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Digest NrSubject
2019.03.20.06 Inside Valve Seats Are Leaking (Beckwith)
2019.03.16.02 Repairing Aeolian Grand 58-note Player Reed Organ
2019.01.12.05 1913 Baldwin Player Piano Behaving Badly
2018.11.06.02 No Source Of Thin Rubberized Cloth
2018.01.13.02 Help Save Amsterdam's Pianola Museum
2017.10.17.02 Removing Silicon And Other Adhesives
2017.07.10.02 Spring Motor Mainspring Repair
2017.06.02.04 Lead Tubing in Player Pianos
2017.06.01.09 Lead Tubing in Player Pianos
2017.05.12.02 Bass Strings For Reproducing Pianos
2017.05.08.04 Bass Strings For Reproducing Pianos
2017.05.04.04 Bass Strings For Reproducing Pianos
2017.03.07.04 Dispersing a Mechanical Music Collection
2017.02.16.05 Unusual Early Upright Steinway Duo-Art
2017.02.06.02 3D Printing of Player Piano Parts
2017.01.16.02 M. Schulz Aria Divina Grand Piano in Australia
2016.09.16.01 Repair of German Musical Anniversary Clock
2016.07.30.02 Duo-Art 15" Pump Speed
2016.07.24.05 Duo-Art 15" Pump Speed
2013.10.31.11 The Half Duo-Art Player System
2013.01.22.05 Bilon and Polylon
2012.12.04.06 Rebuilding a Hupfeld Player Action
2012.05.24.07 Key Lock Device in Upright Player Pianos
2012.04.27.05 Baldwin Manualo Exhauster Bellows
2012.04.12.09 Cracked Plate in Aeolian Sting II Pianola
2012.04.12.06 Traditional Wood Finishes
2012.04.10.04 Traditional Piano Finishes
2012.03.31.02 "The St. Louis Blues", Played by Fats Waller
2012.03.13.04 Tuning a Player Piano
2012.01.29.05 Reproducing Grand Piano is Shaking
2012.01.21.05 Tuning Lever for Steck Duo-Art Pianola
2012.01.19.04 Seek Tuning Lever for Steck Duo-Art Pianola
2011.11.18.09 Building a Pneumatic One-way Valve for Duo-Art
2011.09.09.06 How to Tune a Player Piano Out of Tune
2011.08.22.01 How to Tune a Player Piano Out of Tune
2011.08.20.01 How to Tune a Player Piano Out of Tune
2011.08.11.04 Loose Tuning Pins
2011.08.10.05 Triumph Autopiano Memories
2011.07.28.02 A Mechanical Music Digest Forum
2011.07.25.03 A Mechanical Music Digest Forum
2011.04.19.06 Sharpening Leabarjan Perforator
2011.04.15.02 Seek Unusual Metric Size Tap & Die
2011.04.12.04 Baldwin Manualized Player Music Roll
2011.03.28.02 Popper "Roland" Orchestrion
2011.02.27.03 Duo-Art Won't Play Chords Softly
2011.02.24.03 Duo-Art Won't Play Chords Softly
2011.02.22.05 Duo-Art Won't Play Chords Softly
2011.02.19.04 Duo-Art Won't Play Chords Softly
2011.01.13.06 Suction Regulator Spill Valve Oscillates
2011.01.09.02 Suction Regulator Spill Valve Oscillates
2011.01.07.04 Seek Pneumatic Unit Valves
2011.01.07.03 Damping a Bass Drum
2011.01.05.04 PPCo Plastic Glue Equivalent
2011.01.02.08 Seek PPCo Plastic Glue Equivalent in Australia
2010.10.31.04 Repairing a Coil Gong
2010.10.20.06 Duo-Art Accordion Expression Pneumatics
2010.10.18.11 Duo-Art Accordion Expression Pneumatics
2010.09.14.05 Steck Duo-Art Pianola Upright for Export?
2010.09.12.07 Repairing the Reeds in Otto Accordion Orchestrion
2010.08.18.08 Plastic Valves in Otto Accordion Orchestrion
2010.07.23.03 Automatic Accordion Named Otto
2010.05.30.03 Duo-Art Rewinds Too Fast
2010.05.24.05 Transposing Duo-Art Pianos in Australia
2010.05.24.02 Musical Box Tooth Replacement Article
2010.05.05.05 Transposing Duo-Art Pianos in Australia
2010.05.02.07 Seek Duo-Art Cutout Pouch Blocks
2010.05.02.06 Duo-Art Expression On/Off Problem
2010.04.29.12 Duo-Art Expression On/Off Problem
2010.04.26.03 Duo-Art Expression On/Off Problem
2010.04.18.03 Duo-Art Expression Regulator Opening Dimensions
2010.04.18.02 Regulating the Duo-Art Accordion Valves
2010.04.11.06 Duo-Art Upright Suffers Bobbling Hammers
2010.03.24.03 Steel for Making a Musical Movement Comb
2010.03.20.05 Baldwin Manualo With 65/88-note Tracker Bar
2010.02.25.13 Duo-Art System in Unknown Piano
2009.10.14.02 The Player Piano Talks
2007.10.09.06 Convert Ampico to Pianomation or Sell It?
2007.07.10.07 Piano Rolls Shredded During Rewind
2007.06.20.05 Player Piano Plate Breaks During Restoration
2007.06.13.03 Player Piano Frame Breaks During Restoration
2006.08.18.01 "What's It Called?" - Pianola & Player Piano
2006.01.31.03 Mastertouch Piano Roll Co. of Australia
2005.08.23.06 Bellows Cloth Nightmare
2005.08.11.05 Piano Rolls by Famous Contemporary Pianists
2005.07.19.13 Player Piano Keys Don't Move
2005.07.13.09 Player Piano Keys Don't Move
2005.06.14.04 Mastertouch Perforators
2005.06.10.05 Mastertouch Perforators
2005.05.10.04 New Pouch Ideas & Traditions
2005.05.08.08 New Pouch Ideas
2005.05.03.07 Duo-Art Cross Valves
2004.02.27.05 FS: Hupfeld "Sinfonie Jazz" Orchestrion
2003.12.04.11 Duo-Art Expression Regulation Woes
2003.12.02.15 Duo-Art Expression Regulation Woes
2003.11.24.08 Bass/Treble Split & Transposing Tracker Bar
2003.11.24.06 Duo-Art Bass/Treble Split Point
2003.11.21.02 Duo-Art Bass/Treble Split Point
2003.11.19.07 Duo-Art Bass/Treble Split Point
2003.11.16.05 Duo-Art Bass/Treble Split Point
2003.06.26.07 Operating North American Machines in Europe
2002.10.10.04 Cutting Damper Felt
2002.09.05.05 Seek Photos of UK Pedal-Electric Duo-Art
2002.08.29.04 Seek Pictures of British Duo-Art
2002.08.27.04 Audio-to-MIDI Conversion
2002.08.07.08 Piano Roll Tears While Rewinding
2002.07.26.05 Pedal-Electric 'Export' Duo-Art Versions
2002.07.25.11 Adding Foot Pedal Exhausters to Duo-Art Grand
2002.07.23.07 Substitute for Open Cup Mercury Switch
2002.07.19.08 Adding Foot Pedal Exhausters to Duo-Art Grand
2002.06.12.05 Duo-Art Upright Parts Needed
2002.03.25.07 Effect of Piano Key Length
2001.07.11.09 Adjusting the Player Action - Baldwin Manualo
2001.07.05.12 Adjusting the Player Action - Baldwin Manualo
2001.04.17.10 American and British Duo-Art Systems
2001.04.09.07 Who Is Reading Mechanical Music Digest
2001.02.22.04 Contributing to MMD
2001.02.20.06 Charging Fees for MMD
2001.01.22.04 Seek German Songs on 88-Note Rolls
2001.01.18.08 Gluing Ivory Keytops
2000.12.07.04 Duo-Art Expression Adjustments & Service Manuals
2000.11.27.10 Duo-Art Expression Box Adjustments
2000.11.17.09 Is the Piano Sustain Pedal Needed?
2000.11.16.10 Is the Piano Sustain Pedal Needed?
2000.09.29.05 Steck (UK) Pedal Electric Duo-Art
2000.09.04.02 Gabel "Automatic Entertainer" Jukebox
2000.08.28.10 Hot Glue and Pneumatics
2000.07.27.13 The Leather Supply House
2000.07.24.05 Sealing Leather Pouches
2000.07.20.10 Pouch Leather Sealing and Testing
2000.07.20.08 Duo-Art Roll Coding for Spill Valve
2000.07.19.10 Duo-Art Normal/Soft Switch
2000.07.18.10 Duo-Art Air Motor Speed Regulation Problem
2000.07.13.08 Duo-Art Normal/Soft Switch
2000.07.10.11 Duo-Art Normal/Soft Switch
2000.06.27.08 Delay Line Oscillator in Hupfeld Percussion
2000.06.27.05 Seek Book "Music Box Society Silver Anniversary"
2000.06.23.10 Lead Tubing in Hupfeld Orchestrions
2000.06.23.09 Sustain Pedal Pneumatic Speed
2000.06.23.03 Gabel "Automatic Entertainer" Jukebox
2000.06.19.11 Sustain Pedal Pneumatic Speed
2000.06.01.08 Duo-Art Spoolbox Lampshade
2000.05.26.04 Seek Lampshade for Duo-Art
2000.05.22.16 Duo-Art Expression Box Disassembly Method
2000.05.15.08 Duo-Art Expression Box Disassembly Method
2000.05.12.06 Duo-Art Expression Box Disassembly Method
2000.05.10.02 Duo-Art Expression Box Disassembly Method Quest
2000.02.24.12 FS: QRS Pianomation
1999.11.02.17 Airflow In Orchestrion Vacuum & Pressure Pumps
1999.10.28.06 Empress Electric Orchestrion
1999.10.28.02 "We're Gonna Hang Out the Washing ..."
1999.10.26.14 Seek Empress Electric Orchestrion Info
1999.10.20.09 Seek Empress-Electric Orchestrion Info
1999.10.04.04 Pouch Leather for Orchestrion Valves
1999.09.27.02 Gluing Plastic Pouch Material
1999.07.27.13 Bushings in Old PPCo O-roll Spool Frame
1999.04.12.13 Seek Piano Supply Firms in Australia
1999.04.08.10 Seek Schaff Piano Co. in Australia
1999.02.25.08 Help Building Filigreed Sheet Music Desk
1999.01.06.15 Pianomation Installation Above the Keys
1998.11.09.17 Harsh Piano Sound
1998.10.13.03 Making the "Killer" Duo-Art Test Roll
1998.10.06.05 Canadian Legal Problem: Ivory Keytops
1998.09.09.06 Sealing Pouches With Egg White
1998.08.18.19 Zephyr Skin
1998.08.12.14 Oil for Electric Motors
1998.06.30.19 Tubing Diagram for Pedal/Electric Duo-Art
1998.05.14.09 Hammer Acceleration
1998.05.11.15 Hammer Acceleration
1998.04.16.13 Royalties for Automatic Music in Public
1998.04.06.23 O-Roll Orchestrions
1998.04.03.15 O-roll Orchestrions
1998.04.01.18 O-roll Orchestrion Questions
1998.01.25.13 Ampico Hammer-rail Lift Problem
1998.01.19.13 Help for Standard Action Valves
1998.01.18.07 Spool Frame from Ragtime Automated Music
1998.01.13.07 Function and Replacement of Bridal Straps
1998.01.01.08 Message to Craig Brougher
1997.12.29.14 Duo-Art Vacuum Measurements
1997.12.27.19 Duo-Art Spill Pressure
1997.12.27.18 Hupfeld Sinfonie Jazz Orchestrion
1997.12.27.17 Seek Spool Frame and O-rolls
1997.12.25.16 Duo-Art Pump Spill Measurements
1997.12.25.11 Seek Spool Frame for Orchestrion
1997.12.25.10 Hupfeld Sinfonie Jazz Orchestrion
1997.12.22.21 Duo-Art Adjustment and Missing Notes
1997.10.15.12 Gulbransen Sustain Problem
1997.10.13.07 Gulbransen Sustain Pneumatic Problems
1997.10.13.02 Will a Piano Sink or Swim?
1997.09.24.09 Dental Epoxy for Repairing Ivories
1997.09.19.03 Hello Again
1997.08.18.12 Piano Wire
1997.08.18.10 Repairing Ivory Keytops
1997.08.15.13 Sustain Pedal and Piano Strings
1997.08.13.11 Solenoid-operated Sustain Pedal
1997.08.13.08 Optical Scanner at MMM
1997.08.11.08 Bernt's Recording Piano
1997.07.31.14 Suction Boxes
1997.07.29.14 Zephyr Skin
1997.07.26.13 Gluing Zephyr Skin
1997.07.24.05 Problem with Zephyr Skins

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