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Digest NrSubject
2013.11.03.02 The Half Duo-Art Player System
2013.10.31.06 "Brown Skin (Who You For?)" Imperial Piano Roll
2013.10.27.05 Cleaning Phosphor Bronze
2013.10.20.02 Pre-punched Valve Pouches
2013.10.02.05 "She Was Just A Sailor's Sweetheart" on YouTube
2013.08.12.04 Replacing Lead Tubing at the Tracker Bar
2013.06.18.01 Roentgens' Musical "Berlin Secretary Cabinet"
2013.05.27.02 Ohman & Arden in Sound Movie Clip at YouTube
2013.04.24.05 FS Free: 65-note Piano Rolls in New York City
2013.03.09.03 Ron Brewer, Instrument Mover
2013.02.24.05 Seek New Steinway Duo-Art Legs
2013.01.26.05 Seek Old Aeolian Grand Player Piano Parts
2013.01.16.06 Keyboard Touch Weight of Duo-Art Grand Piano
2013.01.16.02 John Cage and Conlon Nancarrow Rolls
2013.01.14.02 Identifying Airtight Cloth for Player Pneumatics
2013.01.03.06 Seek Parts for Aeolian Grand Pianola
2012.12.24.03 Repairing Piano Rolls
2012.12.19.03 Value of Hupfeld Solophonola Upright Player Piano
2012.09.25.01 Seek "Singin' The Blues" Played by Gershwin
2012.09.20.03 Seek Catalog of Wilcox & White Music Rolls
2012.08.17.04 FS: Roll Chuck for 65/88-note Pianola
2012.08.02.04 FS: Aeolian "P" Pianola Pedal Mats
2012.07.13.07 FS: Stroud Duo-Art 5'4" Grand in Queens, New York
2012.06.15.02 "Madame Butterfly" Music Box in Guinness Collection
2012.05.20.05 Replicating "Standard" Fancy "S" Pedal Mats
2012.05.19.02 Replicating "Standard" Fancy "S" Pedal Mats
2012.04.02.03 Seek "Francesca di Rimini" by Tchaikovsky
2012.02.29.05 Tuning a Player Piano
2012.02.09.02 Weber Pianola by The Orchestrelle Company
2012.02.06.03 Constant Tension Brake for Roll Supply Spool
2011.12.27.04 Seek Grieg Piano Concerto as MIDI File
2011.12.25.02 Rebuilding a Player Piano Air Motor System
2011.12.05.12 Ampico Motor Mounts
2011.10.29.03 FS: Steck Grand Pianola Piano in New Jersey
2011.10.22.03 Duo-Art "Let's Do It" Is YouTube Hit
2011.04.28.02 Value of Push-up Piano Player
2011.04.13.03 Seek Unusual Metric Size Tap & Die
2011.03.22.05 Piano Action is Critical in a Reproducing Piano
2011.03.22.04 Hide Glue vs. Silicone for Rebuilding a Pianola
2011.03.14.10 FS: 65-88 Note Aeolian Push-up Pianola
2011.03.07.06 GE Silicone Rubber For Rebuilding a Pianola
2011.03.01.02 Duo-Art Won't Play Chords Softly
2011.01.07.02 Replacement Parts from Bob Streicher
2011.01.01.05 Telektra Mechanisms Available
2010.12.27.02 "Liebesfreud" & "Liebesleid" by Fritz Kreisler
2010.11.17.04 Pianola Duo-Art Switch Functions
2010.10.31.05 Refinishing Shellac Based Finishes
2010.10.13.05 Steinway Duo-Art Roll Tracking `
2010.10.06.01 Michael Feinstein's American Songbook Premieres on PBS
2010.10.05.02 Aeolian Company Photos
2010.09.27.10 Seek 9/64" Tracker Bar Tubing
2010.09.12.06 Steck Duo-Art Pianola Upright for Export?
2010.05.25.06 Aeolian Rolls 11.38" Wide With Unusual Flanges
2010.04.28.10 Transposing Duo-Art Reproducing Pianos
2010.04.14.11 Duo-Art Upright Suffers Bobbling Hammers
2010.04.14.05 Liszt Sonata Played By Arthur Friedheim is Found
2010.04.13.04 Duo-Art Upright Suffers Bobbling Hammers
2010.04.07.09 Transfer of a Piano Roll Hoard
2010.04.07.07 Wendling Family Talent
2010.04.05.04 1920s Piano Roll Catalogues
2010.04.04.04 Music Roll Copying Firms
2009.07.18.03 Leather Nuts of Vegetable-tanned Leather
2009.07.16.03 Leather Nuts of Vegetable-tanned Leather
2009.04.23.01 "The Cat and the Mouse" by Aaron Copeland
2009.04.08.07 Seek Bellows Springs
2009.03.30.06 Kit to Reduce Model B Ampico Roll Tearing
2009.03.29.04 Ampico 201413 "I'll See You In C-U-B-A"
2009.03.16.03 Photo of Peter Cornelius Ruebner (Rybner)
2009.03.15.01 Photo of Peter Cornelius Ruebner (Rybner)
2009.02.24.01 Lemuel Fowler, Piano Roll Artist
2008.11.29.01 Video Cameras and Automatic Gain Control
2008.10.11.04 Duo-Art Repeat System
2008.10.06.12 Ampico A Pump Motor Mounting Blocks
2008.08.19.01 1910 Weber Grand Pianola With Cast Iron Keybed
2008.06.17.05 1910 Weber Grand Pianola With Cast Iron Keybed
2008.06.09.03 George Bernard Shaw's Pianola Piano Player
2008.06.04.04 Half Duo-Art Mystery Pallet Valves
2008.05.22.03 Moving a Wide Piano Through a Narrow Door
2008.05.01.10 Replacement for Lead Tubing
2008.05.01.09 Life of PVC-E Glue in Container
2008.04.02.09 Seek Action Stack for Strich & Zeidler Upright
2008.02.07.03 Effect of Tracker Bar Hose Length on Repetition
2008.02.05.06 Duo-Art vs. Ampico
2008.02.01.12 Source of 3/8" Felt for Push-up Fingers
2008.01.31.14 Seek 3/8" Sheet Felt for Push-up Fingers
2008.01.05.03 Seek Diagram of Welte Vorsetzer Valves
2007.11.10.03 Rebuilding Welte-Mignon T-100 Vorsetzer
2007.11.07.08 Mislabeled QRS Story Roll
2007.11.07.06 Perforating Original Piano Rolls
2007.09.26.03 Steck Pianola With Reproducing Action
2007.07.25.06 Seek Thin Wall Tubing for Tracker Bar
2007.06.05.04 Tempo of Hupfeld Piano Roll
2007.04.26.07 Seek Disklavier Mark 2 Information
2007.03.12.10 Hot Hide Glue
2007.03.12.06 Duo-Art Test Rolls & Accent Perforations
2007.01.30.03 Materials for Rebuilding Player Instruments
2006.12.22.08 FS: 6' 10" Hardman Peck Welte Licensee Grand
2006.11.03.06 Welte-Mignon Vorsetzer Disassembly
2006.10.29.01 J. Lawrence Cook on TV
2006.10.28.05 Mister Rogers & QRS Music Roll Production
2006.10.19.07 Improvisation in Classical Music Rolls
2006.08.16.04 Piano Keyboard to MIDI Interface
2006.08.15.03 Seek Piano Keyboard to MIDI Interface
2006.06.19.04 Unknown Piston Airmotor
2006.03.20.03 Source of Ivory Keytops
2006.03.04.02 Music Rolls of Swollen Paper
2006.02.23.12 PVC-E Glue Diluted with Water
2006.02.14.02 PVC-E Glue and Phenoseal
2006.01.23.06 Weber Pianola Grand Piano
2006.01.17.11 Removing Action Stack from Early Steck Pianola
2006.01.17.02 Bach "Brandenburg Concertos"
2005.12.24.07 Under Floor Heat Causes Player Piano Failure
2005.10.22.08 GE Silicone Adhesive
2005.10.19.11 GE Silicone Adhesive
2005.06.24.05 Pouch Leather As Duo-Art Gasket Material
2005.05.19.04 Aeolian Visuola
2005.05.06.08 The Curse of Perflex
2005.05.06.07 Duo-Art Cross Valves And Ball Bleed Valves
2005.04.17.04 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2005.04.17.01 Instrument Mover John Wrasse
2005.04.10.06 Half Duo-Art Pianola
2005.03.03.14 Source of O-Rings for Piano Roll Flanges
2005.03.03.13 Instrument Moving Firm
2004.12.10.06 FS: Angelus Push-Up Player & Reed Organ
2004.12.10.05 Aeolian Themodist Valve Box Near Spool Frame
2004.06.01.04 "Breezy Broadway Medley" Unknown Tunes
2004.05.14.03 Post-Production Editing On Ampico Roll
2004.01.08.03 Welte Vorsetzer Includes Tracker Bar Pump
2004.01.05.09 Recording Four-Hands Piano Rolls
2003.12.20.02 Stored Binary Control Data & Jacquard Loom
2003.12.02.18 Power Supply for Welte-Mignon 110V DC Motor
2003.11.16.07 Seek Stack for Steinway Pianola Upright
2003.10.19.01 Welte-Mignon Artist Bernhard Stavenhagen
2003.10.11.02 Musical Box Cabinet Restorers
2003.10.01.12 Welte-Mignon Recording Technology
2003.04.08.03 List of AudioGraphic Music Rolls
2003.04.04.09 FS: Audiographic Rolls
2003.03.22.01 Small Steinway Box
2003.03.05.02 Tchaikovsky's Piano
2003.02.27.06 Al Shean of "Gallagher and Shean"
2003.02.20.07 7.5 Foot Steinway Player Pianos
2003.02.20.04 Geentroep
2003.02.14.01 Beethoven Tempest Sonata, Op. 31, No. 2
2003.02.13.07 Bigger Pianos Aren't Always Better Pianos
2003.02.09.01 Duo-Art Roll 71894, "Mother Goose" by Ravel
2003.02.08.03 Steinway Concert Duo-Art Rescued From Dump
2003.02.07.07 Music Roll Label Errors
2003.02.05.04 Piano Roll Performances of "Just A Memory"
2002.12.31.12 Square Grand Piano Regulation
2002.12.31.09 "William Tell Overture" Plays Inverted
2002.12.01.05 Seek New Ivory Keys
2002.09.03.02 Seek Audition of Cecilian Roll
2002.07.19.09 Adding Foot Pedal Exhausters to Duo-Art Grand
2002.07.16.10 Adding Foot Pedal Exhausters to Duo-Art Grand
2002.07.13.05 Aeolian Valve Leather
2002.07.13.04 Ampico Sustain Pedal Compensating Pneumatics
2002.07.02.06 Turn-of-the-Century Pianos - Steinway vs. Weber
2002.05.04.08 Duo-Art Five Position Switch
2002.04.20.04 Music Roll Artist William Merrigan Daly
2002.04.18.10 PowerRoll Delivery Status
2002.03.28.08 Quieting a Piano - Felt Mute Strip
2002.03.21.16 Seek Duo-Art Motor and Pump
2002.03.20.04 Effect of Piano Key Length
2002.03.17.13 Effect of Piano Key Length
2002.03.13.08 Nickelodeon Rewind Problem
2002.02.25.04 Piano Rolls at eBay Auction
2002.02.24.06 Piano Rolls at eBay Auction
2002.02.23.07 Adding MIDI Control to Pneumatic Player Systems
2002.02.10.04 Cute Song Title
2002.02.02.08 FS: Seeburg Mortuary Organ
2001.12.29.06 Converting Orchestrelle to Play 88-Note Rolls
2001.12.28.06 Converting Orchestrelle to Play 88-Note Rolls
2001.12.27.11 Converting Orchestrelle to Play 88-Note Rolls
2001.12.21.02 Converting Orchestrelle to Play 88-Note Rolls
2001.12.06.09 Share Welte Rolls for Recutting
2001.10.19.06 FS: Aeolian 88 Note Push-Up Pianola on eBay
2001.10.07.02 The Metrostyle Questions
2001.09.15.03 WTB: Square Grand Dampers
2001.08.30.03 Piano Shop Liquidation Sale
2001.08.29.11 Same Melody Used For Different Songs
2001.07.24.04 Special Piano Action in Player Grand Pianos
2001.05.10.04 Computer Model to Simulate a Piano Action
2001.05.03.02 "President Harding March"
2001.04.22.01 Duo-Art Adjustment Tips
2001.04.17.03 Demise of the Player Piano
2001.04.06.08 Sticking Center Pins on Steinway Vertical Piano
2000.12.17.06 Duo-Art Test Rolls & Pneumatic Springs
2000.11.21.05 Marking Questions In The MMD Subject Line
2000.11.16.01 Clarence Hickman Recollections
2000.11.15.09 Is the Piano Sustain Pedal Needed?
2000.11.14.05 Irving Caesar Recollections & "Ka-Lu-A"
2000.11.13.06 Piano Roll Artist Ralph Rainger
2000.11.08.08 Constant Tension Brake for Roll Supply Spool
2000.11.05.10 Constant Tension Brake for Roll Supply Spool
2000.10.31.07 "Ching Chong" by Lee S. Roberts
2000.09.09.07 Plastic Hot Melt Glue
2000.08.28.11 Glue
2000.08.28.01 Edwin Votey Family
2000.08.26.05 Preparing a Duo-Art Grand for Moving
2000.08.22.07 Cabinet Maker Hates Hot Glue
2000.08.22.05 Seek Player Tech in Washington DC
2000.07.14.04 Mystery Tune - The Hootchie Kootchie Dance
2000.06.22.04 Language Translator Web Site at AltaVista
2000.06.08.06 Deodorizing the 'Pianodor'
2000.06.08.05 Source of Decals
2000.06.07.10 Deodorizing
2000.05.30.01 Composers Inspired by Mechanical Music
2000.05.22.13 "Fumed Oak" & "African Mottled Mahogany"
2000.05.22.12 Shellac & Lacquer Wood Finishes
2000.05.13.07 Duo-Art Tracker Bar Installed Upside-Down
2000.05.11.01 Missing Article in Digest 00.05.06
2000.05.01.11 Aeolian and Mel-O-Dee
2000.04.29.01 Steinway Piano Models, Large and Small
2000.04.28.08 Duo-Art Cross Valve Idea
2000.04.28.04 Duo-Art Test Rolls
2000.04.26.11 Hickman Ampico B Ball Unit Valve
2000.04.26.07 "I Love A Piano"
2000.04.17.11 Making a Belly Cloth for a Reproducing Grand

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