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For Sale:  Welte Mignon T100 (Red) Feurich for restoration. It is unusual to find an unrestored early Welte Mignon. This is a cabinet keyless electric full scale reproducing piano which would have been built in Germany. The piano part is a Feurich. Red Welte Mignon reproducing pianos were one of the finest ever made. It has a very rare (perhaps unique) Jacobean style case. The serial number on the case is 2577. The serial number on the soundboard is 24066. The serial number on the harp is 5748. I believe that the instrument was built in 1909. Once completely restored it will be a truly lovely and spectacular reproducing piano. A small number of original Red Welte rolls come with it. The item is being sold, as is, for restoration. Buyer would have to arrange packing and transport from Yennora, Sydney, Australia. A forklift is available at the warehouse for loading onto a truck. Please contact me if you require any further information. All reasonable offers considered.

61 images of the Welte are located on my DropBox at:-

(Posted 23 October 17)

For Sale:   1927 Mason Hamlin 7 foot model A Ampico. Completely restored, by Reiter Michigan Piano, Renner action, Zeiner replaced Sound board, one piece ivory keys, etc. Player completely restored meticulously by Doug McGee, with roll cabinet and approx 800 rolls. $ 35,000. Location Wisconsin. Email: or or call 920-421-1471. -- (Posted 23 October 17)

For Sale:  I have two reproducing grand pianos, a Marshall and Wendell (Ampico – was in playing condition when stored) and a Weber (Duo-Art with Remote wind chest). Both have been stored in a controlled environment. Will not get to restore them and need the space. Located in Houston, Texas. -- (Posted 23 October 17)

For Sale:   Apollo Player Piano #15147 with original receipt for $300.00 dated January 15, 1927. Very good condition and recently serviced and tuned. More than 80 QRS and other rolls. Asking $200.00. E-mail: Dayton, Ohio area. -- (Posted 9 October 17)

For Sale:  Broadwood player grand piano which was created in 1925, incorporating an electrically operated Ampico mechanism. Piano located in England. The serial number is 54646 and the John Broadwood records describe it as a "model number 302 Ampico grand pianoforte in a rosewood case, keyboard compass a to C. It has been recently restored. Includes 90 Ampico rolls. Email -- (Posted 9 October 17)

For Sale:  Fully restored Mellville-Clark orchestrion with xylophone, cymbal, drum, block, and triangle. Beautiful stained glass front. Sounds great! Also included, ten rolls that contain ten songs each. Rolls sell for $50-$100 on e-bay. One beautiful piece of nostalgia! $3500. -- (Posted 9 October 17)

For Sale:  Expertly-Crafted Wurlitzer 105 Project, Built With Stanoszek Plans. Available for pickup/ arranged delivery in Columbus, Ohio is a mostly complete finely-crafted Wurlitzer 105 built using the Stanoszek plans. The gentleman who was constructing this unfortunately passed away before completion. This is the last of 4 that he was working on but the most complete, with painted cabinet, pressure pumps, vacuum pump, vacuum pump reservoir, complete chest, pneumatic system, valve board, installed bass pipes, drum shelfs, crankshaft. 2/3's of pipes are there but incomplete. Missing piccolos, flageolettes, roll frame, drums, drum action, unit valves. Photos available upon request. I collect antique phonographs and am listing this for an organ enthusiast friend here in town so I can relay any questions to him as I am limited in my knowledge of automated music technology. Feel welcome to reach me at: phone: (614) 558-5381 or email: -- (Posted 9 October 17)

For Sale:  Surplus AMPICO player parts. 2-1925 Ampico player units for grand piano. There are also other AMPICO player parts, expression unit parts, ect. Please email for inquiries. -- (Posted 9 October 17)

For Sale:  I have 43 or more rolls of old music some never used. Please contact me at -- (Posted 10 August 17)

For Sale:   1919 Wurlitzer baby grand piano and bench with a Recorder player serial #38364 that I would like to sell. The piano is beautiful and in good working condition. It has recently been serviced and tuned. Unfortunately, the Recorder player is not functioning but may be useful to someone for restoration or for the parts. I also have 32 rolls of QRS music that came with the piano when I purchased it 20 years ago. Inquiries may be sent to my email St. Louis, Missouri area. -- (Posted 10 August 17)

For Sale:   Over 1100 piano rolls -- 28 cases of rolls that are organized buy manufacturer... QRS, PARAMOUNT, INTERNATIONAL, DUO-ART, AMPICO, AND SEVERAL OTHERS. I also have 4 cases of re-cuts and some have been identified by matching the manufacturers number against the original rolls that are in the collection. Email for photos and additional information. -- (Posted 10 August 17)

For Sale:  1934 Chickering Duo-Art baby grand with the Ampico B Drawer, art case model, serial #152776. Original Duo-Art tracker bar, regular Duo-Art Expression system, not a fan system. The Ampico stack has B unit valves and a 1925 pump. Burled walnut, ivory keys, original finish. Original rolls with wooden storage unit available. $1500. -- (Posted 20 June 17)

For Sale:  1929 Stroud Baby Grand Duo Art Reproducing Piano . Sound board has been redone and pin block, strings and hammers were rebuilt ten years ago. Most of the player mechanisms were redone, the pneumatics were recovered but it now needs new valve leather as there is leakage through the stack. Comes with a roll cabinet and at least 30 Duo Art rolls. Asking 1,500.00. Pictures available upon request. Please contact me at . Piano is located in Middletown, NY. -- (Posted 20 June 17)

Wanted:  4 - 6 G-type nickelodeon rolls -- FOUND!

For Sale:  Kohler & Campbell 1920 Mahogany Upright Player Piano with Roller and RARE Built-In Vertical Phonograph. Serial Number 205814. Plays by hand, by electricity or by treadles. The roller and the vertical wind-up phonograph are fully functional and the piano sounds great. It was refinished, restrung and completely restored in 2014. A matching bench is included. Purchase also includes 10 multi-song Play-Rite Player Rolls, 7 single song Play-Rite and QRS Player Rolls (1 roll is missing the metal tab), 2 Tracker Bar Pumps, 15 antique Records (2 are cracked) including Victor, Columbia, Decca, and Vocalion labels, and 3 Packs of phonograph replacement needles. The piano is located in Greenville, South Carolina. Buyer is responsible for pickup or shipping. Reasonable offers will be entertained. Pictures and more information will be provided by email request. Please contact Jackie at -- (Posted 20 June 17)

For Sale:  MIDSter Punch Machine. Punch Machine, computer, power adapter, all books, software, many MIDI files, floppy disks and extra parts. Set up for John Smith Senior 20 rolls but can be programmed for other rolls. $2500. +S&H USD. I will ship to lower 48 in USA only. If you would like it shipped to another country you will have to make all arraignments and pay all shipping cost. I have shipping container for Punch Machine and will have to ship computer and other accessories separately. Pictures can be sent to anyone interested to their email. Contact Bob Lesko: -- (Posted 20 June 17)

For Sale: &nbhsp;1929 Fischer Ampico reproducing baby grand piano. Piano was mostly restored back in the late 1980's, but hasn't been refinished. This lovely piano has been in the family, and I have the original receipt of purchase, along with some booklets that came with it. I also have a cabinet to include in the sale containing several (40+) Ampico rolls. For more information and photos, please eMail me at Piano resides in Northern Lower Michigan. -- (Posted 20 June 17)

Wanted:  Does anybody have any 1920's Kimball player "bake-a-lite" valves that they could sell me? It's the style with a metal pin in the middle(not the plastic pin in the middle). Call me please, at 618-917-9006. -- (Posted 15 May 17)

Free  Cable player piano, (1964 or 1965, serial number 384520) free to good home. Included are 17 piano rolls. Located in Narberth, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia. -- (Posted 15 May 17)

For Sale:   Mills Violano Virtuoso , Serial Number 751,is in excellent playing condition. This is a 1913 model in a beautiful tiger oak case with a nickel coin slide. An original AC/DC converter runs this variable bow speed machine. It plays with great tone and wonderful expression.

The piano section was restored about 12 years ago. This included a new custom-cut and fitted pinblock, new pins, new strings, new dampers, new hammers and other new action felts. The Piano restoration was done by Jasons Music Center a well-respected piano company, family-owned, since 1937 (See website at The violin is in great condition with new weight shells and bow wheels. This beauty has been serviced by Dick Hack of Annapolis who tweaked it as recently as March, 2017. It plays very well. It is in good condition cosmetically. It has been in my collection since 1986. I have a number of slot machines and jukeboxes listed on eBay as I liquidate my coin-op collection readying for downsizing.

Included in the price are 27 rolls 20 of which are re-cut by Hack Mechanical Music on superior paper and all are like new. "....rolls are supplied on cores with flanges so that they will go into your Violano without the need of a roll chuck. Rolls are supplied with boxes similar to the original type, with labels and tune cards" [Hack Mechanical Music]. HMM rolls sell for $100 a roll plus freight. The 7 original rolls are all playable, in original condition. Rolls included in the asking price represent a value of about $3000.

Also included in the asking price is an original five cent remote wall box w/card, (uninstalled, original lock, no switch), and an installed Damp Chaser Dehumidifying System.

This Violano is located in Millersville, MD 21108. Asking price is $25,000 Serious inquirers can see and hear the Violano live by appointment via Skype, and a YouTube videos is available.

For details Contact Steve at 410-919-8246. Serious inquiries only please. -- (Posted 15 May 17)

For Sale:  Marshall & Wendell, in working order, Serial # 64547; + 25 rolls of music; 400 lbs; This piano was on display at the 1915 SF Exhibition and has a seal inside as provenance. More details and photos available. -- (Posted 10 April 17)

For Sale:  Looking for someone interested in a Melville Clark Apollo push up piano player. The player is in need of repair, but the mechanical roller seems to be functioning. The player is at our store in Cleveland, OH. Please contact Lorain Furniture and Appliance, M-F and ask for John, or email for further information. -- (Posted 14 March 17)

For Sale:  Chase & Baker pushup piano player along with 35 rolls (most of which are Chase & Baker too). I rebuilt this unit 35 years ago but it needs to be done again. The wind motor has been recovered. The cabinet was refinished and is still in good condition. Asking $400. -- (Posted 8 March 17)

For Sale:  In Germany - Carl-Frei-organ, 35 keys with many books. Email -- (Posted 17 February 17)

Wanted:  QRS roll No. 7374 "You Walk By" -- FOUND!

Wanted:  I have a 1926 Aeolian player pipe organ and am looking for a part that was originally in the bottom of the console--to the right of the cresc. pedal. It has 8 gang-type switches and 8 pneumatics to operate them. Email me and I will send pictures. Tom -- (Posted 13 February 17)

Wanted:  I would like to purchase 150 Band Organ Rolls. -- (Posted 13 February 17)

For Sale:  105 Key De Cap Dance organ for sale with music books in the UK for information. Contact email: UK O161 682 4334. -- Posted 13 February 17)

Free:  A dozen or so rolls rescued from the local Salvation Army need a good home. Email if interested. -- (Posted 14 December 16)

For Sale:   Milton player piano -- Found a new home!

For Sale:  Up-right Ampico reproducing player piano was restored in 2001 by Norman Hall, a 3rd generation American Player Piano technician from North Attleboro, Massachusetts. The piano built by Wm. Knabe & Co in 1918, serial # S47S9 has a beautiful tone with great Ampico repetition. Norman Hall said the piano has a great vacuum pump. He thinks the piano is a Hanes Brother piano though the name is no longer on the piano. This piano is for the finest of connoisseurs. Asking $12,000 or BEST PRICE. Included with the piano are a bench, 61 player piano rolls, four of them Ampico rolls, a Tracker Bar section pump for cleaning, and a book, PLAYER-PIANO, The History of the Mechanical Piano and How to Repair it, by Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume. Photos of player piano - To hear the player piano scroll down to the last picture in this set for a video of the piano. The piano is in Boston (Brookline) Massachusetts. Contact -- (Posted 14 December 16)

For Sale:  Selling a 1922 Duo-Art Steck reproducing grand piano. Finish: Book Matched Walnut Wood. Photos can be provided on request. The player works and there are 7 rolls included. The piano is from From Grinnell Brothers, Detroit, Mich., Windsor, Ontario Branches. Geo Steck & Co, New York, The Aeolian Company. Numbers on bottom of piano- beneath keyboard 68468 and at back of piano underneath 165277. We are asking $2,000 or OBO. It also includes the piano bench. We are willing to deliver the piano to you. (up to 80 miles) of Metro Detroit., MI. -- (Posted 14 December 16)

For Sale:  Aeolian Metrostyle Pianola # 10471 65 note Piano Player Good working condition. Comes with approx. 30 65-note rolls from 1909-1920. $ 400 Cdn. FOB Mississauga (Toronto suburb). Phone: (905) 823-2202 or -- (Posted 8 November 16)

For Sale:  
-1925 copy of "A Catalog of Ampico Music". It is a 350 page hard bound book in good condition. It has a picture and description of each of the Ampico artists as well as the numbered rolls that they recorded for Ampico and a brief description of each piece. $30.00.
-The Model B Ampico Reproducing Piano (An illustrated rebuilding guide) by David L. Saul (1982) Piano and Player Piano Buyer's Guide of 1926 (1984 reproduction) Ampico Reproducing Piano (servicing manual of 1929) (Reproduction The Ampico Reproducing Piano - Inspector's Reference Guide(!923) (Reproduction) All for $25.00
-Player Piano Servicing and Rebuilding by Arthur Reblitz (paper back, excellent condition, 215 pg, 1985) It has one chapter on reproducing pianos. $15.00
-Piano Care and Restoration, Eric Smith, 1981, Tab Books, 192 pgs, softback. $5.00
-Rebuilding the Player Piano, Eric Givens, 1963, Vestal Press, 164 pgs, hardback, $10.00
-Player Piano Treasury, Harvey Roehl, 1988, vestal Press, 316 pgs, $20.00
Contact Jim at -- (Posted 8 November 16)

Wanted:  I am seeking a finely and recently restored Steinway Duo Art OR or AR. I prefer plain cases with wood finishes (no black cases please) but would also consider a beautiful art case. I am also looking for a Mason & Hamlin Ampico B - prefer RAA or RBB - again plain case with wood finish or possibly art case. Please contact: Jeff Wildin - email: or 602-803-4505. Thank you! -- (Posted 8 November 16)

Free:   Shaw Player Piano with bench. Has been refinished, had new keys installed, and includes all the parts to restore it back to it's original condition when new. Please call Walt at 412-443-6672 if interested. -- (Posted 8 November 16)

For Sale:  Steinway XO Duoart. Late XO built on the L plate. The piano is complete and the player system tries to work--not enough vacuum or too much friction in the action? This has the reversed stack and is a real find for someone who wants to invest in a restoration project. Please contact Chris at PianoWorks Inc. 770-623-0683 or Follow this link for pics. -- (Posted 8 November 16)

For Sale:  6' 5" Chickering Ampico Model A $3000.00. Needs work but is all there. Please contact Chris at PianoWorks Inc. 770-623-0683 or Follow this link for photos. -- (Posted 8 November 16)

For Sale:   Over 1,000 Rolls & Beautiful Chickering Parlor Grand Piano With Ampico Player. -- SOLD!

For Sale:   196 recording piano rolls in good condition. 88 note. Rolls include Ampico ( 80 percent), QRS, and a few Aeolian rolls. Can send photos and/or entire list of song titles, players, composers, and roll numbers if you are interested. Contact me at Tacoma WA. -- (Posted 10 October 16)

Wanted:   Ampico piano roll, "Let's Face the Music and Dance". If you have a copy that you are willing to part with, please contct me at -- (Posted 10 October 16)

For Sale:  Farrand Cecilian Player Piano & Organ tuned & working great condition. I have this amazing piece of history. It is working and in excellent condition. Serial is 23583. Make a reasonable offer. Call me 503-473-5932. -- (Posted 23 September 16)

For Sale:  6,000+ player piano rolls, Shoninger upright player piano, "extra" player actions, parts, and a small 60 roll cabinet. The piano rolls include: over 3000 QRS rolls, over 1000 Imperial rolls, and a variety of other label rolls, such as Pianostyle, U.S., Vocalstyle, and Melodee. There are also about 75 reproducing rolls. Lifetime collection for sale due to collector's death and lack of space. My desire is to sell everything as one package. If interested, please e-mail me at in Connecticut. -- (Posted 23 September 16)

For Sale:   Marshall & Wendell 5' Baby Grand player piano, serial # 100002, plain mahogany case style, double legs, missing music rack. Original and complete "Ampico A" player action awaits restoration. Have had for 30 years but never started, too many projects! Photos available for serious tire kickers. Best reasonable offer. Contact: -- (Posted 23 September 16)

For Sale:  Arburo Dance Organ, 88 Note Keyless, With nearly 50 rolls of music.Pneumatically Restored in 2012 by Haughawout Music, and maintained by Dave Ramey Jr. Located in Ohio. See For full description, video, and price. Must sell, need space. -- (Posted 31 August 16)

For Sale:  We would like to sell our 1927 Knabe reproducing baby grand piano (Louis XV model) made of walnut wood and measuring 5'4" with custom carved bench. Piano has Ampico "A" system with "B" system drawer installed, as well as a "Pianocorder" system for playing music cassettes. Piano's action is very good. The instrument was completely restored in the 1970's, but currently we can't get either the Ampico system nor the pianocorder system to work. "Ampico B drawer for playing paper rolls partially works. I can hear a motor running when I turn it to the "on" position or "rewind position, but nothing turns. Tape recorder for playing cassettes is not working." Comes with 13 Ampico rolls of varying sizes. Piano located in Southern California. Will provide many photos to interested buyers. Asking $1,500 or best offer. Open to all reasonable offers. Contact Nancy Ogg at -- (Posted 31 August 16)

For Sale:  I must sell my beloved old player piano and bench; and even include a box of old sheet music and about 50 music rolls. The piano was made by Continental Piano Company, SN 166180. It was restored and cleaned, and "store" tuned in June, 2015. I am asking $1,500 or best offer, and purchaser must arrange to have it moved. I am near Oregon City, Oregon. Email or call (503) 631-3149. -- (Posted 31 August 16)

For Sale:  We are selling the following from the Tom Wurdeman estate in Minnesota: Cremona G - very nice condition, appears to have all original parts; Seeburg K with xylophone, very nice condition, has swan glass and appears to be complete; Stinson 57M band organ from the Mall of America, Stinson Calliola mounted in a modified utility trailer for parade use; Miner calliope with trailer for parades; Tangley calliope with trailer for parades; Regina Sublima piano; empty case for Wurlitzer I/IX with glass; Wurlitzer I/IX complete piano; 2 - Seeburg M.O./Celestas, plus many, many parts for Cremona, Seeburg, Tangley, Coinola, Western Electric, etc. All the machines are listed on EBay with pictures - EBay seller: mawurds. Any questions - Mark Wurdeman -- (Posted 31 August 16)

For Sale:  1890s French coin operated Barrel Piano. Has 10 tunes on the barrel. All mechanical parts work. Have 10 centime coins to operate piano. Have had this piece for 8 years and have really enjoyed it. I am moving and need to downsize. Player is located in Richmond, KY. I am asking $1500 but would consider trade for music box or other mechanical music player. Pictures are available upon request. Contact me at: -- (Posted 31 August 16)

Wanted:  Amphion Unit Valve Blocks (Right Side Up): Contact: Jason, Australia -- (Posted 31 August 16)

Wanted:  Seeking Type A cuffs for Capital Cuff music box. Must be in playable condition with no rust. Please email me at with title & price wanted. -- (Posted 19 July 16)

Artrio Angeles upright electric working piano and my 7 or so rolls. Down sizing my home in Portland Oregon. Will sell for whatever you feel it is worth to you. Have had it for 15 years approximately. Email me at for photos or call Bruce at 503-703-1868. -- (Posted 19 July 16)

For Sale:  Mills Violano for sale. (Click on photo to enlarge).


Beautiful oak case, plays well $31,500 pick up in Ohio. Contact Deanna Roth 805-497-1955 or for more pictures or information. -- (Posted 19 July 16, updated 1 September 16)

For Sale:  I have over 145 88 note Piano Rolls from various labels. I would like to sell as a group. Most are in great shape, some have no or damaged boxes and a few are torn or missing attachment rings or end caps. Will sell for shipping costs. Will send photos on request. Must transfer soon, I'm moving and no room. Please save or I will be forced to throw out. Contact me -- (Posted 19 July 16)

For Sale:  Chase Bros. Player Deluxe Player Piano free to anyone who can pick it up in Falls Church, VA. (near Washington, DC. } Player does not work but does process some air when pumped. Circa 1900 with ivory keys and bench. Several (30+) piano rolls included. Belonged to my grandmother; I learned to play on this piano. Need to downsize. Pictures available upon request. 571-236-3858. -- (Posted 19 July 16)

Estate Sale:  Wurlitzer 125 Military Band Organ. Swiss Stella grand Music Box, 80 discs. 1915 Grandfather Clock with Regina Music Box. Play-A-Sax, rolls. Phonographs. Wurlitzer Style D 2-6 Theater Pipe Organ with replica Wurlitzer R Roll Player and 270 re-cut rolls (remove from home or buy home with organ). Location: Pomona, CA. Contact Darleen Stewart, 909-762-2631. -- (Posted 19 July 16)

For Sale:  I have a 1915 Nordheimer Player Piano located in Cobourg, Ontario it's in great shape and comes with about 250 rolls. Does need to be tuned. Selling for $3000 OBO. EMAIL -- (Posted 19 July 16)

Wanted:  AMPICO piano rolls wanted: 50774F or 700001G Schumann: Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15: VII Traumeri; 640234 or 621310 Chopin Nocturne No. 2 in E Flat Major, Op. 9, No. 2; 50922D Chopin: Op. 25, No. 1 in A Flat Major; 56462D Beethoven: Bagatelle in A Minor, Fur Elise. Contact: -- (Posted 15 June 16)

For Sale:  I have over 100 65 Note Piano Rolls I would like to sell as a group. Some are in great shape, some labels missing off boxes or boxes not good. Contact: 254/722/0108 or seaton10 -- (Posted 15 June 16)

Free:  Upright Player Piano needs a home with a good family or collector! Walters Piano Co., New York. 1930's pump and electric player piano, good condition but has not been tuned 10 years. 30 rolls - package deal. Pick Up in Davis, CA - Avail now! Ph. 530/400-1207. -- (Posted 15 June 16)

For Sale:  This is a really nice choice un restored circa 1927 MILLS VIOLANO VIRTUOSO. This late model machine is complete and comes with 24 original and re cut rolls + an original extra spool to play the spool less rolls. It also comes with an original Violano wall box and some new reproduction parts,( bow yoke and new weight arms). These parts are often missing and broken on these machines as the originals were made of pot metal. The machine currently does not play but can be made to with out a full blown restoration. Very nice machine that will be a pleasure to restore!! Must be picked up by you or your shipper. The machine is located in Orangeburg, New York 10962 No Pay Pal on this item please. Price: $15,000. For pictures and more info please contact Jon: -- (Posted 21 May 16, Updated 15 June 16)

For Sale:  I have 43 intact original Ampico player rolls. I would like to sell them all. Photos available on request. You can contact me by phone or text at: 914-325-0003. Located near NYC. -- (Posted 21 May 16)

For Sale:  1925 Steinway XR model Duo-Art Reproducing piano for sale with over 100 rolls by original artists. I am a piano tech myself, and everything is in very good condition except the player part; all the parts are there. I have no expertise in player mechanisms, but a Duo-Art technician told me it's basically ready to go except for hoses. The piano is satin walnut, has a good soundboard and bridges, a perfect set of white ivory keys, and newer hammers and strings, etc. All in all, it is a very nice looking and playing Steinway piano. I have it for sale now for $8995 basically as a Model M. I can email pictures if you would like. We're near Seattle, WA in Kirkland, WA. -- (Posted 21 May 16)

Free:  I have an early 1960's Aeolian spinet player piano. Needs work. Free to a good home - pick up in Macon GA. Call 478-731-4897. -- (Posted 1 May 16)

For Sale:  Paul Gerard Player Piano --moving to smaller home and so must sell player piano in good condition (needs tuning only) in family for 30+ years in climate-controlled room---selling along with a seat bench, sheet music and an antique cabinet with 45+ QRS music rolls. Buyer must pick-up from our home in the Encinitas area of San Diego by late May 2016. Can send pictures. Asking $1,400 for entire lot. Contact Debra at -- (Posted 1 May 16)

Wanted:  QRS Pianomation Serenade Pro OR Baldwin Concertmaster (Remote Control). -- (Posted 1 May 16)

For Sale:  I have few music rolls for sale:
    - Lot of Animatic-S rolls
    - Lot of Empeco Serienrolle Rolls
    - A few aolian grand piano rolls
    - Small lot of 88 notes piano rolls
    - Lot of 65 notes piano rolls
    - One aeolian pipe organ roll
I am selling a Gebrüder Bruder Fair Organ as well. All the pictures can be viewed on my flickr page : Located in Switzerland, open to offers. Contact me at: -- (Posted 10 April 16)

Free to Good Home:  I have a player piano from the Walker Piano Company my Dad was working on before he died. The piano is in several pieces. I'm looking to donate it to a good home so it avoids the trash dump when I sell his house in a couple of weeks. The piano is located in Lafayette Hill, PA, in the Philadelphia suburbs. -- (Posted 10 April 16)

For Sale:  Chickering Ampico reproducing baby grand piano Serial No. 134966. We are the 2nd owners. The player mechanism was restored in the early 1970’s, but no longer works reliably. The action was replaced about 10 years ago, and the piano has been played regularly. A few of the ivories are missing, and some wear is apparent around the keyboard. Also included are nearly 100 piano rolls of various genres. Buyer is responsible for pickup - piano is located in Potsdam, NY. Asking $5000 but will consider other offers. For more information email -- (Posted 10 April 16)

For Sale:  1927 Apollo baby grand automated player / reproducing piano. Dark wood art case, matching bench, 50 original Apollo rolls. Only plays in high humidity, so needs work. I have diagrams for everything. Located in southeastern WI, approx. 70 mi. from Chgo. Asking $2000 or best offer. Call or text Dawn at 262.949.5429. -- (Posted 10 April 16)

For Sale:  I have a Weber Duo-Art Grand for sale for the best offer. Otherwise it will be stripped of the player parts and the piano sold as-is. The unit is complete but needs rebuilding. It was playing when I put it on its side in my shop several years ago. -- (Posted 10 April 16)

Wanted:  I am looking to convert my Gulbransen Pianola to an electric player and need the conversion kit with motor and the controls. Please email to:- -- (Posted 10 April 16)

For Sale:   We have a have a number of Parex player rollers, this one is No 49323 Toy Drum Major. Please contact Many thanks. -- (Posted 25 February 16)

Wanted:  Moller Player. Call Chad Snow at 330-896-1040. -- (Posted 25 February 16)

For Sale:  Player piano player parts from an old upright piano. The parts are for a Gulbransen player piano player with the serial number 13760.

Items include:
Spool box and motor (re-hosed and functional)
Pneumatic stack mounting plate (with cover) for individual key bellows
Individual key bellows (88 -- re-clothed), with screws for mounting plate and top covers
Main pedal bellows on stack (in need of restoration), with main bellows' springs, valves, and bellows-to-pedal connection brackets
Neoprene hose for pneumatic stack to spool box connections
Miscellaneous support bellows
In-rail selection buttons
Miscellaneous support brackets, connecting rods and hoses, and screws

Items may be of value to a player piano restoration business.
Selling or donating: depends on the item or items desired; some likely have more value than others.
I am not trying to make a bunch of money on any of this but a little would be nice.
One of my objectives is to get a little more room in my basement; and to keep them from eventually ending up in a landfill (after I die an my wife throws them away ;-) ).

I am sure some of the items are only worth the value of the shipping costs, or the cost of a driving trip to collect; if even that. But if some of the items have value to you greater than the shipping costs, then I would hope you would give me a fair minimal payment for them. Maybe one price for all the items you would like; those that have more value along with the others that have minimal value. Located in the Doylestown, PA area. Pictures available via e-mail upon request. Please contact me via E-mail: -- (Posted 25 February 16)

Free:   Ennis upright player piano circa 1925 with approx 50 original rolls and approx 50 new rolls. (you need to transport). Good ivory and mechanical condition. All notes play. Using vacumm cleaner for power. Have bellows (which have lost seal). Will go to dump on 3-Mar-16. Michigan. Ph. 89-636-2532. -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For sale:   Ampico Studio Upright Top Loader -- SOLD!

For Sale:   1923 Weber XR Duo-Art 5'8''in great shape. Excellent sound board. Excellent Ivory. Nice harp. Case has decent finish but has some nicks and chips. Never restored so player does not work. Piano from California. Great candidate for a rebuild. $690. Willing to help load or transport locally for extra fee. or Ph. 408-483-0253. -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For Sale:   One Yamaha HQ300 Automatic Player Piano. A modern day working Japanese model player piano in very good condition. Uses floppy disks for input but also has plug ins for computer operation. Low maintenance automatic humidifying kit was added to maintain correct humidity levels. Asking 7000 dollars, but price is negotiable. Local pickup only (buyer assumes responsibility for pickup and shipping). Photos and video available upon request by contacting sellers via email at or or by phone: Berry: 405-778-9501 or Jim: 405-800-4824. -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For Sale:   One Hastner Auto Piano Leipzig Player Piano. An antique German model player piano in need of some repair. Also available with piano is an extra main component. Price is negotiable, make offer. Local pickup only (buyer assumes responsibility for pickup and shipping). Photos and video available upon request by contacting sellers via email at or or by phone: Berry: 405-778-9501 or Jim: 405-800-4824. -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For Sale:   65 note Story & Clark player piano and rolls. Serial number 31825. Year 1910. Includes over 350 rolls. Pictures available upon request. Located in Massachusetts. Make an offer. -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For sale:   105keys Decap dance organ. Good condition with lot of books. Located in France. -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For Sale:  Presently I am offering newly manufactured Seeburg atmospheric valve covers. These valve covers are made of hard maple to exact specifications of the originals. Further information and price can be obtained from: or call 815-935-1655. Ron Hartman. -- (Posted 14 February 16)

For sale:   500+ 88 note player piano rolls. ALL in complete boxes with labels and all in excellent condition. Always stored inside house, not damp cellar or attic. About half classical and half popular, many holiday pieces. Many player classics. Photos available. Sold as entire collection. Owner downsizing. Make me a offer.
Contact John Klinck in Vermont at or 802-462-3915.

For Sale:   Angelus Piano Player from the 1890's. The Angelus is a piano player, not to be confused with a player piano. This player would replace a human piano player with a mechanical one. To make it work, it would be pushed up to a piano or organ key board. A person would then sit in front of the player and pump the pedals. It runs on punched paper rolls similar to the type player pianos use. Each song has a different roll. Sadly, this no longer works. The cabinet is made of wood. Historically, these were made of Rosewood, but I have been told by experts that it is walnut or mahogany. Whatever the wood, it has a beautiful grain to it. It is quite a conversation starter piece of furniture. It is in good vintage condition with a few scratches and a is missing a couple of pieces of trim. Also included is 16 paper song rolls. It measures 43" wide, 42" tall and 21 1/2" deep.
This beautiful item is well over 100 years old.
Located in Canyon, TX in the Texas Panhandle, just south of Amarillo.
Buyer responsible for crating and shipping cost.
For pictures see:
For more information: -- (Posted 8 January 16)

For Sale:  Mason & Hamlin RBB Ampico A. Serial #34638. (1926).
    • 7 foot, 1 inch reproducing grand piano
    • Very rare, top collector-grade.
    • Black high polish satin finish with matching bench.
    • Fully restored in summer of 2014. Still like new. Not played on since restoration..
    • ALL work done by Craig Brougher, possibly the most talented and skilled restorer of such instruments. Craig spent countless hours over a 6 month period working solely on this piano.
    • Also equipped with the Hunt Virtual Roll: a computer interface which makes this instrument midi-capable with professional concert quality performances.
Please click on this link for photos, audio clips, detailed information, pricing, and to contact me:
Email: -- Updated 17 February 17, Posted 8 January 16)

Wanted:  The following piano rolls:
    Floatin' Down To Cotton Town
    Entrance Of The Gladiators (Play-Rite version)
    Blue Rose Waltz (Supertone)
    Chloe (Imperial, Pianostyle)
    If I Had You
    Sweet Georgia Brown (1925 US Piano Roll Co. #43131)
    Missouri Waltz (Pianostyle)
    That's My Weakness (Pianostyle)
    Bye, Bye Blackbird (Pianostyle
    El Capitan (Supertone)
If you have any of these rolls, please respond to: -- (Posted 8 January 16)

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