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Digest NrSubject
2019.03.14.05 Cost Of 4-minute 30-note Musical Box Tune
2019.03.11.02 Cost Of 4-minute 30-note Musical Box Tune
2019.02.12.02 Cost Of 4-minute 30-note Musical Box Tune
2019.02.08.01 Seek Reproduction Gallery For Regina #35 Changer
2018.08.06.01 How To Clean & Lubricate the Mills Violano
2018.08.05.01 Regina Serial Number 52528 Date
2018.07.26.01 Organ Rally Picnic in Olcott Beach 28 July
2018.07.24.03 Barrel Piano Restorer in Rochester, New York
2018.07.12.02 Organ Rally in Western New York, July 28, 2018
2018.06.26.02 Value of Rzebitschek Music Box Movement
2018.06.22.03 Hold-down Straps for 20-note Hofbauer Organ
2018.04.25.04 Making a 26 Point Sprocket
2018.03.24.04 Hymn "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms"
2018.02.06.07 Blower for Organ Pipe Voicing Chest
2018.02.02.04 Hybrid Player Piano Project
2018.01.17.02 Small Barrel Organ by François Gasparini
2017.12.02.03 Black Finish on Player Piano Action Parts
2017.11.09.02 Seek Lid For Symphonion Model 48 Disc Music Box
2017.09.27.01 French Mechanical Horn
2017.09.11.04 Style B Wurlitzer Harp
2017.08.07.01 Muffler for Loud Calliope
2017.07.17.03 Calliope Is Too Loud
2017.06.26.02 Seek "Dancing Lesson" Automaton by Rebicek
2017.01.21.02 Photos in Musical Photo Album Identified
2017.01.15.02 Seek Help To Identify Photos in Musical Book
2016.12.28.06 Repairing Stripped Screw Threads in Wood
2016.12.16.03 Repairing Stripped Screw Threads in Wood
2016.12.13.08 Refinishing Rosewood
2016.07.08.02 Pauline Alpert - Duo-Art Piano Roll Artist
2016.07.08.01 Evapo-Rust Rust Remover for Music Box Discs
2016.07.02.03 Pauline Alpert - Duo-Art Piano Roll Artist
2016.06.27.01 Organ Rally 30 July in Olcott Beach, New York
2016.06.07.02 Drum Mechanism in Residential Barrel Organ
2016.05.24.04 Cylinder for Joseph Schumacher Flute Clock
2016.05.09.04 Musical Box Cylinder is Stuck
2016.05.02.10 Rotary Pump Makes the Grand Piano Shimmy
2016.05.02.04 How to Deter Siblings from a Non-Working Player
2016.04.22.03 Gem Roller Organ Bottom Bellows Replacement
2016.03.02.06 Shipping Piano Rolls Across Country
2016.02.10.05 Reproducing Fair Organ Animated Figures
2016.02.04.03 Steger Natural Player Action
2016.01.14.01 Special Music Boxes For Sale on the Internet
2015.12.11.03 Player Piano Demonstration on YouTube
2015.11.23.02 Mandolin Bass Format Music Box Won't Play
2015.11.14.05 Material for Standard Valve Guides
2015.10.04.06 Flywheel for 20-note Hofbauer Crank-organ
2015.10.04.05 Celestina Organette Rebuilding
2015.09.30.06 Polishing Brass
2015.09.29.01 Seek Restoration of Disc Musical Box in Montana
2015.09.14.05 FS: Carved Scrolls for Calliope Wagon Decoration
2015.08.28.02 Scanning 35 mm Photo Slides of Mechanical Music
2015.08.17.02 NAWCC Mechanical Music Symposium Oct. 22-24, 2015
2015.08.02.04 Seek Small Brass Decorative Metal Stampings
2015.07.09.01 Paine and Hopkins 14-note Barrel Organ Scale
2015.07.07.03 Matthew Caulfield in Rochester News Article
2015.06.21.01 Music Rolls for 20-note Hofbauer Crank Organ
2015.05.22.04 Coloring a Metal Surface: Bluing Steel
2015.04.10.04 Ivory Sale and Possession in New York State
2015.04.10.01 Pictures On the Front Of Molinari Barrel Organs
2015.04.08.01 Regina Coin-Op Mechanism Parts Fabricated
2015.04.02.01 Ivory Sale and Possession in New York State
2015.03.31.02 Restoring the Barrel of a Barrel Piano
2015.03.23.01 Seek Regina Music Box Coin-Op Mechanism Photos
2015.03.04.01 Stella Table Top Governor Images
2014.12.29.08 Link Aviation Trainer
2014.12.29.01 Musical Box Tune Sheet Graphics
2014.12.16.04 Shipping a Piano Bench
2014.12.01.02 22.5" Polyphon Disc is 22-1/8" (56 cm) Diameter
2014.11.25.02 Vinyl Picture Disc LP: Gavioli Organs & Pianos
2014.11.16.04 History of Wurlitzer 146-B Band Organ
2014.11.07.04 Date of Regina Serial Number 46437
2014.11.06.03 Date of Regina Serial Number 46437
2014.10.12.01 Tuning a 24-note Hicks Barrel Piano
2014.10.07.07 Dating the Tunes on a Molinari Barrel Organ
2014.10.02.09 MDF Versus Plywood
2014.09.16.01 "Nef" Musical Automaton in the Form of a Ship
2014.09.10.01 "Nef" Musical Automaton in the Form of a Ship
2014.09.03.02 List of Aeolian 58-note Rolls
2014.07.30.14 Sealant for Valve Seats & Plates
2014.07.06.02 Source of PVC-E Glue
2014.06.25.02 Possible Nicole Freres Overture Musical Box
2014.06.23.07 Repairing Pot Metal Flanges and Elbows
2014.06.03.02 Unknown Musical Box Song Titles
2014.05.21.04 Mira Sound Post
2014.04.21.01 Seek Symphonion 24 cm 9.5" Discs
2014.04.18.02 Book "The Disc Musical Box" by Kevin McElhone
2014.03.29.06 FS: Dave Young Musical Box Collection
2014.03.29.05 Dissolve Hide Glue With "De-Glue Goo"
2014.03.11.02 Mechanical Music Books from the Library
2014.02.07.02 Player Violin by A. G. Wallis of Surrey, England
2014.02.04.02 Seek Photos of Symphonion Manivelle
2014.01.18.06 Empty Player Piano
2013.12.25.01 New Disney Mechanical Music Decorations
2013.12.14.02 New Disney Mechanical Music Decorations
2013.09.19.07 Nelson-Wiggen Decal
2013.08.22.01 Sight Trumps Sound in Music Performance Judgment
2013.08.19.10 Rubberized Cloth for Roller Organs
2013.07.07.08 Air Pressure Stiffeners In Coinola Box Pump
2013.04.28.02 MBSI East Coast Chapter Meeting Invitation
2013.04.04.03 Eliminating a Moth Infestation
2013.03.20.05 Seeburg L Motor Power
2013.03.04.05 Holtzer Cabot Motor for Recordo Player Grand
2013.01.28.04 Packing & Shipping Musical Box Metal Discs
2013.01.17.17 Book Music Punch & Die Specification
2013.01.04.07 Repairing & Regulating an Ampico B Player Piano
2012.12.27.06 "Teddy Bear's Picnic" Piano Roll
2012.12.07.06 Value of Nicole Frères Musical Box Movement
2012.11.23.02 Thanksgiving
2012.11.17.02 The First Music Box Myth
2012.11.03.01 Orphan Barrel for Pistor Barrel Organ
2012.11.02.03 Seaside Heights Casino Pier Carousel Organ
2012.10.02.03 Broderip & Wilkinson Residential Barrel Organ Pictures
2012.08.29.02 Manischewitz Wine Bottle Organ
2012.08.20.02 Mermod Freres 11-inch Interchangeable Cylinders
2012.08.12.04 Source of Felt
2012.07.26.01 Repairing Regina Model 35 Musical Box
2012.05.20.03 Source of Vacuum Gauges
2012.05.07.02 Building a Bottle Organ
2012.03.23.03 Wurlitzer Harp
2011.12.30.02 Diameter of Reginaphone Turntable
2011.11.17.05 Using Tracker Bar Pump
2011.10.19.02 Starrett Organette Plays 12.75" Disc
2011.10.16.03 Use Laser to Cut Paper & Leather Gaskets
2011.10.09.04 Rebuilding Tournaphone Organette, Floor Model
2011.10.01.03 Label "Directions for Using the Tournaphone"
2011.09.08.02 Donating a Collection to an Institution
2011.09.04.03 Repairing the Separators Inside a Disc Cabinet
2011.09.02.04 Repairing the Separators Inside a Disc Cabinet
2011.08.30.06 Repairing Mira 18-1/2" Double-Comb Musical Box
2011.08.28.04 Tuning a 20-key Barrel Organ
2011.08.12.02 Care of Mermod Freres Musical Box
2011.08.01.17 Ivory Piano Keys
2011.07.22.05 A Mechanical Music Digest Forum
2011.06.16.08 Brass Pressure Bar for Barrel Piano
2011.03.18.01 Etched Brass Name Plate for Regina Musical Box
2011.03.10.06 PVA Adhesives
2010.11.16.03 Seek Lid Support (Lid Stay) for Musical Box
2010.11.07.09 Velcro Bands Around Music Rolls
2010.10.29.02 Ampico "St. Louis Blues" By John Arpin
2010.09.11.06 Hide Glue Joints Softened by Alcohol
2010.08.21.06 Electric Vacuum Pump for Player Piano
2010.08.16.08 Seek Circus Wagon for Calliope
2010.08.04.03 Stella Musical Box Winding Problem
2010.07.23.07 Variable Speed A.C. Motor Controller
2010.07.14.05 Organ Rally in North Tonawanda 10-11 July 2010
2010.07.13.03 COAA Organ Rally and AMICA Convention
2010.07.07.01 Tech Elite Typewriter Font
2010.05.09.02 Pliobond as a Sealant
2010.05.03.07 Sealing Porous Bellows Cloth
2010.04.06.01 1920s Piano Roll Catalogues
2010.03.12.01 Death of Hal O'Rourke
2010.03.01.04 Canadian Aeolian Organ Tribute - "O Canada"
2010.02.25.05 Musical Box Sound Volume is Weak
2010.02.24.02 Tuning the Wurlitzer Automatic Harp
2010.02.23.13 Tuning the Wurlitzer Automatic Harp
2010.02.23.05 Unknown Control Lever on Symphonion Musical Box
2010.02.13.01 Mills Violano Bow Wheel Shaft Details
2010.02.09.01 Musical Box Tuning Scale
2010.01.24.03 New Book "How to Make, Tune and Voice Reed Pipes"
2010.01.01.01 Orange Tree Automaton Illusion by Robert Houdin
2009.12.20.03 Seek Musical Box Nuts in UK
2009.11.25.04 Electrified Interchangeable Cylinder Musical Box
2009.08.21.04 Threaded Rod for Screw Eye Adjusters
2009.08.19.01 Seek Key Adjusters for Poirot Mirecourt Organ
2009.08.17.03 Seek Screw Eye Adjusters
2009.08.05.07 Plating Metal Parts With Nickel
2009.07.20.02 Kelley Automatic Music Co. of Albany, New York
2009.07.11.03 Making Brass Flat Wire for Organ Barrel Pins
2009.07.06.02 Brass Flat Wire for Organ Barrel Pins
2009.07.02.12 Ametek Windjammer Blower Wiring Diagram
2009.07.01.08 Ametek Windjammer Blower Wiring Diagram
2009.06.02.05 Source of Rubber Cement
2009.04.27.05 Compressed Air Blasting
2009.04.03.07 Seeburg Mandolin Feature
2009.03.14.07 Mills Violano Tracker Bar Scale
2009.03.08.05 Evapo-Rust Rust Remover Temperature
2009.03.06.01 Missing Titles, Mills Violano Rolls
2009.01.24.04 Calliope at New York Museum of Transportation
2009.01.24.03 Flute Clock Barrel Replication
2009.01.20.02 Calliope at New York Museum of Transportation
2008.11.23.04 Evapo-Rust Rust Remover Needs Time to Work
2008.11.19.03 Restoring Euphonion 15-1/2" Upright Disc Player
2008.11.09.03 Preserving Historical Documents
2008.09.22.01 Tuning the Organ One Note Lower
2008.09.06.03 Source of Cylinder Music Box Keys
2008.07.18.01 Gathering of Molinari Barrel Organs
2008.07.11.03 Seek Pictures of Molinari Street Organ
2008.05.31.03 Calliope Tuning Tool
2008.03.19.02 Mystery Wooden Roller
2008.03.12.05 Hazards and Effects of Ozone
2008.03.06.09 Forms of Shellac
2008.03.05.05 Repairing Duo-Art Steamboat Pump
2008.02.24.06 Aeolian "Spirit Black" Paint
2008.02.19.05 USPS Media Mail
2008.02.03.05 Hide Glue & Fish Glue
2008.02.02.01 Duo-Art Organ Rolls Played by Harold Gleason
2008.01.31.02 "Automatic Organs" by Arthur W.J.G. Ord-Hume
2008.01.20.05 Montana Heritage Commission Ridicules Collection
2007.12.24.03 Illegible Flute Clock Tune Sheet
2007.11.19.06 Advice on Casting a Metal Part
2007.11.13.03 Silvertone Phonograph
2007.11.12.07 Replicating Capital Cuff Box Governor
2007.11.12.06 Tanzbar Flywheel
2007.09.30.03 Value of Old Player Pianos
2007.09.19.08 Source of New Slotted Wood Screws
2007.09.01.01 Pinning a New Barrel for a Crank Organ
2007.08.07.06 Kistdraaiorgel Plans
2007.07.24.07 Pins for Barrel Piano Cylinder
2007.07.17.03 Artzsche DVD "History of Mechanical Music"
2007.07.10.04 Artzsche DVD "History of Mechanical Music"
2007.07.08.12 Artzsche DVD "History of Mechanical Music"
2007.05.17.09 Cast Iron Foundry in New York
2007.04.26.08 Blower for Caliola Residence Organ
2007.03.14.02 Seek Book "Schwarzwalduhren" by Berthold Schaaf
2007.03.05.04 Smaller Air Calliope?
2007.02.11.04 Repairing a Broken Tracker Bar
2007.02.04.07 Making Trumpet Pipes With Free Reeds
2007.02.02.04 1973 Article on Rzebitschek in "The Music Box"
2007.02.01.04 Seek 1973 Article in "The Music Box"
2007.01.01.02 Bob School, Musical Box Machinist
2006.11.13.01 Repairing Lador Musical Christmas Tree Stand
2006.10.09.07 Biox Metal Cleaner, Rust Romover
2006.10.08.05 Sources of Evapo-rust
2006.09.27.02 Lost Barrel Organ Question
2006.09.25.01 Flute Clock in Anniston, Alabama, Museum
2006.07.26.02 Rube Goldberg Restorations
2006.07.11.04 Liability for Flood Damage to Customer's Instrument
2006.05.31.05 Seek Chromatic Musical Box
2006.05.26.02 Jake's Painted Player Piano
2006.05.17.04 Seek Seth Isadore of Belgium
2006.05.07.03 Source of Music Rolls for Mills Violano
2006.05.05.03 Organ-Building Book "Kistdraaiorgel" in English
2006.04.13.05 Mills Violano Rolls Recut by Dick Hack
2006.04.12.03 Seek Book on Organ Clocks
2006.03.24.04 Plating Metal Parts
2006.02.15.09 Composition of Phenoseal Liquid Caulk in 1996
2006.02.15.02 Flute Clock Barrel Organ by Damian Dufner
2006.02.15.01 10-key Serinette with Spring Motor
2006.02.05.05 Replacement Comb for Musical Box
2006.02.03.02 Music Rolls in Indiana Museum
2005.12.11.02 Organ-Building Book "Kistdraaiorgel" in English
2005.12.08.09 FS: Organ-Building Book "Kistdraaiorgel" in English
2005.12.07.01 Strange Coin Mechanism in Olympia Musical Box
2005.10.18.03 Crank Wheel for Barrel Organ
2005.09.15.02 Identifying a 22-key Barrel Organ
2005.09.12.03 Player Piano 'A' Rolls for Ice Cream Parlor
2005.08.03.01 Musical Box Condition Inaccurately Described
2005.07.31.07 "The Art of Organ-Building" by Audsley
2005.07.06.11 Seek Player Piano in Virginia
2005.05.29.10 Ampico B Rubber Mounting Blocks
2005.04.27.03 MIDI-Controlled Chamber Organ by David Leach
2005.04.20.06 Rebuilding Tom Thumb Recordo Player Piano
2005.03.27.03 Internet Fraud
2005.03.22.01 Seek Scale of 15-note Flute Clock
2005.03.18.02 Possible Musical Box Auction Scam
2005.03.14.07 Protecting Instrument Against Humidity Extremes
2005.03.06.06 Barrel Organ Pipes Restored by OSI
2005.03.06.05 Reading the Pinned Music of an Organ Barrel
2005.02.26.05 Internet Fraud - Contacting the Seller
2005.02.17.03 Stella 9" Music Box Brings $47,000 at Auction
2005.02.01.01 Gavioli "Guitharmonie" Barrel Reed Organ
2005.01.28.01 Gavioli "Guitharmonie" Barrel Reed Organ
2005.01.26.09 Sealing Bellows Leaks with Pliobond
2005.01.24.07 Carbon Brushes for Motor Starting Switch
2005.01.21.04 Cleaning Musical Box Cylinders
2005.01.18.08 Digital Caliper for Valve Regulation
2005.01.15.06 Digital Depth Micrometer for Valve Regulation
2005.01.07.04 MIDI Explained in Piano Roll Terms
2005.01.03.02 Reginaphone Style 246
2004.12.28.05 Cleaning Keyboard Switch Contacts
2004.12.13.02 Palm Pilot MIDI Player
2004.09.10.02 Display Box Lost at the MBSI Convention is Found
2004.09.03.02 Display Box Lost at the MBSI Convention
2004.09.01.03 Printing a Book Music Template on Cardboard
2004.09.01.02 Mystery 14-Note Player Pipe Organ
2004.08.31.10 Radio Programs About Mechanical Music
2004.08.24.03 Organ Pipes of Metal - Fixing Dents
2004.08.06.01 Seek Barrel Organ Sold at George Theder Auction
2004.07.13.14 Paper Deacidification Using Cycloexylamine
2004.06.21.01 Calliope Plays Music Stored on Memory Card
2004.06.20.02 Label for Piano Shaped Musical Box
2004.06.10.02 R.M.B. Company & Regina Music Box Factory
2004.06.05.01 Seek Paillard Musical Box Tune List
2004.06.02.01 MBSI Museum Directory Update
2004.05.29.06 Nickelodeon Spool Frame With Belt Drive
2004.05.16.09 Hazards of Ozone
2004.05.06.05 Determining the Gamma of a Barrel Organ
2004.05.02.06 Stripped Screw Holes in Wood
2004.05.02.01 Recipes for Wood Stains
2004.04.29.05 Vacuum Transducer for Motor Speed Control
2004.04.20.10 FS: Barrels for Faventia Street Piano
2004.04.17.06 Reverting to Pedals for a Player Piano
2004.04.15.10 Reverting to Pedals for a Player Piano
2004.04.15.08 'Deal' Softwood
2004.04.12.09 Reverting to Pedals for a Player Piano
2004.04.11.09 'Deal' Softwood for English Barrel Organ
2004.04.11.04 Thorens 50-Note Music Box Adjustment
2004.02.10.01 Seek Deal Softwood for English Barrel Organ
2004.02.02.01 Regina 27-inch Parts & Discs
2004.01.23.06 Casting Brass Rosette Washers
2004.01.19.03 Wilcox & White Combination Pushup Player Controls
2004.01.06.11 The Old Piano Rolling Blues - Epilogue
2004.01.05.07 Horror Story: The Old Piano Rolling Blues
2004.01.02.01 Repair of Stella Musical Box
2003.12.30.05 Robert Morton Player Organ For Sale
2003.12.05.02 Book "The Organ-Builder" by Charles Ferguson
2003.10.05.07 Treating New Metal Screws to Appear Old
2003.10.02.15 Repairing Gem Roller Organ
2003.08.19.03 Seek Fredy Gerer of Germany
2003.08.12.10 Softening Epoxy
2003.07.15.01 Book "The Marvelous World of Music Machines"
2003.06.23.17 Voltage Converters 115V Input 230V Output
2003.06.19.02 Polishing a Brass Music Box Cylinder
2003.06.14.06 FS: Book "The Marvelous World of Music Machines"
2003.06.03.07 Ontario Beach Park Band Organ Is Too Loud
2003.05.13.02 Unknown Musical Box is a Symphonion
2003.05.11.04 Collection of Music Box Society Magazines
2003.05.10.03 Repair of Automaton Monkey by Michel Marcu
2003.03.26.05 Smoke Generator Element For Automaton
2003.02.14.03 Mortier Vibraton Pipes
2003.02.06.05 CD of Philipps Paganini Monstre
2003.02.04.02 Seek Nameplate for Regina 27" Changer
2003.01.25.08 Cleaning the Original Piano Finish
2003.01.21.04 QRS Story & Clark Self-Tuning Piano System Patent
2003.01.14.09 Mills Violano AC/DC Rotary Converter
2003.01.13.08 Mills Violano AC/DC Rotary Converter
2003.01.09.10 Source of Fish Glue
2002.12.19.04 Rueckenklavier Back Piano Plays Turkish Songs
2002.12.19.02 Pinned Cylinder (Barrel) Transcribing Machine
2002.12.01.02 English Barrel Organ by Joseph Hicks of Bristol
2002.11.28.01 Bellows for Singing Bird Musical Box
2002.10.31.01 Packing a Barrel Organ For Shipment
2002.09.13.10 Source of Replacement Lamp Bulbs
2002.08.23.03 Airflow Measurement - Phil Dayson Flow Meter
2002.07.24.01 Weight Driven 13-5/8" Symphonion Parts Arrangement
2002.07.08.07 Building a Pneumatic Roll Reader
2002.06.23.03 Orchestrion in Rochester & Hammondsport, New York
2002.06.06.06 Making A Musical Box
2002.04.30.01 Stop Mechanism for 20-3/4" Regina
2002.01.31.02 Value of Barrel Piano
2002.01.27.09 Music Roll Transport Frame for Scanner
2001.12.19.10 Repairing Gem Roller Organ Valves
2001.12.06.11 Neoprene Tubing for Street Organ
2001.12.03.03 Plastic Tubing in German Player Piano
2001.11.21.12 Seeburg Reiterating Xylophone Valves
2001.11.14.11 Removing a Bent or Broken Screw
2001.10.30.03 Music Box of "The Simpson's" Theme Song
2001.06.29.02 Gluing Leather On Pipe Stoppers
2001.06.26.04 Liquid Fish Glue
2001.06.26.03 Source of Armstrong Gasket Material
2001.06.21.02 John Smith Busker Organ Kit
2001.06.18.07 Spoked Wheels & Height of Street Organ Crank
2001.06.15.04 PayPal Currency Exchange Rates
2001.05.02.02 "Harding March" US Music 41515
2001.04.08.03 Deagan "Shaker Chimes" Play Mozart
2001.04.08.02 Noises While Playing Music Box Discs
2001.03.10.01 Barrel Organs by Poirot of Mirecourt
2001.03.03.11 Connecting MIDI Wireline to Laptop Computer
2001.02.25.01 Bank Currency Conversion Fees
2001.02.21.04 Graph of Transposed Organ Scale
2001.01.30.01 Seek Tuning Scale of Mirecourt Barrel Organ
2001.01.16.07 Relative Humidity and the Piano
2001.01.06.02 Duplicate Metal Case Parts By Lost Wax Casting
2000.12.30.03 Reig Verbena Toy Barrel Piano
2000.11.15.02 Recordings of Old Barrel Organs
2000.11.11.01 Polyphon Top-Mounted Dampers
2000.11.06.11 Recording And Processing Organ Data with Cakewalk
2000.09.27.06 Water Organ at Moldova National Museum, Romania
2000.09.27.05 Trumpet Clocks & Organ Clocks
2000.08.13.03 Antique Store Prices at eBay Auction
2000.08.08.03 Antique Store Prices
2000.07.24.11 Phonograph Turntable Speeds
2000.07.21.12 Testing Pouch Leather Sealants
2000.06.13.05 Making Transfer Decals
2000.06.12.04 Varnish Decals
2000.05.30.04 Organ for Carousel At Rye Playland
2000.03.24.06 Seek Laptop Computer With MIDI-Out Port
2000.03.16.01 Measuring Airflow Through Porous Wood
2000.02.18.09 Making Name Plates By Acid Etching
2000.02.18.04 Polyphon Gambling Music Box Slogan
2000.02.16.14 Escutcheon Nameplate Fabrication
2000.02.07.01 Avon Musical Carousel
2000.01.11.12 Mitering Organ Pipes
2000.01.06.08 Mandolin Rail Attachment Designs
1999.12.22.01 "Mr. Christmas" Music Box On Sale at Lowe's
1999.12.15.09 Printing Words on Piano Rolls
1999.08.21.07 Different Types of Glass Armonicas
1999.08.17.12 Glass Harmonica
1999.08.17.07 "Digital Music" Plays Self-Punched Paper Strips
1999.08.17.03 Packing and Shipping Music Boxes
1999.08.09.08 Pickup Cartridges for Old Phonographs
1999.07.05.02 Old Theaters of Syracuse, New York
1999.06.28.07 Pliobond Glue
1999.06.16.15 Wood Worms in Music Box
1999.06.03.02 Heads for Music Box Monkeys
1999.05.11.16 Florescent Lamp Starting & Operation
1999.05.01.02 Cobs and Barrels
1999.04.22.07 Transparent Music Roll Paper & IR Sensors
1999.04.09.10 Playing 78 RPM Records
1999.04.07.07 FS: 78 RPM Record Players
1999.03.21.07 Recording Pianos With Camcorder
1999.03.04.05 Door Prizes For 1999 MBSI Convention
1999.02.24.04 MBSI East Coast Meeting & Rally 14-16 May 1999
1999.01.08.10 Mounting Rail for Disklavier Solenoids
1999.01.08.04 Barry Johnson Address
1999.01.08.02 The Victorian Internet and Historic Technology
1999.01.01.11 Ampico "A" Parts and Motors Available
1999.01.01.10 Regina Coin-Slot Parts Needed
1998.12.12.15 Source for Silicone Sealant
1998.12.09.08 Solvent for Silicone Adhesive
1998.12.04.03 Lightweight Piano Aboard the Hindenburg
1998.12.01.02 Care and Value Of Your Music Box
1998.11.12.06 Noise Canceling Systems For Blowers
1998.11.05.01 Repairing 36-note Thorens Movement
1998.10.29.03 Georges Poirot Barrel Organ
1998.10.06.15 FS: 43 Note Calliope and Wagon
1998.09.23.04 AC to DC Converter for Mills Violano
1998.08.23.20 Help Find a Player Piano in Luxembourg
1998.08.21.02 Currency exchange
1998.08.15.15 "Wellington's Victory" - History
1998.08.13.04 MIDI Control for Ruth Organ vs. Tracker Bars
1998.08.02.02 Deagan Chimes
1998.07.18.03 Giovanni Zanin's Visit in the Good Ol' USA
1998.06.19.04 Visitor from Italy - Giovanni Zanin
1998.04.01.05 MBSI Publications on CD-ROM
1997.12.02.17 FS: Solid-state Relays
1997.11.22.02 Payments in Foreign Currency
1997.04.13.03 Dating A Music Box
1997.04.12.03 Need Small Music Box Movement
1997.03.09.15 Seek Motor Pulley for Round Belt
1997.02.28.03 Horse-drawn Calliope in New Orleans
1997.02.17.20 Tung Oil Finish
1997.02.17.04 Return to Rochester
1997.02.12.27 Seek: Tiny Organette Pipes
1997.02.12.14 Sealing Pouches
1997.01.06.01 Re: Thorens Music Box Project
1996.12.03.14 Re: Music Roll Punch Advance
1996.10.15.04 Mills Christmas Roll Project; Glue Removal
1996.10.02.12 Removing Screws and Fixing Holes
1996.09.26.07 Rick Inzero's Piano Search
1996.04.23.02 Pianolodeon Rolls
1996.04.23.01 Roll Arranging Software
1996.02.14.05 Museum Listing
1996.02.14.04 Roll Repairs and Thanks!
1996.02.14.03 Re: Recordo Rolls
1996.02.06.03 Re: Mortuary Organ For Sale (96.02.05)
1995.10.24.02 Regina 34 question - an answer

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