping Music Media from the USA
2014.05.27.04 Removing the Mechanisms from Player Pianos
2014.04.22.12 FS: George Gershwin Player Piano Rolls
2014.03.26.11 Red Welte Rolls Converted to Licensee
2014.03.17.05 Seek Filmusic Motion Picture Rolls Catalog
2014.03.08.01 Herman Henry Wade, Piano Roll Artist
2014.03.02.08 Preserving the Music of Music Rolls
2014.02.05.01 Passing of Richard Tonnesen, Custom Music Rolls
2014.01.16.02 New Piano Roll Boxes (Correction)
2014.01.14.06 FS: New Piano Roll Boxes
2013.12.16.02 "Tritsch Tratsch Polka" Ampico Roll
2013.05.18.03 Ampico Rolls by Bill Flynt
2013.03.12.05 Aeolian Orchestrelle Rolls
2010.05.15.03 Recutting 44-note & 46-note Player Organ Rolls
2010.05.06.05 Recutting 44-note & 46-note Player Organ Rolls
2010.04.01.01 Gulbransen Player Pianos Built in 6-acre Factory
2010.03.05.03 Spam & Junk Mail Challenges
2009.09.03.02 Perforating Music Rolls
2009.06.29.17 FS: 58-note Organ Rolls
2009.05.05.03 Unknown Tunes on Seeburg G Roll
2009.03.31.13 FS: IBM Formatted DS DD Floppy Diskettes
2009.02.11.03 Capitol Nickelodeon Rolls of the 1930s
2009.01.13.08 FS: Organette Collection
2008.12.19.03 Music Roll Perforators in the "Morse Report"
2008.12.09.07 FS: Style A & G Rolls for Coin Operated Pianos
2008.11.26.06 FS: Western Electric Derby Racehorse Piano
2008.11.25.06 FS: Western Electric Derby Racehorse Piano
2008.09.29.05 FS: Style A & G Rolls for Coin Operated Pianos
2008.08.29.01 Deagan Una-Fon
2008.08.05.07 FS: Western Electric Mascot Player Piano
2008.06.02.07 FS: Nickelodeon 'A' Rolls
2008.04.11.07 FS: Wurlitzer 125 Rollframe
2008.03.04.08 FS: Wurlitzer Style 165 Band Organ Music Rolls
2007.12.26.04 FS: Nickelodeon Roll Repair Kit
2007.11.04.05 FS: Nickelodeon Rolls & Musical Box Discs
2007.09.11.02 Jimmy Johnson & Western Electric Piano Company
2007.08.31.09 FS: Coinola Cupid Nickelodeon
2007.01.16.09 Adhesives In Player Piano Repair
2006.08.30.13 FS: Aeolian Skinner Player Pipe Organ
2006.08.30.04 Coin-Op Nickelodeon with Solenoid Player
2006.06.16.02 Electrova Music Rolls
2006.05.20.09 Sources of Shellac
2006.05.01.08 FS: John Smith Busker Organ Parts
2006.01.08.05 Unknown Songs on Marquette Cremona 'A' Rolls
2005.12.06.04 FS: Pin-End Roll Flanges for 65-note Rolls
2005.12.05.11 FS: New Christmas Music For 20-note Organs
2005.11.13.04 Seek Bach Toccata and Fugue for Orchestrelle
2005.10.20.08 FS: Wurlitzer Automatic Player Piano (APP) Rolls
2005.08.25.04 FS: 58-note Aeolian Grand Music Rolls
2005.07.24.11 FS: 58-Note Organ Test Roll
2005.06.30.16 FS: Style OS Music Rolls
2005.06.30.03 Declining Prices & Declining Interest
2005.06.15.13 FS: Zez Confrey "A" Roll
2005.05.03.10 Moller Artiste Pipe Organ Player
2005.04.25.04 The Joys of Organ Grinding
2005.04.13.09 Pneumatic Bleeds in Busker Organs
2005.04.10.01 The Storekeeper and the Nickelodeon
2005.03.29.10 Huge Player Piano Action in Broadwood Piano
2005.03.08.11 FS: Electronics for MIDster Punch
2005.02.03.03 Seek 20-Note Busker Organ
2005.01.13.08 FS: Busker Roll of "Phantom of the Opera"
2005.01.04.07 Raffin Organs
2005.01.03.14 FS: Busker Organ Rolls & 26-note Raffin Rolls
2004.10.14.06 FS: Book "Music Box" by Gilbert Bahl
2004.05.29.04 Music Roll Perforator From The Past
2004.05.25.11 FS: CD of Busker Organ Music
2004.05.22.05 Faulty Perforations In Nickelodeon Rolls
2004.03.20.07 Cuban Book Organ
2004.01.04.04 Buy the Book - To Buy or Not To Buy
2003.12.14.06 FS: 20-note Rolls for John Smith Busker Organ
2003.12.12.11 FS: 20-note Rolls for John Smith Busker Organ
2003.11.06.01 Western Equipment "Sweepstakes" & W.E. "Derby"
2003.09.13.01 "Faventia" Barrel Piano by Vicente Llinares
2003.07.07.17 FS: Mechanical Music Ephemera
2003.06.16.04 ASCAP Jukebox License
2003.06.02.06 "A" Rolls With Less Than 10 Tunes
2003.04.06.07 Ampico "A" Wind-Chest Spill Unit Valve Blocks
2003.03.06.01 Aeolian-American Music Roll Perforators, Part 2
2003.02.26.08 Aeolian-American Music Roll Perforators, Part 1
2003.02.18.01 Unknown Capitol A-roll
2003.01.28.13 Brian Flora and His Busker Organs
2003.01.28.07 Music Roll Boxes
2003.01.22.13 Lind Music Rolls
2003.01.09.14 Voicing Pipes for the John Smith Organ
2002.12.12.11 FS: 65-Note 6 to the Inch Perforator
2002.11.05.06 FS: John Smith Busker Organ Parts
2002.10.28.03 PayPal
2002.09.05.04 Christmas Music Arranged by Dave Junchen
2002.08.27.01 Passing of Brian Flora
2002.08.25.03 Deagan Harmonically Tuned Tubular Bell Carillon
2002.08.08.06 J. C. Deagan Tubular Bell Carillon Photos
2002.08.07.06 J. C. Deagan Tubular Bell Carillon Photos
2002.07.31.06 J. C. Deagan Tubular Bell Carillons, Part 2
2002.07.30.04 J. C. Deagan Tubular Bell Carillons
2002.07.05.02 Reuge Busker Organ ?
2002.06.27.04 A-Roll Version of "Tangled Tunes" by Ketelbey
2002.06.12.06 Autotypist Rolls
2002.04.27.12 Piano Roll Business Economics & Technology
2002.04.12.02 QRS Dealers' Reference Catalog of 1922
2002.04.11.02 QRS Dealers' Reference Catalog of 1922
2002.03.17.06 Wurlitzer Factory Tour Movie of 1920s
2002.03.10.06 Kimball Electramatic Player Organ
2002.03.07.03 20-Note Organ Roll Transcriber System
2002.03.02.04 Farrand Cecilian Player Action
2002.03.01.06 Seek Electric Motor For Duo-Art
2002.02.28.05 Adding MIDI Control to Pneumatic Player Systems
2002.02.18.05 Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ Rolls
2002.02.14.10 FS: Lot of Recut Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ Rolls
2001.11.30.05 Music Rolls by Vicente Beltran
2001.08.16.03 Seek Round Flexible Drive Belting
2001.07.26.05 Music Roll Paper Slitter
2001.07.23.08 Duo-Art Steamboat Pump Motor Pulley Size
2001.07.17.08 PPCo Orchestrion Spool Frames
2001.07.12.05 Perforator for 20-Note John Smith Organ Rolls
2001.06.22.01 Sheet Cork For Gaskets
2001.04.24.02 Small Motors in Pinball Games
2001.04.20.06 FS: Rolls for John Smith Busker Organ
2001.01.30.09 Marshall & Wendell String Scale
2001.01.27.05 Music Media Prices
2001.01.26.07 Ampico Modify Switch
2001.01.21.05 Review: John Smith 20-Note Busker Organ
2000.12.14.03 A. Wagner & Levien, Mexico
2000.11.27.11 FS: Seeburg Top Valve Seats
2000.11.27.07 Identifying 1970s Kimball Player Actions
2000.11.15.07 Nelson-Wiggen "Gray Profit Sharing" Coin Piano
2000.11.06.17 FS: "Heaven's Artillery March" Piano Roll
2000.11.06.10 Software for Scanning and Printing Music Rolls
2000.11.05.08 Postal Codes & Parcel Shipping Delays
2000.06.30.11 Source of Ladder Chain Sprockets & Thanks
2000.06.29.08 Seek Ladder Chain Sprockets
2000.02.06.04 Piano Serial Numbers & Manufacturing Pianos
2000.02.04.09 FS: CD Recordings of Ramey Banjo-Orchestra
2000.01.25.02 Haydn's Clockwork Music on the Web
1999.12.18.02 eBay Auction Selling Advice
1999.11.23.09 Kimball Electramatic Player Pianos
1999.11.19.02 Mermod Freres Music Box Converted to Coin-Op
1999.10.27.05 Service Manual for Wurlitzer 1203 Solenoid Piano
1999.10.08.03 Faventia Barrel Piano
1999.10.05.02 Glass Harmonica at Franklin Institute, Phila.
1999.10.05.01 Banjo-Orchestra by D. C. Ramey Piano Company
1999.10.04.02 Sankyo 20-Note Paper Strip Music Box
1999.10.03.03 MBSI Annual Convention in Philadelphia
1999.09.18.07 Geelong, Australia Restores Carousel
1999.09.01.06 Gay '90s Village "Nickel Music" Recordings
1999.08.12.06 MBSI Convention Hotel Rooms
1999.08.11.02 MBSI Convention in Philadelphia
1999.07.31.07 Melodian Pedals
1999.07.27.16 Restoration Materials and "Purists"
1999.07.21.08 Leonard and Co. Pedal Player Piano
1999.07.13.06 Antique Musical Instruments and Other Interests
1999.07.10.06 New York Times Web Site Policy
1999.07.09.01 New York Times: Wayne Stahnke & Rachmaninoff
1999.07.04.02 Golden Whistle on the "Natchez" Steam Calliope
1999.06.28.01 Licensing Music - Harry Fox Agency
1999.05.31.06 "Dishing" the Pouch
1999.05.26.10 FS: Belgian Barrel Pianos
1999.05.15.08 Building a Glue Wheel
1999.05.14.08 Bush & Lane Player Action With Metal Valve Blocks
1999.05.11.07 John Smith 20-Note Organ
1999.05.11.03 "Kai Orgel" Barrel Piano of Netherlands Antilles
1999.05.05.01 Small Monkey Organ by John Smith
1999.04.28.11 FS: Wallboxes for Seeburg and Rockola Jukeboxes
1999.04.23.05 Seek Nelson-Wiggin Pump
1999.04.18.05 FS: Tangley Calliopes and More
1999.04.08.15 Coin Counting Mechanisms
1999.02.28.13 FS: Band Organ Tracker Bars & Capitol OS Rolls
1999.02.22.15 FS: Reproduction Coinola Roll Frames
1999.01.09.05 Leather for Autotypist Vacuum Pump
1999.01.02.06 MMD Website Improvements - Well Done!
1998.12.16.11 Self-playing Banjo and Guitar
1998.12.15.17 FS: Ampico Roll Catalogs
1998.12.15.06 Self-Playing Banjo and Guitar
1998.12.14.05 Dr. Brinkley's Pipe Organ in Del Rio TX
1998.12.11.11 Reproducing Pianos in Theaters
1998.12.02.14 FS: New Recut Welte Licensee Rolls
1998.11.25.06 Amusement Park Association Convention in Dallas
1998.11.23.04 Organ Pictures in "Death in the Dining Room"
1998.11.17.02 Amusement Park Association Convention in Dallas
1998.11.15.09 FS: Metrostyle and Themodist Catalog
1998.11.13.04 Massive Orchestrion at eBay Auction
1998.11.10.17 FS: Wurlitzer 150 and Pianino Rolls
1998.11.09.23 FS: Ampico Parts
1998.11.09.22 FS: Wurlitzer 125 Band Organ Rolls
1998.11.07.14 FS: Kimball Player Parts
1998.11.04.03 Source of Music Box Governors
1998.10.21.01 Texas Floods Damage Pianos
1998.09.10.08 Sealing Pouches With Egg White
1998.09.06.08 White Star Ships
1998.08.03.08 Survival of Violanos
1998.07.23.14 Politically Incorrect Player Rolls
1998.07.17.13 Auto-typist Operated the Cash Register
1998.07.10.03 Philadelphia Toboggan Company
1998.07.01.07 Rollos para Pianola en Espana
1998.06.29.18 Coin Box For Nickelodeon
1998.06.18.07 Fish Glue
1998.06.02.07 How to Build a Barrel Organ
1998.05.25.04 Copyrighted MMD Material
1998.05.07.05 Shady Business Practices
1998.04.14.02 'Antique Road Show'
1998.04.11.16 Materials for Rebuilding
1998.04.05.05 History of U.S. Standard Pitch, A = 440 Hz
1998.04.05.03 Charles Smallwood Collection
1998.03.30.22 Ampico Transmission Frames
1998.03.30.04 Piano Horror Stories
1998.03.29.08 Roesler-Hunholz Player Organ Rolls
1998.03.28.08 Hazards While Working Alone
1998.03.28.02 Purchaser's Guide to the Music Industries
1998.03.27.06 Reproduction of Ampico Salesman's Manual
1998.03.27.04 Autotypist, Lodde Fortune Teller, Pace's Races
1998.03.26.09 1910 Catalog of Themodist Music Rolls
1998.03.25.12 Roesler-Hunholz Artistouch Organ Player
1998.03.25.10 Skinner and Aeolian Pipe Organ Players
1998.03.25.08 Aeolian Residence Organ
1998.03.24.20 Marketing Ampico Rolls
1998.03.24.19 Ampico Salesman's Manual
1998.03.24.18 Leabarjan Perforators - Part 2
1998.03.24.17 Leabarjan Perforators - Part 1
1998.03.24.07 Quality Real Service - QRS 1922 Catalog
1998.03.23.01 Seeburg KT Special Reproduction of 1980
1998.03.22.28 Big Web Site
1998.03.22.27 FS: Gavioli-Mortier Organ
1998.03.21.24 Glue Used at Piano Factories
1998.03.21.19 Xylophone Bars
1998.03.21.14 Ampico Trial Roll
1998.03.20.08 Piano Plates and Soundboards
1998.03.19.06 Rollo Mexico
1998.03.18.16 Aeolian's Late Player Pianos
1998.03.18.12 Deagan Unafon
1998.03.18.08 Wurlitzer Factory Part 3
1998.03.17.13 Wurlitzer Factory Part 2
1998.03.17.06 Saga of One Mason and Hamlin "B"
1998.03.16.13 Wurlitzer Factory
1998.03.15.16 Western Electric Orchestrion
1998.03.15.13 Nyles Bryant... More!
1998.03.15.12 That Green Powder!
1998.03.15.07 About Mexico!
1998.03.15.04 MIDI vs Paper
1998.03.15.03 Wurlitzer Caliola!
1998.03.15.01 Introduction
1998.03.14.08 Wurlitzer Solenoid Pianos
1998.03.14.07 Tuning Scale for Modern Spanish Barrel Piano
1998.03.14.06 "Modern" Spanish Barrel Pianos
1998.03.13.16 FS: Player Escutcheon Plates
1998.03.13.12 Nickelodeons in Public Locations
1998.03.12.15 FS: Seeburg Valve Seats
1998.03.12.10 MMD Fallout! Nyles-Brant Piano Tuning Course
1998.03.12.09 Wurlitzer Caliola
1998.03.12.06 Charles Smallwood--Reflections
1998.03.11.12 FS: Seeburg Upper Valve Seats
1998.03.11.06 Bacigalupi West Coast Organ Company
1998.03.10.21 Roll Duplicator
1998.03.10.14 Test Roll for Austin Quadraplex Player
1998.03.10.13 West Coast Organ Company
1998.03.10.08 Player Piano Company
1998.03.08.12 FS: Tracker Bars & Seeburg Valve Seats
1998.03.08.07 Knabe Ampico Concert Grand in Mexico City

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