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Digest NrSubject
2019.05.20.03 List of Wurlitzer 125 Song Numbers
2019.04.02.02 Reproduco Unified Theatre Organ Control System
2019.02.04.03 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2018.10.10.02 Seek Encore Banjo Rolls
2018.09.18.06 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2018.06.10.05 FS: 65-note Piano Rolls
2017.08.19.02 Seek Scanning Of Unified Reproduco Rolls
2017.08.15.02 Seek Arranger For Reproduco Unified Theatre Organ
2017.08.02.04 Seek Tangley Calliope Tuning Tool
2017.07.18.02 Calliope Plays Bach Toccata & Fugue in D-minor
2017.07.07.02 Seek Bill Black Contact Information
2017.06.27.02 Seek Tangley Calliope Player Parts
2017.06.24.01 Reproduco Unified Theatre Player Pipe Organ
2017.04.07.01 Unknown Music Box Maker and Tunes Identified
2017.04.03.01 Unknown Music Box Maker and Tunes
2017.03.25.03 Tangley Calliaphone Manufacturing Date
2017.03.19.02 Tangley Calliaphone Manufacturing Date
2017.03.07.03 Seek Ampico 55447 Scherzo by Theodore Henrion
2016.10.23.02 "Pianoflage" by Roy Bargy
2016.08.05.05 Seek Welte-Mignon Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
2015.12.03.03 Mermod Freres Musical Box Tune Information
2015.11.30.01 Mermod Freres Musical Box Tune Information
2015.11.28.02 Unknown Music Box and Tune Information
2015.11.24.01 Unknown Music Box and Tune Information
2015.09.09.02 Self-playing Xylophone of the Forest
2015.08.15.01 Seek Wurlitzer Style 125 Roll No. 3143
2015.04.04.02 Wurlitzer APP Rolls Unknown Tunes #2
2015.02.14.07 Xylophone Scale to Play Style "4X" & "G" Rolls
2015.01.23.04 Unknown Tunes on Wurlitzer APP Rolls
2014.11.27.05 Ampico Roll Fur Elise
2014.11.15.01 Mermod Freres 10-tune Music Box Purchased
2014.10.10.04 Player Piano Roll Hole Shape
2014.06.29.01 Seek In-line Model Broadmoore PowerRoll
2014.06.21.01 Scanning Early Recordings
2014.05.25.05 Duo-Art System Removed From Steinway
2013.12.15.04 "A" Rolls for Christmas
2013.08.27.07 Street Organ Recording of "La Gazza Ladra"
2012.12.28.02 "Teddy Bear's Picnic" on Band Organ Rolls
2012.07.27.03 Unknown Tunes on Wurlitzer APP Rolls
2012.07.24.02 Unknown Tunes on Wurlitzer APP Rolls
2012.06.21.04 Stuyvesant Piano Company
2012.05.27.03 Pin-end Spool Ends for 65-note Piano Roll
2012.05.26.06 Animated Keys of an Upright Pianola
2012.04.11.07 FS: 65-note Piano Rolls
2012.04.11.02 Titles of Play-Rite Recut "O" Rolls
2012.02.23.01 Seek Blank Organ Book Stock
2012.02.16.06 New York Steck Pianola in Freiburg, Germany
2011.10.24.06 Seek Nelson-Wiggen 4X Instrument On Off Switch
2011.10.22.01 Wurlitzer Band Organ Rolls by David Stumpf
2011.10.19.05 Wurlitzer 150 Christmas Roll by David Stumpf
2011.10.13.03 Is My Nelson Wiggen 4X Snare Drum Original?
2011.08.20.02 Seek Ampico Roll of "Mephisto Waltz" by Liszt
2011.08.11.02 Wurlitzer Pianino Roll Sizes
2011.08.03.02 Wurlitzer Pianino Roll Sizes
2011.06.23.05 Band Organ Electric Power in a Parade
2011.05.18.03 QRS Christmas Collectors' Rolls
2011.01.13.02 Concert Roller Organ Performs At "Dickens Day"
2010.08.11.03 Punched Paper Music Loops
2010.03.24.02 Pat Metheny "Orchestrion Tour" in Los Angeles
2009.12.02.10 Arburo Dance Organ Tracker Bar Layout
2009.11.18.03 Loesch Orchestrion Data
2009.09.02.05 FS: Angelus Melodant Artistyle Rolls
2009.08.21.03 Hupfeld Phonola Roenisch Grand
2009.08.05.02 Hand-cranked Coin Piano Plays Keith Prowse Music
2009.06.14.01 Date of Aeolian Orchestrelle
2009.05.21.07 Sojin Piano in Orchestrion
2009.05.02.02 Scale of 72-key Decap Dance Hall Organ
2009.03.15.02 List of Coinola Style "O" Rolls
2009.03.13.04 Popper Gladiator Recording on San Sylmar CD
2009.03.11.04 Ampico 30113 "Fingal's Cave Overture"
2009.02.27.05 Reproduco Funeral Organ in San Diego
2009.02.26.06 FS Free: Reproduco Funeral Organ in San Diego
2009.02.03.05 Starr Player Piano Co. Demonstration Phono Record
2008.10.07.05 FS: Ray Siou Church-Pipe Band Organ
2008.09.30.03 Seek Email Address of G Perlee Draaiorgels
2008.09.09.04 Wurlitzer Band Organ Registration Controls
2008.08.29.03 Wurlitzer 105 on YouTube
2008.08.22.01 "End of the Day" Band Organ Rolls
2008.08.17.01 Kalliope 52.5 cm Disc Musical Box with Bells
2008.08.06.08 Rudolf Piano Company in Pierce Piano Atlas
2008.07.29.08 Rudolph Piano Company of New York
2008.07.26.04 Pianocorder Repair Firm
2008.07.10.05 AMICA Convention 2008 Table Favor
2008.05.19.03 Band Organs Behind Glass
2008.04.25.06 Reproduco Tempo Adjustment
2008.04.02.02 Seek Ricky Diggs, Custom Woodworking
2008.03.30.02 Walt and Ellen Bellm Possessions at Auction
2008.03.03.01 Seek Aeolian Orchestrelle Case Parts
2008.02.14.05 Unified Reproduco Tubular-pneumatic Organ
2007.11.13.08 Seek QRS Illustrated Collector's Christmas Rolls
2007.11.13.02 Report on MBSI Southern California Chapter Meeting
2007.10.13.04 Seek Pianocorder and PowerRoll Repair
2007.10.11.06 Regina 15.5" Disc Specification
2007.10.01.03 Richard Lipp & Sohn Player Grand Piano
2007.08.24.02 Unidentified Songs on "A" Rolls
2007.08.09.02 Jack Conway's ISP
2007.08.07.07 Help Identify Wurlitzer APP Rolls
2007.07.29.03 Seek Adhesive for Dry Wax Paper
2007.07.29.01 Unknown Tunes on Wurlitzer APP Rolls
2007.07.03.02 Organ Rally 1 July 2007 in Sierra Madre, Calif.
2007.06.08.03 Seek "A" Roll 1469 "Rollable Rhythm"
2007.05.21.02 How Many Wurlitzer 146 Band Organs Survive?
2007.02.26.02 Seek Mills Violano Virtuoso Tuning and Test Roll
2007.02.08.02 Student's Guide to Pipe Organs Book
2006.12.09.05 Music Roll Spool Core Discoveries
2006.11.18.04 Pianocorder Pedal Solenoids Are Weak
2006.11.05.04 Wurlitzer Gearbox Lubrication
2006.11.05.03 Seek QRS Christmas Collector's Rolls
2006.10.25.03 Improvisation on Classical Music Rolls
2006.10.11.08 Oktave Player Organ Rolls/Octave?
2006.09.25.04 Nelson-Wiggen Tubing Diagram
2006.09.02.04 Wurlitzer Band Organ Light Bulb Colors
2006.08.04.03 AMICA 2006 Convention in Chicago
2006.05.28.01 Organ Grinder With Monkey in New York
2006.04.25.06 Capitol "G" Roll G-510 of 1933
2006.04.03.07 Straube "Hammond" Player Piano
2006.02.06.04 Seek Digital Sound Recorder Module
2006.01.13.05 Regal Player Piano
2005.12.14.01 Keystone Music Rolls & Magic Melodies
2005.11.02.06 Tuning a Wurlitzer Band Organ
2005.11.02.04 Ed Freyer "A" Rolls Attributed to J. Lawrence Cook
2005.08.29.02 Source of Discs for Kalliope Musical Box
2005.08.19.03 Seek Dick Carty, Carty Piano Co.
2005.08.17.08 Seek Photo of 1929 Model Wurlitzer 105 Organ
2005.08.14.08 Seek Wurlitzer Style 105 Band Organ Photos
2005.06.17.07 Solo-Art Piano/Haddorff Piano Company
2005.06.10.06 Shaw Upright Piano
2005.06.06.04 Ampico Version Of Duo-Art Bach Roll
2005.06.03.02 Contacting Herman Lokenberg
2005.05.29.07 Frank McCullough
2005.05.26.05 "Connorized" Music Roll Paper
2005.05.26.01 Thanks, Matthew & Welcome Back, Robbie
2005.05.24.02 Conlon Nancarrow "13 Studies for Player Piano"
2005.04.29.01 AMICA So. California Organ Rally 23-24 April 2005
2005.02.19.05 Wurlitzer 5-Tune Pianino Rolls - Missing Titles
2005.02.12.03 Wurlitzer Pianino Rollography
2005.02.06.06 Seeburg 'G' Tracker Scale for '4X' and 'G' Rolls
2005.01.26.05 Bremar Player Piano by the Waddington Company
2004.12.05.02 Source of Reproduco Rolls
2004.12.03.02 Ampico "Christmas Eve Fantasy" of 1928
2004.11.23.09 Play-Rite Music Rolls Business For Sale
2004.11.17.06 Reprinting Vestal Press Publications
2004.11.01.08 Playing 88-Note Rolls on Ampico Player Piano
2004.10.24.06 FS: Wilhelm Bruder Soehne Organ
2004.10.19.03 Remembering David Junchen
2004.10.18.03 Remembering David Junchen
2004.10.14.04 Wurlitzer Band Organ Operating Instructions
2004.10.14.03 Wurlitzer Style 50 "Kiddie Organ" Case Colours
2004.10.13.05 History of Wurlitzer Player Pianos
2004.09.11.07 Replicating Wurlitzer Spool Frame Drive Wheels
2004.08.31.12 Chester Kuharski Paper "Kuharski on Duo-Art"
2004.08.31.05 AMICA Web Site Redesigned
2004.08.29.07 Mystery Fair Organ Plays Wurlitzer 165 Music Rolls
2004.08.28.02 Mystery Fair Organ Plays Wurlitzer 165 Music Rolls
2004.08.17.08 Cloth "D"-ring Tabs for Music Rolls
2004.08.04.03 Mystery Fair Organ Plays Wurlitzer 165 Music Rolls
2004.08.02.06 Kramer Recordo Made in New York
2004.07.18.05 Source of Pianocorder Parts
2004.07.18.02 Circus Music on A-rolls
2004.06.07.04 Seek MIDI file of Ampico Test Roll
2004.05.19.08 Pianocorder Cassette Player Repair
2004.05.19.02 Organ Rally in Museums of Pasadena, Calif.
2004.04.29.01 AMICA So. California Organ Rally 24-25 April 2004
2004.04.22.02 Welte Concert Orchestrion at Disneyland
2003.12.01.02 Godfrey Melodic Player in UK
2003.10.26.03 Source of Rolls for Reproduco Piano-Organ
2003.10.16.06 Seek Xylophone for Coinola Nickelodeon
2003.10.05.02 Post-WW2 Rolls for Ampico Piano
2003.09.29.09 Post-WW2 Reproducing Rolls: "Mancini Medley"
2003.07.07.07 Calliope Plays on America's Independence Day
2003.07.07.06 Band Organs Playing on America's Independence Day
2003.06.28.09 Unknown Wurlitzer 150 Music Roll is No. 13425
2003.05.17.01 Book "The Pianolist's Library Of Music Rolls"
2003.05.14.12 Roenisch Claviola 88-Note Player Piano
2003.03.20.02 Player Action in Canadian Gourley Piano
2003.03.11.08 Schafer Bros. Piano Movers
2003.03.02.07 Kingston Player Piano with Coinola Player
2003.02.24.12 Seek Wurlitzer 103 or 104 Military Band Organ
2003.02.24.11 Seek Xylophone for Coinola Nickelodeon
2003.01.25.05 "Dolores" Fox Trot
2003.01.20.08 Identity of "A" Roll No. 2443
2003.01.08.03 Wurlitzer Roll 13400 Is For Style 150 Band Organ
2002.11.24.05 Farrand Cecilian Player Piano
2002.11.23.09 Thank You MMD!
2002.11.17.05 Source of Marantz Pianocorder Cassette Tapes
2002.11.17.01 Seek Photo of Regina Hexaphone Top Sign
2002.11.08.02 Seek QRS Christmas Collector's Rolls
2002.09.19.10 Gordon Orchestral Grand Player Piano
2002.06.25.01 Ampico Christmas Rolls
2002.06.19.02 Broadmoore PowerRoll
2002.05.01.12 Seek Edison Diamond Disk Reproducer
2002.04.09.05 Wurlitzer Pianino Scale
2002.03.22.03 Musee Mecanique (Cliff House) in San Francisco
2002.03.17.14 Tuning & String Scale of Seeburg "L" Nickelodeon
2002.03.06.01 Music Box Disc Repair in "Restoring Musical Boxes"
2002.03.04.11 J. & C. Fischer Piano Company
2002.02.12.21 "All In The Family" Theme Music
2002.02.06.02 Seek Unified Reproduco Rolls
2002.01.22.03 Timing Problems With Percussion Beaters
2002.01.21.07 Pianocorder Contemporary Artists
2001.12.29.05 "Ori-Thematic Standard Music Roll Maker" Manual
2001.11.24.04 10-tune Wurlitzer Band Organ Rolls by Play-Rite
2001.10.31.11 Seek Christmas Music for Pianocorder
2001.10.30.04 Music for Halloween: "Danse Macabre"
2001.08.28.07 Christmas Music on 'G" or '4X' Roll
2001.07.09.04 PowerRoll Delivery Survey
2001.07.05.07 PowerRoll Delivery Survey
2001.07.05.03 AMICA Southern California Band Organ Rallies
2001.06.11.05 List of Wurlitzer Style 150 Music Rolls & IPAM
2000.11.26.05 Transmission Reroll & Silence Functions
2000.11.14.10 Rebuilding Wurlitzer 125 Band Organ
2000.10.26.02 Phonograph Repair Firms & Parts Sources
2000.09.21.01 Tom Steuer Passed Away
2000.09.01.04 Drive Belt for Chein Pianolodeon
2000.08.21.09 Gaskets Under Pneumatics - "Super" Starched Fabric
2000.06.24.02 "Blue Book" of Music Box Values
2000.06.17.10 Otto Higel Hamilton Piano in New Zealand
2000.04.11.05 Ragtime on Ampico Rolls
2000.03.24.11 Seek Laptop Computer With MIDI-Out Port
2000.03.13.08 Story of NBC Chimes
2000.02.11.13 Source of Electronic Organ Service Manuals
2000.01.20.08 "In the Baggage Coach Ahead"
1999.10.31.11 Gay 90's Village Recordings
1999.08.30.04 Q. David Bowers on NBC "Today Show"
1999.08.14.16 Unknown Wurlitzer APP Rolls
1999.08.12.09 Unknown Wurlitzer APP Rolls
1999.08.04.01 Packaging Concert Organ Rollers
1999.05.27.06 Operating Pressure of Tangley Calliope
1999.04.20.07 "Taj Mahal" & Mortier Organ Recordings
1999.04.05.03 Letter from PianoLodeon President
1999.04.03.10 Piano-Lodeon Rollography Update
1999.03.29.01 Source of Mira Discs
1999.03.16.19 FS: Catalog of Wurlitzer Style 150 Rolls
1999.03.16.08 John Roache's "Ragtimers" Web Site
1999.03.15.09 PianoLodeon Rollography
1999.03.07.15 Teleprinter Tape
1999.03.06.07 Paper Tape for Teletype and Teletypesetting
1999.03.02.06 Cable Piano Co.
1999.03.02.04 Horace Waters Piano
1999.02.28.11 Ampico Spool Box Cover of Plate Glass
1999.02.11.08 MMDigest via FTP
1998.10.18.04 Early Sound Recordings Preservation
1998.09.17.20 Duo-Art Rollography
1998.09.15.07 Perlee Organ Books
1998.08.15.16 "Wellington's Victory" - Artillery & Cannon
1998.08.14.07 Source of "O" Rolls
1998.08.14.06 Wurlitzer APP Rolls of Christmas Songs
1998.08.07.06 Source of "A" Rolls for Player Calliope
1998.08.07.04 Seek Beethoven Ampico Rolls
1998.07.31.11 Stencil Cutting Machine for Word Rolls
1998.07.19.13 PowerRoll Performance at AMICA Convention
1998.07.19.11 Wurlitzer APP Rolls
1998.07.13.10 Unified Reproduco and APP Rolls
1998.07.05.03 Baldwin Concert Master?
1998.06.15.08 "Nuts Off"
1998.06.12.06 "Goof Off" and "Nuts Off" Solvent
1998.04.20.08 Klavier Music Rolls
1998.04.13.05 Player Pianos on 'CBS Sunday Morning'
1998.03.16.14 Gem and Concert Roller Organ Articles
1998.03.06.05 Movie Palace Books
1998.02.26.06 Seek Wurlitzer 150 Rolls
1998.02.15.05 Unknown A-Roll Tunes
1998.02.13.07 Encyclopedia Of The American Theater Organ
1998.02.03.09 Seek Juke Box Technician in Salinas CA
1997.12.16.05 Doyle Lane E-mail Address
1997.12.07.17 Linotype Composing Machine
1997.12.05.10 Leather Belting
1997.12.05.07 Unknown Wurlitzer 150 Roll #13112
1997.10.16.05 Wurlitzer APP Christmas Rolls
1997.10.04.07 Calliope Christmas Music
1997.10.04.06 Dating Seeburg Nickelodeons
1997.10.02.05 Calliope Christmas Music
1997.08.28.08 Seek Titles for Wurlitzer APP Rolls
1997.08.24.09 FS: "Ross Davis" Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ
1997.07.29.19 Seek Original "O" Roll
1997.07.29.02 Sierra Madre Parade and Band Organ Rally
1997.07.09.15 Seek Coinola Coin Slot
1997.07.09.01 Drawings of Nickelodeon Components
1997.07.04.02 Band Organ Rally 5 July, Sierra Madre CA
1997.05.11.03 Knabe Decal
1997.05.05.14 Aeolian Duo Art Pipe Organ recordings
1997.05.05.03 Vince's Wurlitzer Player Piano
1997.05.04.16 Vince's Wurlitzer Player Piano
1997.04.16.08 Gulbransen Registering Piano
1997.03.29.13 Seek Unified Reproduco Rolls
1997.03.29.08 Midi Primer
1997.03.28.10 Dates of Marshall and Wendell Pianos
1997.01.28.07 Switched-off Keys
1997.01.28.05 Wurlitzer Roll Formats
1997.01.23.21 Re: 46-Key Artizan/BAB Rolls
1997.01.23.15 Re: Steck Duo-Art
1997.01.23.09 Player Piano Company
1997.01.23.06 MMD Categories
1996.11.30.03 Sanfilippo Sale of the Century???
1996.11.25.03 Pierce Piano Atlas
1996.10.05.37 MMD ads
1996.10.04.02 Arborfest and Band Organ Festival Fullerton CA
1996.09.30.03 Nickelodeon/Orchestrion
1996.09.27.07 Player Harmonicas Walter Carrol
1996.09.22.09 Gulbransen Instruction Rolls Third Edition
1996.09.08.07 Re: Classical 88 Rolls and Other Tidbits
1996.09.08.06 Hi to S. K. Goodman from Jack Conway
1996.09.02.03 Un-zip for Macintosh
1996.09.02.02 Wurlitzer Style 150 Rolls
1996.09.02.01 Introduction

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