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Digest NrSubject
2018.09.03.03 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2018.03.28.01 Raising the Profile of Mechanical Music
2018.01.03.02 Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music
2017.12.11.06 FS: Musical Hoard in Boyertown, Pennsylvania
2017.12.10.05 FS: Musical Hoard in Boyertown, Pennsylvania
2017.10.07.01 Ampico Rebuilder In Central New York Area
2017.09.26.05 FS: Steinway XO Duo-Art Grand Piano, Circa 1925
2017.07.18.05 FS: Welte Baby Grand in White Plains, New York
2017.03.16.07 FS: Baldwin Player Piano in New Jersey
2017.02.22.05 Dispersing Randolph Herr Collection
2017.01.06.02 Seek John McTammany Mechanical Music Machines
2016.11.18.01 Aging Impacts Mechanical Music Maintenance Field
2016.10.21.01 Cranker's Collection Open House November 12th
2016.10.20.01 Passing of Bill Kromer of Wayne, Pennsylvania
2016.01.10.01 Nisco Museum Acquires Ampico Baby Grand
2016.01.08.04 FS Free: Marshall & Wendell Ampico Baby Grand
2015.10.27.04 Source of Ampico Piano Rolls
2015.09.30.11 FS: Aeolian Cabaret Player Piano in New Jersey
2015.08.15.05 FS: Player Piano in Detroit Area
2015.02.19.11 FS: Mechanical Music Estate Sale in Connecticut
2015.01.28.02 Passing of Hi Babit - QRS Piano Roll Artist
2015.01.14.01 Restoring Disc Labels
2015.01.08.05 Steinway Bids Farewell To Its Historic Showroom
2014.12.16.02 Organ Grinders With Live Monkeys
2014.10.23.01 Bakelite Seats for Ampico Valves
2014.10.04.01 Player Piano Rolls on "How It's Made" in Russian
2014.05.28.01 Randolph Herr Memorial Service June 5th, 2014
2014.04.02.05 FS: Rolin-Thomassin, Mirecourt, Barrel Organ
2014.03.10.01 Passing of Randolph Herr
2014.01.19.05 CD of 1920's Player Piano Tunes
2014.01.02.01 New Disney Mechanical Music Decorations
2013.08.06.03 Carousel Music Only During Rides or Continuous
2013.07.31.02 FS: Reproducing Pianos & Orchestrelle in New York
2013.02.13.04 Beijing "Forbidden City" Clock Collection
2013.02.08.02 Organ Grinder For Hire
2012.10.29.08 FS: Marvin and Dianne Polan Collection
2012.09.06.02 Welte Philharmonic Organ From REO Clubhouse
2012.07.28.03 Musical Wonder House Museum in Wiscasset, Maine
2012.07.06.02 Star Spangled Banner by Rachmaninoff
2012.04.03.01 Crank Organist for Philadelphia Organ Day
2012.03.21.01 Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music
2012.03.14.04 Musical Box Discs Purchased From Kevin McElhone
2012.01.24.04 Copyrighting a Piano Roll
2012.01.05.02 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2011.12.13.04 Unknown Typeface on Reed Organ Stops
2011.11.19.02 Player Piano for Art Installation in NYC
2011.11.15.06 Morton "Finger Buster" Played By Mike Meddings
2011.09.25.03 Seek Test Roll for 116-note Orchestrelle
2011.07.10.05 FS: Chickering Baby Grand Ampico A in New York
2011.06.25.04 Rachmaninoff "Star Spangled Banner" Ampico 57282
2011.06.09.01 Mechanical Music Museums
2011.06.08.05 How to Interest People in Mechanical Music
2011.06.06.05 How to Interest People in Mechanical Music
2011.05.31.05 How to Interest People in Mechanical Music
2011.01.15.01 Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music in Israel
2010.12.09.01 Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music in Ashes
2010.12.04.01 Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music in Israel
2010.11.20.01 Hi Babit Autobiography "The Flying Piano Roll Man"
2010.11.17.01 Hi Babit Autobiography "The Flying Piano Roll Man"
2010.11.15.01 Hi Babit Autobiography "The Flying Piano Roll Man"
2010.11.07.01 Seek 35- or 42-key Crank Organ by G. Molinari
2010.10.30.03 Rubber Bands Around Music Rolls
2010.10.29.06 FS: Francis Bacon Welte Upright in New York
2010.10.29.05 Welte Grand 7-foot in New York
2010.10.19.07 FS Free: Welte Mignon Grand 7-foot in New York
2010.08.20.02 Youth and Mechanical Music
2010.07.23.09 FS: Orchestrelle & Player Pianos in New York
2010.07.13.02 AMICA Convention in Buffalo
2010.06.10.01 AMICA Convention 7-11 July in Buffalo, New York
2010.04.09.01 Seek Organ Grinders with Live Monkeys
2010.04.01.06 FS: Cunningham Player Piano in Pennsylvania
2010.03.25.01 Solvang Antique Center Sells to New Owners
2010.01.12.05 FS: Aeolian Orchestrelle Model W in New York
2010.01.06.01 Passing of Marvin Polan
2009.11.19.03 Transcribing a Piano Roll to Sheet Music
2009.11.16.03 Transcribing a Piano Roll to Sheet Music
2009.07.27.04 FS: Weber Duo-Art Model FR 6-foot Grand
2009.04.24.03 Hi Babit Wants to Resume Arranging
2009.04.22.02 J. Lawrence Cook Personal Master Recording Piano
2009.02.19.04 Working Conditions in a Piano Roll Factory
2009.01.12.02 Keystone Music Roll Company Status
2009.01.11.01 QRS in Australia
2008.11.24.01 Keystone Music Roll Company Web Site
2008.11.23.02 Keystone Music Roll Company Catalog Released
2008.11.17.04 Seek Larry Givens, Vestal Press Author
2008.11.08.03 Our Published Heritage
2008.10.23.07 FS: Wurlitzer Style 33-A Mandolin PianOrchestra
2008.10.02.10 Seek Player Piano for California Home
2008.07.08.02 AMICA Convention 2008
2008.06.27.10 FS Free: Player Piano in Ossining, New York
2008.06.17.06 FS: Aeolian Orchestrelle Model W
2008.05.08.02 The Big "T" in "WurliTzer"
2008.05.08.01 Mortier Organ "The Emperor"
2008.03.12.07 Air-O-Swiss & Venta Air Washer Machines
2008.03.12.03 "Zampa" Ampico 64313
2008.01.15.02 Russian Correspondent Seeks Music Box Help
2008.01.07.02 Mechanical Music on TV
2007.12.27.06 Berry-Wood A.O.W. in DeBence Collection
2007.11.22.06 Guinness Collection in the Morris Museum
2007.11.08.01 Small Street Organs Made in New York
2007.10.07.04 Music and the Younger Generation
2007.10.01.01 Value of Old Player Pianos
2007.09.04.04 Source of Phenoseal
2007.08.12.02 Clock Problem in Regina Style 35 Changer
2007.07.10.09 FS Free: Player Pianos in New Jersey
2007.07.10.01 Mechanical Music in the Middle East
2007.07.02.01 Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music in Israel
2007.05.14.06 FS: Small Letterpress for Cutting Gaskets
2007.04.06.03 Henry Holland of London, Barrel Organ Builder
2007.03.29.01 Coney Island Organ Rally and Carousel Organs
2007.03.18.02 Source of Player Piano Repair Parts
2007.03.09.03 Seek Recut Duo-Art Rolls
2007.02.28.01 New CD of Mechanical Music Available
2007.01.31.03 Autophone Organette Music Strips
2007.01.12.04 "Ev'rybody's Crazy 'Bout the Doggone Blues"
2006.12.06.13 Black Wood Screws
2006.11.21.11 FS: New Wurlitzer Style 125 Music Roll of Hymns
2006.08.04.01 Mystery Roller Organ in Israel
2006.07.17.06 FS: Over 400 Music Rolls in New Jersey
2006.07.17.01 Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music in Israel
2006.07.08.02 Securing Piano Rolls With Velcro Plant Ties
2006.05.31.02 Organ Grinder With Monkey in New York
2006.05.22.11 FS: Aeolian Orchestrelle Player Reed Organ
2006.05.19.04 Sources of Shellac
2006.05.16.03 Seek T-100 Red Welte Mason & Hamlin Pianos
2006.04.18.02 Producing a Successful Organ Rally
2006.04.17.02 Wurlitzer Band Organ Rolls by Bob Stuhmer
2006.04.14.06 Rubies for Musical Box Governor
2006.04.14.01 Organ Rally 9 April 2006 in New York City
2006.04.07.01 Passing of Bob Fine
2006.03.23.01 Organ Rally 9 April 2006 in New York City
2006.03.05.01 New Wurlitzer Style 125 Music Rolls
2006.02.22.01 Organ Rally 9 April 2006 in New York City
2006.01.04.06 Under Floor Heat Causes Player Piano Failure
2005.10.29.05 Dies to Cut Ampico "A" Gaskets
2005.10.26.04 B.A.B. Organ Master Rolls in Virginia City, MT
2005.07.26.03 Old Book Music for an Unidentified Instrument
2005.07.19.01 Band Organ at B&B Carousel, Coney Island
2005.07.04.02 1919 Coney Island B&B Carousel at Auction
2005.05.28.03 Gulbranson Instruction Roll(s)
2005.04.25.09 FS: Player Piano in New Jersey
2005.04.22.03 Recutting Aeolian Orchestrelle Player Rolls
2005.03.09.07 Russian Oligarch Buying Collections
2005.01.12.11 FS: Wilcox & White Player Organ in New Jersey
2005.01.12.10 FS: Aeolian Colonial Player Organ in Virginia
2005.01.08.08 FS: Piano Rolls in Manhattan
2004.12.03.01 Ampico "Christmas Eve Fantasy" of 1928
2004.09.04.04 FS: Knabe Grand & Piano Rolls in New York City
2004.07.04.06 Why I Joined AMICA
2004.06.01.01 Carousels & Organs in Broome County, New York
2004.05.17.02 Ridding Musty Smells & Hazards of Ozone
2004.04.26.05 FS: Steinway Duo-Art Grand Piano
2004.03.16.01 German Organ Clock Plays USA Civil War Tunes
2004.03.07.06 Nickelodeons That Play Style 'A' Rolls
2004.03.03.03 The Future of Mechanical Music
2004.02.20.15 FS: Estey Welte-Mignon Grand Piano in New York
2004.02.13.02 COAA - Carousel Organ Association of America
2004.02.02.12 FS: Estey Welte-Mignon Grand Piano in New York
2004.02.02.03 Directory of Organ Grinders For Hire
2004.02.01.05 Organ "The Emperor" of Gay '90s Village
2004.01.06.03 Museum of the American Piano Closes
2003.12.23.08 Source of Small Gears - Stock Drive Products
2003.12.15.01 Seek Organ Grinder for New Jersey Gig
2003.12.04.06 Power Unit for Mr. Christmas Merry Go Round
2003.11.20.03 Pianola Concert in Manhattan
2003.11.16.04 Ragtimer Johnny Maddox
2003.11.11.02 Seek Italian Music on "O" Rolls
2003.10.22.05 Seek Piano Rolls In Trade for Clock Books
2003.10.01.07 "Jingle Bells" Roll Recutting Project
2003.09.08.02 Elmer F. Brooks of Aeolian-American, Rochester
2003.08.11.07 Barrel Organ Pipes Secured With Epoxy
2003.08.06.05 Dry Fuel Pellets for Miniature Steam Engine
2003.07.30.03 Central Park Carousel Organ
2003.07.28.01 Licensing Street Organs in Paris
2003.07.25.04 Street Organs in Paris
2003.06.17.01 Prospect Park Carousel Organ in Brooklyn, NY
2003.06.16.01 Perpetuating the Hobby & Prospect Park Carousel
2003.06.13.08 Align the Spool Frame To Avoid Roll Tearing
2003.06.04.06 San Diego Balboa Park Band Organ Is Too Loud
2003.05.30.04 Jazz Classics Recut Piano Rolls
2003.05.12.09 FS: Pleyel Autopleyela Player Grand Piano in NY
2003.03.03.05 Knoebels Amusement Resort, Elysburg, PA
2003.02.13.03 Gold Label Music Box Company
2003.01.26.05 Keystone Music Roll Company Status
2002.12.18.06 Lador Musical Tree Stand
2002.11.28.02 Bellows for Singing Bird Musical Box
2002.11.14.03 North Tonawanda Sextrola
2002.10.06.02 Seek Player Piano in Grants Pass, Oregon
2002.08.08.01 Musee Mecanique in San Francisco
2002.07.24.02 Seek Piano Rolls by "Blind Tom"
2002.07.12.07 FS: Lot of 4000 Piano Rolls
2002.07.03.04 Barrel Organ by Nechada of Odessa
2002.05.04.01 Keystone Music Roll Company Status
2002.05.03.05 Demonstrating the Reproducing Piano
2002.02.13.12 French Polishing
2002.02.11.05 French Polishing
2002.01.31.07 FS: Krakauer Player Piano in Hew York City
2002.01.20.01 Merchandise from Gay '90s Village, Sikeston, MO
2002.01.11.06 Benefits of AMICA Membership
2002.01.04.06 Hollow Point Punch for Repairing Music Rolls
2001.12.30.02 Organ Grinders in New York City
2001.12.26.06 Gulbransen "Fishing Pole" Tracking Mechanism
2001.12.14.12 Value of Old Square Grand Piano
2001.12.11.02 Mechanical Musical Instruments of Russia
2001.11.17.07 Current Production Duo Art Rolls
2001.11.14.04 Music House Museum, Traverse City, MI
2001.11.02.01 Passing of Laura Eakins, Gay 90's Village
2001.09.05.06 FS: Pianos & Rolls at Acme Piano Co., Phila. PA
2001.08.29.08 Keystone Music Roll Company
2001.08.28.05 Keystone Music Roll Company

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