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(Updated 1 August 08)

Dear Mechanical Music Friends,

Hello again to everyone, especially to those of you who attended the AMICA Convention in Los Angeles this summer. It was good meeting with you again.

While at the convention, I received some input concerning new rolls to produce. We have several in progress and hope to have one or more released by this fall.

I have added some names to the Piano Restoration and Repair page and have also listed a source for Wurlitzer Unit valve block. If you are looking for providers of these services, be sure to check out the page.

I am currently working on producing a new hand-played roll. Watch this web site for updates.

Good news! Ads without photos are now free! More information   Photos may be posted at your web site and a link will be made. If you want the Foxtail server to host your photo, there will be a small fee.

We plan to create an ad submission form in the next few months so watch for updates.

Ads will be posted as soon as possible but sometimes it may take a few days depending on my work schedule. If you submit an ad, please wait at least a week before following up.

From time to time I receive emails from people asking me to tell them how much their piano is worth. Sorry, but I am not a piano appraiser and cannot give appraisals or advice about prices. Some good basic information about piano values can be found at:  It is a series of three pages with the last page providing actual prices.

Be sure to check the Rolls page and Rolls links for 88-note, Duo-Art, Ampico and other rolls. Also check the Sheet Music and Books pages.

A new link has been added to the home page. Check out Le Ragtime France a wonderful web site for ragtime enthusiasts. The page is both in French and English.

I am continuously adding new titles on the sheet music page. The sheet music ranges from classical to popular tunes so there should be something for every musical taste.

Thank you!


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