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Chartres Auction Catalogs, 20 May 2007
Ventes aux enchères publiques
Dimanche 20 mai 2007

Prix payés / prices paid

Prices paid, Chartres Auction, 20 May 2007
Automates, musique mécanique, etc.
(Liste non officielle. Unofficial list).

Prix au marteau (adjudication), en euros. Ajouter 15% de frais.
Les lots non mentionnés ont été retirés ou non vendus.

Prices are hammer prices in euros. Add a 15% premium.
Lots not mentionned were withdrawn or unsold.

To convert into US dollars : ca 50% more than the hammer price in euros (by adding the exchange rate for euros to dollars plus the 15% premium).

Next specialized auction : December 2007. Entries till end of October 2007. 

Small mechanical music instruments

Nº 501: Two bisque musical objects A swan, and a team of horses. XXth c
Est. 40/60  €
Nº 501: paid 45 €

Nº 502: A modern Japanese musical box with dancing doll Height 22 cm, 4 drawers. Blocked movement, otherwise good condition. And a modern miniature musical chest of drawers (3 drawers), and a musical book with a dancing doll. Sankyo movement.
Est. 50/90  €

Nº 503: Two miniature musical chalets XXth c. Spring unhooked on the tune Etoile des neiges.
Est. 40/60  €
Nº 503: paid 25 €

Nº 504: Two miniature modern musical pianos (The Sting, and la Paloma)
Est. 40/60  €
Nº 504: paid 20 €

Nº 505: Two bisque musical characters A dancing couple, and a ballerina. XXth c.
Est. 50/80  €
Nº 505: paid 30 €

Nº 506: Two modern miniature musical Japanese pianos with dancing dolls (modern)
Est. 40/60  €

Nº 507: Two Japanese musical caskets with dancing dolls
Est. 50/80  €

Nº 508: Two other Japanese musical caskets with dancing dolls
Est. 50/80  €

Nº 509: Two musical items : a book, and a casket "Strasbourg"
Est. 40/60  €

Nº 510: Three musical items : an animated spinning wheel, a Vautier cigar box and an Eiffel tower
Est. 50/80  €
Nº 510: paid 30 €

Nº 511: A small musical photo album Stamped leather binding. 16x13 cm. Small 2 tunes movement. Ca 1900. In good condition.
Est. 100/150  €
Nº 511: paid 300 €

Nº 512: A ruined 4 tunes musical box 32 cm case, 12 cm cyl. broken teeth. For spare parts ! End of the XIXth c
Est. 50/100  €
Nº 512: paid 40 €

Nº 513: A musical fruit bowl in gilt wood 26 cm. Good one tune musical movement. Beginning of the XXth c.
Est. 80/150  €
Nº 513: paid 260 €

Nº 514: A 3 tunes musical photo album Red velvet binding (some wear) with tin decoration. Good small movement with tunesheet. Ca 1900.
Est. 100/150  €

Nº 515: A musical tile with one good tune Curious tile featuring a dog. Beginning of the XXth c.
Est. 100/150  €
Nº 515: paid 160 €

Nº 516: A small musical cigarette dispenser in the shape of an upright piano. Mid XXth c. Good condition.
Est. 50/100  €

Nº 517: A fine musical photo album with "P. Bordier" inscribed on a plate on the green velvet cover with brass decoration. No music. Ca 1900
Est. 30/50  €
Nº 517: paid 85 €

Nº 518: A 6 tunes musical box 38 cm case. 9 cm cyl. The movement is blocked, one broken tooth, some bent pins. End of XIXth c
Est. 100/200  €

Nº 519: A violin shaped musical sewing casket covered in green velvet, with a mirror. 37 cm. Various implements, and under the case is a tunesheet of the two tunes. End of the XIXth c. Fine condition
Est. 250/400  €
Nº 519: paid 420 €

Nº 520: An 8 tunes musical box with 3 bells 26 cm case. Needs complete restoration. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 100/200  €
Nº 520: paid 100 €

Nº 521: A 6 tunes musical box Simple case with transfer decoration (some wear) 37 cm. Under the case, a round label : "Marque de fabrique AM Paris". 9 cm nickel plated cylinder, with tune indicator. Needs cleaning and straightening of the handle, otherwise good playing condition and good sound. Ca 1900.
Est. 250/400  €

Nº 522: A musical cigar dispenser Height 30 cm. Dispenser from end of the XIXth c, but modern one tune musical movement (and not two tunes as indicated on the old tunesheet)
Est. 100/150  €

Nº 523: A 12 tunes musical box Case with inlay (accidents) 46 cm. Fine l'Epée tunesheet. Slow running movement, 15 cm nickel plated cylinder. 1 broken tooth, many bent pins. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 250/400  €

Nº 524: A fine musical cigar dispenser with Chinese decoration On an hexagonal base, 6 doors. Height 30 cm. Two tunes tunesheet. Some accidents to the decoration, otherwise good condition. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 150/200  €
Nº 524: paid 240 €

Nº 525: A singing bird cage with one bird. Round gilt metal case. Germany, end of the XXth c. Good presentation, but the mechanism needs attention. Height 30cm.
Est. 200/300  €
Nº 525: paid 200 €

Nº 526: A singing bird cage with one bird. Round gilt metal case. Movements of the head, the beak and the tail. Singing needs attention. Height 30cm. France, 2d half of the XXth c.
Est. 400/500  €
Nº 526: paid 450 €


Nº 529: Three pamphlets : musée Baud, Collection de phonos Agnard, le Magasin du Phonographe.
Est. 40/80  €
Nº 529: paid 50 €

Nº 530: "La Joueuse d'orgue", a large poster advertising the famous novel by Montépin (ca 1900). Mounted on canvas. Height 2,05, width 1,60 m. Good condition.
Est. 500/800  €
Nº 530: paid 520 €

Nº 531: Les Instruments de musique mécanique, by A. Buchner 240 pages with many illustrations. Gründ (Paris) 1992.
Est. 40/60  €
Nº 531: paid 70 €

Nº 532: A fine illustration of a barrel organ player Journal "L'Eclipse", 15 mai 1870. Complete, some wear
Est. 30/50  €
Nº 532: paid 30 €

Nº 533: Bowers, Encyclopaedia of Automatic Musical Instruments. Hard bound, good used condition. "The bible".
Est. 100/150  €
Nº 533: paid 120 €

Nº 534: Dom Bédos de Celles, L'Art du Facteur d'Orgues. 1976 repring by Laget in original 1766 size (43x30 cm), with many pages on mechanical organs. Two volumes (Text + Plates). Good condition.
Est. 250/400  €
Nº 534: paid 420 €

Nº 535: Chapuis et Gélis, Le Monde des Automates, Paris 1928, two volumes, softbound, in good condition. A well-known classical book, much looked after.
Est. 800/1200  €
Nº 535: paid 2400 €

Nº 536: A lot of more than 20 auction catalogues (Retonio, Chartres, etc.)
Est. 50/100  €
Nº 536: paid 50 €

Nº 537: Photographie du dessinateur de Jacquet-Droz du Musée de Neufchâtel  par Fred Boissonas célèbre photographe génevois.  Il est représenté un homme à ses côtés, sans doute le conservateur du musée. Début XXe. 22 x 14,5 cm.
Est. 100/150 €
Nº 537: paid 180 €

Nº 537: A photograph of the Jacquet-Droz Draughtsman of the Museum of Neufchâtel by Fred Boissonas, the celebrated photographer of Geneva.  The photo shows a man at his side, probably the curator of the museum.  Beginning of 20th century.  22 x 14.5 cm.
Est. 100/150 €
Nº 537: paid 180 €

Nº 538: Imagerie d'Epinal, grandes constructions : "dix planches à découper et à monter pour former des animations : Théâtre de marionnettes, la fête du village, la scierie, le zouave et le prussien.
Est. 60/80 €
Nº 538: paid 200 €

Nº 538: Imagery of Epinal, big constructions : "ten boards to be cut out and put up to form animations: Puppet theatre, the village festival, the sawmill, the clown and the Prussian.
Est. 60/80 €
Nº 538: paid 200 €


Nº 539: ROULLET DECAMPS. A fine mechanical swimming doll, Simon & Halbig moule 1079 taille 2 bisque head, chestnut glass eyes, cork body housing the mechanism, with key. Lacquered wooden limbs, iron sheeet hands, period clothing and wig. L. 41cm
Est. 1200/1500  €

Nº 540: ROULLET DECAMPS  "A cat walking, turning around, moving its tail and mewing" A fine item covered with white fur, glass eyes, it opens its mouth. Lenght 30cm
Est. 800/1200  €
Nº 540: paid 1000 €

Nº 541: DECAMPS  "A cat walking, turning around and mewing" A fine item covered with black fur, glass eyes, it opens its mouth. Lenght 30cm
Est. 800/1200  €
Nº 541: paid 850 €

Nº 542: ROULLET DECAMPS "Le chat cuisinier" (A cat as a cook) A fine mechanical toy. When the cook rises the cover of the "pot au feu", two mice appear and move. Partial skin, not original dress. 2d half of the XXth c. Height 30cm
Est. 300/500  €
Nº 542: paid 320 €

Nº 543: ROULLET DECAMPS "Le chat au moulin à café" (A cat with a coffee grinder) Body without skin and clothes. 2d quarter of the XXth c. height 31cm
Est. 250/400  €
Nº 543: paid 280 €

Nº 544: DECAMPS "Poupée berçant son enfant" (A doll rocking its child) Fine movements of the arms and the body. (Mechanism inside the body). SFBJ bisque head, musical movement in the base with independant winding. Restored clothes. Ca 1930. Height 45cm
Est. 1000/1200  €
Nº 544: paid 1150 €

Nº 545: An entertaining mechanical toy Depicting a bisque headed pair of characters, on a cross-shaped stand, with four lead wheels. Fine original condition, original spring. Germany, end of the XIXth c.
Est. 500/700  €
Nº 545: paid 800 €

Nº 546: Gustave VICHY.  "Page violoniste" (A page-boy playing a violin) A charming mechanical toy on three wheels, bisque head and hands, assigned to Gaultier. Fine original blue satin clothes. End of the XIXth c. H. 42x13cm
Est. 1000/1200  €
Nº 546: paid 1400 €

Nº 547: VICHY.  "Le meunier et son âne" (The miller and his donkey) A fine three wheeled mechanical toy stamped "G. Vichy Fils. Paris". Bisque head assigned to Gaultier, painted sheet iron hands, movements of the head of the donkey, and of the two hands and the miller's head (a bottle is missing in his right hand). End of the XIXth c. (some usual wear). Height 42 - W. 32cm
Est. 2500/3000  €
Nº 547: paid 3000 €

Nº 548: A singing bird cage A square gilt wood base with a plate of the magasin des successeurs de la Maison Baker-Troll à Genève. Bird with movements of its beak, its head and its tail. Beginning of the XXth c. Cleaning and adjustment are necessary. Lever with three positions : Play, stop, intermittent. 48cm
Est. 1000/1500  €
Nº 548: paid 1300 €

Nº 549: "La leçon de danse" (A dancing lesson) An animated picture with lithographed silhouettes Depicting a couple of characters looking at two dancing cats, with the music played by a man. The mechanism is moved by a small two tunes snuffbox type musical movement (traces of a label), pull winding. With a label of the Maison X. Tharin, referring to a patent taken in 1843. Black wooden frame, usual restoration. Mid XIXth c. Height 43 cm - Width 38 cm (restoration to some elements).
Est. 2000/2500  €
Nº 549: paid 2800 €

Nº 550: "Le dresseur de phoques" (a seal trainer)  A fine German manivelle toy, with a small musical movement, depicting a circus attraction : the trainer (fine modelled bisque head), beats time in front of two musician seals, one playing the cello, and the other one the harp. Fine original condition. Ca 1900. Height 25cm - 28x19cm.
Est. 1500/2000  €
Nº 550: paid 3600 €

Nº 551: "La ferme" (A farm) An entertaining German manivelle toy , with a small musical movement. In front of a Bavarian chalet type farm house, a fox is playing a tympanon, four hen are pecking. On the left a cock on a tree trunk rises and shouts its cock-a-doodle-doo (thanks to a musical bellow). Fine original condition. Ca 1900. Height 31cm - 30x23,5cm
Est. 1500/2000  €
Nº 551: paid 6000 €

Nº 552: RENOU "Le clown escamoteur" (A magician clown) An automaton referring to magic, in the tradition of this Parisian maker. He is standing and hides his head behind a fan. When he slides the fan away, his head has disappeared, a large dice on a small table opens, where his head appears again. Then the reverse happens : the dice closes, the clown rises his fan, then slides it aside and his head has come back in its former place. Staff head and hands, fine original condition (some dust and usual wear, a cleaning is necessary, the screen is not original). On a musical base. Ca 1900. Height, 52cm
Est. 10000/15000  €
Nº 552: paid 31000 €

Nº 553: VICHY-TRIBOULET.  "Clown jongleur équilibriste sur tonneau" (A clown as an acrobat, juggling on a barrel) A large automaton, of which the type is unknown to this day, depicting a circus attraction. (In "as found" condition, in need of a complete restoration, but seems complete). On a stand (such as found on other automatas by the maison Vichy), a clown is standing on a barrel which rolls on each side. He is holding a painted metal sheet plate in its left hand, and another small one in its right hand. He is supposed to throw a ball from one plate to the other. Very fine staff head with movements of the lids. Musical movement. Beginning of the XXth c. Height 1,05m - Width 60cm - Depht 58cm. This automaton has a similar make to "Les haltérophiles" (The weightlifters), an automaton sold by the Galerie de Chartres on May 30th 1999, n° 936 (same costume, same stand).
Est. 30000/40000  €
Nº 553: paid 66000 €

Nº 554: Gustave VICHY "Le dresseur d'oiseau" ou "L'Oiseleur" (A bird trainer) A rare and large automaton by Gustave VICHY, described in the catalogue of this famous maker as a "Dresseur d'oiseau". The character is more than one meter high (1,15m with his hat) (3' 9"). In court or ballroom clothes, with rich decoration, he delicately plays a flute with movements of his right hand fingers, while a fine four tunes musical movement is heard. A bird stands on his left hand and turns its head while listening to the music. When the flute stops playing, the bird begins to sing (the mechanism comes almost certainly from the Maison BONTEMS). Very fine movements of the bird trainer's head. He rises or lowers his instrument, bows to the audience, moves his eyelids and mouth in a very realistic manner.
Origin : this automaton was bought in a Sotheby's auction in London, on November 20th 1996, as n° 147. It was coming directly from the family of its first buyer. It was depicted in the No 9 issue of the Coppélia Journal in 1997. Very few copies are known : one in the Guinness collection is reproduced in the "Golden Age of Automata", by Christian BAILLY, page 83. The fac-similé of the catalogue depicting this automaton can be found in the same book page 263. In perfect working condition, the mechanism was completely cleaned after it was bought in 1996. Photos of the mechanism will be given to the buyer. The mechanism and the size of this automaton are exceptionnal. End of the XIXth c. Height 1,10 m
Est. 250000/300000  €
Nº 554: paid 250000 €

Nº 555: A fine three dimensional musical clock picture with a ship In a gilt frame (84x73 cm) with a front glass painted on its borders in black and gold (small wear). The canvas in the rear depicts the sea and a village. On the sides and the bottom are posted hinged painted metal plates depicting rocks and a church. Fine model of a sailing ship. Clockwork with hour striking on gong, stamped H. L., with a small enamel plate Bruno (?) Menesso (?) à Paris. Independant movement for the rolling and pitching of the boat, signed J. C. Cailly. Good independant two tunes musical movement, 7,3 cm cylinder (some bent pins). Third quarter of the XIXth c. Good general condition
Est. 3500/4000  €
Nº 555: paid 4800 €

Nº 556: BONTEMS.  A fine bush with singing birds With bird chirping, a well and a clock. Very complete with four animated birds : at the base of the tree, one bird sips water in a shell. In the middle, two other birds hop from one branch to another. At the top of the tree, the fourth bird flutters its wings. On the left, water runs from a well (a glass twisted rod activated by three wooden pulleys). In the rock appears a clock. Small snuffbox type independant movement, with pull winding. The chirping mechanism works with two bellows and seven cams. Wooden base (without glass dome). End of the XIXth c. Height 68cm - Width 49cm (cf. "Flights of fancy" by S. et C. Bailly. Ed. Antiquorum p. 302, for similar items).
Est. 8000/12000  €
Nº 556: paid 10000 €

Nº 557: Gustave VICHY "Le buffet magique" (A magic cupboard) A rare and fine automaton with an exceptionnal mechanism, depicting a gluttonous young boy who tries to get hold of a jam jar on a shelf at the top of his grandmother's cupboard. Here is the description in the catalogue de la maison Vichy : "This small glutton has climbed the cupboard to take some jam, so he opens a door, but sees a fly which walks up slowly. He wants to catch it, but the fly flies off. He stretches his arm towards the jar, but it has changed into his grandmother's face who rises her spectacles and scolds the child. So he rises his right arm to hide his face, and looks again to his grandmother and show her his tongue. The cupboard door closes while a small white mice runs upon the cheese and then disappears. Fine mechanism with seven cams. Two tunes musical movement. Height 84cm. Beginning of the XXth c. It is a fine item in "as found" condition. Needs some cleaning and revision. See The Golden Age of Automata, by Ch. Bailly p. 109 and 263).
Est. 30000/40000  €
Nº 557: paid 75000 €

Nº 558: LAMBERT "Fumeur de narguilé" (A"Turkish smoker") A Turkish man seated with his legs crossed, takes alternatively to his mouth a cup that he holds in his left hand, and a narguilé that he holds in his right hand. Fine stucco head,with movements of the mouth and the eyelids. Original clothing. With musical movement in the base, and smoking mechanism showing smoke. Key "LB" with remnants of a label. Usual restorations. Beginning of the XXth c. Height 60cm - 33x37cm
Est. 12000/18000  €
Nº 558: paid 15000 €

Nº 559: PHALIBOIS  "Singe artiste peintre" (A monkey as a painting artist) In the traditional spirit of this Parisian maker, and the fashion for monkeys in the second half of the French XIXth century. Movements of the painting right hand, of the head (sideways and up and down), of the mouth and the eyes. In good condition, small usual restorations to the landscape and some accessories. With a pull winding snuffbox type musical movement. Black wooden base with glass dome. Ca 1870/1880. Height 67cm - Width 50cm
Est. 10000/15000  €

Nº 560: PHALIBOIS "Le clown à la mouche" (A clown with a fly) A rare and entertaining model, unknown to this day in the catalogues of this maker. Rare mechanism with four wooden cams. Seated on his chair, the clown is inconvenienced by a fly which is comfortably seated on his nose. He is obliged to close his eyelids alternatively, and tries to frighten the fly by flapping in his hands, but without any success, so he tries to shrug his shoulders up and down, without any more success. Fine pressed cardboard and staff head and body, original silk clothes, some wear. A small accident to the left foot. With a musical movement. Ca 1900. Height 58cm
Est. 30000/35000  €
Nº 560: paid 50000 €

Mechanical music

Nº 563: A fine coin operated vertical 49,5 discs Polyphon musical box, on stand Fine classical Polyphon case, height 97 + top 33 cm. Not original base with side opening for the discs, height 83 cm. Total height : 2,13 cm. Two opposite combs with 60 teeth each. End of the XIXth c. Excellent condition and sound. With 12 discs.
Est. 5000/8000  €
Nº 563: paid 5400 €

Nº 563 B: paid 40 €

Nº 564: A fine 21 keys Black Forest organ clock To be suspended at a wall. Fine dial painted with flowers and birds. Height 61 cm. Width 57, depht 24 cm. Clockwork with hour striking on a bell. 29 cm cylinder playing seven tunes on twenty wooden pipes. Small splits in the cylinder, otherwise good general condition. Fine making. Mid XIXth c. This clock was formerly in the Muller collection (Pau) and is described in Chapuis, History of the Musical Box, pp 91-92.
Est. 4000/5000  €

Nº 565: A fine carillon standing clock Case in sculpted oak depicting several characters (of which an angel) in the style of Liège (Belgium). Total height : 2,67 m. Base 55 x 30 cm. 48 cm embossed and gilt brass dial, with indication of the hours, minutes and calendar. Typical from the tradition of the Black Forest weight driven movement. Carillon with a wooden 22 cm cylinder, playing 6 tunes on 11 bells. Ca 1900. Good general condition
Est. 1200/1800  €
Nº 565: paid 2100 €

Nº 566: A rare and fine metal cased musical snuffbox, teeth in groups of five Blue painted case with decoration of flowers. Lenght 9,3 cm. Fine notation and sound (a few noises). Ca 1840/50.
Est. 400/600  €
Nº 566: paid 550 €

Nº 567: A small two tunes oval musical base, with teeth by groups of four Ca 25 cm base, levers in front protuding from a mother of pearl plate. Pull winding. 64 mm cylinder playing two tunes. Ca 1830/40. Very fine notation and sound.
Est. 400/700  €
Nº 567: paid 600 €

Nº 568: A fine keywound musical movement with teeth by groups of five Housed in an old not original 33 cm mahoganny case (some cracks) with escutcheon, red velvet inside, levers missing. 20 cm cylinder playing 4 tunes on 102 teeth (19 groups of 5 and one group of 7). Ca 1830/40. Very beautiful playing and sound (very small tuning advisable). In very good condition
Est. 1500/2200  €

Nº 569: A fine key-wound musical movement with teeth by groups of two In a 50 cm oval clock base (clock missing). A small lateral bent door hides the 3 levers. 15 cm cylinder playing 3 tunes (Mozart et Boeldieu) on 84 teeth by groups of two. Ca 1830. Excellent condition, notation and sound
Est. 1500/2500  €
Nº 569: paid 1600 €

Nº 570: A coin operated French barrel piano by Elcé Brown standard case with painted canvas on the front (depicting a castle), width 99 cm height 140 + top 25 cm. 10 tunes tunesheet. Metal frame. Wooden 77 cm cylinder playing on 39 keys, mandoline effect. 1st half of the XXth c. Good general condition (needs tuning). Rear pannel missing.
Est. 1200/1800  €

Nº 571: A concert roller organ, 20 notes organette Wooden case with gilt stringing decoration. 46x38x32 cm. Uses 16 cm "cobs" with helicoidal notation (several turns for one tune). With 10 cobs. Ca 1900, good condition (A few restorations to the bellows)
Est. 1500/2500  €
Nº 571: paid 1600 €

Nº 572: Musical child folding armchair fabric covered, with a 2 tunes musical movement, with the label of the shop "Aux enfants sages". When the child sits on it, the music starts.
Est. 700/800  €
Nº 572: paid 1000 €


Nº 575: Gustave VICHY. A large automaton of a bicycling woman, second half of the XIXth c., signed on the motor : "G. Vichy Fils Paris". The bisque head was specially designed to receive lorgnettes. Blue eyes (Barrois ?), wooden hands ; silk clothes and period wig. Fine used condition, some chips to the painting of the tricycle, but alas the winding mechanism is incomplete (lacks winding barrel). Height, 45cm - Lenght 40cm
Est. 4000/5000  €
Nº 575: paid 16000 €

Nº 576: VICHY TRIBOULET "Les clowns insolents" (The impertinent clowns) A famous automaton of which one copy belongs to the Musée de Neuilly, in the formerly collection of Jacques DAMIOT. Two musicians clowns are scratching their "guitars", while rotating on themselves, the one in the back kicking the one in the front, each in turn. Very fine staff heads, one laughs, the other one cries. Our item is in an exceptional condition of conservation, because placed in an original windowcase. Coin-operated. The painting of the heads, the clothes, the scenery are in very fine original condition. With a musical movement. Beginning of the XXth c. Height of the automaton 60cm - Width 55cm. Height of the windowcase 1,07m. W. 80cm - Depht 53cm.
Est. 40000/60000  €
Nº 576: paid 82000 €

Nº 577: A fine musical picture clock (Re-gilt) frame 86x102 cm. Country scenery (restoration) signed (rare) AB Desfontaines fils : characters, a church, houses, a brook, mountains ... Square bedplate clockwork movements, with striking and angelus. Good 21 cylinder 6 tunes musical movement with rather rare tunes (polka, valse, etc.) and label "Musique de Genève". Good notation and sound (5th tune a little feeble), very good general condition. Ca 1870/80
Est. 2500/3500  €

Nº 578: Henry VICHY "Noir joueur de banjo" (A black man playing a banjo) It is also named in the catalogue "Dahoméen clown" réf. 512 (cf. "The golden age of Automata, by Christian Bailly, page 267). The black man is standing, leaning on the back of a seat and plays a banjo, beating time with his right foot, he turns his head sideways with movements of his eyelids and of his mouth (staff head and hands). From time to time, he shrugs his shoulders (because of a wrong note ?). In original condition, with the label Henry Vichy, 36 rue Montmorency. Musical movement with zither to imitate the sound of the mandoline. Faded clothes. End of the XIXth c. Height 72cm.
Est. 15000/20000  €

Nº 579: PHALIBOIS "Le siffleur" (A whistler) Large and rare automaton depicting a young Parisian lad standing and whistling. Movements of his head and his right hand which beats time. Some large collections include this model (cf. "The Golden Age of Automata", by Christian Bailly", page 164 and 165). A similar model was sold in the Dina Vierny auction at Sothebys in 1996 (It came from the collection Bernand, sold in the Galerie de Chartres in 1983). Height 94cm. In working order, but needs a restoration of the bellows. Original clothes and red velvet base. (The patina of the head was restored).
Est. 25000/30000  €
Nº 579: paid 42000 €

Nº 580: Gustave VICHY "Le flûtiste éthiopien" (An ethiopian flute player) A fine automaton depicting a black man playing a flute, with articulations to the fingers of both his hands : "He brings his flute to his mouth, to play it with movements of his fingers, then he lowers his flute, turns his head, moves his eyelids and seems to talk to the audience to announce the next piece of music". So is described this model in the catalogue of the Maison VICHY. Very fine staff head, wit two tunes musical movement and a rich costume. A very similar model is reproduced in "The Golden Age of Automata", by Christian BAILLY, page 72. Height 82cm
Est. 35000/50000  €
Nº 580: paid 39000 €

Nº 581: A picture clock in a gilt frame 80x69 cm. Fine naïve painting describing a church, a lake, many characters and animals, and two fairground shops, one being a Punch and Judy performance. Restored canvas. Round clock movement with hour striking on a gong. 2d half of the XIXth c. In good condition.
Est. 1200/1800  €
Nº 581: paid 1700 €

Nº 582: VICHY "Négresse à la corbeille de fleurs" (A black woman with a flower basket) A well known model by the maison Vichy, derived from the "Black man with a fruit plate". This woman holds a basket with three roses which opens each in turn to unveil : a monkey (turning its head with movements of its eyelids and its mouth), then in the center : a rotating dancing girl, and finally a rotating mouse. Black tainted skin head and shoulders. Movements of her head and her eyelids (needing adjustment). The mechanism and musical movement are inside the body. Original clothes (some wear, faded and tarnished by dust). Original key and label of the tunes of music on the base. End of the XIXth c. Height 66cm.
Est. 10000/12000  €
Nº 582: paid 16000 €

Nº 583: LAMBERT "Pierrot donnant une aubade à la lune" (Pierrot serenading the moon) Famous and well-known automaton getting together the favorite themes of the "Belle époque" (around 1900) : Love, the moon and Pierrot. "Playing a mandolin, he shows his tongue while lowering his head ; the moon answers him with a blink and by speaking to him (movements of the mouth). Composition head, bisque hands, period clothes, with musical movement. Fine condition, small usual restorations, ca 1900. Height 55cm - Width 49cm. This model is reproduced in the catalogue de la Maison Lambert and in many books.
Est. 15000/20000  €
Nº 583: paid 15500 €

Nº 584: "La danseuse de corde" (A female rope dancer) A fine automaton from the second half of the XIXth c., assigned to PHALIBOIS. Two fine characters, with wooden heads and limbs, fabric and paper clothes, in the style of the XVIIIth c. In a clearing, a rope dancer performs (movements of her head, of her arms as a balancing pole, and of her legs) while her companion accompanies her with his mandolin. Pull winding musical movement with zither. Wooden base with a glass dome. Fine original condition (a few adjustments are necessary). Height with the glass dome 76cm, without it 51cm - Width 50cm.
Est. 9000/15000  €
Nº 584: paid 10000 €

Nº 585: "Marine" (a sea scene) A three masted ship pitches facing the entrance of a harbour, while the wings of a windmill rotate. Under a glass dome, end of the XIXth c. A name is written in pencil (maker, or old restorer ?). With a musical movement (adjusting needed), under painted glass dome. Height 44cm - W. 38cm.
Est. 1500/2000  €

Nº 586: LAMBERT "Le bébé qui a cassé son Polichinelle" (A baby having broken his Pulcinella) A well known item from the Maison LAMBERT, but here with a very beautiful Maison Jumeau moule 211 bisque character head showing a crying face, blue paperweight eyes, bisque hands. This doll shows its Pulcinella which is broken in the middle, it looks at it, then looks at the audience and wipes a tear, with a handkershief it holds in its left hand. Original clothes, but worn dress. Key "L B", one tune musical movement with remnants of a label. Inside its wooden original carrying box. Ca 1890. Height 52cm.
Est. 12000/15000  €
Nº 586: paid 18500 €

Nº 587: Blaise BONTEMS "A singing bird cage" made in wood and shell, Asiatic style, with a label : "Envoi de Blaise Bontems fabricants d'oiseaux et papillons mécaniques 72 Rue de Cléry à Paris". Very fine song with movements of the head, the beak and the tail, with intermittent position. Height 41cm
Est. 3000/4000  €
Nº 587: paid 4800 €

Nº 588: LAMBERT "A girl and her pulcinella" An automaton in very fine original condition, in its original wooden case, rich silk clothes, mainly light blue. The girl is proud to show her pulcinella that she is holding in her left hand, then she looks at times on a pocket watch she is holding in her right hand. Movements of the head and the eyes. (Simon & Halbig open mouth bisque head). One tune musical movement with a label : "La valse bleue", key "L B". Ca 1900. Rare in this condition. Height 52cm.
Est. 5000/7000  €
Nº 588: paid 9000 €

Nº 589: BONTEMS A large china pot holder with a singing bird. Movement signed Bontems à Paris, a small crack in the pot holder, movements of the head, the beak and the tail. Fabric flowers, and some artifical not original flowers. Singing and movements of the bird needs adjusting. Beginning of the XXth c. Height 54 cm.
Est. 2000/2500  €
Nº 589: paid 2100 €

Nº 590: LAMBERT "Clown violoniste" (A clown playing a violin) He is standing and plays his violin. Staff head, movements of his head, he shows his tongue and moves his eyelids. Original clothes (wear and dust). Musical movement in the base. Printed with the label of the magasin "Guitton à Paris". End of the XIXth c. Height 67cm 6000/8000  €
Nº 590: paid 10000 €

Nº 591: Michel BERTRAND (from Vichy) "Pierrot écrivain" (Pierrot as a writer) It is one of the models made by Michel Bertrand, a famous Parisian automata maker and repairer, who lived later in Sainte Croix in Switzerland. This is a reproduction of the rare and famous automaton by the Maison Vichy. In perfect original condition, with the signature of Michel Bertrand. While writing, Pierrot falls asleep, his lamp die out. When awakening, he rises the wick of his lamp, ligth comes again and he goes on writing his letters. Ca 1970/1980. Height 64cm - 55x37cm
Est. 12000/15000  €
Nº 591: paid 18000 €

Nº 592: Gustave VICHY "Coquette à sa coiffeuse" (A smart woman at her dressing table) A fine automaton depicting an elegant woman in the XIXth c. leaning in front of her mirror and looking at herself with a lorgnette. Fine bisque Parisian head, bisque shoulders, arms and hands. In perfect working order, it was recently checked, with some restorations to clothes and fabrics. With a fine musical movement. End of the XIXth c. Height 60cm - L. 48cm.
Est. 8000/12000  €
Nº 592: paid 11000 €

Nº 593: LAMBERT "La poudreuse" (A girl powdering her face) A bisque Jumeau head young girl is looking at herself with a lorgnette, then she powders her face. Four movements, bisque hands, original clothes. Key "L B", one tune musical movement with a label : "Corneville Carillon". Height 50cm
Est. 3500/4000  €
Nº 593: paid 5500 €

Nº 594: LAMBERT "La marchande de fraises" (A girl selling strawberries) This young woman is holding a large basket of strawberries, and she rises some of them : a small bisque dancer girl appears. Movements of her head and her eyes (Simon & Halbig bisque head), open mouth, bisque hands. One tune musical movement with a label. (A few teeth are broken). Key "L B", partly restored clothes. Beginning of the XXth c. Height 50cm
Est. 4000/6000  €

Nº 595: A curious clock under glass dome with a musical animated scene depicting a farrier workshop 4 movements. Lenght 44 cm Height 51 cm Good 3 tunes musical movement (not dismantled). XIXth c. Restorations. In very good condition
Est. 2500/3500  €
Nº 595: paid 5200 €

Nº 596: A musical picture clock Gilt frame 88x75 cm. Canvas (teared, accidents) depicting a church, a river and characters. On the inside, handwritten mention : "Plaisant, rue St Antoine". Square shaped clockwork signed HL with hour striking on a gong. Independant snuffbox type musical movement. 3 tunes (it suffered a run). 2d half of the XIXth c.
Est. 1400/1800  €

Nº 597: A fine musical picture clock in a gilt sculpted frame 102x87 cm. Fine painting 80x65 cm depicting a castle with a park, a river, characters. Some old restorations. Good clockwork movement (square bedplate, later pendulum) striking the hours and half hours on gongs, and starting the small 2 tunes snuffbox like movement. Mid XIXth c. Needs cleaning and adjusting. Good condition.
Est. 2000/2500  €
Nº 597: paid 1500 €

Nº 598: "Marine" (A sea scene) An animated picture depicting the entrance of a harbour with a three masted ship. The movement of the ship on the waves is controlled through a snuffbox type musical movement (pull winding, 2 tunes, of which "Silent night", remnants of a label). Usual restorations. Gilt frame. Mid XIXth c. H 34x42cm - Depht 17cm.
Est. 1000/1500  €
Nº 598: paid 2500 €

Nº 599: "Le rieur" ou "Le rigolo" (A laughing man) de la Maison DECAMPS Here, we sell only the dressed body of this automaton, seated and clothed in period costume (ca 1930). Fine staff head with movements of the eyes and of the lower lip. Double movement of the torso : sideways, and back and forth. The base and the motor are missing, but the four commanding rods are there. (cf. a similar model, which was complete, was sold in the Galerie de Chartres in May 2005, n° 844 of the catalogue). Height 72cm.
Est. 2000/3000  €

Nº 600: JAF. "Charlot à la barre fixe" (Charlie Chaplin performing at the horizontal bar) An electrical automaton for a window case, with the plate of the Maison JAF. Character in good condition with original clothing. H 70cm. Important motor in a wooden base (needs a repair, some parts missing ?).
Est. 1200/1500  €
Nº 600: paid 1900 €

Nº 601: "Singe violoniste sur orgue" (A monkey performing the violin, on an organ base) This instrument is traditionnaly assigned to Thibouville Lamy. It needs a complete restoration. One leg missing, clothing and head in need of restoration. 6 tunes reed organ needing revision. 38x27cm H 54cm. 2d half of the XIXth c.
Est. 1200/1500  €
Nº 601: paid 1400 €

Nº 602: A fine automaton head In cast bisque stamped "E", probably a Jumeau make, closed mouth, fixed glass chestnut eyes, flat cut neck. 6cm
Est. 600/1000  €

Nº 603: "Hommage à Odilon Redon" (A tribute to Odilon Redon) A rare and fine contemporary electrical automaton (ca 1960), depicting a Pierrot head with paperweight blue eyes and movement of the eyelids, which is suspended to a stylised tree. It is an artistic and original creation. height 60cm.
Est. 1200/1800  €
Nº 603: paid 1800 €

Nº 604: "Orchestre de singes" (A monkey orchestra) An electrical automaton in the spirit of the Monkeys orchestras with an organ base, as made in the XIXth c. In a theater scenery, two musician monkeys, one as a violonist, the other one as a cellist. (Movements of the head, the mouth and the arm which uses the bow). With lighting. 2d half of the XXth c. Height 74 - W. 54 - D. 37cm.
Est. 1500/2000  €
Nº 604: paid 1200 €

Nº 605: " Clown jongleur " (A clown, juggling) An automaton with a metronom type clockwork movement, giving a continuous swinging movement to the head. Germany, beginning of the XXth c. Fine original condition. H. 60 cm.
Est. 800/1200  €
Nº 605: paid 500 €

Nº 606: "Noir Magicien" (A black man as a magician). This magician, behind his table, rises four times in sequence the two thimbles and makes appear and disappear various cakes and fruits. Movements of his head sideways, of both arms, and of the objects. Composition head and hands. Base with two tunes musical movement. Unknown maker. Mid XXth c. Height 52cm.
Est. 1200/1500  €
Nº 606: paid 2200 €

Nº 607: LAMBERT "Petite fille aux bulles de savon" (A small girl with soap bubbles) A charming character with German bisque head, open mouth. She inhales soap in a bowl she holds in her right hand, and blows bubbles (in working order). Movements of her eyes, her head and of both hands. Base with musical movement. Key "L B", original underwear, but the base velvet and the dress have been replaced. Beginning of the XXth c. Height 50cm.
Est. 3000/4000  €
Nº 607: paid 3000 €

Nº 608: "Les petits vieux" (Elderly people) A manivelle automaton depicting an elderly couple seated on straw chairs. She knits, he reads. Musical movement. 2d half of the XXth c. Height 45 - W. 33cm
Est. 400/600  €
Nº 608: paid 600 €

Nº 609: Carnaval de Venise A contemporary automaton by CAMU with six characters and a musical movement by Reuge. Height 70 cm, width 46 cm.
Est. 600/800  €

Nº 610: Carnaval de Venise A contemporary automaton by CAMU with six characters and a musical movement by Reuge. Height 65 cm, width 33 cm.
Est. 400/600  €

Nº 611: A singing bird cage round shaped, in gilt metal. Movements of the head, the tail and the beak. Singing needs attention. Germany, mid XXth c. Height 30cm
Est. 500/700  €
Nº 611: paid 400 €

Nº 612: A character for a ventriloquist Composition head with animation of the eyebrows, the eyes and the lower lip. Handle with ivory knob, probably for a shadow performance (it is a seditious stick !), clothes
Est. 800/1200  €

Nº 615: A rare "fixé sous verre" two tunes musical snuffbox Small composition case (accidents) 90 mm, with coloured décoration of a chariot with an archer and rearing horses (split glass, metal frame to be put in place). Good and delicate musical movement. Ca 1850/60. Complete, but the case needs restoration, and the movement needs cleaning and adjustments.
Est. 500/800  €

Nº 616: A fine two tunes musical snuffbox, with teeth by groups of five Composition case with delicate floral decoration. 95 mm. (Small accidents and split on the inside horn cover). Fine notation and sound. Ca 1850. Good general condition.
Est. 450/600  €

Nº 617: An important Black Forest organ clock "Joseph Klein", with two 22 keys stops Fine sculpted front with decoration of red curtains, whitened and gilt semi-columns and two painted characters. Height 95 cm. Clock with hour striking on a bell. Fine movement with maker's label. 40 cm cylinder playing 9 tunes at will on two stops of wooden pipes, playable at will. Mid XIXth c. Completely restored (according to a provided album with photos). Fine condition (playing could not be verified).
Est. 6000/7000  €
Nº 617: paid 6800 €

Nº 618: A small coin operated French barrel piano in the shape of a cupboard, by "Lilliput Jazz" "Fabrique de pianos orchestre Maison Desmouriez-Hourdiaux, 9, rue Vasseur, Solesmes, Nord". Case with mirrors 99x180x60 cm. Incomplete coin operation. Tunesheet for the 10 tunes. Metal frame. 72 cm cylinder playing on 32 piano keys + snare drum, cymbal, woodblock, jingle bells. Beginning of the XXth c. Good general condition (rear pannel missing). Needs a revision
Est. 1200/1800  €

Nº 619: A large Fortuna table musical box, with 47,5 cm discs Sculpted wooden case 78x60x35 cm (some wear) with handles and inside a glass protected image depicting dancing characters. Winding on the front (a key replaces the missing handle). Two opposite combs with 54 teeth each (one broken). End of the XIXth c. Fine sound (some adjustments are advisable). With 9 discs. (Cf. Bowers p 239). 3000/4000 620: A rare small musical clock by Junghans, with 6 interchangeable cylinders Wooden case with top, height 41 cm. Metal 6 cm long "sleeve" cylinders, each noted with one tune. The clock starts the musical movement which has its own spring motor under the movement. German, ca 1900. Very good condition. 500/800 621: Séraphone, a 20 keys organette Wooden case with gilt stringing decoration. 43x31x28 cm. Commercial card "Peter Black Manchester. Ca 1900. In good general condition. With four modern paper rolls.
Est. 1200/1800  €

Nº 620: A rare small musical clock by Junghans, with 6 interchangeable cylinders  Wooden case with top, height 41 cm. Metal 6 cm long "sleeve" cylinders, each noted with one tune. The clock starts the musical movement which has its own spring motor under the movement. German, ca 1900. Very good condition.
Est. 500/800  €
Nº 620: paid 1650 €

Nº 621: Séraphone, a 20 keys organette   Wooden case with gilt stringing decoration. 43x31x28 cm. Commercial card "Peter Black Manchester. Ca 1900. In good general condition. With four modern paper rolls.
Est. 1200/1800  €
Nº 621: paid 1400 €

Nº 622: Regina, a table musical box for 39,5 cm discs Fine sculpted wooden case 57x52x35 cm. 2 opposite combs. Some attention is needed (unwanted noises), otherwise good presentation and in working condition. End of the XIXth c. With 11 discs.
Est. 1500/2200  €
Nº 622: paid 1100 €

Nº 623: Magic Organa Hohner A portable automatic accordion, in its carrying case, with separate foot blower system. Spring driven movement to activate the roll (in working order). The whole seems complete and in good condition, but could not be tried (the rubber pipe between the accordion and the blowers is missing). With 7 rolls. Beginning of the XXth c.
Est. 2500/4000  €
Nº 623: paid 4600 €

Nº 624: A good 12 tunes musical box Case with transfer decoration, 54 cm. Fine tunesheet (Ploermel, Carmen, Faust, etc.) stamped LJM Paris. Leverwound. Tune indicator. 28 cm cylinder. Good condition. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 1200/1500  €

Nº 625: Amorette, a 16 notes organette with 22,5 cm metal discs. Black case 35 cm. Ca 1900. Needs attention. With 19 discs
Est. 400/600  €
Nº 625: paid 400 €

Nº 626: A coin operated French barrel piano by Automatic Piano 32, rue des Archives, Paris. Standard black case, width 1,17 cm, height 140 cm + top, depht. 68 cm. The lower case beam needs replacement. Metal frame. 93 cm cylinder (some wear but no split) playing 10 tunes on 51 notes. Mandoline effect. Rear pannel missing. 1st half of the XXth c. In playing condition, but needs tuning.
Est. 1000/1500  €

Nº 627: A coin operated French barrel piano by Veuve Amelotti Standard cream coloured case, with painted canvas on the front (windmill). Width 100, height 139 + top 26, depht 58 cm. 74 cm cylinder playing 10 (?) tunes on 38 keys. Mandoline effect. "Veuve Amelotti Nice Ets Gauder Saint-Brieuc". First half of the XXth c. In playing condition but needs tuning.
Est. 1000/1500  €

Nº 628: A 16 keys Organina Thibouville, said "Serinette Parisienne" Lenght 38 cm. Ca 1900. Very good condition, with two books of music (Mazurka, Polka).
Est. 1200/1800  €
Nº 628: paid 1100 €

Nº 629: CARAN D'ACHE (1859-1909) A collection of 107 silhouettes, very finely carved in zinc and brass plates for a shadow theater : 26 small craftsmen, two of which are jointed, 6 political characters, all jointed, 10 army men one of which is jointed, 5 jointed legendary characters, 7 Gondolas of which 6 are taking part in the Ball, 3 hunters, 1 coach in three parts, two firemen, 29 dancing characters of which 8 are jointed, 12 satirical characters of which a large one, 6 various characters.
Est. 8000/12000  €
Nº 629: paid 18500 €

Nº 630: paid 180 €
Nº 631: paid 120 €
Nº 633: paid 850 €
Nº 634: paid 1700 €
Nº 636: paid 1800 €
Nº 639: paid 1300 €
Nº 641: paid 2600 €
Nº 642: paid 1500 €
Nº 645: paid 3300 €
Nº 648: paid 3300 €
Nº 649: paid 3400 €
Nº 650: paid 3200 €
Nº 656: paid 3200 €
Nº 664: paid 300 €
Nº 665: paid 220 €
Nº 666: paid 750 €
Nº 669: paid 1300 €
Nº 670: paid 3300 €
Nº 671: paid 200 €
Nº 672: paid 140 €
Nº 673: paid 60 €
Nº 674: paid 65 €
Nº 681: paid 110 €
Nº 684: paid 50 €
Nº 686: paid 450 €
Nº 688: paid 200 €
Nº 689: paid 350 €
Nº 690: paid 140 €
Nº 691: paid 260 €
Nº 692: paid 180 €
Nº 693: paid 300 €
Nº 694: paid 180 €
Nº 695: paid 400 €
Nº 696: paid 400 €
Nº 697: paid 120 €
Nº 698: paid 900 €
Nº 699: paid 750 €
Nº 700: paid 280 €
Nº 701: paid 70 €
Nº 702: paid 380 €
Nº 703: paid 120 €

Fin de la vente. End of sale.

Our next specialized auction of mechanical music, dolls, automata, etc. will take place in December 2007.
Last entries for the catalogue : end of October 2007.

22 May 2007

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