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Prices at Auction in Sydney 7 Nov. 1998
By Colin MacKinnon, forwarded

I attended the auction of mechanical music items in Sydney (mentioned
by Michael Wolfe) and can add some more details.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.  On top of the prices shown,
the auctioneers applied a 10% "processing fee' and a "bank charges
recovery fee" of 0.08%, i.e. a knock-down price of $1000 became
$1100.80 to the buyer.

I am a beginner at this stuff so my comments are as a layman and other
viewers could be more critical.  Generally I thought the items were as
described and in good condition and the prices for the mechanical music
lots were very reasonable, perhaps at the low end of vendors' expecta-
tions.  Most of the larger items seemed to be from local "and other

There was some comment that the American shelf clocks were overpriced
for the quality, and the phonographs were at the top of their price
scale.  I was told that several of the phonographs were in fact very
good reproductions, but I guess the buyers were aware of that.

The upright Polyphons were mostly fully restored although I noted
one with a large dob of plastic wood to fill in a split decorative

I purchased lots, 39, 77, 79 and 80 so I can comment on them.

Lot 39, a fully restored cylinder music box, is reputed to be circa
1850.  It was made by "BB & Cie" and looks identical to plate 5 in
"restoring music boxes" by Ord-Hume, but the cylinder is 13" x 2" diam.

Lot 77, a small table Polyphon, has a battered but restorable case.
However the 13 disks have been sat on by an elephant and will require
much careful tab bending and panel beating.

Lot 79, the Pianoforte cylinder music box, has been repinned and
restored to near new condition.  The bed plate is marked "178".  The
cylinder is 15 1/3" x 3" diam.  It looks very similar to the piano
forte, fat cylinder box, no. 36 in Meekins Music Box Co. web page

Lot 80, is a model 71g table disk Polyphon with 6 bells, in good
restored condition but with signs of repairs to the box.  The 12 disks
are all German tunes.

 - - -

Auction of mechanical music from Tom and Chris Coxall due to the
closure of their museum in Lyndoch, South Australia, and other vendors,
7th November, 1998.

Lot / Description / Price (Australian $)

1. Tankard, Musical "John Peel". Crown Devon  $90

2. Decanter, Musical, Victorian  $60

3. Tankard, Musical, C1930's  $50

4. Stein, Musical, German  $40

5. Stein, Musical, German  $60

6. Jug, Musical, Diana Pottery, Australia, "Waltzing Matilda"  $100

7. Jug Musical, Crown Devon, Rd No.812658, "I Love A Lassie", "As Ever
Harry Lauder"  $160

8. Tankard, Musical, Carlton Ware, Rd No.808852, "Devil Hanging
Puritan"  $200

9. Tankard, Musical, Crown Devon, Georgian Coaching Scene  $30

10. Jug, Musical, Diana Pottery, Australia, "Waltzing Matilda" (Spring
Needs Repair)  $80

11. Bottle Pourer, Muslcal, German Carved, Folk Art Novelty  $100

12. Cigarette Box, German Carved, Folk Art Novelty "Drunk On Beer
Barrel"  $50

13. Tankard, Musical, Diana Pottery, "Waltzing Matilda", Smaller
Version  $60

14. Cigarette Box, Musical, Rd No.796688, "Crown Devon Fleldings",
"John Peel"  $100

15. Stein, Musical, German "Lily Marlene".  $50

16. Tankard, Musical, Irish, "Irish Lullaby"  $40

17. Stein Musical, German, Small  $60

18. Stein, Musical, German Style made in Japan (Quantity 2, Price/Ea.)

19. Cigarette Box, Crown Devon, Hunting Scene (Repaired)  $20

20. Jewellery Box, Musical, Miniature Tudor Bench  $40

21. Cigarette Box, in the form of Chinese garden lantern (push down and
doors open)  $30

22. Ladies Powder Box Musical, British  $40

23. Tankard, Musical C1930's, Drip Glaze  $40

24. Cigarette Box, Musical, Miniature Organ (push down keys, cigarettes
move up pipes)  $50

25. Book, Children Musical, Mattel, U.S.A. Dated 1952 (Repaired)  $40

26. Carrlage Clock, Musical, with six metal tune rolls, early 20th
century.  $350

27. Carriage Clock, Musical, C1920's  $150

28. Tanzbar Concertina, Made Leipzig Germany plus box containing 10
various rolls c1920's  $650

29. Paolo Sopranl Boxed Piano Accordian, Made In Italy, Black, 120
Base.  $250

30. Caged Musical Bird Automata, coin operated.  Concealed bird organ
and bellows.  Compressed air passes through the pipes to give imitation
bird song; contained on gilt stucco base, circa late 19th century, with
British royal family magazine picture: Prince William playing with
similar piece in royal collection; has key.  22" high.  $1400

31. Mechanical Picture Musical Wind Up "Tom Cat Playing Fiddle Three
Kittens Dancing".  Circa late 19th century.  $600

32. Mechanical Caged Birds, wind up. Two singing birds in brass cage.

33. Musical Revolving Christmas Tree Stand plays 2 tunes, 1 Silent
Night, German made, Christmas tree branches made from goose feathers.

34. Pims Musical Children's blocks, 8 blocks 3.5" square, each block
has bell sounding a different note.  With book of music all in original
box.  $200

34a. Musical Mask  $50

34b. Two Indian Puppets.  $50

34c. Two Puppets.  $20

35. Candle Lamp, Twin Branch, Centre Pedestal, Enamelled Pink, French
Glass. 20.6" High, C1880.  $350

36. 19th Century Childrens Toy French Bisque Dolls Head On Stick, when
twirled plays tune and at base of stick a whistle. 15" high, c1870.

37. 19th Century Boxed Model Of A Church.  In original travelling box
with cast iron fittings.  Length 28", width 13", height 21".  Figures
ring church bells.  Made by George Lee.  Gloucester sailor on a
windjammer between England And Australia, with press clipping stating
exhibited "The Great Exhibition" London 1851 at the Crystal Palace and
was noticed by Queen Victoria.  In 1915 model sailors who ring bells
were changed to boy scouts in looks.  Note: run by electricity but can
be converted to its original form of coin automation.  C1850.  $3500

38. Eight Day American Shelf Clock, C1840, with painted scene to front,
one depicting a basket of fruit at a window with draped curtains and
the other with steam ship, decorative gilt columns inset to sides, and
floral basket to top.  $800

39. Mahogany Cased Cylinder Music Box Playing 8 Tunes.  Comb Of 112
Teeth.  One Of The Tunes "The Post Horn Gallop" Composed In 1844.
C1850.  Made by "B.B. & Cie". S/No. 23183  $1100

39a. Talking Machine Toys By National  $290

39b. Siam Sue Talking Machine Toy By Columbia  $250

39c. Edison Triumph.  $2500

40. Metro Style Themodist Pianola Push Up  $200

41. An Alto Fibre Needle Cutter In Original Box, U.S.A.  $70

42. Mutoscope, Wooden Case, With Spool, Has Mutoscope Mechanical
Counter For Each Operation.  $1200

43. Aeollan - Vocallon, Made By Aeolian Company, New York, with unusual
pull out volume control, an Australlan Invention. Has Original
Handbook. C1920's.  $400

44. Triola Zither, Original Box, With 17 Rolls.  $1300

45. Small Barrell Piano, Faventia, Barcelona, on its matching cart.
Melodies change automatically. 6 tunes. Original paintwork. Piano 23"
high, 23" wide, 13" deep. Cart 19" wheels, length 48".  $1100

46. Terracotta kerosene lamp, figure of a young musketeer supporting
Victorian kerosene lamp with milk glass shade and oil holder, on
terracotta base.  $550

47. Puck cylinder player cast iron, lyre shaped base, machine original,
horn reproduction.  $600

48. Bijou Coin Operated Phonograph by Edison. Last patent date June 20,
1893. Oak Cased, for use in U.S.A. and Canada. Brass horn, curved glass
cover. 36.5" high.  $5300

49. "Kljngsor" Gramophone. Plays 78 Rpm Records. Oak cased, German.
28-3/4" high.

50. Edison Electric Dictating Machine, Model E, Serial No.33173. Last
Patent Date November 8th, 1910.  $175

51. Gramophone & Typewriter, Pigmy Grand. Gramophone with internal horn
1909.  $400

52. Dictaphone, U.S.A., With Unused Cylinder. Last Patent Date 1923.

53. Amplion Radio Speaker, Type Ar/S, Wooden Horn, Made In Great
Britain, 23-1/4" High.  $400

54. Radio Curved Speaker By Brown, Wooden 23" High.  $400

55. B.T.H. Bakelite & Aluminium Radio Speaker  $200

56. Edison Red Gem Phonograph. Model K Combination Reproducer. Fireside
Horn And Crane.  $1050

57. Edison Fireside Phonograph, Model A, K Combination Reproducer.
S/No. 62982. Witches Hat Horn.  $650

58. Edison Black Gem Phonograph, S/No. 264275. Model C Reproducer. Gem
Horn.  $500

59. Edison Fireside Phonograph With Diamond B Reproducer And Cyg Horn.

60. Edison Home Phonograph, Model B 2/4 Minute. S/No. 270516. Model H
Reproducer. Edison Straight Horn And Crane.  $800

61. Everard New York upright player piano, maple cased. Twin roll side
by side as used in the silent movie era to create two different moods.
Length 5', height 48". Piano  no.73098, Hupfeld Claviola no. 42760.
Passed in at  $1500

62. Estey Organ Co. Brattleboro Ut, U.S.A. Oak Cased Pump Organ, Height
4'l", Length 4'9". Passed In

62a. Polyphone Disc Music Box, Plays 24" Discs, Coin Operated. Cased
Fretwork Front.  $11250

62b. Piano Velodica.  $4500

63. Ronisch grand plano, Hupfeld player mechanism. Piano restrung, has
had full restoration of piano and player mechanism.  Passed in at

64. Aeolian Orchestrell U.S.A. (player organ) c1890. Fretwork panels to
front. Comes with qty rolls. Piano no. 15423   no bid

65. Hupfeld Animatic Clavitist With Orchestra Cabinet. Piano No. 26530,
Apparat No.1385.  See Page 434 Encyclopedia Of Automatic Musical
Instruments, Bottom L.H.S.  $2000

66. Rectangular Maple Lifttop Piano Stool  $150

67. Original Horn Gramophone By Vielophone With Original Red Horn  $500

68. Oak Cased Columbia Aj Disc Gramophone C1903  $2000

69. Edison Amberola Table Phonograph  $950

70. Pathe Democrat Phonograph With 5" Cyl. Adaptive Mandrel.  $1500

71. Reproduction Berliner Trade Mark Gramophone. This Type Of Machine
Was Used For Barraud's Famous 'his Masters Voice' Picture Painted 1899.

71a. Nipper Dog (Model) Included With Lot 71

72. Reproduction H.M.V. Sign, Nipper And Gramophone  $20

73. Reproduction H.M.V. Sign, Nipper And Gramophone  $20

74. Framed H.M.V. Nipper And Gramophone Print  $40

75. Medical Instrument "Overbecks Rejuvenator", Chantry House, Grlmsby.
Battery Pack And Boxed Instruments. C1920/30's.  $60

76. Polyphon vertical disc music box, coin operated. 51-1/2" high x
21-3/4" width. Thirteen discs 19-3/4" diam.  Mahogany case c1895, with
fall front mahogany disc cabinet. 34" high, 30" wide, 18" deep.  $12000

76a. Saloon Organ.  $6500

77. Polyphon Disc Music Box, 13 Discs 8-1/8". 9-2" X 8-3/4" X 7- 2"
High. Model 41c/G. Page 146 Encyclopedia Of Automatic Instruments.

78. Britannia B.H.A. Smoking Cabinet Disc Music Box, St. Croix,
Switzerland, in vertical two door cabinet form. 7 discs 11-3/4".
Mahogany, mahogany veneer. Height 25", width 17" depth 9-1/2"  $2000

79. Mid 19th Century Pianoforte Cylinder Music Box with fat cylinder
(39 cms.), Original glass lid and marquetry inlay to top, rosewood
case.  $5000

80. Wooden cased table Polyphon with rare carillion of six saucer bells
in working order, with Polyphon name within picture in lid depicting
river scene with tall spires & city buildings in background, and 12
discs. Model 71g.  $2300

81. Rare upright cylinder music box. 8 tunes, coin operated, contained
in ornate mahogany case similar to grandfather clock case. 6'3" height,
21" width 16" deep.  $6750

82. Table model Polphon, 15-1/2", in excellent working condition, in
mahogany case with cherubic picture to lid togther with qty of discs.

83. Early Museum Replica Of Thomas Edison's Tin Foil Phonograph  $2600

84.  C19oi Style No.3 gramophone with original brass and tin horn, and
replica leather elbow  $2500

85. Table Model Zonaphone with original nickel horn.  $700

85a. Polyphon Symphonion Style No. 33a coin operated automatic musical
box, leipzig, 1903, with 84 tooth dual comb clockwork mechanism playing
11-2" type 25 discs. Contained in a restored machine carved wall
hanging or table top case with glazed hinged door, pediment and brass
carrying handles and finery. Plus 10 discs. Passed in at  $2800

85b. Rexaphone (reproduction?).  $1300

85c. Truetone.  $700

86. Three victorian garniture suite of pair black glass vases &
centrepiece kerosene lamp with etched glass shade, with enamel and gilt
decoration of flowers and birds.     Per ea.  $225

87. American hanging light with elaborate painted milk glass shade,
wlth flower decoration, prism drops & brass mounts to shade.  $1100

88. Decorative Amerlcan Shelf Clock  $1600

89. Victorian turquoise glass kerosene lamp with original etched and
embellished shade, the base with handpainted enamel flowers and
beading.  $325

90. Art Nouveau kerosene lamp with original etched shade.  $200

91. American Shelf Clock  $125

92. Kady nickelodeon, plays Style M rolls, 12 rolls supplied, with
piano, mandolin, repeating xylophone, violin pipes, bass and snare
drum, tympani, triangle.  $18000

Lots 93 To 99 Not Used

100. Circular Bakelite Speaker By Philips Of Holland.  $500

101. Two Large Paper Mache Speakers Ex Luna Park, Melbourne, Made Of
Old Melbourne 4-Digit Phone Books.  Per Ea.  $20

102. Cigarette Box, Italian Musical, Inlaid.  $50

103. Small Child's Gramophone Wind Up, Make Unknown, Suitable For
Playing Records 6" Diameter.  $260

104. Edlson Black Gem Phonograph, S/No. G32419, Key Wind, Model C
Reproducer, Gem Horn.  $550

105. Edison Standard Phonograph Model D. S/No. 690213d. Model H
Reproducer. Witches Hat Horn.  $500

106. "Bing Pigmy Phone" Bavaria Square Chlld's Record Player.  $225

107. Orchestral Organette, Three Button. Late 19th Century. 13" X
12-I/4", Height 11".  $400

108. American Brand Style L Organette, Sold By Metzler & Co. London
c1880 height 11", length 11-3/4". Shaped like reed organ. Plus box of
music rolls.  $500

109. Button Accordion "Hohner" German.  $175

110. Button Accordion, German, "Regal Melodeon".  $100

111. Button Accordion "Hohner", German.  $125

112 Button Accordion "Hohner Corso".  $50

113. Edison Standard phonograph model b 2 minute, model c reproducer.
Witches hat horn. S/no. 426300.  $600

114. "Regal" Oak Case wind up 78 rpm record player with large fluted
pink painted tin horn.  $650

115. Edison Triumph Phonograph Model B 2+4 Minute. No. 62433 Model K
Combination Reproducer (original) with large brass and tin horn and
floor standing crane. s/no. 62433.  $2500

116. Edison Black Gem Phonograph, S/No. 246721. Model C Reproducer, 13"
Witches Hat Horn.  $400

117. Edison Diamond Disc 250 Gramophone, Chippendale style cabinet, the
gold engraved medallion near the turntable bears the words "Official
Laboratory Model".  $275

118. "Estey" Organ Co. Minister's fold up oak travelling organ
Brattleboro Ut U.S.A.  $200

119. "Helyola 78-rpm wind up gramophone in art deco cabinet. Sound
reproducer by "Maestoso". No.2 Swiss made. Cabinet in horizontal form

120. Duophone 78 rpm record player cabinet with record storage under.
Rd no. 413301-1921.  Duophone head has 2 reproducers, sharing one
needle to give twice the volume.  $300

121. Barrel Piano, The Eastanglican Automatic Piano Co. Ltd., Lanshall,
Bury St. Edmunds.  Coin operated, 10 tunes, circa late 19th cent. Pine
stained as mahogany. 3'3-i/4 wide,  5'7" hlgh, 1'11" depth.  $1000

122. Mortier 95 Key Cafe Orchestrion with polished front, in playing
order with music and contains 2 animated saxaphones, 2 piano
accordions, base and snare drums, bells, crash symbols, brush
tambourine and rumba. Length 4.9m, helght 2.9m, depth 2m. (see page 905
encyclopedia of automatic musical instruments for information).  Passed
in at  $55000

123. C1955 Decap Jazz Organ (92 keys) with painted rt deco front
needing restoration and containing bass and snare drums hi hat and
crash symbols, wood block and rumba.  Length 3.6m helght 2.9m depth
1.8m.  $22000

124. Decap Jazz organ. Has piano accordion, drums, saxophone with organ
box at back (in need of restoration) height 2.5m, length. 4m, depth
1.8m.  $1500

125. Genuine Hurdy Gurdy By Mihaly Of Hungary.  $1800

126. Edison Voice Writer, Model 66000, S/No. T608168  $50

127. Fibre Needle Sharpener In Original Box. British Manufacture.  $40

128. Kent Attachment (Restorers) In Original Box, Patented March 1915.

129. Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph. London Table Model With Diamond
Disc Head, Plus Kentone 78 Rpm Head.  $250

129a. Double Mills Violano Vlrtuoso. Passed In At  $70000

130. Player Piano Roll Cabinet Ci920's Filled With 84 Player Piano
Rolls.  $250

131. Thirty Six Herophon Square Discs  $200

131a. Herophon, Incomplete.  $175

132. Edison Ediphone Shaver, S/No. S36934  $100

133. Dictaphone Shaving Machine Model 7, Type S.  $75

134. H.M.V. Gramophone, Unusual Wind Up And Electric  $100

135. Telefunken radio with original wiring diagram in lid, three valve
twin dial, also with brown speaker, with power supply, to work on 240
volts.  $450

136. Bakelite Kriesler Radio/Record Player.  $40

137. Yamaha Fold Up Reed Organ, As Often Used By The Salvation Army,
Oak Case.  $150

138. Organ Stool, Oak  $25

139. Organ Stool, Maple  $50

140. Music Roll Cabinet With 105  88 Note Player Rolls.  $250

141. Early Assembled Kit Radio.  $50

142. Kriesler "Beehive" Bakelite Radio.  $50

145. Radiolux Amplion Radio Speaker  $150

146. Phillips valve radio, bakelite cased.  $20

147. Box containing player piano rolls  $225

148. Box containing player piano rolls, included with lot 147

149. Box containing player piano rolls, included with lot 147

150. Box Containing Player Piano Rolls, Included With Lot 147

151 to 158 were hand-painted movie theatre hoardings.  I didn't get the

159. "Mini Cine" early wind childrens strip projector.  $??

160. "Nirona" cased child's gramophone, fits into tin plate travelling
box, gramophone original, box repainted.  $??

161. A. Tomasso & Son medium barrel piano, 8 tunes. Height 52", width
28" (painted red)  $??

162. "Kriesler" Bakelite Case Valve Radio  $??

163. Portable Art Deco Valve Radio  $??

164. Box Containing Player Piano Rolls  $??

165. Amorette Organette, Black Case, With Eleven 12" Discs. Model 16b.
See Page 748 Encyclopedia Of Automatic Musical Instruments.  $??

166. Old Radio (Needs Restoration)  $10

167. Old Radio (Needs Restoration)  $90

168. Old Radio (Needs Restoration)  $40

169. Arietta, Italian made combination button accordion for bass notes,
melody played on 9" long steel bars.  $1200

170. Original Copper Firemark Titled "L-Urbaine".  $70

171. Original Copper Hand Drawn Engine Firemark Titled "Birmingham,
Northern".  $175

172. Victorian Satinglass Kerosene Lamp.  $120

173. Victorian Ruby Glass Kerosene Lamp And Shade.  $??

174. Qty Diamond Disc Records  $50

175. Photocopy Plans Of Tin Foil Phonograph  $30

176. Reproduction Catalogue - Farewell Concert To Peter Dawson; Kismet;
1931 Parlophone Record Release; Wife Of T.A. Edison.  $??

177. Snakes And Ladders Board.  $??

178. Qty of 12 white cylinders in original packing box as delivered to
dealers. Titles all the same "I'm Going To Sing You A Song This
Evening".  $300

179. Qty of 12 white cylinders in original packing box as delivered to
dealers. Titles mixed.  $300

180. Qty of 12 white cylinders in original packing box as delivered to
dealers. Titles mixed.  $300

181. Qty of 12 white cylinders in original packing box as delivered to
dealers. Titles all the same "the holy city".  $300

Lots 182 to 295 were old movie posters of no interest to me.

I hope this might be of interest to members.

Regards, Colin Mackinnon, Sydney, Australia.

(Message sent Thu 19 Nov 1998, 09:00:35 GMT, from time zone GMT+1100.)

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