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Digest NrSubject
2017.04.27.08 Replacement Piano Hammers for Ampico Grand
2016.12.26.02 Repairing Stripped Screw Threads in Wood
2016.08.16.03 Cleaning a Shellac Finish
2016.06.11.04 FS: 1930 Mason & Hamlin A with Ampico B Player
2016.06.08.06 Seek Floppy Drive for Yamaha MX100A Disklavier
2016.04.30.03 Rotary Pump Makes the Grand Piano Shimmy
2016.03.14.07 Yamaha MX100A Control Unit Upgrade
2016.02.24.05 Filling Screw Holes in Wood
2015.06.11.01 Woodruff Key in Player Piano Transmission
2015.01.06.09 Deodorizing Urine Smell in a Piano
2014.10.03.11 MDF Versus Plywood
2014.10.03.08 Angled Edges in Large Bellows
2014.06.30.05 Behr Bros. Player Piano Near San Diego
2014.06.25.09 Repairing Pot Metal Flanges and Elbows
2014.05.08.03 Seek Brass Hose Elbows
2014.05.06.03 Seek PPCo Brass Hose Elbows
2014.04.29.02 Ampico Expression Pneumatics Opening Distance
2014.04.16.03 Slow Set Up Hide Glue
2014.04.11.03 FS Free: QRS Patine System
2014.02.18.01 String Scales in Mason & Hamlin Ampico Pianos
2013.08.28.04 Boehm Hollow Punches for Gaskets
2013.06.14.05 Ampico Flap Valve Material
2013.05.26.07 Ampico Flap Valve Material
2012.05.26.08 Bending a Warped Piano Key
2011.11.21.07 Attaching Simplex Pouch Lifter Discs
2010.11.04.08 Seek Duo-Art Test Roll
2010.11.04.07 Duo-Art Accordion Expression Pneumatics
2010.10.16.04 Duo-Art Accordion Expression Pneumatics
2010.10.13.07 Duo-Art Accordion Expression Pneumatics
2010.10.08.05 Duo-Art Accordion Expression Pneumatics
2010.09.13.19 FS Free: Hardman DuoArt Spool Box Assembly
2010.07.04.02 Reducing Turbine Suction Pump Noise
2010.02.18.09 Duo-Art Grand Piano Action is Feather Light
2010.01.05.07 Books on Rebuilding a Player Piano & Piano
2009.08.28.02 FS: Chickering Ampico Grand & Roll Cabinet
2009.07.17.03 Piano Key Recovering Service
2009.06.15.04 Seek Fan Motor Speed Control
2009.05.16.13 Steck Striking Pneumatic Hinges
2009.04.22.05 Reversible Glue for Temporary Repair
2009.04.01.08 FS: Chickering Ampico Grand Piano in Cape Cod
2009.03.29.08 Formatting Floppy Diskettes for PianoDisc
2009.03.28.06 Formatting Floppy Diskettes for PianoDisc
2008.10.17.07 FS Free: Upright Player Piano in Massachusetts
2008.08.18.03 Ampico Perforating Machine on YouTube
2008.08.17.04 Covering the Pneumatic Hinge
2008.07.02.08 FS: Aeolian Duo-Art Grand
2008.01.31.08 Duo-Art vs. Ampico
2007.12.24.06 Repairing an Ivory Keyboard
2007.12.21.08 John Deere Player Piano Finish
2007.11.19.03 Need External Vacuum Supply for Duo-Art
2007.10.16.07 Fake "Monarch" Player Piano
2007.06.14.06 Vertical Damper Replacement Pamphlet
2007.06.14.03 Player Piano Plate Breaks During Restoration
2007.03.24.05 Controlling Rewind Speed of Electrified Player
2007.02.11.05 FS Free: Ampico Parts
2007.02.05.07 Repairing a Broken Tracker Bar
2007.01.31.08 FS Free: 1916 Knabe Grand Ex-Player Piano
2006.12.16.03 Stripped Screw Holes in Wood
2006.10.12.10 Key Re-bushing Problems on Weber Duo-Art Grand
2006.08.12.14 Ivory Repair Kit
2006.06.03.03 Cleaning Threaded Rods
2006.05.15.03 FS: Lindner Welte Lost Motion Compensating Action
2006.04.14.11 Music at Web Site
2006.04.12.11 Player Piano Rebuilding
2006.03.23.02 Pinblock Treatment
2006.02.18.05 Proper Hammers for Player Pianos
2005.09.23.05 Player Piano Won't Hold Tuning
2005.09.12.11 Replacement Rubber Bands for Piano Rolls
2005.05.22.06 The Ultimate Mechanical Music Machine
2005.03.25.08 Suede Leather Gasket Material
2004.05.04.03 FS: George Steck Dou-Art Grand in Massachusetts
2004.04.14.08 Reverting to Pedals for a Player Piano
2004.04.10.16 Replacing & Gluing Ivory Keytops
2004.04.06.10 Source of Sanding Belts
2004.04.06.06 Replacing & Gluing Ivory Keytops
2004.01.26.05 Electric Hot Glue Pot
2004.01.09.07 Beater Balls for Seeburg Xylophone
2003.11.17.05 Piano Stored in a Garage
2003.05.13.06 Ivory Transport & CITES Agreement
2003.05.11.10 Seek Piano Mover Gene Sandberg
2003.02.17.04 Repairing a Stiff Piano Action
2003.02.05.06 Anti-Virus Software
2003.01.20.11 Regulating the Piano Action
2003.01.06.08 Dismantling an Upright Piano
2003.01.03.05 Square Grand Piano Regulation
2002.12.13.04 Ivory Keys
2002.11.26.13 Proper Piano Key Weight
2002.11.21.16 Packard Piano Stringing Scale
2002.10.23.09 Voicing the Piano Hammers - "Boing" at The Break
2002.09.27.10 Source of Flat Head Brass Screws
2002.07.16.08 Warped Piano Plate
2002.05.22.02 "WindPlay" Software by Richard Brandle
2002.04.01.06 Tuning a Piano With New Strings
2002.03.31.09 Tuning a Piano With New Strings
2002.02.09.07 Refinishing The Piano Case - PianoLac
2002.02.07.04 Refinishing The Piano Case
2002.02.06.09 Refinishing The Piano Case
2001.12.14.13 Value of Old Square Grand Piano
2001.11.13.07 Removing a Bent Screw
2001.11.03.05 Yamaha Concert Grand Ampico Piano
2001.08.21.07 Source of Brass Reeds for Reed Organ
2001.05.04.02 Shipping Pump Organ Overseas
2001.04.27.01 Tuning the Piano for "That Honky-Tonk Sound"
2001.04.07.11 Sticking Center Pins on Steinway Vertical Piano
2001.04.05.07 Repairing Loose Key Pins
2001.03.29.02 Seek Ampico B Control Levers
2001.01.30.08 Marshall & Wendell String Scale
2001.01.19.12 Gluing Ivory Keytops
2000.12.27.06 Seek Tracker Cam for Seybold Player Action
2000.12.19.06 Hammer Springs & Player Repetition Rate
2000.11.21.13 Pinblock Separated From Wood Frame
2000.11.11.10 Piano Tuning Pin Alignment
2000.09.20.01 List of Restorers
2000.08.30.06 "AcryliKey" for Chipped Ivory Repair
2000.08.23.06 Cleaning Old Lacquer Finish
2000.08.16.14 Hot Glue & Brush Management
2000.06.10.08 Replacing Grand Piano Hammers
2000.06.09.07 Deodorizing Pianos - Warning
2000.05.19.13 FS: Welte Rotary Bellows Pump
2000.05.19.06 Stripping the Piano Finish
2000.05.04.01 Virus Warning
2000.05.02.09 Hammer Felt Softening
2000.04.24.11 FS: Salvaged Player Parts
2000.04.15.13 FS: Ampico A Drawer
2000.04.15.07 Is Re-stringing the Piano Justified?
2000.03.22.06 What is a Recording? What is a Record?
2000.03.18.09 Repairing Bridge Pin Cracks
2000.03.07.16 Cast Iron Repair By Metal Stitching
2000.02.06.07 Pinblock Plugs & Repairs
2000.01.27.23 Welte Mercury Trough Recording Piano
2000.01.20.15 Tri-Chord Piano Dampers
2000.01.16.10 Making a Wire Knot in a Piano String
2000.01.14.04 Ragtime Snoopy
2000.01.13.09 Wound Bass Strings & Terms
2000.01.11.21 Repairing Wound Bass Strings
2000.01.10.06 Terms: Restored, Rebuilt, Reconditioned
1999.11.07.01 Aeolian Orchestrelle Tracker Bar
1999.11.01.14 Fleecing the Collector
1999.11.01.12 Hire the Qualified and Honest Restorer
1999.10.31.07 Hire the Qualified and Honest Restorer
1999.07.10.11 Repairing Broken Agraffe
1999.07.06.09 "AcryliKey" for Ivory Repairs
1999.06.05.07 Street Find: Abandoned Piano
1999.05.25.12 Gold Lining Powder
1999.05.22.10 Square Drive Screws
1999.05.22.05 Decals Unlimited
1999.02.06.08 Poor Repetition in 1884 Chickering
1999.01.14.11 Veneered Medium Density Fiberboard for Piano Case
1999.01.13.18 FS: Ampico A Player Unit for Grand Piano
1999.01.13.17 Red Welte Vorsetzer for Steinway Grand
1999.01.13.11 Stencil Pianos
1999.01.13.08 Smoke Damage
1999.01.12.18 Pianotech List Discusses Piano Quality
1998.12.27.11 New Ampico Unit Valves From Bob Lemon
1998.12.03.07 Strange Lightweight Pianos in Transportation
1998.11.21.07 Severely Cracked Pin Block
1998.10.05.02 Canadian Legal Problem: Ivory Keytops
1998.09.08.10 2nd Year Anniversary at Player-Care
1998.07.22.06 Another Old Adage
1998.07.17.07 Replacement Piano Casters
1998.06.26.18 Jackleg Repairs & Mechanical Music Jargon
1998.06.10.13 Solvent For Masking Tape Adhesive
1998.05.28.08 Sharpening Arch and Tube Punches
1998.05.22.09 Humidity
1998.05.13.05 What Is "Original?"
1998.05.12.16 Hammer Acceleration
1998.05.12.08 Ordering Piano Supplies
1998.05.10.11 Smoke and Chemical Reactions on Pianos
1998.05.05.22 Veneer Dent in Piano Case
1998.04.23.18 Cost of Complete Piano Restoration
1998.04.23.16 Fixing Water Spots on Wood Finish
1998.04.14.11 Refinishing Pianos
1998.04.07.12 "Treasures of Mechanical Music"
1998.03.29.18 Piano Tilter
1998.01.26.16 Ampico Hammer Rail
1998.01.25.12 Ampico Hammer-rail Lift Problem
1998.01.09.19 Boring Piano Hammers
1998.01.05.21 Hammer Strike-point in Uprights
1997.12.22.18 Mould in Glue Pot
1997.12.01.10 Replacement Ampico Valves
1997.11.07.14 Dampers in Old Uprights
1997.09.25.12 Repairing Ivories with Acrylic Polymer
1997.09.24.10 Cheap Thread Cutting Dies
1997.09.24.03 The "Harmonic Mechanism" Piano in Paris
1997.09.16.11 Seek Thread-cutting Die for Push-rod Wire
1997.08.30.06 Tilting Piano
1997.08.25.10 Monarch Stringing Scale
1997.08.14.10 Ivory Repair
1997.08.13.14 Ivory Glue
1997.08.07.13 Seek Ampico A Unit Valves
1997.07.31.16 IRC Chat Software
1997.07.28.14 Broken Screw in Piano Action
1997.07.28.08 Piano Tech Chat Room
1997.07.19.05 Teleconferencing
1997.07.15.14 Rebuilding the Piano
1997.05.30.11 PVC-E as Sealer
1997.05.29.14 Player Rebuilding Ideals and Pitfalls
1997.05.11.23 Financial Support
1997.05.11.21 Financial Support
1997.05.11.15 Dinero $$
1997.05.11.04 Sound Board Decals
1997.03.04.11 Hammer Suppliers
1997.03.01.07 Storing Music Rolls
1997.02.16.12 Autopiano Horror Story
1997.02.14.07 MMD Subscriber Demographics
1997.02.09.22 Repetition Spring Regulation
1997.01.28.11 Keytop Adhesives
1996.12.17.05 Re: Help Replacing Ivory Keytops
1996.12.05.13 Re: Bobbling hammers
1996.12.03.07 Re: Player Tech in New Hampshire
1996.11.24.05 Bill Gates Joke
1996.11.20.16 Bridge Pins Again
1996.11.17.05 Re: 7/8 Inch Bridge Pins
1996.11.12.15 Classified Ads
1996.11.07.09 Comparisons Between Glues
1996.11.07.08 Hydrocote
1996.11.06.11 Cents, Cycles, Tuning
1996.11.06.08 Epoxy Bridge Repairs
1996.11.05.10 Bridge Repairs
1996.11.05.06 Modern Materials ?
1996.11.02.09 Re: Info on my Chase piano ?
1996.11.02.05 Sound Board Cracks May Be Acceptable
1996.10.17.03 Player Inspection
1996.10.05.20 Re: Ads in Digest
1996.08.08.01 Introduction

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