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Chartres auction 3 Dec 2006  
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MMD>Gallery>Auctions>Chartres Auction, 3 December 2006

France - Chartres - Galerie de Chartres
Vente aux enchères publiques
Prix payés / prices paid

Important auction
Automatas and Mechanical music instruments
Sunday December 3d, 2006, beginning at 14 h (2 pm).
In the "Galerie de Chartres", 300 yards from the Cathedral.

Prices paid, Chartres Auction, 3 December 2006
Automates, musique mécanique, etc.
(Liste non officielle. Unofficial list).

Prix au marteau (adjudication), en euros. Ajouter 15% de frais.
Les lots non mentionnés ont été retirés ou non vendus.

Prices are hammer prices in euros. Add a 15% premium.
Lots not mentionned were withdrawn or unsold.
To convert into US dollars : 50% more than the hammer price in euros.  (by adding the change rate Euros to dollars, and the 15% premium)

Nº 601: Bowers, Encyclopaedia of mechanical music instruments. 1972-73. In excellent condition. With a stamp of the MMM in Copenhagen, and a written dedication from the author. It is the "Bible" in our field.
Est. 120/200  €
Nº 601 paid 200 €

Nº 602: A very fine and rare 1888 calendar, with barrel organ player and a couple of young performers on stilts. 25 x 20 cm. Fine coloured chromo print with gold underlining. Excellent condition.
Est. 100/150  €
Nº 602 paid 120 €

Nº 603: Two old coloured prints about barrel organs Glass protected, one by Granville
Est. 50/100  €
Nº 603 paid 45 €

Nº 604: 6 old postcards related to barrel organs Photo type (including la joueuse des Petits métiers Parisiens) or artist interpretations, very good condition.
Est. 780/120  €
Nº 604 paid 80 €

Nº 605: Two small plastic notebooks with ca 60 small old chromo prints on the barrel organ. Excellent condition.
Est. 200/300  €
Nº 605 paid 220 €

Nº 606: Three old prints about barrel organs Two framed prints (one about the 1892 competition in Paris), and a 1892 song "la Joie triste" (Xanrof-Yvette Guilbert).
Est. 780/150  €

Nº 607: Two illustrated old journals about the barrel organ "The heirdom of a barrel organ player" (in Londres, Petit Parisien 12 février 1899). Very good condition. We add the famous "Bal des Alpins" (Petit journal 24 octobre 1897).
Est. 50/100  €

Nº 608: 6 humoristic old postcards related to barrel organs or phonograph. Chicken, angels, cats, and ... "Le concert classique de Monte Carlo". In very good condition.
Est. 780/120  €

Nº 609: A set of the Journal "Perforons la musique" 1992-1999. We add various archives (Collectionneur Français, documents on phonographs ...).
Est. 50/100  €
Nº 609 paid 40 €
Nº 609B paid 30 €

Nº 610: A musical tile (one tune), Longwy faïence decoration of birds
Est. 100/150  €
Nº 610 paid 190 €

Nº 611: An alarm clock with a singing bird In a gilt metal case imitating marble, incorporating a small cage with a bird inside. Width 19 cm, Height 11 cm. German, mid XXth c. Good general condition, but needs attention (bellows).
Est. 70/120  €
Nº 611 paid 80 €

Nº 612: A 2 tunes musical photo album  Beige leather imitating crocodile skin. Ca 1900. Good condition.
Est. 100/150  €
Nº 612 paid 220 €

Nº 613: A small manivelle musical box, featuring a barrel organ. Wooden rectangular case with strap. Transfer decoration (some wear). 2 good tunes with tune sheet. Ca 1900.
Est. 80/150  €
Nº 613 paid 280 €

Nº 614: A 6 tunes musical box Simple case with transfer decoration (some wear) 37 cm. Under the case, a round label : "Marque de fabrique AM Paris". 9 cm nickel plated cylinder, with tune indicator. Needs cleaning and straightening of the handle, otherwise good playing condition and good sound. Ca 1900.
Est. 250/400  €

Nº 615: An excellent small 4 Christmas tunes musical box, playing "Minuit Chrétien, Adeste Fideles, Venez Divin Messie, Gloria in Excelsis", according to the tune sheet with initials JC (probably John Cuendet). Simple case with mother of pearl escutcheon, length 13,5 cm. Very good 7 cm cylinder movement, keywound under the case. Beginning of the XXth c. Excellent presentation and playing condition.
Est. 350/500  €
Nº 615 paid 380 €

Nº 616: A 4 tunes Thorens musical box Simple box 17 cm. End of XXth c. Excellent condition.
Est. 150/250  €
Nº 616 paid 200 €

Nº 617: A musical alarm clock with top. Henri II sculpture style (ca 1900), in working order, two tunes. H 34 cm
Est. 100/150  €
Nº 617 paid 240 €

Nº 618: A 2 tunes musical tile with flowers. Beginning of the XXth c. Good condition.
Est. 100/150  €
Nº 618 paid 120 €

Nº 619: A fine small brass musical alarm clock The base houses a musical movement. Total height : 9 cm. First half of the XXth c. Good condition.
Est. 100/150  €
Nº 619 paid 120 €

Nº 620: A musical tile Depicting ships. 2 tunes. Needs attention.
Est. 50/80  €
Nº 620 paid 140 €

Nº 621: Ariston, a 24 keys organette Black case, 40 cm. Ca 1900, with 15 discs. Good general condition (some wear, needs attention).
Est. 400/500  €
Nº 621 paid 420 €

Nº 622: Baker Troll, Geneva, A small 3 tunes mandoline musical box Boxwood case with escutcheon on top. 15 x 9 x 6.5 cm. Fine handwritten tune sheet (Faust, Martha). 7,3 cm cylinder. Fine playing and musicality (a few dampers noises). Good condition. Ca 1900.
Est. 300/450  €
Nº 622 paid 360 €

Nº 623: A good 6 tunes musical box Case with decoration of boxwood stringing and flower inlay on the lid 51 x 21 x 16 cm. Partly red inside. Lever wound (No 192, also inscribed under the box). 27 cm comb (103 teeth). Piccolo effect on 4 tunes. Good condition. Ca 1875.  Very fine playing, notation and sound.
Est. 1200/1500  €
Nº 623 paid 1900 €

Nº 624: A fine small 6 tunes musical box Boxwood case with inlay stringing decoration, slightly domed lid, 18 x 10 x 6 cm. Handwritten tune sheet (Mme Angot, Faust, La Somnambule, etc.). 9 cm cylinder.  Fine condition, good playing, notation and sound. Ca 1870/80.
Est. 350/500  €
Nº 624 paid 400 €

Nº 625: Thibouville, a 24 keys organette Black case 53 cm. Ca 1900. It works correctly (excepted one blocked reed). Bellows remade. With 4 amateur made books (Notation René Lemaire).
Est. 1500/2000  €
Nº 625 paid 1900 €

Nº 626: A fine serinette 28 cm walnut case (small accidents). C shaped handle. 8 tunes, with handwritten tune sheet : En passant par la Syrie, Bataille de Solférino, etc.. 10 metal pipes. 3d quarter of the XIXth c. Bellows remade, but needs further attention. Otherwise good general condition.
Est. 500/800  €

Nº 627: A fine Dumont et Clément 19 keys, 3 stops parlour cylinder organ Fine walnut piece of furniture with half columns decoration. 59 x 97 x 41 cm (a split filled on the lid). Fine C shaped handle. Fine program inscribed on a fine handwritten tune sheet for nine 44 cm cylinders (No 4 missing). 6 are " à vis sans fin" and 3 "à crans", in their cases. Label "Dumont et Clément à Mirecourt Dep. des Vosges", and another label : "Pillet Bersonville Saumur". Metal pipes, excepted two wooden bass pipes under. 1st half of the XIXth c. Good restorations (bellows included). Excellent presentation and rare playing  condition.
Est. 2500/4000  €
Nº 627 paid 2900 €

Nº 628: Stella, A good table musical box for 44 cm flat discs Fair varnished wooden case, with inlay of flowers 72 x 55 x 30 cm. A drawer under the movement houses 15 pinless flat discs (V. Bowers p 118). Two opposite combs (3 visible teeth are replaced). End of the XIXth c. Excellent condition of presentation, playing and sound.
Est. 4000/6000  €
Nº 628 paid 5400 €

Nº 629: A fine and original 15 keys 3 stops well painted perroquette Case with reclining lid 52 x 27 x 38 cm, decorated with fine popular allegoric paintings (flowers, doves, a lute player).  3 stops of metal pipes (2 open, and one stopped). 40 cm 12 tunes cylinder. 2d half of the XIXth c. Complete, bellows remade, but restoration needs to be completed. With two other cylinders in a modern case.
Est. 2500/4000  €
Nº 629 paid 3600 €

Nº 630: A good keywind 8 tunes musical box Probably by l'Epée, ca 1855/60. Simple case with boxwood stringing decoration. 52 x 18 x 15 cm. 3 stops and flap on the left side. Reseller label "Jean" Rennes. Fine handwritten tune sheet with No 11304 (also on the bedplate). 33 cm cylinder. 1 broken tooth. Good playing and sound, but turns too slowly (governor needs adjusting).
Est. 800/1200  €

Nº 631: Polyphon, a good wall musical box with 40 cm discs, without motor Fine 111 cm case with top. 2 opposite combs. Lacking back panel and motor. With 12 discs. End of XIXth c.
Est. 800/1500  €
Nº 631 paid 1800 €

Nº 632: A fine musical clock picture with repetition and angelus. Gilt frame 91x74 cm. Landscape with a church, a river, many characters. Square bedplate movements. On the hour, the clock starts the various mechanisms. 6 tunes musical movement, on a 27 cm cylinder, with Wurtel label. Ca 1870/80. Good sound. Very good general condition.
Est. 2500/3000  €
Nº 632 paid 3700 €

Nº 633: "At the Barber's shop" A very fine and amusing musical picture clock, with good animation of three silhouetted monkeys in a hairdresser's shop. Beautiful sculpted and gilt frame 75x58 cm. Clockwork : a small round "Paris" movement with striking on a bell. A clockwork label and the tune sheet of the 6 tunes of the musical movement are inscribed Wurtel Piefort. Valse, polka, etc. by Boeldieu, Rossini, etc. 26 cm cylinder. Fine musical movement apparently complete and in good condition, with independent start, but blocked (a winding problem). Another round clockwork movement for the 6 movements of the automata. Ca 1860/70.
Est. 4000/6000 €
Nº 633 paid 10200 €

Nº 634: A very fine miniature grand piano as a small organ Epoque Napoléon III (3d quarter of the XIXth c), by the famous organ maker Alexandre. Magnificent upholstery with inlay of flowers on a rosewood background. With bronze ornamentation. Scale of 2 and 1/2 octaves, 3 stops : Hautbois, Flûtes, Celeste.  The internal bellows is set in motion through the brass lyre. In a beautiful carrying case, the feet may be unscrewed. Sheathed inside. A revision of the bellows and the mechanism is necessary. H. 32 cm, 65x63 cm.
Est. 3000/5000  €
Nº 634 paid 4600 €

Nº 635: "An acrobat", A fine toy using quicksilver. Mid XIXth c. (L. 12 cm) in its original case, featuring a stairs (L. 26 cm). In very good condition.
Est. 400/600  €
Nº 635 paid 1200 €

Nº 636: A bisque head attributed to Jumeau Closed mouth, straight neck, taille 1, for an automaton or a mechanical toy. H. 6 cm.
Est. 300/400  €
Nº 636 paid 300 €

Nº 637: Germany, a "bass player bear" A musical and manivelle automaton. 3 movements. Fine original condition. End of the XIXth c. Height 27 cm - 20x14 cm.
Est. 800/1200  €

Nº 638: "An animated harbour under a glass dome" A three-masted ship pitches along a fortified wall, on top of which a soldier walks. The wheel of a mill turns. A regiment walks on a wall. A clock in the tower. Fine condition of conservation, pulling mechanism with 2 tunes musical movement (with label), and pulleys (blocked). Painted globe, blackened wood base. Ca 1860/70. Height 58 cm - Width 48 cm.
Est. 2200/2800  €
Nº 638 paid 1700 €

Nº 639: BONTEMS A fine cage with two singing birds On a square gilt wooden base. The two birds sing and answer each other. Movements of the head, the beak and the tail. Fine condition, good singing. Height 51 cm.
Est. 4000/4500  €
Nº 639 paid 4200 €

Nº 640: ROULLET DECAMPS "A bear as a sentry" A little scene with two characters : a soldier shows its head by pushing the roof of its sentry box. The seated bear rises up while turning its head towards the soldier who is afraid and turns his head aside, shows his tongue and disappear under the roof of the sentry box. The bear comes down to its four legs, turns its head and opens its mouth. The musical movement plays a military music tune. In very good working condition.

This automaton comes from the collection of the Atelier Decamps. Some attention is needed : soldier's cam, decoration of the base, some screws and the pulling system, some patina, flowers, the bear needs a new skin. Mechanical musical automaton R.D. N° 159 from the catalogue of Jean Roullet ca 1880. Height 47 cm - Width 40 x 28 cm
Est. 5000/7000  €
Nº 640 paid 10500 €

Nº 641: Gustave VICHY "Japanese shoulders" This Japanese character smokes its pipe with his right hand and drinks his tea with his left hand (the missing cup is replaced by a big blue jewel). Fine plaster and cardboard head, rich original costume, movements of the head, the eyelids, the mouth and the two arms (some movements need adjustment). Japanese decorated lacquer base. 2 tunes musical movement,  ref. 488 of the catalogue of the Maison Vichy. End of the XIXth c. Inscribed with a plate from the "Magasin des enfants Passage de l'Opéra".  Height 61 cm.
Est. 10000/15000  €
Nº 641 paid 20000 €

Nº 642: Gaston DECAMPS "A Cambodgian female dancer" A magnificent automaton, beautifully sculpted by Gaston Decamps with the same inspiration and quality of exoticism than for the "charmeuse de serpent" (The snake charmer).  Only two copies of this automaton are known to-day. This one is coin operated, with a perfect condition of conservation. Very rich costume. The female dancer lowers slightly her head and her shoulders, with gracious movements of her hands and her eyelids. Mechanical movement with 2 tunes music. An adjustment of some movements may be advisable. Ca 1900/1910. Height 95 cm - Base  40 x 40 cm.
Est. 90000/120000  €
Nº 642 paid 290000 €

Nº 643: Gustave VICHY "A clown playing with a diabolo game" This rare and beautiful automaton is a good example of the genius of the French automata makers at the end of the XIXth c., to which is added the spirit of feast and circus. Exceptionally well sculptured head in staff and cardboard, which has kept its original colour (a few bumps and chips). An ingenious mechanism rotates the body so that the arms may play the diabolo. Thin composition hands (some usual chips), movements of the eyes which follow the diabolo (missing), original clothes. The whole is as found. With musical movement. Pulling cord missing. End of the XIXth c. Height 94 cm - 25x27 cm.
Est. 25000/30000  €
Nº 643 paid 70000 €

Nº 644: Alexandre THEROUDE. A rare and fine "conjurer with thimbles" Under a canopy with wooden columns imitating marble, this conjurer stands behind his table where he makes appear or disappear successively dice, dolls, balls ... (16 tricks). Fine wooden sculpted head with movements of the eyes, the mouth and the head. In front of him stands a table on which various conjurer's artifacts are displayed : playing cards rotate on their stand, and some air is blown in a cone to allow a ball to move. Fine original magician's clothing. The red velvet of the canopy was changed. Rosewood base. Height 68 cm. 40,5x40,5 cm.
Est. 25000/30000  €
Nº 644 paid 45000 €

Nº 645: LAMBERT "A Baby selling strawberries". This automaton is displayed under the No 29 in the catalogue of the Maison Lambert.  Jumeau head, taille 4 closed mouth, stamped in red, blue paperweight eyes. The young lady holds in front of her a basket of strawberries. After two movements of the head, she lifts the lid and makes appear a small dancing doll. A movement of the right hand offers a strawberry to the passer by. Original silk and green satin clothes (some usual wear). One tune musical movement. Key "LB", original wig, bisque hands (one is repaired). Height 49 cm.
Est. 3500/4500  €
Nº 645 paid 4800 €

Nº 646: LAMBERT " A young Russian woman offering drinks" Fine closed mouth bisque Jumeau head, blue paperweight eyes, bisque hands. Four movements. Fine clothes (restorations). Red velvet base with musical movement. Ca 1880. Height 50 cm.
Est. 3500/4000  €
Nº 646 paid 4200 €

Nº 647: A musical "Marotte" Bone handle incorporating a whistle, narrow waist, German bisque shoulders and head, open mouth, fixed blue eyes. Old style clothes, composition hands. 30 cm
Est. 300/400  €
Nº 647 paid 340 €

Nº 648: A musical "Marotte" German bisque head, black glass eyes, ivory handle, original silk clothes. 32 cm
Est. 300/400  €
Nº 648 paid 480 €

Nº 649: Allemagne, "A barrel organ player" A rare fitting to a damp machine, in lithographed flat iron, depicting a man turning the handle of a street organ, with a small music. Rare in this condition. H. 13 cm.
Est. 500/700  €
Nº 649 paid 700 €

Nº 650: A fine musical metal toy depicting a cathedral. Transfer decoration. 10 x 17 x 16 cm. By turning a handle, a few long seraphic chords are played on reeds. Beginning of the XXth c. Good condition.
Est. 500/700  €
Nº 650 paid 1050 €

Nº 651: A rare and fine metal German toy featuring a barrel piano or organ player with a monkey. The instrument on two wheels. Height 22 cm. Fine transfer decoration. The spring motor makes the whole toy run forward, moves the arms of the player, while the monkey rotates and goes up and down. Beginning of the XXth c. Fine condition (some small wear).
Est. 400/600  €
Nº 651 paid 900 €

Nº 652: A fine musical picture clock in a gilt sculpted frame 102x87 cm. Fine painting 80x65 cm depicting a castle with a park, a river, characters. Some old restorations. Good clockwork movement (square bedplate, later pendulum) striking the hours and half hours on gongs, and starting the small 2 tunes snuffbox like movement. Mid XIXth c. Needs cleaning and adjusting. Good condition.
Est. 2000/3000  €

Nº 653: A very fine musical dressing case on stand Precious rosewood case, art deco style, on an elegant and thin four legs base. Total height : 83 cm, the case : 35x30 cm. By opening the lid, a drawer appears and a good 3 tunes music starts. With a lateral slide. Many scent bottles and luxurious dressing accessories (only one tweezers missing). 1st half of the XXth c.
Est. 2000/2500  €
Nº 653 paid 3200 €

Nº 654: Henriot à Genève. A good keywind 8 tunes musical box. Simple revarnished case, with flap on the left 49 x 17 x 14 cm. Brass bedplate stamped with the name of the maker, and No 14677. 31 cm, 8 airs cylinder. Very good condition (one tooth well repaired. Instant stop lever lacking. Ca 1860. Fine playing, notation and sound.
Est. 900/1200  €
Nº 654 paid 950 €

Nº 655: Gasparini, a good 52 keys "orgue orchestre", using books of music Fine restored and partly repainted front with 5 old sculpted characters (2 men and 2 women ; the conductor may come from another organ). Paintings of flowers, horses and horns. Long 253 cm (of which two removable drum elements of 61 cm each), Height 1,75 Depth ca 80 cm. 160 pipes in 5 or 6 stops, bass drum, snare drum, cymbals. An electric motor (unverified). A large lot of books. Beginning of the XXth c. In very good condition, because regularly maintained and restored recently by a good specialist.
Est. 25000/30000  €
Nº 655 paid 28000 €

Nº 656: A fine and rare musical clock featuring a hurdy gurdy player Clock signed "C. Detouche" in gilt cheap bronze, with hour striking on a bell which starts the music in the wooden oval base, decorated with inlay 51x22 cm. Good 3 tunes musical movement, on 15 cm cylinder, winding and commands on the side of the base. The base and the musical movement date from mid XIXth c., and the clock from the last third of the XIXth c.  Under added glass dome (crack). Total height : ca 50 cm. Very good presentation, playing and sound condition. A very decorative clock indeed.
Est. 1500/2500  €
Nº 656 paid 2400 €

Nº 657: A fine carillon standing clock. Case in sculpted oak depicting several characters (of which an angel) in the style of Liège (Belgium). Total height : 2,67 m. Base 55 x 30 cm. 48 cm embossed and gilt brass dial, with indication of the hours, minutes and calendar. Typical from the tradition of the Black Forest weight driven movement. Carillon with a wooden 22 cm cylinder, playing 6 tunes on 11 bells. Ca 1900. Good general condition.
Est. 1500/2500  €

Nº 658: Alibert, a fine snuffbox type 2 tunes movement, in an oval clock base with boxwood stringing decoration 40 x 19 x 7 cm. Two external stops, and pull winding. Under the base are labels from : "Maison Ponchon Godbillon Hornung Successeur, Reims". On the bedplate are stamped : "12479" and "CMM". The handwritten name Alibert appears on the governor's cock. Some levers allowed the clock (missing) to start the mechanism. 6,4 cm cylinder playing on 71 teeth grouped by 5 (13x5 + 1x6). Excellent playing and sound, piccolo effect. Ca 1840.
Est. 350/500  €
Nº 658 paid 750 €

Nº 659: A nice small mandoline 4 tunes musical box Boxwood case with inlay stringing decoration, slightly domed lid, 15 x 9 x 6 cm. Handwritten tune sheet (Martha, Bellini, Trovatore ...). 9 cm cylinder, very fine and thin notation, partly mandoline effect. Good condition (some damper noises). End of the XIXth c.
Est. 300/450  €
Nº 659 paid 350 €

Nº 660: Billon-Haller, a very fine 7 cylinders interchangeable musical box Boxwood veneered box with boxwood stringing decoration. Bronze handles. 72 x 44 x 34 cm. The base houses six four tunes 28 cm cylinders, added to the cylinder ready to play inside the box. Coloured but empty tune sheet, the names of the tunes being written on each cylinder. Lever wound, double spring barrel, zither, starting operation original to this maker with a screw knob, speed regulation, tune changing at will. End of the XIXth c. 3 replaced teeth. Fine playing, good sound, excellent general condition. See description of a similar box by Ord-Hume, in "The Musical Box" 1995, p 162 and passim.
Est. 5000/8000  €
Nº 660 paid 8000 €

Nº 661: G. Quetron, a 31 keys busker organ, on a 4 wheel cart. Dimensions of the organ : width : 80 cm (122 with the shelves to put the books), Height 110, depht 45 cm. The front is sculpted and painted, with 25 stopped pipes (on two ranks) and 6 bass pipes under the organ. Ca 1980. Good general working condition and presentation. With ca 80 recent or modern books of music.
Est. 5000/7000  €
Nº 661 paid 5200 €

Nº 662: A large coin operated cabinet shaped French barrel piano Front nicely decorated with stringing, flowers and an (added ?) tapestry. 133 x 193 x 66 cm. Top lacking. 10 tunes tune sheet with the mention "Armand Nallino". Metal frame. 39 piano keys, 8 tubular bells keys, and bass drum, snare drum, cymbal, woodblock, jingle bells. 105 cm cylinder, with very small splits. Restorations. Good presentation and working condition.
Est. 1800/2500  €
Nº 662 paid 2200 €

Nº 663: Poirot à Mirecourt. An important mahogany parlour organ, with 15 brass trumpets, three ranks of metal pipes and 15 wooden pipes, plus 2 bass pipes under the case. 50 keys, 3 stops, with a brass plate on the keyframe stamped  "D. Poirot Paris" with notation inscribed. With three good "vis sans fin" cylinders Long 88 cm of which 68 cm for the notation. Drum accessories missing. In original condition, needs overhauling. H 1,30m - Width 87 - Depht 56 cm.
Est. 3000/4000  €
Nº 663 paid 3800 €

Nº 664: Regina, a large table musical box for 52,5 cm (20-3/4 inches) discs, Oak case with domed and openworked lid (for the sound) 73 x 60 x 35 cm. 2 opposite combs. End of the XIXth c. In good presentation and working condition. With 12 discs.
Est. 4000/6000  €

Nº 665: Ch. Ullmann, A good 6 tunes musical box Simple case with boxwood stringing and transfer decoration (some wear) 37 cm. Ullmann medal inside "Qualité Excelsior Sonorité extra puissante Harmonie". Fine tune sheet. Lever wound. 9 cm nickel plated cylinder with tune indicator. Very good condition and sound. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 500/800  €
Nº 665 paid 600 €

Nº 666: A good Swiss 6 tunes musical box,  rosewood style wooden case. With original tune sheet. N° 7029. 21 cm cylinder. Zither. (45 x 20 cm).
Est. 600/800 €
Nº 666 paid 650 €

Nº 667: Gustave VICHY "A farmer and his pig" With the "Snake charmer", this famous automaton was the highlight of the Jacques Courtois collection. The one presented here is exceptional for its fine original condition (excepted some usual dust and chips to the lower lip of the farmer). The farmer gives his pig a piece of bread to eat. The pig seems to refuse, the farmer shrugs its shoulders, with movements of his head, his lip and his eyelids, movements of the right arm holding the bread, of the right foot tapping on the chair, and of the head and the tongue of the pig. Five cams mechanism with musical movement. End of the XIXth c. Height 80 cm.
Est. 25000/30000  €
Nº 667 paid 30000 €

Nº 668: ROULLET DECAMPS "A cake-walk dancer" A young black man is taking some rest, slightly leaning on a coconut tree, with his legs slightly folded. When he starts dancing, he rises each leg in turn, tapping the ground alternatively with his toes and with his heel, in a tap dance movement. In the same time, his body swings laterally on the right and on the left, and with his two arms he marks the rhythm of his dance by rising and lowering a cane in his right hand and a piece of cake with his left hand. Smiling head, yet more smiling when he opens his mouth and blinks with his eyelids. Mechanism inside the body. Eight movements, which is rare in a musical mechanical automaton. Costume remade with old fabrics. The tree was partly remade. Beginning of the XXth c. Height 85 cm.
Est. 12000/18000  €
Nº 668 paid 31000 €

Nº 669: Alexandre THEROUDE "A mandolin player" Exceptional pressed bisque character head with straight neck, blue paperweight eyes, painted metal hands. Mechanism inside the body, two movements of the head and the right arm, rich silk original clothes. "Napoleon the IIId" period (3d quarter of XIXth c). Height 58 cm.
Est. 11000/15000  €
Nº 669 paid 21500 €

Nº 670: Gustave VICHY A fine "violin player" with mechanism inside the body, fine pressed bisque head attributed to Barrois, painted metal hands. Fine clothes partly remade, not original violin, fine movements. End of the XIXth c. Height 53 cm.
Est. 12000/15000  €
Nº 670 paid 12500 €

Nº 671: ROULLET DECAMPS "a clown sitting on a picture frame" A very rare musical automaton : the clown is seated on the sculptured wooden frame, plays his mandoline, turns and bows his head. Thanks to slices of paper gliding on each other, the picture shows in succession three different pictures. Such an extremely delicate realization is unique in the history of making of automatas. Bisque head and hands, head Simon & Halbig n° 6 moule 1300, dark chestnut eyes, open mouth. Ca 1890. This automaton was in the special collection of the ateliers Decamps and has been completely overhauled (screws, pullings). The costume was remade from period documents treating of silk and laces. N° 357 of the catalogue ca 1890 The rarity of this item and its perfect working condition make it a real collection piece. Height 85 cm - Base 31x21 cm.
Est. 25000/30000  €
Nº 671 paid 39000 €

Nº 672: ROULLET DECAMPS "a drinking Chinese" A musical mechanical automaton. The standing character pours real liquid (tea ?) from his metal teapot into a thimble, then acts as if he were drinking by throwing back his head. He lowers then his two arms, looks at his thimble, and do the same game again. Movement of the mouth when he drinks, lowers and rises his eyelids. The very typical head is very well sculpted. Period decoration of his head and his hands, period cap and pigtail, costume remade with old satin and natural silk, wooden base covered with period velvet. Height 62 cm - Ca 1885/1890. Head and body are similar to those in N° 330 of the catalogue.
Est. 10000/15000  €
Nº 672 paid 42000 €

Nº 673: LAMBERT "The little girl and her toys" She is seated on the ground, and holds in her right hand the whip for its top, and shows a toy with her left hand, while she taps the time with her right foot. Movements of the head and the eyes, German bisque head "Simon & Halbig 1039", bisque hands, remade clothes and wig, Jumeau period shoes. Base with a one tune musical movement "Mlle Nitouche", label Lambert and key "L.B.". Ca 1900. Height 38 cm - 33 x 33 cm.
Est. 3000/4000  €
Nº 673 paid 3600 €

Nº 674: LAMBERT "A smart lady in front of her dressing table" An automaton with German bisque head Simon & Halbig moule 1300, original wig, two movements of her head and of each arm, one holds a mirror, the other her powder puff. Restored clothes, two tunes musical movement. Ca 1900. Height 53 cm - 32 x 22 cm.
Est. 3500/4000  €
Nº 674 paid 4000 €

Nº 675: ROULLET DECAMPS "A smart lady in front of her mirror" An automaton with a closed mouth Jumeau head stamped in red taille 4, blue paperweight eyes, bisque arms and hands (some fingers of the right hand missing), period rose silk clothes (some wear), two movements of the head and each arm. Base with one tune musical movement. Height 50 cm.
Est. 2500/3000  €

Nº 676: Gaston DECAMPS. "A couple of Spanish performers" A Spanish lady shakes her tambourine with her right arm and turns her head. Open mouth Jumeau head n° 1, enameled black eyes, fine Andalusian costume. And a Spanish man plays his mandoline with his right arm, and turns his head. Open mouth Jumeau head N° 1, blue enamelled eyes, Spanish costume in the style of Figaro or the XVIIIth c. Fine mandoline with a long varnished wooden neck. For these two automata : Ca 1920 (the open mouth heads are older), bases covered with more recent pale yellow velvet, clothes restored or remade. in very good working condition. Roullet Decamps keys.  Height 38 cm - Base 21x21 cm.
Est. 5000/6000  €

Nº 677: LAMBERT "A baby with a bird-cage" A charming automaton with four usual movements : two for the head, one for each arm. The right hand offers cherries to the bird in a cage hold by the left hand. This item is rare, with a smiling character molded bisque Jumeau head, moule "203" overstamped in red "Déposé Tête Jumeau Bvté SGDG Paris 4", original (?) composition hands. Fine silk clothes. Base with a musical movement. Key  "L B".  N° 40 of the catalogue of the Maison Lambert. End of the XIXth c. Height 50 cm.
Est. 5000/7000  €
Nº 677 paid 7000 €

Nº 678: LAMBERT "A Russian tea servant" A classical closed mouth Jumeau head automaton, blue paperweight eyes, bisque hands, four movements. Entirely original (excepted the wig), with dust and usual wear to the clothes. Key "L.B", One tune musical movement playing the "Marche lorraine".  Height 50 cm.
Est. 3000/4000  €
Nº 678 paid 4000 €

Nº 679: Gaston DECAMPS "A cat as a cook" An electrical automaton of a life size cat seated in front of a large chestnut type frying pan. It mimics the tossing of the pan it holds with its two front paws, and wagging its head. Covered with natural red rabbit fur with a white cap and a cook's apron, on a wooden board. In very good working condition. Ca 1950. Height 36 cm.
Est. 900/1200  €

Nº 680: DECAMPS "A clown with a bottle" A rare small automaton with a staff-made head, movement inside the body. He stands in equilibrium on one foot and rocks his body maintaining the bottle on his other foot. Movement of the right hand which plucks a mandoline. Composition hands, clothes remade. Ca 1930. Height 41 cm.
Est. 2500/3000  €
Nº 680 paid 2600 €

Nº 681: DECAMPS "A small trotting along pig" with cries and movement of its head, glass eyes. Very realistic appearance and movement, covered with tainted skin. Rose dye made more vivid according to the original processing. L. 30 cm.
Est. 700/1000  €
Nº 681 paid 700 €

Nº 682: ROULLET DECAMPS "A smart lady with a fan" A charming automaton with red silk original clothes, closed mouth Jumeau head taille 2, blue paperweight eyes, bisque hands (a chip to a finger), two movements : her right arm, and her head. As found, needs cleaning, noisy motor. Base with a musical movement. Height 43 cm.
Est. 2500/3500  €
Nº 682 paid 3600 €

Nº 683: DECAMPS "A child coming out of a rose" It rotates on himself, hides inside the rose and comes out again, and so on on 360°. With a musical movement. (Restoration to the bisque Steiner head, with accident to the closed mouth, restored hands). Height 27 cm.
Est. 600/800  €
Nº 683 paid 500 €

Nº 684: DECAMPS "A young girl with soap bubbles" She holds a bowl in front of her, and draws some liquid with her right hand, and then blows causing bubbles to appear. German open mouth bisque head, composition hands. Original underwear, replaced clothes and wig. Red base with musical movement. Beginning of the XXth c. Height 50 cm.
Est. 1200/1800  €
Nº 684 paid 2500 €

Nº 685: DECAMPS "A walking elephant" A fine item with original silk harnessing. L. 38 cm.
Est. 800/1200  €
Nº 685 paid 1300 €

Nº 686: DECAMPS " A peacock" A rare item. Unhappily, only the movement of the rotating tail is working. Head mechanism needs attention, and the walking legs mechanism has been blocked. Height 28 cm - Width 64 cm - Base 16 cm.
Est. 1200/1500  €
Nº 686 paid 2500 €

Nº 687: DECAMPS "The female dancer" She rotates, with movements of her arms which holds a garland of flowers, and swinging of a leg. On a base with musical movement. Clothes and the velvet of the base have been restored. Bisque open mouth and arms. End of XIXth c. (later head). Height 43 cm.
Est. 1200/1800  €

Nº 688: ROULLET DECAMPS "A boy jumping on a stick" Fine German bisque head, blue and white silk sailor clothes, fine condition. Beginning of the XXth c. Height 27 cm.
Est. 800/1200  €
Nº 688 paid 1000 €

Nº 689: Gustave VICHY "An ethiopian girl playing a harp" Fine shoulders on a black wooden base, staff and cardboard made head, movements of the head, the eyelids and gracious movements of the right hand. With musical movement. End of the XIXth c. (old restorations to the clothes). Height 50 cm.
Est. 8000/12000  €
Nº 689 paid 10000 €

Nº 690: BONTEMS A large porcelain flower pot with a singing bird. Movement signed Bontems à Paris, a crack to the pot, movements of the head, the beak and the tail. Fabric or not original artificial flowers. The singing and the movements of the bird need attention. Beginning of the XXth c. Height 54 cm.
Est. 2200/2800  €

Nº 691: Gustave VICHY "The comic clowns" While seated on a tree stump, a clown strikes several times. A door opens and another clown's head appears. With musical movement. This automaton has been very well restored : clothes, and patina. It works perfectly (a missing reed has been replaced). See a similar item in "The golden age of Automata", by Chr. Bailly, page 92. End of the XIXth c. Height 58 cm.
Est. 12000/15000  €
Nº 691 paid 37000 €

Nº 692: Gustave VICHY "A drinker" An interesting automaton with mechanism inside the body, with pressed cardboard head and body. Movements of the head and the mouth. He raises his right arm holding a tankard, and rubs his belly with satisfaction with his left hand. With a musical movement. Fine condition. End of the XIXth c. Height 43 cm.
Est. 10000/12000  €
Nº 692 paid 17500 €

Nº 693: BONTEMS A singing bird cage The bird moves its head, its beak and its tail. Octagonal re-gilt wooden base. Beginning of the XXth c. Height 53 cm.
Est. 3000/3500  €

Nº 694: "An animated landscape with a ship" Pull winding mechanism with musical movement, causing five movements : a ship, a fountain, the wings of a mill, a watching soldier on a tower, and the passage of a small train. If conventional from a technical point of view, the quite rare scenery is a good work of popular handicraft : large painted ceramic (bisque ?) rock work and sculpted plaster, a house, a tower and various artifacts in cut and painted cardboard. A clockwork movement in the middle of the base. The whole is inside a window case. 2d half of the XIXth c. (the sea needs restoration). Height 37 cm - Width 40 cm.
Est. 3000/3500  €
Nº 694 paid 3500 €

Nº 695: LAMBERT "A female mandolin player" She is seated with crossed legs on a stool, and plays her instrument, with beautiful movements of her bisque arms and hands. Movements of the closed mouth (Jumeau ?) bisque head, blue paperweight eyes. From time to time, she leans backward with movements of her right leg. Fine original underwear (the dress was remade in the 1950's). 2 tunes musical movement with tune sheet, playing "La Paimpolaise" and "La valse bleue", and rare red label "L. Lambert - Jouets automatiques, articles riches - 13 rue Porte ?? Paris". Height 55 cm - 20x28 cm.
Est. 4000/6000  €
Nº 695 paid 8200 €

Nº 696: A small singing bird cage Round metal base. Mid XXth c. Height 24 cm.
Est. 500/600  €
Nº 696 paid 750 €

Nº 697: DECAMPS. A charming mechanical toy of a young boy named "Alexandre" who draws a hay cart. Key mechanism inside the body to make it go forth, Unis France bisque head, with a small bisque head doll inside the cart. Ca 1930. Height 31 cm - L 40 cm.
Est. 800/1200  €
Nº 697 paid 1050 €

Nº 698 a: DECAMPS. A mechanical waddling doll. Feet with lead soles, Limoges bisque head, blue paperweight eyes, clothes later as a pulcinella H. 38 cm. It holds in its hand a small bisque-headed "marotte".
Est. 600/800  €

Nº 698 b: DECAMPS "a jumping pig" A mechanical toy covered with kid leather. Good condition. 23 cm.
Est. 200/300  €
Nº 698b paid 280 €

Nº 698 c: A rare mechanical tortoise Shell in wood and cardboard (Decamps ?), it walks and turns its head. L. 16 cm
Est. 300/500  €
Nº 698c paid 800 €

Nº 698 d: LAMBERT : "A young girl with a bird" An automaton with closed mouth Jumeau head, stamped in red taille 5. Chestnut paperweight eyes. As found. Clothes and pannier original, but restored : unfixed pannier, jerky movements. One tune musical movement with tune sheet. 50 cm.
Est. 1200/1800  €
Nº 698d paid 2000 €

Nº 698 e: A mechanical character for an automaton toy. Moulded cardboard body, François Gaultier bisque head, bisque hands. Height 26 cm. (Perhaps for a flower girl)
Est. 300/500  €
Nº 698e paid 300 €

Nº 698 f: A musical "marotte" bisque shoulders and head, stamped in hollow "3200 A M 9/ Dp", open mouth, fixed blue eyes, original clothes with a hat, wig, wooden handle. 36 cm.
Est. 300/400  €

Nº 699: A fine musical 2 tunes photo album Green velvet cover. Ca 1900. Good condition.
Est. 100/150  €
Nº 699 paid 180 €

Nº 700: A musical round presentation ceramic plate on foot Est. 24 cm in diameter. Fine old 2 tunes musical movement. Beginning of the XXth c.
Est. 80/120  €
Nº 700 paid 120 €

Nº 701: A small 8 tunes musical box Simple case with transfer decoration (a little worm damage) 37 cm. With labels "Au Louvre Paris" under the case. Fine tune sheet. 9 cm cylinder with tune indicator. End of the XIXth c. In good condition and plays well.
Est. 300/450  €
Nº 701 paid 550 €

Nº 702: A pleasant small 4 tunes Spanish barrel piano by Verbena on its hand cart with wooden spoke wheels, length 87 cm. Piano width 38, height 39, depth 20 cm. Transfer decorations and label of  "instrucciones" on the rear panel. 26 cm plastic cylinder playing on 15 gong notes, 2 castanets, 2 bells and a sleigh bell. 3d quarter of the XXth c. Fine general condition, seems complete, but needs cleaning and a revision.
Est. 400/600  €
Nº 702 paid 500 €

Nº 703: Ariston organette Case in lacquered black wood, 40x40 cm, complete with nine new cardboard discs diam. 34 cm.
Est. 500/600  €
Nº 703 paid 350 €

Nº 703 b: A large "voix célestes" 8 tunes musical box. Fine burr wood case with boxwood stringing decoration. 58 x 32 x 35 cm. Tune sheet. Leverwound. 27,5 cm cylinder playing on two combs of 23 and 24 teeth, with between them a 16 notes voix célestes comb (4 tips missing). Ca 1880. In good working order. Needs cleaning and some revision.
Est. 2800/4000  €

Nº 704: Lilliput Jazz, a small cabinet shaped French coin operated barrel piano. Art deco front with fabric and mirror decoration. Back panel lacking. 100 x 180 x 65 cm. With a label "Maison Desmuriez-Hourdiaux à Solesmes Nord". 72 cm fat cylinder. 36 piano keys, and snare drum, cymbals, woodblock, jingle bells. 1st third of the XXth c. Good condition, but needs attention.
Est. 1200/1800  €

Nº 705: Regina, a table musical box for 39,5 discs Fine sculpted wooden case 57 x 52 x 35 cm. 2 opposite combs. Some attention is needed (unwanted noises), otherwise good presentation and working condition. End of the XIXth c. With 11 discs.
Est. 1500/2200  €

Nº 706: Polyphon, a table musical box for 28 cm discs Case with an inlay of flowers. 40 cm. 2 opposite combs. End of the XIXth c. With 5 discs. Good condition.
Est. 2000/2500  €
Nº 706 paid 2200 €

Nº 707: A fine small 19 keys 3 stops parlour organ, by Lété Fine walnut case 92 x 60 x 39. Fine C shaped handle. Handwritten tune sheet for the 3 cylinders. Metal pipes, with two wooden bass pipes under the organ. Ca 1845/50. With 3 "à crans" cylinders, 10 tunes each. One need repinning (all the pins are in a small box !), with labels "N. A. Lété à Mirecourt". Completely restored, in excellent condition.
Est. 2500/3500  €
Nº 707 paid 3000 €

Nº 708: A very fine musical clock picture with repetition and angelus. Sculpted and gilt wooden frame. 84x73 cm. Country scenery with a church, a lake, a river, various characters, etc. On the hour, the clock starts the various mechanisms. 6 tunes musical movement with a good sound, on a 26,5 cm cylinder (9 replaced teeth). Ca 1875/80. A few restorations, in excellent presentation and working condition.
Est. 2500/3500  €
Nº 708 paid 4200 €

Nº 709: A fine musical picture clock (Re-gilt) frame 86x102 cm. Country scenery (restoration) signed (rare) AB Desfontaines fils : characters, a church, houses, a brook, mountains ... Square bedplate clockwork movements, with striking and angelus. Good 21 cylinder 6 tunes musical movement with rather rare tunes (polka, valse, etc.) and label "Musique de Genève". Good notation and sound (5th tune a little feeble), very good general condition. Ca 1870/80.
Est. 2500/3500  €

Nº 710: A small 19 keys 3 stops parlour cylinder organ Nice simple walnut piece of furniture 92 x 61 x 38 cm. Instructions are printed on the back of a front panel. 44 cm cylinder. Metal pipes, and two wooden bass pipes under. Ca 1880. Restorations, including a metal endless screw shaft and bellows. Stops need to be unblocked. Good general condition and playing.
Est. 1200/1800  €
Nº 710 paid 1500 €

Nº 711: "A writer" A fine electrical automaton created by Madame Rosane BRUSSAUX, ca 1965, for an exhibition hold in 1968 in Goussonville (near Mantes la Jolie, west of Paris), for the presentation of some of the automata which animated the window cases of the shops of ROGER et GALLET (perfumes, toilet accessories) ca 1950/1960, rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré.  Madame BRUSSAUX was herself the decorator and creator of these window cases for the maison ROGER et GALLET. She conceived, created and realised all these automata with her partner Monsieur Joseph MIGOTTO.  The mechanism of these automata was realised with the help of the specialists of the Maison JAF (successors to the Maison Vichy et Triboulet). The JAF workshops were managed by Monsieur ACCURSIS (These automata are exhibited to-day in the Musée des Gets, in Haute Savoie, Alps).

This automaton depicts a writer, clothed as in the beginning of the XIXth century fashion, seated at his table and really writing with his pen the name of the village of Goussonville. Seated sideways, his legs are crossed, he moves his head up and down, thinks, and turns his head and eyes to the left, bows his head, and begins to write, while his head and eyes follow the writing. At times, a swinging movement of a leg. Once the word Goussonville is written, he stops and the sheet of paper may be given to the admiring spectator. This automaton is protected with a Plexiglas cage, on a wooden base housing the mechanism. Total height 1m 40.
Est. 10000/15000  €
Nº 711 paid 33000 €

Nº 712: Gaston DECAMPS "A clown playing an accordion" An electrical automata, the character is standing on an oak base. The clown moves his two arms, imitating the diversified playing of an accordion player. He turns and bows his head. His staff made head is the same as the one of the clown with masks, and the movement is similar : wrinkling of his nose which causes the upper lip to rise, as if he was smiling, movements of the eyelids which move down when the clown bows his head. Very natural and supple movements. This is a unique model created just before the war (1940). Old natural silk costume in the style of the "Auguste" clowns. In very good working condition, the cams are in perfect condition. Height of the character 80 cm - H. of the base 40 cm. In its transportation crate.
Est. 9000/12000  €
Nº 712 paid 9000 €

Nº 713: JAF (a successor to Vichy) "A female negro with trays" An electrical automaton with the plate "Maison JAF : "Publicité animée 10 Bld Pereire à Paris". A small base houses the electric motor (H. 14 cm). Fine character (H 62 cm) in very good original condition, with raised and spread out arms, holding two trays to show various products for sale. Movements of the hips and the head. 110 volts - Almost as new condition. Ca 1930/40. Height 78 cm.
Est. 2500/4000  €
Nº 713 paid 10500 €

Nº 714: DECAMPS "The treasure of the Pirate" An electrical automaton. A pirate is kneeled in front of a richly decorated  tin trunk. He leans down and lifts the lid while lifting up his body. His left hand dives into the trunk to take some jewels, and he closes the trunk. The whole thing stands on an irregular shaped burr wood elm piece of wood featuring a rocky platform. A molded cardboard rock hides the motor and the mechanism, of easy access. In very good working order. It was made for a jewellers window case ca 1960. Height 50 cm - Width 58 cm.
Est. 2000/2500  €

Nº 715: An electrical automaton depicting the moving of a piano in a horse cart, with two characters in XVIIIth c. clothes (Mozart ?), fine composition head, probably for the animation of a shop window case (DECAMPS ?). Height 69 - Width 54 cm.  Ca 1950.
Est. 800/1200  €
Nº 715 paid 500 €

Nº 715 b: A carrousel A fine mechanical carrousel with 4 gondolas and 4 bisque head dolls. The central mast with canted corners covered with mirrors. The base houses the mechanism and the musical movement. Mid XXth c.
Est. 2500/3500  €
Nº 715b paid 2400 €

Nº 716: A curious electrical automaton "A Parisian scene" with an accordion player under a gaslight. Needs restoration. H 22 cm, width 15 x 11 cm. A fine amateur realization.
Est. 200/300  €
Nº 716 paid 220 €

Nº 717: FARKAS "A tympanon player" Clothed in the XVIIIth c. fashion, with movements of her head and her hands, with musical movement. Height 38 cm.
Est. 1000/1200  €

Nº 718: "A female Sultan" A contemporary automaton by LATIL-PERNOT ca 1980/90, bisque head. tête porcelaine : The Sultan charms her parrot, movement of her head and her arm, she breathes, a servant looks at her. Independent Reuge musical movement. Under glass dome. Height 50 cm - 20x35 cm.
Est. 1000/1200  €

Nº 719: "A goldsmith" An electrical automaton created ca 1980 by the English creator David SECRETT. Head and hands are in natural wood, which gives this automaton its special originality. Height 42 cm - 36x22 cm.
Est. 1000/1500  €
Nº 719 paid 1400 €

Nº 720 to 725, Nico BERTCHINGER automatas. Six mechanical automata created ca 1990 by this Spanish creator. They are scenes with one or more characters (bisque heads), in very sophisticated decorative surroundings. The mechanism works through a 2 tunes pull winding musical movement. Under a protection cage in plexiglas.  €

Nº 720: "The painter" : In front of the easel, a young ballerina dances. Height 47 cm.
Est. 1200/1800  €

Nº 721: "Levitation" On a stage, the magician and a young woman perform. Height 47 cm.
Est. 1200/1800  €
Nº 721 paid 2700 €

Nº 722: "The disappearing head conjurer" His head disappears to reappear into a large dice in front of him, whereas the moon dances. Height 47 cm.
Est. 1200/1800  €
Nº 722 paid 4100 €

Nº 723: "The magician" He makes various items appear on a small table in front of him. Height 38 cm.
Est. 1200/1500  €
Nº 723 paid 1700 €

Nº 724: "Hercules practising weight lifting and dumb bell exercises" In a public garden. Height 47 cm.
Est. 1200/1800  €
Nº 724 paid 2000 €

Nº 725: "The foot jugglers" A famous circus attraction. Height 47 cm.
Est. 1200/1800  €
Nº 725 paid 2300 €

Nº 726: "A drinking hunter", A contemporary automaton, with musical movement. H. 33 cm.
Est. 400/500  €

Nº 727: A ventriloquist  puppet From the famous "Omer" which belonged to Jacques Courtois. Movements of the eyes, the mouth and the eyelids. Height 1 m.
Est. 200/300  €
Nº 727 paid 320 €

Nº 728: An electrical window case automaton depicting a clown playing an accordion. H. 80 cm.
Est. 200/300  €
Nº 728 paid 160 €

Nº 729:
Nº 729 paid 150 €

Nº 731: Nicole Frères, an 8 tunes musical box, N° 40415 (ca 1865).  52 cm case with boxwood stringing and stylised inlay on the lid. Handwritten tune sheet. Leverwound (internal divider missing). 3 levers. 33 cm cylinder, one broken tooth, many bent pins. Fine condition of presentation, it works but needs restoration.
Est. 600/900  €
Nº 731 paid 1000 €

Nº 732: Organina Thibouville 24 keys A good contemporary make with a few old parts (pressure bar), 52 cm black case. Very good condition, but a small revision is necessary. With 5 books of music by Pierre Charial.
Est. 1000/1500  €
Nº 732 paid 1000 €

Nº 733: Amorette, a 16 notes organette with 22,5 cm metal discs. 35 cm black case. Ca 1900. Needs a revision. With 19 discs.
Est. 400/600  €

Nº 734: Melodion, a cylinder German organette 6 tunes, 27 keys, named  "orgue de mendiant" (beggar's organ). Case with wood imitation painting 56 cm. 42 cm cylinder. End of the XIXth c. Good condition, it works but needs some adjustments.
Est. 600/900  €
Nº 734 paid 400 €

Nº 735: A 24 keys Ariston organette, with 4 books of music. End of the XIXth c. It works but needs attention.
Est. 300/400  €
Nº 735 paid 300 €

Nº 736: A good 12 tunes musical box Case with transfer decoration, 54 cm. Fine tune sheet (Ploermel, Carmen, Faust, etc.) stamped LJM Paris. Leverwound, tune indicator, 28 cm cylinder. Good condition, end of the XIXth c.
Est. 1200/1500  €

Nº 737: A rare and fine perroquette in need of restoration. Very end of the XVIIIth c or very beginning of the XIXth c. Fine case (a few elements missing) painted with imitation of stringing and speckling. On the lid, in a round medallion, a marine scene in the style of the painter Vernet. On the front, in another medallion, a dove. Fine tune sheet of the 12 tunes of the 3 original cylinders (missing) and the 10 tunes of the (perhaps later) present cylinder, with a label of J. Noël à Mirecourt.  15 keys, 3 stops. All the pipes and the handle are missing. This instrument would deserve a fine completion and restoration.
Est. 500/700  €
Nº 737 paid 500 €

Nº 738: A 2 tunes musical tile Sepia tile depicting a stag and a hind. Beginning of the XXth c. Good condition.
Est. 100/200  €
Nº 738 paid 280 €

Nº 739: A musical alarm clock Wooden case, height 27 cm. In good condition.
Est. 100/120  €
Nº 739 paid 110 €

Nº 740: Polyphon, a 21 cm disc table musical box Wooden box (wear) 26 x 25 x 20 cm. End of the XIXth c. Complete, good playing, with one disc.
Est. 350/500  €

Nº 741: A musical tile Depicting a man and a woman playing a lute. A split under the base, otherwise good condition. One tune. Beginning of the XXth c.
Est. 100/150  €
Nº 741 paid 120 €

Nº 742: A coin operated French barrel piano by A. Dupuy Albi Case 115 x 140 x 55 cm (a little worm damage). Art nouveau front with a painted modern canvas depicting boats. Tune sheet of the 10 tunes (valses, mazurkas, etc.). Half metal frame. 38 piano keys, and a metallophone with 7 tubular bells (one missing). "Mandoline" and "batterie" effects at will. 90 cm cylinder (split). Beginning of the XXth c. It works, but needs restoration.
Est. 700/1000  €
Nº 742 paid 1000 €

Nº 743: 16 discs for an Ariston organette, most in good condition
Est. 15/20  €
Nº 743 paid 70 €

Nº 744: A 16 keys Thibouville organette, in bad condition
Est. 15/30  €
Nº 744 paid 80 €

Nº 745: 20 Duo Art rolls for a pneumatic piano. Classical and light music, good condition.
Est. 100/200  €
Nº 745 paid 90 €

Nº 746: Ca 169 88 notes pianola paper rolls Many are marked "Pleyela". As a whole, in good condition. Both classical and a few light music.
Est. 150/250  €
Nº 746 paid 300 €

Nº 747: Five books of music for 35 keys Limonaire, various makers
Est. 50/80  €
Nº 747 paid 210 €

Nº 748: A lot of 40 cardboard discs for an Ariston organette
Est. 60/80  €
Nº 748 paid 140 €

Nº 749: A lot of 40 cardboard discs for an Ariston organette
Est. 60/80  €
Nº 749 paid 180 €

Sorry, there is no English translation for the lots about phonos and arcade machines. Please see the French version of the catalog for these items (text and photos).

Nº 750 paid 40 €
Nº 752 paid 620 €
Nº 754 paid 400 €
Nº 755 paid 900 €
Nº 757 paid 3600 €
Nº 758 paid 4000 €
Nº 759 paid 2800 €
Nº 760 paid 1900 €
Nº 761 paid 1200 €
Nº 762 paid 1100 €
Nº 763 paid 1200 €
Nº 764 paid 2100 €
Nº 768b paid 2100 €
Nº 769 paid 1400 €
Nº 770 paid 1200 €
Nº 771 paid 1900 €
Nº 773 paid 500 €
Nº 774 paid 1400 €
Nº 777 paid 2000 €
Nº 778 paid 1200 €
Nº 779 paid 550 €
Nº 780 paid 280 €
Nº 781 paid 350 €
Nº 782 paid 100 €
Nº 783 paid 50 €
Nº 784 paid 80 €
Nº 785 paid 600 €
Nº 786 paid 380 €
Nº 790 paid 40 €
Nº 792 paid 30 €
Nº 793 paid 350 €
Nº 794 paid 80 €
Nº 795 paid 210 €
Nº 796 paid 50 €
Nº 797 paid 10 €
Nº 798 paid 10 €
Nº 799 paid 600 €
Nº 801 paid 75 €
Nº 802 paid 15 €
Nº 803 paid 50 €
Nº 804 paid 110 €
Nº 805 paid 120 €
Nº 806 paid 700 €
Nº 809 paid 200 €
Nº 810 paid 220 €
Nº 811 paid 320 €
Nº 813 paid 300 €
Nº 815 paid 700 €
Nº 817 paid 900 €
Nº 818 paid 180 €
Nº 820 paid 720 €
Nº 821 paid 220 €
Nº 822 paid 400 €
Nº 823 paid 250 €
Nº 824 paid 500 €
Nº 826 paid 1500 €
Nº 827 paid 7000 €
Nº 828 paid 120 €
Nº 829 paid 200 €
Nº 829b paid 420 €
Nº 830 paid 350 €
Nº 831 paid 200 €
Nº 832 paid 500 €
Nº 833 paid 600 €
Nº 834 paid 200 €
Nº 835 paid 500 €
Nº 836 paid 600 €
Nº 837 paid 280 €
Nº 838 paid 50 €
Nº 839 paid 500 €
Nº 840 paid 150 €
Nº 841 paid 180 €
Nº 842 paid 220 €
Nº 843 paid 150 €
Nº 844 paid 280 €
Nº 845 paid 100 €
Nº 846 paid 180 €
Nº 847 paid 60 €
Nº 848 paid 160 €
Nº 849 paid 1650 €
Nº 850 paid 600 €
Nº 851 paid 120 €
Nº 852 paid 50 €
Nº 853 paid 250 €
Nº 854 paid 150 €
Nº 855 paid 100 €

Fin de la vente. End of sale.

Dolls : large specialized auction on Saturday May 20, ask for the special catalogue.

Our next specialized auction of mechanical music, dolls, automata, etc. will take place in December 2007.
Last entries for the catalogue : end of October 2007.

04 December 2006

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