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Digest NrSubject
2019.04.06.03 Rebuilding the Lauter-Humana Air Motor
2019.04.02.03 Seek Lauter Humana Take-up Spool
2019.02.02.02 Fischer Ampico A Grand Plays Too Softly
2018.04.03.03 K. Harmas, Player Piano Collector
2018.03.30.05 K. Harmas, Player Piano Collector
2018.03.28.07 Rebuilding Ampico Model B Pump
2017.12.05.03 Paper Gaskets Under Pneumatics
2016.07.16.01 Restored Ampico Piano Without Player
2016.02.10.12 Ampico A Expression Regulator Problem
2016.02.06.03 Ampico A Expression Regulator Problem
2016.01.26.05 Ampico B Plays Too Loudly
2015.11.04.05 Donating a Collection to an Institution
2015.10.01.05 Refinishing Antique Brass
2015.05.12.07 Humidity Control and Tuning Stability
2015.05.01.05 Ampico B Reroll Brake Adjustment
2015.05.01.04 Unknown Rotary Vacuum Pump
2015.04.27.03 Unknown Rotary Vacuum Pump
2015.04.19.02 Player Pianos Come to Life at Stanford Univ.
2015.03.10.05 Seeburg L Vacuum Requirements
2015.02.14.02 Humidity Control in the Desert, or Anywhere
2015.02.06.02 Ampico Player Piano is Moving to the Desert
2014.03.14.05 Ampico Hammer Rail Lift Problem
2014.02.04.07 Treating Low Humidity Problems
2013.11.21.07 Effect of Temperature on Tuning
2013.10.18.02 Seek Ampico Roll "Brahms Intermezzos"
2013.08.17.03 Rubberized Cloth for Roller Organs
2013.07.26.06 Grounding the Motor and Pump
2013.03.27.03 Ampico Compensating Pneumatic Connection
2013.03.05.04 Ampico A Crescendo Problem
2013.02.22.03 Applying Graphite to Wood Surfaces
2013.02.10.10 Ampico "B" Reroll Brake
2012.12.11.05 Piano Rolls Are Damaged During Rewind
2012.10.19.06 Replacing Player Piano Casters
2012.10.13.04 Regulating The Ampico A
2012.08.19.05 Bypassing Ampico Automatic On/Off Control
2012.08.18.04 Bypassing Ampico Automatic On/Off Control
2012.06.14.05 Stuyvesant Player Piano
2012.06.09.03 Glue for Player Piano Exhausters & Reservoir
2012.04.25.01 Ampico A Pump Spill & Test Roll
2012.01.24.06 Ampico B Pump Problem
2011.08.16.09 Player Piano Won't Hold Tuning
2011.03.14.08 Seeburg "L" Rewind Gear Won't Engage
2010.12.31.03 Ampico Crescendo Problem
2010.11.28.06 Labels on Ampico A Expression Tubing
2010.11.10.08 FS: Catalog of Metrostyle and Themodist Music
2010.10.21.06 FS: Aeolian Catalog of Music Rolls, July 1906
2010.09.26.08 Roll-Operated Player Pipe Organ Census
2010.09.06.04 Door Keys for Musical Box
2010.07.12.07 Player Piano Rewinds Too Fast
2010.07.10.01 Player Piano Rewinds Too Fast
2010.05.04.09 Vacuuming the Player Piano Tracker Bar
2010.05.02.04 Player Piano Cleaning & Maintenance
2010.03.29.02 John Wrasse, Instrument Mover
2010.02.15.04 Ampico Piano Repair Isn't Affordable
2009.08.08.02 Ampico Part Can Be Made
2009.07.16.07 Piano Key Recovering Service
2009.07.16.05 Repairing Wire-reinforced Rubber Hose
2009.07.16.04 Protective Coating for Metal Valve Seats
2009.07.16.01 Kelley Automatic Music Co. of Albany, New York
2009.06.01.03 Sealing Valve Pouches With Rubber Cement
2009.04.13.10 Upright Ampico B Pedal Regulator Mystery
2009.03.29.07 Ampico Unit Valve Seats
2009.03.20.08 Ampico A Subdue Regulation
2009.03.09.06 Hold-down Springs for Ampico Unit Valves
2009.03.07.08 Ampico A Rewind Problem & Relative Humidity
2009.03.02.06 Ampico A Crescendo
2009.03.02.04 Piano Roll Cabinet
2009.01.18.02 Vader and his "Iron Tuning System"
2009.01.08.07 Applying a Surface Coating on a Tracker Bar
2009.01.01.06 Removing Bellows Fabric
2008.12.28.01 Ivory Transport & CITES Agreement
2008.12.21.07 Ampico A Won't Play Loudly
2008.12.21.04 Background Music by Mechanical Music Instruments
2008.12.10.01 John Wrasse, Instrument Mover
2008.11.13.09 Pouch Modifies Ampico Airmotor Governor Suction
2008.11.09.07 Learning Proper Restoration Skills
2008.11.06.07 Rebuilding a Player Piano Pump
2008.10.02.05 Drying Music Rolls
2008.09.16.12 No Suction At The Tracker Bar
2008.09.16.04 Tuning the Organ One Note Lower
2008.09.11.06 Cork vs. Leather for Gaskets
2008.08.06.04 Cleaning the Tracker Bar with a Vacuum Cleaner
2008.07.29.04 Fair Organs Should Play More Modern Music
2008.05.20.06 Coin Piano Suction Measurements - Seeburg L
2008.05.10.05 Muffling Blower Noise
2008.04.14.07 Broken Ampico Drawer Power Switch
2008.03.09.05 Air Cleaner & Purifier for a Dusty Room
2008.03.02.05 Japan Black Paint of Gilsonite
2008.02.12.05 Relative Humidity and the Piano
2008.01.31.07 Duo-Art vs. Ampico
2008.01.15.05 Seek Ampico Restorer in New York
2008.01.08.10 Troubleshooting Seeburg Model L Cabinet Piano
2007.12.09.03 Music Roll Cataloging Software
2007.11.08.11 Ampico A System Removed From Grand Piano
2007.11.06.04 Ampico B Spool Stalls During Rewind
2007.10.07.07 Convert Ampico to Pianomation or Sell It?
2007.10.07.05 Replacing Autopiano Action with Welte Action
2007.06.30.06 Piano Rolls Shredded During Rewind
2007.06.10.05 Player Piano Frame Breaks During Restoration
2007.05.30.03 My First Mechanical Musical Instrument
2007.04.22.05 Seek Ampico B Ball Bleed Unit Valves
2007.04.17.04 Seek Ampico B Ball Bleed Unit Valves
2007.03.31.01 Steam Powered Welte-Mignon Discovered
2007.03.22.04 Hot Hide Glue Story
2007.03.20.07 Replacement Ampico Unit Valves
2007.02.08.05 1923 Kimball Player Action
2007.02.07.06 Repairing a Broken Tracker Bar
2007.01.27.05 Removing Top Action of Late Duo-Art Grand Piano
2007.01.22.04 Quality of Materials & Testing Pneumatic Cloth
2007.01.11.04 Gaskets Under Pneumatics
2007.01.04.09 Patching a Wind Motor
2006.12.24.08 Duo-Art Plays Weakly
2006.12.19.06 Stripped Screw Holes in Wood
2006.12.14.02 Piano Roll Label Adhesive
2006.11.14.10 Relative Humidity and the Player Piano
2006.11.04.04 Band Organ Is Too Loud
2006.10.09.08 Grass Clippings Remove Rust
2006.09.26.04 Removing Ampico Top-Loader
2006.09.16.02 Replacing Tracker Bar Tubing
2006.09.15.04 Deodorizing an Instrument
2006.08.12.08 Repairing an Organette Reed
2006.07.24.07 Sluggish Ampico Pedal Pneumatics
2006.07.18.05 Ampico A Lost Motion Device
2006.07.11.06 Regulating PianoDisc Solenoid Player System
2006.05.21.02 Materials For Player Piano Restoration
2006.05.16.07 How to Make Decalcomania
2006.04.15.05 Ampico Concert Demonstration Pianos
2006.03.27.16 Ampico A Modify Switch
2006.03.27.15 Plating Metal Parts of Percussion Instruments
2006.02.16.08 Testing Air Motor Leakage
2006.02.04.06 Adjusting Ampico A Subdued Re-regulator
2006.01.29.03 American Piano Company Player Test Rolls
2005.12.22.02 Ivory Transport & CITES Agreement
2005.12.17.02 Ampico Christmas Roll "Merry Christmas 1923"
2005.11.13.06 "I Wish I Were Twins" Ampico 214971
2005.11.10.05 Player Piano Motor Runs Backward
2005.11.08.04 Location of American Piano Co. Headquarters
2005.10.21.10 Leather in Pneumatic Valves
2005.09.25.07 Model A Ampico Unit Valves & Leaks
2005.09.22.13 Player Piano Won't Hold Tuning
2005.09.22.10 Repairing a Piano Action
2005.09.17.03 Moving a Piano To a Different Climate
2005.06.29.05 Roll Transport Problem With Long Rolls
2005.06.24.06 Pouch Leather As Duo-Art Gasket Material
2005.06.15.03 Bill Flynt's Ampico Roll
2005.06.10.04 Collector Profiles
2005.06.06.10 Stella Disc Box Value And Repair Cost?
2005.05.23.05 Music Roll Paper Storage
2005.03.31.05 Pianola Playing in Public - The Programme
2005.03.14.06 Protecting Instrument Against Humidity Extremes
2005.03.09.08 Musical Instrument Mover John Wrasse
2005.02.27.03 Internet Fraud
2005.01.22.03 Odd Objects Found in Automatic Instruments
2004.11.19.07 Ampico Symphonique
2004.08.23.02 Dancing to Pianola Music
2004.08.16.05 Cloth "D"-ring Tabs for Music Rolls
2004.07.26.03 Source of Ampico Rolls - Precision Music Rolls
2004.07.20.08 Ampico "A" Expression Cutout Block
2004.07.19.07 Ampico "A" Note Cut-out Block
2004.07.09.05 How I Became Interested in Mechanical Music
2004.05.21.03 Tuning a Band Organ
2004.05.16.07 Hazards of Ozone
2004.05.15.05 Post-Production Editing On Ampico Roll
2004.03.26.01 Modern Aeolian Player Piano - Beginner's Questions
2004.03.06.06 Quality of Pneumatic Cloth
2004.02.22.15 Quality of Bellows Cloth
2004.02.13.08 Modern Electric Wiring Standards for Antiques
2004.02.11.01 Robert Streicher, Mechanical Music Machinist
2004.01.28.04 Seeburg Style "L" Motor & Pulley Specifications
2003.12.02.16 1913 Chickering Ampico Upright
2003.12.02.11 Marking Pneumatics Before Disassembly
2003.12.02.09 Small Glue Pot Substitute
2003.11.13.06 Seek Adhesive to Secure Brass Plate to Wood
2003.11.10.10 Seek Ampico A Celluloid Governor Slide Plate
2003.11.09.08 Seek Celluloid Tempo Name Plate for Ampico A
2003.11.01.06 Black D-hook Music Roll Tabs
2003.11.01.04 Rebuilding a Player Piano in the Customer's Home
2003.09.30.07 Ampico B Jumbo Roll Flanges of Metal
2003.08.05.10 Leather for Bellows
2003.07.31.06 Ampico Pump Covered With Kangaroo Leather
2003.06.12.06 Source of Organ Reeds
2003.06.03.12 Piano Technicians Guild
2003.05.31.06 Piano Technicians Guild
2003.05.08.04 University Declines Ampico Piano Donation
2003.05.07.06 Vacuum Seal on Ampico A Take-up Spool
2003.05.07.05 Regulating the Welte-Mignon
2003.04.18.09 Material for Pneumatic Hinges
2003.04.16.09 Converting Music Between Reproducing Piano Systems
2003.04.15.08 Locating Leaks in Ampico Player System
2003.04.15.04 Ampico Roll Collection at Cornell University
2003.04.06.06 Ampico "A" Wind-Chest Spill Unit Valve Blocks
2003.03.22.04 Heating Hide Glue
2003.03.19.03 Pressure Cooker Heats Hide Glue
2003.03.18.03 Removing Hide Glue
2003.03.10.07 Purple Bellows Cloth Failure
2003.03.03.14 Quality of Rubberized Cloth
2003.02.17.03 Ampico A Has No Expression
2002.12.07.06 Ampico Roll Boxes
2002.11.26.08 Cost of Player Piano Repairs
2002.11.24.08 Value & Longevity of New vs. Old
2002.11.14.10 Piano Quality
2002.10.31.05 New Piano vs. Old Pianos
2002.10.24.07 Added Value of Ampichron
2002.10.21.03 Added Value of Ampichron
2002.10.18.04 Ampico Spinet Piano
2002.08.06.04 Cleaning Celluloid Key Tops
2002.08.06.02 Plating Tuned Percussion Instruments
2002.08.01.04 Pianos With Smoke Damage
2002.07.25.07 Piano Roll Tears While Rewinding
2002.07.22.05 Ozone From Electric Switches
2002.07.21.05 Dow Corning 111 Pure Silicone Grease
2002.07.10.09 Ampico Sustain Pedal Compensating Pneumatics
2002.07.08.09 Ampico Player Is Missing Parts
2002.05.02.05 Demonstrating the Reproducing Piano
2002.03.17.16 Tuning & String Scale of Seeburg "L" Nickelodeon
2002.03.15.05 The Ideal Reproducing Piano
2002.02.22.03 Rodents in Pipe Organ
2002.02.19.13 Piano Rolls at eBay Auction
2002.01.28.06 Old Style Inverted Ampico Unit Valves
2002.01.18.06 Remote Control Coil for Seeburg Coin Piano
2001.12.24.06 Converting Orchestrelle to Play 88-Note Rolls
2001.12.22.05 Converting Orchestrelle to Play 88-Note Rolls
2001.12.19.17 Aeolian "Sting 2" Player Piano
2001.12.19.12 Piano Roll Cabinet on Top of the Player Piano
2001.12.19.08 Repairing Gem Roller Organ
2001.12.17.08 Piano Top Is Not For Knick-Knacks Either
2001.12.17.05 Christmas Ampico Roll of 1939
2001.12.08.03 Ampico "A" Expression Problems
2001.11.28.01 Player Pipe Organ at George Eastman House
2001.11.17.08 Status of Keystone Music Roll Company ?
2001.11.15.05 Modifying Grand Piano for Player System
2001.11.03.04 Yamaha Concert Grand Ampico Piano
2001.10.16.04 Roll Tearing Ampico Model B
2001.10.05.07 Preventing Piano Roll Tearing
2001.09.27.03 Pipe Organ Restoration Ethics
2001.09.10.03 Music Roll Publishers and Customer Relations
2001.09.06.01 Piano Heaters & Electric Blankets
2001.08.28.12 Baby Ampico
2001.08.27.09 Baby Ampico
2001.08.27.04 Keystone Music Roll Company
2001.07.17.12 Piano Tuners' Opinions of Player Pianos
2001.07.11.08 Precision Music Rolls
2001.07.10.10 Ampico Replica Rolls by Precision Music Rolls
2001.07.03.03 Keystone Music Roll Company
2001.06.02.10 Recordings of Aeolian Duo-Art Pipe Organ Rolls
2001.05.14.05 Tempo of Scott Joplin Rags
2001.05.07.08 Leather vs. Rubberized Cloth for Rotary Pumps
2001.05.06.05 Leather for Ampico Pump
2001.04.27.02 Tuning the Piano for "That Honky-Tonk Sound"
2001.04.12.11 Regulating the Welte-Mignon Player System
2001.04.10.03 John Wrasse, Instrument Mover
2001.04.07.08 Sticking Center Pins on Steinway Vertical Piano
2001.04.05.13 Seek Ampico Spool Box Escutcheon
2001.04.05.12 Replacement Power Toggle Switch for Ampico
2001.04.05.04 Paper Shrinkage in Recut Music Rolls
2001.04.04.09 Rebuilding Ampico A Expression Control Devices
2001.01.16.11 Loose Jack Flange Center Pin
2001.01.16.06 Relative Humidity and the Piano
2000.12.01.08 Piano Rolls Played On Pipe Organ
2000.11.29.05 Piano Rolls Played On Pipe Organ
2000.11.24.08 Instrument Tuning, Temperament and Pitch
2000.11.24.07 Player Piano Horror Story
2000.11.16.05 Player Piano for Lease to Western Bar
2000.11.07.14 "Never-Dull" For Cleaning Brass Tracker Bar
2000.08.19.02 Tips for Recovering Pneumatics
2000.07.20.07 Brass D-Rings for Music Roll Tabs
2000.05.31.13 Ampico A Pump Regulation
2000.05.20.02 Hammond Self-Dealing Card Table
2000.05.14.06 Duo-Art Tracker Bar on Ampico Piano
2000.05.07.07 Wanted: 9' Concert Grand Piano Case for Theater Use
2000.05.01.10 9' Grand Piano Case Needed For Theater
2000.04.28.10 FS: Music Box from Clothes Dryer "How Dry I Am"
2000.04.12.07 Modernizing 1850 Tracker Organ
2000.04.03.02 Variable Speed Music Box
2000.04.01.03 Rare Steam Powered Ampico Discovered
2000.03.31.09 Songs You Never Want to Hear Again
2000.03.31.03 Modernizing 1850 Tracker Organ
2000.03.05.07 Consistent Quality Pneumatic Cloth
2000.03.04.07 Seek Guarenteed Pneumatic Cloth
2000.03.04.01 Springs Are Dangerous
2000.02.16.18 Ampico Power Toggle Switch Repair
2000.02.16.08 "Rhapsody in Blue" Premiere
2000.02.08.07 Humidity Control for the Piano
2000.01.28.10 External Pumps & Central Vacuum Supply
2000.01.27.10 Seek Pianist John La Montaine
2000.01.26.08 Music Lovers Are a Rare Breed
1999.12.14.07 Objects Found Inside Roll Boxes
1999.12.09.05 Expensive Background Music
1999.12.09.04 Music - The Signal to Chatter
1999.12.07.06 Metal Reeds For Reed Organs
1999.12.07.05 Too Loud, Too Soft, Too Deaf
1999.12.06.10 Reed Material for Organ Pipes
1999.12.01.17 Installing Solenoid Player in a Standard Piano
1999.12.01.12 Reed Organ Pipes & Reed Stops
1999.11.15.07 Our School Had an Ampico
1999.11.13.16 Servicing Ampico B Roll Drive Motor
1999.08.31.06 Rare Rolls by Pete Wendling
1999.08.26.08 Glass Harmonica at Corning Glass Works, Corning NY
1999.08.21.05 Organ at Larkin Soap Company
1999.08.19.10 Organ at Larkin Soap Company
1999.08.07.03 Vincent Lopez
1999.07.22.05 Nightingale Bird Whistle on Theatre Organ
1999.06.14.07 Date of Manufacture for Story and Clark Grand P
1999.05.23.12 White Glue With Varnish Transfer Decals
1999.05.14.05 Varnish Transfer Decals
1999.05.07.10 Cloth-Covered Electrical Cord
1999.04.28.05 Tight Tuning Pins
1999.04.25.02 Source of Sheet Music
1999.04.02.06 Pianola Playing in Public
1999.03.22.14 Installing Rubber Tubing on Tracker Bar
1999.03.20.11 Seek "Thanks for the Lobster"
1999.03.17.14 Beckwith Bellows Assembly for Damon Atchison
1999.03.01.07 Pouch On Early Ampico Air Motor Governor
1999.02.27.07 Leather Pouch On Early Ampico Air Motor Governor
1999.02.27.06 Original Factory Tuning ?
1999.02.26.04 Ampico Spool Box Cover of Plate Glass
1999.02.16.09 Advice on Purchasing Reproducing Piano
1999.02.15.10 Removing Old Mending Tape From Music Rolls
1999.02.13.05 Music Scrolls & Scroller Pianos
1999.02.09.17 Tracker Bar Cleaning and Care
1999.02.04.06 Seek Certain Piano Rolls
1999.01.27.16 Failure of Player Piano Materials
1999.01.27.13 Schaff Piano Supply
1999.01.27.07 The Ampico As a Security System
1999.01.27.05 Larry Givens
1999.01.26.06 Franklin Ampico Doesn't Play
1999.01.23.14 Winter Piano Company & Aeolian-American Labels
1999.01.23.13 Failing Pneumatic Cloth from Player Piano Co.
1999.01.21.07 Seek Good Quality Pneumatic Cloth
1999.01.21.06 Pseudo Reproducing Pianos
1999.01.13.14 Aeolian & Declining Quality of Pianos
1999.01.12.17 Declining Quality of Pianos
1999.01.12.11 Why Stencil Pianos?
1999.01.11.09 Declining Quality of Pianos
1999.01.10.12 Rebuilding Ampico "B" Unit Valves
1999.01.08.12 Leaks In Ampico Unit Valves
1999.01.07.19 Leaks In Ampico A Valves
1998.12.29.08 Replacing Wind Motor Bushings
1998.12.26.10 Seek New Ampico Unit Valves
1998.12.19.13 Proposal for Shortened Ampico Roll Numbers
1998.12.17.18 Mason & Hamlin "Screw Stringer" Piano
1998.12.17.16 Perflex
1998.12.11.09 Discoveries Inside Mechanical Musical Instruments
1998.12.07.05 Pianos in Theater Lobbies
1998.11.19.07 Bellows Cloth from Player Piano Company
1998.11.11.05 Mobile Player Piano Service
1998.11.03.15 Negativity
1998.11.03.14 Mom Likes the Rachmaninoff Ampico CD
1998.10.22.13 Aeolian Duo-Art Organ Tracker Bar Scale
1998.10.19.14 Pressing Leather and Cloth With Rotary Ironer
1998.10.07.03 Difference: Unda Maris and Vox Celeste Stops
1998.09.27.04 Staib-Abendschein "Mastertouch" Action
1998.09.26.06 Abscheid Action
1998.09.15.02 Music Box with German Inscription
1998.08.27.12 Making Fiber Phonograph Needles
1998.08.22.05 Ironing Piano Rolls
1998.08.20.19 Pouches and Rubber Cement
1998.08.15.20 Ampico B Roll Drive Motor - Warm Tempo Lever
1998.08.13.15 Servicing Ampico B Roll Drive Motor
1998.08.06.03 Seek Don Rand
1998.08.04.10 Adjusting Ampico A Pump Pressure
1998.08.03.12 H. C. Bay Player Action
1998.08.03.07 Buying Original Music Rolls
1998.07.16.08 MIDI-file Player for Mason and Hamlin Grand
1998.07.16.05 Auto-typist Roll Played Random Music
1998.07.11.12 Ampico B Upright Player
1998.07.10.08 C. Kurtzmann Piano Company
1998.07.06.02 Bruce Clark is Home Again !
1998.05.27.11 Autopiano Secondary Valve Problems
1998.05.25.03 Republishing MMD Information
1998.05.21.16 Humidity and Pianos
1998.05.20.02 Regina Mechanism Identification
1998.05.09.15 Smoke and Chemical Reactions on Pianos
1998.05.07.12 Ridding Musty Smells
1998.05.07.10 Problems With Roll Tracking
1998.05.06.22 Leather for Pneumatics
1998.05.05.18 Solenoid Pianos
1998.05.04.13 Sounds of Pneumatic vs. Solenoid Pianos
1998.05.04.11 Horrors of Restorations
1998.05.04.08 Still Seek "Thanks For the Lobster"
1998.04.30.09 Seek 'Thanks for the Lobster'
1998.04.23.20 Inaudible Vacuum Source
1998.04.21.12 Tempo Problems in Spliced Medley Rolls
1998.04.20.07 Identification of Ampico Roll Boxes
1998.04.17.07 Continuously Playing Piano
1998.04.09.14 Duo-Art Organ Test Roll
1998.04.08.19 FS: Rare Wurlitzer 150 Roll No. 13047
1998.04.04.19 Piano Cut-off During Solo Instrument
1998.04.03.07 Found Inside a Piano
1998.04.01.16 Dangers of Tuning and Moving Pianos
1998.03.30.24 Seek New Top-Hat Old-Style Ampico Boxes
1998.03.29.15 Embarrassing Piano Stories - In the Asylum
1998.03.28.16 F.S. Stroud Duo-Art Upright
1998.03.28.15 F.S. Duo-Art Rolls
1998.03.28.11 Replacement Music-Roll Boxes Needed
1998.03.25.09 Aeolian Duo-Art Reproducing Organ Rolls
1998.03.23.14 Ampico Trial Rolls
1998.03.23.12 Seek Suggestions for Seeburg Pump Repairs
1998.03.23.08 Das Glockenspiel
1998.03.17.15 Instruments Out On Location... Horror!
1998.03.13.08 Rolmonica
1998.02.20.18 J. Lawrence Cook at Imperial Industrial
1998.02.03.11 FS: Model "A" Ampico Tracker Bar
1998.01.31.19 FS: Tracker Bar for Upright Ampico "A"
1998.01.27.09 Seek Cheney Phonograph
1998.01.24.11 Tuning the Celeste Voice on W165 Band Organ
1998.01.22.19 Ampico Ampichron
1998.01.21.16 Seek Good Vacuum Gauge
1998.01.20.16 FS: Duo-Art Tracker Bar
1998.01.20.15 FS: Ampico Rolls
1998.01.20.13 Rubber Cement Sealer
1998.01.19.09 Lacquer on Original Brass Tracker Bars
1998.01.16.13 Model "A" Ampico Amplifier Box
1998.01.08.12 Gulbransen Recording Piano?
1998.01.06.06 Player Organ Recordings
1998.01.04.18 Plastic Key Tops
1998.01.04.12 Band Organs All Sound Different
1997.12.30.09 Calibrating Vacuum Gages
1997.12.28.02 Wurlitzer Centennial Cook Book
1997.12.26.31 Irrelevant Topics in MMD
1997.12.21.10 Buy a Wurlitzer or a Seeburg?
1997.12.20.21 Ampico Power Switch
1997.12.17.20 Pneumatic Cloth Deterioration
1997.12.14.20 FS: Criterion Disks
1997.12.13.07 Shiny Brass Tracker Bars
1997.12.12.08 Weaving & Wandering Rolls
1997.12.06.15 Dulcetone / Dulcitone
1997.11.28.08 Power Failure Knocks Out Mail
1997.11.28.03 Not So Nice Memories of the Ampico Factory
1997.11.22.01 New Band Organ in Rochester, New York
1997.11.20.05 Ampichron Capehart Switch
1997.11.18.15 Ampichron Clock Accessory
1997.11.13.01 Owner Says "Excellent Condition!"
1997.11.10.03 Words on Rolls
1997.11.07.11 AEolian factory
1997.11.06.14 What's a Hurdy-gurdy?
1997.11.05.05 Don't Shoot the Piano Player
1997.11.04.08 Seek Source for Mahogany Wood Stain
1997.10.29.16 Re-cover Pneumatics with Polylon ?
1997.10.22.07 Piano Tuner's Horror Story
1997.10.20.06 Correction: PTG, not PPG
1997.10.19.08 Mechanical Music Price Guides
1997.10.18.07 Piano Technicians Work a Tough Job!
1997.10.16.20 Seek Regina 15-inch disks.
1997.10.15.17 Salvaging Player Pianos
1997.10.09.02 Playing a Theremin
1997.10.08.10 Replacing Ivory Keytops
1997.10.04.10 Demand and the "Rich Man's Hobby"
1997.10.04.02 Molasses in Regina with Terrible Tone
1997.09.29.01 Regina with Terrible Tone
1997.09.28.06 Making Pneumatics
1997.09.18.10 Escutcheons
1997.08.27.13 Rolls Tearing on Rewind
1997.07.27.19 Cuckoo Clock Bellows and Zephyr Skin
1997.07.01.06 Electrical Safety
1997.07.01.01 The Eastman Theater Organ In Rochester
1997.06.26.08 Electrical Safety
1997.06.24.07 Electrical Safety
1997.06.22.01 Keystone Music Roll Company
1997.06.06.04 Music Roll Boxes
1997.05.12.13 Sluggish Reproducing Piano?
1997.05.07.09 Removing Player Actions!!!??
1997.05.04.13 AEolian Duo Art Pipe Organ recordings
1997.04.28.07 Visiting East Rochester NY
1997.04.17.02 Piano Horror Story
1997.04.11.09 Wet Blankets of the Musical World
1997.04.04.02 Missing Collectors
1997.03.23.03 Player Piano Concert 44 Years Ago!
1997.03.22.09 Rudi Erlebach
1997.03.16.09 Seek Ampico Plug
1997.03.12.13 Mechanical Music in the Movies
1997.03.09.14 Seek Ampico Parts and Rolls
1997.03.02.11 Loose Tuning Pins
1997.03.02.07 Lead Tubing in Spool Box
1997.02.28.15 Regulating Ampico A
1997.02.20.11 Quality of Modern Players
1997.02.13.15 Seek: Ampico Rolls, Chopin and Beethoven
1997.02.12.21 Ampico A Motor Switch
1997.02.10.03 Larry Givens
1997.02.09.03 Teaching Music Appreciation
1997.02.07.09 Teaching Music Appreciation
1997.02.07.08 Mechanical Music for Everyone
1997.02.04.09 Humidity Control
1997.02.01.01 Life of Materials in Pneumatic Instruments
1997.01.29.13 Piano Key Recovering Service
1997.01.26.11 Re: Plastic Keytops
1997.01.24.10 Re: Restoring Metal Nameplates
1997.01.23.11 Re: Winter Aeolian Rolls
1997.01.18.09 Re: Sources of Repair Materials
1997.01.18.03 Re: Trouble with ISP
1997.01.17.08 Re: What's a Connorized Roll?
1997.01.16.11 Re: Sources of Repair Materials
1997.01.15.13 Re: Help for 1914 Kimball Player
1997.01.11.01 Pronunciation of 'Ampico'
1997.01.10.04 Re: Pouch Leather and Valves
1997.01.07.08 Re: Space for Player Piano
1997.01.06.11 Pouch Leather
1997.01.03.12 Ampico B Unit Valves
1997.01.02.02 Ampico Factory Chimney Still Stands
1997.01.01.08 Re: Need Orchestrelle Reeds
1997.01.01.07 Re: Window from Ampico Factory
1996.12.23.03 Sewing Machine Punches Paper
1996.12.21.09 Ink-jet for Word Rolls
1996.12.20.06 Ampico Rochester Factory Recollections
1996.12.20.01 Introduction
1996.12.19.07 Ampico Assistance by Email
1995.12.21.06 Homemade Ampico Roll Labels
1995.12.13.03 Re: Subscription Roll Project
1995.12.08.12 FS: Ampico Recuts
1995.11.29.09 Three New Ampico Recuts
1995.08.22.02 Introduction / Ampico Rebuilding continued
1995.08.22.01 Introduction / Ampico Rebuilding
1995.08.18.02 For Sale: Rodgers 3 manual theatre organ
1995.08.02.01 Introduction

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