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Mechanical Music Digest Auctions
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MMD>Gallery>Auctions>Chartres Auction, December 2000

601. " The Small Newspaper " n° of the 24/10/1897
         with " organs of Barbarism of the Alpine " - one there
         joined 9 numbers of the A.A.I.M magazine.                   3/500

  602. Buchner, Alexander, instruments of music,
         mechanical. Edition illustrated French and
         hardback (Gründ 1991). Very good state.                 2/300

  603.  Three works on mechanics:
         Sieve Hagen " der Movement mechanics " - Nansouty
         " Small talks of the engineer " and a small
         general tablet of 32 pages on the museum of the
         CNAM (years 1960/70).                                 3/500

  604. Reviewed of the A.A.I.M.M.
         (Association French of collectors) n° 1 to
         22 (1976/1985). Rare 3/800

  605. A share: Book of Weiss-Staufacher, " Automatons and
         instruments of mechanical " music (Office of the
         book, 1976) - Magazine stamps It 1989 (article
         on Théroude) - Magazine Proofs (1954) - Catalog
         of the expo of the CNAM on boxes to music of
         Prague (1966) - Catalog " Watches and Jewelries ",
         Expo of Geneva 1962.                                   4/800

  606. Two books: Toys of life "
         by Franc-Nohain (bound 1911, 120 pages,
         illustrated) - instruments of music
         mechanical " by the Dr Buchner (Gründ 1992) 3/400

  607. A share: Book of Weiss-Staufacher,
         " Automatons and instruments of mechanical " music
         (Office of the Book 1976) - 2 catalogs of the Museum H.
         Triquet (Expo. of Trifle, and museum of the dead end
         Berthaud) - a catalog of the museum of the clockmaking
         of Geneva " Automatons and music " - some exes. of
         the magazine of the CABAM (E. Blyelle).                        4/800

  608. Zeraschi " The organ of Barbarism "
         Payot 1980. Beautiful state.                                  2/400

  609. Chapuis, " History of the box to music
         and of music mechanical " Scriptar 1955. Bound,
         excellent state. A big classic, rare.

         To important classical book (in French).                12/2000

  610. " In the time of Boxes to music "
         by Bonhôte (Mondo, 1975, with a disk vinyl).
         With a consignment autograph of Freddy Baud to Jacques
         Polite.                                              3/500

  611. Bowers, " Encyclopedia of musical Automatic
         instruments " (Vestal Press). The " Bible " of the
         collector, more than 1000 illustrated pages.         5/800

  612. Automaton player of Barbarism barley
         with French flag, artisanal manufacture.
         Cardboard, cloth and leather with a small movement
         Reuge to 2 airs. Motor to spring. XXème middle.
         Height 31cm. Middle state. Function.

         Year automaton of has barrel organ player, spring,
         driven. In operating drank mean condition.               4/800

  613. Two plates in ware elders representing,
         one, a player of Barbarism organ with dogs
         and monkeys scientists (usuries on sides), the other,
         an athlete of fair.

         2 flat featurings year organ player and has faiground
         strong man.                                            1/1500

  614. Rare player of Barbarism organ,
         accessory of midget steam-powered machine. Traces
         of rust, otherwise good state. Sheet metal lithographiée.

         To rare accessory for has steam engine, has small
         barrel organ player.                                   7/1000

  615. Three locos to Tomy music,
         In plastic. Long. approx. 20cm. A motor
         electric (batteries) makes advance the loco that plays
         of music from notched disks (3 or 4
         provide). Good obvious state, but working
         unverified.                                           1/200 piece

  616 .Petits piano toy in plastic, approx. 20cm
         functioning on the same principle, with one,
         animation on a strip parading in facade.
         One of it joined a Tomy truck with animation of
         characters.                                           2/300

  617. Xylophone plastic Smoby to crank,
         3 airs by choice noted on a cylinder.
         Larg. approx. 30cm. Interesting. One of it joined a player
         of mechanical organ in plastic. H. 30cm 2/300

  618. Musical electric loco in plastic,
         The notched rails form musical notation. In
         the state.                                                1/200

  619. Chalet to music (to recoller)
         (that 25cm). Pretty movement to music format
         snuffbox to 3 airs, beautiful sonority. Beginning XXème 2/500

  620. Small round animate picture,
         painting on copper with clock in the bell-tower
         and rotating mill wings. Small accidents and
         missing movement. Toward 1900? Diam. 14,5cm

         To small clock and watermill round picture, without,
         movement.                                              3/500

  621. Carl, player of organ,
         German toy in sheet metal. Motor to spring. The kid
         monkey turns the crank and move the tail.
         Some usuries. Music on 4 blades. High. 15cm.
         XIXème middle. Function.                             4/800

  622. Zilotone, musical automaton in sheet metal lithographiée
         manipulated by a motor to spring. A clown hits
         12 metallic blades. American, toward 1930. High.
         19cm - good state. With 3 disks cams.                 35/5000

  623. Under of dish with tile in ware of Longwy
         to decor of bird in brown camaïeu. Music to 2 airs 7/1000

  624. Under of dish to music
         Tile modern years 1950,
         good movement to 2 airs.

         To 2 tuneses musical tile.                                3/600

  625. Wakening in wood with music to 2 airs,
         high. with pediment 44cm. Map of airs, a blade,
         broken, otherwise good state and cheek well.

         To wooden musical alarm clock.                          7/1000

  626. Under of dish to music to 3 airs
         tile castle and park (crack). Cheek well.

         To good musical musical 3 tuneses (some aces).          4/600

  627. Curious small organette 10 (?) keys,
         box 30x16x17cm, hide metallic rounded and golden
         on the box to keys. Good state of presentation
         and of working. With 2 old cardboards. Toward

         To small and curious 10 keyses (?) organette, with,
         tea tracker bar covered by has curved metal cover,
         and two period books of music.                         18/2500

  628. Album photo to music
         good small movement to 2 airs. Beginning XXème 5/600

  629. Casket to music in sculpted wood
         30x12x13cm. Music to two airs, good state. Beginning

         To small carved wood 22 tuneses musical horse-box 6/800

  630. Nine small movements of box to music,
         most kind snuffbox, various states, of
         the excellent less good...

         9 small musical movements, mostly in snuffbox
         format, various conditions.                            15/2500

  631. Eight motors for automatons,
         4 electric and 4 mechanical (of which: a " RD " and
         a small motor Meccano " Magic " in his/her/its box).        5/1000

  632. Play saxophone " has sax " 16 notes
         using rollers of paper punched. Long.
         30cm American, toward 1930. Good state, function,
         some usuries. With 6 rollers in their
         cardboards.                                               25/4000

  633. Clock in wood with music to disks,
         diam. 12,5cm - high. 33cm, function, good state
         (some usuries to the dial and the box). With one

         To wooden 12,5cm discs musical alarm clock, with one,
         disc. Good condition.                                  15/2000

  634. Six metallic disks of 12,5cm
         for box to music.                                  1/200

  635. Ariston, organette 20 keys,
         Black box 33x33cm. Some restorations, good,
         state, cheek well.                                       2/2500

  636. Wakening to music in wood, 2 airs,
         Pediment short, complete, good state, without key. Beginning
         XXème. H. 29cm 6/1000

  637. Pedestal in to drown containing a good small movement
         to 2 airs, to tight blades. Rewinding to pull.
         With system for animation of a character to the
         déclenchement of a clock. Excellent sonority.
         Cylinder of 7cm. Pedestal L. 31cm 2/3000

  638. Good movement of box to music for picture or
         Total clutter: 22cm. Rewinding to key, 4 airs,
         on cylinder 12,5cm (approx. 60 blades), cam
         rotating on the right. Good sonority.

         To good 4 tuneses cylinders musical movement for year
         automaton gold has picture clock.                          25/3500

  639. Picture clock to music,
         Golden setting (accidents) 67x76cm. Stages of hunt
         and of castle printed on sheet metal (signing: Alb.
         of Goygne). Clock to pendulum, tooting on
         gong. Music to pull format snuffbox (cyl.
         75mm) to 4 airs, with map. End XIXè s. Good
         sonority. Together to cool and link clock
         movement to establish.

         To large musical clock picture, with good,
         snuffbox " movement. Needs some attention.            6/8000

  640. Rare box to music of manger to monnayeur
         box in wood 37x24x19cm closing to key, with 6,
         heard to let pass the sound. Rewinding
         by crank. Cyl. 115mm 6 airs. Toward 1900. Good

         To Christmas 6 tuneses corner-operated 11,5cm cylinders
         musical horse-box. Good condition 3/4000

  641. Organette " beak of duck ",
         to cylinder with 4 airs, of which " Goes small moss, the,
         wind pushes you..., played on 14 notes and one
         stamp. Cash-box in wood painted in imitation of wood
         veined, 32x24x24cm. Germany, toward 1900.
         Restorations. Function.

         To German 4 tuneses cylinder organette.                   18/2500

  642. Organette to Melodion " cylinder ",
         22 keys, 4 airs (map) of which " The beautiful Danube
         Blue ". Cash-box wood 35x24x21cm (misses the canvas of the
         over). Germany, toward 1900. Restorations.

         To Melodion 4 tuneses cylinder organette.                 18/2500

  643. Organette to Cute vibrators,
         to crank, 22 notes (doubled vibrators). Cash-box
         49x35x37cm. Restorations (bellows, lid,
         nine). With 14 rollers (tired) of paper
         punched. Cheek well. Germany toward 1900.               8/12000

  644. Organette 16 keys in shape of chalet,
         With 4 metallic disks. Various restorations
         (Similar: V. Bowers p. 748)

         To 16 keyses organettes in tea shape of has chalet. With
         4 discses 15/2500

  645. Organ of Barbarism " Molinari " to cylinder
         Speckled beautiful cash-box (some lacks)
         39x26x48cm. Working by crank, 7 airs,
         (map), 23 keys making play 32 flutes in
         wood. Toward 1900. Function, beautiful notation very
         provided. The Molinari business (in New York, USA) has
         imported of the European organs before manufacturing
         his/her/its own instruments, high-quality.
         Extremely lush notation.

         To seven tunes cylinder barrel organ Molinari by.
         Good condition.                                        25/30000

  646. Beautiful portable mechanical piano to cylinder,
         near of pianos to back " by Charles Amelotti, 18,
         Défly street, Nice. Cash-box in wood varnished 64x42cm
         high. 110cm (lack the hide-string in cloth).
         Beautiful crank, map of the manufacturer inside.
         Cylinder wood (usuries) long. 50cm acting on 30
         keys (12 serious with étouffoirs), with stamp
         of air end. Cheek 10 airs according to map (waltzes,
         polkas, etc.). Some cracks to the table, otherwise
         for the main thing " in his/her/its juice ". Function, but
         desirable clarification. A beautiful instrument,
         typical of the XIXème century.

         To very interesting and typical portable street
         barrel piano, 30 keyses and 10 tuneses. Practically in
         original condition. See Bowers, p. 365 7/12000

  647. Big mechanical piano to monnayeur
         Half note and Goffart to Valenciennes. Beautiful cash-box in
         to drown and mahogany, decoration of nets and bronzes
         gilt and a canvas (modern) on the front.
         135x72, high. 193cm H. 50cm for the pediment.
         Cylinder 105cm playing 10 airs (map) on 54
         keys, with thick cash-box, lucid cash-box,
         cymbals, woodblocks and 8 tubular bells. Toward
         1930. Good general state, function well but
         necessary agreement.

         To large French cylinder 10 tuneses mechanical piano,
         with drums, bells, etc...                              18/25000

  651. Duck on roulettes,
         in painted composition, with double animation of the,
         head and of the beak. Musical mechanism to bellows (to
         to review). Toward 1900 L. 26cm - Height 21cm 1/2000

  652. Mechanical bear assigned to Elie Martin,
         decorated of fawn fur.                               1/1500

  653. Small girl jumping to the rope
         with, in the pedestal in mahogany, a good movement to
         music (effect piccolo). Head china.
         Practice by crank. Toward 1900. Charming
         automaton in beautiful state (small restorations).
         High. 41cm (doll 30cm)

         To fine musical automaton of has skipping showgirl.           3/4000

  654. Cage with bird singer.
         Basis breve in golden wood sculpted 27x27cm.
         Movement beak, head and tail. Good general state.
         Toward 1900. Height 48cm

         To singing bird cage, good condition.                   12/15000

  655. Théroude (?). Beautiful mechanical toy
         of time Napoléon III, representing a woman.
         Head bust said of Nuremberg, beautiful dresses,
         of time. Gone up in horsewoman on a covered horse
         of skin. Mechanism, on 3 wheels. L. 22cm - Height
         125cm 10/15000

  656. Vichy. " The Page violinist "
         Beautiful automaton of the end of the XIXème century with his/her/its
         dresses in silk of origin. Head of model to
         flat neck in hurried cookie, eyes of sulphide,
         brown, hands in metal paint. Mechanism in the
         body with music, 2 movements of the head and
         movement of the left arm. Height 55cm 40/60000

  657. Vichy. Rare and beautiful animate picture
         with beautiful theater or dance two Harlequins.
         Heads and members in cookie. On bottom of ice.
         Very beautiful freshness of costumes. Golden setting.
         With music. XIXème end. 36x40cm - L. 19cm 25/40000

  658. " The peasant and his/her/its pig "
         Famous automaton of the House Vichy, beautiful,
         mechanism to 5 cams. The peasant gives a slice of bread to
         his/her/its calm pig on his/her/its knees, the connivance,
         mischievous between them expresses himself by the shrug of the
         shoulders of the peasant and the language that extricate the animal.
         Beautiful mechanism, music, beautiful state of origin.
         Height 82cm 80/120000

  659. Bontemps. Beautiful bush with three birds,
         Two jumping from branch in branch, another,
         pecking. To the foot of the tree, a fountain and one
         clock. Under globe, with pedestal in blackened wood.
         XIXème end. Beautiful state of origin. L. 45cm - Height
         67cm 30/40000

  660. Decamps. " Clown acrobat to the ladder "
         Head in composition eyes of glass. He/it gets to
         the horizontal, loose the left hand and tent of himself
         to straighten. With music. Restoration, notably
         to dresses and cloth. Height 62cm 15/20000

  661. Lambert. " The coquette "
         automaton head Simon china & Halbig, mouth,
         opened with movements of eyes and 2 movements
         of the head, hands in cookie with movements of the
         two arms. Sat on a chair in bamboo, her,
         air and watches himself in a mirror. On pedestal to
         music, key L. B. of origin.
         Beautiful state of working, but redone dresses.
         Height 50cm 15/20000

  662. Lambert. " Coquette to the tambourine "
         Beautiful mechanism, foundation she/it agitates his/her/its tambourine
         the right hand and raise the left hand to the mouth.
         Movements of the head and the right leg.
         Bruitage of the tambourine and the foot that marks the
         measure. On pedestal to music. Restored dresses and
         accidents to fingers. Head Twin plugs closed and half-flange in china.
Deserve a good
         restoration. Height 41cm 15/20000

  663. Cage to two birds singers
         in golden brass. Movements of the beak, of the head and
         of the tail for one, the beak and the tail for
         the one that is perched. Good general state but
         necessary revision. XIXème middle. Height 52cm 8/12000

  664. Beautiful automaton of the end of the XIXème
         of manufacture to determine. Representing one
         Palace of the Chinese Imperial Court in wood paints
         polychrome. With four characters going for a walk
         in gardens between two pagodas.
         Length 60cm - Height 42cm 8/12000

  665. Automaton German to crank,
         A knee on the ground in balance, made turn one,
         pedestal held in his/her/its mouth. Very beautiful head in
         modeled cookie. With music. XIXème end (revision
         necessary) 16x25cm - Height 29cm 3/5000

  666. Round cage to bird whistler,
         movements beak, head and tail. Good state.
         High. 30cm, diam. 16cm. Toward 1900    5/8000

  667. Renou. " The clown trainer of goose "
         Small incomplete automaton but in his/her/its state
         of origin. Height 42cm 5/8000

  668. Lambert. " Little girl to the bird "
         Automaton in part of origin (cash-box, mechanism and
         body). Head in belated china (dresses and
         reinvented decoration) - to restore.

  669. Two remainders of automatons or animate toys,
         assigned to Vichy, containing,: a head Twin to
         right neck marked in red, size 1 (crack to the
         forehead), an animate incomplete body with hands in
         lead and a remainder of small body with a head
         for automaton assigned to Gaultier.                    2/3000

  670. Catalog " of automatons Advertisement "
         Renting of automatons and devices of advertisement
         enlivened. Seat Social Julian Saint (Hte Savoie), 16
         pages (37,5x24,5cm). Meadows of 180 models
         reproduced.                                            1/1500

  671. Jaf. " The Toreador "
         Beautiful electric automaton for animation of shop window,
         to 7 cams, (pull and electric motor to
         to review). Beautiful head in composition. Movements
         of eyebrows, eyes, the head and hands.
         Revolve on himself. Dresses of origin. On pedestal
         in wood. Carry the plate of the Jaf house.
         Height 80cm 18/30000

  672. Negro " exhibitor of placard "
         Beautiful electric advertising automaton. Head in
         composition with animation of eyes and the lip
         lower. Movements of the right arm that can
         to show several placards successively. Seem
         complete. Electric system to review.
         Height 1,65m 10/15000

  673. JAF. " The two children "
         beautiful automaton advertising electric representative
         a boy and a girl attablés, four movements,
         each: the head, the arm, the mouth (and the
         eyes, to review). Motor electric 220 volts no
         of origin. Restorations to dresses and the
         tringlerie. Luminous headband in the front, door the
         plate of a English trader.
         Height 0,80m - Width 0,80m - Depth 0,41m 15/20000

  674. Five animate elements for shop window, toward 1950,
         Electric 110 VS: Skier, birds, woman...
         (animation or lighting).                              8/1200

  675. Five animate elements for shop window toward 1950
         Electric 110V; Skier, birds, woman...
         (animation or lighting).                              8/1200

  676. Five animate elements for shop window toward 1950
         Electric 110 vs: skier, birds, woman...
         (animation or lighting) 8/1200

  680. Beautiful organ of Barbarism same type of manufacture
         that organs of clocks of the Black Forest
         Woodwork walnut-tree 60x45x65cm.
         25 keys on a beautiful maroon cylinder of 48cm
         3 games (a plugged, two open). Map of airs
         (Waltzes, polka, mazurkas, of which " Napoléon Lied ").
         Crank. Restored entirely. Very beautiful state and
         sonority. Enrollment " 1869 " on the base.

         To portable cylinder barrel organ in tea fashion of
         tea Black Forest organ clocks. 25 keyses, 3 stops.
         (10 tuneses). Completely restored.                       25/35000

  681. Exceptional big movement of box to music
         to separated blades (by groups of 4), bass to
         right. First time, 4 airs, 3 commands.
         In an oval pendulum basis (44 cm, lid,
         split, replaced screw) with veneer palissandre and
         marquetry stylized on the front. Rewinding to
         key and keg. Foreseen interior command for
         a déclenchement by a clock. Cylinder 22.6
         cm, 25 groups of 4 blades. Excellent state and
         musicality (lack rightly the finger of cross of
         Malta). Toward 1820.
         One very rarely sees groups of 4 blades on
         the big movements to separated blades.                10/15000

  682. Big pendulum to double carillon, English,
         Very beautiful cash-box mahogany on round feet, with
         rich decoration of golden bronzes in facade
         (framed of two columns) and on sides,
         surmounted of pinecones. 44 xes 27 cm - H. 77 cm
         Big dial steel to numbers Roman blacks. 3
         auxiliary dials: silence, advance-delay and
         choice of the tooting (to quarters) between the
         carillon " Westminster " on 4 gongs, and the carillon
         Cambridge " on 8 stamps. Exhaust to anchor.
         invoice remarkable, excellent state, XXème beginning,

         To large English carillon mantel clock, beautiful,
         mahoganny and ormulu places. Anchor escapement.
         Quarter repeating. Choice between Westminster (4
         gongs) however Cambridge (8 gongs) carillon. Excellent
         make and condition, beginning of XXth century.         10/15000

  683. Rare box to music Strong-piano Ducommun-Girod
         6 airs, rewinding to key, 3 commands.
         XIXème box (remboîtage) in wood paints with
         marquetry on the lid (restorations,
         small accidents), L. 45 cm.
         Beautiful movement (XIXème middle) signed on the
         turntable, cylinder 32.7 cm, 123 blades (89 for the
         keyboard + 34 blades for the keyboard piano). Good
         patriotic airs (of which the Marseillais, the Song,
         of the Departure etc.) with effect alternated strong-piano.
         Beautiful state of origin. Miss the control of stop
         instantaneous, command of air change redone.      10/15000

  684. Régina, very beautiful box to music of table to
         to disks of 53cm (20 inches 3/4)
         Big box way oak 72x60x35cm with one
         left of the slightly raised lid by
         small columns in wood turned to let better
         to pass the sound. Litho inside. Rewinding of the
         spring by crank, 2 face-to-face keyboards,
         (65+63 lamps), American, toward 1900. Very beautiful
         state of presentation, working and sonority.
         With 12 disks.

         To fine very counts Regina 20 incheses 3/4 discs music
         horse-box, with 12 discses.

  685. Vertical Polyphon, box to music to disks
         metallic of 40cm.
         Mills pedestal of phonograph, containing disks,
         metal 53x46x95. Classic cash-box 53x30x108, with
         a beautiful movement to 2 keyboards in screw to screw: one
         in two parts of 27+12=39 blades, the other,
         monobloc of 39 blades. Rewinding by crank, good,
         state of working. Germany XIXème end.
         Various restorations on the cash-box and the
         movement (the beautiful head of woman sculpted of the
         pediment doesn't seem an origin,
         rod of fixing of the disk redone, modification,
         of the déclenchement). With 8 disks.

         To vertical 40cm Polyphon discs musical horse-box. Good
         playing condition, goal many restorations haggard been
         made.                                                  10/15000

  686. Big box to music 12 airs, with drum and 6,
         Box 62x33x29cm (planed lid). Map of the
         airs. Rewinding by lever. Cylinder brass
         33cm acting on 3 keyboards (62 blades: 25+12
         for percussions +25). Various repairs.
         Miss a sharp blade, a blade percussion,
         rewelded. Toward 1900. Sonority to review.

         To large 12 tuneses musical horse-box with drum and six
         bells. Needs adjustments.                              8/12000

  687. Organ of Barbarism Wilhelm Bruder Söhne
         (Waldkirch) to cylinder and hoses, 24 keys.
         Beautiful cash-box decorated of nets and marquetry of
         flowers (some holes of verse) 55x33x55cm.
         Cylinder with 9 airs (map of origin: waltzes,
         mazurkas, polka, etc...) Long 42cm. Acting on
         24 keys. A zipper of game. Approx. 40 hoses.
         Beautiful state, restorations of use (bellows),
         some necessary regulating. XIXème end.

         To Bruder Söhne portable cylinder barrel organ, 9,
         tunes (original tune sheet), 24 keyses, that 40 pipes.
         Good condition (some restorations).                    35/50000

  688. Composed Orchestrion of an air piano
         88 notes with the over, various batteries and one
         game of 23 open hoses in metal (additions
         probably posterior).
         Woodwork mahogany 155x75x197cm. Crack for
         monnayeur (to complete). Piano 7 octaves 1/4.
         Carry a plate: Organizes Cramer Boston, Eug.
         Lemoine and Antwerp sons. Electricity (220v) with
         thick cash-box, lucid cash-box, cymbal, triangle,
         woodblock, bell. First third of the XIXème, with
         various ulterior modifications. With 21
         rollers of paper punched modern Playrites train
         Oh " including each approx. 10 to 15 pieces.

         To 88 notes pneumatic piano, with has 23 pipes organs
         and drum added.                                        15/25000

  689. Organ of Barbarism to hoses, 24 keys, 2 games,
         Modern manufacture no signed, probably to
         to leave from a kit of the Ludion (Toulouse).
         Cash-box in varnished wood, decorated of marquetry of
         nets and of flowers in façade.71x40x60cm.
         Practice by crank. Hoses in wood.
         Complete, good state of presentation, working,
         and game (light agreement to foresee). With 4 cardboards

         To modern portable organ using perforated books of
         music, probably from has build-it-yourself kit by The
         Ludion (Toulouse). Good general condition. With 4
         books of music.                                        14/22000

  690. Rare box to music to cylinder,
         to 3 retiring handles. Toward 1830/35, 4 airs with
         handwritten map. Box of time, very simple in
         fruit wood 26,5x11x9cm. Rewinding by key.
         Turntable and cylinder (long. 14,2cm), in brass. 80
         blades (a few good restorations little visible
         : cylinder regarnis, 6 blades and 2 tips
         replaced, a few rare missing spikes).
         Beautiful notation and sonority. Unusual airs
         " Hamburger been born been born favorite dance, Gallop of the
         Norma, Valz the Meeting, Valz Ludovic ".
         Box early of time, interesting and of beautiful

         To fine early keywind 4 tuneses, 14,2cm brasses,
         cylinder musical horse-box, with 3 protudings risings, in,
         has period fruitwood places. Well restored. Rare and
         good tunes with handwritten lunesheel. Very good
         condition.                                             8/12000

  691. Small organette " American " 14 keys,
         Cash-box 33x28x19cm. Crank. Cheek on strips
         without end of paper punched (that pass on and
         under the cash-box). Toward 1900 (similar Cf in
         Bowers p. 773 to Dr). With 6 strips to restore
         (rips). Function, but to review.

         To small 14 keyses American organette.                    18/2500

  692. Spectacular and rare Kalliston organette,
         Big Pankalon " model " 42 keys (of which 6 for
         percussions understanding a drum and two
         stamps). Black cash-box decorated of golden nets
         39x40x70cm. Vertical reading of zinc strips
         (two well stocked new strips). Germany toward
         1900. Some restorations to complete
         (bellows to review) otherwise very beautiful
         presentation. Function.

         To large and fine Kalliston organette. With two new
         zinc perforated strips 8/15000

  693. Organette Intona 16 keys,
         Black cash-box 34x26cm. Germany toward 1900. With 16
         annular disks in zinc (22cm). Good state.           3/4000

  694. Beautiful organette American " Orchestrone ",
         20 notes (same range that the Séraphone). Cash-box
         wood 44x34x33cm. Crank. Toward 1900.
         Restorations of use. Good musicality, beautiful state,
         of presentation and working.
         With 14 rollers of paper punched modern (The
         Turlutain), of which 7 without spool.
         This type of organette is rare, because the system
         perfected transmission air cost
         too dear to produce (cf. Bowers p. 759)

         To fine and rare American " Orchestrone " organette,
         good condition.                                        10/12000

  695. Organette " Gem Roller Organ ",
         20 notes with 6 cylinders in wood (so-called " cobses " because
         they look like corncobs). Cash-box
         37x32x20cm. American manufacture, toward 1900.
         Some restorations, function well.               3/4000

  696. Ariston, big organette models 24 keys,
         Cash-box with chromos of children musicians, 46x46cm.
         Function, but desirable revision. Germany
         toward 1900. With 8 disks.                             3/4000

  697. Big mechanical piano to monnayeur
         in shape of right piano (but without keyboard
         manual). Signed on the table A. Passouace,
         Brussels. Woodwork oak art déco, with ices,
         beveled and apply golden bronze. 140x93cm
         High. 215cm. Motor to spring. Cylinder in wood
         115cm 65 keys of which thick cash-box, clear cash-box,
         cymbal, 5 tubular bells and woodblocks 10
         airs. Toward 1930/40. Very decorative, seem
         complete, in good state, function but revision
         necessary general.

         To large belgian? cylinder 10 tuneses mechanicals
         piano, with drums, bells, etc...                       12/18000

  698. Serinette to 8 airs
         Box in to drown, revernie tinted mahogany, 28cm.
         Handwritten air map (of which the small hunt,
         bells of Corneville, etc...) 10 hoses metal
         (accidents). Complete, but to restore. 2èmth
         half of the XIXème

         To 8 tuneses " serinette " bird-organ, with tune-sheel.
         Needs restoration.                                     25/3000

  699. Organette Seraphone 20 notes,
         Cash-box 43x30x28cm. Redone bellows. Good state
         (a stuck vibrator). With 12 rollers of paper
         Leliophone ".

         To Seraphone organette, one blocked reed, otherwise,
         good condition.                                        6/9000

  700. Box to music to cylinder,
         6 airs according to map (of which " Come Poupoule "). Box
         with decoration of nets (usuries) 38x38x12cm.
         Rewinding by lever. Cylinder nickel-plated 9cm,
         indicatory of airs. Toward 1900. State and game means.

         To 9 tuneses 9cm cylinders music horse-box, mean condition.

  701. Limp to music to Heller cylinder in Bern,
         Map to 8 airs. Box in wood, 43x20x16cm, traces,
         of decalcomania. Usuries. Map of the 8 airs.
         Rewinding by crank. Cylinder brass 21cm, 3,
         blades and 2 tips broken, some spikes
         lain down. XIXème end. Good enough sonority, but to
         to restore.

         To Heller 8 tuneses 21cm cylinders musical horse-box. Needs
         restoration.                                           2/4000

  702. Beautiful mechanical piano in shape of cupboard,
         Piece of furniture with panels of the bottom decorated of nets
         speckled and of small golden bronzes (of which one
         dancer to the tambourine), and high parts
         partially ajourées with the beveled ices
         (with 2 thick red cabochonses), and a painting
         oval of landscape to the high center 120x69cm. 185cm.
         Motor to spring, monnayeur, 2 cylinders,
         interchangeable of 90cm (cracks) playing 10 airs
         on 46 keys, of which thick cash-box, lucid cash-box,
         cymbal, woodblockses and bells. Working
         electric possible (to review). Apparently
         complete, function, but some regulating and
         necessary agreement.

         To fine corner-operated barrel piano with
         accessories, 2 interchangeable cylinders. Good
         condition, goal needs some adjustments.                 10/15000

  703. Box to music to cylinder to 6 airs
         Box in wood clear greengrocer with decoration of
         nets on the lid. 49x20x14cm. Map of the 6
         airs of handwritten origin (very worn-out). Waltz,
         Polka, of which the hymn of the general Garibaldi.
         Rewinding by lever, 2 commands on the right.
         Cylinder brass 27,7cm. Good sonority, but 3
         tips and 2 broken blades, of the lying spikes.
         Function, but to restore. Toward 1880.

         To 6 tuneses 27,7cm cylinders musical horse-box, needs,
         restoration.                                           35/5000

  704. Ludophone 24 keys, kit of organ construction,
         of Barbarism to hoses, partially gone up. Cash-box
         with decoration of nets and marquetry of flowers
         70x40x57cm. 3 registers. With plans, notes and
         detached pieces. A cardboard range and a " medley "
         of Boyadjoglou.
         Production of the Ludion, Toulouse. The all in the state
         and to finish.

         To build-it-yourself 24 keyses pipe organ, 3 stops,
         needing completion, by The Ludion, Toulouse.            8/15000

  705. Modern Barbarism organ
         to hoses André Odin 24 keys, (Range
         Thibouville). Black woodwork in shape of organ.
         Cash-box 55x34x50cm. Very good general state of
         presentation and of working, light agreement,
         necessary. With 12 cardboards of Pierre Charial.

         To good modern 24 keyses pipe organ Oden by, with 12,
         books of music by Pierre Charial.                      20/30000

  706. Beautiful piano mechanical 10 airs, to monnayeur,
         worm 1900 " Manufactures French of pianos
         automatic, Chambéry ". Blackened and golden wood,
         decor trains art nouveau to nets, with a canvas,
         (modern) of 3 girls dancing. Map of the
         airs (polkas, mazurkas, waltzes...). Cylinder of
         88cm manipulating 38 keys piano + 8 stamps
         débrayables. Function (désaccordé)
         116x57x134cm (+fronton 40cm)

         To fine 10 tuneses corner-operated mechanical piano.
         With 8 bellses at will.                                  5/8000

  707. Wakening in wood with music to 2 airs,
         (of which the international), high. with pediment: 43cm
         Map of airs, good state and cheek well.

         To wooden musical alarm clock.                          7/1000

  708. Under of dish to music, decor of deer,
         to 2 airs (of which Faust) according to map. Middle state.

  709. Under of dish to music 2 airs
         Tile blue flowers. Good movement (not of
         command stop-march).                                5/800

  710. Under of dish to music
         Decor of river. 3 airs, with map (movement to
         to review).                                              5/700

  711. Under of dish with music to 2 airs
         tile representing a dog and a boar.

         To 2 tuneses musical tile with has hound and has
         wild-boar.                                             7/1000

  712. Gondola, box to cigarettes to music.
         Rewinding by the pedestal that turns while playing an air
         Miss the doll dancer. Long. 34cm

         To musical cigarette to dispense in tea shape of has
         Warps 2/300

  713. Oval pedestal of pendulum to music,
         veneer palissandre with marquetry on the front
         51x22cm. Good state (misses feet).

         To inlaid wooden bases for has musical movement.           3/600

  714. Cash-box (without mechanism) for Polyphon
         vertical to monnayeur (probably model disks
         40cm) 66x38x78cm. Miss the pediment. Some
         holes of verse and égrenureses, otherwise good state.

         To horse-box for has vertical Polyphon (without movement) 1/1500

  715. About 100 rollers air piano,
         66 notes.                                              1/1500

  716. About 30 rollers for air piano.

  717. Nine rollers of cardboard punched for Pianolist.
         larg. 25cm 2/300

  718. Seven rollers kind pianola,
         65 notes marked " Orchestrelle piano ". Middle state 50/150

  719. Accordion of child by Francis Dederis Brive,
         10 notes + 4 bass.                                   4/600

  723. Hockey. Game of table
         in wood, with two characters. L 1m 5/800

  724. Small leaping horse of merry-go-round,
         body in sculpted wood and paints, head in melting.
         H. 70cm - L. 1m 25/4000

  725. Curious horse of merry-go-round in melting of aluminum,
         decorated. Animation of the head and the saddle by
         pressure. H 96cm - L. 90cm 1/1500

  726. Head of Presley Elvis painted on panel wood
         High. 120 - Larg. 90cm

         To paintend board Elvis featuring Presley's head.       8/1200

727. TOL BALL France 1935
         Small device of counter manufactured by the
         Sheetings of Boulogne, it is the color of cities
         who determines the won share.                            5/800

  728. TOL BALL
         Version 1938 of the same device 5/800

  729. SATAN'S ORACLE. Barme France toward 1925
         Small fairground horoscope, the piece makes turn
         the needle that stops on a prediction,
         generally pleasant. Good state. Pieces of 2F,
         key.                                                   15/2500

  730. MILLS of LUXURY
         English version of a Mills of years 50.
         Function with pieces of 1 penny (well stocked),
         adaptable in 5 F. Good state.                            3/4000

  731. SHOOTING LIGHTNING. Louis Loubet, France 1930,
         A piece of 1 F, introduced in the gun, must
         to be projected in the crack situated to the bottom of the
         tunnel. Gains in tokens of consumption and stroke of
         small bell in case of sucked. A regulating permits
         to accentuate the difficulty. Numerous tokens. Good
         state, key.                                             4/6000

  732. HIGH STAKES. Churchill USA 1936
         A piece of 20 cents permits to make turn
         the 5 rollers and free a chewing gum. If the 3
         rollers of right compose a plain horse,
         the greyhound of left indicates gains to pour to the
         customer.                                                15/3000

  733. MILLS BLUE BELL. Mills USA 1950
         Machine to 3 rollers to shapes typical of the
         years 50. Cash-box in oak, function in 1 penny
         (provide). Possibility to adapt in 5 F. Good state,
         key 7/10000

  734. THE GYPSY. Bussoz France 1938
         Transformation in horoscope of a Johnson roulette
         of 1912 in order to get round the interdiction of the
         machines to under in 1937. Function in 1F. Good
         state, key.                                             3/5000

  735. THE CLOWN BAJAZZO. Jentzsch and Meerz
         Germany 1907. Very popular game in the beginning of the
         century. The clown must recover in his/her/its hat
         the billiard ball that falls of the top of the device for
         to get a token of consumption. Pieces of 10
         cents in bronze either token (provide). Good state,
         key.                                                   5/7000

  736. CRAZY BELLS. Sega Japan 1965
         This machine possesses a duplicate jack pot being able to
         to pay until 100 pieces. Function in 6 pences
         or tokens. Electricity serves to the lighting and the
         contact of the monnayeur, 500 well stocked tokens. Key.         4/6000

  737. ROL-HAVE-TOP. Bird Paradise of Watling USA 1935
         Most sought-after of all machines to 3
         rollers. She/it lets appear the 8 last
         bet pieces in order to avoid forgeries tokens. Two
         dispensers of sweet permitted the
         to consider how issuing in order to divert the
         law. A duplicate jack pot makes win until 70
         time bet it as while always letting one of
         full. Function in 1F or 0,2 Euros future. Very
         good state, key.                                         20/30000

  738. THE RESERVIST. Oswin Franke France 1909
         Sculpted very beautiful door, cash-box in to drown. This
         wall possesses a reserve of billiard balls that is
         distributed to the winner at the same time as a token
         of consumption. Function with pieces of 10
         cents in bronze either tokens (provide), numerous
         let's throw consumption, key.                           6/8000

  739. WELL HUR. Quail USA 1913
         Cash-box in oak superb mechanism in melting. The
         player can win 2 to 20 times the stake according to the
         chosen color for the introduction of the piece.
         March in 1 F. Very good state, key.                     10/15000

  740. C.G ROULETTE. Constant Georg France 1913
         Beautiful roulette beginning of century to the foundries Art
         New. Distribution of consumption tokens if
         one chose the good entrance of piece. Function
         in 20 cents. Good state, key.                         7/9000

  741. GRIP TEST.
         This device by force exceptional was to
         the origin a Kraftmaster Globus German of the beginning
         of the century. He/it dressed then in India or him
         was again lately in exploitation on one
         room of New Delhi. One finds a little all on
         this machine: burn incense, rest cigarettes,
         lights, horns, Indian cross (and no gammées)
         mark of truck, religious signs, etc...
         A note indicates scores that one must
         to get according to the profession that one exercises.       8/12000

  742. ARMS TEST. Gottlieb USA
         Robust small device creates by force by the big
         manufacturer of pinball machines. Two pictures indicate the
         scores that must be gotten by men or
         women, according to their age. Pieces of 20
         cents. Good state.                                    25/4000

  743. DUTCH BOY. Jennings USA 1917
         Machine to 3 rollers to pretty decor of imps.
         Function with pieces of 1F and can pay 20
         time bet it. Good state, key.                           8/11000

  744. ARISTOCRAT ESPRIT. Australia 1970
         One of the last entirely mechanical models.
         Can pay until 30 times the stake. Lighting
         neon. Function in pieces of 5F. Good state, key.       4/6000

  745. DYNAMOMETRE STELLA France 1970.
         1 piece of 1 F permits to know the strength of the
         hand in décanewtons.                                   6/1000

  746. MIAMI France
         Small device of counter to two disks
         concentric and provided of a dispenser of
         gum.                                           1/1500

  747. TICKETTE France 1950
         One pierces a small cardboard with the help of the tip. If
         one chose the good slot one can read gains
         (of 2 to 6 times the stake) on the slot breakthrough.
         Numerous cardboards.                                      4/800

  748. Machine to coins Mills Operator Bells, 1929 7/10000,

  749. " Sega Play Boy " Jack Pot
         to 3 rollers with lighting. Beautiful state. Marked
         SP ", on a pedestal forming cash-box 25/4000,

  750. Sheerline. Machine to 3 rollers
         American. Function with pieces of 50
         cents. Toward 1950/60.                                25/4000

  751. Wall Bussoz models Johnson
         beautiful cash-box in polished wood.

  752. Beautiful Mills pedestal in oak,
         Probably for phonograph according to the label
         interior. Curved door. Facade to columns.
         Piétements and handfuls in golden metal. Prof. 45cm -
         Height 16cm 283000

  753. Jupiter. Electric Juke Boxe
         model 100 Titles. Toward 1965. State of march.          3/5000

  756. Gramophone catalog " and accessories "
         One of it joined two reproductions of catalogs.           7/1000

  757. Daniel Marty. Illustrated " history of the phonograph " 4/600

  758. " Phonographs and mechanical " music,
         by Weiss, Hatchet 1930. Good state (a stain
         of ink).                                              2/400

  759. A catalog pictorial 1904,
         " The Graphophone " (Columbia), 34 pages, and a Book " Phonographs and
mechanical " music, of Weiss,
         Hatchet 1930 (usuries) 3/500

  760. Six post cards: 5 of phonos,
         and a (repro) of organ player (marked " Louis
         Bertrand and his/her/its son ") 2/300

  761. Five matrixes of printing
         representing phonographs.                         5/800

  762. Reproduction of présentoir to disks
         " His Master Voice ", in plaster with the famous,
         dog.                                                 3/500

  763. Two Pathés disks in wax
         decorated on one hand of the Disk advertisement
         Pathé " in depth red with the rooster: " Cyrano of
         Bergerac " and " The meadow to Clerks " (some kids
         lacks). Diam. 24,5cm 1/1500

  764. Three rare Pathés disks to saphyr
         (50cm) one with sleeve.                             1/2000

  765. Twenty disks E. Berliner's Gramophomes
         in wax. Diam. 17,5cm 25/4000

  766. Répétiteur Mnémosyne
         new state in his/her/its box " to location indéréglable
         of high precision " 3/500

  767. Peter Pan. Portable phonograph
         in suitcase sheathed black.                               2/2500

  768. Mignophone. Small portable phonograph
         in suitcase sheathed of green leather.                       2/3000

  769. Mazo small portable phonograph
         in polished suitcase wood.                                   7/1000

  770. Nirona phonograph
         with high mushroom-shaped talker (repaints
         red).                                                7/1000

  771. Small phonograph Omnibus
         with floral pavilion. Head of reading.                 1/1500

  772. Orbiphone. Beautiful phonograph
         in suitcase mahogany with furniture brass.              1/1500

  773. Beautiful phonograph Berliner type,
         of the Society French of Gramophones. In one
         portable casket and padded. With numerous
         spare parts and more of 20 disks
         Grammophon. Diam. 17,5cm 10/15000

  774. Phonograph Pathé Day and Night
         with floral pavilion repainted cream.                    15/2000

  775. Beautiful phonograph for cylinder of wax,
         Cash-box in to drown. Chromium-plated turntable, 2 heads of
         reading. Importing share of cylinders.                   2/3000

  776. Graphophone tea
         Cash-box in wood varnished with decalcomanias. Turntable
         in black melting. Type TO 1897. Pavilion no
         of origin and 9 cylinders 5/7000

  777. Beautiful Phynis phonograph to asymmetric pavilion.
         Paints rose of origin (rust). Cash-box in gnarl of
         to drown and wood of rose. Head of origin marked " OKA " 7/10000

  778. Phonograph " his/her/its master's " voice
         style Berliner n°3 6/8000

  779. Pavilion in wood
         with phonograph " the voice of sound Mr. ". Cash-box
         in oak.                                              4/6000

  780. Pathéphone Reflex n°17
         with pavilion brass (restorations) 2/3000

  781. Olotonal. Beautiful phonograph in suitcase
         Pathé mark sheathed of fawn leather, with his/her/its,
         slipcover. Very beautiful state.

  782. Edison. Phonograph to cylinders
         Mechanism lacquered black. Cash-box in varnished oak with
         inserted high talker - One of it joined 5 cylinders
         blue.                                                 4/6000

  783. Pathé phonograph
         in varnished wood. Reflex pavilion inserted in sheet metal
         lacquered and a head " Reproductive Pathé Concert " 8/1200

  784. Beautiful Pathé phonograph in piece of furniture folder way
         mahogany with pavilion " Pathé " distributor and
         lid to shutters, head of reading to sapphire or
         needles, with 95 disks needles either sapphire.        4/5000

  785. Beautiful Juke Horse-box Pathé to monnayeur
         Piece of furniture in oak forming folder. Floral pavilion
         in yellow copper.                                       10/15000

  786. Parlograph, device to record
         of wax cylinders. Casket in oak trains
         machine to sew, electric practice,
         (without pavilion).                                       25/3000

  787. Phonograph Pathé Day and Night
         with floral pavilion painted black (rust). Head of
         reading diamond for sapphire.                           15/2000

  788. Phonograph probably type Day and night
         Fenced cash-box. Green metallic floral pavilion.
         Incomplete mechanism 1/1500

  789. Phonograph cash-box in to drown polished,
         inserted high talker. Open to two doors, with
         marquetry.                                           6/800

  790. Phonograph STYX type, chromium-plated turntable,
         Cash-box in to drown, with cylinder.                        15/2000

  791. Opera. Phonograph casket in oak
         Inserted high talker fenced. Complete.              7/1000

  792. Phonograph " The Voice of sound Mr. "
         Curved lid. High talker inserted to 2 doors 6/800

  793. Two pavilions
         middle state, one in wood repaints.                      1/2000

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