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Digest NrSubject
2018.04.22.02 Remanufactured Piano Action for Steinway Duo-Art
2017.12.27.04 Duo-Art Fan-Accordion System
2017.12.21.05 Duo-Art Fan-Accordion System
2016.12.24.03 Electric Motor Repair Shop on West Coast
2016.09.25.01 Automobile Songs on Piano Rolls
2016.03.03.06 Lead Tubing in Player Pianos
2016.02.17.09 FS: Tracker Bar With Attached Stroud Player Piano
2015.07.12.04 Seek Duo-Art "Wanderer" arr. by Steve Grahm
2015.07.09.04 For Trade: Duo-Art Concertola Parts
2015.06.30.09 FS: Steck Pianola Pedal Grand in California
2014.11.18.06 Player Piano Drawer Hits the Knees
2014.10.02.04 Seek Duo-Art Rolls of Tchaikovsky "Pathetique"
2014.05.01.03 Seek Duo-Art Roll 104755 "Trees"
2014.04.22.04 Titles for Play-Rite Duo-Art Program Rolls
2014.02.20.03 Recutting Stravinsky Firebird Suite Rolls
2014.02.10.03 Steinway Pedal-Electric Duo-Art Called "Beatrice"
2013.10.15.04 Seek Duo-Art "Enigma" Variations by Elgar
2013.07.05.02 Duo-Art Fan Accordion System at AMICA Convention
2013.06.02.01 Seek Duo-Art Rolls "Aarabel" and "Enigma"
2013.04.01.04 Seek Duo-Art Roll of John Field "Rondo"
2013.01.22.07 Keyboard Touch Weight of Duo-Art Grand Piano
2013.01.18.02 Keyboard Touch Weight of Duo-Art Grand Piano
2012.11.28.05 For Trade: Odd Duo-Art Parts
2012.10.23.03 Sponge Rubber Valve Cores
2012.08.04.08 "Around the Action" Duo-Art Grand Tubing Diagram
2012.08.01.09 "Around the Action" Duo-Art Grand Tubing Diagram
2012.05.25.05 Duo-Art Test Rolls
2012.05.24.09 Rebuilding Duo-Art Steamboat Pump
2012.05.04.06 Test Roll for Pedal Duo-Art
2012.04.18.09 Weber Duo-Art Restoration Problem
2012.02.14.05 Steinway Duo-Art Mechanism Variations
2012.01.06.11 FS or Trade: Duo-Art Transposing Tracker Bar
2011.11.10.04 Tracker Bar Pump Maintenance
2011.10.24.03 Seek Duo-Art 7120-3, Chopin Etude Op. 25 No. 7
2011.10.17.05 Ampico B Music Roll Brake Valve Assembly
2011.10.01.04 Frank Milne, Duo-Art Piano Roll Artist
2011.09.05.02 Donating a Collection to an Institution
2011.07.05.05 Seek Duo-Art Long-play Electric Top Action
2011.06.30.05 Extended Perforations In Ampico Rolls
2011.05.25.03 Seek Aeolian Stroud Control Levers
2011.04.20.04 Sharpening Leabarjan Perforator
2011.04.18.05 Sharpening Leabarjan Perforator
2011.03.29.04 Seek Stroud Metrostyle-Themodist Upright Pianola
2011.03.22.06 FS Free: Player Removed from Baldwin Monarch
2011.02.23.06 Duo-Art Won't Play Chords Softly
2011.01.27.03 Rubber Tires for Duo-Art Long-play Top Action
2010.12.10.04 FS: Original Duo-Art & Audiographic Roll Boxes
2010.11.10.07 Not Gluing the Piano Roll Spool Flange
2010.10.28.04 Versions Of "Ching Chong"
2010.09.25.02 Market Value of Mechanical Music Instruments
2010.09.23.06 Market Value of Mechanical Music Instruments
2010.09.07.04 Seek Stravinsky "Rite of Spring" Piano Roll
2010.09.02.04 Seek Themodist Slide Valves & Pedal Exhausters
2010.08.25.07 Revisionist History On eBay
2010.08.09.07 Leabarjan Perforator Faceplates
2010.07.25.04 Seek "Mad Dogs and Englishmen" Piano Roll
2010.07.09.03 New Duo-Art Rolls From Julian Dyer
2010.06.16.02 Extra Thin Leather for Valve Pouches
2010.05.21.02 Seek Duo-Art "Arrabal" by Jose Bohr
2010.05.08.03 Seek Piano Roll of Duet in Film "The Big Store"
2010.05.04.06 Recutting Stravinsky Firebird Suite Rolls
2010.04.30.08 Transposing Duo-Art Reproducing Pianos
2010.03.23.03 Fan System Duo-Art Performs in Godowsky Movie
2010.03.10.03 Seek Electric Power Cord for Franklin Ampico
2010.02.26.05 Duo-Art Grand Soft Pedal Connections
2010.02.19.10 Duo-Art Grand Piano Action is Feather Light
2010.02.17.08 Duo-Art Grand Piano Action is Feather Light
2010.02.17.03 Concert Grand Duo-Art Featured in Godowsky Film
2010.02.04.05 Duo-Art Soft Pedal Bellows Connection
2010.01.26.09 Seek Duo-Art Theme Primary Valve Units
2010.01.14.02 Seek Aeolian Patent List Applied to Exhausters
2009.12.20.04 Seek List of Ray Siou Music Roll Numbers
2009.12.07.05 Duo-Art Pianos for Long-Play Jumbo Rolls
2009.12.05.06 Extra-Long-Playing Jumbo Duo-Art Rolls
2009.11.20.04 Recutting Duo-Art "Die Walkuere"
2009.11.14.03 Perflex Pouches
2009.11.02.11 Rebuilding Cross Valves Upside Down
2009.10.30.01 Leather Source
2009.10.19.02 Player Piano Parts, Inc., Wichita
2009.09.28.05 Seek Duo-Art Rumba Rolls
2009.09.12.03 Printing Piano Roll Leaders
2009.09.11.11 Duo-Art Roll Tracking Problem
2009.08.27.02 Recutting Duo-Art "Die Walkuere"
2009.07.28.02 Duo-Art "Popular Hits" Rolls to Trade
2009.06.28.01 VOVGOA Inscription on Duo-Art Pumps
2009.05.26.05 Seek Weber Duo-Art With Fan System Top Action
2009.05.15.07 Punching Holes in Music Rolls
2009.04.24.04 In memoriam: AMICA Sierra-Nevada Chapter
2009.03.25.06 Seek Enigma, North Country Sketches & Kaleidoscope
2009.01.24.07 Seek Duo-Art Theme Valve Lint Catchers
2009.01.24.06 Recutting Duo-Art "Die Valkyrie"
2008.12.26.03 Ivory Transport & CITES Agreement
2008.12.24.06 Ivory Transport & CITES Agreement
2008.12.13.05 Player Piano Market Value
2008.11.07.09 Seek Duo-Art "Die Valkyrie"
2008.10.25.02 Need Victor Phonograph Door Latches
2008.10.22.05 Columbia Organ Leathers
2008.08.18.04 Creating New Expression Rolls From MIDI
2008.08.01.06 Rebuilding Duo-Art Graduated Pneumatics
2008.07.30.09 Rebuilding Duo-Art Graduated Pneumatics
2008.05.25.03 Duo-Art Rolls Played by Igor Stravinsky
2008.05.05.02 Recut Duo-Art Rolls Published by Ray Siou
2008.04.29.04 Seek Parts for Electric Drive Duo-Art Top Action
2008.04.25.04 Self-playing Theremin
2008.04.13.02 Seeking Theremin Accompaniment Rolls
2008.03.06.04 Preparing the Collection for Earthquakes
2008.02.11.04 Aeolian Lower Valve Seats
2008.02.06.07 Duo-Art vs. Ampico
2007.12.15.06 Aeolian Pedal Cross Valve Travel
2007.11.17.09 Converting Recordo to Duo-Art
2007.11.03.02 Duo-Art Fan Accordion System Serial Numbers
2007.11.01.06 Seek Duo-Art Fan Accordion System Literature
2007.10.12.04 Aeolian Roll Tracking System Modifications
2007.10.03.06 Value of Old Player Pianos
2007.09.19.11 Source of New Slotted Wood Screws
2007.08.17.06 Seek "Mad Dogs And Englishmen" Piano Roll
2007.08.01.04 Seek Duo-Art Grand Hammer Rail Lifts
2007.08.01.03 Favorite Duo-Art Classical Music Rolls
2007.07.09.01 Duo-Art Audiographic Rolls
2007.07.04.07 FS: 1-inch Maroon Twill-covered Rubber Hose
2007.06.14.02 Seek Steinway Aeolian Contract
2007.05.19.02 Seek Maroon Twill Tubing
2007.05.16.06 Pedal-Electric Duo-Art Upright Expression Box
2007.04.17.05 Seek Switch for Marionette Schultz Recordo Grand
2007.03.09.05 Seek Recut Duo-Art Rolls
2007.01.29.04 Gaskets for Late Duo-Art Grand Piano
2007.01.01.07 Extra Notes Playing in Duo-Art Mode
2007.01.01.06 Duo-Art Plays Weakly
2006.12.26.07 Duo-Art Plays Weakly
2006.12.02.02 Progressive Jazz on Piano Rolls
2006.12.01.02 Progressive Jazz on Piano Rolls
2006.11.24.03 Seek Pianos for Inexpensive Move coast to coast
2006.11.14.08 Duo-Art Roll With Different Length Theme Perfs
2006.06.27.03 AMICA Technical Session - Fan System Duo-Arts
2006.06.23.06 Seek Aeolian Exhauster Pedal Pads
2006.06.22.06 Directions for Operating the Duo-Art Concertola
2006.05.31.07 Value of Aeolian Orchestrelle
2006.04.17.06 Pedal "O" Steinway
2006.04.14.12 Pedal "O" Steinway
2006.04.12.14 Pedal "O" Steinway Available
2006.03.16.03 Ampico in Movie "Get Your Stuff"
2006.03.15.08 Destructive Adhesives
2006.03.03.05 Seek Steinway Duo-Art Pedal Lyre Casting
2006.01.22.04 Stamped Dates Found in Aeolian Instruments
2006.01.18.12 Dates on Duo-Art Accordion Pneumatics
2006.01.04.05 Duo-Art Pianos in the 1930s
2005.12.28.05 Ampico Roll in Duo-Art Drawer
2005.12.24.03 Seek Pictures of Aeolian Franchise Shops
2005.12.17.05 Duo-Art Pianos for Long-Play Jumbo Rolls
2005.12.13.05 Who Is Making Piano Rolls?
2005.12.01.04 Enjoying Classical and Popular Piano Rolls
2005.11.17.07 Seek Wood for New Duo-Art Action Stack
2005.11.14.08 FS: Duo-Art Grand Player Action Stacks
2005.10.26.10 Duo-Art Grand Piano with Ampico Drawer
2005.10.23.02 Don't Donate Your Collection - Sell It
2005.10.20.06 Seek Text of Duo-Art Action Stack Tag
2005.09.10.08 FS: Piano Tilter and Piano Sled
2005.09.10.07 FS: Steinway "X" Piano Minus Player
2005.08.24.08 Duo-Art Fan Accordion System
2005.07.27.11 Duo-Art Electric Long-Play Cone Roll Drive
2005.07.01.14 FS: Duo-Art and Ampico Parts
2005.06.30.04 Declining Prices & Declining Interest
2005.06.28.04 Pouch Leather As Duo-Art Gasket Material
2005.06.25.06 Declining Prices
2005.06.23.06 Aeolian Spool Ends Needed
2005.06.09.05 Declining Prices
2005.06.07.03 Declining Prices
2005.06.02.03 Declining Prices
2005.05.30.03 Unknown Tune On Votey Themodist Test Roll
2005.05.28.11 FS: Marionette Grand Piano Parts
2005.05.28.05 More Uses For SOBO
2005.05.26.07 SOBO Glue
2005.05.24.07 Music Roll Spool Cores
2005.05.07.02 Duo-Art Steamboat Pump Replacement Valve Flaps
2005.05.02.07 Duo-Art Fan Accordion System
2005.05.01.03 Duo-Art Cross Valves Modification
2005.04.28.09 Duo-Art Cross Valves Modification
2005.04.26.06 Recutting Rare Music Rolls
2005.04.12.08 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2005.04.11.05 Pedal Electric Duo-Art
2005.03.23.02 Internet Auction Bidding War
2005.02.19.04 Do You Dream About Your Player Piano?
2004.12.22.05 Seek Duo-Art Rotary Box Pump & Motor
2004.11.19.08 Seek 9' Steinway for Duo-Art Installation
2004.10.03.04 Duo-Art Audiographic A & U Series & Leaders
2004.09.12.04 Number of Duo-Art Expression Levels
2004.08.22.01 Dancing to Pianola Music
2004.08.17.07 Four Different Duo-Art Fan Expression Systems
2004.08.17.04 Ravel's "Pavanne"
2004.07.22.01 Four Different Duo-Art Fan Expression Systems
2004.07.06.01 The Future of Mechanical Music
2004.07.05.12 Over-pedaled Duo-Art Rolls
2004.07.03.05 Over-pedaled Duo-Art Rolls
2004.05.17.03 Seek Duo-Art Fan Accordion Expression Units
2004.05.07.05 Cardboard Spool Causes Paper Deterioration
2004.05.01.03 Duo-Art Fan Accordion Expression System
2004.05.01.01 Replicating Audiographic Rolls

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