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Digest NrSubject
2016.08.08.06 FS: Seeburg G Stained Glass
2016.07.19.06 FS: Player Pianos & Organs at Estate Auction
2016.05.09.08 Technology of Fashion Design and Piano Rolls
2016.04.08.03 Shipping Music Rolls by USPS Media Mail
2015.08.23.01 Scanning 35 mm Photo Slides of Mechanical Music
2014.12.06.03 FS: QRS Christmas Rolls
2014.05.06.04 FS Free: Small Electric Glue Pot
2013.11.20.01 Viola Organista Instrument by Leonard Da Vinci
2013.10.09.01 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2013.08.26.01 Passing of Marian McPartland, QRS Celebrity Artist
2013.07.29.04 FS: Two New Hand-played Chopin Rolls Issued
2013.07.25.01 Tribute to Philippe Rouille
2013.05.24.09 FS: Angelus 65-note Push-up Piano Player
2013.05.05.04 FS: New Recut "Wait A Bit, Susie" by Gershwin
2013.03.04.02 Player Piano Company Building Renovations
2012.12.12.04 FS: QRS Illustrated Collector's Christmas Roll
2012.11.29.07 FS: Christmas Piano Rolls
2012.10.17.05 Replacing Player Piano Casters
2012.10.17.03 "Treasures of Mechanical Music" Withdrawn
2012.10.09.01 "Treasures of Mechanical Music" Withdrawn From Library
2012.09.10.03 GRAMMY Foundation Preservation Grants Available
2012.03.09.01 Seek William Grant Still Music on Piano Rolls
2012.02.27.03 Decibel Loudness of a Player Piano
2011.11.08.02 Tracker Bar Pump Maintenance
2011.08.19.03 Removing Old Paper Labels
2011.05.30.01 How to Interest People in Mechanical Music
2011.05.23.05 FS: "Brasillian Maple Leaf" Available Again
2011.04.09.02 FS: "Sometime" & "Don't Bring Lulu" With Words
2011.03.10.02 Vandals Hit Former Joyland Amusement Park
2011.03.04.02 Lothar Perl Piano Roll On YouTube
2011.01.11.09 FS: Lothar Perl Roll "Zebra Stripes & Crazy Top"
2010.11.21.04 "Ching Chong" and "Brasillian Maple Leaf"
2010.11.19.03 FS: "Ching Chong" and "Brasillian Maple Leaf"
2010.10.26.06 "Ching Chong" and "Brasillian Maple Leaf" Rolls
2010.10.19.03 Connorized 20502 "Ching Chong"
2010.08.23.03 Player Piano Company Sign
2010.08.19.03 Player Piano Company - One Year Later
2010.08.17.04 Player Piano Company - One Year Later
2010.08.01.02 Leslie Caron's Grandfather Was Automata Collector
2010.04.30.06 Player Piano Cleaning & Maintenance
2009.09.01.01 Visiting Player Piano Parts, Inc., Wichita
2009.08.10.10 FS: Recut and New 88-note Piano Rolls
2009.08.10.04 BBC Proms
2009.05.07.01 Player Piano Company Auction Postponed
2009.01.06.02 Durrell Armstrong Memorial Brochure
2008.12.30.01 Durrell Armstrong Graveside Service
2008.12.23.02 Drug Store Player Piano
2008.11.11.05 USPS Parcel Post is Slow
2008.10.05.02 Vandals Hit Former Joyland Amusement Park
2008.07.17.01 Wurlitzer Mammoth & Joyland Louie Are Missing
2008.07.08.04 AMICA Convention 2008
2008.03.12.02 The Organ Grinder in Poetry and Song
2007.10.11.03 New Player Piano Christmas Ornament by Hallmark
2007.08.29.02 Advertising Site for Non-player Organs & Pianos
2007.06.03.03 Mechanical Music in the Movies: "Miss Potter"
2007.05.25.03 Mechanical Music in "Pirates of the Caribbean"
2006.12.13.01 Seek Piano Roll Label Adhesive
2006.10.30.02 Crediting Composer & Lyricist
2006.10.19.02 Thanks to Matthew Caulfield
2006.08.06.04 FS: New Piano Roll "El Choclo"
2006.08.06.01 AMICA 2006 Convention in Chicago
2006.05.23.04 Painting a Piano
2006.01.02.07 Under Floor Heat Causes Player Piano Failure
2005.12.13.07 Organ Rolls by Keyboard Specialties
2005.11.17.04 "The Contrary Carousel"
2005.10.22.03 Donating a Personal Library to an Institution
2005.09.10.05 Replacement Rubber Bands for Piano Rolls
2005.07.26.08 Seek Piano Mover, Seattle to Midwest
2005.05.27.09 FS: 65/88 Note Aeolian Push-up
2005.05.19.01 Auction In Chartres, May 29, 2005
2005.04.15.01 Mechanical Music Digest Is Ten Years Old
2005.03.20.03 Internet Fraud
2005.02.21.06 Internet Auction Fraud
2005.02.17.08 Do You Dream About Your Player Piano?
2005.01.31.03 Theater Organ on Catalina Island
2004.10.31.03 Player Piano At Thrift Store
2004.08.24.01 "I Want To Be Bad" Played By Benjamin Intartaglia
2004.06.13.02 Passing of Richard Vance
2004.05.29.02 Winkel's Componium in Brussels Museum
2004.05.19.05 Music Roll Tracking System & Dirty Tracker Bar
2004.05.11.05 Seek Piano Mover, Seattle to Kansas
2004.04.18.03 Player Piano & Mechanical Music Exchange
2004.03.02.08 The Future of Mechanical Music
2003.12.15.03 Shipping Piano Rolls by USPS Media Mail
2003.12.07.07 Repairing Piano Roll of Varying Width
2003.12.05.05 Building a Small Glue Pot - Rival "Potpourri"
2003.09.08.14 FS: "Zebra Stripes" & "Brasillian Maple Leaf"
2003.08.30.01 AMICA Convention 20-24 August 2003 in Portland
2003.08.13.06 Roll of Lothar Perl Tunes at AMICA Convention
2003.05.09.16 FS: Books About Music Related Subjects at PP&MME
2003.04.07.02 Seek "Naughty Naughty Mister Moon" & "Quitting Blues"
2003.03.08.06 Douglas Heffer Paris Workshop & Duo-Art Push-up
2003.03.05.03 New Recuts of "Carmen" & "Mosquitos Parade"
2003.02.24.05 Passing of Dean Randall
2003.01.24.05 1927 Premiere of "Ballet Mecanique" at Carnegie Hall
2002.12.30.12 1927 Premiere of Antheil's "Ballet Mecanique"
2002.12.30.04 Mammoth Organ & Joyland Louie at Joyland Park
2002.12.20.04 "Save Our Sounds" on the History Channel
2002.11.27.01 Street Organ Plays Audio Music Cassette
2002.11.02.03 PayPal Privacy
2002.09.18.06 Recumbent Player Piano Bench
2002.08.29.01 Salvation Army Tunes & The Salvation Lassies
2002.07.28.04 Cleaning Rust From Metal Flanges
2002.07.19.01 Organ Rally Calendar & Coordination
2002.07.05.01 Organ Rally Calendar & Coordination
2002.06.30.04 Seek Small Hole Brass Bleed Cups
2002.06.19.04 "The Mosquitoes' Parade" - A Fabulous Find
2002.05.24.02 Repairing Wandering Holes in a Music Roll
2002.05.22.03 New Recut Roll "Serenata" Now Available
2002.05.15.04 Crank Organ Ring
2002.04.29.05 Today's Market for Piano Rolls
2002.03.20.02 Gottschalk On Importance of Personal Appearance
2002.02.23.05 Liquidating a Collection or Estate
2002.02.12.20 "All In The Family" Theme Music
2002.01.26.06 Editing MMDigest
2002.01.26.03 Pipe Organ Workshop For Children
2001.12.18.06 Knick-Knacks and Rolls on the Player Piano
2001.11.23.05 Piano Roll Boxes in "Harry Potter" Movie
2001.11.17.09 "Don't Bring Lulu" Roll Now Available
2001.09.30.01 Animated Musical Books by "Mr. Christmas"
2001.09.08.02 Looms of Jacquard, Falcon and Vaucanson
2001.08.25.05 Same Melody Used For Two Different Songs
2001.08.13.03 Stored Energy for Mechanical Music Instruments
2001.08.06.04 Carousel Organ Association of America Confusion
2001.07.29.04 Piano Music in Old West Saloons
2001.06.18.02 Mennonite Heritage Museum in Goessel, Kansas
2001.06.03.04 Removing Scratches on Vinyl & LP Discs
2001.06.03.03 Seek Piano Roll of "Lift Every Voice and Sing"
2001.05.20.05 "President Coolidge March" QRS 2463
2001.05.20.03 My Travels in Europe
2001.04.08.06 Connorized "Ching Chong" Roll Now Available
2001.03.09.05 Demise of the Player Piano
2001.03.03.04 The Uselessness of Our Mechanical Music Hobby
2001.02.22.11 FS at Player Piano & Mechanical Music Exchange
2001.01.31.02 New UPS Shipping Rates
2001.01.20.02 UPS Ground Service Shipping Rates
2001.01.18.04 Relative Humidity and the Player Piano
2000.11.26.03 Federal Cylinder Project and Native American Culture
2000.10.16.02 Mr. Christmas Holiday Symphonium
2000.10.15.01 Piano Rolls Available from PP&MME
2000.10.14.01 Piano 300 Exhibit at Smithsonian Ripley Center
2000.08.13.02 Mechanical Music Museums in Washington, DC
2000.07.31.04 Pipe Organ House in Skagway, Alaska
2000.07.04.10 Turntable for 78 RPM Records
2000.06.15.02 CDC Instructions for Cleaning Rodent Infestation
2000.06.06.12 On-Stage Player Piano for "The Music Man"
2000.05.28.04 Prices Paid at Chartres Auction 14 May 2000
2000.05.08.07 Mills Expression Piano at Player Piano Company
2000.05.03.03 Seek Crank Organ as Anniversary Gift
2000.05.03.01 New Pictures of Player Piano Company
2000.03.30.04 Songs You Never Want to Hear Again
2000.03.28.03 Craig Brougher and Durrell Armstrong in Photo
2000.03.27.19 FS: Various Mechanical Music Items
2000.03.20.04 What is a Recording? What is a Record?
2000.03.12.03 Proofs of Purchase on QRS Roll Boxes
2000.03.01.03 Book "Making More Wooden Mechanical Models"
2000.02.13.06 Mechanical Music on Television
2000.02.13.05 Piano Tuners and Piano Playing in the Movies
2000.01.17.06 On-Stage Player Piano for "The Music Man"
1999.12.29.04 Repairing Music Roll Boxes
1999.12.24.05 "Rules for Office Staff"
1999.12.20.02 "The Contrary Carousel"
1999.12.15.11 Lutefisk Recipe
1999.12.06.03 Mechanical Music on Television
1999.12.05.04 Mechanical Music on Television
1999.12.01.03 Barrel Piano Drawing by Charles Dana Gibson 1897
1999.11.24.12 Music Roll Deterioration and Preservation
1999.11.23.12 Destruction of Player Pianos
1999.11.14.01 Steam Calliopes at 1876 Centennial Exhibition
1999.11.13.05 "Roll 'Em Girls" & Girls Bloomers At College
1999.10.11.12 FS: Band Organs & Player Pianos & Parts
1999.10.11.03 Mechanical Music in the Movies
1999.10.05.03 Congratulations to Philippe Rouille for Award
1999.09.30.06 QRS Roll 21010 - Ziegfeld Follies of 1915
1999.09.30.04 Organ Rally at the Kansas State Fair
1999.09.23.12 Seek Information About QRS Roll 21010
1999.09.03.04 MMD Archives Are Public
1999.08.29.06 eBay Announcements in MMDigest
1999.08.07.06 FS: Player and Reproducing Pianos, Mechanical Music Instruments
1999.08.03.10 Exceptions to "Next Generation" Stereotypes
1999.07.30.07 Music Rolls with Seals Intact
1999.07.14.03 Choralcelo Player Organ on A&E's "America's Castles"
1999.07.14.01 Heyn Carousel Restoration in Kinsley, Kansas
1999.06.23.04 Piano Moving Picture
1999.06.20.12 Cleaning Ivory
1999.06.20.03 Band Organ Rally and Tornado Pictures Posted
1999.06.20.02 "How to Build a Barrel Organ"
1999.06.07.01 Organ Rally in Topeka, Kansas on June 12
1999.05.25.02 Scott Olson
1999.05.15.11 FS: QRS Roll Catalogs
1999.05.15.03 Tornadoes in Oklahoma and Kansas
1999.05.02.03 Books "Peepshows" & "Making Musical Instruments"
1999.04.09.04 Billy Joel and Kurzweil Pianos
1999.04.08.14 Turntable for 78 RPM Records
1999.04.04.04 Seek Turntable for 78 RPM Records
1999.03.09.03 "The Scarlet Pimpernel"
1999.03.08.01 Mechanical Music on TV - "The Scarlet Pimpernel"
1999.02.24.06 Removing Old Mending Tape from Music Rolls
1999.02.24.05 Seek "Horace the Horse on the Merry Go Round"
1999.02.14.02 Fragility of Music Rolls
1999.01.18.11 Pianos as Status Symbols
1999.01.17.08 Book: "A Pianist's Landscape"
1999.01.06.01 The Telegraph, Binary Code and Music Rolls
1998.12.27.04 Wurlitzer 165 Music Fit for a King - Vol. III
1998.12.27.03 Chinese-Made Music Box Plays Cardboard Roll
1998.12.23.06 Dropped Piano Tragedy
1998.12.19.06 Movie: "The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T."
1998.12.13.03 Carousels at K-Mart
1998.12.11.06 Dr. Brinkley: The Goat Gland Doctor
1998.12.03.11 Articles on Stability of Piano Tuning
1998.11.24.04 Happy Birthday, Robbie!
1998.11.23.03 Mechanical Music in Movies and Television
1998.11.15.05 Changes at the Player Piano & Mechanical Music Exchange
1998.11.15.04 Visit with Jody and Robbie at MMD
1998.10.27.03 Sinclair Lewis and Mechanical Music
1998.10.08.11 Steam Engine and Railroad Pictures
1998.10.05.38 "Carousel of Dreams" by Neiman Marcus
1998.10.05.12 Hand-Cranked Organs - Safety and Practical Considerations
1998.09.26.07 Hand-Cranked Organs - Practical Considerations
1998.09.26.04 Organ Rally at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson
1998.09.19.07 Hand-Cranked Organs
1998.09.16.12 Trading Work for Seeburg Glass
1998.09.06.15 FS: Organette and Pump Organ At Auction
1998.08.27.06 MMD'ers Meet in San Francisco
1998.08.26.08 Ghostbusters
1998.08.18.30 FS: Piano Rolls at San Francisco Garage Sale
1998.08.16.04 Pipe Organ Builder - John Brombaugh
1998.08.15.01 Carnival Heritage Museum in Kinsley, Kansas
1998.08.01.02 Player Piano and Mechanical Music Exchange Has Moved
1998.07.30.01 Break-in at Les Gets Museum
1998.07.25.18 Anti-Racism Song of 1919
1998.07.11.07 Pump Organ on Television
1998.07.02.09 'Shadow Waltz'
1998.07.02.06 Phantom of the Opera Music Box
1998.07.02.03 Bruce Clark Convalescing
1998.06.30.10 'Shadow Waltz' - The Chicken or the Egg
1998.06.28.04 'Shadow Waltz'
1998.06.28.01 Phantom of the Opera Music Box
1998.06.22.05 "Phantom" Music Box
1998.06.17.09 Sharpening Tool
1998.06.14.03 Truth in Advertising
1998.05.28.03 Book: "The English Chamber Organ 1650-1850"
1998.05.27.09 Piano Hammers Impelled by Rotating Drum
1998.05.27.03 Permissions to Reproduce Articles
1998.05.23.06 Amusement Parks on Television
1998.05.15.05 Ordering Piano Supplies
1998.05.06.04 Americanisms versus Anglicisms
1998.05.06.03 I'm Back
1998.04.27.01 'Hi' from London
1998.04.10.14 Sulfur Dioxide In Song
1998.04.01.07 Collective Index of Mech. Music Publications
1998.03.10.20 Remote Controlled Electric Piano for Theaters
1998.03.01.06 Similar Songs
1998.03.01.05 Thank You
1998.02.20.02 West Coast Storms Hit Close to Home
1998.01.28.04 AMICA Heart of America Chapter Meeting Report
1998.01.21.08 The Mystery of Hawaiian Piano Rolls
1998.01.21.03 MM Sights of Interest in Europe
1998.01.09.10 Editing of the MMD
1998.01.04.09 Re: Ad-Hominum
1998.01.02.09 Discussions in MMD Letters
1997.12.30.04 MMD Awards
1997.12.27.04 MMD Awards
1997.12.26.30 Irrelevant Topics in MMD
1997.12.26.24 "Irregardless"
1997.12.23.01 An MMD Christmas
1997.12.22.15 PPCo. Likes George Bogatko's Music
1997.12.18.03 Two-Lid Piano Snubbed by Carnegie Hall
1997.12.18.01 Coney Island Carousel in Literature
1997.12.12.05 Garde champetre
1997.12.01.03 Damon's Introduction
1997.11.18.03 Introductions
1997.11.16.06 Lyra and Orpheus
1997.11.11.10 Lake of the Ozarks Jazz Festival
1997.10.30.03 "Rosie", Eugene O'Neill's Player Piano
1997.10.23.03 The "Harmonic Mechanism" Piano in Paris
1997.10.21.09 Piano Techs Work Hard !
1997.10.15.01 Demand for Mechanical Music Instruments Summary
1997.10.07.03 CD "Gershwin Plays Gershwin"
1997.10.03.10 Surveys
1997.09.29.04 Demand for Mechanical Music Instruments
1997.09.24.01 CD "Forgotten American Newspaper Marches"
1997.09.22.03 Newspaper Marches
1997.09.17.02 Hawthorne's Organ Grinder
1997.09.16.06 Picture of Elvis Playing a Player Piano
1997.09.05.02 Street Organ Grinders in 1899
1997.08.31.02 Repinning Music Box Cylinders
1997.08.20.05 "The Possibility of Self-Playing Instruments"
1997.08.20.02 Band Organ at Joyland Park
1997.08.12.02 New Links at Player Piano & MM Exchange Site
1997.08.05.03 Rolls Bought Unheard
1997.08.02.02 MMD Financial Support
1997.07.29.04 MIDI Sounds vs. Piano Sounds
1997.07.26.05 MIDI Sounds vs. Piano Sounds
1997.07.26.04 MMD Chat Room
1997.07.22.03 New CD: Marlene Dietrich
1997.07.07.10 Beer Songs
1997.06.25.08 Advertise at Mechanical Music Exchange
1997.06.19.07 Tuning the Violano Virtuoso
1997.06.13.02 Player Piano Company
1997.06.08.06 Visiting Player Piano Company
1997.06.08.01 Carillonneurs Ringing in Summer
1997.05.25.17 Reply to Andy Taylor Re: Editing
1997.05.14.02 Mechanical Music Business
1997.04.28.03 MMD Members Photos
1997.04.23.08 Piano Horror Story and Folklore
1997.04.23.05 C.W. Parker Carousels - Reprise
1997.04.09.04 Mechanical Music on TV
1997.03.31.11 Seek "Ana Merca"
1997.03.22.01 C.W. Parker Carousel and More
1997.03.12.15 Carousel Music in "The Sting"
1997.03.12.06 C. W. Parker Carousels
1997.03.09.13 Pin-Tite
1997.03.09.03 C. W. Parker Carousels
1997.03.09.02 Player Piano and Mechanical Music Exchange
1997.03.04.01 Player Piano and Mechanical Music Exchange
1997.02.27.08 Settling Your Estate
1997.02.17.15 MMD Subscriber Demographics
1997.02.07.07 Mechanical Music, Old and New
1997.01.27.02 Re: "Treasures of Mechanical Music"
1997.01.21.11 Player Piano Company
1997.01.20.10 Player Piano Company
1997.01.14.14 FS: Oak and Whitney Player
1997.01.08.05 Re: Unsolicited E-mail Ads
1997.01.03.16 Re: Questionable Lyrics
1997.01.03.10 Horror Story: Teardrops on the Piano
1996.12.24.01 Thanks: And To All a Good-night!
1996.12.20.11 Paper Cutting Surface
1996.12.20.08 Re: Preserve the Words on the Rolls!
1996.12.17.02 Piano Horror Stories
1996.12.04.04 Web Site for Mechanical Music Items
1996.11.16.04 Re: Philippe Rouille's Message
1996.10.24.17 Gershwin CD - Enough!
1996.10.07.05 Re: Electronic Piano Tuners
1996.09.23.04 Music Boxes and Sheet Music
1996.08.16.02 Re: Switches and Safety
1996.08.08.10 Web Page, Discs and Disks
1996.07.18.02 PlayRite / List of Piano Roll Dealers
1996.06.24.04 New E-Mail Address
1996.06.11.04 Re: Historic Restoration - Thanks
1996.06.03.06 Items For Sale and Historic Restoration
1996.05.13.03 Roll Repair
1996.02.20.11 Player Piano Co.
1996.02.05.03 Gulbransen Fan Club
1995.12.20.02 Player Piano Parts Available
1995.12.13.08 Players pianos and sources for parts
1995.12.08.01 Introduction

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