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Digest NrSubject
2005.12.24.05 Mechanical Music Aboard Ships
2005.12.17.04 Jumbo Duo-Art Program Rolls by AMR
2005.12.08.06 Pirating Music Rolls
2005.10.24.04 Donating a Personal Library to an Institution
2005.10.16.02 Sending Money from USA to Europe
2005.10.04.03 Q.R.S., Apollo & Melville Clark 1895
2005.10.01.06 Meaning of Q.R.S.
2005.08.25.01 Are UK Duo-Art Rolls Better Than USA Rolls?
2005.07.09.03 Declining Interest in Mechanical Music
2005.03.27.04 Piano Roll Date Codes
2005.02.25.12 Securing a Push-Up Piano Player
2005.02.08.04 Book "The Piano - a history" by Ehrlich
2005.01.08.04 MIDI Explained in Piano Roll Terms
2005.01.03.05 88-note Push-Up Player Market
2004.12.17.03 Melville Clark Apollo 5-in-1 Player Piano
2004.11.23.12 Steinway Duo-Art 9' 6" Concert Grand Pianos
2004.10.09.02 Expression When Recording 88-Note Piano Rolls
2004.09.22.05 Simplex 65-Note Player Piano & Rolls
2004.08.28.05 QRS Piano Rolls in Plastic Wrap
2004.08.26.01 WW2 Artistyle Rolls by Herbert Marshall & Sons
2004.08.20.02 Rex Lawson Gets Married
2004.07.04.09 Special Interest Societies
2004.05.15.03 Rachmaninov Ampico Rolls Broadcast on BBC Radio
2004.05.12.02 Rachmaninov Ampico Rolls Broadcast on BBC Radio
2004.04.27.03 FS: QRS Greek Language Song Rolls
2004.03.25.06 Arts and Crafts "Mission" Style Piano
2004.03.02.06 The Future of Mechanical Music
2004.01.04.07 Dates of Piano Roll Recording Sessions
2003.10.09.07 Fats Waller Piano Rolls Played On Pipe Organ
2003.10.08.06 Piano Rolls played by Thomas "Fats" Waller
2003.10.04.01 Value of Piano Rolls
2003.09.25.03 Welte-Mignon Recording Technology
2003.09.17.03 Aeolian Recording Piano of 1904
2003.09.11.09 Welte-Mignon T-100 Recording System Technology
2003.09.09.05 Are Mechanical Music Instruments "Robots"?
2003.09.03.03 Aeolian Recording Piano of 1904
2003.07.25.13 Eavestaff Autopiano of London
2003.06.07.08 Value of 88-note Push-up Player
2003.05.17.02 Player Piano Tech Herb Lindahl of Connecticut
2003.05.16.07 Roenisch & Hupfeld & Claviola
2003.05.09.07 Source of 65-Note Pianola Rolls
2003.05.03.03 Longevity of Music Media
2003.05.01.07 Building a Duo-Art Vorsetzer
2003.03.07.05 Rebuilding Aeolian Push-up Piano Player
2003.02.16.05 Artona Rolls
2003.02.11.09 Nimbus "Grand Piano" Duo-Art CDs
2002.12.27.03 Harry & Sylvia Medcraft
2002.12.22.05 Recreating Piano Roll Labels
2002.12.19.07 Origin of Name "Jukebox"
2002.12.08.14 Excess of Player Pianos in UK
2002.12.03.05 Excess of Pianolas in UK
2002.11.27.04 Impact Of the Player Piano Upon Society
2002.11.26.11 Tempo of "Rhapsody in Blue"
2002.10.20.01 Transporting a Pianola to Public Performances
2002.10.05.03 Piano Without a Player Action Is More Valuable
2002.09.22.05 Customer Wants a Non-Original Case Finish
2002.08.17.04 Playing Reproducing Roll on 88-note Player Piano
2002.07.28.02 Duo-Art & Pianola Power in the Concert Hall
2002.07.18.04 Music Roll Centering Using Note Slots
2002.05.03.06 Demonstrating the Reproducing Piano
2002.04.25.07 Music Roll Perforating Firms
2002.02.26.04 QRS Self-Tuning Piano System
2002.02.26.02 Passing of Pianist & Composer Leo Ornstein
2002.01.27.07 Hupfeld DEA Reproducing Player Piano
2002.01.17.05 Is Automatic Music a Dinosaur ?
2001.12.31.12 Should a Restoration Look Like New?
2001.12.16.05 Autopiano by Kastner & Co. England
2001.12.13.09 Triumph "Autoleon" Player Piano Action
2001.11.29.06 Salon Music
2001.11.20.03 65- & 88-note Push-Up Players
2001.11.07.05 Yamaha Concert Grand Ampico Piano
2001.10.16.08 Metrostyle Rolls
2001.08.12.07 Parts For Aeolian Pianola Pushup Player
2001.08.02.07 First Built-In Players
2001.07.31.07 "There'll Be A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight"
2001.07.30.05 Have Piano, Will Travel
2001.07.28.05 Single Roll Duo-Art "Rhapsody in Blue"
2001.07.16.01 Aeolian Company President H. B. Tremaine
2001.07.08.10 Surviving Player Pianos & Pedal Duo-Art in UK
2001.07.06.11 65-Note Rolls
2001.04.12.12 Dynamic Range of the Player Piano
2001.04.01.05 Small Electric Motor for Music Roll Drive
2001.04.01.02 Old Piano Rolls Are Like People
2001.03.06.06 Radio and the Player Piano
2001.02.20.08 Contributing to MMD
2001.02.14.16 Player Piano Power for the Concert Hall
2001.02.12.04 History of External Piano Player Devices
2001.01.13.02 Australian Piano Roll Artists
2000.12.20.03 Piano Repairs - Choose Any Two
2000.12.19.02 Subscribing to Newsgroup Listservers
2000.12.01.04 Fats Waller in London
2000.12.01.03 Alicia Markova Danced To Stravinsky Piano Roll
2000.11.22.10 FS: (in UK) 1913 6' Weber Pianola Grand
2000.11.21.07 Dale "Sonata in D Minor" Piano Rolls
2000.11.19.06 Rolls Looking For A Good Home
2000.11.10.05 Philipps Ducanola Roll Tracking System
2000.11.02.07 Wilcox & White Player Pump Organ
2000.10.26.01 Pin-End Music Rolls
2000.08.31.02 Edwin Votey Family
2000.08.29.03 Aeolian-Vocalion Phonograph
2000.08.29.01 Edwin Votey & Farrand & Aeolian
2000.08.26.13 Cabinet Maker Hates Hot Glue
2000.08.16.03 Votey's Push-Up Pianola Prototype at Smithsonian
2000.07.15.04 History of Gotha Steck Piano
2000.07.09.07 Hupfeld Triphonola Piano & Roll Library
2000.07.09.06 Piano Roll Recording System by Rex Lawson
2000.05.04.11 Spanish Pianola Terminology
2000.05.01.07 The Mike Meddings Story
2000.04.28.01 Sources of 65-note Themodist Rolls
2000.04.13.06 Nickelodeon Moving Story
2000.04.02.05 Children & Mechanical Music
2000.03.29.04 Musical Automata
2000.03.26.09 Busoni and the Pianola
2000.03.26.04 Kerosene Heaters
2000.03.26.03 Themodist Operation
2000.03.22.03 Themodist-Metrostyle Rolls
2000.03.21.12 Published Experts Who Are Not
2000.03.17.02 Up The Keys is Down In Pitch
2000.03.10.06 Playola Oversize Pin End Music Rolls
2000.02.26.01 Percy Grainger Museum in Melbourne, Australia
2000.02.23.09 British Series Duo-Art Rolls
2000.02.18.05 Mechanical Music in Buenos Aires, Argentina
2000.02.15.05 "Rhapsody in Blue" Story
2000.02.06.06 Piano Serial Numbers & Manufacture Date
2000.02.06.03 Action Stack Bass/Treble Split - Themodist
2000.02.02.05 Magnetophone Tape Recorder
2000.01.29.10 Half-Pedaling and Flutter-Pedaling
2000.01.27.20 Philipps Duca Dynamic Recording Piano
2000.01.17.13 Angelus Push-up Player in UK
1999.12.29.08 Burning Holes in Rolls
1999.12.27.06 Gulbransen Pneumatic Stack Variations
1999.12.16.08 Printing Words on Rolls
1999.12.16.04 Objects Found Inside Roll Boxes
1999.12.13.03 Duo-Art Artist Harold Bauer
1999.12.06.14 Kastner "Kastonome" Accenting Player System
1999.12.04.10 Kastner "Kastonome" Accenting Player System
1999.12.02.23 Autopiano with 178-hole Tracker Bar is Kastonome
1999.12.02.08 Green Welte Rolls
1999.11.29.08 Bottom-to-Top Scrolling
1999.11.27.01 Player Piano Groups in United Kingdom
1999.11.23.05 Repairing Old Piano Rolls
1999.11.15.08 Duo-Art Biographical Rolls
1999.11.14.08 Single-Finger Music Roll Tracking System
1999.11.01.17 Bluethner Aliquot Grand Piano
1999.10.29.11 Hupfeld Solophonola & Aeolian Themodist Systems
1999.10.29.02 Boesendorfer SE at Pianist Competition
1999.10.01.06 Frequently Asked Questions & Free Advice
1999.09.30.07 P. G. Wodehouse
1999.09.14.06 65-note Rolls
1999.09.01.02 Ray Siou
1999.08.25.05 Jazz and Swing in Nazi Germany
1999.08.14.09 Keith Prowse Barrel Piano
1999.08.02.06 Early Years of Roll-Playing Instruments
1999.07.25.12 New and Old Reproducing Pianos
1999.07.25.08 Music Rolls With The Seal Intact
1999.07.25.04 Racehorses in Spain Run Clockwise
1999.07.25.02 Accompanying Singers On the Pianola
1999.07.24.07 Rolls Played By Josef Holbrooke
1999.07.14.08 Hupfeld T-Animatic and Triphonola Rolls
1999.07.10.14 Copydex Glue
1999.05.24.05 Playing Ampico Rolls on 88-note Player
1999.05.09.02 Little Mechanical Music in Ireland
1999.05.09.01 PPG 40th Anniversary and Pianola Centenary Celebration
1999.04.16.03 Composing the Subject
1999.04.15.07 Pianola Rolls by "SM", "EMP" & Empeco
1999.04.14.05 Themodist Rolls Made for Choralion by Hupfeld
1999.04.10.15 FS: Bottom Unit for Malcolm Player Piano
1999.04.10.10 Used Concert Grand Pianos
1999.04.04.03 Pianola Playing in Public
1999.04.02.05 Pianola Playing in Public
1999.04.02.02 Piano Moving, The Safe Way
1999.03.25.08 58-note Roll Re-cutting Project
1999.03.10.06 Philipps Duca Reproducing Rolls
1999.02.18.06 Value of Vorsetzers and Push-up Players
1999.02.13.04 Pianola Institute Web Site
1999.02.11.06 Frank Adams' Automatic Music Roll Co.
1999.02.03.04 Pianist Paul Wittgenstein
1999.02.03.03 Aeolian Aeriola
1999.01.22.12 Non-Duo-Art Duo-Art Spinet
1999.01.21.03 Igor Kipnis Historic Pianism Courses
1999.01.18.16 Sources of Player Piano Supplies in Europe
1999.01.18.10 The Pianolist Must Practice
1999.01.12.22 Red Welte Vorsetzer for Steinway Grand
1999.01.12.10 Mechanical Music In the Communist Era
1999.01.12.09 Player Pianos in the 1890s
1999.01.06.10 Spool Frame Alignment Tool
1999.01.06.06 Unknown 88-Note Roll Type
1998.12.30.08 Fine Pianolas Seen at the Pianola Shop
1998.12.30.07 Pedal Duo-Art vs. Electric Duo-Art
1998.12.20.07 Proposal for Shortened Ampico Roll Numbers
1998.12.18.08 Reginald Reynolds, Duo-Art Editor in London
1998.12.12.12 Steck Pianos in Europe
1998.12.06.12 Pianos Aboard Aircraft
1998.12.03.12 New Duo-Arts
1998.11.25.08 Stability of Piano Tuning & George Steck
1998.11.13.06 65-note Player Roll Production in the UK
1998.11.12.10 Small Theme Holes ("Snakebites")
1998.11.11.10 Small Theme Holes ("Snakebites")
1998.11.08.12 What is a Themodist
1998.11.05.15 Synchronizing Duo-Art With Orchestra
1998.11.05.11 Solo-Carola Inner-Player
1998.11.04.17 Analyzing Piano Dynamics from Waveforms
1998.11.02.12 Kastner Autopiano
1998.11.01.17 Fidelity and Gershwin
1998.10.25.04 Jazz on Piano Rolls
1998.10.17.04 Big UK Postal Auction of Original Duo-Art rolls
1998.10.11.02 Player Piano as Compositional Tool
1998.09.23.17 Laffargue Piano with Seaverns Player
1998.09.06.13 Steinway-Welte Grand
1998.09.03.11 Eastern Bloc Pianos
1998.09.02.14 Rolls & Player Pianos by Ludwig Hupfeld AG
1998.09.02.08 Julian Dyer & UK Customs Duty
1998.09.01.12 Aeolian Single-Finger Tracking System
1998.09.01.07 More Titanic Orchestrions
1998.08.30.07 Aeolian Single-Finger Tracking System
1998.08.29.06 Piano Rolls and British Customs
1998.08.27.20 FS: 65-note Pushup Player in UK
1998.08.26.11 The 88-Note Roll Standard Specification
1998.08.26.07 Ghosts, Hauntings & Dowsing Piano Rolls
1998.08.23.16 Last 65-note Players in UK
1998.08.23.15 Maelzel's Panharmonicon
1998.08.23.05 Drying Rolls
1998.08.22.01 Welcome to Dave Dibley
1998.08.20.17 Player Pianos in France
1998.08.19.15 Mystery Steck Pianola in Brussels
1998.08.13.09 Rubber-Stamped Numbers on Piano Rolls
1998.08.08.04 Restoration Funds for Welte Orchestrion
1998.08.06.07 Strange English Aeolian Tracker Bar
1998.08.04.06 Survival of Music Rolls
1998.08.02.06 Status of Mr.B. Meakin Collection
1998.07.30.06 Value of Push-Up Player
1998.07.27.07 Origin of 'Ragtime' and 'Stride Piano' Styles
1998.07.27.06 'Snowy Mornin' Blues'
1998.07.22.12 Mechanical Music Centres Nearby London
1998.07.21.02 Mechanical Music in London
1998.07.12.05 Sources of Player Piano Rolls - Summary
1998.07.10.12 Value of 1875 Concert Grand Steinway
1998.07.10.10 Sources of Player Piano Rolls
1998.07.10.09 UK Sources of Materials
1998.07.10.05 Player Piano Group Membership Secretary
1998.06.09.12 Playing Pianos Over The Internet
1998.06.05.06 Playing Pianos via Internet
1998.06.02.01 Taylor-Aeolian Carillons
1998.05.29.06 Repetition Rate
1998.05.28.01 Maintenance at Mechanical Music Museums
1998.05.24.04 88 Note Duo-Art Coding
1998.05.20.06 Value of Player Rolls
1998.05.18.04 Simplex & Symphony Piano Players
1998.05.10.09 Kastonome Player Piano and Rolls
1998.04.29.02 Joyce Brite at PPG Meeting, London
1998.04.18.06 'Operation Amsterdam'
1998.04.18.03 Rye Treasury of Mechanical Music
1998.04.11.15 Sulphur & Sulfur
1998.04.10.16 Aeolian Teaching Demonstration Roll
1998.04.05.13 Sources for Classical 88n Rolls
1998.04.02.05 John Farrell - Piano Roll Artist
1998.03.30.19 Pedal-Electric Marque-Ampico
1998.03.26.07 Duo-Art Pipe Organ Rolls
1998.03.23.15 Discreet Recording Pianos
1998.03.10.23 Pedalling and Rubato in Music Rolls
1998.02.25.09 Edythe Baker
1998.02.22.03 Teresa Carreno Project
1998.02.16.09 Weakness in the Themodist System
1998.02.15.11 Foot-Pumped Themodist
1998.02.09.11 Boesendorfer Ampico
1998.02.09.08 Duo-Art Seminar at PPG Meeting
1998.02.06.15 Empeco rolls
1998.02.02.10 The Music Machine, BBC Radio 3, Feb 3rd
1998.01.25.06 'Schedule' in UK and US
1998.01.17.19 FS: Phonola Vorsetzer
1998.01.15.13 Duo-Art Seminar at PPG Meeting
1998.01.09.16 Gulbransen Recording Piano
1998.01.04.19 Playing a Player
1998.01.01.17 "Forget the Curves - Listen to the Music"
1997.12.28.12 65-note Rolls for Old Push-up Player
1997.12.17.24 Melville Clark 1895 Prototype Player
1997.12.10.10 Playing Reproducing Rolls on a Pumper
1997.11.22.07 Conlon Nancarrow Piano Rolls
1997.11.16.04 Peebleshire is in Scotland !
1997.11.15.03 Printing Words on Music Rolls
1997.11.12.14 English Duo-Art Market
1997.11.05.07 Modern Player in Hotel Bar
1997.11.03.11 Expression Coin Pianos
1997.10.29.11 Pianolist Instructions via Video Tape
1997.10.23.12 Pianolist Instruction Booklet
1997.10.19.11 Piano Technicians Work a Tough Job!

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