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Digest NrSubject
2019.03.03.02 Seek 5-inch Cardboard Tube For Cremona Take-up
2018.07.16.01 Prize Honors Paper Ephemera Collectors
2017.12.25.04 Duo-Art "La Campanella" Played By Busoni
2017.08.05.03 AMICA 2017 Winnipeg Convention News Coverage
2017.07.14.02 Book "Waldkirch Street and Fairground Organs"
2017.03.07.02 Roll Scanning Website Rebuilt
2017.01.24.05 FS: Encyclopedia of Disc Music Boxes
2017.01.24.02 Free RollScan Files
2016.11.07.04 Aging Impacts Mechanical Music Maintenance Field
2016.10.10.05 MK4 Roll Scanner Circuit Board Photo
2016.07.06.03 Pauline Alpert - Duo-Art Piano Roll Artist
2016.02.13.05 Threaded Discussion Groups for Mechanical Music
2015.11.04.04 Donating a Collection to an Institution
2015.03.18.01 Seek Parts for Roll Repair Table
2014.11.03.01 Seek Photos of Bob Streicher, Machinist
2014.10.30.01 Roll Scanning & E-valves Discussion Groups
2014.08.24.03 Donating Literature to an Institution
2014.07.11.06 FS: Nickelodeon, Ampico Piano, Musical Box, More
2014.04.03.04 Auto-Typist Roll Frame
2014.03.01.02 Preserving the Music of Music Rolls
2013.09.26.03 Making a Grand Piano Belly Cloth
2013.09.14.01 Alvin Johnson Estate Auction 28 Sept. in Iowa
2013.04.16.01 FS: Personal Library of Mechanical Music Books
2013.02.03.07 Cecilian 13-1/4" Music Rolls by Farrand
2012.11.20.01 Piano Roll Repair Table
2012.07.09.01 Call for Papers: Your Brain Needs Music!
2012.07.05.01 New Book "Violin-Playing Machines" by Bowers
2012.05.26.14 FS: New Book "Violin-Playing Machines" by Bowers
2012.03.03.01 New Book "Violin-Playing Machines" by Bowers
2012.02.23.03 FS: Knabe Ampico Grand in Ohio
2012.02.20.03 New MIDI Files at Web Site
2012.02.16.08 65-note Music Mounted on 88-note Spool
2011.09.09.02 Seek Photos of Larry Givens
2011.09.07.02 Donating a Collection to an Institution
2011.08.09.03 Photos of the Steinway Mansion in Astoria, Queens
2010.10.23.04 Splitting Open the Duo-Art Expression Box
2010.10.10.05 Strange Duck a Choralcelo, not Orchescello
2010.06.20.01 Passing of Doyle Lane
2010.05.05.06 Seek Netherlands Pianola Association
2009.07.31.03 Piano Roll: Listening to a Birch Tree
2009.06.23.01 Welte Orchestrion at Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor
2009.05.09.02 Collection of Mechanical Music Publications
2009.05.08.12 FS: Collection of Mechanical Music Publications
2009.04.27.07 FS: 40-year Collection of Music Magazines
2009.03.06.03 Apollo ArtEcho Reproducing Piano Chart
2009.02.28.01 Piano Roll Cabinet Plans
2009.02.03.07 Repairing Old Piano Rolls
2009.01.01.07 Removing Bellows Fabric
2008.12.17.05 Cost of Transcribing Music Roll to MIDI File
2008.12.15.02 Playing Piano Rolls Without a Player Piano
2008.12.09.03 Music Roll Repair Table
2008.11.11.03 Our Published Heritage - Scanning Documents
2008.11.11.02 Our Published Heritage - Copyright Orphans
2008.11.09.06 Downloadable On-line Sheet Music
2008.11.09.02 Our Published Heritage
2008.11.07.03 Our Published Heritage
2008.10.02.09 Drying Music Rolls
2008.07.09.01 AMICA Convention 2008
2008.01.26.01 Myra Hess Piano Rolls on BBC Radio 3
2008.01.19.03 Mechanical Music on YouTube
2007.07.25.04 MIDI Files of Music Rolls
2007.07.21.02 MIDI Files of Music Rolls at Web Site - Batch 26
2007.06.12.02 Additions to Digitized Original Literature
2007.05.26.06 Preserving Original Literature
2007.05.24.02 Scanning & Digitizing Original Literature
2007.04.26.02 Disklavier Performs Change Ringing
2007.04.24.02 Disklavier Performs Change Ringing
2007.03.22.03 Seek Better Piano Sound from Computer
2007.03.11.03 New Solenoid Player Piano Systems
2007.02.19.05 Scanning & Digitizing Original Literature
2007.02.01.05 Seek Player Piano Advice in Northampton, Mass.
2006.12.27.08 Rescue the Unplayable Disintegrating Music Rolls
2006.11.30.04 Lights Inside a Coin Piano
2006.08.31.08 Original Player Piano Documents Available On-line
2006.08.31.07 Scanning Music Rolls With a Flat Bed Scanner
2006.08.17.01 Ampico Monthly Bulletins Available On-line
2006.08.12.01 Larry Doe MK4 Roll Scanner
2006.07.21.01 Duo-Art Organ Music Roll Catalog On-Line
2006.07.17.03 Seek Unsalable Music Rolls to Preserve the Music
2006.07.15.04 1902 Aeolian Grand Roll Catalog On-Line
2006.07.07.07 AMICA Technical Session - Roll Scanning
2006.06.19.01 1927 UK Supplement to the 1925 Ampico Catalog
2006.06.02.02 Prices Realized - Gerald Stonehill Collection
2006.04.05.04 MIDI Files of Music Rolls at Web Site - Batch 23
2006.02.03.01 MIDI Files of Music Rolls at Web Site - Batch 21
2006.01.18.04 Archival Media for Digital Data
2006.01.13.01 New E-valves Discussion Group
2005.12.31.03 Ivory & CITES Endangered Species Agreement
2005.12.22.03 MIDI Files of Music Rolls at Web Site
2005.12.06.03 QRS "Solo Apollo" Piano Roll of 135 Channels
2005.10.02.01 Meaning of Q.R.S.
2005.08.01.04 Rotating Punch Tool for Repairing Music Rolls
2005.06.19.06 FS: 1,300 88-note Rolls
2005.06.05.03 Computer Translation Of Audio Recording To Disklavier
2005.04.21.08 Unknown Tunes on "A" Roll No. 50276
2005.03.25.01 Possible Musical Box Auction Scam
2005.02.25.04 MIDI Files of Music Rolls at Web Site
2004.12.17.07 FS: Collection of 1,100 Music Rolls
2004.12.15.02 MIDI Files of Music Rolls at Web Site
2004.11.08.01 MIDI Files of Original Music Rolls at Web Site
2004.10.16.05 Aeolian 116-note Residence Organ Tracker Bar
2004.10.15.03 Aeolian 116-note Residence Organ Tracker Bar
2004.10.11.04 Seek MIDI Controlled Nickelodeon For Tests
2004.08.04.01 Spool Frames for Style "O", "A" & "G" Rolls
2004.07.18.08 Mason & Risch Duo-Art
2004.07.07.05 Erratic Air Motor
2004.05.26.02 MIDI Files of Original Music Rolls at Web Site
2004.03.12.03 58-Note Player Organ Scale
2004.02.25.04 Music Roll Scanning Forums
2004.01.16.05 Rebirth of Player Pianos By Electronic Control
2004.01.06.07 Artempo "Hand Played" Piano Rolls
2003.10.28.08 Conn Strobotuner Documentation, ST-6 & ST-11
2003.09.27.07 FS: Bowers' "Encyclopedia"
2003.08.15.02 Generosity Brings Joy
2003.08.13.14 Collection of Music Rolls Sold
2003.08.12.13 FS: Collection of 1,400+ Music Rolls
2003.05.11.12 University Declines Ampico Piano Donation
2003.04.19.05 MIDI Files of Original Music Rolls at Web Site
2003.04.13.02 My Piano Roll Scanning Project
2003.03.21.10 Removing Hide Glue Using Flame
2003.02.15.07 Autotypist Spool Frame
2003.02.08.08 Seek Ladder Chain Sprocket Gears
2003.01.06.07 Restoring Original Ivory Key Tops
2002.11.28.07 Conn Stroboconn Tuner Documentation
2002.11.14.02 Welte Orchestrion at Zaharako's Confectionery
2002.10.30.09 Repairing 8-Track Tape Cartridge
2002.10.28.06 Repairing 8-Track Tape Cartridge
2002.10.25.02 Shipping Parcels to Canada
2002.10.24.04 Restored Wurlitzer Theatre Organ
2002.10.08.08 FS: Steinway Duo-Art
2002.08.19.03 CDROM of Disklavier Piano e-Competition Files
2002.06.26.07 Yamaha Disklavier Piano e-Competition MIDI Files
2002.06.12.07 Autotypist Rolls
2002.06.12.01 Piano E-Competition
2002.05.28.08 Computer Operating System Upgrades
2002.05.02.07 Demonstrating the Reproducing Piano
2002.04.29.10 FS: Reproducing Piano Systems & Parts
2002.04.17.01 Mechanical Music Suppliers
2002.03.24.10 FS: My Collection of 358 Duo-Art Rolls
2002.02.26.07 Programs to Encode and Play MP3 Audio Files
2002.02.23.04 Piano Rolls at eBay Auction
2002.02.21.03 Conn Strobotuner Documentation
2002.02.16.06 French Polishing Book & Video
2002.02.14.07 French Polishing Book & Video
2002.02.09.01 Nethercutt Collection in Sylmar, California
2001.12.31.16 FS: FilMusic Picturoll Piano Rolls, Free
2001.12.19.03 Seek Ampico Catalog in Database Form
2001.12.15.03 Scott Joplin Movies Located
2001.12.12.04 Seek 1977 Movie "Scott Joplin"
2001.12.06.04 "Golden Age of Automatic Mechanical Instruments"
2001.11.30.03 "The Golden Age of Automatic Musical Instruments"
2001.11.16.03 Leo Ornstein
2001.10.14.02 WTD: Bobby Hackett
2001.08.16.10 FS on eBay - Ampico B system
2001.07.18.06 FS: Lot of 279 Welte Licensee Rolls
2001.07.13.02 Price Paid for Seeburg KT Nickelodeon
2001.07.11.13 Seek Piano Parts
2001.07.11.10 Exploding Piano Pin Block
2001.06.17.07 Price Paid for Welte-Mignon 1927 Catalog
2001.06.15.05 Percy Grainger Movie, "Passion"
2001.06.10.03 1927 Welte-Mignon Catalog at MMD Web Site
2001.06.04.05 Price Paid for Ampico Rolls, Cabinet & Catalog
2001.05.29.04 1927 Welte-Mignon (Freiburg) Catalog Acquired
2001.05.22.02 Price Paid for Duo-Art 1927 Catalog
2001.04.28.03 Price Paid for 1923 Welte-Mignon Roll Catalog
2001.04.17.06 Edison Business Machine Motors
2001.04.02.05 Price Paid For Tel-Electric Roll Catalogs
2001.03.31.06 Cremona J Auction Reserve Price Not Met
2001.03.06.05 Radio and the Player Piano
2001.03.06.02 New Ephemera Section of AMICA Web Site
2001.03.01.03 Albert W. Ketelbey
2001.02.28.06 Prices Paid at eBay for Piano Roll Catalogs
2001.02.10.02 eBay Prices Paid for Roll Catalogs
2001.01.31.03 Duo-Art Article in 1922 Harper's New Monthly
2001.01.30.10 Calculating Piano Stringing Scale
2001.01.16.05 Gluing Ivory Keytops
2000.12.02.02 Ken Caswell's Feurich Welte Piano
2000.11.28.06 Rebuilding Turbine Suction Pumps
2000.11.22.05 Wurlitzer 125 Tracker Bar Scale
2000.11.05.12 Seek Needlepoint Piano Bench Cover
2000.09.26.08 Seek Book "Re-Enacting The Artist"
2000.07.19.13 FS: Ampico A Knabe 6'4" in British Columbia
2000.05.24.04 Ivory Transport & CITES Agreement
2000.05.20.01 Ivory & CITES Endangered Species Agreement
2000.04.07.02 CITES International Agreement and Ivory
2000.03.30.13 Yamaha Disklavier Pro 2000 Announced
2000.03.27.07 Conlon Narcarrow
2000.03.21.18 FS: Nine Mechanical Music Instruments
2000.03.05.11 FS: Knabe 6'4" Ampico A
2000.02.25.04 MIDI Hardware and Software for PC
2000.01.25.10 Burst Water Pipe Damages Pianos
2000.01.24.08 Burst Water Pipe Damages Pianos
1999.12.23.07 Mechanical Music Christmas Greeting Cards
1999.12.13.07 FS: Ampico Grand Pianos & Roll Cabinet
1999.11.29.03 Anglican Church Barrel Organs in the UK
1999.11.27.06 New Email Address
1999.09.02.07 Advertising at MMD
1999.05.09.04 Art Prints Featuring Grand Pianos
1999.04.18.02 "Tickling the Ivories from Afar"
1999.04.12.14 Hickman Grand Piano Action
1999.04.06.15 FS: Haines Ampico at eBay Auction
1999.04.05.08 Seek "Re-Enacting the Artist" by Larry Givens
1999.03.18.04 Rachmaninoff Ampico Vol. 2 - Telarc CD-80491
1999.03.04.09 Checking Unknown Executable Programs
1999.02.28.10 Pouch On Early Ampico Air Motor Governor
1999.02.26.05 Seek Ampico Stop Collar
1999.02.18.11 Steck Piano at eBay Is Foot-pumped Duo-Art
1999.01.26.04 Philips 200-CD Set of Piano Music
1999.01.19.10 FS: Knabe Ampico Parlour Grand
1998.12.23.04 Email Address for Keystone Music Rolls
1998.12.22.05 Stahnke & Rachmaninoff in New Scientist
1998.12.19.01 Restoring Kalliope Music Box Art Glass
1998.11.26.04 Article "Rachmaninoff Duplicated - Like Sheep"
1998.11.13.02 Christmas Cards for Mechanical Music Fans
1998.11.08.14 FS: Knabe Ampico Parlour Grand
1998.11.08.07 Compressing Audio Files
1998.11.08.04 Rachmaninoff Ampico Rolls on Telarc CD
1998.10.06.12 Interesting Web Site
1998.08.23.07 AMICA - New Web Page
1998.08.17.07 US Dollar vs. World Currencies
1998.08.14.15 Servicing Ampico B Roll Drive Motor
1998.08.12.17 Servicing Ampico B Roll Drive Motor
1998.08.06.09 Ampico A/B Reroll Switch
1998.08.03.01 Tracing Stolen Instruments
1998.07.15.02 AMICA Convention Pumper Contest
1998.07.14.01 QRS Pianomation in Baldwin ConcertMaster
1998.06.12.07 Origin of 'Odeon'
1998.06.09.10 Manual for Conn Strobotuner
1998.06.04.03 Bus from Toronto to AMICA Convention
1998.06.02.12 FS: Kalliope Disk Box & Ampico A/B Grand
1998.05.25.14 Freedom for MMD Information
1998.04.20.06 QRS & CBS "Sunday Morning"
1998.04.19.06 Seek Play-Rite Phone Number
1998.04.11.09 Household Goods Movers for Pianos
1998.04.09.04 1998 AMICA Convention Workshop
1998.04.06.09 "Treasures of Mechanical Music"
1998.04.02.10 Collective Index of Mechanical Music Journals
1998.03.30.10 Mechanical Music Publications on CD ROM
1998.03.17.02 How Many Discs is Enough?
1998.03.09.13 Seek LCD Projection Panel for AMICA Convention
1998.03.03.08 Pauline Alpert Concert & Records
1998.02.23.15 Documentation for Conn Strobotuner
1998.02.22.18 FS: Conn Strobotuner
1998.02.22.07 Seek Roland D110 Sound Module
1998.02.10.06 'Breakfast With The Arts'
1998.02.01.10 New Piano Tuning & Repair Book
1998.02.01.03 The EdisonShop Web Site
1998.01.28.07 Sources of Old Magazines
1998.01.22.07 Kalliope MB has Beautiful Voice
1998.01.17.16 Roll Suppliers in Los Angeles
1998.01.15.12 Belly Cloth Bottom Cover for Player Grands
1998.01.04.20 Artrio-Angelus Owner's Manual
1998.01.02.06 Well Done for John Tuttle
1997.12.31.17 Splitting Open a Duo-Art Expression Box
1997.12.27.09 CD's and Brochures of Sanfilippo Collection
1997.12.25.05 Seek CD of Sanfilippo Collection
1997.12.19.10 Dark Piano Finishes
1997.12.14.02 'Tis The Season!
1997.12.03.10 Leather Belting
1997.11.13.12 Printing Words on Music Rolls
1997.11.09.04 Hotel Pianos
1997.10.25.01 London Visit
1997.10.18.10 Violano Strings
1997.10.08.07 Theremin TV Documentary
1997.10.06.06 Cleaning the Music Box Movement
1997.10.03.06 Demand for Mechanical Music Instruments
1997.09.20.03 Computer Compatibility in UK
1997.09.16.03 Visiting London Soon
1997.09.08.23 Sources for Machining Small Parts
1997.08.31.06 Tipping a Grand
1997.08.26.06 Tipping a Grand Piano
1997.08.25.06 Preservation of Data on Music Rolls
1997.08.10.13 Seek Drawings for Monkey Organ
1997.08.08.08 Player Piano Horror Story
1997.08.02.14 FS: Art Case Ampico A
1997.07.31.19 FS: Steinway Art Case Duo-Art
1997.07.24.11 FS: Player Piano from Winnipeg Odeon
1997.07.24.07 Convert Artrio-Angelus into Duo-Art
1997.07.21.08 Teleconferencing with ICQ
1997.07.15.21 Convert Artrio-Angelus into Duo-Art
1997.07.15.17 Ampico Pump Date
1997.07.15.11 Roll Cabinets from TV Cabinets
1997.07.13.07 Convert Artrio-Angelus into Duo-Art
1997.07.12.04 Ampico Pump Questions
1997.06.25.12 FS: Solo-Art Apollo Rolls
1997.06.03.16 Marlowe Player Piano
1997.05.23.07 Overpriced Pianos
1997.05.01.02 Red River Flood Update
1997.04.22.02 Classical vs. Pop Performances
1997.03.21.01 Player Piano Concerts
1997.03.06.01 Sandusky Convention on AMICA Home Page
1997.02.19.18 FS: 1935 Steck Ampico A/B
1997.02.13.04 Editor's Comments
1997.01.13.07 Home Page for AMICA
1997.01.03.08 Re: Rolls by Gitta Gradova
1996.12.30.12 Re: Epoxy on Tracker Bar Nipples
1996.12.28.04 Horror Story: Epoxy on Tracker Bar Nipples
1996.12.19.13 Re: Roll Repair Table
1996.12.15.07 Ampico Tracker Bar Tubing
1996.12.14.02 AMICA Application On-Line
1996.12.07.03 Re: Tracker Bar Pump
1996.12.04.06 Christmas Illustrations and Gallery
1996.12.04.05 AMICA Web Site
1996.12.02.07 Re: Glue Pot
1996.11.17.06 Toronto Auction
1996.11.17.02 Bill Maguire
1996.11.10.08 WTB: Reproducing Piano Rolls
1996.11.08.03 Tracker Bar with Extra Holes
1996.10.19.03 Gershwin Et. Al.
1996.10.15.05 Removing Animal Hide Glue
1996.10.15.03 Painted Art Case Pianos
1996.10.12.07 My Suggestion for a Bios Page
1996.10.12.06 Future MMD Web Site
1996.10.12.01 Gallery of Art Case Pianos
1996.10.07.04 Thin Tape
1996.10.05.31 Commercialization of MMD?
1996.09.12.04 Grotian-Steinweg with Hupfeld-Phonola Player ?
1996.09.11.20 David Saul Article
1996.08.29.07 Perceived Loudness
1996.08.26.05 Re: Farrand Cecilian
1996.08.18.03 Re: Veneer Sources
1996.08.14.09 Excessive Quoting
1996.08.14.04 Museum vs Functional Authenticity
1996.08.13.12 Channel Spacing
1996.08.07.03 Re: Kalliope Specs
1996.08.05.04 Re: Reading Disks
1996.08.03.05 Re: Ampico Valves
1996.07.31.05 Re: Applying Hot Animal Hide Glue
1996.07.28.03 Re: Refitting an AMPICO Stack
1996.07.24.06 WTB: W-M "Original" System
1996.07.17.04 Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
1996.07.17.03 Orchestrion Identified......
1996.07.04.05 Refinishing Site
1996.07.04.03 Unidentified Orchestrion
1996.07.03.02 AMICA Convention Footnote
1996.07.03.01 Re: AMICA Convention
1996.07.02.02 AMICA Convention - St. Louis - Day 4
1996.06.29.01 AMICA Convention - St. Louis - Day 4
1996.06.28.06 AMICA Convention - St. Louis - Day 3
1996.06.27.07 AMICA Convention - St. Louis - Day 2
1996.06.27.06 AMICA Convention - St. Louis - Day 1
1996.06.27.04 Re: Adding a 2nd Crescendo
1996.06.09.01 Re: 1906 Steinway Grand Player
1996.05.28.08 Re: Spelling, Formatting, etc.
1996.05.18.04 Re: Original Recording Pianos
1996.05.16.04 Re: Calliope
1996.05.14.03 Re: Mr. Innes of Scotland
1996.05.10.03 Re: Marque AMPICO
1996.05.09.05 Re: Ampico Reproducers
1996.05.06.07 A Reproducing Piano's "Voice"
1996.05.06.01 Re: Duo-Art Transplants
1996.04.29.03 Re: Steinway Duo-Art System Replacement
1996.04.24.01 Re: Wire Size Calculations
1996.04.22.01 Wire Size Calculations for Restringing
1996.04.18.07 New Home Page
1996.04.15.11 Re: Roll Repair Tape Source?
1996.04.10.04 Suggestions for MBSI Bulletin
1996.04.08.02 Sealing Pouches
1996.04.05.05 Instrument Graphics
1996.03.28.02 Kalliope Disk Box
1996.03.26.06 Contagious Over-Commitment
1996.03.26.05 Re: Force vs Travel
1996.03.24.05 Sources of Supplies?
1996.03.17.02 Success Cleaning Escutcheon Plates
1996.03.12.03 Cleaning Escutcheon Plates
1996.03.07.04 Organ Web Site
1996.03.04.04 FS: 1935 Steck Ampico A/B
1996.02.28.05 Countersunk Washers
1996.02.20.01 Treemonisha Roll
1996.02.19.10 Document Transfer
1996.02.19.09 Re: Document Transmission
1996.02.19.08 Welte Style 3 Rolls
1996.02.19.07 Player Piano Company (PPC) Catalog
1996.02.17.02 Document Transmission
1996.02.14.02 Re: Schultz Player Pianos
1996.02.14.01 Re: Administrivia: Headcount by Domain
1996.01.28.06 Articles on Clarence Hickman
1996.01.08.03 Optical Technology
1996.01.06.03 Re: Truncated Mail and Other Mail Weirdnesses
1996.01.06.02 Re: Pneumatic Whetstone Bridge
1995.12.26.01 Christmas Discs and Forwarded Ascii Art
1995.11.28.03 Christmas Graphics (and Music)
1995.11.14.02 Re: Those Lovely Aeolean Valves
1995.10.31.02 Classical Web Sites
1995.10.29.02 Re: Kalliope Disk Box
1995.10.21.04 New Ragtime Site
1995.10.21.03 Re: Great Hoosier Find?
1995.10.08.04 FTP Sites for Midi Files
1995.07.30.01 Re: Ampico Problem
1995.07.28.04 Re: Ampico Expression Test Unit
1995.07.28.01 Re: Ampico Problem
1995.07.26.01 Ampico A/B Troubleshooting
1995.07.11.05 WTB: Old Player Piano Rolls
1995.07.04.02 Bit of History: Re Diana Lynn
1995.06.16.01 Re: Reference for Art Case Styles Wanted
1995.06.14.05 Re: MBSI Article
1995.04.19.09 Re: STEINWAY SOLD!!!!
1995.04.19.03 Re: Player Pianos
1995.04.18.03 Automatic Music List
1995.04.17.07 Re: Automatic Music Mailing List

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