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Digest NrSubject
2006.12.11.03 Kimball Player Organ Rolls
2006.12.11.01 Computer Animated Mechanical Music
2006.08.21.05 Mechanical Music in Hawaii
2006.08.17.04 FS: Wurlitzer Style IX Coin Piano in Michigan
2006.03.09.02 Zaharako's Welte Cottage Orchestrion is Sold
2006.01.27.01 "G" Roll Plays Piano & Accordion
2006.01.03.06 Steamboat Calliope Hazards
2005.12.23.11 Mechanical Music Aboard Airships
2005.12.22.01 Wurlitzer Caliola
2005.12.18.07 Copyright Status of Old Music Rolls
2005.12.18.02 Mechanical Music on "CBS Sunday Morning" 18 Dec.
2005.11.30.02 Fair Organs in Ramona Park, Grand Rapids, Mich.
2005.11.18.05 Style "G" vs. "4X" Nickelodeon Rolls
2005.11.18.04 Nickelodeon Roll Clark 4X-185 "Super Tunes"
2005.11.09.03 Photos of Ed Freyer
2005.11.03.17 Formatting 1.4 Mb Floppy Diskettes as 720 kb
2005.11.03.14 Lifting a Vertical Piano to Replace the Casters
2005.11.03.06 Tuning a Wurlitzer Band Organ
2005.10.05.07 Source of Blank Card for Book Music
2005.09.22.15 Player Piano Won't Hold Tuning
2005.09.18.02 Favorite Music for Coin-Operated Pianos
2005.09.13.11 Rubber Bands on Piano Rolls
2005.09.13.09 Repairing Rolls with Scotch Magic Mending Tape
2005.09.11.02 Mammoth Gavioli Organ at Steam Fair
2005.09.08.06 Pressure vs. Vacuum
2005.08.12.03 Automatic Music in Wealthy Homes
2005.07.23.01 Fair Organ Figures Never Smile
2005.07.11.06 Oscillator Modules for Electronic Band Organ
2005.06.30.07 Earn Money With a Performing Instrument For Hire
2005.06.29.02 Painting A Band Organ Case
2005.05.27.01 Gulbransen Instruction Roll
2005.03.20.10 Roll-Playing Electronic Player Organs
2005.03.20.09 Dynavoice Keytop Piano Player
2005.03.20.08 Adding Pipes to "O" Roll Orchestrion
2005.03.20.04 Other Uses for Old Music Rolls
2005.03.20.01 Value of a Band Organ
2004.10.19.02 Remembering David Junchen
2004.10.10.05 History of Wurlitzer Player Pianos
2004.09.13.04 Player Organ in Movie "The Great Race"
2004.07.12.18 Key Lock Device in Upright Player Pianos
2004.07.12.04 Watching the Holes Go By
2004.07.02.23 FS: Wurlitzer Style "I" & "IX" Coin Pianos
2004.07.02.02 "Tuneyville Player Piano" Musical Box Toy
2004.02.24.05 Source of Brass Gears
2004.01.23.03 Playing Wurlitzer 165 Rolls on Pipe Organ
2003.12.18.03 Show Trailer for Wurlitzer Band Organ
2003.11.15.04 Mills Violano Roll Tracking Problems
2003.07.05.06 Perforators Earn More Money Than Music Rolls
2003.06.23.20 Voltage Converters 115V Input 230V Output
2003.01.13.09 Mills Violano AC/DC Rotary Converter
2003.01.12.01 Foot-Pumped Wind Supply For Voicing Organ Pipes
2002.11.14.13 Solenoid Pianos by Mills Novelty Co.
2002.05.31.04 Ethnic Music on "A" rolls
2002.05.23.02 Gavioli Organ Music at Web Site
2002.05.10.03 Good Music on 65-note Piano Rolls
2002.05.09.02 Calliope in Greek
2002.04.28.02 "Big Bertha" Band Organ at Walt Disney World
2002.03.11.04 A-435 Glockenspiel Bars For Wurlitzer 146
2002.02.15.04 Unknown Tune on Wurlitzer APP Roll
2002.01.30.07 Furthest Traveled Mechanical Music Item
2002.01.15.08 Accordion Piano Plays Mills Violano Rolls
2002.01.13.07 Holes in Flute Pipes
2002.01.01.07 FilMusic Picturoll Piano Rolls
2001.12.27.07 Gulbransen "Fishing Pole" Tracking Mechanism Cord
2001.12.12.06 Mystery Player Piano Sold By Keith Prowse
2001.11.18.09 Cleaning Brass Calliope Whistles
2001.11.04.05 Wurlitzer Automatic Roll Changer
2001.10.31.10 Music for Halloween
2001.09.29.01 QRS Music Rolls Factory on TV
2001.09.10.05 Covers for Pianos and Organs
2001.06.01.04 Build Your Own Xylophone
2001.03.05.08 Radio and the Player Piano
2001.02.26.05 Tuning the Calliope
2001.02.19.13 Book "Carousel Horses"
2001.01.17.03 Seek Wurlitzer APP Roll Information
2001.01.02.07 Chad
2000.12.31.03 Happy New Millennium
2000.09.09.04 Source of Vacuum Gauges
2000.08.03.12 Refinishing Wood Surfaces
2000.07.14.15 Phonograph Turntable Speeds
2000.07.14.05 Mystery Tune - The Hootchie Kootchie Dance
2000.07.04.09 Action Brackets for Marshall & Wendell Grand
2000.06.24.06 MIDI Files on the Internet
2000.06.06.02 Lee Conklin Antique Organ Museum in Hanover MI
2000.05.22.09 Shellac & Varnish Wood Finishes
2000.04.24.02 Replicas of Collectibles
2000.04.17.07 Piano Tuners for Player Pianos
2000.03.28.01 Automaton "Isis Playing the Zither", by C. E. Nixon
2000.03.13.10 13.25" Pin End Roll for Farrand Cecilian Player
2000.03.04.10 Removing Stuck Phonograph Cylinder
2000.02.22.03 Mechanical Speech Machines - "Robert Robot"
2000.02.06.09 Loose Tuning Pins
2000.01.19.17 Development of Dynavoice Keytop Player
2000.01.19.11 Materials for Organ Pipes
2000.01.17.09 Bamboo Organ Pipes
2000.01.05.09 Types of "Mandolin" & "Banjo" Piano Attachments
1999.12.28.15 Granger Electric Suction Unit
1999.12.24.07 The Gulbransen Pneumatic Stack
1999.12.24.06 Dynavoice Keytop Player
1999.12.17.06 Frequency Meter
1999.12.06.16 FS: "O" Rolls
1999.12.02.09 Painted Green Welte Roll
1999.12.02.05 Pipe Organ Factory in Michigan
1999.12.01.19 Square Pianos
1999.12.01.18 Cork or Rubber for Wurlitzer Gaskets?
1999.12.01.10 Reed Organ Pipes & Reed Stops
1999.11.29.12 Vertical Pianos & Over-Stringing
1999.11.27.12 Schultz Player Piano
1999.11.27.08 Piano Shapes
1999.10.19.05 Tremolo and Vibrato and Leslie Vibratone
1999.10.02.11 Lubricating Connecting Rods
1999.10.02.03 Different Sounds From Similar Instruments
1999.10.02.02 Surviving Wurlitzer 157 Band Organs
1999.09.26.11 Rotating Head Tape Recorder
1999.09.26.07 Sound Movies on TV
1999.09.26.05 Steam Calliope & Safety Regulations
1999.09.07.08 Magnetic Recordings During WW2
1999.08.21.09 FS: North Tonawanda Band Organ
1999.08.10.12 FS: Phono Record Cutting System
1999.07.28.12 "Napoleon's Last Charge"
1999.07.19.02 Pulley and Belt Guard for Band Organ
1999.07.14.06 Theatre Organs and Trains
1999.06.28.05 Moving a Piano
1999.06.14.04 Location and Condition of Isis
1999.06.14.03 Bill Kenney's De Dulciaan Speelt Picture
1999.06.10.08 Large Drive Pulleys
1999.06.10.07 Rough Service Light Bulbs
1999.05.31.03 Hybrid Player Piano Record Player
1999.05.15.04 QRS Live-Recording Piano
1999.05.08.13 Seeburg C Stained Glass Panel in Alaska
1999.04.22.08 FilMusic PictureRolls
1999.04.16.02 Fair Organ Sound at Australian Web Site
1999.03.18.09 FS: Mason & Hamlin Style 12 Chapel Organ
1999.03.09.05 Calliope Information
1999.03.01.05 Horace Waters Piano
1999.02.25.05 Photograph Any Damage To Instruments
1999.01.31.07 The Bubble-Tube Juke Box
1999.01.31.06 Wurlitzer "Side Man" Rhythm Machine
1999.01.31.05 Aeolian & Aeolian-Skinner Duo-Art Player Organ
1999.01.20.04 Player Organs
1999.01.18.07 Audio Editing Software
1999.01.13.12 Stenciled Pianos
1999.01.13.07 Hamm's Beer Jingle & "Totem Tom Tom"
1999.01.10.08 D. H. Baldwin Piano Co.
1999.01.10.06 Leather for Autotypist Vacuum Pump
1999.01.08.07 Hamm's Beer Jingle
1999.01.08.05 Mechanical Music in the Gay Nineties
1999.01.08.03 Hoch Heidecksburg March
1999.01.07.07 Coin-Operated Entertainment in the Gay Nineties
1999.01.01.05 AutoPiano in Belgium
1998.12.13.12 Apollophone Player Piano
1998.12.11.15 Song-Repeating Device on Player Piano
1998.12.06.05 Piano Tuners Hate Player Pianos
1998.12.05.12 Piano Tuning Stability
1998.12.04.14 Contemporary Airplane Terms
1998.12.04.06 Musical Instruments on the Water
1998.11.30.11 Source of Parts for Conn Strobotuner
1998.11.30.10 Stretch Tuning Pianos
1998.11.28.03 Phase Locked Loop
1998.11.27.08 "Free Reeds" Discussion Group
1998.11.27.06 George Steck Pianos
1998.11.21.05 65/88-note Themodist Weber
1998.11.19.03 Steam Boiler for Calliope
1998.11.14.08 Cecilian Piano Player
1998.11.13.08 Dynavoice Piano Player
1998.11.08.11 Music Roll Acceleration
1998.11.05.07 Overheating Turbine Motor
1998.11.05.06 Ampico Tracker Bar
1998.11.01.05 Tuning the Violano Virtuoso
1998.10.27.05 Lubricating Mandolin Rail Control Cable
1998.10.24.06 Calliope Blower with Electric & Gasoline Motors
1998.10.11.10 Hammond Organ Stop Settings
1998.10.08.09 Difference: Unda Maris and Vox Celeste Stops
1998.10.08.08 Real Audio on Windows 3.11
1998.10.05.05 Canadian Legal Problem: Ivory Keytops
1998.09.25.12 Pipe Organ Blowers
1998.09.22.10 The Humorous History of Ragtime
1998.09.21.14 Seeburg Style A Glass
1998.09.11.11 Service Manuals for Conn Strobe Tuners
1998.09.01.10 Mystery 12-tune A-roll
1998.08.20.13 Treating Musty Rolls
1998.07.30.09 Ragtime Performer Cliff Neiswanger
1998.07.27.03 Search for David Saperton
1998.07.16.04 Auto-typist
1998.07.15.13 Gulbransen Stacks
1998.07.14.08 Leslie Speakers
1998.07.14.06 Smith & Barnes Player Piano
1998.07.03.07 Hammond Novachord Tubes
1998.06.23.04 Good Music on 65-note Piano Rolls
1998.06.08.10 Manual for Conn Strobotuner
1998.06.08.03 Hal Davis' 50-Dollar Violanos
1998.06.04.10 Reproduco Piano Pipe Organ Pump
1998.06.04.01 'Guidebook of Automatic Musical Instruments'
1998.05.31.06 Band Organs in the Cold
1998.05.29.07 Repetition Rate
1998.05.23.08 88-Note Duo-Art Coding
1998.05.23.07 Rollmonica Repairs
1998.05.19.10 Hoyt Metal
1998.05.16.03 "White Metal" is "Hoyt Metal"
1998.05.09.14 Rubber Tire Drives
1998.05.08.13 Gulbransen Instruction Rolls
1998.05.07.17 FS: Roland SD-35 MIDI Synth
1998.05.04.09 Automatic Piano in Movie "Indiscreet"
1998.05.03.09 Piano Hammer Is Thrown at Strings
1998.05.02.04 Wurlitzer Style 164 Band Organ
1998.05.01.11 Pronunciation of "Reproduco"
1998.04.30.11 Home-made Tracker Bar
1998.04.24.10 Quiet Suction Box
1998.04.23.07 Link Aviation Trainer
1998.04.18.04 Calliopes and Cantillopes
1998.04.16.12 Royalties for 'God Bless America'
1998.04.12.08 No Strings Attached?
1998.04.06.13 Mills Novelty Co.
1998.04.06.12 Movie: 'Puppet On a Chain'
1998.04.06.10 "Rebuilding the Player Piano"
1998.04.03.08 The Barrel of Bricks Story
1998.03.24.27 Marshall & Wendell Serial Numbers
1998.03.23.16 Horace Waters Piano
1998.03.23.09 Mulberry Xylophone Bars
1998.03.23.03 Wurlitzer "Monster" on PBS Television
1998.03.22.21 Only Wood for Xylophone
1998.03.22.19 O-Rings
1998.03.22.18 Credit for Player Roll Creator
1998.03.16.03 Age of Chickering #144946
1998.03.10.19 Art Glass for the Seeburg L
1998.03.08.06 WurliTzers Made in Germany
1998.03.08.05 War Song 'Lorena'
1998.03.04.12 Hand-Playing and Roll Tempo 120-140
1998.03.04.09 Recollections of J. Lawrence Cook
1998.03.02.07 Infringement of Melodies
1998.03.01.15 Tracker for 1909 Cable Euphona
1998.02.25.18 Music Roll Paper and Perforators
1998.02.25.16 Accessory for Tracker Bar Cleaning
1998.02.25.10 Pauline Alpert
1998.02.25.07 'Walking the Baby Home'
1998.02.24.13 Color of Ivory
1998.02.24.06 116-note Aeolian Organ Rolls
1998.02.23.04 West Coast Rains
1998.02.21.08 Disinfect the Piano
1998.02.21.07 Wurlitzer Four-in-one Valves
1998.02.13.06 Live Hand-Played Calliope Music
1998.02.13.05 Calliopes on Riverboats
1998.02.11.08 Anderson Piano
1998.02.10.20 Broadwood Pianos
1998.02.08.16 Jacob Doll Piano
1998.02.08.15 Jacob Doll Piano
1998.02.05.02 'Ain't She Sweet' by Milton Ager
1998.02.04.18 Build Your Own Xylophone
1998.02.04.17 Types of 65-note Roll Players
1998.02.02.18 Free Organ Pipes All Gone
1998.01.28.13 FS: Wood Organ Pipes
1998.01.25.11 Adding Pipes to 88-note Player
1998.01.25.08 'My Little Bimbo'
1998.01.24.09 Celeste Voice on Band Organ
1998.01.24.06 'Leverage
1998.01.22.09 'Calliope' and 'Mikado'
1998.01.22.04 Pierce Piano Atlas
1998.01.21.04 How to Pronounce 'Calliope'
1998.01.20.09 Michel-Pierce Piano Atlas
1998.01.20.08 Strohber Piano Co.
1998.01.20.07 Weber Piano Numbers
1998.01.19.02 Help Prison Inmate Build Band Organ
1998.01.04.15 Accordion List
1998.01.04.14 Theater Organ Pipes in Band Organ
1998.01.02.01 Band Organs All Sound Different
1997.12.30.08 Dates for Steck Pianos
1997.12.28.17 FS: Mills Violano Rolls
1997.12.28.11 Erik Lampi's Push-up Player
1997.12.11.15 FS: Pianos
1997.12.11.10 Leather & M. Shultz Player Action
1997.12.08.08 Teresa Brewer & "Put Another Nickel In"
1997.11.29.03 E-Mail Failure
1997.11.25.04 Restoring Player Pianos
1997.11.16.09 Stop List for Hammond Organ Drawbars
1997.11.05.12 Wurlitzer Roll Conversions
1997.11.05.10 The Best Reproducing Piano
1997.10.21.18 FS: Seeburg Celeste
1997.10.21.15 Autopiano Date
1997.10.21.11 Violano Strings
1997.10.14.14 Electric Suction Units
1997.10.14.13 Shellac (Varnish)
1997.10.13.09 FS: Hammond Player Organ
1997.10.09.06 Magnets in Mill Novelty Co. Pianos
1997.10.06.12 High-voltage Solenoids
1997.10.05.05 Cadillacs and Pianos
1997.09.30.07 Aeolian-Hammond Organ Rolls
1997.09.26.15 Seek Mills Magnetic Expression Piano Rolls
1997.09.26.09 Player for Residence Pipe Organ
1997.09.26.02 Newspaper Marches
1997.09.17.14 Essay: Making and Using Mad Rolls
1997.09.13.08 FS: Carpenter Reed Organ
1997.09.12.07 "Midnight Fire Alarm" for the Firemen
1997.09.07.04 Decap, not DeCap
1997.09.03.11 Moving Grand Pianos
1997.08.31.11 FS: Young Chang Grand with Pianocorder
1997.08.30.02 Munroe Organ
1997.08.26.07 Mills Magnetic Expression Piano
1997.08.19.10 'That Other Pedal' in the Middle
1997.08.19.09 Preservation of Mechanical Music
1997.08.14.07 Use of the String Dampers
1997.08.13.12 DeCap Music Roll
1997.08.06.13 FS: DeCap Roll
1997.08.06.12 Xylophones Again
1997.08.06.11 Xylophones
1997.08.06.06 Mike Walters' Octave Organ Rolls
1997.08.05.07 Xylophones
1997.08.02.06 65 Note Rolls
1997.07.31.05 "Alexander's Bagpipe Band"
1997.07.22.11 Tune List - Cremona "M" Rolls
1997.07.19.10 Cremona "M" Rolls
1997.07.18.18 FS: Cremona "M" Rolls
1997.07.17.04 Material for Bell Bars

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