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Digest NrSubject
2018.05.01.02 Celebrating Brilliant Duo-Art Pipe Organ Arrangers
2018.02.24.01 Passing of Jim Krughoff
2018.01.24.06 Regulating The Ampico A
2017.11.01.03 Ampico "A" Roll to "B" Roll Translator
2017.10.23.02 Moving Parts From Connecticut to Missouri
2017.04.18.01 Device to Play Ampico "A" Rolls on "B" Pianos
2017.04.01.05 Buying Ampico B Parts
2017.03.22.04 Device to Play Ampico "A" Rolls on "B" Pianos
2017.03.04.03 Device to Play Ampico "A" Rolls on "B" Pianos
2017.01.18.03 Type 1 Early Stoddard Ampico in Italy
2016.12.13.10 Anderson & Wright Player with Ampico Expression
2016.11.26.03 FS: Lyre Supports for Mason & Hamlin RT Ampico
2016.11.21.01 Passing of John Del Carlo, Opera Singer
2016.08.22.01 Aeolian Pipe Organ Puccini/Shelley Project
2016.08.07.02 Seek "Madame Butterfly" on 176-note Organ Rolls
2016.08.01.02 Servicing the Ampico "A" Drawer & Power Switch
2016.07.08.08 Keyboardless Player Organ Console In Old Mansion
2016.05.03.05 Rotary Pump Makes the Grand Piano Shimmy
2016.03.07.07 New Ampico B Transmission Brake Drums
2016.02.22.02 Nyiregyhazi "Etude Transcendante" Roll Tempo
2016.02.21.03 Nyiregyhazi "Etude Transcendante" Roll Tempo
2016.01.27.06 Ampico B Plays Too Loudly
2015.12.06.02 History of Aeolian Player Pipe Organ Opus 1280
2015.12.01.01 Passing of John Phillips in Hobart, Tasmania
2015.11.16.02 Aeolian Pipe Organ Puccini/Shelley Project
2015.10.31.01 Terry Smythe & Music Roll Preservation
2015.10.19.02 Seek Aeolian Pipe Organ Spoolbox Parts
2015.10.04.08 Ampico A Equalizer Springs
2015.09.24.05 Mystery of the Missing Ampico Intensity
2015.09.03.05 Monetized YouTube Videos
2015.08.27.03 Duo-Art Fan-Accordion Regulator Pneumatic Cloth
2015.08.24.03 Lester Player Piano Valve Problems
2015.07.19.02 Artrio Angelus Reproducing Piano System & Rolls
2015.07.07.02 Matthew Caulfield & Seabreeze Park in News
2015.06.15.05 Leather for Ampico A Primary Valves
2015.05.02.03 Unknown Rotary Vacuum Pump
2015.03.28.02 Sealing Windways With Shellac
2015.03.14.03 Pianola Recordings by Sergei Rachmaninoff
2015.03.13.01 Pianola Recordings by Sergei Rachmaninoff
2015.03.10.01 Country Music on Mechanical Music Instruments
2015.02.27.04 Tempo of John Arpin "St. Louis Blues"
2015.02.26.04 Tempo of John Arpin "St. Louis Blues"
2015.02.25.02 Tempo of John Arpin "St. Louis Blues"
2015.02.16.01 Kimball "Soloist" Player Pipe Organ
2015.01.23.08 Adjusting the English Pedal-Electric Duo-Art
2015.01.05.01 Aeolian Player Organs in Dodge Brothers Mansions
2014.12.31.05 Link Aviation Trainer
2014.12.15.02 Selling Instruments to Chinese Buyer
2014.12.10.02 Playing 88-note Rolls On a Duo-Art
2014.12.08.05 Seek Duo-Art 17" Box Pump
2014.12.08.01 Harold Powell's English Pedal-Electric Duo-Art
2014.11.18.04 Seek Puccini Duo-Art Organ Rolls
2014.11.16.03 Aeolian Duo-Art Pipe Organ Centennial Video
2014.11.09.05 Regulating the Duo-Art Expression System
2014.10.26.02 Tempo Error on Aeolian Duo-Art Organ Roll 3055
2014.10.21.01 Aeolian Duo-Art Pipe Organ Centennial Event
2014.10.08.01 Program for Aeolian Pipe Organ Centennial
2014.10.03.02 Aeolian Duo-Art Pipe Organ Centennial Event
2014.09.10.08 Replacing Duo-Art Valve Seats
2014.07.31.02 Passing of Robert "Bob" Streicher, Machinist
2014.07.23.03 Registration on Marcel Dupre Duo-Art Organ Roll
2014.07.09.05 Seek Ampico "B" Coded "Islamey Fantaisie"
2014.06.22.01 Seek Ampico "B" Coded "Islamey Fantaisie"
2014.06.18.01 Seek Ampico "B" Coded "Islamey Fantaisie"
2014.06.16.02 Aeolian Pipe Organ Music Roll Coding
2014.05.01.02 Ragtimer Johnny Maddox
2014.03.27.09 Red Welte Rolls Converted to Licensee
2014.02.22.06 String Scales in Mason & Hamlin Ampico Pianos
2014.01.09.04 The Last Welte Licensee Reproducing Piano
2013.12.30.02 Ampico Piano Rolls Recut by Larry Givens
2013.12.21.02 "The Nutcracker" Played on Ampico & Duo-Art
2013.11.03.01 Seek Mallets for Aeolian Harp
2013.10.31.01 Converting Skinner Organ Rolls to Aeolian Duo-Art
2013.10.08.06 Seek Ampico B Drawer Parts
2013.08.23.04 Happy 100th Birthday, Aeolian Opus 1280
2013.08.10.10 Keys Flutter on Playing Chained Holes
2013.08.09.02 Keys Flutter on Playing Chained Holes
2013.08.05.02 Ampico Rolls Played by E. Robert Schmitz
2013.06.26.01 Aeolian Player Pipe Organ Centennial Celebration
2013.05.28.03 Player Piano Valve Design Parameters
2013.05.23.04 Player Piano Valve Design Parameters
2013.05.03.01 New Ampico Demonstration Video on YouTube
2013.04.25.06 Split Leather Scraps for Gaskets & Valves
2013.04.21.02 Aeolian Pipe Organ Music Roll Production
2013.04.13.04 Duo-Art Pianist Frank Milne on Pipe Organ Rolls?
2013.04.12.02 Upgrading 116-note Rolls to 176-note Duo-Art
2013.04.07.04 Upgrading 116-note Rolls to 176-note Duo-Art
2013.04.06.02 Aeolian 116-note Pipe Organ Rolls
2013.03.21.01 Unforeseen Circumstances
2013.03.15.01 Unforeseen Circumstances
2013.03.10.06 Need Weber Grand Duo-Art Rebuild Estimate
2013.02.28.06 Seek 1920s Chickering Music Desk Hinge
2013.01.18.04 Lubricating Electric Motors
2013.01.12.03 Holtzer-Cabot Motors for Duo-Art Player Pianos
2012.12.22.05 Replacement Motors for Electric Player Pianos
2012.12.07.11 FS: 1928 Art Case Mason & Hamlin Ampico A
2012.12.04.05 Duo-Art Concertola Music Roll Changer
2012.11.26.05 Computer Interfaces for Reproducing Piano
2012.10.26.02 Sponge Rubber Valve Cores Survive 20 Years
2012.10.21.06 Sponge Rubber Valve Cores Survive 20 Years
2012.10.16.02 Mason & Hamlin RBB Ampico Replica Action Stack
2012.10.07.01 Duo-Art Concerto Roll Coding
2012.09.13.06 Player Pipe Organ Rolls of "Sheherazade"
2012.08.31.04 A Treasure from Denis Condon
2012.08.31.03 Denis Condon Has Died
2012.08.25.07 Seek Ampico Rolls by Theodore Henrion
2012.08.13.01 Automatic Roll Changers
2012.08.04.04 Seek Duo-Art Organ Roll 3613 "Symphony No. 6"
2012.07.23.06 Design Improvement Ideas For Early Ampico
2012.07.20.05 Design Improvement Ideas For Early Ampico
2012.07.17.01 Anita Nichols Johnson at 2012 AMICA Convention
2012.07.02.02 Mart Items For Sale at AMICA 2012 Convention
2012.06.23.02 Mart at AMICA 2012 Convention in Pittsburgh
2012.06.18.02 URL Changes At My Web Sites
2012.05.25.09 Seek Duo-Art Grand Transmission Parts
2012.05.14.04 Don't Put Sticky Tape on a Tracker Bar!
2012.05.08.05 PEDA Steinway Modified by Harold Powell
2012.04.17.03 FS: Ampico "B" Valves
2012.04.11.05 Rebuilding Late Ampico A Action Stack
2012.04.04.03 DVD "The Ampico Code"
2012.04.03.02 DVD "The Ampico Code - Part Two"
2012.03.01.03 DVD on Ampico Code
2012.02.26.02 Milhous Auction Prices Paid
2012.02.20.01 Rex Lawson in Pianola Concert near St. Louis
2012.02.19.01 MIDI Files of Modern Piano Music
2012.02.16.03 Aeolian Player Organ Holiday Music Page Updated
2012.02.15.08 Player System Removed From Steinway AR Grand
2012.02.12.02 Player System for Steinway XR Grand
2012.02.11.03 Steinway Duo-Art Mechanism Variations
2012.02.03.03 Music Roll Slips While Making Player Piano Video
2012.01.11.03 Aeolian Player Organ Holiday Music Page Updated
2011.12.30.03 New Year Celebration At My Aeolian Holiday Page
2011.12.30.01 Todd Augsburger & Roller Organs
2011.12.12.05 Missing Ampico Parts Discarded by Rebuilders
2011.12.07.10 Ampico Motor Mounts
2011.12.05.02 My Aeolian Holiday Page Now Updated
2011.11.30.07 Aeolian Duo-Art Echo Organ
2011.11.30.06 Quiet Playing of a Steinway Grand Duo-Art
2011.11.19.01 Aeolian Player Pipe Organ Holiday Music Web Page
2011.10.11.05 Frank Milne, Ampico Piano Roll Artist
2011.05.09.03 Musical Boxes and Your Children
2011.04.23.01 Duo-Art Pipe Organ Jack Box & Roll Coding
2010.09.12.03 116-note Pipe Organ Test Roll May Be Skinner
2010.08.24.03 Revisionist History on YouTube
2010.06.20.02 Ampico Coding Workshop at AMICA Convention
2010.05.31.02 Memorial Day Tribute on Aeolian Player Pipe Organ
2010.04.24.05 Ampico B Parts Wanted
2010.04.17.03 Adam Carroll Web Site Podcast
2010.04.15.05 Seek Ampico Parts
2010.03.25.03 Preserve the Ampico B Reproducing Piano
2010.03.14.03 Late Issue Aeolian Pipe Organ Roll
2010.02.28.02 Canadian Aeolian Organ Tribute - "O Canada"
2010.02.28.01 Promoting the Craft & Bringing In Youth
2010.02.24.08 Seek Ampico Motor Mounts & Drawer Tubing Array
2010.01.30.03 FS: Aeolian Duo-Art Player Pipe Organ Rolls
2010.01.06.04 Music Commissioned for Aeolian Player Pipe Organ
2009.12.20.01 Youth and Mechanical Music
2009.12.11.02 Aeolian Player Pipe Organ Holiday Music Podcast
2009.11.26.01 David Junchen's Arrangements of "Sleigh Ride"
2009.11.12.02 Aeolian Water Tower in Garwood, New Jersey
2009.11.07.01 Recent Articles by Dave Bowers and Art Reblitz
2009.10.07.03 Harold Powell Steinway Recording Piano
2009.09.07.03 Reproducing Piano Preservation Activity
2009.08.14.02 Aeolian Organ Declared Excess and Destroyed
2009.07.08.02 Piano Roll Artist Hi Babit on YouTube
2009.06.12.08 Sealing Valve Pouches
2009.05.20.02 Band Organs at Great Circus Parade, Milwaukee, WI
2009.04.13.11 Mercury Found in Ampico Reproducing Player
2009.03.18.02 Theodore Henrion Ampico Performance Web Podcast
2009.03.01.02 New Aeolian Pipe Organ Web Site Podcast
2009.01.13.02 Aeolian Pipe Organ Web Site Updated
2009.01.11.02 Aeolian Pipe Organ Web Site Podcast
2008.12.18.03 Seek Ampico B Action Stack Parts
2008.12.03.01 Christmas Music by Aeolian Player Pipe Organ
2008.11.14.03 Ampico Concert Grand Demo Concert Performance
2008.11.12.02 Ampico Concert Grand Demo Concert Performance
2008.11.05.03 1926 Steinway Duo-Art Piano Music at Web Site
2008.10.27.19 FS: 1926 Steinway Duo-Art Reproducing Piano
2008.10.23.03 Paul Morris CD of Aeolian Player Organ Opus 1458
2008.10.22.09 Seek Ampico B Action Stack, Will Trade
2008.10.22.08 Seek Ampico Motor, Holtzer-Cabot ST-17
2008.10.02.06 Drying Music Rolls
2008.09.28.05 Ampico B Stack For Trade With Another
2008.08.26.05 Mason & Hamlin Concert Grand Ampico A
2008.08.25.03 Mason & Hamlin Concert Grand Ampico A
2008.08.12.02 Creating New Expression Rolls From MIDI
2008.06.29.06 Estey Automatic Player Pipe Organ Rolls
2008.06.27.06 Ampichron Clock for the Ampico B
2008.06.26.01 Estey Automatic Player Pipe Organ Rolls
2008.06.24.02 FS: Mason & Hamlin Ampico A
2008.05.26.03 Ampico Demonstration on Web Site
2008.05.04.04 Ampico B Won't Play Softly
2008.04.21.08 Recreating a Master for Duo-Art Organ Roll
2008.04.18.05 Duo-Art Organ Roll Characteristics
2008.02.28.01 Aeolian Player Pipe Organ Inaugural Concert
2008.02.16.05 Duo-Art vs. Ampico vs. Welte-Mignon
2008.02.11.02 Effect of Tracker Bar Hose Length on Repetition
2008.01.24.01 Passing of Cynthia Craig
2008.01.23.02 To Contact Larry Givens
2008.01.04.13 Aeolian 116-note Player Organ Console Crescendo
2007.12.31.04 Aeolian 116-note Player Pipe Organ Console Tabs
2007.12.15.07 Aeolian Pedal Cross Valve Travel
2007.12.14.05 Ampico Transmission Frame & Rubber Motor Mounts
2007.12.01.06 Promoting Non-Mechanical Music
2007.11.23.01 New YouTube Posting
2007.11.06.07 Ampico B Spool Stalls During Rewind
2007.10.30.02 Musical Box Society DVD on YouTube
2007.09.20.05 Ampico-A Test Roll
2007.07.25.05 Seek Ampico A Drawer Panels
2007.07.23.07 MIDI Files of Music Rolls
2007.05.12.03 Unknown Box Pump Might Be Ampico
2007.05.09.05 Seek Mason & Hamlin Ivory
2007.04.27.04 Mason & Hamlin Concert Grand Ampico Web Site
2007.03.27.01 Aeolian Duo-Art Organ Pedal Multiplexing
2007.03.23.11 Motor for H.C. Bay Recordo
2007.03.21.04 Theatre Organ Sounds on Aeolian Organ Web Site
2007.03.19.05 Mason & Hamlin Concert Grand Ampico
2007.03.16.04 New Aeolian Organ Web Site
2007.03.07.01 Service Charges and Traveling Expenses
2007.03.03.04 Duo-Art Electric Motor is Overheating
2007.02.23.07 Duo-Art Rewind & Repeat System
2007.02.17.11 Seek Late Ampico 'A' Expression Unit & Motor
2007.01.07.02 Seek 116-note Aeolian Pipe Organ Rolls
2006.12.31.03 Aeolian Duo-Art Pipe Organ Roll Coding
2006.12.23.01 Articles on Leo Podolsky and New Ampico Rolls
2006.12.06.15 Ampico A Secondary Valves With Restriction
2006.11.20.01 Duo-Art Organ Roll 3618 "Cantique de Noel"
2006.11.11.03 Unfinished Duo-Art Organ Roll 3531 "Finlandia"
2006.11.06.03 Converting 116-note Organ Rolls to Duo-Art
2006.08.08.02 Unlisted Duo-Art 176-note Pipe Organ Roll 3335
2006.08.02.05 Standard Pneumatic Action Co. Control Linkage
2006.07.31.01 Possible Roycroft Seen At AMICA 2006 Convention
2006.07.14.05 AMICA Technical Session
2006.07.03.01 July 4 Independence Day Greetings
2006.06.25.02 AMICA Technical Session
2006.05.19.02 Duo-Art Organ Roll 3281 "Madame Butterfly..."
2006.04.13.09 Seek Antique Porcelain Electric Receptacle
2006.04.12.07 MIDI Files of Reproducing Piano Rolls
2006.04.04.07 Ampico Installation in Mason & Hamlin Grand
2006.04.02.02 Unlisted Duo-Art 176-note Pipe Organ Rolls
2006.03.21.11 Ampico "B" Stack Spill Valves
2006.03.16.04 Seek 116-note Aeolian Pipe Organ Rolls
2006.03.04.03 Aeolian Duo-Art Pipe Organ Roll Coding
2006.03.03.06 FS: Aeolian Duo-Art Player Pipe Organ
2006.02.25.05 Seek Ampico A Motor, Pulley & Control Valves
2006.02.11.01 Sealing Ampico Pouches & Gluing the Lifter Disc
2006.01.29.06 Converting Vacuum Pump to Pressure Pump
2006.01.09.03 Code Letters on Aeolian Pipe Organ Box Labels
2005.12.28.03 Coding the New Ampico Rolls by Leo Podolsky
2005.12.25.04 Music Rolls by Engelbert Humperdinck
2005.12.07.02 My Aeolian Pipe Organ Web Site
2005.11.30.08 Enjoying Classical and Popular Piano Rolls
2005.11.22.01 Donating a Collection to a Museum
2005.11.10.08 Player Piano Motor Runs Backward
2005.10.29.04 Dies to Cut Ampico "A" Gaskets
2005.10.19.10 DuPont "Tyvek" & Sponge Neoprene SC-43
2005.10.10.02 Seek Aeolian Organ Rolls by Alexandre Guilmant
2005.10.04.09 Small Diameter Lead Pipe for Spoolbox
2005.09.11.05 Aeolian Pipe Organ Roll Discovery
2005.09.04.05 Duo-Art Pipe Organ Rolls
2005.08.17.02 CD "The Aeolian Pipe-Organ plays Duo-Art Music"
2005.08.04.05 Seek MIDI Interface for Old Macintosh Computer
2005.08.02.09 Seek Mason & Hamlin Style AA Player Piano
2005.07.20.04 Seek Original Duo-Art Organ Roll 3363 by Dupre
2005.07.11.03 Aeolian Pipe Organ Roll "Orchestra Parts Only"
2005.06.25.09 Pouch Leather As Duo-Art Gasket Material
2005.06.21.05 Ampico Re-roll Lock-up Problem
2005.06.20.03 Seek Duo-Art Organ Rolls
2005.04.27.10 Ampico Spinet
2005.04.27.08 Duo-Art Cross Valves
2005.03.21.01 Pneumatic Valve Transfer Characteristics
2005.01.21.06 Rebuilding & Regulating the Piano Action
2005.01.21.01 Old Coins Found in Automatic Instruments
2004.11.22.03 Seek Aeolian 176-note "Duo-Art Music" Rolls
2004.10.17.05 Playing Aeolian 116-note Residence Organ Rolls
2004.09.02.02 Seek Action Stack for Starr A-1 Player
2004.05.16.06 Post-Production Editing On Ampico Roll
2004.02.23.06 Chickering Duo-Art Grand
2004.01.21.06 Ampico B Expression Control Problem
2004.01.01.05 How To Move a Piano
2003.12.17.11 Duo-Art Regulation
2003.12.14.04 Motor & Pulley Specifications for Ampico Upright
2003.12.12.07 Seek Ampico B Drawer Panels
2003.12.04.10 Duo-Art Expression Regulation
2003.12.03.04 Wonders of Mechanical Music - Roll Changers
2003.12.02.17 1913 Chickering Ampico Upright
2003.11.20.09 Duo-Art Bass/Treble Split Point
2003.11.17.08 Bass/Treble Player Piano Split Points
2003.10.31.06 Chickering Grand With Welte Licensee Player
2003.10.02.13 Welte-Mignon Recording Technology
2003.09.15.09 Ampico Rolls Played By Nicolai Orloff
2003.09.05.07 Ampico B Lost Motion Compensating System
2003.08.26.02 Duo-Art Classical Organ Library as MIDI
2003.07.04.01 Band Organs Playing on America's Independence Day
2003.06.19.08 Seek Duo-Art Piano Concertola Wiring Data
2003.04.15.09 Locating Leaks in Ampico Player System
2003.04.07.03 Ampico "B" Is Indeed the Factory Name
2003.04.06.08 Ampico "A" Wind-Chest Spill Unit Valve Blocks
2003.04.03.03 AMICA Chapter Meetings
2003.03.23.05 Lee S. Roberts, Piano Roll Artist
2003.03.17.05 Nylon Coated Pneumatic Cloth & PVCE-E Glue
2003.03.13.04 Ampico A Rewind & Power Off Tubing Connections
2003.02.26.05 Player for Aeolian 176 & 116 & 58-Note Rolls
2003.02.25.09 Seek Duo-Art Organ Information
2003.02.19.10 Purpose of Ampico A Slow Crescendo Spring
2003.02.13.11 Sparking of Ampico B Spool Drive Motor
2003.02.12.17 Sparking of Ampico B Spool Drive Motor
2002.12.18.19 Determining Ampico "A" or "B" Music Roll
2002.10.31.09 Using Silicone Sealant on Valve Pouches
2002.10.21.02 Added Value of Ampichron
2002.08.13.08 Ampico A Stack Installation
2002.08.12.11 Ampico A Stack Installation
2002.07.11.07 Ampico Player Is Missing Parts
2002.01.09.01 Benefits of AMICA Membership
2001.12.31.07 Should a Restoration Look Like New?
2001.12.04.06 Player Pipe Organ at George Eastman House
2001.08.27.13 Baby Ampico & Top Loader Ampico
2001.07.09.03 Piano Movers and How They Operate
2001.06.25.06 Gasket Material & Gluing Leather Valve Facing
2001.05.14.03 Ragtime Festival in Columbia MO 9-10 June 2001
2000.12.15.08 Duo-Art Expression Adjustments & Service Manuals
2000.12.01.11 Duo-Art Expression Box Adjustments
2000.11.06.16 Repair of Reproducing Piano Electric Motor
2000.11.03.01 Aeolian Concertola Roll Changer
2000.08.26.04 Preparing a Duo-Art Grand for Moving
2000.08.20.06 Gaskets Under Pneumatics
2000.07.04.08 Sponge Neoprene Valves
2000.04.21.03 John Wrasse, Piano Mover
2000.04.15.12 Duo-Art System for Steinway OR
2000.04.03.09 Publish Significant Information in Print
2000.04.01.07 Children and Mechanical Music
2000.03.31.21 FS: "Welte Test Roll 2000"
2000.03.19.19 Music Roll vs. PowerRoll
2000.02.04.06 Duo-Art Concertola Automatic Tempo System
2000.01.27.19 Aeolian 116-note Low Pressure Organ Valves
2000.01.26.12 Aeolian 116-note Low Pressure Organ Valves
2000.01.25.14 Duo-Art Regulator Leakage
2000.01.21.15 Valves with Sponge Neoprene
2000.01.12.07 Titles of Aeolian 116-note Organ Rolls
2000.01.09.09 Garfield Pin Block Restorer
2000.01.03.03 Duo-Art Artist Hugh Hodgson
1999.10.27.03 Time Zones
1999.10.06.09 Steinway Serial Number From Case Number
1999.10.03.06 Organ Moving
1999.09.19.06 Steinway Serial Number and Other Interesting Finds
1999.09.15.01 Steinway Duo-Art Serial Number
1999.09.14.08 Aeolian Organ Roll Specifications
1999.03.30.06 Ampico A Equalizer Spring
1999.03.07.10 New Test Roll for Welte Licensee
1999.02.19.12 Seek Welte Licensee Test Roll
1999.02.16.10 Rolls For Regulating Reproducing Pianos
1999.02.07.09 Seeburg Select-O-Matic Home Jukebox
1999.02.05.18 Airmotor Speed Regulation Problem
1999.02.02.05 Aeolian Pipe Organ Duo-Art Music Rolls
1999.01.01.09 Appico A Gear Frame Replacement
1998.12.12.10 History of the Themodist Accenting System
1998.12.04.13 Piano in B-747 Airplane
1998.11.04.12 Offset Expression Holes in Ampico B Tracker Bar
1998.08.18.23 Ampico B Roll Drive Motor
1998.08.15.21 Ampico B Roll Drive Motor
1998.07.14.17 Identifying the Pure Ampico B
1998.06.20.04 Ampico A & B Roll Distinctions
1998.04.26.02 Music Roll Acceleration
1998.04.23.22 Duo-Art Cross Valves - Again
1998.04.23.08 Link Aviation Trainer
1998.04.10.15 Recuts Of Duo-Art Organ Rolls
1998.04.09.06 Internet Book Searching
1998.02.26.12 Pauline Alpert Piano Rolls
1998.02.04.24 Seek Empty Mason and Hamlin AA
1998.02.04.19 Cork-rubber Gaskets
1998.01.15.10 Belly Cloth Bottom Cover for Player Grands
1998.01.07.13 65/88-Note Themodist to Duo-Art Conversion
1997.12.30.16 Regulating the Duo-Art
1997.12.30.15 Replacement Kit for Duo-Art Expression Box
1997.12.30.14 Rebuilding Ampico B Unit Valves
1997.11.26.09 Larry Givens
1997.11.19.11 Ampichron Clock Accessory
1997.11.15.12 Duo-Art Cross Valve
1997.10.30.07 Expression Recording Patent by Josef Hofmann
1997.10.25.05 Residence Player Organs
1997.10.23.14 Ampico B Spool Motor
1997.10.19.02 Violano Strings
1997.10.17.13 Ampico B Drawer - Correction
1997.10.15.14 Seek Parts and Advice for Ampico B
1997.06.21.03 1997 AMICA Convention
1997.04.02.10 The Concert Grand Reproducing Piano
1996.12.05.15 Re: Perforator Advance Distances
1996.12.04.16 Re: Perforator Advance Distances
1996.11.12.06 The Ampico B AND Ampico A Are Not Compatible
1996.09.19.03 Ampico Drawer Stabilizer Bar
1996.09.11.16 Duo-Art Valve Leaking / Velocity
1996.09.11.12 Ampico Test Rolls
1996.09.05.09 Duo-Art for Sale
1996.09.05.02 Introduction
1996.08.03.01 Interest in Ampico Roll Format

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