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Digest NrSubject
2019.02.09.01 Sanfilippo Collection & Chicago's Uptown Theatre
2018.12.07.02 Seek Svoboda's Nelson-Wiggen 4T Gaming Orchestra
2018.10.01.05 Unknown Orchestrion Roll Scale
2018.09.17.04 PianoLodeon Repair Information
2017.09.25.10 Auto-Typist and National Piano Vacuum Pumps
2017.09.24.04 Auto-Typist Vacuum Pump
2017.09.22.01 Autotypist Vacuum Pump
2017.09.16.06 Phonograph & Player Piano Combinations
2017.09.08.02 Mills Violano Registry
2017.08.05.05 Harvey Roehl's "Roehl Road Car"
2017.07.16.03 Calliope Is Too Loud
2017.04.22.05 Who Built Wurlitzer Pianos?
2017.01.21.03 Coinola Photo Portfolio by Vestal Press
2016.12.13.02 List of Rollographies and Compilers
2016.09.21.02 Dimensions of American Coin Pianos & Orchestrions
2016.08.07.04 Seeburg L "Lilliputian" Cabinet Model
2016.07.21.02 Passing of John Hovancak, Fair Organ Restorer
2016.05.30.07 Early Duo-Art Roll Tracking Problem
2016.03.30.02 Art Glass in Mechanical Music Instruments
2016.03.27.08 Average Time to Rebuild a Player Piano
2015.11.14.01 Calliope History at Mechanical Music Press Site
2015.05.03.04 Cremona J at the DeBence Museum
2015.02.14.03 Link Pianos: How to Change an Endless Roll
2015.02.05.04 Electric Motors for Automatic Pianos
2015.01.25.05 Unknown Tunes on Wurlitzer APP Roll 1845
2014.12.04.04 Playing 88-note Rolls On a Duo-Art
2014.11.16.07 Rebuilding Ampico Primary Valve Chest
2014.10.14.06 "The Riff Song" is "Manhattan Mary"
2014.10.08.03 Player Piano Roll Hole Shape
2014.07.27.01 Market For Mechanical Musical Instruments
2014.07.12.01 Perforated Music Media - Autotypist Paper
2014.05.20.08 KT Special Tubing Connections
2014.04.13.03 Ivory Transport & U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services
2014.04.03.01 Welte Brisgovia D Piano Orchestrion
2014.02.14.06 Regulating Lost Motion in a Duo-Art Upright
2014.02.03.02 Wurlitzer Band Organ Vacuum Pump
2014.01.24.03 Johnny Maddox "The World's Greatest Piano Rolls"
2014.01.06.06 Seek Philipps Jazzband Reiterating Action Photos
2013.12.14.05 Hardwood Plywood in Large Pneumatics
2013.12.10.03 Wurlitzer 180 Band Organs
2013.12.08.05 Installing Round Leather Belting
2013.10.30.10 Moving a Player Piano to Colorado
2013.10.29.01 Unknown Phonoliszt Tune
2013.10.16.02 Wood Valve Buttons in Standard Double Valve Action
2013.09.18.05 Nelson-Wiggen Decal Colors
2013.08.04.03 Carousel Music Only During Rides or Continuous
2013.07.25.04 Tuning Standards for Coin Pianos & Orchestrions
2013.07.22.01 Seeburg FT
2012.10.28.06 Wurlitzer 150 Band Organ Scale
2012.10.02.02 Wurlitzer Family History
2012.09.30.08 FS: Fischer Ampico Spinet, Stroud Duo-Art Upright
2012.09.30.07 FS Free: AMICA Bulletins
2012.09.12.05 FS: Reproducing Pianos in Kansas
2012.09.01.02 Link and Automatic Musical Company Pianos
2012.08.12.02 Automatic Roll Changers
2012.06.29.01 Colorado Springs Wildfires
2012.06.23.09 The Route Operator
2012.06.07.05 Demise of the Player Piano
2012.05.24.03 Link Style O Coin Piano
2012.05.14.02 Relationship of Mason & Hamlin With Cable Co.
2012.04.29.04 The First "Nickelodeon" Piano
2012.04.08.01 Clark Orchestra Roll Co. Music Arrangements
2012.01.31.03 Seeburg Striker Pneumatic Span
2012.01.20.03 Tuning a Xylophone or Orchestra Bells
2012.01.16.05 Testing a Key Striking Pneumatic
2012.01.04.03 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2011.09.04.06 Wurlitzer 155 CD "Music for Carousel Lovers"
2011.08.03.01 Wurlitzer Pianino Roll Sizes
2011.06.14.07 Coating Protects Against Valve Seat Corrosion
2011.06.14.06 Leather Valve Facing Against Metal Valve Seat
2011.06.10.09 Piano/Organ/Accordion Trio First Tune
2011.04.18.01 Wurlitzer Band Organ Registry
2011.04.02.02 Ampico A Music Plays Too Slow
2011.02.25.02 Standard Tuning Pitch of Orchestrions
2011.02.24.02 Standard Tuning Pitch of Orchestrions
2010.10.12.08 Scott Joplin's "Silver Swan Rag," a Lost Roll?
2010.10.08.02 Prices Realized, Showtime Auction, October 1-3, 2010
2010.08.31.02 Revisionist History: Peerless & Engelhardt
2010.08.15.04 Audio Recordings of Mechanical Music
2010.08.11.08 Audio Recordings of Mechanical Music
2010.06.13.02 Converting O-roll Arrangement to G-roll
2010.03.05.02 Wurlitzer CX Orchestrion on YouTube
2010.02.17.06 Cabinet Size Defines Nelson-Wiggen 4X & 5X
2009.06.14.03 Sealing Valve Pouches
2009.01.18.01 Different Arrangements of Mechanical Music
2008.10.08.03 Svoboda's Nickelodeon Tavern
2008.10.05.04 Fate of Svoboda's Nickelodeon Tavern
2008.09.27.02 Seeburg Photoplayer Rolls Style M, R, MSR
2008.09.08.05 Wurlitzer Band Organ Registration Controls
2008.08.28.03 Deagan Una-Fon in Automatic Musical Instruments
2008.05.13.09 Seek Interchangeable Roll Spool for Mills Violano
2008.05.13.04 Red vs. Black Labels on Clark Orchestra Rolls
2008.04.07.07 Seeburg Serial Numbers
2008.04.05.02 Karl King Marches
2008.01.25.05 Mechanical Music in Museums & Private Collections
2008.01.24.02 Montana Heritage Commission Collection
2007.12.28.03 Berry-Wood Orchestrion Rolls
2007.12.15.04 Loud Pedal Valve Travel
2007.10.18.01 Koenigsberg Dance Organ
2007.08.25.01 Organ Rally 8 Sept. 2007 in Englewood, Colorado
2007.08.24.01 New CD of Mechanical Music Available
2007.08.14.03 Welte's Largest "Orchestrion"
2007.07.27.01 "Treasures of Mechanical Music" & Other Projects
2007.06.09.04 Woodworm Infestation and Treatment
2007.04.09.05 Recordings of Fairground, Band and Dance Organs
2007.04.08.03 Wurlitzer Caliola Organ Pipe Dimensions
2007.04.03.02 Church Organ Pipes in a Band Organ
2007.03.17.06 Gasoline Engine for Band Organ
2006.12.07.02 Chicago Coin Piano Manufacturers
2006.10.04.11 Key Pneumatics: Who Said They Should Fall Open?
2006.03.30.07 Plating Metal Parts & Electroless Nickel Plating
2006.02.28.01 Wurlitzer "Autograph" Expression Piano Rolls
2006.01.08.06 Pierre Eich Solophone Vacuum Regulator
2005.07.12.01 AMICA and MBSI Convention Costs
2005.06.27.04 Seeburg L Cabinet Piano Models
2005.06.24.03 Value Of 1917 Seeburg Model L
2005.06.15.08 Choice Of Tunes For Rolls
2005.05.31.09 Frank McCullough
2005.03.28.06 Removing PVC-E Glue
2005.03.20.06 Removing PVC-E Glue
2005.03.03.05 Bound Volumes of AMICA Bulletins
2005.02.17.09 Wurlitzer Automatic Roll Changers
2004.11.20.04 Maelzel's Panharmonicon
2004.11.17.07 Reprinting Vestal Press Publications
2004.10.25.01 Data Compression in Mechanical Music Media
2004.10.15.05 Wurlitzer & Philipps Tracker Bar Hole Spacing
2004.06.25.06 Automatic Rewind, Play & Shutoff in Orchestrions
2004.05.02.08 Stripped Screw Holes in Wood
2004.04.30.08 Optimising Hand-Cranked Organ Feeders
2004.02.15.07 Repairing Damaged Pneumatic Deck Boards
2004.02.05.01 2004 AMICA Convention
2003.12.22.03 Photoplayer vs. Orchestrion
2003.10.14.06 Percussion Striker Systems in European Organs
2003.10.14.02 North Tonawanda "Sextrola" Orchestrion
2003.06.08.07 Duo-Art Tubing Diagram - 1925 Steinway Grand
2003.06.08.01 Mechanical Music Press Web Site
2003.05.31.02 "Morning, Noon & Night in Vienna" on "O" Roll
2002.11.09.02 Band Organ Clown
2002.10.14.05 Decorations Printed On Piano Plate
2002.07.10.16 Ampico Sustain Pedal Compensating Pneumatics
2002.03.18.08 Tubing Connections for Seeburg Style "L"
2002.02.11.01 Manufacture Dates of Seeburg Nickelodeons
2002.01.22.05 Dave Junchen on Nickelodeon Rolls Derived From QRS Rolls
2001.11.29.08 Salon Music and Salon Orchestrions
2001.07.19.01 Book "Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments"
2001.07.15.04 Manufacture Dates of Seeburg Nickelodeons
2001.07.03.07 Seek Wurlitzer 150 & A.P.P. Tracker Bars
2001.03.06.04 Demise of the Player Piano
2001.03.04.02 Demise of the Player Piano
2001.02.13.11 Nelson-Wiggen Style 4X vs. Style 5X
2001.02.02.06 Style 'A' Rolls Arranged for Xylophone
2001.01.31.06 Wurlitzer Caliola Rolls vs. APP Rolls
2001.01.02.06 Seek Art Glass for Early Seeburg G
2000.08.24.07 Cabinet Maker Hates Hot Glue
2000.08.01.06 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2000.07.31.02 Bovey Collection in Virginia & Nevada Cities, MT
2000.06.24.07 Delay Line Oscillator in Hupfeld Percussion
2000.06.22.06 Filling Cast Iron Surfaces - Piano Plates
2000.06.20.07 Regulating Dampers in a Vertical Piano
2000.06.20.06 Filling Cast Iron Surfaces - Imron
2000.05.29.03 Notice of Intent: Mechanical Music Press
2000.05.26.02 Notice of Intent: Mechanical Music Press
2000.04.01.01 Music Box Playing Time - Regina
2000.03.18.04 Limitations of MIDI
2000.02.26.04 Seeburg E Bleeds & Octave Coupling
2000.01.28.05 Values of Automatic Pianos and Organs
2000.01.15.09 Tying a Knot in a Piano Bass String
2000.01.07.08 Hanging Curtain Mandolin Attachments
1999.12.31.07 Welte Wotan
1999.11.02.11 Piano Repair & Restoration Checklist
1999.10.12.03 Tremolo and Vibrato
1999.09.22.07 Hot Glue Pot "Meltdown"
1999.09.08.09 Lubricating Orchestrion and Band Organ Connecting Rods
1999.08.21.02 Paul Eakins' "Memory Lane Special"
1999.08.19.09 Paul Eakins Collection in New "Golden Age" Book
1999.08.19.02 Mediocre Restoration and Regulation
1999.08.18.09 Musical Arranging Standards
1999.08.17.05 Tubing the Seeburg KT Special
1999.07.27.15 Restoration Materials and "Purists"
1999.07.27.04 "The Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments"
1999.07.17.04 Gluing Hoses Into Wurlitzer Tracker Bar
1999.07.08.07 Instrument Prices in Today's Dollars
1999.06.07.04 Seeburg KT Special Drum Lights
1999.05.23.14 Seeburg and Wurlitzer Original Finish Colors
1999.05.15.06 Literature About Nickelodeon Rolls
1999.05.08.07 Orchestrion Pipes
1999.05.06.05 Wooden Violin Pipes
1999.05.05.04 Seeburg G Pipes
1999.05.02.05 Seeburg Style G Pipes and Expression
1999.03.26.07 Pin End Spools
1999.02.23.04 Hupfeld Pan Orchestra & Hupfeld Harmonium
1999.02.10.07 LP "Razz-Ma-Tazz in Hi-Fi" Recorded at Cliff House
1999.01.28.08 Mutty's Pneumatic Cloth Sample Book
1999.01.27.14 Pneumatic Cloth Experiences: Rubber, Polylon, Bilon
1999.01.25.08 Cleaning Piano Action Parts
1999.01.24.01 Seek Serial Numbers of Seeburg Pneumatic Jukebox
1999.01.16.04 Seeburg Instruments at Missouri Auction
1999.01.11.06 "The Wizard of Oz" & "The X-Files"
1999.01.11.05 "Totem Tom Tom"
1999.01.07.16 Pamphlet "How to Modify Accordions" at PPCo
1998.11.01.10 B.A.B. to Wurlitzer 165 Roll Conversion
1998.10.31.06 Pierre Eich Orchestrions
1998.10.31.04 B.A.B. vs. Wurlitzer 165 Snare Drum Mechanisms
1998.09.24.02 Violano Book Errata Sheet
1998.09.08.15 Carter's Rubber Cement for Sealing Pouch Leather
1998.08.10.06 Lubricating Electric Motors
1998.07.31.10 Zephyr Skin Needs No Sealant
1998.07.25.08 Surviving Mills Violano-Virtuosos
1998.07.23.18 Violano Hoard
1998.07.19.05 Russell Wilcox & the Seeburg Pneumatic Jukebox
1998.07.16.07 Auto-typist & American Automatic Typewriter Co.
1998.07.06.05 New E-mail Address
1998.06.30.09 Nickelodeons in Seattle
1998.06.12.08 Nickel Plating for Seeburg Xylophone Beater Wires
1998.06.04.11 Reproduco Piano Pipe Organ Pump
1998.06.02.09 Repetition Rates in Pneumatic Instruments
1998.05.26.01 House on the Rock Museum
1998.05.19.12 Pot Metal & Mills Violano Castings
1998.05.14.05 Band Organ Transposition
1998.05.01.10 Pronunciation of "Reproduco"
1998.04.10.04 "Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments"
1998.04.10.03 "Treasures of Mechanical Music"
1998.04.05.04 "Treasures of Mechanical Music"
1998.04.04.23 Coinolas and O Rolls
1998.03.31.09 Reference Books on CD-ROM
1998.03.30.26 FS: O-roll Orchestrion
1998.03.27.10 Material for Friction Drive Wheels
1998.03.24.10 Wurlitzer 'Monster' Organ in Burlington CO
1998.03.22.08 Seek Early Wurlitzer Music Roll Mechanism
1998.03.12.01 Introduction
1998.03.11.05 Seek Seeburg Serial Numbers

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