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Digest NrSubject
2018.08.27.02 FS: Small Blower & Two Ampico Pumps
2018.02.24.04 Imperial Songrecord Synchronized Roll
2018.02.21.04 FS Free: Imperial Songrecord Synchronized Roll
2018.01.01.02 Automatic Music On YouTube
2017.06.11.04 FS: Ampico Parts
2017.02.24.01 Music Box Slows During Play
2016.12.26.04 Repairing Stripped Screw Threads in Wood
2016.10.02.04 Ampico A "Play" Switch is Unstable
2016.09.27.06 FS: Ampico A Drawer Parts
2016.09.27.04 Ampico A "Play" Switch is Unstable
2016.06.22.05 Unknown Whistler Tune
2016.05.24.10 Loose Stoppers in 20-note Organ Pipes
2016.04.26.01 Disposing of Old Player Piano Parts
2016.02.14.05 Threaded Discussion Groups for Mechanical Music
2016.02.05.03 Ampico A Expression Regulator Problem
2016.01.18.02 Seek Bass Regulator for Ampico A
2015.09.20.01 Seek Drawings of Ampico A Expression Units
2015.06.07.01 Seek Wurlitzer 146 & 153 Band Organ Schematics
2015.04.22.05 FS: Reed Organ Blower in So. California
2015.04.10.08 FS Free: Player Piano Near Monterey, California
2015.02.06.04 Humidity Control in the Desert
2015.02.06.03 Ampico Player Piano is Moving to the Desert
2015.01.28.03 Shipping a Regina Music Box to California
2015.01.12.01 Restoring Disc Labels
2014.10.29.04 Organ Solenoid Valves
2014.10.05.06 Old Rolls Tearing On Rewind
2014.06.12.02 4-lung Steamboat Pump in Duo-Art Upright
2014.06.05.04 Celluloid Labels for Duo-Art Control Levers
2014.04.27.03 Duo-Art 5-position Modify Switch
2014.02.25.06 String Scales in Mason & Hamlin Ampico Pianos
2014.02.04.06 Treating Low Humidity Problems
2014.01.18.01 Seeking CD of 1920's Player Piano Tunes
2013.12.04.01 Electrical Wiring Inside Upright Steck Duo-Art
2013.11.26.06 Lubricating Wood Bearings
2013.11.20.06 Bilon vs. Perflex
2013.11.17.04 Bilon Pneumatic Cloth
2013.11.11.03 Animatic Piano Rolls in Russia
2013.08.19.04 J. Lawrence Cook at the Keyboard
2013.08.15.10 FS: Player Organ Pedal Stop Switch
2013.07.28.03 Valve Clearance Setting
2013.05.26.03 Player Piano Valve Design Parameters
2013.05.24.05 Building a Transparent Player Piano Action Model
2013.05.10.04 FS: Tremolo Unit from Reproduco Piano-organ
2013.03.03.03 Oiling the Roll Playing Mechanism
2013.03.01.03 Using Oil or Grease on Airmotor Valves
2013.02.25.05 Installing Brass Tubing in Ampico Drawer
2013.01.15.06 Lubricating Electric Motors
2012.12.13.07 Piano Rolls Are Damaged During Rewind
2012.12.09.04 Seek Source of Small Organ Blower
2012.11.07.03 Reproduco "Catch-All Tracker Cleaner"
2012.08.30.02 Manischewitz Wine Bottle Organ
2012.08.23.04 YouTube Video: How a Piano Roll is Made
2012.08.14.01 Ampico "A" Action Stack Is Squeaking
2012.06.21.05 Disassembling a Duo-Art Rotary Pump
2012.03.03.02 Replacement Motor for Duo-Art "Steamboat" Pump
2012.03.02.04 Seek Ampico "Herd Girl's Dream" & "Juggleress"
2011.10.27.03 Ridding Musty Smells
2011.06.22.12 Seek Pneumatic Deck Boards for Ampico Upright
2011.06.16.06 Piano Hammer Question
2011.05.24.05 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2011.03.15.06 Seek Ampico Stack for Marshall & Wendell Upright
2011.02.02.04 Source of Sheet Cork
2011.01.07.05 Ampico Lock & Cancel Priority
2011.01.03.08 PPCo Plastic Glue Equivalent
2010.10.20.04 Barrel Piano by P. Pompero
2010.09.26.13 Roll-Operated Player Pipe Organ Census
2010.07.28.01 Seek Welte-Mignon Rolls by Charles H. Steinway
2010.07.11.02 Player Piano Rewinds Too Fast
2010.05.04.13 Sealing Porous Bellows Cloth
2010.05.02.09 Seek Late Ampico 'A' Secondary Valves
2010.04.19.07 Regulating the Duo-Art Accordion Valves
2010.03.19.02 Removing Pneumatics from the Deck Board
2010.02.15.01 Seek Blotting Paper for Pneumatic Gaskets
2010.01.11.04 Mink Oil
2009.12.25.01 Roll-playing Theater Organs
2009.11.03.08 FS Free: Upright Player Piano in Wingham, Ontario
2009.10.29.10 Puzzling Stroud Duo-Art on eBay
2009.09.10.07 Duo-Art Roll Tracking Problem
2009.07.08.04 Sealing Valve Pouches With Rubber Cement
2009.05.31.03 Sealing Valve Pouches With Rubber Cement
2009.05.10.08 Seek Pouches for Ampico A Valves
2009.05.03.06 Adjusting Upright Ampico A Roll Tracking System
2009.04.24.06 Compressed Air Blasting
2009.03.21.04 Music Rolls with Words - An American Industry
2009.03.06.02 Instructions for Apollo Reproducing Piano
2008.10.24.03 Wurlitzer Sideman (Mechanical Drum Machine)
2008.08.06.09 Rebuilding Duo-Art Graduated Pneumatics
2008.05.21.04 Building and Tuning Trumpet Pipes
2008.03.20.01 Filler Problems in Player Action Stack
2008.03.12.06 Air Cleaner & Purifier for a Dusty Room
2008.03.03.02 Dull Black Spirit Varnish
2008.03.02.07 FS Free: Ampico Drawer Parts & Duo-Art Stack
2008.02.25.02 USPS Media Mail
2008.02.13.08 Effect of Tracker Bar Hose Length on Repetition
2008.02.12.06 Effect of Tracker Bar Hose Length on Repetition
2007.12.28.04 Surviving Berry-Wood Instruments
2007.10.04.01 Music and the Younger Generation
2007.09.28.05 Seek White Front Rail Punchings of Dense Felt
2007.08.10.01 Favorite Brand of Band Organ Tuner
2007.07.31.03 Methyl Ethyl Ketone
2007.06.06.03 Computer Programs for Piano Tuning
2007.05.04.05 Silicone Rubber Tubing
2007.03.16.08 Rubber Tubing Headache
2007.03.07.09 Duo-Art Motor is Overheating
2007.03.01.06 Duo-Art Electrical Wiring
2007.02.04.10 Valve Spring in Ampico Crescendo Unit
2007.02.02.07 Favorite Song Titles
2007.01.30.08 FS: Large Collection of Piano Rolls in Missouri
2007.01.15.06 Attaching Pneumatics
2006.12.18.06 Rusted Wood Screws
2006.11.29.07 Ampico A Secondary Valves With Restriction
2006.11.29.06 Electric Motor Disassembly
2006.11.29.01 Test Rolls for AMICA
2006.09.15.03 Deodorizing an Instrument
2006.08.29.05 Miniature Player Piano
2006.04.18.08 Auto Electric Piano Co.
2006.04.15.03 Auto Electric Piano Co.
2006.03.14.07 "Gorilla" Glue
2006.02.27.02 Musical Instrument Tuning Software Programs
2006.02.24.06 Weldbond Adhesive as a Sealant for Lead
2006.01.23.04 Electricity Saving Device
2005.12.24.08 Under Floor Heat Causes Player Piano Failure
2005.12.19.04 Duo-Art Pianos for Long-Play Jumbo Rolls
2005.11.29.07 Polish Songs on 10-tune Capital Roll 1910
2005.11.22.06 Wood for Player Piano Action Stack
2005.09.25.04 My Favorite Coin-Op Instrument
2005.09.07.06 Methyl Ethyl Ketone
2005.08.28.02 Restoring Duo-Art Steamboat Pump
2005.08.19.05 New Pneumatic Player Action by Howes Piano
2005.07.06.06 Motor for Duo-Art Steamboat Pump
2005.06.17.06 Effect Of Climate Change On Piano
2005.06.17.03 Bill Flynt's Ampico Roll
2005.05.25.08 "Connorized" Music Roll Paper
2005.05.11.03 New Pouch Ideas
2005.03.30.07 Rust Prevention
2005.03.24.04 Seek Thin Cork Gasket Material
2005.03.03.09 Internet Protection Software
2005.01.18.02 Old Coins Found in Automatic Instruments
2004.11.30.07 Cleaning a Player Piano
2004.07.11.06 Listening to Music vs. Watching the Holes Go By
2004.07.11.04 Programmable Mechanical Musical Toys
2004.06.30.01 The Future of Mechanical Music & AMICA
2004.05.26.03 Seek Gary Hogan
2004.04.17.04 'Deal' Softwood & Sugar Pine
2003.12.12.09 Exhauster Pump With Bellows Outside the Frame
2003.04.22.03 Missing AMICA Bulletins
2003.04.01.06 Upright Ampico Spool Frame Numbers
2002.10.27.02 PayPal
2002.08.08.13 Deodorizing a Dead Animal Odor
2002.06.13.02 Ampico Drawer
2002.01.08.02 Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors' Assn.
2001.12.17.04 Mechanical Musical Instruments of Russia
2001.10.31.12 Caution on Aniline Dyes
2001.07.12.07 FS: Duo-Art Action & Player Parts
2001.07.06.05 Piano Movers: Bekins Van Lines
2000.08.22.12 FS Free: 16-Rank Moller Pipe Organ
2000.04.08.05 Reed Organ Pipes With Resonators
2000.01.21.08 Tear-Jerker Tunes
2000.01.21.04 Tracker Organs vs. Electro-Pneumatic Action
2000.01.07.18 FS: Marshall & Wendell Italian Art Case Ampico
2000.01.07.14 Rotating Vane Tremolo Attachment for Piano
1999.06.15.05 Location and Condition of Isis
1999.03.30.03 Unusual Holes in Music Rolls
1999.03.16.12 Demonstration of Organ Mixture Stops
1999.03.09.04 Location of Ampico B Rewind Valve
1999.02.01.19 Sensing Reflectance With Fiber Optic Array
1999.01.24.05 Cleaning Piano Parts
1999.01.14.02 AMICA Information Packet
1999.01.12.24 FS: 6-foot Mason & Hamlin Ampico
1998.12.16.14 Pianos Without Pin Blocks
1998.12.16.12 RCA Music Synthesizer Played Piano Rolls
1998.12.02.05 Duo-Art Piano Registry at AMICA
1998.10.14.10 Duo Art Test Roll Ideas
1998.08.11.11 Lubricating Electric Motors
1998.07.27.14 Seek Player Harp for Hong Kong Mall
1998.06.25.05 "The Art of Organ Building" by Audsley
1998.06.04.09 Reproduco Piano Pipe Organ Pump
1998.04.12.13 Piano Moving Company Horror Story
1998.04.04.14 Found Inside a Piano
1998.02.27.02 Reed Organ Web Site
1998.02.18.06 Rebuilding a Harmonium
1998.02.04.10 Benjamin Franklin's Glass Harmonica
1998.01.01.13 Dark Finishes in the Twenties
1997.12.11.13 Duo-Art Valve Flow Measurements
1997.12.02.14 Controlled Leak for Loud Duo-Art
1997.11.13.11 Printing Words on Music Rolls
1997.08.22.04 Extra Pedal -- Why 4 Pedals ?
1997.07.16.11 Flukey Aria Divina
1997.07.08.02 Are Old Music Rolls Worth Preserving?
1997.06.26.11 Electrical Safety
1997.05.25.03 Shipping Cost for Rolls
1996.12.13.05 Roll Reader Plans and AMICA
1996.11.20.11 Re: Ampico Roll Images
1996.10.05.23 Re: ads on the list
1996.09.26.04 Re: Denis Condon
1996.08.27.07 Re: Loud Duo-Art
1996.08.14.10 Re: Old Duo-Art Wiring (96.08.13)
1996.08.07.02 Seeking an Internet Site for Parts Exchange
1996.04.28.06 Book Re: Restringing
1996.04.25.06 Re: Wire Size Calculations, Restringing Scales
1996.04.08.03 Sealing Pouches
1996.01.10.06 Roll Archival as AMICA or MBSI Project
1996.01.02.05 Truncated Mail ?
1995.12.26.04 Where are the Archives of
1995.12.19.01 Introduction
1995.11.22.02 MBSI Bulletin Nov Dec 95

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