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Digest NrSubject
2018.11.03.06 No Source Of Thin Rubberized Cloth
2018.10.31.02 Roo Glue
2018.10.10.03 Rubberized Cloth For Pneumatics
2018.08.14.06 Synthetic Lubricants
2018.08.11.03 FS: 5'8" Weber ex-Duo-Art in Edmonds, Wash.
2018.08.07.09 FS Cheap: Welte Licensee Rolls
2018.08.07.08 FS: Weber Grand With or Without LX Player
2018.06.21.02 88-note MIDI File Player Controls Expression
2018.04.23.04 3D Printing & Other Metal Fabricating Methods
2018.02.09.01 Piano Roll Label Maker Program and Windows 10
2017.11.28.06 Arranging Music For Small Crank Organs
2017.10.13.05 Removing Silicon Adhesive
2017.06.12.08 Tin Tubing For Player Pianos
2017.04.02.01 Passing of Warren Trachtman
2017.03.01.04 Making Pouch Rings For Preformed Pouches
2017.02.22.08 Making Paper Rings, Washers and Discs
2017.02.07.05 3D Printing of Player Piano Parts
2016.12.24.06 Repairing Stripped Screw Threads in Wood
2016.12.15.02 FS: Late "0 Series" Popular Duo-Art Rolls
2016.12.02.03 Polyethylene Sponge Gaskets for Ampico Valves
2016.11.21.05 FS: Maas Rowe Carillon Music Roll Reader
2016.09.13.04 Repair of German Musical Anniversary Clock
2016.09.08.03 FS: Player Pianos & Vorsetzer in California
2016.06.24.07 Testing Pouch Leather Sealants
2016.06.08.07 Sealant for Leaking Pouches
2016.06.06.05 Sealant for Leaking Pouches
2016.05.30.06 MIDI File Editing Software
2016.05.07.04 Homebuilt Piano Roll Perforator
2016.05.06.05 Source of Rotary Pump Bearings
2016.04.20.04 X-Y Cutting Machine To Make Music Rolls
2016.04.16.03 MIDI for Bob Essex MIDster Control Program
2015.12.17.04 Speed Control for Electric Suction Box
2015.11.11.02 Chopin "Nocturne in E-flat Major" Duo-Art Roll
2015.10.13.04 Rodent Repellant
2015.09.24.04 Springs for Duo-Art Tracking Ears
2015.09.13.01 Source of Paper to Make Music Rolls
2015.08.13.03 Hand Punches for Piano Roll Repairs
2015.07.16.02 Free MIDI Player Program for Windows
2015.07.13.03 Trade Carillon Control Program for Music Files
2015.01.22.03 Repairing Piano Rolls Using MIDI Files
2015.01.07.03 Ampico Schultz-Evler Blue Danube by Levitzki
2014.02.04.09 FS: Hammers for Steinway A
2014.01.29.02 Dow Corning #734 Flowable Sealant
2014.01.28.03 Source of Twill Rubber Hose & Tubing
2013.12.07.03 Splicing a Round Leather Belt
2013.12.07.02 Installing a Urethane Drive Belt
2013.11.21.10 Bilon vs. Perflex
2013.09.07.06 Source of Twill Rubber Hose & Tubing
2013.08.31.02 Source of Twill Rubber Hose & Tubing
2013.08.26.05 Source of Blotter Paper
2013.08.06.05 Ampico Rolls Played by E. Robert Schmitz
2013.07.05.09 FS: High Speed Piano Roll Lyrics Printer
2013.05.30.04 FS: Welte Vorsetzer in California
2013.04.03.06 Eliminating a Moth Infestation
2013.03.31.06 Eliminating a Moth Infestation
2013.03.12.03 Value of PDS-32 Solenoid Player Action
2013.03.01.06 Source of Graphite
2013.02.28.08 Measuring Air Flow in Player Piano Components
2013.02.26.09 Source of Graphite
2013.02.22.01 Applying Graphite to Wood Surfaces
2013.02.20.07 Thread Rolling Machine for Wire Push Rods
2013.02.16.05 Thread Rolling Machine for Wire Push Rods
2013.02.03.10 50/60 Hz Mains Frequency Converter
2013.01.27.03 Removing PVC-E Adhesive
2013.01.16.12 Lubricating Electric Motors
2013.01.07.02 Value of Leabarjan Roll Perforator
2013.01.04.06 Retaining Rings For Duo-Art Valve
2012.12.25.03 Replacement Motors for Electric Player Pianos
2012.12.23.04 Replacement Motors for Electric Player Pianos
2012.12.22.02 Replacement Motors for Electric Player Pianos
2012.11.10.04 Adding Lyrics to Piano Rolls
2012.11.06.03 Replacement Value of Reproducing Pianos & Rolls
2012.10.21.04 Jazz Classics & Hollywood Vintage Piano Rolls
2012.09.20.05 Adding Expression to MIDI Files of 88-note Rolls
2012.09.07.04 Perforator Control System Program
2012.09.06.05 MIDI Information for Orchestrion Design
2012.08.13.03 Urethane-coated Nylon Cloth As Pneumatic Cloth
2012.08.06.03 CraftROBO Cutting Machine For Music Rolls
2012.08.05.03 Cricut Die Cutting Machine For Music Rolls
2012.06.18.06 Leather, Rubber & Urethane Drive Belts
2012.06.16.01 Leather, Rubber & Urethane Drive Belts
2012.05.28.08 Remote Pump System for Reproducing Piano
2012.05.20.02 Source of Vacuum Gauges
2012.04.18.05 Using iPad as MIDI File Player
2012.03.28.07 Calibrating a Player Piano Tempo Indicator
2012.03.15.02 Widths of Music Rolls
2012.03.11.02 Drive Pulley for Duo-Art Steamboat Pump
2012.03.10.05 Tuning a Player Piano
2012.03.02.08 Tuning a Player Piano
2011.11.15.08 Using Tracker Bar Pump
2011.10.24.01 Program for Adding Lyrics to MIDI Files
2011.10.15.04 Program for Adding Lyrics to MIDI Files
2011.08.19.04 Spencer's E-roll Player System
2011.08.09.05 Adding Sing-Along Words to MIDI Files
2011.07.28.04 Editor Program for VanBasco Karaoke Files
2011.07.25.09 MIDI File Player Program for Macintosh
2011.07.03.04 MIDI Utilities
2011.06.20.07 To Listen, or Talk?
2011.06.08.07 WIDI Duplex Wireless MIDI Interface Utilities
2011.06.03.10 Preserving Audio Fidelity in YouTube Video
2011.04.30.07 Lacquer Wood Finishes
2011.03.22.03 Adding MIDI Control Without Modifications
2011.03.09.03 Assessing & Treating Smoke Damage
2011.03.01.04 Source of Sponge Rubber for Valve Facing Material
2011.02.16.07 Adjusting the Tempo of a MIDI File
2011.01.08.05 Ampico Lock & Cancel Priority
2011.01.04.07 Sources of Player Piano Rebuilding Materials
2010.12.17.02 Zenph Recreates Sound of Great Musicians
2010.10.23.05 Splitting Open the Duo-Art Expression Box
2010.10.18.12 Duo-Art Accordion Expression Pneumatics
2010.07.24.05 Variable Speed A.C. Motor Controller
2010.07.23.04 Piano Roll Hole Punch
2010.07.21.06 Variable Speed A.C. Motor Controller
2010.07.21.02 Making a New Gasket for the Rolmonica
2010.07.08.07 Reducing Turbine Suction Pump Noise
2010.07.06.04 Reducing Turbine Suction Pump Noise
2010.05.04.12 Making Elbows of Thin Wall Brass Tubing
2010.05.04.10 Vacuuming the Player Piano Tracker Bar
2010.04.29.15 Encapsulated Mercury Switch for Welte-Mignon
2010.04.24.06 FS: Weber Duo-Art
2010.04.20.08 Fire Sale of Player Piano Parts
2010.04.20.06 Regulating the Duo-Art Accordion Valves
2010.04.15.07 AC Motors Powered By a DC Converter
2010.04.11.02 Spencer's Views at Blog
2010.03.30.03 Modern Coated Fabric for Bellows Cloth
2010.02.17.12 Blotting Paper for Pneumatic Gaskets
2010.02.15.05 Ampico Piano Repair Isn't Affordable
2010.02.08.04 MIDI Output for Driving Fairground Organ
2010.02.02.06 Replacing Duo-Art Pump Bearings
2010.01.28.03 Piano Roll Database Program & Windows 7
2010.01.19.03 Belly Cloth Material for Player Grand Piano
2010.01.13.09 Sources of Vacuum Supply Hose
2010.01.05.03 Seek MIDI Music for 25-note Carillon
2009.12.04.07 FS: Holiday Music CD-ROM for Solenoid Pianos
2009.09.12.13 FS: Piano Roll Music Files for Stahnke LX System
2009.09.12.07 Paper Roll vs. Computer Disk Player Pianos
2009.08.22.05 Threaded Rod for Screw Eye Adjusters
2009.08.18.06 Screw Eye Adjusters
2009.08.01.04 Vacuum Regulator for Electric Pump in Foot Pumper
2009.07.08.03 Brass Flat Wire for Organ Barrel Pins
2009.06.29.13 Rewinding Ampico B Roll Drive Motors
2009.06.17.07 Sealing Valve Pouches
2009.06.16.07 Motor Speed Control Methods
2009.05.24.06 Roll Inventory Computer Program
2009.05.16.10 Source of Hand Punches
2009.05.13.05 Punching Holes in Music Rolls
2009.05.12.05 Punching Round Shapes
2009.05.08.09 FS: Ampico B System, Completely Rebuilt
2009.05.08.05 Source of Suction Box for Player Piano
2009.05.07.03 Printing Words on Music Rolls
2009.05.02.04 Making Brass Reducing Nipples
2009.04.06.01 MIDI Files of Clock Chimes
2009.03.16.11 Building a Player Piano Suction Box
2009.03.11.05 Adjusting Valve Travel for Consistent Flow Rate
2009.03.06.05 Adjusting Valve Travel for Consistent Flow Rate
2009.02.22.02 Printing Lyrics on Piano Rolls
2009.02.12.05 Adjustable Vacuum Source for Testing
2009.01.08.08 Applying a Surface Coating on a Tracker Bar
2009.01.05.04 Contributions of Art Reblitz
2009.01.05.03 Automatic Music Hall of Fame Nomination
2008.12.22.04 Measuring Relative Humidity With a Hygrometer
2008.12.22.03 Ampico A Won't Play Loudly
2008.12.17.04 Cost of Transcribing Music Roll to MIDI File
2008.11.24.02 Stahnke Live Performance LX Player System
2008.11.02.03 Rolls for Peerless "Wisteria" Orchestrion
2008.09.26.03 Stahnke Live Performance LX Player System
2008.09.24.02 New Solenoid Player System in Old Piano
2008.09.18.08 FS: Ampico B Mechanism and E-roll Player
2008.09.18.05 LX Player System by Wayne Stahnke
2008.09.11.08 Cork vs. Leather for Gaskets
2008.08.20.02 Creating New Expression Rolls From MIDI
2008.08.09.01 Music and the Younger Generation
2008.08.01.07 Rebuilding Duo-Art Graduated Pneumatics
2008.07.25.04 Ampico B Subdue Switch
2008.06.20.02 Seek Label Data of Ampico Roll 2473
2008.06.05.02 Song Identification on Ampico Roll 216873
2008.06.04.02 Song Identification on Ampico Roll 216873
2008.05.10.04 The Big "T" in "WurliTzer
2008.04.28.07 Music Roll Drive Motors
2008.04.27.04 Music Roll Drive Motors
2008.04.14.08 Rebuilding Duo-Art Steamboat Pump
2008.04.13.07 Seeburg KT Motors with Problem Starters
2008.04.13.05 Duo-Art Steamboat Pump Cam Noise
2008.03.21.04 Filler Problems in Player Action Stack
2008.02.17.04 PianoDisc Plays iPod Data
2008.02.17.03 MIDI Emulations of Reproducing Piano Rolls
2008.02.08.06 Measuring Valve Seat Leakage
2008.01.20.09 Gauges for Band Organ
2008.01.16.01 Database of Piano Rolls
2007.12.09.06 Ampico Rubber Motor Mounts
2007.12.08.02 vanBasco's Karaoke Player
2007.12.04.06 Motora & Motor Player Corp. Aren't the Same
2007.12.01.07 Motora Turbine Suction Pump is Junk
2007.11.28.04 Virtual Ampichron for Ampico
2007.11.28.03 Playing MIDI Files by the Clock
2007.11.26.03 Playing MIDI Files by the Clock
2007.11.22.10 Playing MIDI Files by the Clock
2007.11.22.09 Emulating an Ampichron
2007.11.17.05 "Sandman's Frolic" Piano Roll
2007.11.09.10 Pneumatic Reproducing Piano vs. Solenoid Player
2007.10.28.02 Music Rolls and Computer Software
2007.10.04.04 Scanning Peerless Rolls
2007.09.29.10 FS: Peerless 44-note Rolls
2007.08.24.04 FS: 88-note Rags & Blues Piano Rolls
2007.08.22.10 Play-a-sax Repair
2007.08.22.09 Penetrating Oil - Kroil
2007.08.19.03 Playasax Disassembly
2007.08.07.08 Source for Good Wool Felt
2007.07.09.07 Artzsche DVD "History of Mechanical Music"
2007.06.10.04 Woodworm Infestation and Treatment
2007.05.18.05 USPS Media Mail & Metal Musical Box Discs
2007.05.14.05 FS: Welte Licensee Rolls
2007.05.11.03 Unknown Box Pump
2007.04.18.04 PianoDisc Key Release Problem
2007.04.15.03 Seek Player System Installer in Glendale, Calif.
2007.04.13.03 Wurlitzer 105 Band Organ Sold on eBay
2007.03.30.09 Urethane Belts for Reproducing Pianos
2007.03.23.05 Controlling Rewind Speed of Electrified Player
2007.03.20.04 Seek E-Roll Player Installer in Connecticut
2007.03.07.12 Duo-Art Motor is Overheating
2007.03.05.07 Service Charges and Traveling Expenses
2007.03.04.06 Duo-Art Motor is Overheating
2007.03.02.04 Duo-Art Electric Motor is Overheating
2007.02.28.05 Duo-Art Electric Motor is Overheating
2007.02.26.06 New USB Controllers & Wireless MIDI
2007.02.21.04 M-Audio "MidAir" Wireless MIDI Connection
2007.02.21.03 New USB Controllers & Wireless MIDI
2007.02.16.09 New USB Controllers & Wireless MIDI
2007.02.10.03 Acetylene Flame Soldering
2007.02.08.04 Acetylene Flame Soldering
2007.01.16.12 Attaching Pneumatics With Screws
2007.01.10.04 Music Roll Perforator Control Program
2006.12.19.03 Paper Roll Label Adhesive
2006.12.07.10 FS: Piano Roll Scanners
2006.11.21.06 1911 American Music Roll Standards
2006.11.10.04 MIDster Punch PC Board
2006.10.24.03 Music Roll Perforator Control Program
2006.09.08.04 Source of Quartered Oak
2006.07.14.02 Preserving a Fragile Music Roll
2006.06.26.03 AMICA Technical Session
2006.06.24.06 FS: Stroud Duo-Art in Orinda, Calif.
2006.06.20.03 Disassembly of Pot Petal Articles
2006.06.08.04 1912 Weber Themodist Might Be Duo-Art
2006.04.27.03 Key Switch Contact Bounce in Organ Keyboards
2006.04.26.05 Expression Editor for Piano Roll MIDI Files
2006.03.14.08 "Gorilla" Glue
2006.03.11.03 Attaching Pneumatics with Adhesive Tape
2006.03.03.03 Recutting Wurlitzer "Autograph" Music Rolls
2006.03.03.01 Wurlitzer "Autograph" & Welte Rolls Comparison
2006.03.02.02 Wurlitzer "Autograph" & Welte Rolls Comparison
2006.03.01.02 Wurlitzer "Autograph" & Welte Rolls Comparison
2006.02.27.03 Wurlitzer "Autograph" Expression Piano Rolls
2006.02.24.05 "MIDI Virtual Keyboard" Test Program
2006.02.20.07 Composition of Phenoseal
2006.01.25.09 Electricity Saving Device
2006.01.18.10 Electrical Protection for the Player Piano
2006.01.15.02 Electrical Protection for the Player Piano
2005.12.14.07 FS: Free "Automatic Musical Instrument"
2005.11.23.03 MIDI Files of Christmas Piano Rolls
2005.11.10.07 Player Piano Motor Runs Backward
2005.11.03.16 Disklavier Forums & 720 kb Diskettes
2005.10.30.08 Closed Cell Polyethylene for Ampico "A" Gaskets
2005.10.28.03 Dies to Cut Ampico "A" Gaskets
2005.10.21.08 Using New "Original" Materials
2005.10.11.04 MIDI System for Mexican Organilleros
2005.09.22.07 Teflon Bushings in Steinway Pianos
2005.09.20.07 Teflon Bushings in Steinway Pianos
2005.09.15.07 Hazards of PTFE
2005.09.13.08 "C" Clips to Secure Piano Roll
2005.09.08.03 Ampico "Theory of Music" Piano Rolls
2005.08.23.03 Are UK Duo-Art Rolls Better Than USA Rolls?
2005.08.12.01 Roll Scanning Demo at AMICA Meeting in Calif.
2005.08.04.06 FS: Duo-Art Roll Collection
2005.07.14.04 Sucking and Pumping Air
2005.06.06.05 Ampico Roll Numbers
2005.05.07.05 New Pouch Ideas
2005.05.01.04 Duo-Art Cross Valves
2005.04.15.10 Typical Repetition Period in Piano Rolls
2005.04.13.08 Seek Piano Mover, California to Minnesota
2005.04.10.05 Half Duo-Art Pianola
2005.04.10.04 Bellows Folding Patterns
2005.04.03.09 Dihydrogen Oxide
2005.03.23.07 Removing PVC-E Glue
2005.03.23.05 Disklavier Users Group & PianoDisc User Forum
2005.03.22.09 Pneumatic Valve Transfer Characteristics
2005.03.22.05 Internet Auction Bidding War
2005.03.10.03 Turbine Pump Lubrication & Bearings
2005.03.08.08 Internet Protection Software
2005.03.03.11 Internet Protection Software
2005.02.26.02 Electronic International Money Transfer
2005.02.15.07 Electromagnet Valve Overheating in Duo-Art
2005.02.10.04 Playlist Programs for ittyMIDI Palm MIDI Player
2005.02.08.08 Gerety-Chase E-roll System for Duo-Art Piano
2005.02.07.03 Duo-Art Operating Pressure
2005.02.04.06 MIDI File Editing Tools
2005.01.31.05 Motor Rebuilding by Eurton Electric
2005.01.28.04 Carbon for Electric Motor Brushes
2004.12.31.02 ittyMIDI Palm IIIxe MIDI Player Bundle
2004.12.30.08 Source of Hand Punches
2004.12.28.06 Cleaning Keyboard Switch Contacts
2004.12.20.06 Estimating Tracker Bar Tubing Needed
2004.12.15.03 Converting Ampico Piano Roll Expression Codes
2004.11.23.11 Duo-Art vs. PianoDisc Demonstration
2004.11.04.06 Playing 88-Note Rolls on Ampico Player Piano
2004.10.05.07 Lubricants - Marvel Mystery Oil
2004.07.28.05 Four Different Duo-Art Fan Expression Systems
2004.07.17.04 Free Utility Program Maps MIDI Note Events
2004.07.12.08 Selections Offered by Piano Roll Producers
2004.07.10.04 Listening to Music vs. Watching the Holes Go By
2004.07.07.06 Erratic Loud Pedal
2004.07.04.11 Over-pedaled Duo-Art Rolls
2004.07.01.05 Over-pedaled Duo-Art Rolls
2004.06.30.03 Use Mouse and "Scroll Lock" for Tempo Control
2004.06.18.02 Duo-Art Demonstration Concert Grand at AMICA Convention
2004.05.22.04 Music Roll Editing Tools
2004.05.04.02 Stripped Screw Holes in Wood
2004.05.01.11 Stripped Screw Holes in Wood
2004.05.01.05 Diaphragm Vacuum Regulator
2004.04.28.06 Vacuum Transducer for Motor Speed Control
2004.04.16.05 MIDI Channel Editor for PianoDisc
2004.04.09.06 Rolls for Testing Duo-Art Expression Regulation
2004.04.06.11 Source of Sanding Belts
2004.03.13.02 Air Flow in Tubing Wyes
2004.03.11.08 Electric Flatirons for Ironing Hot Glue
2004.03.01.14 Theme Problems in 65/88-note Themodist Grand
2004.02.15.01 2004 AMICA Convention in Denver, Colorado
2004.01.27.06 Foot-Pumped Aeolian Weber Grand 65/88-note
2004.01.24.05 Motor Player Corp. Turbine Pump
2004.01.16.06 Computer Program to Modify MIDI Velocity
2003.12.19.02 Source of Small Gears & Pulleys
2003.12.18.07 Shipping Piano Rolls by USPS Media Mail
2003.12.16.10 Duo-Art Regulation
2003.12.15.07 Reversing Induction Motor Rotation
2003.12.07.11 Duo-Art Regulation & Theme Regulator Vent
2003.12.07.10 Patching the Duo-Art
2003.12.02.06 Transcribing Piano Rolls Using Moog PianoBar
2003.11.20.05 Listen to the Music
2003.11.14.05 Sticking Metal to Wood
2003.11.13.05 Seek Audiographic and other Duo-Art Rolls
2003.11.09.09 Rubber Matting for Player Piano Pedals
2003.11.07.04 Repairing Music Rolls
2003.11.03.06 Converting Instruments to Play Different Media
2003.10.10.05 Piano Sound Font for Sound Blaster Audio
2003.10.09.11 Adding Expression Codes to 88-note Piano Rolls
2003.10.08.17 Non-invasive "Green" to "Red" Welte Conversion
2003.08.20.05 E-Roll Player at MBSI Convention
2003.06.23.21 Voltage Converters 115V Input 230V Output, Big Stuff
2003.06.20.05 Playing MIDI Files At a Computer
2003.06.19.04 MIDI Files & Paper Music Rolls
2003.06.18.08 Seek CD Player for Ampico & Duo-Art CDROMs
2003.06.11.15 Pump Motor Overheat Protection Device
2003.06.07.11 Seek Recordo Turbine Pump Parts
2003.06.06.06 Seek Welte "Original" Turbine Pump Parts
2003.05.19.06 Storing Leather & Pneumatic Cloth
2003.05.16.10 Valve in Duo-Art Soft Pedal Pneumatic
2003.05.09.09 MIDI Music Lapses
2003.05.05.04 Duo-Art System Engineering
2003.05.04.05 Duo-Art System Engineering
2003.05.03.04 Suggestions on Building a Duo-Art Vorsetzer
2003.05.02.05 Emulating the Duo-Art Expression System
2003.04.09.04 List of AudioGraphic Music Rolls
2003.03.19.04 PVC-E Glue & Rebuilding My Duo-Art Action
2003.03.14.05 PVCE Glue & Rebuilding Duo-Art Action
2003.03.02.05 Playing MIDI Files on PianoDisc Player System
2003.02.05.09 Source of Brass Tees
2003.02.01.06 Composer of "Just A Memory"
2003.01.24.10 Electric Motors for Mechanical Music Instruments
2003.01.16.06 Reliable Electric Pump for Player Pianos
2003.01.06.06 Seek Welte Rolls To Transcribe
2003.01.06.05 Seek Performers of Duo-Art Rolls
2002.12.08.05 "MIDI Valve" Magnet Valve System
2002.10.23.07 Transporting a Vorsetzer to Public Performances
2002.10.19.16 Mold on Hide Glue Or Anything
2002.10.15.05 FS: Duo-Art Rolls
2002.10.11.04 Cutting Felt
2002.09.13.07 Source of Replacement Lamp Bulbs
2002.08.24.05 Airflow Measurement Methods
2002.08.18.05 Playing Reproducing Roll on 88-note Player Piano
2002.08.12.15 Stahnke WEB & BAR Music Roll File Specification
2002.08.11.10 Rebuilding Motor Player Corp. Turbine Pump
2002.08.11.08 Rodent Repellent
2002.08.08.14 Deodorizing a Dead Animal Odor
2002.08.08.12 Piano Roll Tears While Rewinding
2002.07.26.09 Ozone and Relays
2002.07.24.03 Seek Octet UM1 Universal MIDI Interface
2002.07.21.04 What MMD Means To Me
2002.06.14.06 Ride Wanted To MBSI Convention For Vorsetzer
2002.05.27.03 Computer Operating System Upgrades
2002.05.25.07 Dedicate the Computer to the Application
2002.05.12.04 Value of 65-note Player Rolls
2002.05.07.15 Seek Vorsetzer Mover, California to Chicago
2002.04.30.06 Favorite Duo-Art Rolls
2002.04.21.05 Seek Play-a-Sax Parts
2002.04.20.02 Mechanical Music Suppliers
2002.04.15.01 Mechanical Music Suppliers
2002.04.07.03 Regulating the Welte-Mignon Licensee Player
2002.04.04.06 PowerRoll Delivery Status
2002.03.27.10 Turbine Suction Pumps
2002.03.19.09 Adjusting Duo-Art Round Valves
2002.02.25.08 MIDI Controlled Valve System for Player Pianos
2002.02.11.06 Gluing to Plastics
2002.01.16.05 Invitation to Join E-Roll-Collectors
2002.01.11.11 FS: Hollow Point Punch for Repairing Music Rolls
2002.01.05.07 Hollow Point Punch for Repairing Music Rolls
2001.12.17.06 Christmas Music on Ampico Rolls Emulated
2001.12.16.07 Punch & Die for Music Book Punch Machine
2001.11.16.06 Duo-Art Disaster [Almost]
2001.11.13.06 Removing a Bent Screw
2001.11.04.02 New Duo-Art Emulations
2001.10.13.02 Erno Rapee on Duo-Art rolls
2001.09.09.04 More Duo-Art Music on Erolls CD
2001.08.16.04 Seek Round Flexible Drive Belting
2001.07.21.01 Spencer's Erolls at Web Site
2001.07.05.10 Seek Beethoven Violin Sonata Accompaniment Rolls
2001.05.25.02 MIDI-Activated Timer Circuit For Power Switch
2001.05.16.04 New Duo-Art Emulations
2001.04.29.05 Duo-Art 6091 "Sea Pieces" by McDowell
2001.04.12.08 Duo-Art Expression Box Adjustment
2001.04.07.09 Sticking Center Pins on Steinway Vertical Piano
2001.03.03.10 Connecting MIDI Wireline to Laptop Computer
2001.02.12.05 Duo-Art Catalog Images at Web Site
2001.02.07.01 New Erolls CDs and MIDI Utility
2001.02.01.11 Duo-Art Knife Valve Lever Clamp Improvement
2001.01.30.07 Stepper Motor Circuits
2001.01.29.11 Duo-Art Cross Valve Leaking
2001.01.27.06 Transcribing Playasax Rolls
2001.01.26.08 Duo-Art Upright Soft Pedal Connections
2000.12.20.07 New Electric Vacuum Valve for Reproducing Pianos
2000.12.13.01 Preserving Technical Information
2000.11.16.09 Is the Piano Sustain Pedal Needed?
2000.11.15.08 PowerRoll & Macintosh Computer
2000.10.31.09 Straightening Duo-Art Airmotor Crankshaft
2000.10.13.04 New CDROM of Duo-Art Music Transcriptions
2000.09.27.13 Rebuilding Duo-Art Steamboat Pump
2000.09.23.01 New CDROM of Duo-Art Music Transcriptions
2000.09.09.06 More On Vacuum Gauges
2000.08.25.06 Music Roll Acceleration and Compensation
2000.08.09.07 Seek Duo-Art "American in Paris"
2000.08.06.05 Hammers for Upright Steinway Duo-Art
2000.08.04.09 Digital Camera Helps Player Rebuilding
2000.08.04.08 Duo-Art Expression Box Rebuilding Improvements
2000.06.08.03 Mylar for Music Rolls
2000.06.05.11 Electric Motor for Duo-Art "Steamboat" Pump
2000.06.05.08 Roll Transcriber at AMICA Sacramento Convention
2000.05.29.09 Duo-Art Spoolbox Lampshade
2000.04.29.05 Duo-Art Cross Valves
2000.04.20.07 Turbine Pump for Duo-Art
2000.04.01.13 Source of Urethane Belting
2000.03.30.08 Urethane Belt for Piano Pump
2000.03.27.05 New CDROM of Duo-Art Music Transcriptions
2000.03.20.13 Music Roll vs. PowerRoll
2000.03.18.05 Music Roll vs. PowerRoll
2000.03.11.04 New Duo-Art CD in MIDI & BAR/ANN Formats
2000.02.18.08 New Contact Image Sensor (CIS)
2000.02.13.04 Duo-Art Roll Catalog On-Line
2000.02.03.07 Seek Beta Testers for Ampico Transcriptions
2000.01.25.15 Remote Pump System for Duo-Art
1999.11.27.04 Duo-Art Roll "Arabesques on Blue Danube"
1999.11.19.06 Free Holiday E-Roll Music
1999.11.18.05 Free Holiday E-Roll Music
1999.11.05.04 MIDI Files and PowerRoll Music Files
1999.10.26.06 Web Site for Spencer's E-Rolls
1999.07.31.08 Phonograph Parts
1999.07.31.03 PlayASax Surgery
1999.07.15.09 FS: Duo-Art Popular Rolls in CD Electronic Format
1999.07.09.06 Armbruster Duo-Art Pop Rolls in Electronic Format
1999.07.04.07 FS: Duo-Art Popular Rolls in Electronic Format
1999.07.04.06 Seek Older Win95
1999.06.25.05 Roll Scanning Project: Update
1999.06.20.18 FS: Duo-Art Classical Rolls in Electronic Format
1999.06.20.07 Piano Roll Scanning: Progress Report
1999.04.30.08 PowerRoll Experiences
1999.02.20.08 Duo-Art MIDI Files for Broadmoore PowerRoll
1999.02.16.06 Removing Old Mending Tape From Music Rolls
1999.02.14.06 Vacuum Cleaner vs. Tracker Bar Pump
1999.02.06.06 Saint-Saens Duo-Art Rolls Emulated for MIDI
1999.02.05.17 Airmotor Speed Regulation in Duo-Art
1999.02.03.06 Advantages of Optical Reader
1999.01.31.13 Taped Rolls in Optical Reader
1999.01.30.17 Optical and Pneumatic Roll Readers
1999.01.24.10 FS Free: Duo-Art Music Rolls as MIDI Files
1999.01.16.05 System for Transcribing Music Rolls
1999.01.12.21 Red Welte Vorsetzer for Steinway Grand
1999.01.08.11 Pump Cloth vs. Leather for Duo-Art Box Pump
1999.01.08.09 Spool Frame Alignment Tool Using Laser Pointer
1998.12.17.08 Harmonica for Rolmonica
1998.12.01.10 Sources of Vacuum Hose
1998.11.27.11 Phase Locked Loop Simplified
1998.11.07.11 Extra Thick Pouch Leather
1998.11.07.07 iMac and Windplay
1998.10.29.12 Bicycle Cable for Mandolin Rail Control
1998.10.27.06 Bicycle Cable for Mandolin Rail Control
1998.10.24.07 PowerRoll and WindPlay Combination
1998.10.07.07 Steinway Cheek Blocks
1998.09.14.15 Stiffeners in Vacuum Pumps
1998.09.13.18 Removing Silicone Wax
1998.09.12.09 Duo-Art Motor Rumble
1998.09.05.08 White Powder Lubricant
1998.09.03.14 Replacement Pump Motor for Duo-Art
1998.08.26.17 Device For Softening a Duo-Art
1998.08.24.11 PowerRoll Demo
1998.08.24.09 Mirror Unfinish - More About De-silvering
1998.08.11.13 Oil Additives & Sticky Oil
1998.08.11.05 Roll Scanners for the Masses
1998.08.06.06 Strange English Aeolian Tracker Bar
1998.08.03.11 PowerRoll & Duo-Art Offset Expression Holes
1998.06.26.14 Playing MIDI Piano Files on PC
1998.06.22.13 Covering Duo-Art Accordion Pneumatics
1998.06.13.16 'Nuts Off' Lubricant
1998.06.12.13 Modern Reproducer Pickup for Edison Disks
1998.06.08.07 Springs for Aeolian Tracking 'Ears'
1998.05.27.15 Sharpening Arch and Tube Punches
1998.05.08.17 Ozone Sanitizer for Smelly Pianos
1998.05.05.26 Basic Piano Physics
1998.05.05.21 Removing Veneer Dents
1998.02.24.08 Vacuum Cleaners and Tracker Bars
1998.02.17.11 Control of Themodist Theme and Accompaniment
1998.02.16.08 Modified Duo-Art Needs a Spill Valve
1998.02.13.10 Sturdy Rolls for Kids
1998.02.06.01 New Address for Spencer Chase
1998.01.22.16 Vacuum Gauges
1997.12.16.17 Seek Australian Pneumatic Cloth
1997.12.14.16 Polishing Brass
1997.12.14.12 Seek Duo-Art Roll pb DeGreef
1997.11.23.08 FS: 1920 Upright Steinway Duo-Art
1997.09.21.03 E-mailing in Europe
1997.09.19.12 Threading Player Piano Rods
1997.08.14.09 Replacing Ivory Keytops
1997.08.08.04 MMD Technical Listservers
1997.08.06.08 Roll Transcription Project
1997.07.19.17 Valve Faces for Duo-Art Cross Valves
1997.07.19.15 Lifting Pianos with Pneumatic Technology
1997.07.19.03 Mechanical Music in London and Paris
1997.07.13.10 Rebuilding Ampico Pump
1997.06.26.10 Electrical Safety
1997.06.24.04 Keystone Music Rolls
1997.03.28.08 Duo-Art Roll "Negro Heaven"
1997.03.27.04 Chaining Patterns
1997.03.23.07 Chaining Patterns
1997.03.08.18 More Scanner Ideas and Plea For Help
1997.03.05.20 Pulleys for Duo-Art Steamboat Pump
1997.03.05.17 Boesendorfer SE
1997.03.03.15 Repairing Roll Harmonica
1997.02.28.11 Storing Music Rolls
1997.02.26.13 Removing Adhesive Tape
1997.02.19.16 Wood Finishing Oil
1997.02.16.13 Kangaroo Leather for Cross-valves
1997.01.26.07 Plating and Testing
1997.01.19.13 Leather Belting
1997.01.11.08 Re: Fiber Optic Commutator
1997.01.10.09 Fuses and Protection for the Piano
1997.01.09.14 Re: Line Conditioner to Protect Electronics
1997.01.09.10 Re: HP Scan Jet for Optical Roll Scanner
1997.01.08.07 HP Scan Jet for Optical Roll Scanner
1997.01.06.15 Wanted: Rollmonica Rolls
1997.01.06.09 Nickle-Plated Screws
1996.12.28.09 Re: Materials for Printing Word Rolls
1996.12.13.03 Encouragement for Novice Rebuilder
1996.12.10.04 Re: Do-it-yourself Piano Repair
1996.12.07.07 Phototransistor Music Roll Reader
1996.12.04.15 Perforator Plans
1996.12.04.13 Water Adsorbed by Hot Glue
1996.11.28.05 Punch Formats
1996.11.16.05 Looking for AMICA Member Bill Maguire
1996.11.04.07 Modern Materials ?
1996.11.02.10 FS: 1920 Steinway Duo-Art Piano
1996.10.20.02 My Final Comment on the Gershwin CD
1996.10.20.01 Personal Punch
1996.10.17.01 Slowpoke scanner and punch
1996.10.12.09 WTB: Mahogany Piano Bench
1996.10.12.05 Gershwin CD
1996.10.05.32 Ads
1996.09.12.01 Hanta and Hepa
1996.09.10.08 In Favor of Advanced Technology
1996.09.04.15 Duo-Art Questions
1996.08.30.07 Vacuum Gauges
1996.08.30.06 Repairing Duo-Art Accordion Pneumatics
1996.08.27.08 Re: Loud Duo-Art
1996.08.25.02 Duo-Art Levels
1996.08.21.08 Motor for Steinway Upright
1996.08.21.04 Bicone Switches
1996.08.18.07 Re: Duo-Art Plays Too Loud
1996.08.18.02 Solid State Relays for Sale Cheap
1996.08.18.01 Push-Pull Switch
1996.08.17.03 Veneer Sources
1996.08.16.15 Re: Duo-Art Playing Too Loud
1996.07.31.03 Tracker Bar Cleaning
1996.06.27.05 Pouch Sealing
1996.06.24.08 Steinway Lidectomy
1996.06.20.06 Sealing Pouches and Roll Repair
1996.06.14.03 Duo-Art "Grasshopper" Pump
1996.06.14.01 Kangaroo Skin form Shaff Piano Supply
1996.06.06.01 Introduction and Kangaroo Leather Source

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