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 Mechanical Music Exchange
Player Piano and Mechanical Music Exchange: Including music boxes, band organs, barrel organs, orchestrions, nickelodeons, reproducing pianos, piano rolls

Advertising Information

Changed 21 February 2006
(Ads posted prior to this date fall under old advertising rules)

Advertisements for without photos can be posted for free. Just write up your ad and email it to me.

Photos:  If you wish to include a photo with your ad, please provide a link (URL) to it at your web site.

If you do not have a web site and want Foxtail to host the photo, there will be a $10.00 charge for each photo posted. Sorry, but photo editing takes time and server space. Your ad will be posted faster without a Foxtail-hosted photo.

We plan to create an ad submission form in the next few months so watch for updates.

Ads will be posted as soon as possible but sometimes it may take a few days depending on my work schedule. If you submit an ad, please wait at least a week before following up.

We invite you to visit the Piano Rolls, Sheet Music and Books web pages at this site.

A portion of sales is donated to help with the publication and distribution of the
Mechanical Music Digest™

====> To place an advertisement, click here.

We hope to update the ad submission form soon to make it easier for you to send in ads.

We reserve the right to reject any advertisement.

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