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Digest NrSubject
2015.09.30.09 Cross Valves in 1918 Steck Upright Duo-Art
2015.07.27.05 Estey Player Piano With Amphion Action
2015.07.17.01 Estey Player Piano With Amphion Action
2015.04.08.05 Schubert Military March at Tempo 180
2015.03.29.01 Aeolian Cross Valve Travel
2015.03.13.04 Seek Metrostyle Pointer for Steck Upright Duo-Art
2015.03.01.04 Cross Valves in an Upright Duo-Art
2015.01.24.02 Duo-Art Primary Theme Valve Travel
2015.01.09.05 Recordo Schultz-Evler Blue Danube By Kerouak
2015.01.08.08 Aeriol Roll Number
2015.01.08.07 Aeriol Roll Number
2015.01.04.01 Aeriol 65-note Roll of "Carnaval Espagnol"
2014.12.22.01 Making Piano Roll Pull Tabs & D-rings
2014.11.27.03 Duo-Art Temponamic Knob Screw Thread
2014.11.25.06 Duo-Art Temponamic Knob Screw Thread
2014.11.21.01 Keystone Music Rolls
2014.11.16.09 Removing Duo-Art Temponamic Knob Shaft
2014.11.13.04 Rectangles of Felt on Exhauster Bellows
2014.10.20.05 Gotha Steck Upright Pianola
2014.09.17.05 Slipping Control Shaft in Half D-A Expression Box
2014.09.12.03 Duo-Art Schumann Sonata Op. 11 No. 1, 3rd Mvt.
2014.09.10.05 Seek D-A Schumann Sonata Op. 11 No. 1, 3rd Mvt.
2014.06.14.04 Valve Travel in Duo-Art Expression Valves
2014.06.10.03 Duo-Art Artist "Mr. Fleer"
2014.06.08.01 Titebond Liquid Hide Glue
2014.06.02.03 Exhauster Pneumatics Rebuilt Using Titebond Glue
2014.06.02.02 Rebuilding Early 3-tier Duo-Art Upper Action
2014.05.31.05 FS or Trade: Deluxe Welte Rolls in Tasmania
2014.05.06.07 FS: 65-note Piano Rolls in Adelaide, Australia
2014.04.15.03 Seek Slow Set Up Hide Glue
2014.03.12.04 "Diana" Brand Piano Rolls Made in Madrid
2014.03.06.01 Seek Solo Carola Spool Shaft Extension
2014.03.04.01 Piano Rolls in a New Zealand Shop
2014.02.07.03 1917 Motor Cloth in 1919 Steck Duo-Art Upright
2013.12.02.06 Electrical Wiring Inside Upright Steck Duo-Art
2013.11.17.05 Electric Motor Suspension for Steamboat Pump
2013.11.17.03 Bilon Pneumatic Cloth
2013.11.08.03 Rewind Pneumatic in Steck Upright Duo-Art
2013.11.06.03 Strange Wire in Steamboat Pump Cradle
2013.11.01.10 The Half Duo-Art Player System
2013.10.10.03 Rebuilding a Duo-Art Steamboat Pump
2013.09.18.07 Rebuilding a Duo-Art Steamboat Pump
2013.08.27.15 Slipping Control Shaft in Half D-A Expression Box
2013.08.27.09 Duo-Art 713133 "Collegiate"
2013.08.18.05 Seek Duo-Art 713133 "Collegiate"
2013.08.12.05 Slipping Control Shaft in Half D-A Expression Box
2013.08.11.02 Case Finish on 1919 Steck Upright Duo-Art
2013.07.10.04 Music Rolls About Flying Machines
2013.07.08.01 Music Rolls About Flying Machines
2013.06.29.02 Set Screw in Half D-A Expression Box
2013.05.30.01 Keyboardless Red Welte Piano in Paris Hotel
2013.01.10.04 "Silver Swan Rag" Recut by Frank Adams
2012.09.26.03 Playing Standard 88-note Rolls on a Half Duo-Art
2012.09.21.07 Odd Behaviour of Duo-Art Striker Pneumatic
2012.07.27.04 Piano Roll Repair Using Cellulose Acetate
2012.07.26.05 Gluing Leather to Rubberized Cloth
2012.05.28.07 Bending a Warped Piano Key
2012.05.25.06 Bending a Warped Piano Key
2012.05.13.03 Don't Put Sticky Tape on a Tracker Bar!
2012.05.04.03 Calibrating a Player Piano Tempo Indicator
2012.05.03.05 Pedal Duo-Art versus Full Duo-Art
2012.05.03.04 Test Roll for Pedal Duo-Art
2012.04.12.02 Passing of Mary Belton of The Pianola Shop
2012.03.26.04 Calibrating a Player Piano Tempo Indicator
2011.12.10.04 Aria Divina Rolls for M. Schulz "Marionette"
2011.12.01.04 Piano Roll Label Maker Software Program
2011.11.15.05 Hupfeld Roll 51214, "Adelaide" by Beethoven
2011.11.02.02 Early QRS 88-note Classical Piano Rolls
2011.09.26.03 Seek Meloto Roll Number for "Dreaming Waltz"
2011.08.18.08 Piano Roll Box Explodes in Microwave Oven
2011.08.06.05 Edge Damage on Piano Rolls
2011.07.26.10 QRS Expression Rolls To Swap
2011.06.01.02 How to Interest People in Mechanical Music
2011.05.03.07 Value of Push-up Piano Player
2011.02.09.06 Regulating the Piano Action to the Player Action
2011.02.08.05 Regulating the Piano Action to the Player Action
2011.01.14.07 Onion Skin Paper
2011.01.14.06 Glue Applied to Aeolian Piano Roll Cores
2010.11.20.05 Rebuilding Duo-Art Accordion Pneumatics
2010.11.20.04 Half Duo-Art Theme Levers
2010.11.16.05 Half Duo-Art Theme Levers
2010.09.22.04 Securing the Dowel to the Threaded Pushrod
2010.09.09.05 Securing the Dowel to the Threaded Pushrod
2010.09.06.07 Pianostyle and International Recordo Rolls
2010.09.03.03 Contacting Player Piano Parts, Inc.
2010.07.25.07 Tubing of Half Duo-Art "On-Off" Slide Switch
2010.02.25.12 Attaching the Aeolian Action Stack Pneumatics
2010.02.18.07 "A.K.O.K." Piano Roll Plays Hungarian Czardas
2010.01.31.06 Rebuilding the Aeolian Air Motor
2009.09.15.03 Replacing Valve Pouches in Aeolian Action
2009.09.09.02 Pouch Leather Thickness for Aeolian Action
2009.07.12.02 Protective Coating for Metal Valve Plates
2009.07.10.04 Rebuilding Solo Carola Player Piano
2009.07.10.03 Artrio Angelus Roll in Tasmania
2009.07.02.14 FS: Artrio Angelus Roll in Tasmania
2009.05.25.01 Clarence Jacobs, Pianist & Rolla Artis Rolls
2009.05.18.08 Steck Striking Pneumatic Hinges
2009.05.14.06 Steck Striking Pneumatic Hinges
2009.05.04.04 Steck Striking Pneumatic Hinges
2009.04.30.03 Steck Striking Pneumatic Hinges
2009.04.08.04 Ludwig Wambold, Hupfeld Piano Roll Artist
2009.03.10.07 Dial Gage vs. Microscope for Valve Calibration
2009.03.10.06 Adjusting Valve Travel for Consistent Flow Rate
2009.03.05.06 Dial Gage vs. Microscope for Valve Calibration
2009.03.04.03 Applying a Surface Coating on a Tracker Bar
2009.02.17.02 Moszkowski Pianola Piano Concerto Op. 59
2009.01.26.03 Source of Music Roll Repair Tape
2009.01.16.04 Restoring the Shape of a Tracker Bar Nipple
2009.01.07.06 Applying a Surface Coating on a Tracker Bar
2008.11.27.02 Given Name of SM Pianist Romaine
2008.10.27.14 Aeolian Primary Theme Valves
2008.10.25.05 Aeolian Primary Theme Valves
2008.10.18.02 Aeolian Primary Theme Valves
2008.09.14.02 Unknown 65-note Roll "Mendelssohn Portfolio"
2008.09.04.05 Dimensions of Duo-Art Accordion Boards
2008.09.01.06 Half Duo-Art Temponamic Controls
2008.09.01.05 Half Duo-Art Expression Box
2008.07.07.02 Opening a Pedal Duo-Art Expression Box
2008.07.04.02 Cats and Mechanical Music
2008.06.01.05 Rolla Artis 63 "Etude Caprice" by C. V. Alkan
2008.05.29.03 Pedal Duo-Art (Half Duo-Art) Tubing Diagram
2008.05.24.07 Restoring Duo-Art Expression Box
2008.05.18.04 Rebuilding Duo-Art Expression Unit
2008.05.05.03 Flattening Distorted Spool Flanges
2008.05.01.07 Life of PVC-E Glue in Container
2008.05.01.05 Leather Nuts Cause Corrosion of Metal Valve Stems
2008.04.15.06 Rebuilding Duo-Art Expression Unit Valves
2008.03.31.02 Flattening Distorted Spool Flanges
2008.03.30.03 "Aeriola" Push-up Player in Australia
2008.02.28.05 Black Spirit Dye
2008.02.22.07 Repairing Stripped Wood Screw Threads
2008.02.22.05 Aeolian "Spirit Black" Paint
2008.02.12.08 Repairing Stripped Wood Screw Threads
2008.02.07.04 Aeolian Lower Valve Seats
2008.01.28.05 Rebuilding Aeolian Motor Governor
2007.12.14.04 Aeolian Pedal Cross Valve Travel
2007.12.03.08 Motor Player Corp. Turbine Pump in Recordo
2007.11.18.07 Glue Questions
2007.11.17.08 Converting Recordo to Duo-Art
2007.11.14.03 Glue Questions
2007.11.02.10 Soft Pedal Control in Half Duo-Art System
2007.10.12.03 Aeolian Roll Tracking System Adjustment
2007.10.01.02 Steck Half Duo-Art Pianola
2007.09.17.11 QRS One-piece Roll Boxes
2007.09.17.10 Making Roll Boxes
2007.08.04.05 Pianostyle Recordo Rolls
2007.04.23.01 Piano Roll Label Maker Software Program
2007.01.28.01 Favorite Song Titles
2006.12.30.05 Imperial "Hand Pleated" Player Piano Rolls
2006.12.18.03 Leonora (Fox-Trot) by Abner Silver
2006.12.18.02 "Lawd, You Made The Night Too Long" Meloto Roll
2006.12.14.01 Piano Roll Label Adhesive
2006.12.07.05 Violin Accompaniment Rolls arranged by Burmester
2006.12.05.05 Early QRS Roll Plays Only Treble Notes
2006.11.14.09 Violin Accompaniment Rolls arranged by Burmester
2006.11.07.02 Violin Accompaniment Rolls arranged by Burmester
2006.07.28.05 Pianostyle Recordo Rolls
2006.04.15.06 Pianostyle Roll Markings
2006.03.07.06 Music Rolls of Swollen Paper
2006.02.27.04 Parex Recordo Roll & Pianostyle 30682
2006.02.20.02 My New Email Address
2006.02.18.04 My New Email Address
2006.01.05.01 Death of Dan Wilson, London
2005.12.30.05 "Noteur" Music Book & Roll Editing Program
2005.12.25.05 Music Rolls by Engelbert Humperdinck
2005.10.09.01 Unknown Perfection Music Roll
2005.09.27.05 Rust Inhibitor "Feronite"
2005.09.13.07 Piano Roll Repair Table
2005.09.11.10 Cloth Covered Bands & Twine for Piano Rolls
2005.07.13.04 Treadling
2005.07.06.08 Electora Model A Expression Box
2005.05.31.03 Metzler Roll Box Label
2005.05.25.05 Final Chord Transposed in "Lohengrin Potpourri"
2005.05.16.04 Wanted: Piano Rolls Of Alkan Music
2005.02.23.03 Piano Roll Dreams
2004.11.06.03 Repairing Torn Music Roll Bridges
2004.11.02.03 Repairing Torn Music Roll Bridges
2004.09.23.04 Simplex 65-Note Player Piano & Rolls
2004.07.04.13 Amphion Automatic Tracker System
2004.06.20.05 65-Note Pianola Roll Box Tops
2004.06.20.04 Layers of Labels on 65-Note Pianola Roll Boxes
2004.06.01.05 "Breezy Broadway Medley" At MMD Sounds Site
2004.05.18.04 Tempo Marked on Piano Rolls - Metrostyle
2004.03.11.02 Foot-Pumped Piano With Xylophone
2004.01.28.05 Motor Player Corp. Turbine Pump
2004.01.06.02 John Phillips Recovering At Home
2003.11.10.07 Preventing Damage To Piano Rolls
2003.10.19.03 65-note Aeolian Pianola Push-up Player Scale
2003.08.11.08 Valve Timing of Amphion Airmotor
2003.07.07.16 FS: Piano Rolls in Tasmania
2003.05.22.07 88-note Hupfeld Action in Lipp Piano
2003.03.23.06 Music Stored As Binary Data - Solo Carola
2003.03.18.04 FS: Piano Rolls in Sydney, Australia
2003.02.13.17 FS: Piano Rolls in Tasmania
2002.11.30.03 "Live, Love and Laugh" Waltz
2002.08.28.04 FS: Classical 88-note Piano Rolls
2002.07.31.09 Cleaning Rust From Metal Flanges
2002.03.16.04 Roller Organ, Roller Piano & Roller Towel
2002.02.07.06 FS: Pin End Simplex Player Rolls
2002.02.01.04 "Perfection" 65-Note Piano Rolls
2001.10.18.02 Torn and Damaged Rolls
2001.10.01.03 Tight Music Roll Spools
2001.08.21.06 Voteller Organ & "Flight of the Aeroplane"
2001.08.19.04 Voteller's "Flight of the Aeroplane"
2001.07.07.16 Building a Water Gauge
2001.06.25.09 FS: Piano Rolls in Sydney, Australia
2001.04.24.05 FS: 3 Expression Rolls
2001.04.24.04 Seek Green String for Music Roll Ties
2001.03.01.02 Musical "Flat" Character
2000.11.16.08 Obtaining Piano Voice With Sound Card
2000.11.13.03 Saving Links To Local Disk Files
2000.08.16.09 Recordings of Conlon Nancarrow Compositions
2000.08.14.02 Recordings of Conlon Nancarrow Compositions
2000.08.04.05 Silicone Valley & Silicone Products
2000.07.12.09 Piano Roll Repair Table
2000.07.06.15 European "Rolla Artis" Piano Rolls
2000.06.05.09 Removing Rust
2000.05.31.07 Gage for Well Depth of Spool End
2000.05.29.05 Rubber Bands on Piano Rolls
2000.05.29.04 "Rule Britannia" on 65-Note Piano Roll
2000.05.24.08 Inverted Tracker Bar in Recordo Player
2000.04.13.07 Dimensions of "American Standard" Spool Flange
2000.04.02.06 Songs You Never Want to Hear Again
2000.03.13.09 Roll Repair With Filmoplast R Iron-On Mending Tissue
2000.02.23.12 "Decorations for Piano" by John Ireland
2000.02.10.06 Filmoplast Tape from Neschen
2000.02.08.04 Cost of Filmoplast Tape
2000.01.18.02 Aeolian Push-up Player in Australia
2000.01.13.07 Salvaging Roll Labels
2000.01.05.08 Repairing Music Roll Boxes
1999.11.24.06 Use Archival Acid-Free Tape for Roll Repairs
1999.11.15.09 "Roll 'Em Girls"
1999.11.10.12 Music Roll Cupboard Design
1999.07.14.02 Visiting The Netherlands and Europe
1999.06.10.01 Blacked-Out Roll Numbers
1999.05.23.07 Pin-End Rolls with Orange Labels
1999.05.23.06 Kudos for Craig Brougher
1999.05.13.05 Pin-End Rolls with Orange Labels
1999.05.12.06 Pin-End Rolls with Orange Labels
1999.04.13.08 Hupfeld Phonola Rolls
1999.04.13.07 Unusual Themodist Rolls
1999.02.25.07 Roll Label - U.S. Aeolian Logo
1999.02.16.07 Removing Old Mending Tape From Music Rolls
1999.02.11.01 Verbeeck Street Organ in Hobart, Tasmania
1999.01.07.17 Spool Frame Alignment Tool Using Laser Pointer
1999.01.06.05 Unknown 88-Note Roll Type
1999.01.04.15 Seek "When We Were Very Young"
1999.01.04.03 Mattel Rubber Band Music Box with Snoopy
1998.11.10.06 List of Piano Roll Dealers
1998.11.01.06 Factory-Damaged Roll
1998.10.14.06 Seeking Roll Repair Services
1998.10.04.05 Staib-Abendschein "Mastertouch" Action
1998.09.21.10 Repaired and Edited Rolls
1998.09.02.17 Aeolian Double-Finger Tracking System
1998.08.17.14 Replicating Angelus Melodant-Artistyle Labels
1998.08.16.06 "Wellington's Victory" by Beethoven
1998.08.12.07 Rubber-Stamped Numbers on Piano Rolls
1998.07.18.04 Crossword Clue is 'Pianola'
1998.07.14.12 PPCo. PVC-E Glue & Pianola Backache
1998.06.29.20 Composition of Player Piano Co. Glue
1998.06.16.15 Source for 65-note Rolls
1998.05.29.16 Meloto 65n Dance Roll Title
1998.05.29.09 Maximum Notes-Per-Second on Piano Roll
1998.05.06.11 Rare Steinway With Two Spoolboxes
1998.04.21.15 One-piece Pull-out Piano Roll Boxes
1998.04.06.19 'Victoria' Spanish Piano Rolls
1998.04.02.04 Durward Center's Welte Orchestrion CD
1998.03.18.14 QRS Recordo Demonstration Roll
1998.03.09.11 Snakebite Holes
1998.02.15.04 J. Lawrence Cook 78 rpm Record
1998.02.10.11 Empeco Rolls
1998.02.05.09 Empeco Expression Piano
1998.01.22.13 Types of Hupfeld Vorsetzers
1998.01.22.12 Hupfeld Roll Boxes Split at Corners
1997.10.29.04 Seek Gershwin Sheet Music
1997.09.22.05 Gulbransen "Fish-pole" Tracker
1997.08.20.21 FS: Melville Clark 58n Pushup Player
1997.08.10.09 Preservation of Mechanical Music
1997.07.30.12 Broken Screw
1997.07.28.21 FS: Gulbransen Recordo
1997.07.27.20 Sheared-Off Screw in Piano Action
1997.07.17.01 A Visit to Denis Condon's
1997.06.24.03 Foster Piano
1997.06.09.05 Yukon Music Box
1997.05.25.20 Aluminum Foil on Roll
1997.05.25.05 Shipping Costs
1997.05.04.15 Solo Carola Inner Player
1997.04.17.13 Gulbransen Recordo Player
1997.03.11.17 Seek "When We Were Very Young"
1997.03.11.11 "Keen Kut Ups" in Tasmania
1997.03.03.17 Repairing Gummed Paper Repairs
1997.02.24.16 Removing Cellophane Tape
1997.02.18.20 Replicating Roll Labels
1997.02.13.11 MMD Subscriber Demographics
1997.02.05.14 Repairing Wrinkled Rolls
1997.01.27.05 Quality of Modern Rolls
1997.01.05.08 Re: Circular Cutter Sharpeners
1997.01.02.13 Rubbish Dumps and Garbage Tips
1997.01.01.05 Measured Widths of Music Rolls
1996.12.24.14 Re: Repair Tape with Chain-Holes
1996.12.24.13 Re: Roll Repair Table
1996.12.18.09 A Roll-Repair Table
1996.12.02.10 Search for an Angelus Manual
1996.12.01.07 A Pianola Party
1996.11.28.09 Speed of Hupfeld Rolls
1996.11.26.02 Speed of Hupfeld Rolls
1996.11.18.04 Hupfeld Phonola Rolls
1996.11.14.12 Subject Headings
1996.11.12.03 Re: Foster Marque Ampico Upright
1996.10.06.08 Inflation-Free Cliches
1996.10.06.07 Amphion Transmission Frame
1996.10.05.16 Ads in the Digest
1996.10.02.19 The President's American
1996.09.30.11 Re: The Worldwide Queen's English
1996.09.26.14 Pianolist's Library Rolls
1996.09.26.05 The Condon Collection
1996.09.24.11 Empeco Mystery Solved?
1996.09.24.10 Gulbransen Rolls Yet Again
1996.09.22.10 Metrostyle Lines
1996.09.18.02 Instruction Rolls
1996.09.16.02 Repairing Woodscrew Threads
1996.09.11.04 Pumping with Soul
1996.09.08.05 Foot-pumping Fiends
1996.09.06.02 Classical 88-Note Piano Rolls
1996.08.28.02 Pianos and Rolls in New Zealand
1996.07.24.11 Duo-Art Organ Rolls
1996.07.11.03 Playing Standard Rolls on D/A Pianos.
1996.06.23.03 Fisher-Price Discs
1996.06.20.03 Mystery Rolls
1996.06.16.03 Fisher-Price Record Player
1996.06.11.07 Digest Pile-Up
1996.06.05.01 Gulbransen Melody Indicator
1996.05.26.04 Source of 65n rolls.
1996.05.21.06 Direction of Digest
1996.05.14.06 Crumpled Rolls
1996.05.08.08 Music Roll Cataloging
1996.04.29.01 Is MIDI for the Really Dopey?
1996.04.28.09 Australian Massacre
1996.04.22.04 Recordo Expression Box
1996.04.17.07 More Filmoplast Comments
1996.04.15.10 Roll Repair Tape
1996.04.14.05 Bacon Rind as a Roll-Repair Tool
1996.03.18.04 Re: Recordo Roll Suggestions (96.03.10)
1996.03.15.01 Unfinished Introduction
1996.03.14.01 Introduction

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