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Digest NrSubject
2010.10.30.06 FS: Kilbourn Upright Player Piano in Ohio
2010.10.17.07 FS: Roller Organ Cob Collection
2010.08.12.09 FS: Lot of 24 Piano Rolls
2010.08.11.05 Punched Paper Music Loops
2010.05.07.06 FS: 20+ Organettes at Auction 29 May in Ohio
2010.04.30.01 Seek Original Organette Music Media
2010.04.24.04 Wilcox & White 44-note vs. Aeolian 46-note
2010.04.21.05 Wilcox & White 44-note vs. Aeolian 46-note Rolls
2010.01.29.01 Gloggomobil Pinned Barrel Player Glockenspiel
2009.07.04.04 Rolls for "Organita" 14-note Paper Roll Organette
2009.03.24.02 Scale of Rolmonica Harmonica
2009.01.30.08 Source of Paper Strip Music Box Movement
2008.12.20.04 Feeder Hole Diameter in Pressure Roller Organs
2008.11.07.01 Tournaphone & Cabinetto Music Lists
2008.10.24.01 Racca Piano Melodico Music Books
2008.10.02.03 Music Discs for Nyström Reform Organ
2008.06.06.05 FS Free: Player Piano in Kenton, Ohio
2008.04.16.03 Leather Supply House
2008.04.03.04 Letters Transcribed from the German
2008.03.01.03 Organette Music Repository
2008.03.01.02 Patent Documents for Organettes
2008.02.20.06 USPS Media Mail
2008.02.05.01 "Orchestral Cabinet" by Mechanical Orguinette Co.
2008.02.03.01 Seek "Auto-Organ" Organette Information
2008.02.01.03 Organette by Mechanical Orguinette Company
2008.01.31.06 Recordings of Mechanical Music Not Permitted
2008.01.31.03 Player Organ Patent Numbers
2008.01.15.03 Russian Correspondent Seeks Music Box Help
2008.01.13.02 New MMD Website Features
2007.12.03.02 Promoting "Mechanical" Mechanical Music
2007.12.01.04 Promoting Mechanical vs. Non-Mechanical Music
2007.09.28.02 Differing Arrangements of the Same Song
2007.09.23.09 Teanola Mechanical Organ at Richfield Show
2007.07.20.01 Changing Roller Organ Music Cob
2007.05.18.03 USPS Media Mail & Metal Musical Box Discs
2007.04.15.01 Roller Organ Cob "Little Ah Sid"
2007.04.07.01 Wiki
2007.03.17.05 Gasoline Engine for Band Organ
2007.03.09.06 Duo-Art Motor is Overheating
2007.02.19.03 Wiki
2007.02.15.01 Announcing Wiki
2007.02.06.05 Rebuilding a Roller Organ
2007.02.02.06 Rebuilding Early "Concert" Roller Organ
2007.01.31.01 Autophone Organette Music Strips
2007.01.23.02 Mechanical Music Wiki
2007.01.17.01 Mechanical Music Wiki
2007.01.15.03 Mechanical Music Wiki
2007.01.15.02 Pass On Your Knowledge
2006.09.02.01 The Organette House Mechanical Music Museum
2006.08.27.02 Mid-size Pedal Player Organs
2006.08.13.02 Repairing an Organette Reed
2006.08.12.09 Repairing an Organette Reed
2006.07.08.08 FS: "The Organette Book" by Kevin McElhone
2006.07.07.09 Archival Music Roll Scanning
2006.06.27.01 XEtrade Foreign Currency Exchange Service
2006.06.21.04 Warning Auction Buyers of Fraud
2006.06.16.01 Warning Auction Buyers of Fraud
2006.02.17.03 Songs Published at Internet Web Sites
2006.01.22.10 Restoring a Celestina Organette
2005.11.30.04 Our New Home Address
2005.10.12.03 Repairing a Gem Roller Organ
2005.09.23.01 Identifying a 22-key Barrel Organ - Tunes
2005.09.16.06 Identifying a 22-key Barrel Organ
2005.09.14.02 Identifying a 22-key Barrel Organ
2005.09.04.02 Source of Cobs for Gem Roller Organ
2005.07.19.15 Repairing a Musical Casket Organette
2005.06.28.05 Hot Hide Glue Additive To Prevent Brittleness?
2005.06.07.02 "Th' Barrel Organ," Book by Edwin Waugh
2005.04.12.06 Internet Auction vs. Private Auction
2005.02.05.02 Repairing Cracks in Piano Barrel
2005.02.03.01 "Auto-Organ" Organette by L. A. Barber & Co.
2005.01.27.05 Durabond Lexel Sealant
2005.01.26.07 Sealing Bellows Leaks
2005.01.19.02 Old Coins Found in Automatic Instruments
2005.01.05.03 Scale of Gem Organetta
2004.11.13.01 Seek Swell Mechanism for Needham Organette
2004.10.26.03 Data Compression in Mechanical Music Media
2004.10.23.01 Data Compression in Mechanical Music Media
2004.10.05.02 Ithaca Autophone Organette
2004.07.31.02 Searching the MMD Archives
2004.07.28.02 Value of Gem Roller Organ
2004.07.27.01 Source of Music Strips for Autophone & Organina
2004.06.29.03 The Appeal of Mechanical Musical Instruments
2004.05.22.01 Clariona Organette for Farm Museum
2004.05.21.08 Source of Carts for Crank Organ
2004.04.07.12 Ironing Bellows Cloth
2004.01.12.03 Value of Welte-Mignon Music Rolls in 1912
2004.01.03.04 Buy the Book
2003.12.14.02 Apparent Frequency Change & Diplacusis
2003.12.05.03 Source of Rolls for Chein Melody Player
2003.10.10.01 Gem Roller Organ Repair
2003.10.06.05 Repairing Gem Roller Organ
2003.10.02.16 Repairing Gem Roller Organ
2003.08.19.04 Organ Purchasing Scams
2003.08.12.04 Rolls For Peerless 20-note Pneumatic Organ
2003.08.05.02 Source of Rollers for Gem & Monroe Roller Organs
2003.07.06.02 Barrel Organ Plays on America's Independence Day
2003.07.02.06 Prices Paid at Mickleburgh Auction 24 June 2003
2003.07.01.04 Record Price Paid for Concert Roller Organ
2003.06.03.04 Source of Rolls For Melodia Mechanical Organette
2003.05.24.01 Passing of Alvin Moersfelder
2003.05.14.08 What is ROMFI
2003.05.02.03 New Book "Roller Organs" by Todd Augsburger
2003.04.09.02 Historical Documents Dispersed To Collectors
2003.04.01.07 Free Adverts at Roller Organ Web Site
2003.03.28.03 Smoke Generator Element For Automaton
2003.03.11.01 Seek "Happy Birthday" for 20-Note Celestina
2003.03.02.01 Concert Roller Organ With External Relief Valve
2003.02.27.01 "Testophone" Musical Car Horn
2003.02.08.01 Prices Paid at Burchard Galleries Auction
2003.02.04.03 Dolca Campana, Cornucindan & Viula Bass
2002.12.31.08 Horton Autophone Plays Backwards
2002.12.01.10 FS: "The Organette Book"
2002.11.17.02 20er Arrangement of "Over The Waves"
2002.11.06.03 Source of 16-Note Tanzbar Rolls
2002.10.12.01 John McTammany in 1910 Letter
2002.08.26.01 "The Organette Book" at MBSI Annual Meeting
2002.08.20.02 "Climbing Up De Golden Stairs" & Salvation Army
2002.08.08.04 Roller Organ Label Colors
2002.08.05.05 Replacement Pallet Valves For Gem Roller Organ
2002.08.02.02 Unknown Roller Organ Cobs Are Gem
2002.07.19.02 Learn to Appreciate All Mechanical Music Forms
2002.06.05.03 "The Organette Book" by Kevin McElhone
2002.05.16.02 Crank Organ Ring
2002.05.05.04 Calliope
2002.01.11.04 Price Quotation for Parcel Shipping
2002.01.01.04 TV Twilight Zone "A piano In The House"
2001.12.21.01 Repairing Gem Roller Organ
2001.12.19.09 Repairing Gem Roller Organ
2001.12.07.02 Todd Augsburger's Roller Organ Web Site
2001.09.09.07 Unknown Song: "Sweetheart Days" ?
2001.08.29.14 Sonora Miniature Piano
2001.08.28.03 Value of Barrel Piano
2001.08.26.03 Source of U.S. Patent Information
2001.08.06.07 "Indianola" & "Chief Bug-A-Boo"
2001.06.04.01 Roller Organ Survey
2001.05.07.09 Mills Automatic Phonograph
2001.03.30.02 Ephemera Section at AMICA Web Site
2001.03.02.01 Prices Paid for Organettes
2001.02.22.10 Mechanical Music Buy/Sell/Trade Service
2001.02.18.02 New Buy/Sell/Trade Service
2000.12.30.02 Reig Verbena Toy Barrel Piano
2000.11.05.06 Web Site "Automatic Organs and their Music"
2000.11.04.02 Postal Codes Speed the Mail
2000.11.02.02 History of Roller Organs
2000.10.25.02 Source of Music Rolls for Tournaphone Organette
2000.07.09.03 COAA - Carousel Organ Association of America
2000.06.01.09 Don Bryant's Reproduco Organ
2000.05.31.15 Player Pianette Piano Attachment
2000.04.26.03 Player Piano Group Web Site
2000.04.01.16 Price Paid for Grand Roller Organ
2000.03.24.13 eBay: Grand Roller Organ
2000.03.22.05 What is a Recording? What is a Record?
2000.02.29.01 New Book "Mechanical Music" by Kevin McElhone
2000.02.16.03 Polyphon Gambling Music Box Slogan
2000.02.12.03 C. Borden & Co. & Concert Roller Organ
2000.02.11.01 C. Borden & Co. "New American Music Box"
2000.01.09.08 Source of Nickelodeon and Band Organ Parts
1999.11.20.03 Gem Roller Organ Repairs & Value
1999.10.21.01 Gem Roller Organ and Cob Repairs
1999.10.08.04 Faventia Barrel Piano
1999.09.07.01 Seek Specialists and Experts
1999.09.04.03 Music Media for Mechanical Music Instruments
1999.08.29.03 Good Player, Bad Piano
1999.08.27.06 Good Player, Bad Piano
1999.08.20.05 Mediocre Restoration and Regulation
1999.08.14.05 Packaging Concert Organ Rollers
1999.08.05.02 Packaging Concert Organ Rollers
1999.08.02.03 Playasax vs. Play-a-sax
1999.08.01.07 Playasax vs. Play-a-sax
1999.07.16.03 Seek Roller Organ Collectors in Australia
1999.07.06.11 FS: Organ Facade Cherubs at eBay
1999.06.14.13 Band Organ Literature at eBay
1999.06.09.01 Union Illinois Show
1999.05.30.02 Grand Roller Organ Handles
1999.05.26.11 FS: QRS PlayASax Rolmonica
1999.05.26.09 Seek Handles for Grand Roller Organ
1999.05.07.03 Roll Monica at eBay Auction
1999.04.30.11 FS: Concert Roller Organ and Rollers
1999.04.30.01 eBay Auction Is For the Mass Market
1999.04.26.05 Source of Sheet Music Images
1999.04.17.02 Postcard Features Push-up Player
1999.03.07.03 Crank Organ Ring
1999.02.27.02 Knickknack Shelf is an Organ Pipe
1999.02.19.09 Mechanical Music Terms -- Roller Organs
1999.02.12.03 Chein Melody Player
1999.01.23.03 Autophone Hand-operated Organette
1999.01.22.01 Autophone Hand-operated Organette
1999.01.12.02 Seek Picture of Grand Roller Organ
1999.01.11.02 Sources of Roller Organ Restoration Service
1999.01.07.03 Crank for Roller (Cob) Organ
1998.12.15.03 Reed-Pipe Clariona
1998.12.15.02 Lewis Carroll's Musical Instruments
1998.11.25.09 Chime Tubes
1998.11.20.05 Web Site for Roller Organs
1998.10.21.05 Value of Gem Roller Organ
1998.10.13.09 Gluing Feeder Inserts
1998.10.13.04 Roller Organs and Rollers
1998.06.09.07 Old Reed Instrument Unearthed
1998.06.09.06 Roller Organ Rollers (Cobs)
1998.06.05.02 Roller Organ Rollers (Cobs)
1998.05.11.02 "Qualite' Excelsior" Small Music Box
1998.05.08.01 "Qualite' Excelsior" Small Music Box
1998.04.22.05 Red Raven Movie Records
1998.04.17.05 Editing of MMD Posts
1998.03.18.03 Labels for Roller Organ Cobs
1998.03.15.02 Gem and Concert Roller Organ Cobs
1998.03.13.07 Rolmonica and Playasax
1997.12.24.03 Double Negatives
1997.12.07.06 Disk Music Box Toy
1997.11.30.05 Ariston Crank Organ
1997.11.06.10 List of Gem Roller Organ Cobs
1997.11.02.02 Dietz Melodion
1997.08.07.06 Ariston Organette Discs
1997.08.02.05 Ariston Organ
1997.07.30.13 Ariston Organette Discs
1997.07.17.09 Ariston Organette Discs
1997.06.18.03 Playrola Organ
1997.05.25.15 QRS Playasax
1997.04.23.03 Adjusting Roller Organ
1997.04.19.01 Gem Roller Organ Cobs
1997.03.29.04 Repairing Roll Harmonica
1997.02.14.05 Help Identify Large Cob/Roller
1997.01.12.03 Rock-ola Jukebox
1996.11.18.02 Music Box Repair
1996.10.27.03 Paper Roll Perforators
1996.09.27.03 Introduction

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