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Chartres auction 4 Dec 2005  
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MMD>Gallery>Auctions>Chartres Auction, 4 Dec 2005

France - Chartres - Galerie de Chartres

Important auction
Automatas and Mechanical music instruments
Sunday December 4th 2005, beginning at 14 h (2 pm).
In the "Galerie de Chartres", 300 yards from the Cathedral.

578.jpg (77 kb)

Prix payés / prices paid
For the buyer, add a total premium of 15 % (taxes included) on the hammer price.

A lively auction, with nearly 300 items.  Many automatas by Lambert, Roullet-Decamps, Vichy, etc., fetched very high prices (several tens of thousand euros each) due to a severe competition between buyers from Europe, America and Russia, the latter being the most successful.

Prix en euros.  Les lots non mentionnés ont été retirés ou non vendus.
Prices in euros.  The lots which are not mentioned were withdrawn or not sold.

Nº 501: A small mechanical bird, pecking and hopping, felt covered. Mid XXth c., L. 10 cm.
Est. 60/80 €
Nº 501: paid 40 €

Nº 502: A feather covered mechanical swan on two lead wheels, going forward while fluttering. Beginning of the XXth c. Lenght 21cm.
Est. 200/300 €
Nº 502: paid 250 €

Nº 503: A modern musical automaton of a clown. Height 33cm
Est. 50/100 €
Nº 503: paid 80 €

Nº 504: "The Magician". A home made automaton made from a mechanical toy made in Western Germany.
Est. 50/100 €
Nº 504: paid 100 €

Nº 505: "Les automates", two books : ABC Décor 1972, and Eliane Maingot 1959.
Est. 20/40 €
Nº 505: paid 35 €

Nº 506: "Les automates". Alfred Chapuis and Edmond Droz. Neuchatel 1949, red clothed binding
Est. 120/180 €
Nº 506: paid 110 €

Nº 507: Chapuis & Gélis. "Le Monde des Automates" two soft-bound books. Paris 1928, some wear and accidents to the binding and the sewing.
Est. 1200/1500 €
Nº 507: paid 1200 €

Nº 508: "Silver Anniversary Collection", a book published by the "Musical Box Society International" (MBSI) in 1974, a selection of articles published in their Journal. And two issues of the German Journal (GSM)
Est. 40/60 €
Nº 508: paid 20 €

Nº 509: Epinal : Printed cardboard plates to build various items. Ten plates from the series "Les Grandes Constructions", one of which is a manivelle organ, and 8 plates from the series "Les moyennes constructions".
Est. 100/150 €
Nº 509: paid 160 €

Nº 510: An original and curious 2 tunes musical cigar-dispenser. H. 25 cm. Good general condition. The doors open automatically, revealing a small dancing girl in the middle (small adjustment needed, one door decoration missing). Mid XXth c.
Est. 100/150 €
Nº 510: paid 90 €

Nº 511: A musical cigar dispenser, in the shape of a gilt metal chinese pagoda (original working process). Height 34cm
Est. 150/200 €
Nº 511: paid 160 €

Nº 512: "The mill", a small manivelle automaton. Germany, end of XIXth c. (some accidents ant missing parts)
Est. 400/600 €
Nº 512: paid 30 €

Nº 513: Four characters in pressed cardboard, from a scene. Two plane pilots, a butler, and a businessman. Each character has a movement (pull activating his right arm)
Est. 300/500 €

Nº 514: A fine small 6 tunes musical box Plain 37 cm box (transfer decoration of flowers on the lid). Leverwound, 9 cm nickel plated cyl. Tune indicator. End of the XIXth c. Fine sound.
Est. 350/500 €
Nº 514: paid 90 €

Nº 515: Another musical animal farm scenery with a mill, a character, sheep. Width : ca 22 cm. The handle plays one tune and moves the animation. Germany, mid XXth c.
Est. 150/250 €
Nº 515: paid 180 €

Nº 516: A fine small 10 keys accordion from mid XIXth c. 24 cm. Needs a restoration.
Est. 80/120 €
Nº 516: paid 110 €

Nº 517: A whistling tramp with a lampost.
Est. 50 cm wooden figure. Good whistling mechanical movement. The lampost lightens. Good condition. Mid XXth c. (Germany ? Griesbaum ?).
Est. 250/400 €
Nº 517: paid 440 €

Nº 518: A lighter in brown patina terracotta, featuring a barrel organ player and his performing dog. End of the XIXth c. Height 18cm.
Est. 200/300 €
Nº 518: paid 240 €

Nº 519: A rare "speaking images" book (in German) With 9 different cries of animals, through pulling cords. Good condition, ca 1900.
Est. 600/1000 €
Nº 519: paid 750 €

Nº 520: Théroude. A charming mechanical toy featuring a baby walking on three wheels, composition head said "of Nuremberg", open mouth with straw teeth, black glass eyes, period clothes with a padded cap around his head. Height 20cm
Est. 1000/1200 €
Nº 520: paid 2100 €

Nº 521: "A tricycle". A fine mechanical toy attributed to Gustave Vichy Depicting a man with a modelled bisque head, velvet clothes, riding his mechanical tricycle, which rolls forward zigzaging. Napoléon IIId period (ca 1860/70) (small repair to the cover of the mechanism). Lenght 21 cm.
Est. 1500/2000 €

Nº 522: A. Théroude. "The waltzing couple" A fine mechanical toy featuring a waltzing couple, in XVIIIth c. clothes. Fine bisque heads (characterized for the man), period clothing. Double movement : the couple rotates while going forward in a large circle. Round green sheet metal base on three brass wheels. With two plates inscribed "A. Théroude" and "Paris". Napoléon IIId period (ca 1860/70), rare in this condition. Height 32 cm.
Est. 5000/7000 €
Nº 522: paid 4500 €

Nº 523: Théroude. "Hawking" (Falcon hunting"), A three-wheeled mechanical toy, featuring a Chinese man with composition head. The mechanism is stamped "Théroude Paris" (rare) H. 24 cm
Est. 1500/2000 €
Nº 523: paid 1900 €

Nº 524: Roullet Decamps (from the time of Jean Roullet) "Le petit jardinier" (A little gardener) a rare mechanical toy which was the emblem of the maison Roullet Decamps, featuring a small Unis France bisque head small character, with painted metal arms and legs, pushing a wheelbarrow full of vegetables and fabric flowers (creation of the end of the XIXth c., with later head and clothes). L. 18 H. 17 cm.
Est. 1000/1500 €
Nº 524: paid 1500 €

Nº 525: Roullet Decamps. "A cat as a cook" A fine mechanical toy. When the female cat opens the pot, two mice move. Partial skinning, not original dress. 2d quarter of the XXth c. Height 30cm
Est. 800/1200 €
Nº 525: paid 550 €

Nº 526: Roullet Decamps. "A cat with a coffee-grinder" Body without skin and clothes. 2d quarter of the XXth c. Height 31 cm.
Est. 400/600 €
Nº 526: paid 500 €

Nº 527: Roullet Decamps. "A dog with a hat" From a felt hat emerges a black teckel head, which looks on the left and on the right, opening its mouth. With music. Fine condition. Beginning of the XXth c. Height ca 25 cm
Est. 800/1200 €
Nº 527: paid 2000 €

Nº 528: Roullet Decamps. A crawling panther moving her tail A rare and fine automaton toy, with a very good movement as did the Maison Decamps for its best automata (the snake charmer, the snake man). Very good original condition. Lenght : 56 cm
Est. 1200/1800 €
Nº 528: paid 3000 €

Nº 529: Roullet Decamps. "A boy jumping on a stick" With a fine German bisque head, sailor clothes in blue and white silk, good condition. Beginning of the XXth c. Height 27cm
Est. 1200/1800 €

Nº 530: Decamps (?). "A clown acrobat performing with the rings" Winding through the arms. Fine composition head (clothes and make up have been restored)
Est. 600/800 €
Nº 530: paid 700 €

Nº 531: Decamps. A reclining Teckel Moving its head and its tail. With music. 2d quarter of the XXth c. Lenght : 27 cm
Est. 300/400 €
Nº 531: paid 420 €

Nº 532: Gisèle. A dancing doll on a musical base, attributed to L'Epée. Fine condition of the mechanism and of the doll. With a label "La Mascotte". Height : 20cm
Est. 400/600 €
Nº 532: paid 600 €

Nº 533: "A female magician". A charming mechanical toy featuring a female magician Bisque head, composition hands, clothes in very good original condition. She stands behind a small table, rises a cone, under which appears a moving head. A musical movement drives the whole instrument. Beginning of the XXth c. Height 38 cm
Est. 2000/2500 €
Nº 533: paid 4400 €

Nº 534: A magnificent carrousel with planes. Four bisque headed army men ride very coarse planes. A musical movement rotates the carrousel. Thanks to the centrifugal force, the planes depart and fly ... Very fine original condition. Beginning of the XXth c. Height : 52cm
Est. 4000/6000 €
Nº 534: paid 9000 €

Nº 535: Renou. An acrobat performing with chairs Leaning on the back of two chairs, the clown rises to a vertical position and spread his legs. "As found" condition, worn clothes. Usual revision needed. With music. End of the XIXth c. 24x37cm - Height 50cm
Est. 2500/4000 €
Nº 535: paid 7000 €

Nº 536: Decamps. "Cocorico. Vive Coq en Pot" (Cock-a-doodle-do, A cock in a pot) A rare example of a "with surprises" automaton, with a label of a shop in Clermont-Ferrand "A la Parisienne d'Anvers". A cock emerges from a pot, rotates on himself, opens its beak and sings. Fine original condition (cf. serial numbers 196 to 202 in the catalogue Roullet Decamps). End of the XIXth c. Height : 38cm
Est. 3000/5000 €
Nº 536: paid 11000 €

Nº 537: Bontems. A fine and large cage with two singing birds. The two birds answer each other, one is perched, the other one on the ground. Movements of the head, the beak and the tail. Fine singing and fine condition. Gilt wood canted corners base. Ca 1900. Height : 58cm
Est. 3500/5000 €
Nº 537: paid 4200 €

Nº 538: Lambert. "A Russian baby" An automaton which is exceptionnal in his history and his very fine condition. The young woman, in traditional Russian clothes, moves her head laterally, and up dand down (closed mouth Jumeau head, with chestnut paperweight eyes), bisque hands. With her right hand, she presents a bunch of flowers, and in her left hand an egg from which a chicken emerges. Perfect condition of the mechanism with music as it was kept in the original wooden box, inscribed with a pencil : "Russe oeuf" (Russian, egg) and with stencil the No 22. This automaton was won at a lottery organised by the "Amitiés franco-russes", during the visit in France of the Tsar of Russia, on Oct. 1st 1896. A lottery ticket with No 184 is added to this lot. The mention "Chalon 9 octobre 1896" is underlined in green, which leads to consider that this lottery was organised during the visit of the Tsar to the military camp near this city. Height : 53cm.
Est. 4000/6000 €
Nº 538: paid 19500 €

Nº 539: "A sea scene under a glass dome", A ship is pitching near a cross at the rear of the painted glass dome. Movement is caused by the 2 tunes musical movement. Label sticked on the side of the globe. Pull winding. Needs cleaning. The ship and the sea have been restored. On a black wooden base. End of the XIXth c. Lenght : 36cm - Height : 40cm
Est. 1500/2000 €

Nº 540: A fine automaton, probably by Phalibois, of a monkey playing a violin, seated on a reed organ. Height of the seated monkey, 25 cm. Painted cardboard head and hands, original clothing (some wear). Pulpit, hat and violin case are fixed on the varnished case (36x37 cm, height 28 cm) housing a 15 keys reed organ. A handle activates both the organ and the movements of the monkey (wooden cam shaft). A handwritten tunesheet of the 6 tunes is sticked under the case, and also on the keyframe. (Orphée aux enfers, France et Piémont, polka, mazurka, etc.). Some very small restorations, otherwise very good original condition (rare). Third part of the XIXth c.
Est. 2500/3500 €
Nº 540: paid 3000 €

Nº 541: Lambert . "Pulcinello playing with cymbals" Fine original condition of this character with a Simon & Halbig, open mouth German bisque head with moving eyes, and fine bisque hands. Fine clothing described as "riche costume en satin et ruches de dentelles". Réf. 9 in the catalogue of the Maison Lambert. Key "L B". One tune musical movement, label of the Maison Nadaud. Height : 52cm
Est. 3500/5000 €
Nº 541: paid 4800 €

Nº 542: Lambert. A clown with a guitar. A very fine automaton featuring a musician clown with movements of his head, his eyelids and he shows his tongue. Composition head, painted in the 4 colours of playing cards. Fine bisque hands. Movement of the right hand playing the guitar and of the left hand playing the chords. With a 2 tunes musical movement, and original label. Key stamped "L B". Fine condition of the clothes. Total height : 65cm
Est. 8000/12000 €
Nº 542: paid 33000 €

Nº 543: "Les menuisiers" (The joiners) A fine animated picture depicting 3 joiners in their workshop. Fine wooden and composition characters. One is sawing a plank, another is planing, and the third is carving with a chisel (seven movements). Fine scenery which has kept its original freshness. Musical movement with independant winding. Dimensions of the scene : 25,5x35cm, and with the frame : 47x57cm. Bears the signature GILLET and a date 1882 ?
Est. 2500/3000 €
Nº 543: paid 6000 €

Nº 544: Lambert. "Pierrot serenading the moon" A famous and fine automaton, Nº 4 in the catalogue of the Maison Lambert (cf. Ch. Bailly, "L'Age d'Or des Automates", page 338), and so described : "Playing a mandoline, showing his tongue while lowering his head, and movements of the eye and the mouth of the Moon". With music. Fine condition of conservation and in working order. End of the XIXth c. or beginning of the XXth c. (with some usual restorations)
Est. 15000/20000 €
Nº 544: paid 20000 €

Nº 545: Blaise Bontemps. Two birds on a tree sing and answer each other. For each of the birds, movements of the head, the beak and the tail. Fine quality of the singing. The mechanism is housed in a base which has the shape of a six rounded sides flower stand, rosewood and bur walnut veneered, with ormulu. Rare glass dome following the curves of the base. Napoléon III period (ca 1850/80). Height : 51cm - Width 39cm
Est. 4500/7000 €
Nº 545: paid 37000 €

Nº 546: A nice singing bird case in "vermeil" (gilded silver) Baroque style case with decoration of cupids. Fine singing, the bird rotates, flap its wings and moves its beak. Attributed to the German maker Griesbaum, with a bird-shaped key. Mid XXth c. Height (closed) 6cm - 10,5x7,5 cm
Est. 2000/3000 €

Nº 547: The tight-rope dancer In a clearing, near the foot of a tree, two acrobats practice with the accompaniment of two musicians. The female tight-rope dancer and the two musicians are moved by 11 brass cams, and a wooden cam for the man performing with the fixed bar. This automaton is attributed to V. MILOT, a clockmaker and automata maker of the 2d half of the XIXth c. The characters, the mecanism and the tree are in very fine original condition. The window case was remade in 1968. A fine musical movement playing 4 tunes (amidst them the "Marseillaise") has been placed in the base with an independant key winding mechanism. Height 73cm - Width 55cm - Depht 27cm
Est. 8000/12000 €
Nº 547: paid 15000 €

Nº 548: Farkas. A narghileh smoker A seated Turk smokes with movements of his head and his right arm, while he flaps a fly-flap with his left arm. On a musical base. Good original condition. Mid XXth c. Height : 34cm
Est. 1200/1800 €
Nº 548: paid 1400 €

Nº 549: Farkas. A spinet female player Bisque head, fine movements : the hands strike the keys, move on the keyboard, the head moves according to the position of the hands, and moves up and down. Wooden base with a drawer which may be used as a jewel casket (The mechanism starts when opening the drawer). Two tunes musical movement by Reuge. Mid XXth c. Height : 33 cm
Est. 800/1200 €

Nº 550: Farkas. A female harp-player Bisque head, fine movements of the two hands and the head. With a Reuge musical movement playing Rigoletto by Verdi. Mid XXth c. Height 40 cm.
Est. 800/1200 €

Nº 552: "Le Bal des Alpins", with barrel organ scene A famous illustration from the Petit Journal. Complete issue of 24 oct. 1897, with caption. Good condition.
Est. 15/30 €
Nº 552: paid 22 €

Nº 553: 20 small prints or chromos about barrel organs
Est. 80/120 €
Nº 553: paid 90 €

Nº 554: One Russian and 11 good old photo type postcards about barrel organs.
Est. 100/150 €
Nº 554: paid 90 €

Nº 555: A rare and fine collection of 36 photo-type old postcards about large organs , carrousels and carrousel-salons. From a private collection, with various handwritten comments by the organ maker Paul Florein, who repaired many of these organs. He was active near Sète, south of France, around 1920-1960). This collection is divided in 8 lots.

Nº 555-A: Two postcards on carrousels-salons Carrousel Palace F.Tewe, and Hippo Palace Wilbert Faure (cf. Moulin d'Orgemont) (The horse was cut out by Paul Florein who needed a model !).
Est. 60/80 €
Nº 555A: paid 90 €

Nº 555-B: Three postcards in relation with Remilly and his small fairground train. Sights of the train, the 87 keys Gavioli which was burned at M. Ducloux premises, and a 105 keys Gaudin for the exhibition of arts déco in the 1920's or 1930's.
Est. 60/80 €
Nº 555B: paid 130 €

Nº 555-C: Five postcards, some with rare fabric decorations for the top of the carrousel Manège Boë, manège de Brosse, and 3 other, of which a submarine carrousel and two flying seats carrousels.
Est. 100/120 €
Nº 555C: paid 120 €

Nº 555-D: Poirot à cylindre, Albert Lemoine, Dussaux
5 cards and 1 modern one. Amidst them a rare cylinder Poirot organ on a carrousel (some comments by P. Florein at the back), and the organ by Albert Lemoine at Malo-les-Bains.
Est. 100/120 €
Nº 555D: paid 130 €

Nº 555-E: Fêtes des loges in St Germain, and various locations
5 cards amidst them bicycle and Rabbits carrousels, a carrousel with two old gypsy type wagons, and a large Lottery with a 60 keys Limonaire
Est. 100/150 €
Nº 555E: paid 150 €

Nº 555-F: A rare 114 keys Verbeeck organ with double front for an auto-scooter attraction, and three other fine cards depicting fairground atmosphere.
Est. 80/120 €
Nº 555F: paid 180 €

Nº 555-G: Six various carrousels amidst them pigs, planes, Russian caterpillars ...
Est. 80/120 €
Nº 555G: paid 120 €

Nº 555-H: Six various carrousels amidst them a small 30 keys cylinder organ by Poirot.
Est. 80/120 €
Nº 555H: paid 140 €

Nº 558: A fine 2 tunes musical photo album Blue velvet with decoration of gilt metal. Ca 1900.
Est. 100/150 €
Nº 558: paid 180 €

Nº 559: A small 2 tunes musical box In a dark varnished wooden box (some wear). 11 cm. Good snuffbox type musical movement, with piccolo effect. End of the XIXth c
Est. 250/350 €
Nº 559: paid 200 €

Nº 560: "Gisèle", a fine dancing doll on a rosewood box Total height 20 cm. Base 11,5x7,5 cm. Fine 11 cm bisque head doll in original clothing. The spring of the "dancing" mechanism is unhooked, otherwise this lot is in very good condition. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 250/400 €

Nº 561: A musical wooden alarm clock using 12,5 cm discs. Height with top : 51 cm (small part missing). Good condition and sound, in working order. Ca 1900. With one disc.
Est. 250/400 €
Nº 561: paid 280 €

Nº 562: A rare musical photo album with a good movement (to be refixed) inside the lid (rare). Tunesheet of the two tunes. Ca 1900.
Est. 120/180 €
Nº 562: paid 160 €

Nº 563: A musical clock picture depicting the Tower of Westminster Parliament. In a sculpted and gilt frame 54x66 cm. Good small clockwork movement with quarter striking, and small musical movement. Beginning of the XXth c. Good condition, but needs a small revision.
Est. 150/250 €

Nº 564: An amusing small 4 tunes Spanish mechanical piano by Verbena Width 38, H. 39, D. 20 cm. Transfer decoration (small wear) and label at the rear. 26 cm plastic cyl. playing on 20 keys (15 gongs, woodblock, bells, cymbals). 3d quarter of the XXth c. Good general condition. Needs a few adjustments.
Est. 400/500 €
Nº 564: paid 300 €

Nº 565: A good musical clock picture with a rare three dimensional scenery with a movement by M. Bordier. Dimensions of the external glass frame 84x67 cm. It houses an internal sculpted and gilt frame, and a fine three dimensional composite scene with a fine landscape painting (little accidents), a church and rocks made of cork, and small characters. On the right, a handwritten label reads : "Moiddost fecit 1830". Striking clockwork, and Angelus. Fine 2 tunes snuffbox type one piece comb musical movement signed on the comb M. Bordier. Good condition and sound, but some gears of the music need revision. Good general condition. 2d quarter of the XIXth c.
Est. 2000/3000 €

Nº 566: An old 24 keys Organina Thibouville Under the black ca 52 cm case, reseller's label : A. Guérin à Marseille. End of the XIXth c. Good original general condition, needs cleaning (pressure roll needs attention). With 12 old books of music.
Est. 1800/2500 €
Nº 566: paid 1500 €

Nº 567: A fine 8 tunes serinette, in need of restoration Walnut 26 cm case. Fine handle. Handwritten tunesheet, and label of the reseller "Mougenot, Rue Neuve St Denis No 34, successeur de Gadault, facteur d'orgues, mécanicien". Very good making from the beginning of the XIXth c. Complete and in original condition (rare), to be restored.
Est. 500/800 €
Nº 567: paid 600 €

Nº 568: Husson-Jacotel, an interesting merline needing restoration. Walnut case with decoration of checkered boxwood stringing. 33x25 height. 17 cm. Not original handle. Fine tunesheet of 10 tunes for 2 cylinders (only one present), with below the tradecard of the maker "Husson-Jacotel à Mirecourt". Two stops of 10 metal pipes each (stopped and flutes, 2 missing). 2d half of the XIXth c. Small parts missing (tune changing command) otherwise good general condition. Restoration needed.
Est. 500/800 €
Nº 568: paid 500 €

Nº 569: Davrainville, a very fine and exceptionnal parlour and dance organ, handle-operated. Beautiful mahoganny case, completely restored, with the label "Davrainville ... Breveté de la Duchesse de Berry ... Rue Basse du Rempart, No 14, Chaussée d'Antin à Paris". Dimensions : 83x45, Height. 51 cm. Fine typical inverted C shaped handle. Very well built movement, with 3 stops of metal pipes (open and closed), at will through pull levers on the side. 12 tunes cylinder, with its box and tunesheet : quadrilles, etc., long. 66,5 cm, diam. ca. 14 cm, playing on 29 keys. One spare cylinder in its own box. The whole instrument is complete, in very good condition, but needs a restoration. Beginning of the XIXth c. Another organ, very similar but slightly smaller (26 keys) is in the collections of the Museum in Les Gets (Haute-Savoie) who has restored it : it plays magnificently. Davrainville father and son, established in Paris, are from the Mirecourt area (Avrainville, a village NE of Mirecourt, East of France) and were excellent makers. Their instruments are very much looked after and are very rarely seen in public auctions.
Est. 6.000/10.000 €
Nº 569: paid 15500 €

Nº 570: A good 8 tunes musical box, probably by L'Epée.
52 cm black varnished case, with decoration of brass stringing and inlay. Red inside. Tunesheet. Lever winding. 30 cm cyl. Ca 1870. Good condition and musicality, but needs cleaning. L'Epée, near Montbéliard, used often such cards bearing the inscription "Musique de Genève".
Est. 1200/1600 €
Nº 570: paid 1400 €

Nº 571: A 6 tunes musical box, with drum and 3 bells, probably by L'Epée. Case with decoration of boxwood stringing and inlay of flowers. 42x26, height. 20 cm. Lever winding. Nickel plated 15 cm cylinder. Tune indicator, zither. Good general condition, but needs a revision. End of XIXth c.
Est. 900/1200 €
Nº 571: paid 1050 €

Nº 572: A good 6 tunes musical box
34 cm blackened wood plain box, with decoration of boxwood stringing. Tunesheet : "Ordinaire 5' 1/2". With reseller label "Au Chalet, 17 Bd Poissonnière". Leverwound, 15 cm cyl., one replaced tooth. Some adjustments needed (spring, too much oil everywhere ...) otherwise excellent condition and sound. Ca 1880.
Est. 500/800 €
Nº 572: paid 700 €

Nº 573: Adler, a fine and good 28 cm discs table musical box Fine fruitwood box 48x36, H. 21 cm. Inside, fine transfer depicting Putti. Visible motor on the right, wound up by an external handle. Speed regulation. 50 teeth comb. In excellent presentation and working condition, good sound. With 22 discs. Ca 1900.
Est. 2000/3000 €
Nº 573: paid 2100 €

Nº 574: Ariston, a 24 keys organette
40 cm black case. Good general condition, but needs attention. Ca 1900. With 5 cardboard discs.
Est. 300/400 €
Nº 574: paid 300 €

Nº 575: Stella, a table 24 cm disc musical box Clear wood case with flower transfer decoration on the lid, 41x30, height 20 cm. Winding through an external handle. Apparently complete, but needs attention. Swiss, end of the XIXth c. With 5 flat projectionless Stella discs.
Est. 700/1000 €
Nº 575: paid 350 €

Nº 576: A rare and beautiful musical Christmas tree stand, using 19,5 cm discs Case with rounded canted corners, with ormolu decorations and handles. Long. 46 cm. Good disc musical movements, on 43 teeth. Spring motor. Ca 1900 (German ? Lochmann ?). Good presentation, sound, and playing condition. With 8 discs.
Est. 800/1500 €
Nº 576: paid 2600 €

Nº 577: Ami Rivenc, A good 10 tunes musical box. "Rich" burrwood case with boxwood stringing decoration. 71x28x18 cm. Inside, a plate "A. Rivenc et Cie à Genève" and tunesheet with Wurtel label (Faust, Trouvère, Traviata, etc.). Inside glass lid with sound holes. Lever winding. 44 cm cyl (2 well replaced teeth). Ca 1880. Fine presentation and sound.
Est. 1600/2200 €
Nº 577: paid 1800 €

Nº 578: Mills Violano-Virtuoso, a rare and very fine American automatic violin, coin operated Mahogany case, width 110, height 170, depth 78 cm. Fully electrically operated. Serial number 1010 (ca 1918 ?). Recently completely and professionaly restored. In excellent condition. With 6 multi-tunes rolls, and the 32 pages period "Service Manual"(with electrical diagrams). The official American Patent Office recognized this instrument as being practically the 8th marvel of the world (See Bowers p 506-525). This astonishing instrument was produced between 1912 and 1930.
Est. 35.000/45.000 €

Nº 579: Van Roy, Bruxelles. A very fine and spectacular 10 tunes coin operated barrel piano. Very beautiful art nouveau style case with large top, with decoration of mirrors and three portraits of women. Width 1,22 Height. 1,64 (and 64 cm more for the top), depht 65 cm. Handwritten programm of the 10 tunes on a card Van Roy, rue Merleschette 12, Alost. Wooden frame with metal strenghtening in the base. Good condition. 98 cm cyl. playing on 47 piano keys, and 8 metallophone keys. Beginning of the XXth c. Good general condition. Needs tuning. A really fine piano !
Est. 3000/4000 €
Nº 579: paid 4400 €

Nº 580: C. Gavioli, an excellent 26 keys, 9 tunes cylinder portable organ Case with decoration of inlay stringing, with a Gavioli medal at the base (latest mentionned exhibition : 1887), 60x35, height 60 cm. On the restored and repainted front panel appears the name Limonaire. The inscription "Brüder 1843" found inside a bellow during restoration could tell that this organ may have been restored by Gavioli (especially the notation of the cylinder) on an older instrument made by Brüder in Waldkirch. Limonaire, after buying the Waldkirch subsidiary of Gavioli after 1912 may have restored or resold this organ. 1 stop, and 1 pull for a very efficient tremolo. 46 cm cylinder playing on 64 wooden pipes, that fill completely the available inside space. Mid and end of the XIXth c. Some restorations (bellows, endless screw). Very good, full and varied notation of the 9 tunes. Plays wonderfully well !
Est. 12.000/18.000 €
Nº 580: paid 16000 €

Nº 581: Kuhl-Klatt in Berlin, an excellent electro-pneumatic operated piano Walnut art déco case 153x80, height. 150 cm. Metal frame, good 7 octaves 1/4 piano. Electrically opereted with perforated paper rolls, with automatic forte and mandoline effects. Ca 1920. Above the keybord, mention (probably reseller) "Gerjzen à Bruxelles". Recently restored, in excellent condition, with 5 multi-tunes rolls.
Est. 4500/6000 €
Nº 581: paid 4800 €

Nº 582: A large and fine Sublime Harmonie 8 tunes musical box Fine rosewood case with handles and decoration of boxwood stringing and an inlay of flowers. 82x31, height. 22 cm. Tune sheet (Traviata, Martha, Cloches de Corneville, etc.). Double barrel, lever wound. Large 44 cm (16 pouces) cylinder playing on two combs of 61 teeth each. Ca 1880. Excellent condition of presentation, playing and sound.
Est. 3500/4500 €

Nº 583: A large 8 tunes musical box, with "Voix Célestes" Fine burrwood case with boxwood stringing decoration 58x32x35 cm. Tunesheet. Lever winding. 27,5 cm cyl. playing on 2 combs of 23 and 24 teeth, placed on each side of the 16 notes of Voix Célestes (4 tips of Voix Célestes pilots missing). Ca 1880. In good working order. Needs cleaning and a small revision.
Est. 2800/4000 €

Nº 584: Stella, a fine 35,5 cm disc table musical box Case with glass opening in the lid showing the disc. 57x43 Height 22 cm. Label of the reseller Imhof et Muckle, London. External handle winding. Two opposite combs of 63 teeth each (one is broken on the visible comb, we did not dismantle the other comb and could not verify it), so normally a total of 126 teeth. Swiss, end of the XIXth c. In good working order and sound, although a few parasitic noises. Restorations to be completed. With 12 typical projectionless Stella discs, in good condition.
Est. 2200/3500 €

Nº 585: Symphonion, a fine vertical coin-operated 54 cm disc musical box with 10 bells. Beautiful carved Art Nouveau case, style 132 (Cf. Bowers, p 230). (A little woodworm damage). Height 121 + top 22cm. Two combs facing each other with 60 teeth each (+ 5 for the bells at will). Excellent working condition, playing and sound. With 11 discs in good condition (some light wear). Ca 1900.
Est. 5500/7000 €

Nº 586: A small 16 keys and 6 tunes portable reed organ Varnished case 42x26, height. 30 cm. Handle. Under the case, handwritten tune sheet (valse, polka, song, quadrilles), with a label "Pianos et orgues Canderes Bordeaux". 32 cm cyl. Completely restored. Ca 1870/80.
Est. 600/900 €
Nº 586: paid 1200 €

Nº 587: Nicole Frères, a 8 tunes musical box No 40415 (ca 1865). 52 cm case with decoration of boxwood stringing and stylised inlay on the cover. Handwritten tunesheet. Leverwound (inner side lid missing), 3 commands. 33 cm cyl. One broken tooth, many bent pins. Good presentation and working condition, but needs a restoration.
Est. 600/900 €

Nº 588: Lambert. A black flute player Jumeau size 4 bisque head, closed mouth, two movements of the head and movements of the two arms. Bisque hands (accident to two fingers). Fine original clothing. Musical base. Height 48 cm
Est. 3000/4000 €
Nº 588: paid 7400 €

Nº 589: Lambert. A clown with a ladder A fine automaton featuring a clown supporting himself on a ladder, after two missed trials. He rises his left hand. Fine original condition of the clothing. White decorated bisque head, bisque hands. With music. Key stamped "LB". End of the XIXth c. Height 66 cm
Est. 6000/8000 €
Nº 589: paid 7200 €

Nº 590: Vichy. "An kneeling Egyptian girl playing very graciously an Egyptian harp, and moving her arms. She breathes. She bows while turning her head and lowering her eyelids". So is it described in the catalogue Vichy-Triboulet n° 661. On a stair shaped base. With music. Mechanism with 6 pulls. Fine staff body (accidents to 3 fingers). Clothing not original, pulling mechanism needs attention. Base 44x43cm - Height 70cm
Est. 4500/6000 €
Nº 590: paid 41500 €

Nº 591: Bontems, a fine cage with two singing birds. Square and gilt wooden base. Fine original condition of the birds which answer each other. Movements of the heads, the beaks and the tail of each bird while singing. End of the XIXth c. Height 51 cm. (Wear on the top ball and the handle)
Est. 3500/5000 €

Nº 592: Vichy. John crying, or A school boy with a dunce's cap John does not want to learn his lessons : he refuses by moving his head, he cries leaning on his right arm, he kicks his bench, and his long dunce's ears move. With music, bisque hands, dark complexion of the head. End of the XIXth c
Est. 4000/6000 €
Nº 592: paid 5400 €

Nº 593: Bontems (attributed to). A bush with birds. Three birds twitter : one at the top flaps its wings, another one in the middle flies from one branch to the other while rotating on himself, and the last one drinks at the well (figured by a rotating twisted glass rod). Fine condition of the movements and the sound. Clock with silk escapement. On a black base with glass dome, Napoléon III period (1850-1880). Height 62cm - Width 42 cm
Est. 5000/7000 €
Nº 593: paid 8000 €

Nº 594: An rectangular ormulu singing bird box with decoration of Cupid, lid ornated with a yellow jewel stone. The bird rotates, flap its wings and moves its beak. Attributed to the German maker GRIESBAUM, with its bird-shaped key. Mid XXth c. Height (closed) 5cm - 10x7cm
Est. 2000/2500 €

Nº 595: Lambert. A "Bouquetière" (flower girl). A young bisque headed girl, with animation of the two arms (bisque hands), movements of the head up and down, and from right to left, with movements of the eyes (open mouth Simon & Halbig head). Red musical base. Key "L.B.", fine clothing (restoration to the dress). Height 55 cm.
Est. 3000/4000 €
Nº 595: paid 2700 €

Nº 596: Roullet Decamps, A Mexican man playing a mandoline A fine automaton in original clothing with a black leather covered composition head, open mouth with two rows of teeth, chestnut paperweight eyes with movements of the eyelids, (two movements of the head), composition hands, mechanism with music housed inside the body. Ca 1880. N° 19 of the catalogue Roullet Decamps. Height 70 cm.
Est. 7000/10000 €
Nº 596: paid 25000 €

Nº 597: A good 2 tunes musical clock picture In a sculpted and gilt frame 80x70 cm. Good naïve painting (small accidents) with a church, a river, and characters. Square bedplate clockwork with striking, and Angelus. Fine snuffbox type musical movement with teeth by groups of 4 or 5. Mid XIXth c. Good general condition, complete, needs cleaning.
Est. 1500/2000 €
Nº 597: paid 2100 €

Nº 598: Decamps. "A black bass drum player" Lateral movements of the head, of the hat and of the two arms. One arm hits the cymbals, the other one hits the bass drum. This automaton is in good condition, and has been revised and restored with good taste. Largely original clothes (one hand remade). Music. End of the XIXth c. Height 60 cm
Est. 3000/5000 €
Nº 598: paid 18500 €

Nº 599: Lambert. "La marchande de fleurs" (A flower girl) A fine closed mouth Jumeau head automaton, stamped in red, size 4, blue paperweight eyes, two movements of the head and movements of each arm. She breathes a bunch of flowers she holds in her right hand, and shows forward her basket with her left hand (bisque arms and hands). Very beautiful original clothing (excepted slightly worn dress), fair mohair wig, one tune musical movement with label. Height 52cm (with her hat). Ca 1890.
Est. 3500/5000 €
Nº 599: paid 8000 €

Nº 600: Decamps. A female ballerina SFBJ bisque head, clothed with a ballet skirt, she revolves, with movements of her body and her arms. Ca 1930. With the label "Nain Bleu". Musical base. Height 43cm
Est. 2000/3000 €

Nº 601: Decamps. "Poupée berçant son enfant" (A doll rocking her baby) Nice movements of the arms and the body (mechanism inside the body), SFBJ bisque head, musical base with independant winding, restored clothing. Ca 1930. Height 45cm
Est. 1200/1800 €

Nº 602: Lambert. "Bébé au Polichinelle" A baby with Pulcinello The young girl cries because she broke her Pulcinello. Fine moule 211 character Jumeau head, upright neck (alas three star shaped cracks to her forehead. With her right hand, she shows her broken Pulcinello, and with her left hands she wipes the tears on her face. Bisque hands. Music. Key "L B". Réf. 47 of the catalogue of the Maison Lambert (restorations to the clothing, and the fabric of the base. End of the XIXth c. Height 48 cm
Est. 3000/4000 €
Nº 602: paid 6200 €

Nº 603: A decorative mantel clock with a moving bird in a bush. Oval base (revarnished) 50x20 cm. "Regule" (cheap bronze) clock with a seated character and a small enameled plate on the front, and on top a bush with a moving bird (mechanism with 4 cams and a pull). Total height : 56 cm. XIXth c. Deserves a good completion and restoration (clockwork, bird mechanism missing, various accidents to the bush and the bird).
Est. 600/800 €
Nº 603: paid 600 €

Nº 604: A rare 3 singing birds cage Gilt octogonal base, height 36 cm. Movements of the beak and the tail for the two side birds, and in addition of the head for the central bird. Fine song evolving from one bird to the other. Good mechanical movement. In excellent condition. Mid XXth c.
Est. 700/1000 €
Nº 604: paid 850 €

Nº 605: Gisèle. A dancing doll on a musical base, attributed to L'Epée. Fine condition of the mechanism and of the doll, with label : "La vie Parisienne". Height : 20cm.
Est. 400/600 €
Nº 605: paid 550 €

Nº 606: An clown acrobat performing with a chair Standing at first, this acrobat leans on the back of a chair, then rises to a vertical position and let go his left hand. Very beautiful laughing character bisque head. This automaton was reconstituted with old parts. Mechanism and music in the chair. The motor is noisy and needs revision. Height 52 cm.
Est. 1500/2000 €
Nº 606: paid 8200 €

Nº 607: Lambert. A part of an automaton of the "Flower girl" type Fine costume (Russian clothes ?), in condition "as found". Jumeau size 4 closed mouth head (broken, in 4 parts), chestnut paperweight eyes. One bisque hand missing, and on the other hand, accident to one finger. The base houses the music and the working mechanism. Key "L B", original wig.
Est. 800/1200 €

Nº 608: " A young peasant and his pig ". A large and original automaton, probably for a window-case animation, The pig moves its head and opens its mouth thanks to a counterweight movement, and so for the boy's head. The boy holds a goose on his left arm, and shows an egg with his right hand. Two period electrical motors (not tested), one is in the pig, the other one in the boy. Germany ? Ca 1930 ? Height 76 cm. - Lenght 80 cm
Est. 1000/1500 €
Nº 608: paid 1300 €

Nº 609: " A juggling clown " An automaton with a metronom type clockwork movement, giving a continuous balancing movement to the head. Beginning of the XXth c. Fine original condition. Height 60 cm
Est. 1200/1800 €

Nº 610: J.A.F. "An Eskimo fishing man" A fine electrical automaton featuring an Eskimo man with his harpoon. Movements of his head, his eyes and of the right hand fishing. On a base depicting the ice-pack. Height : 75cm - 220 volt (motor needs revision). In original condition.
Est. 1200/1800 €
Nº 610: paid 1500 €

Nº 611: J.A.F. "Incoyable" (sic) A fine electrical automaton featuring one of the famous excentric characters, with his walking stick, acting and clothed in an excentric manner in reaction after the French Revolution, at the end of the XVIIIth c. (Even their pronounciation was special : "incoyable" instead of "incroyable"). Three movements : head, eyes and arms. On a base. Height 75 cm. 220 volts. Original condition.
Est. 1200/1800 €
Nº 611: paid 1300 €

Nº 612: Farkas. "a mandolin female player" Composition head and hands, movement of the head, of the right arm and beating time with one foot. Reuge musical movement. Mid XXth c. Height : 37cm
Est. 800/1200 €

Nº 613: Farkas. A narghileh smoker Fine movement and costume. Seated on a cushion, he turns his head laterally, his left hand moves a feather fan, and with his right arm he carries the narghileh pipe to his mouth. Fine black lackered wooden base, painted with flowers. The smoking mechanism works. Reuge musical movement playing the "Turkish march" by Mozart. Mid XXth c. Height : 34cm.
Est. 1000/1200 €
Nº 613: paid 1600 €

Nº 614: Farkas. "the shoemaker" Bisque head. His right hand moves to and fro, with his right hand he strikes with a hammer, his head turns laterally, and on the bench a small bird rotates on itself. A rare model. Reuge musical movement. Mid XXth c. Height : 36 cm
Est. 1000/1200 €

Nº 615: Marcu. " A clown acrobat whit a ladder ". Resting on the top of the ladder, after two trials he rises up to a vertical position, with his head down. Then he let his left hand go loose and stays in equilibrium only on his right hand. Mid XXth c. Musical base. Height ca 75 cm
Est. 1000/1200 €
Nº 615: paid 1700 €

Nº 616: " A circus ". An exceptionnal modern automaton by CAMU On the ring stand more than 32 individual characters, groups of characters, (jugglers, acrobats, clowns) animals (horses, H. ca 20 cm) with lots of movements, and same for the musicians in their gallery. Only one keywound spring motor with music for the whole. The rear part houses a small disc musical box (with 5 discs). Made of various materials : wood, composition, resin, fabric, etc. Dimensions : 110x95 cm Height 95 cm.
Est. 5000/7000 €
Nº 616: paid 4700 €

Nº 618: " A barrel organ player ". An automaton made from old parts, movements of the monkey and of the hand. Musical base. Height 58 cm
Est. 1200/1800 €

Nº 619: " The little female painter ". An open mouth Jumeau bisque head young woman, made and restored from old parts : two movements, of the head and of the right arm. Music. Height : 37 cm
Est. 500/800 €

Nº 620: "Pierrot on the Moon" Limoges bisque head, three movements : Pierrot's head, and the tongue and the eye of the Moon. Revised and restored. Music. Height : 39cm
Est. 800/1200 €

Nº 621: " A musician seated on a Moon ". Five movements : Head and arms, the musician's hat, eye and tongue of the Moon. Music. Revised and restored. Height : 74 cm
Est. 1200/1800 €

Nº 622: Two motors for automaton mechanisms
Est. 150/200 €
Nº 622: paid 280 €

Nº 623: Unica. A composition doll on a base, with electric music, giving the illusion of movement (model for showing in a shop ?).
Est. 200/300 €

Nº 624: A small fruitwood 8 tunes barrel piano with two bells. With the plate : "Le Govic à Locminé". Good usual condition, needs tuning. Coin operation and damper option missing. H. 1,20m - Width 90 cm.
Est. 1200/1800 €
Nº 624: paid 1500 €

Nº 625: An amusing musical cigar-dispenser, in the shape of dog kennel. Black varnished case 25x15, height. 20 cm, with an ormulu dog in front of the dog kennel. Good 2 tunes musical movement with tunesheet. Ca 1900. In very good condition.
Est. 400/600 €
Nº 625: paid 380 €

Nº 626: A fine musical cigar dispenser in the shape of a miniature office cupboard with a rolling wooden door. Varnished wood, with brass stringing decoration. Height 26 cm. Two tunes with tunesheet. Pull winding at the rear. Beginning of the XXth c. In very good condition.
Est. 200/300 €
Nº 626: paid 300 €

Nº 627: Troubadour, A small 18 cm disc table musical box Simple case with transfer decoration (some wear) 22 cm. Ca 1900. It does not work (key missing). With 14 discs.
Est. 300/400 €
Nº 627: paid 360 €

Nº 628: An amusing small 4 tunes Spanish mechanical piano by Verbena Width 38, H. 39, D. 20 cm. Transfer decoration (small wear). Good general condition (Bottom of the case needs attention, tune changing handle missing), and needs a few adjustments. 26 cm plastic cyl. playing on 20 keys (15 gongs, woodblock, bells, cymbals). 3d quarter of the XXth c.
Est. 350/500 €
Nº 628: paid 250 €

Nº 629: Manopan, a peculiar 24 keys organette Black varnished case, 52 cm. Maintenance label under the case. Endless perforated cardboard stripes are read on the side of the instrument. Ca 1900. Good condition. With 2 endless stripes.
Est. 900/1500 €
Nº 629: paid 900 €

Nº 630: A fine 10 tunes Perroquette with 3 cylinders Walnut case, 28x39x28 cm. Handwritten tunesheet (Walzes, polka, etc.). 3 stops at will, with each 10 metal pipes, of which one stopped set. All cylinders in good condition, two are in a spare box. Unsigned (probably Mirecourt). End of XIXth c. Good condition. It works, but the playing might be improved.
Est. 1500/2000 €
Nº 630: paid 1800 €

Nº 631: Amorette, a 16 notes organette using 22,5 cm metal discs. Black case 35 cm. Ca 1900. Needs a revision. With 19 discs.
Est. 500/700 €

Nº 632: A good 12 tunes musical box Case with transfer decoration, 54 cm. Fine tunesheet (Ploermel, Carmen, Faust, etc.) printed LJM Paris. Lever winding. Tune indicator. 28 cm cyl. Good condition. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 1200/1600 €

Nº 633: A large and interesting 8 tunes "Voix célestes" musical box Case with handles, decorated with boxwood stringing and inlay (small wear) 81x38x38 cm. Lever winding, nickel plated double barrel and 33 cm cyl. Fine tunesheet (Faust, Carmen, Guillaume Tell, etc.). Between the two 32 teeth combs (2 treble tips broken on the right) is a comb with the 18 teeth of voix célestes, playing well (rare !). End of the XIXth c. Good general condition of presentation and in working order.
Est. 3500/5000 €

Nº 634: Polyphon, A 28cm disc table musical box Case 38 cm. Fine illustration of children under the lid. 54 teeth comb. End of the XIXth c. It seems complete, but without disc.
Est. 700/1000 €
Nº 634: paid 750 €

Nº 635: Kalliope, a good 45 cm disc table musical box Sculpted wooden case 73x57x26 cm (some wear). A large comb of 57 teeth (one broken), and two small combs opposite each other of 23 teeth each. Ca 1900. Good condition, but some parts missing (interior cover of the mecanism, etc.). Needs cleaning and revision. With 35 discs.
Est. 1000/1500 €
Nº 635: paid 2200 €

Nº 636: Dusart-Boutemy, a large 10 tunes coin-operated barrel piano Fine cupboard style case, with various decorations, amidst them in the lower part fine panels with red tainted wood engravings, depicting musical instruments. 147x65, haut. 196 cm. Fine tunesheet "H. Dusart Boutemy à Raismes" (near Valenciennes, North of France), with the curious mention "Twisté". Restorations to the table and to the 116 cm cylinder playing on 53 piano keys, bass drum, snare drum, sleigh bells and ... a real large bell ! In working order, but needs tuning. Beginning of the XXth c.
Est. 1800/2200 €
Nº 636: paid 1800 €

Nº 637: Symphonion, a very fine coin-operated vertical 64 cm discs musical box on a stand. Traditional sculpted case with half columns and grooves decoration. Total height : 240cm (118 + top 30 + largely remade stand housing the discs, 92cm). Two combs of 96 teeth each. Ca 1900. Completely and recently extensively restored, in excellent working and playing condition. With 12 discs (6 are new ones)
Est. 6000/8000 €
Nº 637: paid 7000 €

Nº 638: Symphonion, a 19,5 cm disc musical box. Wooden case (some wear) with transfer decoration (wear) on the lid. 18x27x21cm. Fine lithography inside the lid. Ca 1900. Plays well, with 24 discs (some rust traces) in a blue flat container
Est. 500/600 €
Nº 638: paid 550 €

Nº 639: A large and fine coin operated barrel piano, by Croses Chavan à Mâcon Fine art nouveau wooden case (small splits) 161 x 131 x 68 cm. Tune sheet of the 10 tunes (Ferrari, Lyon). Spring motor. Wooden frame (small splits) restored with new strings. 108 cm cyl. playing on 50 piano keys. Drum (4 sticks), castagnets, triangle, mandoline. Beginning of the XXth c. Good general condition.
Est. 1500/2000 €
Nº 639: paid 1900 €

Nº 640: A good 6 tunes musical box by L'Epée Plain box, long 50 cm. Handwritten tunesheet (Il Baccio, Robert le Diable, la Traviata, etc) with the stamp JTL (Jérôme Thibouville Lamy, reseller of l'Epée). 2 commands on the right. The glass lid covers both the movement and the inverted winding lever. 30 cm ("11 pouces") cyl. Ca 1870. An interesting box, good general condition, but needs a revision.
Est. 1200/1800 €
Nº 640: paid 550 €

Nº 641: A rare 6 tunes "Baryton Harmonique"musical box "Rich" case on feet, restored and revarnished, decorated with boxwood stringing and an inlay of flowers 60x28, height 18 cm. Fine colored tunesheet with fairy dancing choirs featuring children and ... rabbits. 33 cm cyl. with zither and tune indicator. Winding barrel on the right (rare), with external winding handle and levers. 3 broken teeth and many bent pins. Swiss, end of the XIXth c. Powerful sound, well worth a good restoration.
Est. 900/1500 €
Nº 641: paid 1100 €

Nº 642: A 24 keys Organina Thibouville Good modern make, with a few old parts (pressure roll). Black case. 52 cm. Very fine condition, but needs a small revision. With 5 books by Pierre Charial.
Est. 1200/1500 €

Nº 643: Ch. Ullmann, A good 6 tunes musical box
37 cm plain box with boxwood stringing and transfer decoration (some wear). Inside, the Ullmann medal "Qualité Excelsior Sonorité extra puissante Harmonie". Fine tunesheet. Leverwound. 9 cm nickeled cyl. with tune indicator. Very good condition and sound. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 500/800 €

Nº 644: A good 8 tunes musical box Finely repainted with pictures of musical instruments on the lid and the four sides. Long 38 cm. (Only the internal lateral dividers with the play-stop and repetition levers are missing). Lever wound. Brass 15,5 cm cyl., tune indicator. Good condition, good playing and sound. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 450/600 €
Nº 644: paid 600 €

Nº 645: An amazing modern 1/6th scale model of a 35 keys Limonaire type organ, operating on a small trailer and a caravan. This model was made after real items from the beginning of the XXth c., and needed a 4 years work. 83 pipes in the organ (stopped pipes, violons, piccolos), bass drum and snare drum. The bellows are in the caravan. Organ trailer, lenght : 1,21 m. Caravan, lenght : 92 cm. With 3 Fournier books of music. Electrical supply is necessary, as the lecture of the book is electronical. But the bellows give really air to the real pipes (flageolets on the left, bourdons bass on the right). We couldn't listen to it, but it seems in excellent condition.
Est. 3000/4000 €
Nº 645: paid 2200 €

Nº 646: Two musical picture-clocks, possibly forming a pair Identical gilt frames 52 x 62 cm. Naive paintings on metal (landscape, characters). Small round alarm clock movements in need of restoration (some parts lacking). Old independant snuffbox type musical movements, 2 or 3 tunes, with tune sheets. Restorations, rather good condition, but need attention.
Est. 2000/2500 €
Nº 646: paid 1600 €

Nº 647: Orpheus, a good table 25 cm discs musical box. Fine wallnut case 51x41x20 cm on a sculpted rounded base. Inside, a very fine lithograph depicting the god Neptune in a boat. Spring motor. 56 teeth comb (one broken) otherwise excellent condition and powerful sound. Ca 1900. With one disc.
Est. 800/1200 €
Nº 647: paid 1200 €

Nº 648: A nice small wooden 2 tunes musical clock. Height 32 cm. Beginning of the XXth c. In excellent condition (rare).
Est. 200/300 €
Nº 648: paid 200 €

Nº 649: A fine 8 tunes reed parlour organ Fine walnut case 68x45, height 54 cm. Fine C shaped handle. 50 cm cylinder, of the interchangeable type (only one present). Two stops of 36 reeds each, with automatic registration (rare). Some restorations. Anonymous, end of the XIXth c. Very good presentation and in working condition, fine playing.
Est. 1800/2500 €
Nº 649: paid 2400 €

Nº 650: A fine musical cigar dispenser with Chinese decoration. Six sides base, 6 doors. Height 30 cm. Tunesheet of the 2 tunes. Accidents to the scenery, otherwise good condition. End of XIXth c.
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 651: A musical clock picture In a gilt frame 73 x 84 cm. Nice naïve painting of a landscape, a church, characters, etc. Small round clockwork mechanism (some parts missing). Fine old 2 tunes snuffbox type musical movement, pull winding. Good general condition with restorations and some transformations
Est. 1200/1800 €

Nº 652: Exceptionnal collection of 500 microgroove 33 rpm records, on mechanical music instruments. With some rarities, especially on dance, street and fairground organs. They were collected by an enthousiast. They will be proposed in one lot, and if there is no bid, in several lots.
Est. 600/800 €
Nº 652: paid 800 €

Nº 653: A nice keywound 4 tunes musical box Ca 28 cm simple case, 3 commands. Tune sheet (xerox of the original damaged card). 20 cm cylinder. Mid XIXth c. Good condition and playing (some damper noises).
Est. 400/600 €
Nº 653: paid 500 €

Nº 654: A fine musical cigar dispenser. On a round blackened wooden base, total height 31 cm. Small parts missing. Two tunes (runned) musical movement. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 100/150 €
Nº 654: paid 160 €

Nº 655: A musical wooden alarm-clock Height 27 cm. Two tunes, ca 1900, good condition.
Est. 120/150 €
Nº 655: paid 80 €

Nº 656: A keywound B B & Cie 6 tunes musical box, in need of restoration Veneered box (accidents), long 45 cm. Keywound, 3 commands, 27,5 cm cyl. Many missing or broken parts. Mid XIXth c.
Est. 100/200 €
Nº 656: paid 100 €

Nº 657: A large box for a musical box (missing) on a matching table. Beautiful case with metal handles, and inside and outside decoration of boxwood stringing and burrwood. External dimensions 85x36 cm, internal 73x24 cm. Plate : "A. Perrelet et Cie ... Genève". End of the XIXth c. The matching table with similar period and decoration, feet Louis XVth style (end of XVIIIth c style), empty drawer for the missing cylinders. 111x59, height. 75 cm.
Est. 600/800 €
Nº 657: paid 400 €

Nº 658: A musical tile Fine Longwy tile (crack). 3 tunes with tunesheet. Good condition. Beginning of the XXth c.
Est. 90/130 €
Nº 658: paid 70 €

Nº 659: A mandoline in wood and plastic with a small musical movement playing "la chanson de Lara". L. 24 cm
Est. 30/50 €
Nº 659: paid 50 €

Nº 660: A "Bols" musical bottle with a small female dancer Plays the Swedish Rhapsody. Mid XXe s. Good condition.
Est. 60/80 €
Nº 660: paid 20 €

Nº 661: A two tunes musical photo album Green velvet cover. Good condition, ca 1900.
Est. 80/120 €
Nº 661: paid 100 €

Nº 662: A fine musical box movement Leverwound, brass 27,5 cm cyl. on a 37 cm brass bedplate. Ca 1880. Restoration needs completion.
Est. 200/300 €
Nº 662: paid 250 €

Nº 663: A good musical cigar dispenser Height 29 cm. Blackened wood with Chinese decoration. Good 2 tunes musical movement. Small parts missing, otherwise good condition. Ca 1900.
Est. 120/160 €
Nº 663: paid 100 €

Nº 664: A 65 notes pianola push up, needing restoration Width 115 cm. Ca 1900. With more than sixty 65 notes rolls, in rather good condition.
Est. 100/200 €
Nº 664: paid 100 €

Nº 665: Ca 23 small Lador 18/19 teeth musical movements. Varied titles (French songs), with keywind spring movements. Modern, in excellent condition.
Est. 90/150 €
Nº 665: paid 210 €

Nº 666: A small 3 octaves harmonium to accompany singers with plate J. Richard Etrepagny (Eure). Almost normal spacing between keys. 60x31 cm height. 26 cm, pumping lever on the left. Good condition. XXe c.
Est. 100/150 €
Nº 666: paid 160 €

Nº 667: A 65 notes "Pneuma" upright piano, "22-23 passage des Panoramas, Paris". 7 octaves. Width 1,50 m. With electrical motor and lighting (tainted glass on the front). Curious external 65 notes keyframe placed under the keybord, in front of the base of the piano. Ca 1895. Sold as is (we did not dismantle it). The German makers Kuhl & Klatt, and Dienst, have commercialized such systems, which could be adapted to every upright piano (See Ord-Hume, Automatic Pianos, 2004).
Est. 200/400 €
Nº 667: paid 200 €

Nº 668: 20 Duo-Art rolls. Very good condition.
Est. 150/250 €

Nº 669: A good selection of ca ninety 88 notes rolls for a pneumatic piano. Classical as well as light or dance music. Good condition.
Est. 150/250 €
Nº 669: paid 160 €

Nº 670: 3 rolls for pneumatic pianos. (Two 65 notes and one 88 notes).
Est. 5/10 €
Nº 670: paid 5 €

Nº 671: Rollmonica, an automatic harmonica Red plastic make, 16,5 cm. With box, instructions and a paper roll. Mid XXth c. Good condition.
Est. 100/150 €
Nº 671: paid 80 €

Nº 672: A wooden musical alarm clock Bad condition of the case, but good movement. Ca 1900. And a small old 24 cm sewing casket, in blue velvet, with a small Reuge musical movement.
Est. 100/150 €
Nº 672: paid 100 €

Nº 673: A musical wooden alarm-clock Height 28 cm. Good condition. Small alarm dial missing. Ca 1900.
Est. 100/150 €
Nº 673: paid 70 €

Nº 674: 10 small 18 teeth Sankyo musical movements
1,5 V electric motors. Modern. In their original Sankyo packing.
Est. 40/80 €
Nº 674: paid 50 €

Nº 675: A curious musical toilet paper dispenser In wood, ca 15 cm. Winding through pulling the paper. 2 tunes. Ca 1900. Good condition, and an amusing musical animated scene with Father Christmas, and snowball contest. 35 cm. Modern. And a small modern musical jewel casket. With inlay imitation. 20 cm, 1 tune, good condition. (3 items)
Est. 150/250 €
Nº 675: paid 120 €

Nº 676: ?
Nº 676: paid 320 €

Nº 677: A so called "Dutch" billiard-table, with a top, a rack and ninepins game, "as found", in need of cleaning. Lenght 73 cm
Est. 200/300 €
Nº 677: paid 140 €

Nº 678: A fine and large so called "Dutch" parlour billiard-table, with its top and 16 boxwood ninepins, oak table, bronze accessories. In the middle, Harlequin, and bone numbers. With the plate : "Lebon Fondée en 1771 Jeux de Jardin et de Salon, Baucley, Thomas, Hardouin ... et Cie 12 Bld de Sébastopol". End of the XIXth c. 136x72cm - Height : 90 cm.
Est. 1200/1800 €
Nº 678: paid 1800 €

Nº 679: "Paris Monte-Carlo" A fine oak billiard with decoration of racing cars. 90x41cm - Height 80 cm
Est. 400/600 €
Nº 679: paid 350 €

Nº 680: A concave distorting mirror 42x30 cm
Est. 100/150 €

Nº 681: Muller (Germany). (Attributed to). A large and beautiful carrousel horse, in natural wood with traces of polychromy, German make, glass eyes, hair tail. In very good condition. H. 1m55 L. ca. 1m40
Est. 3000/3500 €
Nº 681: paid 3600 €

Nº 682: Bayol. A beautiful carrousel horse in natural wood with traces of polychromy, glass eyes. L. 1m05 - H. 1m20.
Est. 2500/3000 €
Nº 682: paid 2400 €

Nº 683: A beautiful top decoration from a carrousel, formed by 12 panels, painted in yellow in a wooden frame. In the center, on each side, a fine composition painted on sheet iron depicting children on various transportation means : plane, bicycle, boat. Year 1950. Lenght of each panel : 1.72m - Height : 60cm
Est. 2500/3000 €
Nº 685: paid 3200 €

Nº 684: Bayol. A beautiful carrousel horse in natural wood, with traces of polychromy, sculptures of small flowers, glass eyes, in very good condition. H. 1m25 - L 1m20
Est. 2500/3000 €

Nº 685: "Mickey skying". by Camille Soccorsi. A carrousel character in sculpted wood, with "fairground" repainting, ca 1950. H 85cm - L. 71 cm
Est. 1500/2000 €

Nº 686: A nice carrousel she-goat, made of sculpted and painted wood, glass eyes, some chips at the rear feet. H. 1,10 - L. 0,90 m.
Est. 1200/1800 €
Nº 686: paid 1100 €

Nº 687: Eight panels for the circular decoration of a carrousel, with painted scenes on sheet iron, depicting various landscapes : a village, a seaside, a river ... circled by "trompe l'oeil" (illusion) border, in a gilt and twisted-shaped frame. 1st quarter of the XXth c. Each panel, ca : 82x150 cm
Est. 2500/3000 €

Nº 691-752: Collection autour de Charles Trenet
Nº 691: paid 40 €
Nº 692: paid 40 €
Nº 694: paid 190 €
Nº 695: paid 140 €
Nº 696: paid 180 €
Nº 698: paid 100 €
Nº 699: paid 20 €
Nº 725: paid 10 €
Nº 728: paid 20 €
Nº 734: paid 30 €
Nº 735: paid 30 €
Nº 736: paid 40 €
Nº 737: paid 40 €
Nº 738: paid 50 €
Nº 739: paid 60 €
Nº 740: paid 50 €
Nº 748: paid 50 €
Nº 751: paid 30 €
Nº 752: paid 20 €
Nº 753: paid 80 €

Following at ca 17 h 30 (5 30 pm) : Ca. 30 lots of phonographs, records, etc., instruments and documentation, amidst them :

Nº 755: «Articles de distraction - Phonographes»
Nº 755: paid 180 €

Nº 756: Phonos. 12 old illustrated greeting cards
Est. 120/180 €
Nº 756: paid 140 €

Nº 757: Phonos. A rare collection of 11 old photo type postcards depicting phono shops.
Est. 120/180 €
Nº 757: paid 100 €

Sorry, no English translation for these lots.  Please see the French version of the catalog for these items (text and photos)

Nº 758: paid 40 €
Nº 759: paid 460 €
Nº 760: paid 180 €
Nº 761: paid 320 €
Nº 762: paid 220 €
Nº 763: paid 200 €
Nº 764: paid 520 €
Nº 765: paid 30 €
Nº 766: paid 20 €
Nº 768: paid 160 €
Nº 769: paid 200 €
Nº 770: paid 120 €
Nº 771: paid 140 €
Nº 772: paid 140 €
Nº 773: paid 280 €
Nº 774: paid 1150 €
Nº 775: paid 220 €
Nº 776: paid 220 €
Nº 777: paid 550 €
Nº 778: paid 650 €
Nº 780: paid 520 €
Nº 781: paid 1000 €
Nº 782: paid 400 €
Nº 783: paid 250 €
Nº 784: paid 70 €
Nº 785: paid 50 €
Nº 786: paid 80 €
Nº 787: paid 120 €
Nº 788: paid 50 €
Nº 789: paid 10 €
Nº 790: paid 50 €
Nº 792: paid 100 €
Nº 793: paid 20 €
Nº 794: paid 70 €
Nº 795: paid 80 €
Nº 796: paid 1 €
Nº 797: paid 30 €
Nº 798: paid 220 €
Nº 799: paid 220 €
Nº 800: paid 130 €
Nº 801: paid 450 €
Nº 802: paid 100 €
Nº 803: paid 90 €
Nº 804: paid 100 €

End of list of prices paid.
Fin de liste des résultats.

07 December 2005

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