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The most recent submissions are listed first.

Digest NrSubject and Author
2018.11.30.01 Original Copy of "The Organette Book" by McElhone, from Jonathan Holmes
2018.11.12.02Seek Original Copy of "The Organette Book", from Kevin McElhone
2018.11.09.01Copying An Original Roll at Play-Rite, from Ed Chaban
2018.11.07.02Copying An Original Roll at Play-Rite, from Robbie Rhodes
2018.10.02.06Seek Welte " Original" Player Action For Big Grand, from Thomas Binnall
2018.10.01.08FS Free: Welte " Original" Parts in Pennsylvania, from Philip Jamison
2018.09.25.01Seek Original Wurlitzer 105 Tracker Bar, from Terry Younce
2018.09.08.01FS Free: Original Knabe Ampico Grand in Arizona, from Ron Rhode
2018.08.17.02FS: Original Piano Roll Cabinet in UK, from Brian Chesters
2018.08.14.02Seek Original Wurlitzer Style 150 & 125 Rolls, from Mikey Mills
2018.06.07.01 Original 30-note Piano Melodico Built by Racca, from Franco Severi
2018.03.14.01Seek 62 cm Lochmann " Original" Mechanism, from Mark Singleton
2017.11.21.10FS: Original Carl Frei Arrangements For Ruth 33, from Rein Schenk
2017.09.29.03Seek Original Seeburg Roll Spools, from David Peckham
2017.04.17.01Cremona Original Selling Prices, from Scotty Greene
2017.03.23.03Seek Ampico #150 " Original Piano Trio & Friends", from Luke Lindblom
2017.03.14.01 Original B.A.B. Perforator Restoration Complete, from Andrew Lardieri
2017.01.01.02Saving the Original Piano Finish, from Gordon Stelter
2016.12.30.07Saving the Original Piano Finish, from Bob Conant
2016.12.29.04Saving the Original Piano Finish, from Randy Hammond
2016.12.28.04Saving the Original Piano Finish, from David Dewey
2016.12.27.03Keep the Original Piano Finish, from Luke Myers
2016.02.24.11FS: Original Weber Unika Lamp Fixtures, from Stuart Smolkin
2016.01.28.05FS: Original Duo-Art Rolls in Seattle, from Ed Chaban
2015.11.19.08FS: Peerless Rolls, Original, Very Old, from Javier Gutierrez
2015.08.22.03Ned Wayburn Original Charleston Dance Chart, from Richard Groman
2015.08.20.04Seek "Ned Wayburn's Original Charleston" Chart, from Adam Aceto
2015.06.21.03Seek Original Wurlitzer 125 Band Organ Rolls, from Atley Moughan
2015.05.21.02Lochmann Original 450 Disc Reiterating Piano, from Hans-W. Schmitz
2015.05.19.02Lochmann Original 450 Disc Reiterating Piano, from Bruce Ahlich
2015.02.01.04Seek Early Original Style 150 Band Organ Rolls, from Mikey Mills
2015.01.30.02Seek " Original Lochmann" 28 cm Music Discs, from Emilio Murcia
2014.11.15.04Seek Small Original Wurlitzer Band Organ, from Ken Cerra
2014.07.26.05Seek Joplin " Original Rags" Connorized Recut, from Matthew Schultz
2014.03.28.01Seek Tubular Chime for Lochmann's Original, from Dave Burritt
2014.01.09.09FS: 1923 Welte " Original" Reproducing Piano, from David Goodwin
2013.07.31.01Value of Original Wurlitzer 105, from David Kelzenberg
2013.07.23.03 Original Prices of Knabe Ampico Pianos, from Ray Fairfield
2013.07.22.03 Original Prices of Knabe Ampico Pianos, from Bryan Cather
2013.07.19.02 Original Prices of Knabe Ampico Pianos, from Allen E. Ford
2013.07.02.03 Original Selling Prices of Player Pianos, from Rod Rogers
2013.06.18.02Seek Original Cart for Faventia Crank Organ, from Shawn Quigley
2013.06.04.01Seek Photos of Original Coinola Coin-op Pianos, from Don Teach
2013.03.09.05Seek Reservoir for Welte " Original" Autograph, from Tony Marsico
2013.01.24.01Seek Original Reuge 28-note Movement "John Peel", from George Harrison
2012.07.14.02FS: Original 1920s Coinola Parts, from Gordon Stelter
2012.07.13.06FS: Original Duo-Art Control Label Plates, from Marc Goodman
2012.07.11.02FS: Original 1920s Coinola Parts, from Gordon Stelter
2012.06.08.02Seek Original Bow Top Key for Key-wind Music Box, from Roger Kempson
2012.04.24.05FS: Original Wurlitzer Style 125 Roll Spools, from Ken Vinen
2011.10.19.07Is My Nelson Wiggen 4X Snare Drum Original?, from Stephen Kent Goodman
2011.10.13.03Is My Nelson Wiggen 4X Snare Drum Original?, from Jack M. Conway
2011.05.07.03Seek Original Faventia Barrel Piano Hand Cart, from Shawn Quigley
2011.02.28.02Sponge Neoprene is Original Valve Facing Material, from Bill Maguire
2011.01.14.13FS: 100+ Original QRS Rolls in Massachusetts, from Edward Baylis
2010.12.10.04FS: Original Duo-Art & Audiographic Roll Boxes, from Bruce Grimes
2010.11.24.02Seek 60-second Recorded Original Compositions, from Peter Neilson
2010.11.23.03Seek 60-second Recorded Original Compositions, from Robert Voisey
2010.09.09.03 Original Banjo-Orchestra Rolls at eBay, from John J. Breen
2010.09.09.02Seek Original Tangley Calliaphone Booklet, from Chris Carlisle
2010.04.30.01Seek Original Organette Music Media, from Todd Augsburger
2010.02.22.09Seek Original Pump for Duo-Art Upright in UK, from Mike Wilkinson
2010.02.04.09FS: Original Roll Catalogs, Booklets, Pamphlets, from Duaine Hechler
2009.07.09.02Seek Original Capitol G-508 "42nd Street", from John Mottoros
2009.03.10.04Copying Original Music Rolls & Correcting Errors, from Bob Billings
2009.03.04.01Seek Original Duo-Art Jumbo Piano Rolls, from Bill Koenigsberg
2009.01.22.08Tubing Chart for Welte " Original", from Gary Stevenson
2009.01.20.05Seek Tubing Chart for Welte " Original", from David Goodwin
2008.12.21.01Seek Photographs of The Original Piano Trio, from Wayne Stahnke
2008.11.09.04Preserve the Original Music Rolls, from Bob Billings
2008.11.07.02Seek Damper Rails For 24-1/2" Lochman Original, from Frank and Shirley Nix
2008.07.28.07 Original Finish of Wurlitzer Wall Box, from Larry Emmons
2008.06.01.08Steamboat Pump & Welte " Original" Reservoir, from Tony Marsico
2008.05.31.09Seek Reservoir for Welte-Mignon " Original", from Tony Marsico
2008.05.13.06Aleene's Original Tacky Glue, from Andy Taylor
2008.05.05.05FS: Original Nickelodeon Parts, from Don Janisch
2008.05.03.05Aleene's Original Tacky Glue, from Eric Bergstrom
2008.03.23.03Seek Original Wurlitzer Brass Trumpet Pipes, from Marty Roenigk
2008.02.06.0378-RPM Recording of The Original Piano Trio, from Wayne Stahnke
2008.01.05.01 Original Wurlitzer Shipping Dock Records, from Matthew Caulfield
2007.11.07.06Perforating Original Piano Rolls, from Randolph Herr
2007.11.07.05Perforating Original Piano Rolls, from Bob Billings
2007.11.05.05Perforating Original Piano Rolls, from Ethan Rose
2007.07.26.05 Original Seeburg Piano Case Finish, from Britt Abbott
2007.06.12.02Additions to Digitized Original Literature, from Terry Smythe
2007.05.26.07Preserving Original Literature, from Adam G. Ramet
2007.05.26.06Preserving Original Literature, from Terry Smythe
2007.05.26.05Preserving Original Literature, from Matthew Caulfield
2007.05.26.04Preserving Original Literature, from John J. Breen
2007.05.26.03Preserving Original Literature, from John Farmer
2007.05.25.01Preserving Original Literature, from Kevin McElhone
2007.05.24.02Scanning & Digitizing Original Literature, from Terry Smythe
2007.03.26.05 Original Duo-Art Perforators, from Randy Hammond
2007.03.21.06 Original Duo-Art Perforators, from Randy Hammond
2007.02.26.03Seek Original Kimball Electromatic Service Manuals, from John A. Tuttle
2007.02.21.01Scanning & Digitizing Original Literature, from Craig Williams
2007.02.19.05Scanning & Digitizing Original Literature, from Terry Smythe
2007.01.13.04Duplicate the Original When Rebuilding, from John A. Tuttle
2007.01.08.04FS: English Aeolian Themodist with Original Rolls, from Stephen Kent Goodman
2006.11.16.04Capturing the Punch Events of the Original Roll, from Karl Petersen
2006.08.31.08 Original Player Piano Documents Available On-line, from Terry Smythe
2006.05.18.08Seek Picture of Original Welte Plate Decal, from David Sharpe
2006.04.01.04Harper Electric Piano & " Original Pneuma" Rolls, from Julian Dyer
2006.03.31.05Kuhl & Klatt " Original Pneuma" Music Roll, from Tom Jansen
2006.03.31.04Kuhl & Klatt " Original Pneuma" Music Roll, from Philip Jamison
2006.03.30.03" Original Pneuma" Music Roll, from Peter Davis
2005.10.21.08Using New " Original" Materials, from Spencer Chase
2005.07.29.05Seek Original "O" Rolls to Copy, from Don Teach
2005.07.20.04Seek Original Duo-Art Organ Roll 3363 by Dupre, from Bob Taylor
2005.07.19.08Seek Original "O" Rolls, from Don Teach
2005.05.29.04 Original O Rolls Wanted For Copying, from Don Teach
2005.02.20.05Removing Latex Paint To Preserve Original Finish, from John McClure
2004.12.29.01Value of Lochmann " Original" Concert-Piano, from elpua1@
2004.11.17.14FS: Welte-Mignon " Original" Reproduction Piano, from Nanci Taplett
2004.11.08.01MIDI Files of Original Music Rolls at Web Site, from Terry Smythe
2004.10.27.04Seek Parts for Welte " Original" & Artrio-Angelus, from Joshua Rapier
2004.09.08.02Seek Test Roll for Original Welte-Mignon, from Kent Arnold
2004.05.26.02MIDI Files of Original Music Rolls at Web Site, from Terry Smythe
2003.10.17.03Seek Original Coinola Parts, from Don Teach
2003.06.06.06Seek Welte " Original" Turbine Pump Parts, from Spencer Chase
2003.05.22.05Conversion of Original Instruments, from Michael Woolf
2003.05.21.06Conversion of Original Instruments, from Mark Williamson
2003.05.21.05Conversion of Original Instruments, from Bill Maguire
2003.05.20.05Conversion of Original Instruments, from Roger Waring
2003.05.20.04Conversion of Original Instruments, from Hans van Oost
2003.05.19.02Conversion of Original Instruments, from Nicholas Simons
2003.04.19.05MIDI Files of Original Music Rolls at Web Site, from Terry Smythe
2003.01.25.08Cleaning the Original Piano Finish, from Craig Smith
2003.01.22.16Cleaning the Original Piano Finish, from John Farmer
2003.01.16.10Cleaning the Original Piano Finish, from John McClure
2003.01.06.07Restoring Original Ivory Key Tops, from Terry Smythe
2002.12.01.12FS: Recut & Original 176-Note Duo-Art Organ Rolls, from Rick Cooley
2002.11.29.07FS: Recut & Original 176-Note Duo-Art Organ Rolls, from Rick Cooley
2002.06.27.09Seek Original Power Cord Connector for Player Grand, from Kenneth Gould
2001.11.25.04Seek Ampico Rolls by "The Original Piano Trio", from Tom Gregory
2001.06.02.02Discs for Lochmans Original Piano Orchestrion, from Brian Chesters
2001.05.28.01Seek Parts for Original Lochmanns Disc Music Box, from Marcus Pregler
2001.04.12.03Seek Original Seeburg KT, from Roger Hughes
2001.04.10.04Altering Original Instruments, from Stephen Kent Goodman
2001.02.13.16FS: Original Racca Piano Melodico, from Christian Greinacher
2000.12.04.01" Original Piano Trio" CD by Klavier Records, from Michael Herklotz
2000.12.02.06FS: Player Pianos, Original and Untouched, from Danny Aden
2000.11.25.07FS: Player Pianos, Original and Untouched, from Danny Aden
2000.11.03.11FS: Original Welte-Mignon Roll Labels, from Stephen Kent Goodman
2000.09.27.02Value of Original Reproducing Piano Rolls, from Richard Brandle
2000.05.09.10FS: Original Grainger Manuscript for Two Pianos, from Glenn Amer
2000.03.15.09Pianocorder 1977 Original Technical Announcement, from Mike Knudsen
2000.02.10.09Seek Reservoir for Welte Original Grand, from Tony Marsico
2000.01.18.07Band Organ March in MIDI ( Original Composition), from Mike Knudsen
2000.01.12.16Terms: Restored, Rebuilt, Reconditioned, Original, from Andy Taylor
2000.01.12.15Value of Original Components & Materials, from Colin Hinz
2000.01.08.08 Original Gulbransen Player Still Plays, from Brian Thornton
1999.12.16.11FS: Original Ampico Rolls, from Rick Cooley
1999.06.24.15FS: MIDI Files of Original 58-note A-rolls, from Stephen Kent Goodman
1999.06.10.06 Original Piano Trio on an Ampico Roll, from Karl Ellison
1999.05.23.14Seeburg and Wurlitzer Original Finish Colors, from Art Reblitz
1999.02.27.06 Original Factory Tuning ?, from Bruce Clark
1999.01.18.19Regaining the Original Piano Tone, from Andy Taylor
1998.11.10.08New CDs of Original Reproducing Pianos, from Mike Kukral
1998.10.17.04Big UK Postal Auction of Original Duo-Art rolls, from Dan Wilson, London
1998.10.17.03 Original Compositions for Player Piano, from Juergen Hocker
1998.10.11.07 Original Mechanical Musical Catalogs, from Marty Roenigk
1998.10.04.11Lochman Original #200 Disk Operated Piano, from Walt Kehoe
1998.08.26.02 Original Melody for a Music Box, from Larry Greenfield
1998.08.24.03 Original Melody for a Music Box, from Jack Perron
1998.08.23.14 Original Melody for a Music Box, from Bobby Gibbs
1998.08.03.07Buying Original Music Rolls, from Bruce Clark
1998.07.24.17The Original QRS Roll of 'Ching Chong', from John A. Tuttle
1998.05.18.08What is Original?, from D. L. Bullock
1998.05.17.10What is Original? - Response to Andy Taylor, from D. L. Bullock
1998.05.17.09Flaming in the MMD ; Was "What is Original ?", from John A. Tuttle
1998.05.17.08What is Original ?, from Andy Taylor
1998.05.16.01What is Original ?, from D. L. Bullock
1998.05.13.05What Is " Original?", from Jon Page
1998.05.12.04What Is " Original?", from Andy Taylor
1998.05.02.11FS: Original Ampico Rolls, from Susan Hoth
1998.03.26.04 Original or Reproduction, from John A. Tuttle
1998.03.24.06Re-editing Original Rolls, from George Bogatko
1998.03.09.15Seek Tubing Diagram for Original Welte Mignon, from Rick Cooley
1998.01.19.09Lacquer on Original Brass Tracker Bars, from Bruce Clark
1997.08.22.11Duplicating Original Rolls, from Paul Johnson
1997.08.05.13FS: Original Artecho Roll Catalog, from Bill and Dee Kavouras
1997.08.02.11 Original Mechanical Music, from George Bogatko
1997.07.29.19Seek Original "O" Roll, from Jack M. Conway
1997.07.17.18Scores Wanted: Original Jelly Roll Morton, from Terry Truman
1997.07.07.12FS: 100+ Original 88-note Rolls, from Stephen Kent Goodman
1997.06.11.07Adding Instrumentation to Original Machines, from Craig Brougher
1997.05.20.09Operation of Original Nickelodeons, from Don Teach
1997.02.04.17FS: Original 88-note Player Rolls, from Dick Hack
1996.08.25.01Restorations - Original/Modern/Safety, from Jon Miller
1996.07.24.06WTB: W-M " Original" System, from Terry Smythe
1996.05.21.08Re: Original Recording Pianos, from Robbie Rhodes
1996.05.20.06Re: Original Recording Pianos, from Robin Pratt
1996.05.20.03Re: Original Recording Pianos, from Craig Brougher
1996.05.19.03Re: Original Recording Pianos, from Robbie Rhodes
1996.05.18.04Re: Original Recording Pianos, from Terry Smythe
1996.05.18.03Re: Original Recording pianos, from Marc Kaufman
1996.05.17.03 Original Recording pianos, from Craig Brougher
1996.03.08.01Re: Another Original Arrangement Coming Soon, from George Bogatko
1996.03.07.01Another Original Arrangement Coming Soon, from George Bogatko
1996.03.06.04 Original Midi Ragtime Arrangements, from Robbie Rhodes

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