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(Last update: 22 April 99)

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For Sale: 1914 Jacob Reeds and Sons PLAYER PIANO. Also, large quantity of PIANO ROLLS, most are marked "QRS." Most are in good condition. Call if interested. Call 215-257-3551 or email at -- (Posted 22 April 99)

For Sale: Collection of 57 old piano rolls. Will sell separately or as a lot. All of these are in ready to play condition, complete with end flanges, tab and box. Anyone interested can make me an offer. List of rolls E-mail me at (Posted 11 February 99)

For Sale: Custom long play roll I had made of three of my favorite old rolls. The songs are: Mary Lou, Put Away a Ray of Golden Sunshine for a Rainy Day, and Watching My Dreams Go By. $25.00 each. (Posted 11 February 99)

For Sale: 88 Note Player Piano Rolls for Sale. 1200 rolls, varying labels and conditions, to be sold as one bulk lot. Italian rolls and a few 65 note rolls free as added bonus. All offers considered, must pay or provide for shipping/transportation. Please contact Mark Shiley at (203) 239-5724 or E-mail at -- (Posted 14 January 99)

Special Roll Sale: Thousands of used player piano, nickelodeon, orchestrion and band organ rolls -- Duo-Art, Ampico, and 88 note rolls such as SingA, Rhythmodik, Perfection, Playrite, Klavier, Welte-Mignon, Deluxe, old & newer QRS. Also German Empeco, 58 note, 65 note, 116 note, Artecho, and Artempo. 165 note band organ rolls, A-rolls, O-rolls, calliope, and xylophone rolls. Also cylinders for music boxes. For our current catalogue, send $6.95 to: Orange Coast Piano, 1251 South Wright, Santa Ana, CA 92705. Price includes mailing. You can fax your order to (714) 543-0835, or call (714) 836-7368 (voice). Email or check out our web site at -- (Posted 8 January 99)

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