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Digest NrSubject
2018.08.15.03 Recording Of My O-Roll Buildup Orchestrion
2018.05.12.01 Repairing Seeburg "L"
2017.10.19.02 New O-Roll Arranged by Steven Kent Goodman
2017.10.16.01 "Ultra 9000" Spa Blower For Orchestrion Pipes
2016.07.26.04 Seeburg L Pump Noise
2014.09.16.07 Player Piano in Thrift Store
2013.07.12.01 Copyright Warning at YouTube
2013.07.07.04 Copyright Warning at YouTube
2010.02.06.01 George Bogatko
2004.08.02.02 Aeolian Organ Factory in Garwood, New Jersey
2003.06.13.05 The Attraction of Mechanical Music
2003.04.28.02 Longevity of Music Media
2003.02.12.07 Opinion of Private Pipe Organs in 1937
2002.06.15.04 Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998
2002.06.15.03 Old Radio Shows
2002.05.12.05 Value of Patenting Ideas
2002.03.26.01 Mechanical Music and The Next Generation
2002.03.17.12 MIDI Output from Pneumatic Player System
2002.02.16.03 Shipping the Piano - "Inside Delivery"
2001.10.31.09 Modern Music on Player Rolls
2001.07.29.07 New O-roll Music in RealAudio
2001.07.08.07 "M" Roll Recutting Project at PPCo
2001.07.08.06 Quality of Music Roll Arrangements
2001.06.12.04 Replicating Music Rolls
2001.06.09.05 Replicating Music Rolls
2001.06.09.04 Cost of Recut Music Rolls
2001.04.30.04 A- and O-Roll Paper Speed
2001.04.23.03 Composition To Be Performed 31 May 2001
2001.03.11.03 Napster
2001.01.13.08 Mechanical Music On Display
2001.01.06.05 Pianocorder Music & Media
2000.11.14.06 "Baby Your Mother" Played By Ralph Rainger
2000.11.08.10 FS: New Christmas Music, "O" and "A" Rolls
2000.09.28.08 Nickelodeon Music Roll Scales
2000.07.30.03 "His Eye is On The Sparrow"
2000.07.08.06 Phonograph Turntable Speeds
2000.05.31.04 Visiting Rapid City, South Dakota
2000.05.31.03 CDROM: "Lexicon Musikautomaten" by Schott Music
2000.04.20.05 Music Score: "Clementine (from New Orleans)"
2000.04.18.04 Piano Tuners for Player Pianos
2000.03.29.06 Modern Music for Mechanical Music Instruments
2000.03.21.09 What is a Recording? What is a Record?
2000.03.19.12 MIDI Player Piano Challenge Tune
2000.03.05.03 Durrell Armstrong, Player Piano Co.
2000.03.04.03 Misunderstandisizing Technique
2000.02.16.09 "Rhapsody in Blue" Story
2000.02.01.04 Four QRS Piano Roll Artists
2000.01.29.05 O-Roll "A Round-Up of Hits" at Inlux Editions
2000.01.29.02 CDROM: "Lexicon Musikautomaten" by Schott Music
2000.01.24.05 RealAudio Nickelodeon Tunes at Inlux Editions
1999.12.08.09 Too Loud, Too Talkative
1999.11.28.04 QRS XMAS-99 Piano Roll
1999.11.28.03 "Shoot the Piano Player"
1999.11.10.05 Restoring Dave Junchen's Christmas O-Roll
1999.11.02.14 Converting Music Rolls to Audio Recordings
1999.10.23.06 Arthur Schutt Private Recordings
1999.10.23.05 "Ballet Mechanique" LP at Inlux
1999.10.18.08 10 Ampico Pop Tunes via RealAudio
1999.10.07.09 "New Chicago" O-roll Music in RealAudio
1999.10.01.11 "New Chicago" as O-roll
1999.09.29.15 FS: "New Chicago" as O-roll
1999.07.10.04 New York Times Web Site
1999.06.18.04 Mechanical Music in London?
1999.05.22.08 A-roll Standard Tempo
1999.05.17.06 "A" to "O" Music Format Conversion Underway
1999.05.10.06 Clark versus Capitol Music Roll Arrangements
1999.05.09.06 Clark versus Capitol Music Roll Arrangements
1999.04.05.14 Turntable for 78 RPM Records
1999.03.28.05 QRS3226 "The Farmer Took Another Load Away!"
1999.03.26.04 QRS 3226 "The Farmer Took Another Load Away!"
1999.03.20.08 Steps Per Beat in Pop Music Rolls
1999.03.17.08 Automatic Music Roll #1672 as RealAudio
1999.03.15.08 Recuts & Quality of Clark and Capitol Music Rolls
1999.03.13.06 "AdsOff" For Web Browser
1999.03.05.05 John Roache Dies
1999.02.07.02 Josef Lhevinne "Blue Danube" at Inlux
1999.01.03.08 Sibelius 4th Symphony at Inlux Web Site
1998.12.30.06 Rachmaninoff Telarc CD vs. 1926 Recording
1998.12.27.05 O-roll in RealAudio
1998.12.16.16 Perflex
1998.12.12.05 New Web Page
1998.12.05.07 Article "Rachmaninoff Duplicated - Like Sheep"
1998.11.26.09 Seek Accordion Reeds
1998.11.07.04 Rachmaninoff Ampico CD as Victor Orthophonic 78
1998.11.06.07 Rachmaninoff Ampico CD as Victor Orthophonic 78
1998.11.01.23 Detectors of Contradiction (The CD)
1998.11.01.20 Electrons vs. Paper
1998.10.30.07 Rachmaninoff on 78-rpm Records
1998.10.23.04 MIDI-to-Perforator Conversion Program
1998.10.11.06 More Pictures from Technik Museum
1998.09.27.02 Playing RealAudio Files
1998.09.24.01 Technik-Museum Collection in Speyer, Germany
1998.09.08.05 Don Baker & New York Paramount Organ
1998.09.07.22 Availability of M-Rolls
1998.09.07.09 Titanic Engine Room Scenes
1998.09.06.05 Sumer Is Icumen In
1998.08.21.03 Roll Labels
1998.08.05.09 Copyright Term Extension Act
1998.08.03.05 'Slottime' Changed to 'SlotMusik'
1998.08.01.03 Complete 10-Tune Roll On My Site
1998.07.28.11 Nickelodeon Accordion Needs Repairs
1998.07.19.17 FGA: Ampex 350 Tape Decks
1998.07.13.09 MIDI-file Standards for Controlling Orchestrions
1998.06.30.13 Playing MIDI Piano Files on a PC
1998.06.28.07 New Slottime A-roll Now Available
1998.06.13.12 Pathe Disc Recording Processed With DcArt
1998.06.12.15 Modern Reproducer Pickup for Edison Disks
1998.06.10.06 Audio Restoration Tools - DcArt
1998.06.08.05 Gieseking plays 'Gaspard De La Nuit' by Ravel
1998.06.02.06 New SlotTime A-roll
1998.05.29.18 Fellow in Japan seeks O-rolls
1998.05.27.07 New 10-tune A-roll Coming by July
1998.05.08.05 Paul Torin's Wurlitzer 164
1998.05.05.04 Wurlitzer 164 Sound Files
1998.05.04.05 Wurlitzer 164 LP Record
1998.04.20.04 'Trackerbar Stomp' Begins "Sunday Morning"
1998.04.17.17 Music Roll Acceleration
1998.04.16.19 Music Roll Acceleration
1998.04.12.09 4-Hands 'Nag, Nag, Nag' at Web Site
1998.04.03.14 O-roll Orchestrions
1998.04.03.05 RealAudio "You Better Eat Your Breakfast"
1998.03.31.19 'King Tut' as RealAudio File
1998.03.24.06 Re-editing Original Rolls
1998.03.07.05 Mimes in Music
1998.03.06.07 Cassette 'Nickelodeon Toe Tappers'
1998.03.04.11 Factors Influencing Roll Speed
1998.03.02.08 More Thoughts About Infringement
1998.02.24.02 'Walkin the Baby Home'
1998.02.22.04 'Walkin' and 'Chlo-e'
1998.02.21.01 "Nickelodeon Toe Tappers" Withdrawn
1998.02.20.17 J. Lawrence Cook at the Keyboard
1998.01.24.05 Autographed Photos of MMD Composers
1998.01.03.05 Ad-Hominum
1998.01.01.06 Musical Listening Test
1997.12.30.06 New Music for Reproducing Pianos
1997.12.27.03 MMD Awards
1997.12.23.06 Experiments in Musical Intelligence
1997.12.17.22 Emulated Fair Organ Project
1997.12.10.05 SoundBlaster AWE32 & AWE64
1997.11.12.10 "Freddy the Freshman" on Music Roll
1997.11.08.05 Hotel Pianos
1997.11.07.07 Disklavier Price
1997.10.29.08 Sustain Pedal Usage
1997.10.27.10 Sustain Pedal Usage
1997.10.07.04 Sinclair Lewis on Art in America
1997.09.16.08 Columbia/Capitol "A" Rolls
1997.09.16.07 Supertone & Challenge 88-note Rolls
1997.09.10.04 Copyright Status of Old Music
1997.08.20.16 Sustain Pedals and Note Extensions
1997.08.03.05 QRS Rolls with Bogatko Arrangements
1997.08.03.03 Oops -- Wrong URL Given for My New Tunes
1997.08.02.11 Original Mechanical Music
1997.07.19.16 Electric Valves for Pianos
1997.07.18.05 Jelly Roll Morton Music Transcriptions
1997.06.12.12 FS: O-Roll Machine from Story and Clark Pianos
1997.06.06.05 Printing Manuscript from MIDI Files
1997.06.01.06 Frank Himpsl Rag
1997.05.08.18 Blatant Advertisement for New Bogatko Roll
1997.05.02.07 Ohman and Arden CD
1997.04.02.02 S. K. Goodman Band Organ Music
1997.03.17.11 Player Piano Concert
1997.03.14.09 Midi Pedaling and Disklavier
1997.03.07.11 Midi for Disklavier
1997.03.01.04 Synthesizing Mechanical Musical Instruments
1997.01.08.12 Re: Royalties for Mechanical Music
1996.12.10.01 New Roll "Animaniacs"
1996.11.30.08 Jingle bells
1996.11.21.02 Ampico Roll Images
1996.11.05.17 MPEG3 files on my page
1996.10.25.07 Steck Duo-Art
1996.10.14.08 Re: Gershwin CD (96.10.13)
1996.09.29.05 Re: MIDI Program Changes Controlling Organs
1996.09.19.07 AWE-32 Sound Fonts for O-Rolls
1996.09.18.09 Technola Piano
1996.09.08.02 Re: MIDI to WAV File (Digest 96.09.06)
1996.08.09.03 An O-Roll Emulation
1996.07.25.05 Re: MIDI Playback Devices
1996.07.17.09 A-Parrot-Tefe
1996.05.28.02 Player Piano Company: No More?
1996.05.16.06 Craig Brougher's New Springs
1996.04.18.01 Re: More Filmoplast Comments
1996.04.09.08 Re: Music Roll Editing Software
1996.04.05.04 MapMidi
1996.03.27.03 MIDI mapping etc.
1996.03.26.03 Software Tools for Writing MIDI Programs
1996.03.24.06 Re: Useful MIDI Utilities
1996.03.08.01 Re: Another Original Arrangement Coming Soon
1996.03.07.01 Another Original Arrangement Coming Soon
1996.02.19.04 Re: NBC Chimes
1996.02.17.07 Treemonisha Player Rolls
1996.02.10.01 Re: "Treemonisha" Performances
1996.02.01.01 Re: Digital Watermarks
1996.01.31.06 Book Recommendation for Copyright Issues
1996.01.08.02 Re: List of Roll Arrangers' Pseudonyms
1995.12.12.05 Footpumping 88 Note Players
1995.12.08.09 Re: Music Copyrights
1995.11.28.08 Conversion Between Ampico and MIDI
1995.11.16.02 My Tunes are being turned into Piano Rolls
1995.10.27.01 Introduction
1995.08.26.01 Another Piano Roll Midi File Available

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