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Digest NrSubject
2014.08.10.02 FS: Adam Remet Mechanical Music Collection
2013.05.30.02 Facebook Chat Groups About Mechanical Music
2012.10.28.01 Buddy Greco Records for Player Piano Posterity
2012.04.02.02 Thursford Collection Founders Day Photos
2012.03.31.01 Ramet Music Roll Auction 4th April 2012
2012.03.23.02 How to Compose and Arrange for Pianola
2012.03.20.04 How Did Wurlitzer Choose Songs for Music Rolls
2012.03.18.04 Possible Evidence of QRS & Aeolian Relationship
2012.03.16.11 FS: Rolls at Ramet Music Roll Auction
2012.03.16.02 Music Rolls with Chinese Tunes
2012.03.07.03 Ramet Music Roll Auction
2011.12.02.01 Mechanical Music Photo Wall Calendar 2012
2011.09.30.01 PPG Postbid Music Roll Auction No. 73
2011.09.09.01 Great Dorset Steam Fair 2011 Photos On-line
2011.06.25.01 Pianola Day at Musical Museum in Brentford
2011.06.10.02 Waldkirch Organ Festival & Mechanical Music Photos
2011.06.07.02 Two New Compositions for Mechanical Piano
2011.02.05.03 PPG Postbid Music Roll Auction List No. 72
2011.01.11.03 New Syncopated Piano Compositions to Piano Roll
2011.01.02.05 Meaning of "Lied und Yale" in German Music
2010.10.31.01 Player Piano Group Roll Auction List No. 71
2010.10.11.09 Player Pianos Far From Dead
2010.10.06.03 PPG Music Roll Auction List No. 71 Online Now
2010.09.21.01 Great Dorset Steam Fair 2010 Photos On-line
2010.08.26.05 Bluethner Hupfeld Solophonola Player Piano
2010.08.19.05 King Chanticleer One-Step for Pianola
2010.06.28.07 Value of Wilcox & White 58-note Push-up Player
2010.06.28.05 Orchestrion at Sutro Baths, San Francisco
2009.12.04.04 Piano Roll MIDI e-Concert #10 at Web Site
2009.05.27.02 Pianola & Welte Concert Orchestrion on YouTube
2009.05.10.06 Welte Style 10 Concert Orchestrion on YouTube
2009.04.25.01 PPG50 Souvenir Commemorative Music Rolls
2009.04.22.01 Player Piano Group Golden Jubilee 2nd May 2009
2009.04.13.13 FS: New Ragtime Piano Rolls
2009.04.13.07 The Pianola Forum On The Internet
2009.04.13.02 Player Piano Group 50th Golden Jubillee Event
2009.02.15.01 Piano Roll e-Concert Number 10 at Web Site
2009.02.13.02 Moszkowski Pianola Concerto on YouTube
2009.01.29.05 Player Piano Group Golden Jubilee and Concerts
2009.01.29.04 Player Piano Group Concert 31st January 2009
2008.11.21.01 Piano Roll MIDI Concert #8 at Web Site
2008.09.02.02 Mechanical Music Videos On the Internet
2008.09.02.01 Great Dorset Steam Fair 2008 Photos On-line
2008.07.23.01 Mechanical Music in Virginia
2008.07.18.06 Fair Organs Should Play More Modern Music
2008.07.14.03 Mechanical Music Video Ideas at YouTube
2008.06.09.02 Did George Bernard Shaw Have a Pianola?
2008.06.08.06 Aliens Visit Player Piano
2008.06.02.02 Player Piano Group on Facebook
2008.06.01.04 Piano Roll MIDI Concert #7 at Web Site
2008.06.01.03 Mechanical Music and Player Piano Photo Galleries
2008.05.12.06 Pianola in TV Movie "An Englishman Abroad"
2008.05.09.01 Player Piano Group Annual General Meeting Video
2008.04.01.01 Mechanical Music Poetry
2008.03.28.02 Piano Roll MIDI Concert #6 at Web Site
2008.03.28.01 Amersham Fair Organ Museum
2007.11.30.02 Promoting Non-Mechanical Music
2007.11.30.01 Aeolian Orchestrelle CDs Realized by Paul Morris
2007.11.29.02 Aeolian Solo Orchestrelle on YouTube
2007.11.23.02 IAMMP Passes the 6000th Scan Mark
2007.11.01.04 Piano Roll MIDI Concert #5 at Web Site
2007.10.29.01 London Musical Museum & St. Albans Organ Museum
2007.10.25.04 Piano Roll MIDI Concert at PPG Web Site
2007.10.25.03 Musical Museum in Brentford, London
2007.09.16.05 Salomons Welte Philharmonic Organ/Style 10 Roll
2007.09.14.02 Salomons House Welte Philharmonic Organ
2007.09.04.02 Great Dorset Steam Fair Video on YouTube
2007.08.25.02 Piano Roll MIDI Concert at Web Site August 2007
2007.08.15.10 Scott Joplin Piano Rolls & Ragtime Tempo
2007.07.22.02 Mechanical Music Videos on YouTube
2007.07.09.13 FS: Steck Electric Duo-Art Pianola in Sussex
2007.07.03.01 Marenghi Organ Stolen
2007.07.01.03 Who Invented the Player Piano?
2007.06.30.01 Be a Pianola Composer
2007.06.27.02 British Aeolian Pianola Catalog 1922 at Web Site
2007.06.17.09 Sheet Music to MIDI Conversion
2007.06.16.01 Tracker Bar Construction
2007.06.08.01 Blancafort "Victoria" Pianola Roll Factory
2007.06.02.02 Triumph Autopiano Catalog On-Line
2007.05.26.07 Preserving Original Literature
2007.05.24.03 "Piano Roll Toad" Inherits a Pianola
2007.05.23.01 Piano Roll MIDI Concert at Web Site May 2007
2007.05.02.05 Be a Pianola Composer
2007.04.30.01 Player Piano Group Concerts on YouTube
2007.04.29.03 Book: Sydney Grew, "The Art of the Player Piano"
2007.04.13.02 Hot Hide Glue & Pianoforte Construction
2007.04.06.04 Book "The Pianolist" by Gustave Kobbe
2007.04.06.01 New Pianola Forum on Internet
2007.03.31.04 Piano Roll MIDI Concert at Web Site April 2007
2007.03.28.02 Composition by Duo-Art Artist Josef Hofmann
2007.03.23.04 Ernest Newman: "The Piano-Player and It's Music"
2007.03.16.03 Piano Roll MIDI Concert at Web Site
2007.03.10.03 Mechanical Music Videos on YouTube
2006.05.23.05 FS: Aeolian 88-note Push-up Player (Vorsetzer)
2006.05.15.02 Missing Gavioli Organ Located in Derbyshire
2006.05.15.01 Preserving Fair Organs in Historical Context
2006.05.06.08 FS: New Recut Piano Rolls
2006.05.06.03 Transcribing Piano Rolls & Fats Waller
2006.03.27.06 Player Piano Group (PPG) Web Site Updated
2005.09.14.01 Great Dorset Steam Fair
2005.08.18.07 Tempo Marking of Metro-Style Rolls
2005.08.18.04 Player Piano Group Annual General Meeting Photos
2005.03.30.11 Huge Player Piano Action in Broadwood Piano
2005.03.30.05 Internet Fraud and Mechanical Music Instruments
2005.03.08.09 Music Roll Perforator Patent Numbers
2005.02.15.05 J. Lawrence Cook Photos by Duncan Scheidt
2004.12.30.04 Old Mechanical Music Joke
2004.12.27.02 Adam Ramet's Player Piano Web Page
2004.09.21.02 Simplex 65-Note Player Piano & Rolls
2004.08.24.08 Unknown Fair Organs & Tunes on Old Recordings
2004.08.24.04 Peerless Elite Rolls Transcribed to MIDI Files
2004.07.15.10 FS: Steinway Model B Pedal-Electric Duo-Art
2004.07.15.09 FS: Steinway 65-88 Themodist Pianola in UK
2004.05.14.02 Tempo Marked on Piano Rolls
2004.05.06.06 10-3/8" Wide Music Rolls With Wood Flanges
2003.09.23.01 Aeolian Recording Piano of 1904
2003.09.04.10 Aeolian Recording Piano of 1904
2003.06.05.07 Band Organ Is Too Loud
2003.05.14.13 Roenisch Claviola 88-Note Player Piano
2003.04.01.08 FS: Steinway Grand Pianola & Steck PEDA in UK
2003.01.13.12 FS: Steinway Red Welte Upright in UK
2002.10.02.07 List of Pop Piano Rolls Presumed Lost
2002.09.18.02 Aeolian Pipe Orchestra
2002.04.02.04 Visiting Wellington, New Zealand
2002.03.22.12 Repair the Music Roll Using Its Own Paper
2002.03.01.01 1902 Pianola Concert Centenary
2002.02.17.07 Octave Coupling
2002.02.17.03 Wilcox & White "Pneuma Symphony" Player Organ
2002.01.21.05 Electric Self-Playing Piano Co. & G. Howlett Davis
2001.12.22.07 Converting Orchestrelle to Play 88-Note Rolls
2001.12.02.01 Keytop Organ Player by Maestro Co., Elbridge, NY
2001.12.01.04 Salon Music
2001.10.16.01 Musical Museum Website
2001.10.03.05 Metrostyle Rolls vs. Hand-Played Rolls
2001.10.02.02 Visiting Chicago Area
2001.09.25.09 Fair Organ Restoration Ethics
2001.04.30.03 Dalian Piano Roll Themeing System
2001.04.30.02 Player Piano Group Web Site
2001.03.05.02 "Tangled Tunes" by Albert W. Ketelbey
2001.02.21.11 "Tangled Tunes" Entangled by Albert W. Ketelby
2001.01.19.08 Blancafort "Victoria" Piano Rolls of Spain
2001.01.16.03 UK Rolls: Echo, Artist, Artistyle, Meloto, Regent
2000.12.20.04 Aeolian Artist George Swift
2000.11.29.06 Fats Waller Piano Rolls Played On Pipe Organ
2000.11.29.02 Nallino Automatic Piano-Organ Factory in Nice
2000.11.16.11 Is the Piano Sustain Pedal Needed?
2000.11.12.02 Aeolian Orchestrelle Organ Restoration
2000.07.23.03 Naive Antique Dealer
2000.07.20.01 Angelus Orchestral Player Pianos
2000.07.12.13 Phonograph Turntable Speeds
2000.07.08.02 Harvey Roehl & Vestal Press in PPG Bulletin
2000.07.06.16 Hupfeld Triphonola Reproducing Piano System
2000.07.01.05 Seek Metal Otto Higel Player Action Parts
2000.06.24.08 "Reverse" Angelus Player Mechanism
2000.06.19.08 Mechanical Music Info at Web Sites
2000.05.12.05 Aeolian Rolls With Angelus Designation
2000.03.11.05 13.25" Pin End Roll for Farrand Cecilian Player
2000.01.29.16 FS: Angelus & Symphony Rolls
2000.01.29.08 "Golden Tube" Rolls Sold Without Spools
2000.01.24.01 Street Organs in Belgium and The Netherlands
2000.01.20.06 Pianola Lessons at Hickie and Hickie Ltd. (UK)
2000.01.18.01 Angelus Push-Up Player
2000.01.14.05 Salvaging Roll Labels
1999.12.02.21 Photo of Kastner Kastonome Roll
1999.11.13.04 "Dr Duarte's Pianola Problems"
1999.10.01.05 Frequently Asked Questions & Free Advice
1999.09.13.11 Wanted: Simplex Push-up Crank
1999.09.13.06 Beethoven Rolls - Edited for a Reason
1999.09.13.05 Mechanical Music in the Movies
1999.08.13.05 Solar Eclipse in Europe
1999.08.13.03 "Dr Duarte's Pianola Problems"
1999.08.06.11 FS: 65-Note Song Rolls
1999.07.30.17 Pianola Shop Website Updated
1999.07.30.02 Autograph Metrostyle Rolls
1999.06.16.06 A Long-Lost Pianola Returns Home
1999.06.12.04 FS: Ampico Grand Piano
1999.06.04.04 Billy Mayerl "Echo" Dance Rolls
1999.06.01.02 Event 5th June at Pianola Shop, Brighton UK
1999.05.04.10 FS: Steck 65-note Themodist Pianola
1999.04.20.03 Visiting Los Angeles & Push-Up Player Pictures
1999.04.13.15 FS: "New" Re-cut 65-note Rolls
1999.03.26.01 Eastonola Player Piano
1999.03.15.04 Source of Piano Rolls: The Pianola Shop, Brighton UK
1999.01.30.10 Music Roll Pictures At Web Site
1998.12.23.03 Angelus 65-Note Rolls at Web Site
1998.11.20.17 Melodant vs. Themodist Rolls on Angelus Piano
1998.11.11.12 FS: Farrand Player Piano in Essex UK
1998.04.09.12 'The Lightning Switch' & Musical Switches
1997.06.11.05 "Ka-Lu-A" and Jerome Kern
1997.06.11.02 Leaving MMD
1997.05.12.09 Modernly Made Nickelodeons
1997.05.06.05 Fair Organ Preservation Society Website
1997.04.30.18 Music Rolls on Coloured Paper
1997.04.21.05 "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
1997.03.12.12 Mechanical Music in the Movies
1997.03.12.02 Introduction

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