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MMD>Gallery>Auctions>Chartres Auction, 7 December 2003

France - Chartres - Galerie de Chartres
Prix payés / prices paid
Important auction of Automatas and
Mechanical music instruments
Sunday December 7th, 2003, beginning at 14 h 30 (2.30 pm).
In the "Galerie de Chartres", 300 yards from the Cathedral.

Nº 868
Nº 947

Paris, December 8th, 2003

Below are the results of the auction of mechanical music, etc., in Chartres, France, December 7th, 2003
All prices are hammer prices in euros.  Add 15 % as premium, all taxes included.
(Dec. 2003 : 1 euro (1 €) = approximately 1.20 US dollar.)

Prix en Euros. Les lots non mentionnés ont été retirés ou non vendus.
Prices in Euros. The lots which are not mentioned were withdrawn or not sold.

Nº 851 L'Age d'or des automates, by Chr. Bailly. Hard cover, Ars Mundi 1991. Exc. condition.
Est. 40/60€
N° 851: paid 50 €

Nº 852 Two books on automatas, by Jean Prasteau (1968) and Jean Bédel (1987).
Est. 60/100€
N° 852: paid 70 €

Nº 853 Les automates, by J. Bédel (1987) ; Les jouets populaires (expo. in Burgundy, 1987) ; Revue Coppélia, No 4.
Est. 30/60€
N° 853: paid 35 €

Nº 854 Four books on automatas and mechanical music : Maingot "les automates" Hachette 1959 - Prasteau "les automates" Gründ 1968 - Weiss et Stauffacher "automates et instruments de la musiques mécaniques" 1976 - Bédel, "les automates" 1987.
Est. 60/100€
N° 854: paid 110 €

Nº 855 Chapuis et Droz, les Automates. 1 vol hard-bound and numbered, Neuchâtel 1949. Exc. condition. A well known "must".
Est. 200/350€
N° 855: paid 420 €

Nº 856 Revue "Coppélia" Nos 2, and 4 to 10.
Est. 50/80€
N° 856: paid 30 €

Nº 857 Roullet Decamps (?) a bulldog and a monkey, A rare and fine mechanical toy, depicting a monkey standing on a dog. The dog moves forward (on brass cogged wheels) and rotates its head. End of the XIXth c. (usual restorations).  L 25cm - H. 30cm.
Est. 1200/1800€
N° 857: paid 1500 €

Nº 858 Germany. A fine manivelle and musical automaton depicting two seated children following the rythm with jingle bells. Open mouth bisque heads, clothing in fine condition. Beginning of the XXth c. 26cmx16cm.
Est. 800/1200€
N° 858: paid 1250 €

Nº 859 Théroude. "la chasse au faucon" (Hawking) A mechanical toy on three wheels, depicting a Chinese with composition head. The mechanism is stamped "Theroude Paris" (rare) H. 24cm.
Est. 2000/3000€

Nº 860 "La Ballerine" (A female dancer) 3d quarter of the XIXth c. This fine automaton, with pivoting head and Gaultier shoulders, and fine original silk clothing, rotates on an axis. Independant musical movement. H. 39 cm.
Est. 2000/2500€
N° 860: paid 1600 €

Nº 861 Roullet-Decamps : "Bébé sortant du choux" (A baby emerging from a cabbage) A fine musical mechanical toy : the child, while rotating, emerges from the cabbage, and sends kisses. Rare model with Petitcollin celluloid head and hands. 28cm.
Est. 1200/1500€

Nº 862 Lambert. "Bébé fleur" (a child as a flower) A rare automaton clothed as a flower. It looks through a lorgnette he is holding, and waves a fan with its other hand. Closed mouth taille 1 Jumeau head stamped in red, blue paperweight eyes, bisque shoulders and hands. On a musical red velvet base bearing the plaque of the shop "Enfants du Passage de l'Opéra". In fine original condition. End of the  XIXth c. Height  47cm.
Est. 4000/6000€
N° 862: paid 3800 €

Nº 863 Lambert. "Bébé Cage" (a baby with a bird in a cage) featuring a young woman, with closed mouth Jumeau head, blue paperweight eyes, rich original clothing (usual wear). Two movements of the head, movements of the right hand which shows the cage and the bird. On a musical red base. Key stamped LB. End of the XIXth c. Height 50cm.
Est. 4000/6000€

Nº 864 Lambert. "Pierrot donnant une aubade à la lune" (Pierrot singing for the moon) A fine and famous automaton, n°4 of the Maison Lambert catalogue (cf. Chr. Bailly, "The Golden Age of Automata", page 338), which depicts it so : "Playing a mandoline, showing its tongue while lowering its head, The moon moves its eye and its mouth". Fine original and good working condition.  End of the XIXth - beginning of the XXth c. (some usual restorations).
Est. 20000/25000€

N° 865: paid 4400 €

Nº 866 Lambert. "L'Escamoteur" (The conjuror) A famous automaton depicting a conjuror standing behind a table. No 33 bis in the Maison Lambert catalogue (cf. Ch. Bailly "The Golden Age of Automata", page 347), He rises eight times his tumblers, discovering various artifacts. Fine composition head with two movements : up and down and side to side, and movements of his mouth and eyebrows. On a two tunes musical base. Fine original condition (small adjustments needed for the movements). Origin : Muller collection in Pau. Reproduced in the book "Automatas" by Alfred Chapuis, page 263.
Est. 18000/25000€
N° 866: paid 22500 €

Nº 867 Bontems. An earthware flower pot with a singing bird stamped "Bontems" on the cast iron bedplate. The bird moves its head, beak and tail. It works but the singing needs adjustment. Fine decoration on the earthware, with lion-head shaped handles with brass rings. (Flowers not original). H 50cm.
Est. 4000/5000€
N° 867: paid 4400 €

Nº 868 Decamps (?) "Le buveur" (A drinker), A fine electrical automaton depicting a seated peasant helping himself to a drink. Mechanism in fine original condition, with 6 cams, and a circulation system for the liquid drink. Perfect original condition, but we did not try the motor due to the used condition of the electrical wires. Fine composition head with movements of the eyes, the eyebrows and the mouth. H. 1m06.
Est. 4000/6000€

Nº 869 Renou. "La fillette qui a cassé son polichinelle" (A girl who broke her Pulcinello) A charming automaton with three movements, fine Gaultier closed mouth head, blue paperweight eyes. The girl shows her broken Pulcinello, she lowers her head and wipes her eyes with a handkerchief she holds in her right hand. Fine condition, on a musical base (mechanism blocked). H. 42 cm. Under a glass dome.
Est. 2500/3000€
N° 869: paid 2800 €

870-1.jpg  870-2.jpg
Nº 870 Lambert. "Chinoise verseuse" (A Chinese girl serving tea) She holds a tea-tray and serves tea. A fine automaton with a rare Asian type bisque head, painted wooden hands, fine clothing (partly old), wig. It is a variation of  N°39 of the maison Lambert catalogue, reproduced in Chr. Bailly "The Golden Age of Automata". On a red base with two Chinese tunes, and original label, with a key stamped "L B". End of the XIXth. c. Fine condition (motor a little noisy). Height 60cm.
Est. 5000/7000€
N° 870: paid 5200 €

Nº 871 Decamps. A smoking seated monkey. A fine automaton covered with fur, movement of the right arm, the jaws and the eyes. On a gilt wooden base. Total height 45cm.
Est. 1500/1800€
N° 871: paid 1700 €

Nº 872 "Pendule au bateau" (A clock with a ship) A fine bronze clock, gilt in gold and black, beginning of the XIXth c., with a decoration of shells, fruits and dolphins. On the top is featured a bronze harbour, with a paper sea on which travels a three masted boat (sea and boat recent). Clockwork with silk suspension pendulum. On the bedplate of the motor moving the boat is stamped "Solon-Crevier et Pidaine Ainé à Dieppe". On a rosewood base decorated with foliage inlay, housing a small pull-wound snuffbox type musical movement. Height of the clock 48 cm.  Lenght of the base 52 cm.
Est. 1200/1800€
N° 872: paid 1600 €

Nº 873 Lambert "Noir buveur de chocolat", (A black boy drinking chocolate) A fine character, typical full bisque head, open-closed smiling mouth, chestnut paperweight eyes, bisque hands (accident to one finger). Four movements. Fine attitude with original clothing (some wear). On a musical base with a label "Magasin des Enfants, Passage de l'Opéra". Original key. H. 69 cm.
Est. 3000/4000€
N° 873: paid 5000 €

Nº 874 Vichy. "La Bergère" (The shepherdess) A young woman, seated on a tree-trunk, plays the guitar. Shoulders and head attributed to Gaultier, bisque hands (accident to two fingers), two movements of the head and of each arm, partly original clothing, animals not original. With music. End of the XIXth c. H. 38 cm.
Est. 2500/4000€

Nº 875 Lambert. "Bébé Niche" (A baby with a dog kennel) An automaton featuring a baby who holds and opens a kennel from which appears a small dog which turns its head and salutes. Bisque Jumeau head stamped in red, taille 4, closed mouth, chestnut paperweight eyes, partly original clothing. On a velvet covered two tunes musical base. End of the XIXth c. Height 46cm (ref. 35 in the Maison Lambert catalogue, see "The Golden Age of Automata" par Chr. Bailly, page 347).
Est. 4000/5000€

Nº 876 Lambert. "Bébé ombrelle" (A baby with a parasol) The parasol closes while a butterfly enters a sweep net. The automaton with closed mouth bisque Jumeau head, stamped in red "Tête Jumeau 4", chestnut paperweight eyes, 2 tunes musical movement, bisque hands (restored), original shoes, underwear and parasol. Old style dress. End of the XIXth c. Height 48cm.
Est. 2000/2500€
N° 876: paid 2500 €

Nº 877 G. Decamps : A cat performing ironing A fine electrical automaton ca 1935-40, 110 volts (with transformer), bears the plate of the maison Decamps. H : 39 cm.
Est. 600/800€
N° 877: paid 600 €

Nº 878 Farkas : "La joueuse de harpe" (A female harp player) A fine automaton with bisque head depicting a woman clothed in the XVIIIth c. fashion playing a harp. Music : "Plaisir d'amour". Mid XXth c.
Est. 1000/1500€
N° 878: paid 1300 €

Nº 879 Farkas : "Mozart" An automaton featuring a pianist, bisque head, with music, normal wear to the clothes. Mid XXth c. Height 32 cm.
Est. 600/800€
N° 879: paid 850 €

Nº 879B Jaf. An advertising electrical automaton. depicting a standing boy who showed panels. Mechanism with 6 cams, a blowing (?) device (electrical, motor missing). Affixed with a brass plate "Jaf. Publicité animée". Height of the character : 42cm - Base : L. 60 - W. 40 - H. 20cm. Incomplete, needs restoration. (The period catalogs show this item).
Est. 1000/1500€
N° 879B: paid 1200 €

Nº 880 An advertising automaton for the Hachette Idéale Bibliothèque Electrical automaton created by "Quatre Vents", 110-220 volts , featuring a child in its bed reading a book from the collection "Idéale Bibliothèque". In a carrying case with the labels of the Hachette publishing house. (We did not test the working condition). H. 62 cm.
Est. 700/1000€
N° 880: paid 800 €

Nº 881 Loterie Nationale An electrical advertising automaton featuring a standing woman in front of a lottery wheel. Created by Mauger, ca 1950. H 49x48cm.
Est. 400/600€
N° 881: paid 450 €

Nº 882 An electrical automaton featuring a "pianist" Home-made fabrication. Height 69cm. Mid XXth c.
Est. 200/400€

Nº 883 A motor and mechanism for a singing bird cage (original bellows need rebuilding).
Est. 200/300€
N° 883: paid 750 €

Nº 884 Two clockwork motors : One for an automaton (in working condition), the other stamped "Reuge-Music" (broken spring).
Est. 40/60€
N° 884: paid 90 €

Nº 885 A body for an automaton of a standing character, with bedplate and five pulls. H. 40cm
Est. 200/300€
N° 885: paid 300 €

Nº 886 A Roullet Decamps motor with key for a walking animal.
Est. 30/50€
N° 886: paid 70 €

Nº 887 A large motor in brass and steel for a large automaton, or a mechanical music or phonograph device (in working order).
Est. 30/50€
N° 887: paid 60 €

Nº 890 Catalogue of the museum in Speyer (1996, in German) ; L'orgue de Barbarie en Europe (Castelmoron-sur-Lot, 1991) ; Musique en boîte, boîtes à malices (Ludion, Toulouse 1987) ; auction catalogue for musique mécanique et automates à la Villette (Paris, 26 mars 1994).
Est. 40/60€
N° 890: paid 40 €

Nº 891 Le grand livre des Montres, by Ph. Rouillé (Solar, 1991). Out of print.
Est. 40/60€
N° 891: paid 45 €

Nº 892 "Slot machines" and "Juke Boxes", two books in English by Dieter Lading (London, 1994).
Est. 30/50€
N° 892: paid 50 €

Nº 893 La fête foraine autrefois, by Py and Ferenczi, hard bound in cardboard casing (La Manufacture, 1987).
Est. 40/80€
N° 893: paid 60 €

Nº 894 Catalogue "en gros" Hornst Holzweissig Leipzig 1898, Xerox reprint. 440 p. full of descriptions and photos of mechanical music instruments !
Est. 40/80€
N° 894: paid 70 €

Nº 895 Two books : Musical Boxes, by D. Tallis (GB, 1971) ; Les faiseurs de musique, by Piguet (Sainte-Croix, 1996).
Est. 30/50€
N° 895: paid 50 €

Nº 896 Plans for amateurs to build a Thibouville 24 keys organette (published for its members by the French association AAIMM).
Est. 30/50€
N° 896: paid 30 €

Nº 897 Plans for amateurs to build a Seraphone organette (published for its members by the French association AAIMM).
Est. 30/50€
N° 897: paid 30 €

Nº 898 "Put another nickel in", by Bowers (248 p, Vestal Press, 1968). Rather rare and looked after, this book was the precursor of his famous Encyclopaedia.  And a pamphlet : "The Regina Exhibit" (MBSI 1989, 8 pages).
Est. 80/120€
N° 898: paid 60 €

Nº 899 Au temps des boîtes à musique, by Bonhôte (Mondo 1972), with a small 33 rpm record inside.
Est. 40/60€

Nº 900 La Tonotechnie ou l'art de noter les cylindres, by Engramelle, 1775 (Reprint Hermann 1993) ; Revue Métiers d'Art, A special issue (in French) on "Les Arts Mécaniques" (1993).
Est. 30/50€
N° 900: paid 80 €

Nº 901 Les instruments de musique mécanique, by A. Buchner, Gründ 1992. Out of print.
Est. 30/50€
N° 901: paid 60 €

Nº 902 Two books about Player pianos : Player piano, by A. Ord-Hume (GB, 1970) and Player Piano Treasury, by H. Roehl (Vestal 1973).
Est. 40/80€
N° 902: paid 40 €

Nº 903 A catalogue of the Musée National des Techniques (Arts et Métiers in Paris), section "Automates et mécanismes à musique". 1973.
Est. 30/50€
N° 903: paid 90 €

Nº 904 Mechanical music auction or exhibition catalogues Three catalogues by the Galerie d'Horlogerie ancienne (Genève) ; Expo Bagatelle (Paris) 1980 ; Expo Prague in the Arts et Métiers in Paris 1966 ; Expo Decamps (Paris, ca 1976).
Est. 30/50€
N° 904: paid 60 €

Nº 905 Two catalogues of the museums of Technique and mechanical music in Sinsheim and Speyer. In German. As new.
Est. 20/40€
N° 905: paid 30 €

Nº 906 Ten 33 rpm records of mechanical organ. Eight with the "Limonaire 1900" (cithare de bronze 1968), which belonged to M. Renard and then to R. Bovy.
Est. 50/80€
N° 906: paid 40 €

Nº 907 An advertising toy van for the US Fratti company which sold mechanical music instruments.
Est. 30/40€
N° 907: paid 20 €

Nº 908 A modern musical gondola as a jewels casket.
Est. 20/30€
N° 908: paid 20 €

Nº 909 A large Japanese laquered jewel casket with several compartments, a mirror, a drawer. In the middle dances a female dancer when the music plays. Ca 1950.
Est. 60/100€
N° 909: paid 80 €

Nº 910 A musical photo album Green cover, defective clasp, otherwise good condition. Small playing movement. Ca 1900.
Est. 80/100€
N° 910: paid 60 €

Nº 911 A fine 6 tunes musical photo album Rare snuffbox type movement (two per turn). Very good condition.
Est. 150/200€
N° 911: paid 230 €

Nº 912 A musical tile 4 tunes, tunesheet. Foliage decoration. Beginning of the XXe c.
Est. 100/150€
N° 912: paid 180 €

Nº 913 "Le Bal des Alpins", Front page of the Petit journal 24 oct 1897, and a musical photo album (without movement) fine condition.
Est. 30/50€
N° 913: paid 50 €

Nº 914 A portable organ player, a fine framed and coloured print by Tournon. 42x31 cm.
Est. 100/200€

Nº 915 "Oh you wicked Dragon, a rare "scène de genre" with a serinette Fine colour print (small moist traces) picturing a soldier playing a serinette (bird organ) to influence a young ironing girl in an attic. Title in 3 languages (Main title : "Scélérat de Dragon", also in German : "Beneidenswerther Dragoner"), from "L'humanité comique". "Linder pinx.". In a gilt frame 56x64 cm. XIXe c.
Est. 100/200€
N° 915: paid 260 €

Nº 916 "Le joueur d'orgue de Barbarie" (The street organ player) et "danseuse au tambourin" (a female dancer with a tambourine). A pair of polychrome bisque German characters. H. 21cm.
Est. 150/200€
N° 916: paid 200 €

Nº 917 A small ballerina with bisque head and shoulders, wooden limbs, for a musical box. 10cm
Est. 100/150€
N° 917: paid 130 €

Nº 918 A round manivelle musical box, metal case, chromolithographed (wear).  Diam. 8 cm. Ca 1900. Plays well.
Est. 70/100€
N° 918: paid 100 €

Nº 919 A small round musical box in chromium-plated metal, with transfer decoration of children.
Est. 60/80€
N° 919: paid 70 €

Nº 920 A small manivelle wooden rectangular musical box, with manivelle and chromo on the lid, and tunesheet of the 2 tunes. 11 cm. Ca 1900. Good condition.
Est. 80/120€
N° 920: paid 200 €

Nº 921 A curious small Hohner harmonica "Trumpet call" The sound is increased thanks to 5 horns. In its case (18 cm).
Est. 30/60€

Nº 922 Germany. A rare manivelle musical box with 12 wooden character on top, which dance through the vibrations of the device. Good condition. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 500/700€
N° 922: paid 1050 €

Nº 923 A dancing doll on a musical box Bisque shoulders and head, flexible body, wooden limbs, one tune musical movement playing "Le Grand Mogol". H. 26 cm.
Est. 300/400€
N° 923: paid 450 €

Nº 924 A rare musical musical stool Swiss made, in sculpted wood with inlay depicting edelweiss and chamois. A small musical movement plays when the lid is pressed on.
Est. 400/600€
N° 924: paid 500 €

Nº 925 A musical cigar dispenser as a trunk, Black varnished wooden case, with brass banding imitating the corners and the straps. A few chips and splits. On the lid is an oval medalion depicting a crowned head. Good snuffbox type 2 tunes movement (no tune stop). Good general condition, end of 19th c.
Est. 200/300€
N° 925: paid 180 €

Nº 926 A rare and very curious "movie" projector with built-in organette, by Paya (Spain) Chestnut-lacquered case with transfer label "Ciné Rai patentado". Lenght. 33, height. 26, width. 15 cm.  Electrical projector lamp. 15 notes organette, with tracker bar on the fore left side of the case.  The paper roll is perforated on the upper part with music, and is printed on the lower part with double images. By turning the handle, the roll plays the music and shows the images, alternatively up and down to give the illusion of movement ... With ten 13 cm rolls (amidst them "Indians", "The elfs and the Monsters", etc.). Ca 1920. Good general condition.
Est. 300/500€
N° 926: paid 660 €

Nº 927 A fine baroque style miniature grand piano Varnished in the Vernis Martin style, with music, as a jewel casket. On an ormulu base. L. 30 cm. H. 15,5 cm.
Est. 1200/1500€

Nº 928 A musical mahoganny base with glass dome housing a small two tunes snuffbox type musical movement, pull winding.  It seems complete but needs cleaning.
Est. 300/400€
N° 928: paid 550 €

Nº 929 A small 2 tunes musical box Wooden case, dark varnish (some wear). Good snuffbox type musical movement, piccolo effect. End of XIXe c.
Est. 250/350€

Nº 930 A fine 2 tunes musical snuffbox, teeth by groups of 3 Tortoise-shell case with copper escutcheon, lenght 90 mm. (Small repair to the rear and right side, bottom needs refixing, Geneva stop missing). Ca 1840. Very fine sound and notation.
Est. 500/800€
N° 930: paid 900 €

Nº 931 A rare 2 tunes metal snuffbox by Alibert with transfer decoration on the lid of the "Chapelle de Guillaume Tell". Case 90 mm, with two mother of pearl commands on the front. Stamped  F. Alibert on the bedplate. Very good condition of presentation and playing. Mid XIXe c.
Est. 500/600€
N° 931: paid 950 €

Nº 932 A fine small 3 tunes musical box, by Wurtel Burrwood case with brass stringing and escutcheon. 13 cm. Handwritten tunesheet (2d tune suffered a run), otherwise good sound and condition. End of XIXe c.
Est. 250/300€
N° 932: paid 300 €

Nº 933 A rare 2 tunes burrwood musical snuffbox Case lenght 90 mm, with tortoise-shell inside of the lid. (Bottom of the box and Geneva stop lacking). Two mother of pearl commands on the front. Mid XIXe c. Very fine sound and notation.
Est. 500/800€
N° 933: paid 550 €

Nº 934 A rare wooden musical flower holder with painted floral decoration and bronze imitation. Height 26 cm. 6 tunes movement (alas lacking) according to the tunesheet (some tear). The presence of gears let suppose the movement made the whole thing rotate. Ca 1900.
Est. 40/60€
N° 934: paid 260 €

Nº 935 A musical tile floral art nouveau decoration. 6 tunes with tunesheet. Exc. condition, beginning of the XXth c.
Est. 100/150€
N° 935: paid 160 €

Nº 936 A rare and fine "perroquette" needing restoration. Fine case (small parts missing) painted with imitation of spotted wood and stringing. On the lid, in a round medallion, marine scene in the style of Vernet. On the front, in an ornemented medallion, a painted dove. Fine handwritten tunesheet of the 12 tunes of the 3 original cylinders (missing), and of the 10 tunes of the present cylinder (perhaps a little later), with the label of J. Noël à Mirecourt. 15 keys, 3 stops. All the pipes and the handle are missing. Very end of the XVIIIth or beginining of the XIXth c. This instrument is worth a fine restoration.
Est. 800/1500€

Nº 937 A 24 keys Phoenix organette Black case with transfer decoration of flowers. 24,5 x 49 x 37 cm. Label "Phoenix 34" under the case. Seems complete and in good condition, but needs revision. Ca 1900 (For details, consult the books by Bowers and Mc Elhone). Sold with nine 30 cm annular metal discs by Ariosa, which seem rather pertaining to a similar 18 keys organette.
Est. 300/600€

Nº 938 Symphonion, a 27 cm disc musical box Case with fine transfer decoration on the lid (small wear) and inside. Dimension (square) : 35 cm. Winding lever on the front. Two combs diametrally oppposed, 42 teeth each. End of XIXth c. With 14 discs. In very good condition.
Est. 1000/1500€
N° 938: paid 1500 €

Nº 939 A 8 tunes musical box with 6 bells in view striken by bees Fine veneered case with boxwood stringing and inlay decoration. 59 cm. Fine tunesheet and program with a pleasant variety of tunes (walz, polka, a Spanish Duetto, and even ... an American Tango !). Leverwound, tune indicator, bells at will, cast iron bedplate, nickel plated 27 cm cylinder. Good presentation and in working order, good sound. End of XIXth c.
Est. 1500/2000€
N° 939: paid 2500 €

Nº 940 A large 6 tunes musical box with "voix célestes", Octogonal case (many accidents and lacks), with on the front a metal medallion "Aux Enfants Sages. Guiton Fabt. Paris". 70x32x25 cm. Beautiful movement, lever-wound, brass cylinder 33cm, 18 reeds on the left, and 83 teeth on the right (2 broken). Good sound, the set of reeds needs attention.  Various small lacks (levers, Maltese cross, cabinet work), but the essential is there and deserves a beautiful restoration.
Est. 800/1200€
N° 940: paid 850 €

941-2.jpg  941-3.jpg
Nº 941 A rare and good Thibouville-Lamy parlour cylinder organ, with 5 stops and percussions. Fine veneered case (small parts missing) with spotted wood inside. Height : 117 cm. Width : 82, Depht 55 cm. Fine handwritten and colored tune sheet "Thibouville Lamy" (some wear) for the 7 tunes, at the inside of the front panel. The 1889 edition of the Thibouville catalogue, p. 53, describes this piece : "Modèle 691. Orgue meuble palissandre, 40 touches (keys), 5 jeux (stops) dont 2 de basses, flûtes, flageolets, hautbois, tambour roulant et triangle, registres sur le devant (stops inside, on the front) ... prix net 630 Francs ... Dans l'orgue 40 touches, les effets du hautbois et du flageolet sont fort jolis. Le son, un peu plus fort que (dans les autres modèles), est cependant très harmonieux". (rather strong but nevertheless harmonious sound). Fine handle S shaped. 57,5 cm cylinder. Some small restorations (rear fabric, bellows ?). Ca 1890, a very interesting instrument.  At the moment, it plays very badly, but it seems complete and deserves a very good restoration.
Est. 4000/6000€

942-1.jpg  942-2.jpg
Nº 942 A fine musical clock picture. Frame (regilt) 85x101 cm. Naïve (restored) painting of a country scenery (64x80 cm) signed AB Desfontaine fils : characters, a church with a clock, thatched houses, a brook, hills ...  Clockwork movments for the clock (striking) and Angelus. Good 21 cm cyl. musical movement playing 6 rather rare tunes. Tune sheet "Musique de Genève", but seems by the French maker L'Epée who used this type of tunesheet. Fine playing and sound (excepted the 5th tune : many pins missing). In very good condition. Ca 1860.
Est. 2000/3000€

Nº 943 A Magic Organa Hohner accordion, pale green colored, 39x45x25 cm. In good condition, apparently original, complete and playing, but revision needed (some reeds play continuously). With its case (faded) containing the foot operated bellows (needs attention), and 7 paper rolls (some wear). An interesting item. Ca 1920/30.
Est. 3500/5000€

944-1.jpg  944-2.jpg
Nº 944 Limonaire : a rare small mechanical piano with 3 cylinders. Fine case painted in slightly tainted white (painting seems original) with foliage and musical attributes decoration ; small black columns at the base.  Limonaire trade mark plaque on the front, and label inside. Height : 109, width 93, depht 52 cm. Handwritten tunesheet of the 10 tunes of each cylinder (Les Lanciers, La Belle Hélène, Orphée aux Enfers : quadrilles, valses, polkas, mazurkas, scottisch). 41 keys of which 15 with mandoline effect, 1 bell to signal the end of the tune. Plays with a handle. Wooden frame (light splits), some small restorations (felt, bottom fabric). Out of tune. Good general condition. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 1500/2500€
N° 944: paid 2400 €

Nº 945 Brémond, a fine 8 tunes musical box Fine case on black pediment, with burrwood and boxwood stringing decoration. 61 cm. Lever wound. Cyl. 33 cm. Completely restored (2 replaced teeth). Tune indicator, ca 1875. Exc. condition.
Est. 1800/2500€
N° 945: paid 2100 €

Nº 946 A rare and fine "Primitive" cylinder musical box movement, teeth by groups of two in an ovale mahoganny clock base, lenght 54 cm, on 4 round feet. 3 external levers. Keywound. "Narrow" diameter 24 cm cylinder (diam. 31 mm) playing four tunes on 90 teeth (45x2). 3 broken teeth. Fine sound and notation. Ca 1815-1820.
Est. 2000/3000€
N° 946: paid 2100 €

Nº 947 An Orchestrelle Aeolian Model O A fine piece of furniture in clear wood. Height 153, width 168, depht 66 cm. Foot and vacuum operated. 2 pedals, knee-levers, 14 stops. In good condition, but needs dusting and revision. Beginning of the XXth c. The Model O, rather rare, was the basic model of the Orchestrelle line, as showed in the original catalogue (rare) wich is sold with this instrument. With more than 110 rolls, most of them in good condition, and two vacuum hand-pumps to clean the tracker bar. This instrument belonged to the organist Gustave Ogier, a pupil and a friend of the famous organist Marcel Dupré.
Est. 2800/3500€
N° 947: paid 2700 €

Nº 948 A musical tile floral decoration. 2 tunes. Exc. condition, beginning of the XXth c.
Est. 80/120€

Nº 949 A fine musical tile, depicting a cock. 2 tunes. Exc. condition, beginning of the XXth c.
Est. 80/120€
N° 949: paid 200 €

Nº 950 Symphonion, a 30 cm disc musical box Rococo style case in pressed wood, 50x40 cm (repairs to the rear feet). (See Bowers p 220). Two 42 teeth each combs diametrally opposed. Handle wound. End of the XIXth c. The stop system needs attention, otherwise in good working condition and presentation. With 25 discs in good condition (some rust).
Est. 2200/3500€
N° 950: paid 2500 €

Nº 951 An Ariston organette in its original carrying box, with 19 discs. In working order, but needs a revision.
Est. 500/700€
N° 951: paid 850 €

Nº 952 A modern 27 keys portable organ by A. Roulive Wooden case. Width. 58, depht 40, height 77 cm. Handle operated. The whole unit supporting all the clear wooden stopped pipes may be taken out of the organ to be replaced for ex. by another (not provided here) unit of pipes (for ex. tuned in another tonality). With 5 music books by P. Charial. Excellent condition and sound.
Est. 4000/6000€

Nº 953 A rare and beautiful XVIIIe century serinette, by Welters in Paris, Walnut case with discrete moulding plane around the lid and the base.  High.  15 cm, Width 26,5 cm, Depht 19,5 cm. At the interior, on the left side, handwritten inscription " vandu (sic) on April 16, 1778 ".  Handwritten tunesheet (difficult to read) of the 8 airs (1. Le Cri du rouge ... 5. La Bûcheronne ...  6. Vaudeville ... 7. L'on dit que ...), and at side labels printed (not very readable):  "WELTERS, Maître Luthier, fait et vend toutes sortes de Serinettes et autres instruments ... à Paris".  Apparently complete (excepted the spill valve), fine crank with wooden handle, cylinder (no mark) of 18 cm, finely noted (pins of different size, as described by Engramelle in La Tonotechnie, 1778).  10 metal open pipes (some bumps).  In good original condition, but needing restoration.
Est. 1200/1800€
N° 953: paid 1500 €

Nº 954 A French cylinder parlour organ with 4 stops. A fine piece of furniture with columns on the side (the lid twisted, some splits in the mahoganny veneer). 113 x 72 x 46 cm. Fine handle shaped as an inverted C. Tune sheet for 5 cylinders (55 cm long. Only one present : No 3, with 5 waltzes and 5 romances). 4 stops of metal pipes, partly open, partly stopped. 2 wooden bass pipes under. Extensively restored,  many adjustments need completion. External metal fixtures to change tunes need reworking. XIXe c.
Est. 1200/1800€

Nº 955 An automatic Tanzbar accordion Width when folded : 38 cm. A hand pushed lever activates the perforated paper roll. Exc. condition, with 6 rolls. 1st third of the XXe c.
Est. 1500/2200€
N° 955: paid 2300 €

Nº 956 A 42 keys cylinder barrel organ with reeds. completely rebuilt and restored with its good old 48 cm cylinder. Black varnished case 57x63x30 cm. 6 tunes (amidst them Offenbach). Good sound and rich and elaborate playing.
Est. 1500/2000€
N° 956: paid 1400 €

Nº 958 Mermod, a 12 tunes musical box Oak box, 66 cm. 34 cm nickel plated movement and cylinder, typical of Mermod : external winding handle, parachute, etc.  In very good condition. End of the XIXe c.
Est. 1200/1800€

Nº 959 A large musical picture clock. Fine sculpted and waxed wooden frame 108x127 cm. Naïve painting (small  accidents) 80x99 cm, beginning of the XXth c. 8 tunes (not original) musical movement with tune sheet, 21 cm nickeled cylinder. Zither. Two broken teeth, but good playing and sound.
Est. 1500/2000€
N° 959: paid 1000 €

Nº 960 A musical box with a 12 tunes movement by Soualle. Period box with inlay on the lid. 58 cm. The movement placed in this box is stamped Adre Soualle on the comb. 33 cm cylinder, 16 broken teeth or tips, bent pins, governor lacking. Alexandre Soualle made good musical box movements in Villetaneuse near Paris from 1855 to 1861.
Est. 300/500€
N° 960: paid 200 €

Nº 961 An 8 tunes cylinder musical box by Heller Box 43 cm, medium condition (revarnished lid). Fine tunesheet. Lever wound. Cyl. 21 cm. Good sound, plays medium (4 broken teeth, some pins bent, 1 tune suffered a run). End of XIXe c.
Est. 300/500€
N° 961: paid 380 €

Nº 962 A musical alarm clock Metal case height 18 cm. Medium condition, but musical movement complete. Ca 1900.
Est. 60/100€
N° 962: paid 70 €

Nº 963 A musical alarm clock Wooden case height 40 cm. Complete, but medium condition. 2 tunes with tunesheet. Ca 1900.
Est. 80/120€
N° 963: paid 60 €

Nº 964 A rare and fine musical tile Wooden sculpted sides, fine tile depicting a sea scene. 2 tunes with handwritten tunesheet. Exc. condition, ca 1900.
Est. 100/150€
N° 964: paid 340 €

Nº 965 A Symphonion 14,5 cm disc musical box Clear wood box 20 cm. Fine printed scene under the lid. Good condition of presentation and playing, excepted one broken tooth. Ca 1900.
Est. 350/500€
N° 965: paid 650 €

Nº 966 A musical picture clock (painted canvas and frame lacking). H. 73 cm, Width 89 cm. The movements for the clock (striking hours) and angelus are incomplete and oxydized. Rather good 6 tunes musical box movement, cyl. 27 cm, oxydized, but playing. XIXe c. Completion and restoration needed for the whole.
Est. 400/700€
N° 966: paid 550 €

Nº 967 A 4 tunes musical box, Simple case with boxwood stringing decoration (some wear). Lever wound. 11 cm long brass cylinder. The internal left wooden separation and the stop device lacking, otherwise in good condition. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 300/500€
N° 967: paid 550 €

Nº 968 A small wooden musical box, snuffbox type movement, with tunesheet. Ca 1900. Good condition.
Est. 150/200€
N° 968: paid 150 €

Nº 969 A Reuge musical box, in an onyx case 1 tune. end of  XXe c. Good general condition.
Est. 120/180€
N° 969: paid 150 €

Nº 970 A fine unusually large musical photo album Leather cover. 2 tunes on one turn movement. Ca 1900. Good condition.
Est. 80/120€
N° 970: paid 120 €

Nº 971 A musical alarm clock Wooden case with top, height. 44 cm. Good condition, excepted the musical movement (several treble teeth broken). Ca 1900.
Est. 70/100€

Nº 972 An 8 tunes cylinder musical box movement Leverwound. 27,5 brass cylinder. Good condition, but out of tune. Two broken teeth (extreme treble and extreme bass). End of the XIXe c. In a period empty box, 52 cm.
Est. 300/450€
N° 972: paid 350 €

Nº 973 A Thorens 4 tunes musical box 9 cm cyl. 1950's. Good condition of presentation and playing.
Est. 150/250€
N° 973: paid 150 €

Nº 974 A good musical photo album with gilt embossed cover. 2 tunes on one turn movement. Ca 1900. Good condition.
Est. 80/120€
N° 974: paid 120 €

Nº 975 A good musical photo album Blue cover. 2 tunes on one turn movement. Ca 1900. Good condition.
Est. 100/150€
N° 975: paid 130 €

Nº 976 A fine harmonium, by Alexandre à Paris Rather simple case, beautifully veneered with columns on both sides, Height 100, Width 120 Depht 65 cm. (splits on the side). About 10 stops, rather good condition, but needs restoration. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 150/200€
N° 976: paid 150 €

Nº 977 Melody Player, a 16 keys organette toy Nice metal case with  transfer decoration, 19 cm. Rather good condition, but the mechanism needs revision. With five paper rolls (medium condition). Mid XXth c.
Est. 150/200€
N° 977: paid 200 €

Nº 978 A wooden musical alarm clock, with sculpted front in the Henri IId style. H. 42cm.
Est. 120/150€
N° 978: paid 210 €

Nº 979 A Symphonion Simplex 14,5 cm disc musical box Varnished black case, 19 cm. Rather good condition, but the starting mechanism needs attention. 1 broken tooth. With 2 discs, ca 1900.
Est. 250/350€
N° 979: paid 260 €

Nº 980 A musical alarm clock Wooden case. Height 27 cm (top lacking). Rather good condition. Ca 1900.
Est. 80/120€
N° 980: paid 160 €

Nº 981 Ca fifty 88 notes rolls for a pneumatic piano. Various conditions.
Est. 40/60€
N° 981: paid 60 €

Nº 982 Ca forty seven 88 notes rolls for a pneumatic piano, mostly classical and metrostyle, in fine condition. With one Aeolian Grand roll.
Est. 50/100€
N° 982: paid 200 €

Nº 983 Two to three hundred 65- and 88-note rolls for pneumatic pianos. Various conditions.
Est. 150/300€
N° 983: paid 250 €

Nº 984 Two pinned cylinders for a chamber organ. Pinned length : 54 cm. Good condition.
Est. 30/60€
N° 984: paid 100 €

Nº 985 About 20 books of various music scores and methods (piano, harmonium, organ), most of them in mediocre condition.
Est. 30/60€
N° 985: paid 50 €

Nº 986 A lot of spare parts : two small modern musical box movements and a mechanism for a jumping animal, as is.
Est. 20/30€
N° 986: paid 60 €

Nº 987 Thirty-two small musical Swiss movements, each with an adaptator to activate an automaton movement.
Est. 120/180€
N° 987: paid 100 €

Nº 988 A lot of small musical movements old and recent, various conditions. Ca 15 complete movements, and various parts (cylinders).
Est. 50/80€
N° 988: paid 160 €

Nº 989 Twenty small musical Swiss movements, each with an adaptator to activate an automaton movement.
Est. 80/100€
N° 989: paid 50 €

Nº 990 Thirty-six small musical Swiss movements, each with an adaptator to activate an automaton movement.
Est. 120/180€
N° 990: paid 60 €

Nº 991 Fifteen perforated books of music for an organ ? We could not determine for which model.
Est. 150/200€
N° 991: paid 340 €

Nº 992 Gasparini Ten large books of music.
Est. 150/200€
N° 992: paid 300 €

Nº 993 A large cylinder for a mechanical piano. Long. 101 cm, diam. 36 cm. In good condition.
Est. 30/60€
N° 993: paid 10 €

Nº 994 Fairground art
N° 994: paid 100 €

Nº 995 A pair of characters for a carrousel organ, in sculpted wood, probably from Northern Europe. A man and a woman in XVIIIth style clothing, with finely carved hair and costumes. The wood has retained its original lacquered painting. In good condition, but needs cleaning. They hold in their hands an ormulu bell that they strike with a hammer hold in their other hands. H. 63 cm.
Est. 3000/4000€
N° 995: paid 6800 €

Nº 996 A Conductor for a fairground carrousel, sculpted and painted as an officer from the XVIIIth c. probably from Northern Europe. Fine original condition, small accidents to its hat. H. 63 cm.
Est. 1200/1800€
N° 996: paid 2100 €

Nº 997 A fine fairground panel for an organ or a carrousel, with "rocaille" style carved decoration, framing 13 mirror bottomed panels (3 mirrors missing), painted in cream colour with polychrome flowers in the center, and in pastel green on the borders.  H. 1m42 - L. 92 cm.
Est. 800/1200€

Nº 998 Two oil lamps with reflectors, on mirrored bottoms (coming from a fairground carrousel).
Est. 300/500€

Nº 999 "Mickey à ski",  by Camille Soccorsi A carrousel character, in sculpted wood, repainted in the fairgroud manner. Ca 1950. H 85cm - W. 71cm
Est. 2000/3000€

Nº 1000 Attributed to Devos : "Mickey à la sucette" (A seated Mickey with a piece of sweet) repainted in the fairground manner, H 57cm, (similar to the piece in the Carrousel des Batignolles reproduced in the book "Manèges d'autrefois" page 116 by Zew Gourarier). This character was seated at the rear of a cart.
Est. 1500/2000€
N° 1000: paid 1400 €

Nº 1001 An Italian sportscar, 1970, yellow H 50 Width 150 cm, from the Campion collection.
Est. 400/500€
N° 1001: paid 300 €

Nº 1002 Moto-Chopper 1970, mauve, H. 110 cm Width 140 cm from the Campion collection.
Est. 250/400€
N° 1002: paid 150 €

Nº 1003 An important set of nine polychrome wooden ninepins, height : 49cm, and two balls.
Est. 150/300€

Nº 1004 A fine and large facade for a Punch and Judy show, in sculpted and painted wood, ca 1930. L. 1,60m
Est. 400/600€
N° 1004: paid 450 €

Nº 1005 A large carnival head of a man with moustaches. 90 cm.
Est. 60/80€
N° 1005: paid 30 €

Our next specialized auction of mechanical music, dolls, automata, etc. will take place in May 2004.
Last entries for the catalogue : end of March 2004.

08 December 2003

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