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Digest NrSubject
2018.04.03.09 FS: Wurlitzer Style 165 Band Organ Rolls
2018.04.03.02 Wilhelm Bruder Sons Organ Restoration Website
2018.02.08.04 Blower for Organ Pipe Voicing Chest
2018.02.05.05 Seek Blower for Organ Pipe Voicing Chest
2017.02.24.09 FS: Windsor Player Piano in North Carolina
2017.01.31.04 Free RollScan Files
2016.09.23.01 Amusing Mechanical Music
2013.06.29.03 FS: Louis May's North Tonawanda Model 184
2012.12.11.06 FS or Trade: QRS Christmas Collector Rolls
2012.05.04.07 Seek Piano Leg for Steinway XR Duo-Art Grand
2011.10.30.02 Band Organ Is Halloween Hit
2011.06.03.07 Preserving Audio Fidelity in YouTube Video
2011.05.31.02 How to Interest People in Mechanical Music
2009.06.10.07 Player Piano Co. Auction - Look to the Future
2009.02.12.04 Adjustable Vacuum Source for Testing
2008.12.01.02 Audio Recording and Automatic Gain Control
2008.05.10.06 Small Suction Box for Player Piano
2008.01.23.04 Mechanical Music in Museums
2008.01.15.08 Organizing Piano Rolls On Shelves
2007.11.30.08 FS: PianoStyle 48595 "Jingle Bells" Recut Rolls
2007.10.10.02 Seek North Tonawanda Musical Instrument Catalog
2007.03.01.07 Duo-Art Electric Motor is Overheating
2007.02.13.02 The Hammered Dulcimer or "Desk Piano"
2007.01.10.07 Rebuilding a Wind Motor
2006.12.09.06 Music Roll Spool Core Discoveries
2006.10.15.01 Clear Picture of North Tonawanda Style 184 Received
2006.10.13.04 Band Organ Music at Texas State Fair
2006.10.13.01 Still Seeking Clear Picture of North Tonawanda Style 184
2006.10.09.05 Seek Clear Picture of North Tonawanda Style 184
2006.09.07.03 Player Piano Notes That Barely Play
2006.05.03.05 Transcribing Piano Rolls to Sheet Music
2005.11.13.02 Seek Regina 15-1/2" Disc Musical Box
2004.10.08.01 Operating a Band Organ at Pitt County Fair
2004.10.04.05 Music Roll Spool Shaft Squeaks During Rewind
2004.09.16.03 FS: Knabe Ampico in North Carolina
2004.08.31.13 Chester Kuharski Paper "Kuharski on Duo-Art"
2004.08.30.05 Chester Kuharski Paper "Kuharski on Duo-Art"
2004.06.25.03 The Future of Mechanical Music
2004.03.10.06 Gluing Bellows Cloth
2003.10.17.02 Percussion Striker Systems in European Organs
2003.10.16.05 Percussion Striker Systems in European Organs
2003.10.15.07 Percussion Striker Systems in European Organs
2003.10.13.03 Percussion Striker Methods of European Organs
2003.09.27.08 FS: Piano Rolls
2003.09.20.05 FS: Piano Rolls
2003.09.08.15 FS: Kastonome & Angelus Rolls
2003.08.21.11 FS: Upright 88-note Player Pianos, Free
2003.05.31.01 "Jingle Bells" Roll Recutting Project
2003.05.22.01 "Jingle Bells" Roll Recutting Project
2003.05.21.08 "Jingle Bells" Roll Recutting Project
2003.05.15.17 Unusual Exhauster Flap Valves
2003.02.17.01 How the Juke Box Got Its Name
2003.01.22.09 Cost to Rebuild Antique Electric Motor
2002.10.14.02 Baby-Sitting Band Organ at Pitt Co. Fair
2002.09.26.07 Squealing Valves in Clark Player Piano
2002.08.22.07 Cracker Barrel Player Piano Roll Music
2002.08.20.06 "The Crackerbarrel Player Piano Roll Gems"
2002.08.18.06 Playing Reproducing Roll on 88-note Player Piano
2002.08.12.09 Moving Player Grand Pianos
2002.07.05.03 Building Pneumatic Roll Reader
2002.02.13.02 Video Documentary "Link: the Quiet Genius"
2002.01.22.02 Changes At My Web Site
2002.01.21.04 Changes At My Web Site
2002.01.19.03 Replicating Music Roll Labels
2002.01.14.11 Cost vs. Benefits of AMICA
2002.01.14.03 Tour Group Seeks Private Collectors To Visit
2001.12.20.06 Piano Roll Cabinet on Top of the Player Piano
2001.12.18.05 Piano Roll Cabinet on Top of the Player Piano
2001.09.05.03 US Route 66 Vacation and Mechanical Music
2001.05.29.08 Early Duo-Art Theme Box and Tracking Device
2001.05.16.07 Seek Video Recording of Link Instrument
2001.05.05.04 Vacationing Along US Route 66
2001.04.13.01 Duo-Art Expression Box Adjustment & Springs
2001.04.10.10 Duo-Art Expression Box Adjustment
2001.04.04.08 Source of Springs for Duo-Art Expression Box
2001.03.11.04 Duo-Art Springs Needed
2001.02.14.04 Charging Fees for MMD
2000.11.04.10 Repair of Reproducing Piano Electric Motor
2000.10.26.06 FS: Steinway Duo-Art Rubber Stamp
2000.10.03.05 FS: Steinway Duo-Art Rubber Stamp
2000.09.08.16 Vacuum Gauges at eBay
2000.09.06.03 Duo-Art Tracking Mechanisms
2000.09.05.08 FS: Steinway Duo-Art Rubber Stamp
2000.08.18.07 Restoring Ariston 24-Note Organette
2000.08.18.04 Rebuilding Standard Pneumatic Co. Air Motor
2000.08.11.02 Chat via Yahoo Messenger
2000.07.29.02 Restoring Ariston 24-Note Organette
2000.06.07.12 FS: Wurlitzer Player Piano in Greenville NC
2000.04.28.05 Duo-Art Motor Noises
2000.03.30.07 Player Pianos and the Next Generation
2000.03.27.10 Player Pianos and the Next Generation
2000.01.19.02 Tempola Music Rolls
1999.12.16.03 Objects Found Inside Roll Boxes
1999.12.01.06 Cost of a Reproducing Piano Circa 1925
1999.11.26.03 Archival Acid-Free Repair Tape for Roll Repairs
1999.10.08.09 Steinway XR Pictures
1999.10.08.08 Steinway Serial Number From Case Number
1999.10.03.04 Frequently Asked Questions & Free Advice
1999.09.30.13 Frequently Asked Questions & Free Advice
1999.09.19.02 Value of Un-Restored Oak Stroud Duo-Art
1999.09.15.02 Steinway Serial Number and Other Interesting Fi
1999.09.12.13 FS: Gulbransen Player Piano
1999.09.12.05 Can't Find Steinway XR Serial Number
1999.08.18.05 Duo-Art Interview Broadcast Via RealAudio
1999.07.16.11 Seek Dynavoice Keytop Player
1999.07.14.12 Build Or Buy a Keytop Player
1999.06.15.08 PPCo 1100 RPM Replacement Motor
1999.06.02.08 Shellac Flakes & Applying Shellac
1999.05.17.14 FS: Steck Duo-Art
1999.05.05.07 The "Killer" Duo-Art Test Roll
1999.04.06.10 Turntable for 78 RPM Records
1999.03.22.12 Installing Rubber Tubing on Tracker Bar
1999.03.22.06 Recording Pianos With Camcorder
1999.03.22.01 MPEG Player Piano Music
1999.03.12.08 Reroll Pneumatic in PPCo. Full Automation Kit
1999.02.23.03 Seek Ariston Pressure Bar
1999.02.22.13 Reroll Pneumatic in PPCo. Full Automation Kit
1999.01.29.07 The eBay Auction and Bidding On-line
1998.12.20.02 Great MIDI File of "Jingle Bells"
1998.12.08.04 Seek Good Unrestored Instruments
1998.11.25.05 Duo-Art Piano Registry
1998.11.10.05 Loading Problems at Web Site
1998.11.09.14 Loading Problems at Web Site
1998.11.03.09 TuneLab 97
1998.10.27.07 Bicycle Cable for Mandolin Rail Control
1998.10.20.08 Stroud Duo-Art Identification Site
1998.10.19.13 Duo-Art Identification Web Site
1998.10.18.06 Duo-Art Testing [ re: "Killer Test Roll" ]
1998.10.14.04 Charlotte MBSI Meeting Report, Amendment
1998.10.10.01 Charlotte MBSI Meeting Report
1998.10.07.12 Mike Kintner's Duo-Art Manual Found!
1998.10.07.05 MMD Internet Virtual Museum
1998.10.05.31 National Book Network Website
1998.09.13.07 Trailer Space Available, New York to No. Carolina
1998.07.08.08 Cowon Wavetable MIDI Synthesizer
1998.06.25.09 Java Piano Roll Player
1998.06.15.11 Value of 1875 Concert Grand Steinway
1998.06.01.05 Player-piano Chat Room on Starlink
1998.05.27.10 Autopiano Secondary Valve Problems
1998.05.26.08 Autopiano Secondary Valve Problem
1998.05.13.13 Ordering Piano Supplies
1998.05.10.08 What Are We Here For?
1998.05.01.19 Vacuum Pouch Dishing Tool
1998.04.03.03 Music Rolls and Journals on CD-ROM
1998.03.31.16 Philosophy for Embarrassment
1998.03.30.05 Embarrassing Piano Story
1998.03.28.04 Mechanical Music Journals on CD ROM
1998.03.19.10 FS: Late 1920's Gulbransen Player
1998.02.28.06 Purpose of Word Roll Scale
1998.02.26.14 Supplier of Punches Found
1998.02.22.15 Cleaning Tracker Bar with Vacuum Cleaner
1998.02.10.15 Felt for Player Valves
1998.02.09.14 Seek Felt for Player Valves
1998.02.03.07 Seek Leather Punches
1998.02.02.17 Autopiano Restoration Demonstrated on the Web
1998.01.31.04 Full Length Piano Rolls in RealAudio Format
1998.01.19.14 Help for Standard Action Valves
1998.01.07.07 Gulbransen Recording Piano
1998.01.02.04 Mechanical Music in East Tennessee
1997.12.29.10 New Music for Reproducing Pianos
1997.12.27.08 Copyright of 1920's Advertising
1997.11.22.05 My Player Piano Web Site
1997.11.01.04 Clever Lyrics - "I Love to Sing-a"
1997.10.28.05 Seek Piano Mover, NYC to NC
1997.10.25.08 Pianolist Instructions
1997.10.24.03 NC State Fair Has No Mechanical Music
1997.10.22.14 Modern Kimball Player Action Available
1997.10.22.08 Blind Piano Tuner
1997.10.22.05 Player Piano Classes at PTG Seminars
1997.10.19.01 Player Piano Job Taken
1997.10.16.18 Estimating Player Repair
1997.10.15.07 Band Organs at County Fair
1997.09.30.09 Stethoscope to Locate Buzzing Sounds
1997.09.30.03 Demand For Mechanical Music Instruments
1997.09.10.03 Musical Coins
1997.09.09.03 Playing the Glasses
1997.09.02.04 Tilting Grand Piano
1997.08.25.12 FS: 400+ Piano Rolls
1997.08.22.03 Events Calendar
1997.08.12.05 Seek Organ For Church Fair
1997.08.01.08 Suction Box
1997.07.23.03 Mechanical Music in New York City
1997.07.18.11 Using Telnet for Teleconferencing
1997.07.09.14 Seek Old Beat-Up Rolls
1997.06.23.08 FS: 65-note rolls
1997.06.10.02 Standard Valves Fixed
1997.06.08.16 Standard Valve Problem
1997.06.05.12 Standard Valve Problem
1997.06.04.17 Standard Double-valve Action
1997.06.04.05 "Band Box"
1997.05.28.11 Seek: Bower's Encyclopedia
1997.05.12.06 Knabe Soundboard Decal Source
1997.05.09.01 Introduction
1997.05.08.02 Introduction

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