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The most recent submissions are listed first.

Digest NrSubject and Author
2018.06.29.01Seek Photos of 2018 AMICA Convention, from Bill Harris
2017.10.14.02Seek Wilcox & White Push-up Piano Player Photos, from Gordon Ramsey
2017.10.14.01Star Perforator Photos, from Ed Gaida
2017.09.28.02Autotypist Vacuum Pump Photos, from Robbie Rhodes
2017.09.25.08Autotypist Vacuum Pump Photos, from John A. Tuttle
2017.09.23.04Autotypist Vacuum Pump Photos, from David Sharpe
2017.08.21.03Welte Philharmonic Player Organ Console Photos, from Dave Krall
2017.08.08.02Seek Photos of Polyphon 15.5" Mechanism, from Mark Buckland
2017.07.08.01Seek Komet 24-1/2" (62 cm) Disc Music Box Photos, from Steve Greatrex
2017.06.29.02 Photos Of Jeanne Malone, Play-Rite, from Paul West
2017.06.07.02Seek Photos Of Jeanne Malone, Play-Rite, from Matthew Caulfield
2017.01.21.02 Photos in Musical Photo Album Identified, from Craig Smith
2017.01.18.02Seek Mason & Hamlin Art Case Photos of 1920-40, from Allen Ford
2017.01.18.01Seek Help To Identify Photos in Musical Book, from David Evans
2017.01.17.01 Photos in Musical Book Identified, from Hans-Martin Meyer-Georges
2017.01.15.02Seek Help To Identify Photos in Musical Book, from Craig Smith
2016.12.18.06Seek Photos of Wurlitzer Piano With Violin Pipes, from Paul Horgan
2016.10.15.02Seek Photos of Nicole Freres Case Details, from Darren Wallace
2016.10.13.01Seek Photos of 27" Regina Coin Mechanism, from Bob Caletti
2016.10.04.03Seek Roehl Coll. Wurlitzer CX & Seeburg G Photos, from Gordon Stelter
2016.08.28.07 Photos & Videos of My Auto-Player Player Piano, from Luke Myers
2016.08.21.02Seek Seeburg Nickel Collection Box Photos, from Wayne Finger
2016.06.24.01Seek Wurlitzer 153 Band Organ Photos & Audio, from Mikey Mills
2016.03.20.03Seek Vestal Press "House Organ" Photos, from Gordon Stelter
2016.02.09.10Seek Photos of Wurlitzer 153 Swell Shades, from Scotty Greene
2015.10.30.02Unknown Brass Tool Photos, from John A. Tuttle
2015.09.12.01Seek Photos of 18.5" Empress Console Musical Box, from Mark Buckland
2015.03.23.01Seek Regina Music Box Coin-Op Mechanism Photos, from Craig Smith
2015.01.21.01Seek Perfection 10-inch Disc Musical Box Photos, from Kevin McElhone
2014.11.03.02Seek Photos of Coinola SO at Svoboda's Tavern, from Rick Crandall
2014.11.03.01Seek Photos of Bob Streicher, Machinist, from Terry Smythe
2014.05.05.01Seeburg G Restoration Photos, from Robert Loeffler
2014.03.31.03 Photos of Stroud Duo-Art Pedal Lyre, from Gordon Stelter
2014.03.19.04Seek Stroud Duo-Art Pedal Lyre or Photos, from Gordon Stelter
2014.02.04.02Seek Photos of Symphonion Manivelle, from Craig Smith
2014.01.06.06Seek Philipps Jazzband Reiterating Action Photos, from Art Reblitz
2013.12.16.01Seek Photos of 27" Regina Orchestral, from Bob Caletti
2013.11.16.01Seek Photos of Regina Corona Bow Front Changer, from Jim Quashnock
2013.10.30.05Seek Photos of Orpheus Disc-playing Piano, from Reg Smith
2013.08.12.02Organ Rally in Coney Island 10 Aug. 2013 Photos, from Bob Yorburg
2013.07.19.05Seek Photos of Seeburg FT, from Tim Johnson
2013.07.18.03Seek Photos of Seeburg KT, from Tim Johnson
2013.06.04.01Seek Photos of Original Coinola Coin-op Pianos, from Don Teach
2013.04.09.01Seek Photos of National 8-roll Changer Piano, from Stephen Kent Goodman
2013.02.09.01Seek Photos of Junghans Concordia Musical Clock, from Mark Buckland
2013.02.05.01Seek Tubing Photos of Wurlitzer IX With Bells, from Paul Horgan
2012.12.04.03Seek Harvey & Marion Roehl Collection Photos, from Gordon Stelter
2012.11.24.10Need Drawings/ Photos of Seeburg Dog Race Mechanism, from Don Teach
2012.10.25.02Seek Photos of Wilhelm Bruder Söhne Factory, from Jonathan Holmes
2012.10.12.03Seek Photos for Encyclopedia of Disc Music Boxes, from Dave Bowers
2012.08.16.01Seek Photos of Imhof & Mukle Roll System, from Jens Wendel
2012.07.10.02Seek Photos of Stella Musical Box Governor, from Jon Szalay
2012.06.23.05Late Style Duo-Art Photos, from Rich Ingram
2012.05.16.01Seek Polyphon "Palace" or "Raby" Model Photos, from Mark Buckland
2012.04.24.01Seeburg G Restoration Photos at Web Site, from Paul Manganaro
2012.04.02.02Thursford Collection Founders Day Photos, from Adam G. Ramet
2012.03.16.01Seek Photos of Rex Lawson Concert 23 February, from Tom Hutchinson
2012.02.29.01Criterion Music Box Start-Stop Control Photos, from Reg Smith
2011.12.27.07Weber Unika Lamp Photos Available, from Stuart Smolkin
2011.11.09.01Seek 18-1/2" Mira Miraphone Photos, from Kevin McCaskey
2011.09.19.04Seek Photos of Frati Barrel Organ, from Craig Wiley
2011.09.11.03Great Dorset Steam Fair 2011 Photos On-line, from Cecil Dover
2011.09.09.02Seek Photos of Larry Givens, from Terry Smythe
2011.09.09.01Great Dorset Steam Fair 2011 Photos On-line, from Adam G. Ramet
2011.08.09.03 Photos of the Steinway Mansion in Astoria, Queens, from Terry Smythe
2011.06.17.03 Photos of American International Galleries, from Dorothy Bromage
2011.06.16.04 Photos of American International Galleries, from Dorothy Bromage
2011.06.10.02Waldkirch Organ Festival & Mechanical Music Photos, from Adam G. Ramet
2011.06.05.02 Photos from the 10th Waldkirch Organ Festival, from Harald M. Mueller
2011.05.11.09Seek Loesche and Kuhl & Klatt Orchestrion Photos, from Stephen Kent Goodman
2011.03.08.01Seek Old Mechanical Music Photos from Argentina, from Horacio Asborno
2010.12.26.01Seek Photos of Musical Black Forest Clocks, from Justin Miller
2010.12.07.02Seek Photos of Hathaway & Bowers, AIG, Etc., from Dave Bowers
2010.10.05.02Aeolian Company Photos, from Randolph Herr
2010.09.21.01Great Dorset Steam Fair 2010 Photos On-line, from Adam G. Ramet
2010.07.20.06Seek Photos of Ampico B Stack Type 1, from Bruce Mercer
2010.06.13.03Seek Photos of Player Actions During Restoration, from Rob Goodale
2010.04.29.01Seek Wilhelm Bruder Soehne "Starkton" Organ Photos, from Jonathan Holmes
2010.03.27.07Seek Photos of Welte Licensee Grand Installation, from Dave Krall
2010.01.26.03Seek Photos of Aeolian Orchestrelle Model XW, from Larry Leonard
2009.10.07.04Seek Photos of Seeburg Pump Connecting Rods, from Eric Bergstrom
2008.11.04.02Seek Photos of Symphonion Coin Mechanism, from Mark Buckland
2008.09.03.01Great Dorset Steam Fair 2008 Photos On-line, from Lee Munsick
2008.09.02.01Great Dorset Steam Fair 2008 Photos On-line, from Adam G. Ramet
2008.08.31.01AMICA 2008 Convention Photos On-line, from Karl Ellison
2008.08.24.04Seek Artizan Model A Band Organ Photos, from Harold Ulmer
2008.05.07.01Seek Photos of Mortier Organ "The Emperor", from Bjorn Isebaert
2007.10.27.05Seek Photos of Recordo Drawer, from David Schroth Jr.
2007.06.27.04Seek Photos of PEDA Duo-Art, from Andy Hood
2007.04.27.09Player Piano Bench Photos, from Bill Mackin
2007.04.08.04Seek Photos of Electrova Style 66 Post Lamps, from Jon Fortunato
2007.01.10.01Seek Photos of Unknown Musical Box Discs, from Kevin McElhone
2007.01.04.01Seek Reginaphone Photos, from Ken Danckaert
2006.12.12.01Seek Photos for Disc Musical Box Book, from Kevin McElhone
2006.09.04.03AMICA Convention Photos On-line, from Karl Ellison
2006.09.04.02Great Dorset Steam Fair 2006 Photos On-line, from Roger Wiegand
2006.08.30.01Seek Photos of Edelweiss Disc Musical Box, from Kevin McElhone
2006.08.25.04Seek Photos of Piano Roll Artists, from Marc Goodman
2006.08.24.02Seek Digital Photos of Old Instrument Locations, from Stephen Kent Goodman
2006.06.30.06Seek Caliola Roll Frame Photos, from Bob Stewart
2006.06.29.01Seek Photos of Artizan Factories Building, from Mike Fricano
2006.03.08.06Seek Barrel Piano Action Photos, from Max Keenlyside
2005.12.15.01Seek Reginaphone Photos, from Reg Smith
2005.12.08.05Seek Photos of "Ella" Child's Organette, from Harold Draper
2005.11.09.05 Photos of Ed Freyer, from Steve Bentley
2005.11.09.04 Photos of Ed Freyer, from Nicholas Simons
2005.11.09.03 Photos of Ed Freyer, from Hal Davis
2005.11.09.02 Photos of Ed Freyer, from Matthew Caulfield
2005.11.08.02 Photos of Ed Freyer, from Andy LaTorre
2005.11.08.01Seek Photos of Ed Freyer, from Lisa Freyer
2005.09.28.02Seek Photos of Koksijde Orgelmuseum, Belgium, from Bjorn Isebaert
2005.09.10.06Seek Photos of Steinway XR Duo-Art, from Lee Munsick
2005.08.27.02Seek Duo-Art Steamboat Pump Diagrams or Photos, from Andrew Barnes
2005.08.18.04Player Piano Group Annual General Meeting Photos, from Adam G. Ramet
2005.08.14.08Seek Wurlitzer Style 105 Band Organ Photos, from Jack M. Conway
2005.06.15.04 Photos Of Gavioli At Bellm's Museum Wanted, from Chris Carlisle
2005.03.06.04Seek Photos of Weber Unika Scenery Mechanism, from Bjorn Isebaert
2005.02.22.04Seek Photos of Barth's Carl Frei Concert Organ, from Ben Jackson
2005.02.15.05J. Lawrence Cook Photos by Duncan Scheidt, from Adam G. Ramet
2004.10.07.03Seek Photos of Band Organs at Tilden Park, Berkeley, from Bill Kenney
2004.09.25.01 Photos of Organs at Mid-America MBSI Rally, from Arthur Hine
2004.09.13.03Ray Siou Church-Pipe Band Organ Photos, from Tony Greer
2004.07.12.12Seek Photos of Marshall & Wendell Ampico Upright, from John J. Breen
2004.04.20.07Seek Photos of 1920s Piano Roll Artists, from Marc Goodman
2003.12.04.01Seek Photos of Stella Upright 26" Disc Music Box, from Reg Smith
2003.08.13.11Seek Photos of Artizan Band Organ for Dimensions, from Roger Wiegand
2003.04.16.02Seek Movies & Photos of Gay 90s Village & Museum, from Chris Carlisle
2003.03.23.09Seek Chein PianoLodeon Photos, from Bob Oppenheim
2003.01.21.08Seek Farrand Cecilian Push-up Player Photos, from Gary Goble
2002.12.04.01Wurlitzer Factory Photos at My Web Site, from Damon Atchison
2002.11.27.03Band Organ Photos At My Web Site, from Ben Jackson
2002.09.05.05Seek Photos of UK Pedal-Electric Duo-Art, from Bernt Damm
2002.08.13.03Band Organ Photos At My Web Site, from Ben Jackson
2002.08.08.06J. C. Deagan Tubular Bell Carillon Photos, from Ed Gaida
2002.08.07.06J. C. Deagan Tubular Bell Carillon Photos, from Ed Gaida
2002.07.23.02Seek Band Organ Photos For Web Site, from Ben Jackson
2001.11.01.05J. Lawrence Cook - Unpublished Photos, from Mike Meddings
2000.09.08.08Wurlitzer Mandolin Rail Photos, from John A. Tuttle
2000.05.07.02Player Piano Company Photos, from Don Teach
2000.01.01.02 Photos of Street Organs in Australia, from Colin MacKinnon
1999.10.18.04Seek Photos of Polyphon Base Cabinets, from Ricky Diggs
1999.05.08.02Music Roll Reader and Perforator Photos, from Richard Tonnesen
1999.02.08.02Swap Photos of British & European Organs, from David Smith
1998.12.01.01 Photos & Catalog of Chartres Auction 6 Dec. 1998, from Robbie Rhodes
1998.11.20.01 Photos & Catalog of Chartres Auction 6 Dec. 1998, from Philippe Rouillé
1998.11.17.13Seek Red Welte Tubing Diagram & Photos, from Andy Struble
1998.09.23.05Cuff Box Table Photos, from Ricky Diggs
1998.06.16.03Seek Polyphon Gallery Photos, from Ricky Diggs
1998.05.29.17Still Seeking "Polyphon Gallery" Photos, from Ricky Diggs
1998.04.26.04Polyphon Photos Needed for Case Reproduction Pr, from Ricky Diggs
1998.04.16.03Seek Music Box Photos for MBSI Publication, from Larry Greenfield
1998.04.05.02Seek Polyphon Gallery & Molding Photos, from Ricky Diggs
1998.01.26.05Autographed Photos of MMD Composers, from Stephen Kent Goodman
1998.01.24.05Autographed Photos of MMD Composers, from George Bogatko
1998.01.23.03Seek Autographed Photos of MMD Composers, from Babs Cannon
1998.01.22.01Introduction & Autographed Photos, from James Camner
1997.12.16.04 Photos for F.O.P.S. Anniversary Book, from Philip Jamison
1997.12.15.05Band Organ Photos, from Robert Linnstaedt
1997.12.14.03Still Need Band Organ Photos, from Philip Jamison
1997.12.03.04 Photos of American Band Organs, from Matthew Caulfield
1997.12.02.07Seek Photos of American Band Organs, from Philip Jamison
1997.07.28.07 Photos of QRS Factory, from Andy LaTorre
1997.04.28.03MMD Members Photos, from Joyce Brite
1997.04.27.03MMD Member's Photos, from Angelo Rulli
1997.03.22.02Player Piano Photos With Famous People, from Damon Atchison
1997.03.14.05Ed Fryer Perforator Photos, from Andy LaTorre
1997.02.25.11Orchestrion Photos, from Kera Anderson
1997.02.20.10Ed Fryer Perforator Photos, from Andy LaTorre

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