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Digest NrSubject
2018.08.10.03 Relationship of Artrio-Angelus & Melodee Rolls
2018.06.20.04 File Format for Perforating Music Rolls
2018.06.16.04 Editor Simulation of Dohnanyi's Welte Roll 494
2018.06.11.03 Editor Simulation of Dohnanyi's Welte Roll 494
2018.06.05.07 Unknown Player Piano Roll Of Von Dohnanyi
2018.05.29.06 Orchestrion In Imhof London Shop
2018.05.06.02 Player Pianos vs. Live Performances
2018.04.26.07 Foot Powered 1912 Steinway Grand Player Piano
2018.04.13.03 A Review:
2018.02.10.03 Music Roll Scanner Group On Facebook
2018.01.17.05 Searching For U.S.A. Patents
2017.12.13.05 1930 Hupfeld Photographs Book As PDF
2017.05.23.02 Ethel Leginska & Artrio Angelus Reproducing Rolls
2017.05.08.05 Bass Strings For Reproducing Pianos
2017.02.14.03 Horizontal Grooves in French Welte-Mignon
2016.12.13.06 Seek Advice on Pedal-only Duo-Art Instrument
2016.09.16.02 Seek QRS 101022 "Greenwich Witch"
2016.09.15.02 Seek QRS 101022 "Greenwich Witch" by Zez Confrey
2016.07.27.03 Seek "Speak Low" & "Key Largo" Piano Rolls
2016.06.15.01 T-98 (Green) Welte Roll Recutting Project
2016.04.12.01 Seek "Marigold" by Billy Mayerl
2016.02.25.03 Erik Satie "Gymnopedie" for Pianola
2016.02.09.04 Threaded Discussion Groups for Mechanical Music
2015.09.10.04 Source of Paper to Make Music Rolls
2015.08.17.07 Ampico Roll "Nymph Errant" by Cole Porter
2015.08.12.06 Ampico Roll "Nymph Errant" by Cole Porter
2015.07.01.07 Steck Pianola Pedal Grand in California
2015.06.29.04 International Shipping of Band Organ Rolls
2015.04.22.02 Unknown Carillon Rolls in Condon Collection
2015.04.10.02 Ivory Sale and Possession in New York State
2015.03.10.03 Pianola Recordings by Sergei Rachmaninoff
2015.01.06.04 Aeriol 65-note Roll of "Carnaval Espagnol"
2014.11.11.08 Regulating the Duo-Art Expression System
2014.10.21.05 Gotha Steck Upright Pianola
2014.09.14.04 Player Piano at Thrift Store
2014.08.08.08 Strange Player Action in Broadwood Grand Piano
2014.07.26.03 Unknown Duo-Art Tunes on YouTube
2014.07.13.01 Passing of Reg Richings, Pianola Restorer
2014.07.09.06 Perforated Music Media Manufacturing Technology
2014.04.25.02 Shipping Music Media World-Wide from UK
2014.03.15.03 Bluthner Upright Player Piano With Expression
2014.03.14.02 Bluthner Upright Player Piano With Expression
2014.03.11.03 "Best" & "Victoria" Piano Rolls Made in Spain
2014.01.08.03 Replacing Aeolian Duo-Art Valve Pouches
2013.11.15.02 Animatic Music Rolls Sold by Keith Prowse
2013.11.13.03 Animatic Piano Rolls in Russia
2013.10.31.02 Unknown Phonoliszt Tune
2013.08.10.09 Keys Flutter on Playing Chained Holes
2013.08.04.08 Database of Scanned Music Rolls
2013.07.07.07 Duo-Art Fan Accordion System at AMICA Convention
2013.07.07.03 Copyright Warning at YouTube
2013.06.18.03 Mel-O-Dee Music Company of New York
2013.06.08.05 Converting Music Between Reproducing Piano Systems
2013.02.06.04 Cecilian 13-1/4" Music Rolls by Farrand
2012.12.19.04 Value of Hupfeld Solophonola Upright Player Piano
2012.12.11.02 Roll Number of Universal "Moonlight Sonata"
2012.10.09.03 Duo-Art Concerto Roll Coding
2012.09.20.08 Thin Tosh Rubberized Cloth
2012.09.07.08 MIDI Information for Orchestrion Design
2012.08.27.05 Shipping Large Instruments & Parts Abroad
2012.08.21.02 Seek Titles of Duo-Art "Special" Series Rolls
2012.08.07.05 Rebuilding the Aeolian Wind Motor
2012.06.06.09 Playing 88-note Rolls Softly on a Duo-Art
2012.06.04.05 Piano Roll Recording Technology
2012.06.01.03 Piano Roll Arrangements vs. Transcriptions
2012.05.30.05 Special Levers for Player Piano Actions
2012.05.04.05 Test Roll for Pedal Duo-Art
2012.04.30.03 FS: New Recut Duo-Art Reproducing Piano Rolls
2012.03.27.02 Calibrating a Player Piano Tempo Indicator
2012.03.17.02 Music Rolls with Chinese Tunes
2012.03.14.01 Player Piano At Whitney Biennial 2012, New York
2012.02.29.04 Milhous Auction Prices Paid
2011.12.26.01 Hupfeld Triphonola Expression System Simulator
2011.12.18.03 Identity of Meloto Dance Roll 332859
2011.11.29.01 Catalogue of Recut Duo-Art & New 88-note Rolls
2011.11.17.02 Morton "Finger Buster" Played By Mike Meddings
2011.10.10.06 Rarity of Hupfeld and Ampico Rolls
2011.07.31.03 Piano Roll Scans and Playable MIDI Files
2011.07.31.02 Piano Roll "Let's Face the Music and Dance"
2011.06.17.04 Duo-Art Expression Coding
2011.06.03.09 Preserving Audio Fidelity in YouTube Video
2011.05.02.06 Value of Push-up Piano Player
2011.02.28.04 Duo-Art Won't Play Chords Softly
2011.01.05.01 Meaning of "Lied und Yale" in German Music
2011.01.03.06 Meaning of "Lied und Yale" in German Music
2010.12.18.05 Zenph Recreates Sound of Great Musicians
2010.11.19.01 Half Duo-Art Theme Levers
2010.11.05.05 "Votey Pattern" Duo-Art Test Roll Available
2010.10.08.03 Liszt Piano Sonata Monograph Series Launched
2010.09.14.06 Steck Duo-Art Pianola Upright for Export?
2010.09.13.08 3 Versions of Pampa "La Cumparsita" MIDI File
2010.09.13.07 Meloto 31913 "Yes, Yes!" from "Palmy Days"
2010.08.13.04 Audio Recordings of Mechanical Music
2010.08.07.07 New 88-note and Duo-Art Titles Available
2010.04.30.09 Transposing Duo-Art Reproducing Pianos
2010.04.22.04 Strange Piano Roll Term: "Full Compass"
2010.03.27.04 Player Piano Market Data
2010.02.26.03 Hupfeld Unioliszt Player Piano
2010.01.27.02 Pin Barrel Harp
2009.12.24.04 Roll-playing Theater Organs
2009.12.24.01 Japanese Music on Piano Rolls
2009.11.21.04 Meloto Rolls & Universal Music Co. Ltd.
2009.11.19.04 Meloto Rolls & Universal Music Co. Ltd.
2009.11.06.04 The Legend of Mazeppa
2009.08.06.05 Crane & Sons Player Piano
2009.05.18.09 FS: Allison Player Grand Piano in London
2009.04.24.02 J. Lawrence Cook Personal Master Recording Piano
2009.03.04.02 Lemuel Fowler, Piano Roll Artist
2009.03.03.01 Lemuel Fowler, Piano Roll Artist
2009.02.24.02 Working Conditions in Player Piano Factories
2009.02.01.02 Music Roll Paper
2008.11.25.04 Player Pianos on YouTube & New Pianola CD
2008.10.27.11 Triumph Autopiano Made in England
2008.08.17.02 Creating New Expression Rolls From MIDI
2008.07.20.05 Fair Organs Should Play More Modern Music
2008.07.20.04 Stahnke LX & Robbie Rhodes Duet on YouTube
2008.07.20.02 Player Organ in Scotty's Castle, Calif.
2008.07.10.02 Nechada Barrel Organs
2008.07.06.01 AMICA Convention 2008
2008.06.19.05 Gotha Steck Grand Pianola With Cast Iron Keybed
2008.06.09.01 Did George Bernard Shaw Have a Pianola?
2008.06.07.07 Value of 1903 Duo-Art 65/88 Vorsetzer
2008.06.05.04 Half Duo-Art Mystery Pallet Valves
2008.05.30.07 Pedal Duo-Art (Half Duo-Art) Tubing Diagram
2008.05.30.04 More Duo-Art Recut Rolls Available
2008.05.26.04 Duo-Art Rolls Played by Igor Stravinsky
2008.05.12.07 Pianola in TV Movie "An Englishman Abroad"
2008.04.05.04 Hedy Lamarr and the 88-note Roll
2008.03.30.04 "Aeriola" Push-up Player in Australia
2008.03.16.03 Source of Test Rolls
2008.03.09.06 Extra Holes in Aeolian Tracker Bar
2008.02.21.03 1908 Buffalo Convention Piano Roll Specifications
2008.02.17.06 Duo-Art vs. Ampico vs. Welte-Mignon
2008.02.01.06 Join Player Piano Group
2008.01.31.05 Join Player Piano Group
2008.01.28.03 Mechanical Music in Museums
2008.01.04.07 Smashing a Piano
2007.12.21.06 Normal Suction at Player Piano Reservoir
2007.12.13.02 Black Forest Flute Clock in English Case
2007.12.02.03 Promoting Non-Mechanical Music
2007.11.08.09 Perforating Piano Rolls From MIDI Files
2007.10.08.02 Music and the Younger Generation
2007.10.05.04 Music and the Younger Generation
2007.10.03.11 Steck Half Duo-Art Pianola
2007.09.26.07 Steck Pianola With Reproducing Action
2007.09.23.06 Red Welte Rolls "Available"
2007.08.16.05 Duo-Art Roll 6266, Chopin's Fantaisie, Op. 49
2007.08.05.02 Welte Philharmonic Organ
2007.08.03.09 More New and Recut Rolls Available
2007.08.03.04 Favorite Duo-Art Classical Music Rolls
2007.08.03.03 Duo-Art Roll 6266, Chopin's Fantaisie, Op. 49
2007.08.03.01 Salomons Welte Organ Featured on BBC Radio
2007.06.25.04 Duo-Art Audiographic Rolls
2007.06.21.03 Duo-Art Audiographic Rolls Pianists
2007.06.18.02 Sheet Music to MIDI Conversion
2007.06.15.02 Themed Piano Rolls
2007.05.03.03 How Piano Rolls Were Created
2007.03.19.04 Recut Duo-Art Rolls & Theme Holes
2007.03.10.04 Source of Recut Duo-Art Rolls
2007.01.19.06 Mechanical Music Wiki - Wikipedia
2007.01.16.07 Manufacture of Hot Glue
2006.11.22.04 1911 American Music Roll Standards & Aeolian Co.
2006.11.03.05 Steck Duo-Art Piano in UK
2006.10.31.04 Crediting Composer & Lyricist
2006.10.25.10 Unusual Aeolian-Weber Themodist Upright
2006.09.10.04 Player Piano Notes That Barely Play
2006.08.21.02 "What's It Called?" - Pianola & Player Piano
2006.08.10.01 Pianola Demonstration Video
2006.07.08.04 Archival Music Roll Scanning
2006.07.06.07 Archival Music Roll Scanning
2006.07.02.01 Archival Music Roll Scanning
2006.06.04.02 Prices Realized - Gerald Stonehill Collection
2006.05.03.06 Transcribing Piano Rolls to Sheet Music
2006.04.01.04 Harper Electric Piano & "Original Pneuma" Rolls
2006.03.07.07 Music Rolls of Swollen Paper
2006.03.03.02 Wurlitzer "Autograph" is Welte Licensee Precursor
2006.01.27.04 Archival Media for Digital Data
2005.12.21.03 Music Copyright Laws in the United Kingdom
2005.12.11.04 Pirating Music Rolls
2005.11.13.09 Rebuilding Squire & Longson Cremona Player Piano
2005.10.19.06 Sending Money Abroad
2005.10.16.04 Sending Money to Player Piano Group, London
2005.09.29.05 Hydrophane Leather Dressing
2005.08.26.02 Are UK Duo-Art Rolls Better Than USA Rolls?
2005.08.19.02 Tempo Marking of Metrostyle Rolls
2005.08.14.05 Producers of Recut Duo-Art Rolls
2005.08.10.09 Inaccurate Descriptions of Player Pianos
2005.07.04.03 Pouch Leather As Duo-Art Gasket Material
2005.05.24.08 Music Roll Paper Storage
2005.05.22.01 Music Roll Paper
2005.04.29.05 Visiting Dorset Steam Fair - Public Transport
2005.04.27.05 Roll Scanning Ten Years Later
2005.04.17.03 Roll Scanning Ten Years Later
2005.03.31.03 Watermarks in Hupfeld Music Roll
2005.03.28.01 George B. Kelly & Player Piano Wind Motor
2005.03.10.04 FS: Large Player Pianos in UK
2005.03.09.13 Computer Security
2005.03.01.02 Gilbert & Sullivan Songs on Piano Rolls
2005.02.15.03 Gordon Iles in Pathe Film "Pianola Man"
2005.02.07.02 Bremar Player Piano by the Waddington Company
2004.11.18.11 Reprinting Vestal Press Publications
2004.10.12.05 Expression When Recording 88-Note Piano Rolls
2004.10.07.06 Economical Audio Recording of Piano Rolls
2004.07.15.03 Selections Offered by Piano Roll Producers
2004.06.28.04 The Future of Mechanical Music
2004.06.24.10 FS: Duo-Art Player Pianos in Lancashire UK
2004.06.09.04 1899 Pianola Copyright Ruling Cited
2004.06.07.02 1899 Pianola Copyright Ruling Cited
2004.05.16.04 Tempo Marked on Piano Rolls
2004.02.22.05 Deal Timber
2004.02.22.03 Merry-Go-Round and Roundabout
2004.01.19.04 Waltzes by Pedro de Zulueta
2003.12.09.04 BBC Radio Programme About the Player Piano
2003.12.06.07 Duo-Art Expression Regulation
2003.11.20.10 Duo-Art Bass/Treble Split Point
2003.11.18.07 Duo-Art Bass/Treble Split Point
2003.11.17.02 Orchestrion Languishes at Public Museum
2003.11.05.08 Bass/Treble Player Piano Split Points
2003.09.30.04 Steinway Rebuilding on BBC Radio Programme
2003.09.16.04 Aeolian Recording Piano of 1904
2003.09.08.06 Liszt "Annees de Pelerinage" on Hupfeld Rolls
2003.08.04.04 Kieselhorst Department Store of St. Louis MO
2003.07.25.12 Eavestaff Autopiano of London
2003.06.30.08 Harper Electric Piano Rolls
2003.06.22.04 "Master Music Roll" & Music Dealer's Piano Rolls
2003.06.09.05 European Player Piano Makes & Player Actions
2003.05.09.05 Player Pianos in Roundup, Montana, Grocery Store
2003.04.29.11 MIDI Files for Archiving Music Roll Data
2003.04.16.08 MIDI Files for Archiving Music Roll Data
2003.04.15.05 MIDI Files vs. Music Rolls
2003.04.08.04 "The World's Music" AudioGraphic Music Rolls
2003.03.19.02 1999 Trade Commission Study of Piano Industry
2003.03.02.03 USPTO Patent Classes
2003.02.28.07 John F. Morse Study on Music Roll Perforators
2003.02.16.06 Artona Rolls & Beethoven Duo-Art Recuts
2003.02.11.08 Composer of "Just A Memory"
2002.12.31.10 QRS Story & Clark Self-Tuning Piano System
2002.12.11.06 Excess of Player Pianos in UK
2002.12.08.09 Piano Roll Boxes
2002.12.07.08 "Live, Love, Laugh" by Werner Heymann
2002.11.28.04 Impact Of the Player Piano Upon Society
2002.07.24.04 Pedal-Electric 'Export' Duo-Art & Ampico Versions
2002.07.17.11 Adding Foot Pedal Exhausters to Duo-Art Grand
2002.07.12.05 Adding Foot Pedal Exhausters to Duo-Art Grand
2002.06.28.09 Stravinsky Piano Rolls in 1926 Pleyel Catalogue
2002.06.28.08 Stravinsky "Rite of Spring" Piano Rolls
2002.06.16.03 Recutting Stravinsky Firebird Rolls
2002.05.08.03 Music Terms Misspelled and Mispronounced
2002.05.01.16 Piano Roll Business Economics
2002.04.28.03 Richard Wagner Music on Piano Rolls
2002.04.19.05 FS: CD of Jelly Roll Morton Piano Rolls
2002.04.18.02 Fate Marable & Steam Calliope Photo at Web Site
2002.03.31.07 Tuning a Piano With New Strings
2002.03.31.06 Book "Coping with Pianos" by Alfred Brendel
2002.03.19.05 The Ideal Reproducing Piano
2002.03.08.06 FS: London Made Weber Pianola in California
2002.02.18.06 New CD: Reginald Reynolds Playing the Pianola
2002.01.28.01 Book "Im Aufnahmesalon Hupfeld"
2002.01.27.02 Furthest Traveled Mechanical Music Item
2002.01.20.06 History of the Pneumatic Player Piano System
2002.01.17.04 Is Automated Music a Dinosaur ?
2002.01.16.06 Cost vs. Benefits of AMICA
2001.12.13.08 Triumph Autopiano by Kastner & Co. England
2001.11.30.04 Salon Music
2001.10.04.05 Metrostyle Rolls vs. Hand-Played Rolls
2001.10.04.04 Edvard Grieg's Autograph Metrostyle Rolls
2001.09.11.06 Same Melody Used For Different Songs: "The Thief"
2001.09.11.05 Hupfeld Animatic S Pianos and Music Rolls
2001.08.07.08 Value of Duo-Art Foot Pump vs. Electric
2001.07.31.06 "Little Rascals" Music on QRS Roll
2001.07.11.07 Total Production of Player Pianos
2001.06.26.02 Warped "Serpentine" Piano Roll
2001.06.04.04 Accompaniment Rolls
2001.05.21.04 My New Email Address
2001.04.18.05 American and British Duo-Art Systems
2001.04.15.09 American and British Duo-Art Systems
2001.04.12.05 Demise of American Piano Company
2001.04.12.04 Demise of the Player Piano
2001.01.25.03 UK Customs & Excise Duties
2001.01.19.06 Aeolian 1960s Recording Piano
2001.01.16.04 Coin-Op Rolls by "Up-to-date" Music Roll Co. UK
2000.12.22.04 European Steck Piano Serial Numbers
2000.12.08.03 Fats Waller Piano Rolls Played on Pipe Organ
2000.11.28.05 Duo-Art Expression Box Adjustments
2000.11.21.01 John McTammany's Voting Machines
2000.08.29.02 Player Piano Books by John McTammany
2000.08.24.05 Book "History of the Player" by John McTammany
2000.08.22.02 Henry A. Kieselhorst Piano Co, St. Louis MO
2000.08.08.07 Hupfeld Triphonola Roll Description
2000.08.07.09 Duo-Art Expression Box Rebuilding Improvements
2000.08.07.01 Antique Store Prices
2000.07.06.17 Hupfeld Triphonola Piano & Roll Library
2000.05.31.14 Bell Player Piano
2000.05.24.07 Shellac & Varnish Wood Finishes
2000.05.18.02 Scientific Musical Instrument Challenge & Glass Harmonica
2000.05.17.01 Scientific Musical Instrument Challenge & Glass Harmonica
2000.04.25.05 Player Piano Group Web Site
2000.04.14.01 Roll Recutting Projects & Roll Suppliers
2000.04.13.02 Rating Music Roll Suppliers
2000.03.21.10 What is a Recording? What is a Record?
2000.03.03.07 Pneumatic Cloth Stretching & Expected Life
2000.03.03.05 Boyd Pistonola Player Action
2000.03.03.02 Incompetence is Bliss for the Incompetent
2000.03.01.09 FS: Rogers Ampico Grand in UK
2000.03.01.07 Boyd Pistonola Player Action
2000.02.16.05 Trip from UK to Utrecht Museum
2000.01.26.14 Duo-Art Regulator Leakage
2000.01.25.11 The George Antheil and Hedy Lamarr Patent
2000.01.06.05 Dealing With Overseas Customers
2000.01.06.04 Packing Books and Rolls for Posting
1999.12.08.12 Kastner "Kastonome" Accenting Player System
1999.12.02.22 Autopiano with 178-hole Tracker Bar is Kastonome
1999.12.01.05 Cost of a Reproducing Piano Circa 1925
1999.11.24.05 Use Archival Acid-Free Tape for Roll Repairs
1999.11.20.10 Single-Finger Music Roll Tracking System
1999.11.01.11 Restore, Repair or Ruin? Investment or Entertainment?
1999.10.29.12 Hupfeld 73/88-note Solophonola in Roenisch Grand
1999.10.27.14 Duo-Art Repetition Problem - European Pianos
1999.10.22.08 "Ballet Mechanique" at Lowell MA Concert
1999.10.20.06 Aeolian Autograph Rolls
1999.10.20.05 Valve-less Player Organ Patents
1999.09.30.09 Frequently Asked Questions & Free Advice
1999.09.30.05 CDs in the style of Pauline Alpert
1999.08.31.05 New Piano Rolls Offered at AMICA Mart, Boston
1999.08.31.02 PPG at Great Dorset Steam Fair
1999.08.03.04 Catalog of Meloto Dance Rolls
1999.06.24.03 Interchord-Allegro CD's of Welte Piano Rolls
1999.06.24.02 New CD of Pianola Music by Rex Lawson
1999.06.07.10 Billy Mayerl "Echo" Dance Rolls
1999.05.07.08 "The Pearls" Played by Jelly Roll Morton
1999.04.29.04 Aeolian Mode Is a Minor Key
1999.04.29.03 Book "Amateur Work, Illustrated"
1999.04.14.11 Old 78s Available on CD
1999.04.14.06 Hupfeld Phonola Rolls
1999.02.18.07 Quality of QRS Music Rolls
1999.02.05.15 Roll Copying Issues
1999.02.05.11 Aeolian Aeriol and Aeriola Piano Player Devices
1999.01.07.11 Unknown 88-Note Roll Type
1999.01.07.08 1830s Facsimile Machine Used Pendulums
1998.12.23.08 Price Codes on Duo-Art Rolls
1998.12.23.07 Piano Moving Horror Story
1998.12.21.02 Booklet on Reginald Reynolds
1998.12.17.20 Reproducing Pianos in UK Collections
1998.12.01.19 Stability of German Gotha Steck Piano
1998.12.01.14 Duo-Art Piano Registry
1998.11.19.04 Compatibility of Melodant & Themodist Rolls
1998.11.11.09 Small Theme Holes ("Snakebites")
1998.11.10.11 Formulas for Music Roll Acceleration
1998.11.09.16 Formulas for Music Roll Acceleration
1998.11.05.16 Music Roll Acceleration
1998.11.05.13 Reproducing Roll Conversions
1998.11.03.16 Rachmaninoff CD - Mechanics versus Mathematics
1998.11.03.13 Rachmaninoff Ampico Performances on Telarc CD
1998.10.31.09 Fidelity and the Rachmaninoff Ampico Recordings
1998.10.28.09 Rachmaninoff Audio Recordings vs. Ampico CD
1998.10.17.05 Making the "Killer" Duo-Art Test Roll
1998.10.16.02 Pearl CDs of Roll Artists
1998.09.03.05 New Wurlitzer Band Organ Rolls
1998.09.01.11 Aeolian Single-Finger Tracking System
1998.09.01.09 Piano Rolls and British Customs
1998.08.26.16 Half Duo-Art Player System
1998.08.25.12 Production Dates of 65-Note Player Pianos
1998.08.20.15 Production Dates of 65-Note Player Pianos
1998.08.20.07 Origins of Ragtime & Vernacular Composers
1998.08.19.14 Steck Pianola in Brussels
1998.08.17.15 Extra Keys on Big Grand Pianos
1998.07.30.10 Stride Piano Style on Piano Rolls
1998.07.28.06 Stride Piano on Music Rolls
1998.07.23.09 Angelus Roll Formats
1998.06.26.16 Tubing Diagram for Pedal/Electric Duo-Art
1998.06.26.03 Books for Newcomers
1998.06.22.17 65/88-note Players
1998.06.22.12 Restoration Materials in UK
1998.05.21.12 Simplex & Carola
1998.05.21.11 Aeolian Autograph-Metrostyle Rolls
1998.05.14.01 Small Musician Figures
1998.05.08.12 Dancing to Nancarrow's 'Studies for Player Piano'
1998.05.07.04 Mech Music In the Movies - 'Jour de Fete'
1998.05.07.02 PPG at National Vintage Communications Fair
1998.04.29.15 Repairing English Steck Duo-Art
1998.04.22.10 Black Shellac and Bakelite Spool Flanges
1998.04.17.11 Copyright Issues
1998.04.16.16 Artista Piano Rolls
1998.04.06.20 'Victoria' Spanish Piano Rolls
1998.04.02.15 Marque Ampico in UK Catalogue
1998.03.30.09 Mechanical Music Publications on CD ROM
1998.03.03.11 New Pedal Mats for Aeolian Pianola
1998.03.02.10 Real Roll Artists
1998.03.02.09 Authenticity of Reproducing Rolls
1998.02.27.07 Pauline Alpert Piano Rolls
1998.02.23.10 Slough of Despond was Slough of Hope
1998.02.17.12 Thoughts About Duo-Art and Themodist
1998.02.10.12 Ampico in England
1998.02.10.10 English Roll Questions - Meloto & Artona
1998.02.09.09 English Roll Questions - Meloto & Artona
1998.01.30.08 Cricket on Roll
1998.01.19.08 Duo-Art Seminar at PPG Meeting
1998.01.15.06 'Treasures of Mechanical Music'
1998.01.08.14 65/88-Note Themodist to Duo-Art Conversion
1998.01.08.07 Reprinting 'Treasures of Mechanical Music'
1998.01.06.16 Artrio Angelus Owner's Manual
1998.01.06.03 Editing of MMD Submissions
1997.12.22.14 Duo-Art Performance on Melodee Roll
1997.12.19.06 'Grand Piano' Duo-Art CD Has Bad Tempo
1997.12.17.15 'The Aeolian' Magazine
1997.12.17.09 Web Page for 'Grand Piano' Duo-Art CDs
1997.12.08.16 Adjusting Duo-Art Valves
1997.12.05.14 Testing Duo-Art Note Leakage
1997.11.26.01 Conlon Nancarrow Piano Rolls
1997.11.13.13 Pedal-Electric Duo-Art (PEDA)
1997.11.07.10 List of Gem Roller Organ Cobs
1997.11.07.08 English Aeolian Instruments
1997.11.06.09 List of Gem Roller Organ Cobs
1997.11.05.09 Comparing Reproducing Piano Systems
1997.11.05.03 Old Cartoon Songs - 'Little Rascals Medley'
1997.10.08.08 SABBAEM Music Rolls of Milan
1997.10.02.03 Demand for Mechanical Musical Instruments
1997.09.04.07 Roll Tracking & Repairing Torn Music Rolls
1997.09.03.05 Otto Higel in London - From the Horse's Mouth
1997.09.03.03 Pounds, Sense and Spelling
1997.08.28.11 Higel Actions and Ord-Hume
1997.08.28.09 65-note Themodist System
1997.08.22.08 Makers of Themodist Player Actions
1997.08.20.11 Negative Reviews of Piano Performances
1997.08.19.08 Preservation of Mechanical Music
1997.08.19.06 Critique of Duo-Art Music on Nimbus CD's
1997.08.14.04 Roll Transcription Project
1997.08.05.10 Tracker Bar Specifications
1997.08.01.12 Electrical vs. Pneumatic
1997.07.31.01 Introduction
1995.09.26.02 New non-USA subscriber

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