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Digest NrSubject
2019.01.04.01 Player Organ In Lytham Hall, Lancashire
2018.11.21.03 FS: Steck Upright Pedal/Electric Duo-Art in UK
2018.08.17.02 FS: Original Piano Roll Cabinet in UK
2017.09.08.06 FS: 80 Empty Cylinder Musical Boxes in UK
2017.07.02.05 Steinway Model B Duo-Art Grands in the UK
2017.06.29.01 "Dancing Lesson" Automaton by Rebicek
2017.06.19.02 Unknown Tune On Four Overture Music Box
2017.06.17.02 Unknown Four Overture Music Box in England
2016.12.08.01 Seek "Nicole Freres Variations" Article
2016.10.25.09 FS: Duo-Art Rolls in the UK
2016.10.05.05 FS: Pianola Roll Cabinet in the UK
2016.08.15.05 FS: Duo-Art Removed From Steinway "O" in France
2015.12.19.03 FS: Two Ampico Grand Pianos in UK
2015.12.17.07 FS: Large Piano Roll Cabinet in the UK
2015.11.02.01 Music Roll Catalog Software
2015.05.03.01 Singing Bird Cage in the UK
2015.04.13.07 FS: Ten Pianola Analytical & Audiographic Rolls
2015.04.13.06 FS: Two Stravinsky Duo-Art Biographical Rolls
2015.03.03.01 Seek 15.5" Stella Discs
2015.01.12.07 Seek Tubing Chart for German Electric Duo-Art
2015.01.06.14 FS: Hupfeld Animatic Rolls
2014.11.30.10 FS: Musical Box Collection in UK
2014.08.08.02 The Future of Mechanical Music
2014.06.11.02 Visiting China and Persian Gulf States
2014.05.19.04 FS: Hupfeld Animatic Clavitist in UK
2013.11.07.02 Chamber Barrel Organ by Muir Wood & Co. 1805
2013.06.23.02 Seek Small Ampico B Reproducing Piano
2013.02.07.02 Visiting Beijing, China
2012.10.03.03 Rare Ehrlich Orchestrionette
2012.10.01.02 FS: Rare Ehrlich Orchestrionette
2012.09.11.05 FS: Hicks Type Barrel Piano in the UK
2012.08.04.07 Rebuilding Aeolian Wind Motor Bellows
2012.01.11.02 Unknown Brass Cylinder Music Box Plays 32 Reeds
2011.02.15.10 FS: PEDA Duo-Art Reproducing Pianos in UK
2010.12.14.10 FS: Nicole Freres Hymn Musical Box
2010.12.14.04 Source of Tanzbaer Accordion Rolls
2010.12.04.05 FS: 28-note Tanzbaer Player Accordion in UK
2010.10.24.01 Breker Auction 20 November 2010 Catalogue
2010.05.05.14 FS: Discs for Lochmans, Symphonion and Polyphon
2010.04.24.02 Rebicek Musical Box in Brekers Auction
2009.12.20.10 FS: Table Polyphon in UK
2009.11.25.11 FS: Several Musical Boxes in UK
2009.11.12.07 FS: Symphonion Lid & Orphenion Glass Panel
2009.10.30.02 Music Boxes at Rüdesheim Fair
2009.08.22.06 Removing Pianola Action from Weber Grand Piano
2009.07.27.06 FS: Sectional Comb Musical Movement, Circa 1815
2009.07.02.10 Removing Steinway Duo-Art Grand Fall Board
2009.03.28.01 Keywind Musical Box Has Initials "PHP"
2009.02.14.05 FS: Alan Pell Busker Organ in UK
2008.12.11.04 FS: Motor for 24" Polyphon
2008.11.28.04 FS: Antique Music Boxes
2008.11.27.05 Artrio Angelus?
2008.09.04.01 Register of Orphan Interchangeable Cylinders
2008.08.05.02 Brian Chesters Recovering At Home
2008.05.31.11 FS: Reymond Nicole 3-overture Musical Box
2008.05.28.03 Roenisch Player Designed by Baillie Scott
2008.05.26.02 Unknown Musical Box on YouTube
2008.05.23.08 Moving a Wide Piano Through a Narrow Door
2007.06.27.08 FS: Ducummon Girod Musical Box
2007.06.13.01 Duo-Art Visuola Rolls
2007.06.01.05 Seek Nicole Freres Boxes From Fraser Collection
2007.05.19.01 "Rhymes" Music Box by Ningbo Yunsheng, Ltd.
2007.05.11.05 FS: Nicole Freres 4 Overture Music Box
2007.05.01.06 FS: Street Barrel Piano & Handcart in UK
2007.04.28.01 Singing Bird Box Minus Bird
2007.04.25.05 Disklavier Performs Change Ringing
2007.04.05.01 Henry Holland of London, Barrel Organ Builder
2007.03.22.07 FS: Chamber Barrel Organ and 15" Regina in UK
2007.03.19.08 FS: Old English Pennies for Coin-Op Instruments
2007.01.04.07 Patching a Wind Motor
2006.08.02.01 Book "The Nicole Factor in Mechanical Music"
2006.04.26.04 Roll Carrier Frame for 14-note Organette
2006.02.05.14 FS: Bedplate for 62 cm Polyphon
2005.12.22.09 FS: Knabe Ampico Grand in UK
2005.12.03.06 FS: Nicole 4-overture Musical Box
2005.11.09.06 Player Piano Motor Runs Backward
2005.10.29.06 FS: Nicole Keywound Musical Box Plays Donizetti
2005.10.12.05 Seek Tubing Diagram for Ampico Grand
2005.08.22.03 Are UK Duo-Art Rolls Better Than USA Rolls?
2005.07.27.02 Nicole Freres Variations Music Box
2005.07.24.08 Value of Knabe Ampico Baby Grand
2005.01.03.10 Seek Reproducing Piano in the UK
2004.12.18.02 Seek Motor for Mikado Polyphon
2004.11.30.11 FS: Musical Boxes in UK
2004.11.30.02 Nicole Freres Restoration
2004.11.16.08 FS: 4-Tune Musical Clock Base
2004.11.14.01 L'Epee Overture Musical Box
2004.06.22.04 Seek Pedal/Electric Duo-Art Expression Box
2004.05.13.07 FS: Replica Mechanism for 24-inch Polyphon
2004.04.20.02 Identical Musical Boxes Have Different Sounds
2004.04.08.10 FS: Polyphon Mikado, Music Boxes & Barrel Organs
2004.03.28.01 Nicole Freres Pocket Watch
2004.03.19.05 Nicole Freres Pocketwatch?
2003.12.01.06 FS: "Singing-bird Tabatiers" by Geoffrey T. Mayson
2003.11.18.12 FS: Symphonion Discs
2003.10.28.09 FS: T-98 "Green" Welte-Mignon Rolls
2003.09.09.08 FS: Musical Christmas Tree Stands
2003.09.09.03 "Guidebook of Automatic Musical Instruments"
2003.08.20.10 FS: Glorie Fair Organ in England
2003.08.20.04 To Contact Fredy Gerer
2003.07.26.11 FS: Singing Bird Book by Mayson
2003.06.29.05 FS: Harper Electric Piano Co. Rolls 34 cm Wide
2003.06.24.15 FS: Collection of Welte Red & Green Rolls
2003.05.18.12 Hupfeld Claviola Push-up Player
2003.05.18.02 Mikado Polyphon Cabinet Found - Thanks MMD
2003.05.13.01 Early Forte-Piano Musical Box
2003.04.03.04 Seek Mikado Style Cabinet for 24-Inch Polyphon
2002.12.09.17 FS: Musical Box Base Table
2002.11.23.04 Black Forest Barrel Organ
2002.11.05.04 Seek Motor for 24" Polyphon
2002.11.05.03 Seek 16-Note Tanzbar Rolls
2002.10.08.02 Seek Laterna Turkish Barrel Piano by Turconi
2002.08.22.13 FS: Chordephon Discs, Symphonion Case Front
2002.06.16.04 Stravinsky Rolls
2002.06.04.02 "The Organette Book" by Kevin McElhone
2002.05.06.06 Mechanical Music Instruments in Czech Republic
2002.05.04.05 Visiting Prague
2002.04.02.03 Web Site for Music Box Disc Exchange
2002.03.31.02 Adrian H. Little, Music Box Restorer
2002.03.28.02 Music Box by RMC
2002.03.16.02 "Automatomania" Automaton Shop in London
2002.02.25.01 Seek Repair of 'Sur Plateau' Musical Pocket Watch
2002.02.22.05 Hupfeld Claviola Pushup Player
2001.12.04.14 FS: Steck Duo-Art Grand Piano in Yorkshire
2001.12.04.03 Passing of Harrold Smith, Leicestershire
2001.10.21.01 Mechanical Music Collections in Poland To Visit
2001.08.30.06 F.Nicole Music Box
2001.06.23.01 Jack Donovan Music Box Collection At Auction
2001.06.08.02 Fusee Wound Music Box at eBay Auction
2001.06.02.02 Discs for Lochmans Original Piano Orchestrion
2001.05.23.01 Price Paid for 4-Overture Nicole Forte/Piano
2001.05.11.02 Vintage Technology Fair in Blackpool 20 May 2001
2001.04.29.01 Book "Christies Old Organ"
2001.02.28.09 Piano Executant Artiste
2001.02.28.03 Monkey Automaton at eBay Auction
2001.02.16.07 FS: Music Boxes at eBay
2001.01.28.10 FS: Nicole 4-Overture Box at Delaware Phonofair
2001.01.22.11 FS: Triola Zither
2001.01.22.03 Seek Tanzbar Literature
2001.01.18.02 Polyphon Base Cabinet & Parts
2001.01.07.02 Price Paid for Welte-Mignon Roll Catalog
2000.12.27.02 Mechanical Music Museum in Israel
2000.12.20.05 Welte-Mignon Roll Catalog
2000.11.27.03 Seek Music Box Case Maker
2000.11.13.01 "Vintage Technology" on UK TV 16 November
2000.11.11.07 Philipps Duca Player in Georgia
2000.11.11.03 Church Barrel Organ
2000.11.05.15 FS: Nicole Freres 4-Overture Music Box
2000.11.05.14 Philipps Duca Player in Georgia
2000.11.05.13 Steck (UK) Pedal Electric Duo-Art
2000.11.05.02 Rebicek Music Box
2000.10.13.01 Prices Paid for Symphonion Discs
2000.09.26.17 FS: Symphonion & Eroica Discs
2000.08.26.01 New 19-inch Polyphon Music Box Movements
2000.08.13.01 Seek Movement for Francois Nicole Music Box
2000.08.09.01 "Atlantic" Weight-Powered Barrel Piano-Orchestrion
2000.08.07.11 FS: Large Singing Bird Automaton
2000.08.01.03 Gem Organetta With Brass Music Roll
2000.07.31.01 Gem Organetta With Brass Music Roll
2000.07.12.06 Mechanical Music on TV
2000.07.12.05 Source of Organ Reeds in the UK
2000.07.12.03 Seek Transfer Agent in San Jose CA
2000.06.27.03 Seek 8" Orpheneon Discs
2000.06.06.07 Seek Discs for Diana Organette
2000.04.02.09 Vintage Technology Fair in Blackpool
2000.03.18.01 Vintage Technology Fair in Blackpool
2000.03.08.08 FS: Player Piano Collection in UK
2000.03.08.04 Prices Paid for Duo-Art Biographical Rolls
2000.02.26.09 FS: 4-Air Musical Box
2000.02.25.10 FS: Duo-Art Biographical Rolls
2000.02.22.08 Duo-Art Roll Numbering
2000.01.26.16 Prices Paid for Duo-Art Rolls
2000.01.20.16 FS: Duo-Art Rolls
2000.01.07.15 Waddington Welte Licensee (UK)
1999.11.14.16 FS: Duo-Art Biographical Rolls
1999.11.12.04 Unknown Music Rolls
1999.11.10.09 Unusual Miniature Duo-Art Roll
1999.11.01.02 Seek Book Music For 16-note Serinette
1999.10.29.16 FS: Nicole Freres Music Box
1999.10.29.15 FS: Singing Birdless Box
1999.10.21.02 Repairing German Singing Bird
1999.10.19.06 FS: Bird Box, Nicole Cylinder Box, Organettes
1999.10.19.02 Seek 11-7/8-inch Troubadour Discs
1999.10.07.03 Mechanical Music Mart in Ruedesheim 7 Nov 1999
1999.09.16.02 UK Vintage Communications Fair
1999.08.29.07 Advertising at MMD
1999.08.26.02 The Great Dorset Steam Fair 1-5 September 1999
1999.08.14.14 Totally Eclipsed
1999.08.12.01 Seek 3000-Series Discs for Adler Fortuna
1999.08.10.11 FS: Music Box Discs - Available and Wanted
1999.07.07.01 Unknown Music Box Discs are Adler-Fortuna
1999.07.03.14 FS: Musical Boxes, Organettes, Barrel Organs
1999.07.03.03 Seek Music Box Dentist in Italy
1999.07.03.02 Unknown Music Box Discs, 16.25 inches
1999.06.25.04 Gors & Kallman Player
1999.06.19.10 FS: Double Disc Music Box Movements
1999.06.10.03 Angelus Orchestral Piano Player
1999.05.29.08 Chein Pianolodeon
1999.05.25.05 Rolmonica With Tin Plate Lid
1999.05.25.04 Musical Snuff Box
1999.05.14.02 Visiting Cleveland OH, Wilmington DE & Wash. DC
1999.05.13.09 FS: John Malcom Reed Organ
1999.05.06.14 FS: Items at Vintage Communications Fair, UK
1999.05.06.02 Small Monkey Organs by John Smith
1999.05.06.01 Mechanical Music in Ireland
1999.04.12.05 Seek Stella 22.5-inch Discs
1999.04.12.04 Mexon Organette
1999.03.21.19 FS: Items For Auction in the UK
1999.02.15.07 Chein Melody Player
1999.01.30.22 FS: Singing Bird Box in Silver
1999.01.22.13 FS: Welte Mignon Vorsetzer in UK
1999.01.11.12 Red Welte Vorsetser for Steinway Grand
1999.01.04.21 FS: 8-Inch Disc Symphonion
1999.01.04.06 Wilkinson & Broderip Barrel Organ
1998.12.18.12 FS: Musical Boxes in the UK
1998.12.10.15 FS: 11-inch Polyphon & Case for 19.5-inch Polyphon
1998.11.24.09 FS: Music Boxes, Player Organs, Etc. in the UK
1998.11.24.08 FS: Book About The EMG Gramophone Story
1998.11.12.18 FS: Mermod Freres 8-tune Musical Box
1998.11.12.17 FS: B. H. Abrahams Musical Box
1998.11.06.02 Battleship Musical Box
1998.10.30.11 FS: Bluthner Hupfeld Player
1998.10.30.10 FS: Musical Snuff Box
1998.10.30.09 Steinway with Pierre Eich Player
1998.10.14.01 MMD'er on The Tele [Television] in UK
1998.09.07.02 Nicole & F. Lecoultre Music Boxes at Auction
1998.09.05.11 FS: Steinway Grand ex-Welte in UK
1998.09.04.15 FS: Steinway Grand ex-Welte in UK
1998.09.02.03 Seek Case for 19.5-inch Polyphon
1998.08.11.01 Nicole Freres Grand Format
1998.08.08.01 Key-Wind 12-Air Nicole Freres Music Box
1998.07.07.06 UK Auctions & Visiting
1998.07.07.02 Tweeting Bird Automaton
1998.07.01.14 FS: "Carved Oak" Case Regina Disc Music Box
1998.05.09.01 Erotic Musical Automaton Box
1998.04.25.02 Untrue Allegations
1998.04.23.13 Player Piano in 'Bullitt' Movie
1998.04.23.10 Ampico Catalog Found on Internet
1998.04.21.19 FS: 20- and 24-note Organettes
1998.04.08.02 Polyphon in Poland
1998.04.07.03 Regina Short & Long Bed Plates
1998.03.20.02 Alan Rothery Died
1998.02.17.04 Pianotist Player Action
1998.02.13.01 UK Auctions
1998.02.05.11 FS: Discs, Faventia and Rolmonicas
1998.01.23.15 Duo-Art Story - Day 5
1998.01.22.22 Weber Duo-Art Story - Day 4
1998.01.21.14 Weber Duo-Art Story - Day 3
1998.01.20.12 Weber Duo-Art Story - Day 2
1998.01.19.10 UK Weber Duo-Art
1998.01.09.03 Vichy Smoking Chinaman Musical Box
1997.12.14.06 Value of Reproducing Pianos in UK
1997.12.14.05 "Duoland" in Forthcoming UK Auction
1997.12.14.04 Empty 6-foot Piano Melodico
1997.12.05.03 6-foot Piano Melodico is Empty!
1997.11.29.01 Welte Orchestrion
1997.11.24.03 Brian Chesters E-Mail Address
1997.11.19.02 Large Music Box Movement
1997.11.09.05 English Market Duo-Arts
1997.11.08.03 Clock/Musical Box
1997.11.03.15 FS: Two-songs-per-turn Music Box
1997.09.27.04 Ukulele Banjos
1997.08.31.01 Diana
1997.08.29.02 PlayRola
1997.08.27.06 Playrola Organ
1997.08.27.05 Phoneon Player Organ
1997.08.27.04 Symphonion Tune Sheets
1997.08.21.12 FS: Rolmonicas & Symphonions
1997.08.09.05 Unusual Ducommon-Giraud Musical Box
1997.08.07.05 Unusual Ducummon Girod Music Box
1997.08.07.03 Visiting Monte Carlo & Nice
1997.07.28.11 Angelus Symphony Organ Rolls
1997.07.28.06 Living in Isle of Man
1997.07.26.01 Christies London Sale
1997.07.22.04 Seek Researcher in Romania
1997.06.24.10 FS: Piano Melodico in the UK
1997.06.17.01 Playrola Organ
1997.06.15.01 Interchangeable Nicole Freres Overture Box
1997.06.11.01 AMICA Chapter in Europe?
1997.06.10.05 Nicole Freres Musical Box at UK Auction
1997.05.28.01 Auction Prices
1997.05.21.15 FS: More Players in UK
1997.04.30.08 Nicole 3-Overture Box
1997.04.28.01 UK Auctions
1997.04.26.03 Gem Roller Organ Cobs
1997.04.22.11 Seek Phonoliszt Violina Parts
1997.04.20.04 Gem Roller Organ Cobs
1997.04.13.11 UK Auctions
1997.03.30.06 Cylinder Re-pinning Tools
1997.03.27.03 Midi Primer
1997.03.23.08 Organette Rolls
1997.03.23.02 Visit to Budapest
1997.03.21.02 Organettes
1997.03.04.17 FS: Greiner Oiseau Mechanique Musical Box
1997.02.24.12 H. W. Stephenson's Duo-Art
1997.02.22.01 Bound Brook Phonograph Show
1997.02.18.03 Organ Musical Boxes
1997.02.15.09 Help Identify Musical Box
1997.02.05.13 Book by William Braid White
1997.01.25.02 Great Dorset Steam Fair
1996.12.28.03 Ampico Plays Too Soft
1996.11.28.01 Musical Snuff Box
1996.11.20.21 Christies Auction
1996.11.20.20 A New Book
1996.11.05.18 Web links.
1996.10.05.19 Dennis Condon and Ads in Digest
1996.09.26.03 Denis Condon
1996.09.14.03 'Rare Reproducers?'
1996.09.12.09 Musical Boxes
1996.08.22.09 Piano in Milwaukee
1996.08.13.19 Another [For Sale] Note from the UK
1996.08.10.07 Report from Christies Sale in UK
1996.07.09.01 George Woswick
1996.07.04.07 Mail to Japan Bounces
1996.06.03.05 A Welcome, A Farewell, Project Updates
1996.05.17.02 Re: Mr. B. Innes
1996.05.03.09 FS: 700 Duo-Art Player Rolls
1996.04.22.03 Change of Address
1996.04.11.06 Re: Steinway FS
1996.03.29.01 Re: My New Cylinder Box
1996.03.22.02 Telephone Purchase of Interesting Music Box
1996.03.13.02 Upcoming Auction in the UK
1996.03.10.05 Roll Catalog Software
1996.02.23.01 Re: Welte Orchestrion Rolls
1996.02.19.12 Re: A few More Bits from the UK
1996.02.17.04 Re: Bits and pieces from the UK
1996.01.16.04 Brian Chester Returns from "Down Under"
1995.12.08.11 FS: Anderson Piano Harpa
1995.11.16.01 Re: Music Box Re-pinning
1995.10.28.01 Re: Welte Discussion
1995.10.04.01 Looking for Places to Visit in Australia
1995.09.27.02 Unusual Stuff for Sale in UK
1995.08.27.01 Ampico Rebuilding Question
1995.08.16.01 Looking for more info on Player Organ
1995.07.12.03 Red Welte Test Roll
1995.06.15.02 Re: Player Organ and Other Things to Buy
1995.05.18.01 Re: Automatic Music Digest 95.05.11
1995.05.12.01 Re: Automatic Music Digest 95.05.11
1995.04.28.02 Williams Wynn chamber organ
1995.04.26.03 Williams Wynn chamber organ sold
1995.04.23.01 Huge Player piano sale in Europe
1995.04.18.02 Hello to all MIDIOTS
1995.04.17.06 Electronic Tuner Wanted to Buy

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