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Digest NrSubject
2018.04.16.02 Restoring Model Y Orchestrelle Player Organ
2018.01.02.03 Automatic Music On YouTube
2017.07.08.07 Unknown Organ Accompanies Old-time Shop Video
2017.05.07.01 Unknown Wall-Mounted Disc Music Box
2017.03.26.03 Seek Source of High Quality Zephyr Skin
2016.10.25.07 Seeburg Celesta Tubing Diagram
2016.10.20.08 For Sale on the Internet Items
2016.10.13.06 Suggested Piano Roll Tempo
2016.09.13.03 Repair of German Musical Anniversary Clock
2016.09.08.02 Pianocorder Pedal Solenoid Voltage
2016.07.18.03 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2016.07.13.03 Restored Ampico Piano Without Player
2016.05.26.06 Wine Corks as Street Organ Pipe Stoppers
2016.05.22.02 Source of QRS Piano Rolls
2016.03.26.03 Art Glass in Mechanical Music Instruments
2016.02.14.03 Threaded Discussion Groups for Mechanical Music
2016.02.12.06 Threaded Discussion Groups for Mechanical Music
2015.11.14.04 Seek Solenoids for Electric Player
2015.11.07.01 Music Box Comb Doesn't Match the Cylinder
2015.10.04.01 Cleaning & Adjusting a Swiss Musical Box
2015.09.21.03 Paper to Make Music Roll
2015.06.09.03 Hupfeld Phonola Vorsetzer Height Adjustment
2015.05.21.01 Passing of Ken W. List, Former QRS Manager
2015.01.26.01 New Automatic Music: "Tuning A Track"
2015.01.18.01 Source of Zephyr Skin for Bird Bellows
2014.11.09.02 Seek "Jesus Christ, Superstar" Piano Rolls
2014.08.09.06 Internet & Email Privacy
2014.08.03.03 Aspidistra Piano Stool Advert in PPCo Catalog
2014.06.05.03 Titebond Liquid Hide Glue Dries Slowly
2014.05.20.02 Unknown Manivelle Musical Box
2014.04.07.01 Unknown Table Top Cabinet for Musical Movement
2014.03.22.02 Music Rolls for Deagan Carillon
2014.03.10.04 Yogi Yorgesson Songs on Piano Rolls
2014.03.02.04 "Sound Track", The Toy Train With a Tune
2013.11.24.06 Player Piano Pneumatic Cloth of White Skin
2013.11.21.09 Bilon vs. Perflex
2013.11.03.05 Value of a Wurlitzer Orchestra Photoplayer
2013.10.12.01 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2013.10.10.01 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2013.08.18.02 Classic Cars vs. Mechanical Music Instruments
2013.08.13.03 Restoring Aniline Red Mahogany Finish
2013.06.05.04 Converting Music Between Reproducing Piano Systems
2013.03.31.02 Unknown Tunes on 55-Note 8-Tune Musical Box
2013.02.22.04 Applying Graphite to Wood Surfaces
2013.02.12.02 Visiting Beijing
2013.02.09.10 Seek Art-Echo Rolls
2012.11.24.02 Death of Vic Searle
2012.10.27.02 Lost Persons, Forgotten Names: Ridgeway, Searle, Siou
2012.05.25.08 AMR Pin-end Spool Ends for 65-note Piano Roll
2012.01.21.06 Tuning a Xylophone
2012.01.08.03 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2011.12.08.04 Seek Loesche Orchestrion Tracker Bar Details
2011.12.06.08 Ampico Motor Mounts
2011.10.20.02 Mechanical Music for the Youth
2011.08.03.13 Orange Shellac Flakes
2011.06.23.03 Scott Joplin's "Silver Swan Rag"
2011.05.18.04 Regulating Organ Blower Suction & Pressure
2011.05.05.06 Music Styles That The Collectors Like
2011.04.29.01 Hupfeld Piano Roll Transfers
2011.04.28.03 Air Pressure Powers Wurlitzer Cabinet Piano
2011.04.05.04 Art-Echo Apollo Rollography
2011.01.21.01 Removing Jackling Residence Player Pipe Organ
2011.01.19.03 FS Free: Spencer Orgoblo Blowers
2011.01.14.12 Player Action for Wurlitzer Baby Grand
2010.12.21.12 Lead Powder in Old Player Pianos
2010.12.02.01 Building a Singing Bird Mechanism
2010.11.05.01 Prices Paid at Bonhams Auction 3 November
2010.11.03.03 Prices Paid at Bonhams Auction 7 October 2010
2010.10.09.06 Scott Joplin's "Silver Swan Rag", a Lost Roll?
2010.09.12.08 Securing the Dowel to the Threaded Pushrod
2010.08.23.02 San Francisco Coinola Dealers, 1919 to 1925
2010.05.15.02 New Web Site of Polyphon Musikwerke
2010.02.28.03 Aeolian Orchestrelle Discussion Group
2010.02.09.14 Replacing Lead Tracker Bar Tubing
2010.02.04.08 Replacing Lead Tracker Bar Tubing
2010.01.07.02 Making an Organ Crankshaft
2009.12.14.04 Ray Siou, Music Roll Mogul
2009.12.03.02 Adapting MIDI Files to Play a Small Street Organ
2009.11.25.07 Building a Small Pipe Organ
2009.11.17.05 Transcribing a Piano Roll to Sheet Music
2009.11.15.02 Seek Loesch Orchestrion Instrumentation Data
2009.11.08.04 Perflex - Military Version
2009.09.24.03 Hupfeld & Animatic Piano Roll Artists
2009.09.24.01 English Street Organ & Piano Repertoire
2008.12.24.09 FS: 9-1/2" Polyphon Disc
2008.12.05.01 Winding Key for Musical Christmas Tree Stand
2008.11.26.02 "Orchestrion Builder's Manual" by Craig Brougher
2008.11.07.07 How To Make a Bellows
2008.11.06.04 Paint Peeling From Glass
2008.10.27.08 Source of Thorens 4.5" Musical Box Discs
2008.09.28.03 Silk Screening Images on Musical Box Discs
2008.09.17.02 AMICA Convention 2008 Table Favor
2008.08.11.02 Coloring Maple a Mahogany Red
2008.08.06.10 Rebuilding H. C. Bay Player Piano
2008.05.13.08 Kimball Electramatic Spinet Player Drive Motor
2008.03.23.04 Wurlitzer 165 Tracker Bar & Frame Dimensions
2008.03.01.04 Building a Player Reed Organ
2008.02.14.02 Wurlitzer 150 Band Organ Specification
2008.02.03.03 Hide Glue & Fish Glue
2008.01.24.12 Wurlitzer Tracker Bar Dimensions
2008.01.22.05 Wurlitzer Tracker Bar Dimensions
2008.01.01.03 Restoring a Black Forest Flute Clock
2007.12.31.03 Wurlitzer Band Organ Specifications
2007.08.22.06 Penetrating Oil - Kroil
2007.08.20.02 Playasax Disassembly
2007.08.15.07 Organ Pipes "Drawing" When Tuning
2007.04.19.06 Wurlitzer 105 Band Organ Sold on eBay
2007.04.02.04 Church Organ Pipes in a Band Organ
2007.03.23.06 Controlling Rewind Speed of Electrified Player
2007.03.18.05 Gasoline Engine for Band Organ
2007.01.31.05 Favorite Song Titles
2006.10.05.05 Problem With Corrosive Leather Nuts
2006.08.27.01 Lecoultre Freres of Geneva
2006.08.12.05 Is ATT Antispam Policy a Nuisance?
2006.08.11.04 eBay Player Piano Fraud
2006.07.07.11 Archival Music Roll Scanning
2006.06.02.06 Cleaning Threaded Rods
2006.03.27.19 Modifying Ampico Grand for MIDI Control
2006.03.06.05 Seek Piano Roll QRS 4577 "Glad-Rag Doll"
2006.02.16.02 10-key Serinette with Spring Motor
2006.02.05.09 Counter-Melody & the Wurlitzer Trumpet Division
2005.12.24.06 Music Rolls by Engelbert Humperdinck
2005.11.26.02 Seek Instrument Mover, Oregon to California
2005.11.26.01 Seek Apollo ArtEcho, Duo-Art & Ampico Test Rolls
2005.11.03.13 Lifting a Vertical Piano to Replace the Casters
2005.10.28.02 Dies to Cut Ampico "A" Gaskets
2005.10.25.10 DuPont "Tyvek" as Music Roll Medium
2005.10.17.05 DuPont "Tyvek" as Bellows Covering Material
2005.08.11.01 Classes on How To Repair Musical Boxes
2005.05.14.05 Apollo/ArtEcho Reproducing Piano Rolls Wanted
2005.04.23.03 Wurlitzer Apollo Tracker Bar Scale
2005.03.28.13 Cleaning Screws
2005.03.03.03 Cabinet for Tall Case Flute Clock
2005.02.02.04 Theater Organ on Catalina Island
2004.08.30.04 Instrumentation of Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ
2004.08.27.05 CD of Ray Siou Church-Pipe Band Organ
2004.05.30.02 Punch for Perforating a 65-note Music Roll
2004.03.15.01 58-Note Player Organ Scale
2004.02.22.06 Deal Softwood
2004.01.26.06 Electric Hot Glue Pot
2003.12.06.11 Power Supply for Pipe Organ Magnet Valves
2003.11.04.08 Converting Instruments to Play Different Media
2003.10.21.04 Repairing Broken Musical Box Main Spring
2003.07.27.05 Politically Incorrect Piano Rolls
2003.07.25.08 Piano Rolls of "Stumbling" by Zez Confrey
2003.01.10.08 Polylon and Hot Hide Glue
2002.11.29.02 Bellows for Singing Bird Musical Box
2002.11.01.02 "Pipe Organ Restorations" Salvage Firm
2002.08.25.02 Repairing German Singing Bird Bellows
2002.08.11.06 Rodent Repellant
2002.04.01.02 Bergstrom Pipe Organ Company
2002.01.08.08 Chrysoglott With Dampers
2002.01.08.07 Chrysoglott with Tremulant
2002.01.06.09 Chrysoglott With Dampers
2001.12.23.02 Converting Orchestrelle to Play 88-Note Rolls
2001.12.22.09 Converting Orchestrelle to Play 88-Note Rolls
2001.12.07.05 Lubricating a Small Music Box Movement
2001.12.05.01 Lubricating a Small Music Box Movement
2001.10.29.01 Seek Music Box of "The Simpson's" Theme Song
2001.09.11.01 The V'Oleon Self-playing Violin Device
2001.06.08.03 Instrumentation of Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ
2001.02.28.10 Duplex Roll Player for Organ
2000.09.08.13 Source of Vacuum Gauges
2000.07.27.06 Remote Organ Blower Installation
2000.07.24.06 Remote Organ Blower Installation
2000.07.06.02 Over-wound Spring Motor
2000.02.23.14 MIDI'fying an 1890's Reed Organ
1999.12.01.09 Reed Organ Pipes & Reed Stops
1999.07.16.02 Antique Musical Instruments and Clocks
1999.06.24.07 Player Piano with 100-Hole Tracker Bar
1999.05.27.05 Seek Brass Valve Stem Rods
1999.05.22.13 FS: 65-Note Pin-End Rolls on eBay
1999.04.27.02 Piano in "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
1999.04.24.15 Seek Standard/Autopiano Spoolbox & Parts
1999.04.14.10 Making CDs of Old Phono Recordings
1999.04.08.02 Seek Lower Unit for Aeolian Orchestrelle
1999.03.25.07 58-note Roll Re-cutting Project
1999.03.23.05 The Distinctive Sound of Organ Pipes
1999.03.20.06 House Brands
1999.03.05.13 Thin Gaskets in Pneumatic Deck
1999.03.05.09 Silly Mnemonics for the Calendar
1999.03.04.07 Thanks for Sources List
1999.02.10.14 Source of Ladder Chain
1999.02.10.11 Vacuum Cleaner vs. Tracker Bar Pump
1999.02.10.03 Frank Adams' Automatic Music Roll Co.
1999.01.22.07 Polylon Pneumatic Cloth
1999.01.15.04 Seeburg Instruments at Missouri Auction
1999.01.08.06 Piano Roll: "The Rose Of No Man's Land"
1999.01.06.02 Coin-Operated Entertainment in San Francisco
1999.01.04.09 Chicago Paradise Theatre Wurlitzer Organ
1998.12.28.02 Chinese-Made Music Box Plays Cardboard Roll
1998.12.19.18 FS: 10-Tune Italian Barrel Piano
1998.12.19.10 Perflex at Austin Organ Co.
1998.12.15.08 Pet Animals and Chemicals
1998.11.23.05 Wurlitzer Theatre Organ Production
1998.11.12.13 Rolls for 65-note Cecilian Player
1998.11.09.03 Battleship Musical Box
1998.10.28.10 Marc Elbasani's New Wurlitzer 165 CD
1998.10.19.04 Grease for Music Box Springs
1998.10.14.09 Movement Needed to Operate 3 Dancers
1998.10.08.03 Deansboro Museum Auction
1998.10.05.13 Orchestrelle Recordings
1998.09.19.17 Coding Ragtime For Ampico
1998.09.19.09 Ballpark Value of Silent Movie Rolls
1998.09.10.05 Cyril Smith - English Music Hall Performer
1998.09.07.18 Repair Vs. Replacement of Pouches
1998.09.07.15 Song Title "How Could You Believe Me..."
1998.07.24.19 'The Jelly Roll Blues'
1998.07.23.20 Auto-Typist Pump Powers Photoplayer
1998.06.17.11 Converting 65-note Push-up Player
1998.06.15.15 Seek 6/inch Music Roll Transcriber Service
1998.06.15.04 Origin of 'Odeon'
1998.06.08.09 Flexotone-Soloist
1998.06.06.05 "Was machst du mit dem Knie lieber Hans"
1998.05.26.06 Hoyt Metal
1998.05.25.22 "Flexotone" Attachment on Autopiano
1998.05.22.01 Solenoids vs. Pneumatics
1998.05.21.23 FS: Player Piano With Simplex Action
1998.05.01.09 Classical Music Parodies on Piano Rolls
1998.04.24.09 Inaudible Vacuum Source
1998.04.21.06 Link Aviation Trainer
1998.04.14.04 Putting Copyrighted Music On the 'Net

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