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The most recent submissions are listed first. Address supressed for SPAM control purposes. Write to the editor if you need assistance

Digest NrSubject
2014.08.10.03 Seek player action for Foster & Co. Piamo
2012.03.08.06 Tuning a Player Piano
2012.02.07.02 Painting an Early Player Piano Frame
2012.01.31.07 Seek PianoDisc PDS-128 Note Driver Board
2011.12.04.03 76-note Boudoir Player Piano
2011.11.20.06 Seek Tracker Bar & Parts for Manualo Player
2011.10.11.06 Coin-operated Melville Clark Player Piano
2011.08.21.07 How to Tune a Player Piano Out of Tune
2011.08.17.04 Value of Aeolian Musette Player Piano
2011.07.23.08 A Mechanical Music Digest Forum
2011.07.19.09 Florida Player Piano Needing Restoration
2011.06.06.02 How to Interest People in Mechanical Music
2011.06.01.03 How to Interest People in Mechanical Music
2011.05.20.05 Player Pianos in Western Movies
2011.02.23.03 Value of Ragtime Nickelodeon
2011.02.15.07 Help with Newer Player Mechanism
2011.02.12.05 Help with Newer Player Mechanism
2011.01.22.07 Seek Player Action Sticker Abstracts
2010.12.30.05 Early Wurlitzer Player Piano
2010.12.01.06 Color of Painted Piano Plate
2010.10.09.07 Player Pianos Far From Dead
2010.08.10.06 Does Electrification Affect Player Piano Value?
2010.07.08.04 Keyboard Lock Device for Foster Player Piano
2010.06.06.09 Suction Unit Plays Piano Too Loudly
2010.04.22.06 Oddball Pianos
2010.04.14.10 AC Motors Powered By a DC Converter
2010.04.12.09 Duo-Art Upright Suffers Bobbling Hammers
2010.03.27.11 FS: 1918 Weber Duo-Art 5'8" Grand Piano
2010.02.28.04 Installing Electronic Player in Upright Piano
2010.02.17.07 Seek Lyrics for Piano Rolls
2010.02.15.03 Why Cast Iron Piano Plates Break
2010.02.11.01 Why Cast Iron Piano Plates Break
2010.02.10.12 Cast Iron Frame for Lester Player Piano
2010.02.09.09 Ampico Piano Repair Isn't Affordable
2010.01.25.04 Securing Your Player Piano Adjustments
2010.01.14.03 Mink Oil
2010.01.08.11 Rebuilding M. Schulz Co. Player Piano Stack
2010.01.08.09 Servicing Aeolian Spinet Player Piano
2009.12.30.03 Seek Universal Player System & Solenoid Player
2009.12.15.07 Tempo Lever Won't Adjust the Tempo
2009.12.14.02 Player Pianos and the Younger Generation
2009.12.11.07 Cloth Punchings for Simplex Player Action
2009.12.01.09 Seek 88-note Player Built by Baldwin
2008.07.30.14 Seek Two Tier Action Stack for Cable Player Piano
2008.07.09.03 Shipping a Piano from New Zealand
2008.05.22.04 Moving a Wide Piano Through a Narrow Door
2008.05.18.05 Seek Baldwin Manualo Player Piano
2008.05.13.06 Aleene's Original Tacky Glue
2008.05.12.10 Small Suction Box for Player Piano
2008.02.08.07 Effect of Tracker Bar Hose Length on Repetition
2008.02.04.05 Hide Glue & Fish Glue
2008.01.31.09 Duo-Art vs. Ampico
2008.01.31.01 Mechanical Orguinette Company
2008.01.26.08 FS Free: Autopiano Double-Valve Player Action
2008.01.20.03 Children and Mechanical Music
2008.01.14.10 Seek Organ Pedals for MIDI Controller
2008.01.13.09 Player Piano Company's Simplex Valve Tester
2008.01.08.02 MMDigest Web Site Reunites Father and Daughter
2008.01.04.06 Burning a Piano
2008.01.02.04 Player Piano Wrecking on YouTube
2007.12.28.05 John Deere Player Piano Finish
2007.12.19.04 John Deere Player Piano Finish
2007.12.19.01 Player Pianos Are a Labor of Love
2007.12.18.02 Loud Pedal Pneumatic Delay Compensation
2007.11.26.02 Preserving and Cataloging Old Parts
2007.11.23.06 Value of Old Player Pianos
2007.11.15.11 Mills Violano With Cracked Harp Plate
2007.11.13.10 Ampico A System Removed From Grand Piano
2007.11.10.04 Ampico A System Removed From Grand Piano
2007.11.09.08 Pneumatic vs. Solenoid Pianos
2007.11.02.05 Horrible Sounding Piano at YouTube
2007.10.18.03 Installing a Player Action in Old Upright Piano
2007.10.18.02 Fake "Monarch" Player Piano
2007.10.15.05 Fake "Monarch" Player Piano
2007.10.14.02 Mechanical Music on TV "Ghost Hunters"
2007.10.02.02 Value of Old Player Pianos
2007.09.19.06 Ragtime Automatic Music Co. Valve Design
2007.08.12.01 Power of the MMD
2007.08.10.02 Seek Gulbransen Stack and Pump
2007.01.25.06 Synthetic Glues and Sealants
2006.12.05.07 Cutting Oval Opening for Spoolbox Doors
2006.11.18.03 Seek Universal Player Piano Components
2006.11.11.04 Strung Back for Baldwin Player Piano Found
2006.11.08.02 Seek Strung Back for Baldwin Player Piano
2006.11.04.07 Pianomation Modification in Upright Piano
2006.11.02.05 FS: Rare Mechanical Music Items in Switzerland
2006.10.24.02 Improvisation on Classical Music Rolls
2006.10.16.05 Servicing a Baldwin Manualo Regulator
2006.10.10.04 Seek Player Action for Strohber Piano
2006.09.28.07 Rebuilding Universal Plastic Stacks
2006.09.27.06 Estimated Restoration Times
2006.09.15.07 FS: Spool Box Cabinet for Gulbransen Grand
2006.08.26.03 "O" Roll Build-Up Orchestrions
2006.08.17.02 Cakewalk & Windows XP
2006.08.02.04 Moving Trip, North Carolina to Missouri
2006.07.07.08 Archival Music Roll Scanning
2006.06.16.03 Seek 1912-1913 Art Case Foster & Co. Player
2006.05.21.05 Vinyl Pouches & Longevity
2002.09.11.01 My Homemade "O" Roll Orchestrion
2002.06.17.05 Automotive Tubing and Other Substitutions
2002.06.12.08 Unusual Music Roll Brand
2002.06.09.01 Unusual Baldwin Piano
2002.04.18.09 PowerRoll Delivery Status
2002.04.16.05 PowerRoll Delivery Status
2002.03.30.06 Tuning a Piano With New Strings
2002.02.20.05 Unknown Songs on Piano Rolls
2002.02.17.05 Stay Mentally Alert Playing the Piano
2002.01.24.05 Pneumatic vs. Solenoid Power
2001.12.14.07 Andy Taylor Performing in Tombstone AZ
2001.11.18.02 Hello to MMD
2000.11.12.08 J. Lawrence Cook Song Transcriptions
2000.11.07.09 Bome's Translator Changes MIDI Note Numbers
2000.11.04.09 Seek Player Piano Tracker Bar Scale Stick
2000.10.25.08 Seek Empty Duo-Art Grand Player
2000.08.28.04 Calibrating Solenoid Piano for MIDI Velocity
2000.08.10.11 Johnson Piano Co. Nickelodeon
2000.08.02.13 Neuman Brothers Player Piano
2000.07.15.05 Non-Original Instruments at eBay Auction
2000.07.11.09 Piano Not Tuned for 75 Years
2000.07.01.04 Sponge Neoprene Unit Valves from PPCo
2000.06.18.05 Genius of J. Lawrence Cook
2000.06.17.08 Seek Filler for Cast Iron Surface
2000.06.05.10 Foot Pedal Loudness Control for Solenoid Player
2000.06.04.02 Player Action Database Web Site
2000.05.29.07 Gaining More Clearance for Player Action
2000.05.28.01 Player Action Database Web Site
2000.05.24.06 Pianos Used Only As Furniture
2000.05.24.05 Ivory Transport & CITES Agreement
2000.05.23.06 Nickel-Plated vs. Blued Steel Tuning Pins
2000.05.05.05 My First Piano Moving Rig
2000.05.04.10 Roll Artists With Assumed Names
2000.05.03.06 Installing New Upright Back-Checks
2000.05.02.12 Moving Pianos From A Mover's Perspective
2000.05.01.08 Player Pianos in Tight Spaces
2000.04.18.03 Tempola Temporarily Unavailable
2000.04.15.06 Rating Music Roll Suppliers
2000.04.12.10 Rating Music Roll Suppliers
2000.04.07.05 MMD Archives on CD-ROM
2000.04.06.07 East West Moving Trip
2000.04.03.12 Modification for Hammer Stroke Adjustment
2000.04.03.07 Songs You Never Want to Hear Again
2000.03.29.11 Children and Mechanical Music
2000.03.06.07 Durrell Armstrong & Player Piano Co.
2000.02.16.16 Tuning Pins Slipping Resolved
2000.02.16.07 "Rhapsody in Blue"
2000.02.12.07 A Seeburg or Not A Seeburg?
2000.02.07.06 Tuning Pins Slipping in Winter
2000.02.07.05 Laughable Piano Maintenance Instructions
2000.02.06.05 Piano Serial Numbers & Manufacture Date
2000.02.05.09 Pinblock Plugs
2000.01.31.03 Piano Moving, Shreveport to Chicago
2000.01.29.07 Values of Automatic Pianos
2000.01.28.11 Half Pedaling
2000.01.27.26 Tempola Music Rolls Step Recording Piano
2000.01.21.14 QRS "Indestructible" Piano Rolls vs. Waxed Paper
2000.01.20.12 Tempola Musics Roll - Thank You
2000.01.20.09 On-Stage Player Piano for Dancing Upon
2000.01.18.08 Tempola Music Rolls
2000.01.12.16 Terms: Restored, Rebuilt, Reconditioned, Original
1999.12.31.06 Honeymoon March as 88-Note Piano Roll
1999.12.30.08 Cut Music Rolls With Laser Beam
1999.12.30.03 The Y2K Problem
1999.12.28.14 Player Action For Cable Company Piano
1999.12.23.11 QRS Pianomation With Transfer Levers
1999.12.22.10 "Spirit of Independence (SofI)" Orchestrion
1999.12.21.08 Hammer Rail Lift Compensator For Upright Players
1999.12.20.03 Musical Memory and Autism
1999.12.15.18 Replacing Piano Case Veneer
1999.12.15.17 Ragtime Automated Music Player System
1999.12.11.09 Replacing Piano Case Veneer
1999.12.11.08 Printing Words On Piano Rolls
1999.12.08.10 Transposing Pianos
1999.12.06.05 The Life Of The Piano Roll Arranger (Humor)
1999.12.05.09 Player Piano Rebuilding and Human Nature
1999.12.04.11 Seek Old 88-Note Keytop or Push-Up Piano Player
1999.12.02.24 Drilled Piano Hammers
1999.11.28.11 Striking Angle of Piano Hammers
1999.11.28.10 Cracked Piano Plate
1999.11.19.07 Rescuing Junked Player Pianos
1999.11.17.13 Automatic Shutoff for Electric Player Piano
1999.11.16.07 Packing Player Action Parts for Shipment
1999.11.07.06 Foster Upright Plays Spencer's E-rolls
1999.11.02.13 Editing Transcribed Music Rolls to MIDI Files
1999.10.27.02 Piano Moving Trip, Midwest to West Coast
1999.10.25.15 MIDI Keybed Contacts Record Double Note Strikes
1999.10.18.09 Links Page at Tempola Site
1999.10.07.12 Harmonic Trap
1999.10.06.08 Organs & Pianos by the Cable Company of Chicago
1999.10.04.05 Loose Soundboard
1999.10.02.05 Apology
1999.09.30.12 Frequently Asked Questions & Free Advice
1999.09.26.02 Frequently Asked Questions
1999.09.20.07 MIDI Kiosk for Pianomation or PowerRoll
1999.09.14.05 Seek Perforator Information for My Recording Pi
1999.09.14.03 Help Identify Photo of Player Device
1999.09.13.09 Please Rescue The Old Cable Piano
1999.08.30.07 eBay Announcements in MMDigest
1999.08.22.03 Piano Moving - Seattle, Portland, Atlanta
1999.08.21.04 Mediocre Restoration and Regulation
1999.08.19.08 Paul Eakins' Checker and the Checker Cab War
1999.08.11.08 Piano Moving Trip, West Coast
1999.08.09.12 FS: Tempola Rolls on eBay Auction
1999.08.08.06 Installing 3-Speed Motor in 78-RPM Phonograph
1999.08.06.01 Philco Phonograph Parts: Thanks!
1999.08.05.08 Pedal Pumping Rate
1999.08.01.01 Visit to QRS Music Rolls in Buffalo NY
1999.07.30.11 Mechanical Music in Movies & TV
1999.07.30.10 Seek Electronic Counter
1999.07.29.05 Piano Moving - Illinois to Washington
1999.07.28.25 Seek Philco Phonograph Parts
1999.07.28.14 Music Rolls With Seals Intact
1999.07.25.11 Solenoid Players in Upright Pianos
1999.07.24.06 Smoke Test
1999.07.23.11 Piano Moving - St. Louis/Chicago/Seattle
1999.07.20.03 Piano Moving Offer
1999.07.07.11 East Coast Piano Moving Trip
1999.07.03.12 Piano Moving Offer, MO to NY & GA
1999.05.23.18 External MIDI Clock Using Hublies Loopback Program
1999.05.15.07 Seek External MIDI Clock Generator
1999.04.26.04 Old Foster & Co. Advertising
1999.04.17.09 Seek Help for Pianomation Plus SoundBlaster
1999.04.15.08 Step Recording Piano
1999.03.31.05 Reroll Problem With Automatic Kit
1999.03.28.06 QRS3226 "The Farmer Took Another Load Away!"
1999.03.20.03 Recording Pianos With Camcorder
1999.03.17.13 QRS Pianomation System
1999.03.16.05 Is It a Real Antique?
1999.03.14.03 Rebuilding Chein PianoLodeon
1999.03.05.06 John Roache
1999.02.23.10 Rewind Solutions for Electric Turbine Kits
1999.02.04.14 Use a MIDI Editor to Recreate the Master Roll
1999.02.01.09 "Steppin' in Bb" Piano Arrangement
1999.01.31.16 Detecting Air Flow Using Ball Switch
1999.01.23.08 My First Step-recorded MIDI File
1999.01.22.10 Supplies from Player Piano Co.
1999.01.19.06 Rockford Piano Co. of Illinois
1999.01.18.22 New Piano Designs
1999.01.18.19 Regaining the Original Piano Tone
1999.01.17.10 Pianomation Modification in Upright Piano
1999.01.14.13 New Piano Designs
1999.01.13.13 Stencil Pianos
1999.01.11.10 Declining Quality of Pianos
1999.01.10.09 D. H. Baldwin Piano Built by Samick
1999.01.03.11 Pianomation Needs More Than a Stop Rail
1999.01.03.10 Pianomation Modification in Upright Piano
1998.12.28.10 QRS Pianomation Needs a Stop Rail
1998.12.28.05 Rubber Band Music Box
1998.12.25.04 Database of Used Player Piano Parts
1998.12.22.11 Dropped Piano Tragedy
1998.12.18.10 Styles of Foster & Co. Pianos
1998.12.17.15 Step Recording Piano Rolls with MIDI
1998.12.12.07 The Giant Ding-A-Ling Orchestrion
1998.11.25.04 My Thanksgiving
1998.11.18.05 New Motor Cloth from Player Piano Company
1998.11.12.11 New Mobile Player Piano Service
1998.11.10.09 New Mobile Player Piano Service
1998.11.07.08 Music Roll Acceleration
1998.11.03.18 Rachmaninoff Audio Recordings vs. Ampico CD
1998.10.22.03 Tempola Music Rolls Celebrates Second Year
1998.10.18.05 Old Shirt Press Found Useful for Player Work
1998.10.11.09 Piano Roll Digest Website
1998.10.10.08 Tempola Rolls and Piano Roll Digest Changing Servers
1998.09.26.08 The Piano Roll Digest
1998.09.15.14 Seek Foster & Co. Piano Literature
1998.09.14.17 Sealing Pouch Leather
1998.09.06.07 Old Players That Still Play
1998.08.30.08 Painted Artwork On Piano Plates
1998.08.29.09 Replacing The Pinblock in Foster Upright Piano
1998.08.27.07 New Web Page Shows Our Restoration Work
1998.08.25.16 Piano Cases Built By Furniture Makers
1998.08.23.19 New Stack Details
1998.08.16.14 Matching Pneumatic Size To Valve Size
1998.08.16.12 Seek a Source For Action Abstracts
1998.08.13.13 Seek Upright Piano for New Stack Design
1998.08.10.05 PowerRoll & Poorly Maintained Pianos
1998.08.09.10 PowerRoll & Turbine Pump Problems
1998.08.01.11 MIRC Chatroom on
1998.07.29.09 MIDI Sync for Step Recording
1998.07.27.08 Politically Incorrect Rolls & J. Lawrence Cook
1998.07.25.19 Performance of Solenoid Pianos
1998.07.23.17 Political Correctness
1998.07.22.19 PowerRoll, Pianomation & Editing Programs
1998.07.21.16 Solenoid Pianos
1998.07.19.10 Hit Songs of WW1
1998.07.17.04 Pianomation & Roll-playing Software
1998.07.15.12 Stencil Punches
1998.07.13.13 QRS Pianomation Problem
1998.07.10.06 Seek Stencil Alphabet Punches for Printing Words
1998.07.08.09 Printing Words on Music Rolls
1998.07.02.15 Player Piano Co. Supplies
1998.06.29.21 Seek Piano Mover - Los Angeles to Missouri
1998.06.23.08 J. W. Jenkins Sons Piano
1998.06.18.05 Converting 65-note Push-up Player
1998.06.16.07 Changes in our Web Site
1998.06.16.06 The MIDI Craze
1998.06.13.07 Truth In Advertising
1998.06.12.10 Playing MIDI via Telephone
1998.06.11.08 Max Kortlander
1998.06.09.13 Playing Pianos via CB Radio
1998.06.09.04 The Strength in a Web Site
1998.06.06.03 Seek QRS Player-Piano Demo Software
1998.06.03.04 Playing Pianos Via Internet
1998.05.28.02 Mr. Rogers TV Program
1998.05.26.09 Autopiano Secondary Valve Problem
1998.05.23.05 Player-Piano Chat Room on
1998.05.21.22 Pinblocks
1998.05.20.10 Sounding Boards
1998.05.19.14 Major Piano Problems
1998.05.17.08 What is Original ?
1998.05.15.09 Art Case For Foster Piano
1998.05.15.06 Ordering Piano Supplies - Earning the Endorsement
1998.05.13.16 Hammer Acceleration
1998.05.13.10 Switch Arcing in Player Piano
1998.05.12.04 What Is "Original?"
1998.05.10.06 What Are We Here For?
1998.05.05.17 Comparing Pneumatic & Solenoid Pianos
1998.05.03.08 Sounds of Pneumatic vs. Solenoid Pianos
1998.05.03.07 Reproducing Pianos - Are They Worth It?
1998.04.26.11 Tempola's Player Piano Chat Room Now Open
1998.04.23.21 Air Motor Accelerator Valve
1998.04.16.11 Royalties for Public Performance
1998.04.13.12 Piano Refinishing
1998.04.08.10 New URL & Server
1998.04.06.18 New Tempola Rolls
1998.04.04.13 Computer Program for Piano Tuning
1998.04.02.08 Tempola Web Site
1998.04.01.20 Valves for Simplex Action
1998.03.31.21 Moving Pianos from East Coast to Midwest
1998.03.31.11 Player Techs Must Put Away Their Toys
1998.03.29.12 Products of American Piano Co.
1998.03.28.10 Embarrassing Piano Stories
1998.03.27.09 List of Foster & Co. Piano Serial Numbers
1998.03.23.06 Copying and Reissuing Music Rolls
1998.03.22.23 Seek Ampico Upright Action
1998.03.18.10 Wurlitzer Solenoid Piano
1998.03.14.04 "Playing-In" a Roll
1998.03.12.12 New Piano Roll Arrangement
1998.03.11.10 Pedalling and Rubato in Music Rolls
1998.03.09.06 Roll Artists
1998.03.05.11 New E-mail & Web Address for Tempola
1998.03.01.14 Pumping Pedal Mats
1998.02.21.04 J. Lawrence Cook Arrangements
1998.02.13.08 Trip to Florida
1998.02.09.15 Piano With Dull Sound
1998.02.05.08 Ivory Keytops
1998.02.03.06 Cork-rubber Gaskets
1998.01.27.11 Oval Door Foster & Co. Piano Found
1998.01.25.03 New Tempola Music Rolls
1998.01.23.01 Ragtime Automated Music Seeks Satisfaction
1998.01.21.15 Player Kit from Ragtime Automated Music
1998.01.19.12 Help for Standard Action Valves
1998.01.19.06 Ragtime Automated Music's Plastic Spool Frame
1998.01.10.07 Seek 88-note MIDI Keyboard
1998.01.02.15 Hammer Strike-point in Uprights
1997.12.31.08 Re: No More Technical Articles
1997.12.27.05 MMD Awards
1997.12.24.05 "Aristocat" Roll Project
1997.12.17.25 Craig Brougher's Model "B" Ampico
1997.12.09.11 Rebuilding Simplex Pneumatics
1997.12.05.08 Advice to Young Player Techs
1997.12.01.11 QRS MIDI Record Strip Installation
1997.11.27.02 Rebuilding Players Full Time
1997.11.24.11 Rebuilding Players Full Time
1997.11.20.06 Seek "Rocking Levers" for Player Action
1997.11.19.13 Pianomation Maintenance
1997.11.19.07 MMD is Effective
1997.11.16.07 Ragtime Automated Music (RAM) Survey
1997.11.15.10 Cable-Nelson "Lakeside" Piano
1997.11.14.10 Printing Words on Music Rolls
1997.11.09.08 Stencil Machines
1997.11.08.09 RAM Survey
1997.11.07.12 Art Reblitz & Aeolian-American Factory
1997.11.02.08 Aeolian Piano Given a Home
1997.10.31.07 Proof Copies of Tempola Rolls Arrive
1997.10.27.03 Request for Financial Support
1997.10.23.13 MIDI CDs of Tempola Music
1997.10.20.05 Future Piano Tech
1997.10.17.05 Cost of Piano Restoration
1997.10.15.18 Salvaging Player Pianos
1997.10.08.13 Solenoid vs. Pneumatic Pianos
1997.10.04.08 Demand and the "Rich Man's Hobby"
1997.10.03.07 Demand and the "Rich Man's Hobby"
1997.10.02.08 "Wind" Roll Editor for Windows
1997.09.28.03 Tempola Rolls Delayed
1997.09.27.03 Pianomation Solenoid Piano
1997.09.23.09 Baldwin Double-eared "Fish-pole" Tracker
1997.09.21.06 Aeolian Music Rolls Inc.
1997.09.21.05 Seek 88-note Perforator
1997.09.21.04 Tempola Music Rolls
1997.09.12.09 MIDI Piano Rolls on Web Site
1997.09.08.20 Changing Sprockets
1997.09.06.10 Protecting Rolls During Rewind
1997.08.31.04 MIDI Program
1997.08.25.11 Monarch Stringing Scale
1997.08.23.08 Need Help with Stringing Scale
1997.08.20.19 The Baldwin Stringing Scale
1997.08.15.09 Roll Data Base
1997.08.14.02 Praise for the Artist's Editor
1997.08.12.08 Pianomation Solenoid Player
1997.08.10.08 Preservation of Mechanical Music
1997.08.07.08 Preserve the Mechanical Music Now!
1997.08.06.10 Ragtime Automation Roll Reader
1997.08.02.08 Copying Rolls
1997.08.01.16 Rolls and MIDI Files
1997.08.01.10 Seek 65/88 Note Spoolbox
1997.07.30.16 MIDI Sounds .vs. Piano Sounds
1997.07.30.05 65 Note Piano Rolls
1997.07.27.11 Electric vs. Vacuum Systems
1997.07.27.03 Andy Taylor's Web Site
1997.07.25.06 Web Page for Foster and Co. Pianos
1997.07.23.11 Pouch Switch Design
1997.07.22.06 Copyrights and Music Rolls
1997.07.20.09 Andy's Editing Piano and Roll Reader
1997.07.18.13 Andy's Editing Piano
1997.07.16.07 Converting Rolls into Midi
1997.07.15.16 Restoring the Piano Plate
1997.07.11.06 Are Old Music Rolls Worth Preserving?
1997.07.09.02 Andy Taylor's Web Page
1997.07.06.02 Tempola Web Site
1997.07.05.04 Ragtime Products
1997.07.02.05 Midi Files at Web Site
1997.06.30.04 Player Piano Company
1997.06.30.01 Visit to QRS
1997.06.15.04 American Piano Co. Uprights
1997.06.13.12 American Piano Co. Uprights
1997.06.13.04 "Pussycat Rag" and "Grandaddy Longlegs"
1997.06.06.11 Upcoming Release: TEMPOLA Player Rolls
1997.06.01.15 PVC-E Glue and Phenoseal
1997.05.30.10 PVC-E as Sealer
1997.05.28.05 Player Rebuilding Ideals and Pitfalls
1997.05.26.07 Stark and Berry-Wood Pianos
1997.05.24.11 An Apology and Plan for Homemade Stacks
1997.05.23.09 Modern Nickelodens / Beckwith Piano Pump
1997.05.23.08 Ragtime Kit Evaluation: The Naked Truth
1997.05.11.17 Foster and Company Piano; Financial Support
1997.05.10.04 Stark Piano and Modern Replacement Stacks
1997.05.08.13 Removing Player Actions!!!??
1997.05.07.01 A Picture of the Piano I'm Looking For
1997.05.06.06 Removing Player Actions!!!??
1997.05.05.09 Grinnel Bros. Piano
1997.05.04.18 Vince's Wurlitzer Player Piano
1997.05.03.05 Foster and Company Piano
1997.04.30.19 Substitute for Plastic Glue
1997.04.28.18 Trimming Plastic Keytops
1997.04.26.05 Foster vs. Marshall and Wendell Pianos
1997.04.22.08 QRS Recording Switch Strip
1997.04.20.02 Introduction
1997.04.18.15 QRS Key-contact Strip
1995.12.18.03 Wanted: Foster and Company Piano

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