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Chartres Auction Catalogs, 7 December 2008
Ventes aux enchères publiques
Sunday December 7th 2008

528.jpg (90 kb)

Vente aux enchères publiques
(80 km or 1 hour by car from Paris)

Me Jean-Pierre Lelièvre - Pascal Maiche - Alain Paris
Commissaires-priseurs associés (Auctioneers)

Sunday December 7th 2008, beginning at 14 h (2 pm).
In the "Galerie de Chartres", 500 feet from the Cathedral.

Ca 200 lots :

About 40 good automatas,
by Vichy (a barrel organ player, a tympanon player, a banjo player), Roullet-Decamps (A peacock, A Chinese in a jar), Renou (Clowns with a crate), Lambert

And several electrical automatas.
And a rare religious embroidered picture featuring St Peter and the crowing of the cock (operated by bellows)

Several singing birds :
a very fine snuffbox by Rochat, several cages by Bontems (a Pagoda), a rare 6 tunes musical box with a singing bird in a round aperture on the front, etc.

More than 50 items in mechanical music, amidst them :

A Foucher-Gasparini 36 keys organ and a Limonaire type organ, 34 keys
A "Gavioli à Paris" portable cylinder 36 keys barrel organ
Several coin-operated barrel pianos and a Turkish portable piano
Several organettes (a good Thibouville 36 keys, a serinette, etc.)
A small 30 keys piano melodico and a Stransky automatic piano
A rare large Testophone (4 klaxons operated through a rubber bulb)
A Rollmonica
A vertical 50 cm disc Polyphon
A musical "chalet" with music and automatas
A good "boîte de gare" by Henri Vidoudez, with 3 dancing dolls
A large 6 tunes "Voix célestes" musical box
Many disc or cylinder musical boxes, some keywound, and many musical novelties (albums, tiles, clocks, etc. ).

Ca 15 fairground artifacts

More than 50 lots of phonographs or related items

Related books, documentation, etc.

The auction will take place as usual in the old gothic "Chapel",
500 feet from the cathedral, 7, rue Collin d'Harleville, 28000-Chartres.
(Facing the large old Post office, now a mediatheque).
(Same phone and fax numbers as the office, as stated below)

- VIEWING : Friday December 5th : 15 to 17 h and 20 h30 to 22 h
   Saturday December 6th :  9 to 10h30 (then auction of dolls)
Sunday December 7th :  9h30 to 11h30

The new offices are in Le Coudray, 3 km south-east from the center of the city
10, rue Claude Bernard - ZA du Coudray BP 70129 - 28003 Chartres Cedex
Tel.*  +33 (0) 2 37 88 28 28
Fax * : + 33 (0) 2 37 88 28 20

Technical consultant for mechanical music instruments :
M. Philippe Rouillé,
Tel./Fax* +33 (0)1 42 36 10 25

* Do not dial the first (0) if you are outside France.


Estimates are given in Euros.
The price mentionned in the estimates is the price expected at the hammer, in Euros. For the buyer, add a total premium of 15 % (taxes included) on the hammer price.

Next specialized auction : May 2009. Entries till mid April 2009.

If you are interested in dolls, there is a large specialized auction (and a special catalogue in French) on Saturday December 6th, with several hundred lots.

This English translation is given only for the convenience of English speaking clients, and tries to be as reliable as possible. Nevertheless, only the French text of the catalogue (with the occasional corrections given during the auction) is conclusive. (Please read the general conditions of the auction on the back of the cover of the French catalogue). If you have any doubts or questions about an item, please ask the auction house before the auction.

A reference is sometimes made to the following book :
- Q. D. "Bowers" Encyclopaedia of Automatic Musical instruments (Vestal Press, USA, 1972 and many subsequent reprints).

Chartres is a beautiful old city, about 1 hour from Paris with a car or by train.
You may visit one of the finest XIIIth century cathedrals in France, with wonderful deep blue stained glass windows ("le bleu de Chartres"). It has been for centuries a well known pilgrimage.

For any information or to get a printed catalog (only in French), just write or fax to the above mentionned address, or send an e-mail to :

This catalogue will also be visible at the following web address :
(as the previous auctions since 1998, and the results after this auction)

Another web site is available :

Nº 501: Buchner, A. Les instruments de musique mécanique (Gründ, Paris 1992)
Est. 30/50 €

Nº 502: Five books on mechanical music and phonographs.
Two of them are in English, and one in German, by S. Wendel.
Est. 40/60 €

Nº 503: Nine unmatched issues of journals from associations :
(MBSI (1977-78), AAIMM (1976-78), The musical Box (1978).
Est. 10/20 €

Nº 504: A two tunes musical tile, depicting a bird.
Good condition. Beginning of the XXth c. And another, in need of restoration.
Est. 120/180 €

Nº 505: A gilt metal musical alarm-clock.
Height 16 cm. Beginning of the XXth c. In good condition.
Est. 80/120 €

Nº 506: A two tunes musical cristal decanter with its stopper.
In good condition.
Est. 80/120 €

Nº 507: A wooden musical alarm-clock.
Height 27 cm. Ca 1900. Good condition (one tooth missing).
Est. 70/100 €

Nº 508: A musical cigar-dispenser.
Height 30 cm. End of the XIXth c. (with modern one tune musical movement, instead of the two tunes indicated on the old tune-sheet).
Est. 100/150 €

Nº 509: A curved-shaped base with a 3 tunes musical movement.
Snuffbox-type, with tune-sheet.
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 510: Thorens, a small modern 11,5 cm disc musical box.
Case 19 cm. In good condition. With 7 discs.
Est. 160/250 €

Nº 511: Thorens, a small 2 tunes musical box.
Case 12 cm. Tunesheet. Two per turn movement. Mid XXth c. A fine small gift for Christmas !
Est. 70/120 €

Nº 512: A wrecked 4 tunes musical box.
Case 32 cm, Cyl. 12 cm, broken teeth. For spare parts ... End of XIXth c.
Est. 50/100 €

Nº 512: A musical photo album.
Red velvet cover. With photos. Small 2 tunes musical movement. Ca 1900.
Est. 100/150 €

Nº 513: Rollmonica, a small automatic mouth organ.
Bakelite ? 1930's. 13 cm. In good condition, with 4 rolls.
Est. 200/300 €

Nº 514: A mechanical monkey playing a barrel organ.
Metal, Germany 1950's. In good condition (lazy spring motor).
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 515: A rare and large 4 notes Testophone.
By pressing a rubber bulb, a short melody is played. 80 cm. Beginning of the XXth c. In very good condition.
Est. 600/800 €

Nº 516: A statuette of a portable organ player with a monkey.
Modern, in composition stuff, 63 cm.
Est. 300/400 €

Nº 517: A small musical photo album
Est. 13x16 cm. Blue velvet cover. Ca 1900. Good small 3 tunes musical movement.
Est. 100/150 €

Nº 518: A small musical box for a dancing doll (missing).
Good small movement with tune-sheet. Beginning of the XXth. c.
Est. 160/250 €

Nº 519: A large musical photo album.
Purple velvet cover. 22x35 cm. Fine 2 tunes snuffbox type movement.
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 520: A small 16 keys Ariston organette
Wooden case, with varnish imitating wood. One cardboard disc. Good presentation, but needs overhauling.
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 521: Symphonion, a table 19,5 cm disc musical box.
Case 28x22 cm. H. 16 cm. Under the lid, a fine black and white litho depicting a musical consort of children. End of the XIXth c. One broken tooth, otherwise good condition. With 28 discs.
Est. 350/500 €

Nº 522: A clockbase with a very good 3 tunes musical movement.
Mahoganny veneered case 42x22 cm. H. 10 cm. Fine 14,5 cm cylinder movement, keywound, 3 levers. Ca 1840. 1 broken tooth, some rare bent pins. Otherwise, excellent playing, sound and musicality.
Est. 700/1200 €

Nº 523: A clock in a gilt frame with music.
Frame 43x35 cm (a few splits). Clock (condition not checked) with hour striking. Fine independant snuffbox type 2 tunes musical movement. Austria ? End of the XIXth c.
Est. 1000/1500 €

Nº 525: A small 7 tunes reed portable organ.
With handwritten tune-sheet (dances). Walnut case 45.27, H. 22 cm. End of the XIXth c., small restorations. In very good condition of presentation and playing.
Est. 1800/2500 €

Nº 525: Polyphon, a vertical 50 cm disc coin operated musical box.
Sculpted wooden case. May stand on feet or be fixed on a wall. 69x40 cm. Top part lacking. Two opposite combs with a total of 118 teeth (6 broken). End of the XIXth c. Good general condition and playing, some damper noises. With 17 discs.
Est. 3000/5000 €

Nº 526: A Turkish portable piano, by Carmelo Formes in Constantinople.
Pine case, inside label written in Roman and Greek letters, 37 notes and a bell, 10 tunes, on its folding stand. Fine decoration in black velvet embroidered with flowers and an oblong landscape. Good general condition.
Est. 3000/4000 €

Nº 527: "Armand Nallino à Nice", a very good and large coin-operated barrel piano in the shape of a cupboard.
Case with fine art deco front, added embroidery, paintings and brass decoration. 138x70 H. 192 cm. Tunesheet for the 10 tunes (with a surprising "Meunier tu dors" Millman, you sleep too much ... ). Snare drum, hand drum and jingles, woodblock, cymbal, carillon with 8 tubes. 105 cm cylinder (some wear, a very small split). Metal frame in good condition. 1st half of the XXth. c. Very fine condition of presentation and playing, in working order.
Est. 2500/4000 €

Nº 528: Foucher-Gasparini. a 36 keys book-operated organ
H. 1,12m - Width 0,89m - Depht 0,59m. Flower painted front (old but not original ?) with 3 ranks of pipes. Works with a handle, very good condition and playing. Ca 1900. With 19 books : 7 old ones, and 12 by Paul Boyadjoglou (mainly street songs). A good organ, in good original condition.
Est. 9000/12000 €

Nº 529: A 10 tunes musical box.
Simple case lenght 51 cm (with not original winding hole on the left side). Tunesheet of the 10 tunes, of which "God save the Queen". Lever winding. 31 cm cylinder. Ca 1870/80. Restored. Good condition and sound.
Est. 1300/2000 €

Nº 530: "Henri Vidoudez Ste Croix Suisse" : A good "de gare" Sublime Harmonie 8 tunes musical box, with 3 dancing dolls.
Such boxes were placed in Swiss train stations, to allow travellers to wait with music for their train.
Fine case with boxwood stringing decoration and builder's plate, as a showcase with a glass front, in good condition but needing revarnishing. 69x43 cm. H. 61 cm. Slot for (missing) coin-operation. Large tunesheet at the rear. Lever winding. Nickeled double spring barrel and 33 cm cylinder. "Parachute" and tune indicator. Three fine period dancing dolls (some wear to their clothes), drum, 6 bells striken by butterflies. End of the XIXth c. With (added) electrical lighting. In very good condition and sound, a few adjustments are needed.
Est. 5000/7000 €

Nº 531: An exceptionnal clock picture featuring St Peter and the crowing of the cock.
In a fine gilt glass frame, with "Eglomisé par Haeth à Lyon" glass, with the label of this luxury shop in Lyon. Superb embroidery work picturing St Peter with his keys in a garden, near a river, near a building with a clock, at dawn.
Inside are 5 motors signed by R.G. Verhée, one activating bellows reproducing the crowing of the cock when St Peter betrayed Christ. Other movements are for the clock, the hour striking and its far away repetition, and Angelus. In very fine condition. Mid XIXth c. H. 57cm, W. 63,5cm, D. 18cm.
Est. 5000/7000 €

Nº 533: A coin-operated Christmas musical box with 3 bells
stricken by butterfiles. Tunesheet, unhoocked spring, unless in good condition.
Est. 450/500 €

Nº 534: Two good books on automatas, in French, by Eliane Maingot (1959) and Jean Prasteau (1968).
Est. 30/50 €

Nº 535: Cardboard plates to be cut out : "Imagerie d'Epinal - Pellerin"
Grandes constructions mécanisme marchand de sable - Le village - Le cordier (5 ex.) - Les forgerons et scierie (2 ex) - La fête du village - Le bucheron (4 ex.)
Est. 100/150 €

Nº 536: Cardboard plates to be cut out : Imageries d'Epinal - Pellerin
Moyennes Constructions Mécanisme marchand de sable (trois exemplaires chacun) : Le savetier, la scierie, cirque miniature, théâtre Guignol, la balançoire, la lessiveuse, le rémouleur.
Est. 100/150 €

Nº 537: A handle operated organ, in cardboard plates to be cut out.
Imageries d'Epinal n° 1026 Pellerin Moyennes Constructions.
Est. 30/50 €

Nº 538: A charming pulling toy featuring a sledge with a seated young lady, drawn by a duck
Est. 3 wheels, SFBJ painted bisque head, musical mechanism in need of attention. With a stamp by a maker or reseller for Vichy. Beginning of the XXth c. 43 cm.
Est. 500/700 €

Nº 539: A. THEROUDE Paris. "le Zouave au feu" (A soldier at war)
A three wheeled mechanical toy signed on the bedplate. Fine composition head inspired by Napoléon III, Original clothes. In working order. Ca 1870. Height 24cm - Width 14cm.
Est. 1500/2000 €

Nº 540: RENOU
A fine carrousel with four zeppelins and four characters in airship gondolas, bisque heads, original clothes. In good working order, with musical movement. Beginning of the XXth c. H. 54cm.
Est. 6000/8000 €

Nº 541: DECAMPS.
A rare walking mechanical donkey, covered with natural skin, glass eyes, articulations of the legs "imitant la marche la plus naturelle des animaux" (imitating the most natural pace of animals). L. 38cm.
Est. 1200/1800 €

"Le paon" (A peacock).
This automaton walks rising its legs and turning its head, then it stops and spreads out its feathered tail. Entirely covered with natural feathers, bronze legs, glass eyes. This model is very rare. The first walking peacock was created by Jean Roullet in 1877 from the archives of Ernest Decamps, modèle n° 100 in the catalogue. Height 0,50m with spread out tail. In very good condition, the feathers were recently renovated.
Est. 5000/6000 €

Nº 543: DECAMPS.
"Eléphant mécanique marcheur" (A mechanical walking elephant)
covered with natural skin, glass eyes, articulations of the legs. It rises its legs,"imitant la marche la plus naturelle des animaux" (imitating the most natural pace of animals). L. 38cm.
Est. 1000/1500 €

"Singe fumeur" (a smoking monkey)
pressed cardboard body, covered with true fur, movements of the eyes, the mouth and the arm, and mechanism for the smoker. Height 36cm.
Est. 1500/2000 €

"Chinois à la tasse de thé sortant d'une potiche". (A chinese man with a teacup coming out of a jar)
A beautiful original automaton, although his clothes are very dusty. The jar in red, cream, blue and gold pressed cardboard. He looks from left to right and drinks from his cup. Ca 1870/1880. Height 36 cm.
Est. 6000/8000 €

Nº 546: RENOU
"Les clowns emballeurs" (Clowns with a crate)
An automaton depicting a white clown trying to close a crate housing a black clown. The latter fights, pushing back several times the lid and ending by breaking the lower part of the crate with his left foot. 3 cams mechanism, fine staff heads, glass eyes. It works, but needs some adjustments. Original clothes in "as is" condition. Ca 1900. Height 55 cm.
Est. 6000/8000 €

Nº 547: Gustave VICHY
"L'Espagnol au tambourin" (A Spanish man playing a tambourine)
A fine and large automaton featuring a musician accompanying a Flamenco group ? Carboard limps and head (important cracks). Fine movements of the head, the mouth and the eyelids, of the right wrist and arm, and of the left hand which beats time with a tambourine. Remnants of period silk and velvet clothes, original wig. 2 tunes musical movement and automaton movement inside the body. Period key. Ca 1880 (This model is unknown in the catalogue of the maison Vichy). Height 80cm.
Est. 18000/25000 €

"Les mains à mains" (Clowns holding hands)
Two acrobatic clowns hold each other through their hands. The one who bears the other is primarily reclining forwards, then he rightens himself while rising the flying clown who pulls himself up while parting and reuniting his legs, and rising his head. The bearing clown rises and turns his head, movements of his eyelids, very fine sculpture of his interlaced hands, very typical staff heads of "clown Auguste" and "clown Blanc", glass eyes, lace silk and satin costumes in old style. Base with two steps, forming a stage 54x42cm). With music. Ca 1890/1900. Height 56 and 77cm.
Est. 20000/25000 €

Nº 549: "Rochat à Genève", a fine singing bird snuffbox
Fine tortoiseshell case 95x60x30 mm. Very fine condition (a slight parting of a side). Bottom missing. Rear compartment for the key (missing). Very fine enamel paintings, in excellent condition (rare), on the lid : an alpine landscape on the outside, and flowers on the inside. Fine bird (rotates, turns its head, flaps its wings and tail, beak ?). Fusee-driven movement, signed on the bedplate. Ca 1840-50. It seems complete, but we neither dismantle it, neither tried to make it work. Needs restoration. See Chr. Bailly "Flights of fancy", photos pp 252 et 253, and p 211 : "Le nom de Rochat est emblématique chez les connaisseurs ... Synonyme de qualité, de minutie de recherche, il fait l'unanimité". (All collectors agree that Rochat's name is a sign of the utmost quality).
Est. 4000/6000 €

Nº 549 B BONTEMS :
Rare and beautiful singing bird cage in the shape of a pagoda
This model was almost certainly realised for the famous shop "Au Nain bleu".
The cage is in green lacquered metal in the extreme-oriental style, with mangers. The bird, with mainly blue feathering, flaps its wings, moves its head and beak. Continuous or intermittent playing. Fine condition H : 53 cm. This model is featured in the Bontems catalogues and reproduced page 323 in the book "Flights of fancy" by S. et C. Bailly. Ca 1880.
Est. 2500/4000 €

Nº 550: Gustave VICHY.
"Coquette se poudrant" (A smart woman powdering her face)
Superb and rare version, showing a lady standing in front of a standing mirror. Mechanism and musical movement inside the body. She powders her face several times while looking at herself in the large mirror, then she uprises and looks in the small hand mirror she helds in her left hand. Fine Jumeau head, bisque shoulders and hands. Very fine period clothes, wig. On the stand is fixed the brass plate of the maison Vichy. Period key. Ca 1890. Height 63cm.
Est. 22000/28000 €

Nº 551: Gustave VICHY.
"Le joueur d'orgue de Barbarie" (A barrel organ player)
A rare and fine automaton in excellent original condition. The man stands behind its instrument and turns the handle while a doll dances on top of the organ. Rare character bisque head, lacquered metal sheet hands, fine red and blue silk clothes. Ca 1880. A similar automaton is reproduced in "The Golden Age of Automata", by Ch. Bailly p. 84. Height, 63cm.
Est. 20000/25000 €

Nº 552: Gustave VICHY.
"Piano Watteau" or "la joueuse de tympanon" (a tympanon player)
A large and beautiful automaton depicting a seated XVIIIth century lady playing her instrument. Fine bisque character head and hands. Fine movements of her head and her hands, shoulder breathing. 2 tunes musical movement. Inscribed with the n° 466 from the maison Vichy. End of the XIXth c. Height 76cm - Base : 56x56cm.
Est. 40000/60000 €

Nº 553: Henry VICHY
"Noir joueur de banjo" (A black musician playing a banjo)
Also called in the catalogue "Dahoméen clown" (from Dahomey) ref. 512 (cf. The Golden Age of Automata, by Christian Bailly, page 267). Leaning on the back of a chair, he stands and plays his banjo, beating time with his right foot. He turns his head from left to right with movements of his eyelids and of his mouth (staff head and hands) ; from time to time he raises his shoulders with a sigh. In original condition, with the label of Henry Vichy, 36 rue Montmorency. Musical movement with zyther imitating the sound of a mandoline. Faded clothes. End of the XIXth c. Height 72cm.
Est. 15000/20000 €

Nº 554: A bush of singing birds with a fountain and a clock.
On a tree, a bird jumps from branch to branch, while at the top another flaps its wings, and at the foot a third one is drinking from the foutain (a rotating twisted glass rod). Mechanism with wooden cams. 2 tunes independant musical movement, pull winding. Overhauling of the whole item is necessary. On a black wooden base. Width 44cm - H. 65 cm.
Est. 7000/9000 €

Nº 555: A singing bird snuffbox, in bronze, mid XXth c.
The bird rotates, movements of the wings and the tail. In working order, but needs some attention.
Est. 1000/1500 €

Nº 556: "Funambule et deux musiciens" (A tight rope walker and two musicians)
A very classical automaton of the third quarter of the XIXth c. Such automata are often assigned to Phalibois, but this one has seven cams in brass and not in wood as traditionnaly made by Phalibois. Fine original condition. The tight rope walker has a wooden head, and the two female musicians have modelled bisque heads. 7 movements. Cracks to the dial of the clock (pendulum missing). Under glass dome with base painted in marble imitation. Height 65cm - Width 49cm.
Est. 5000/7000 €

Nº 557: VICHY.
"Le petit cuisinier" (a young cook)
A rare version depicting a cook seated on top of a column, beating time by striking his wooden spoon against a copper pan lid. Staff head, bisque arms and hands. Two movements for his head, from right to left, and up and down. Movements of the right hand striking the lid, and of the right leg beating time. On a base with a musical movement, ca 1900. Very fine working condition, clothes restored ca 20 years away. Height 69 cm.
Est. 12000/15000 €

Nº 558: VICHY
"Coquette à sa coiffeuse" (a smart lady at her dressing table)
A fine automaton with multicolored flowers silk embroidery, in good condition, although some usual wear. Very beautiful movements of this lady who looks at herself, leans towards her table, powders her face and stands upright again. Fine bisque head assigned to Gaultier, bisque shoulders and hands (right hand missing). With a musical movement. Ivorine dressing implements. It works, but needs some adjustments. Ca 1880. Height 62 cm. Width 43 cm.
Est. 18000/22000 €

Nº 559: Gustave VICHY
"Négresse jouant de la cythare" (a female negro playing a cithar)
Numbered No 418 in the catalogue of this famous Parisian maker. In standing position (mechanism inside the body), with her left foot slightly towards the rear (very fine sculpture), she rotates her head, bows, moves her eyelids and both arms. Composition head and limbs, original wig and shoes. The other clothes have been richly remade. On the base is affixed the copper plate of the Maison Vichy, with musical movement inside. End of the XIXth c. Height 80cm.
Est. 15000/20000 €

Nº 560: "Singe violoniste sur orgue" (a monkey playing a violin on an organ)
Traditionnaly assigned to Thibouville Lamy and Mirecourt. 16 keys reed organ activated by a handle. The character is in good original condition, but the whole mechanism (organ and automaton) needs overhauling. Ca 1880. Height 56cm - Width 36cm.
Est. 1800/2000 €

"Chinoise servant le thé" (a Chinese woman serving tea)
In fine working original condition, with the n° 39 of the Lambert catalogue where it is described as follows : "Tenant un plateau avec un service à thé et versant avec une théière, tête caractérisée. Costume en beau broché et satin brodé de perles. Musique 1 air" (Holding a tea tray and pouring tea with a tea pot, character head. Fine brocaded and silk costume with decoration of pearls. One tune musical movement). With label. Height 52cm.
Est. 6000/8000 €

"Le cuisinier musicien" (a musician cook)
An automaton with Jumeau head, chestnut paperweight eyes, open mouth. He shows his tongue and turns his head from right to left, playing music on a warming pan with tweezers, and shaking in rythm the pompom of his cotton cap. Painted metal hands. Restored and reclothed with beautiful style clothing. Independant musical movement. Beginning of the XXth c. Height 50cm (n° 293 in the Decamps catalogue).
Est. 3000/4000 €

"Petite fille à la cage à oiseau" ou "Bébé cage" (a little girl with a bird cage)
Closed mouth Jumeau head, taille 4 (accident to the bisque shoulders), chestnut eyes, bisque hands. Four movements : two for the head, one for the right hand showing the cage, and another one for the bird inside the cage (small necessary adjustment). Otherwise good original condition of the clothes and the wig (some dust and fading). Key "L B". One tune musical movement. Reproduced page 173 in "The Golden age of Automata", by Christian Bailly. N° 40 in the Maison Lambert catalogue. Height 49 cm.
Est. 3500/4000 €

"Coquette au miroir" (a smart lady in front of her mirror).
An automaton with mechanism and musical movement inside the body, large bisque closed mouth Jumeau head, blue paperweight eyes. Two movements of the head, she turns her head, powders her face and looks at herself in the mirror. Movement of the right arm which holds a powderpuff and of the left arm which holds a mirror. Largely restored in the old style. End of the XIXth c. Height 60cm.
Est. 4500/6000 €

"La gitane au tambourin" (a female gipsy with a tambourine)
An automaton "as found", with a Jumeau head stamped in red, taille 1, closed mouth, bisque hands (accident to two fingers), movements of the head from left to right (bisque slightly chipped) and movements of the two hands. Original faded clothes. Height 47cm.
Est. 1200/1800 €

Nº 566: TRIBOULET or JAF (successors to VICHY).
"Gamin frappeur" (a boy striking a window pane)
A fine electrical automaton intended to advertising inside a window case, works with 6 cams and 7 pulls, having the No 374 in a catalogue of a reseller : "la publicité animée" (animated advertising). In very fine original condition, this boy is clothed in the fashion of the period, he has a very beautiful staff smiling head. On a wooden base housing the mechanism. Here is the description in the catalogue : " tournement de tête et salut, yeux, sourcils, bouche. Il frappe la vitrine avec une canne tenue dans la main droite et tourne légèrement sur lui-même pour montrer avec sa main gauche l'étalage." (He turns his head and bows, with movements of his eyes, eyebrows, mouth. He strikes the window with a cane he holds in his right hand and rotates slightly to show with his left hand the display of goods). Ca 1920. Height 77 cm. Base : 37x37 cm.
Est. 5000/8000 €

Nº 567: TRIBOULET Successeur de VICHY
"Le Groom de chez Maxim's"
A 110 volts electrical automaton. Fine character, standing in original clothes with a very beautiful staff and cardboard head, up and down movements, the character rotates, movements of his eyes, his eyebrows and his mouth, movement of his right arm showing the advertising. Ca 1910/1920. Height, 1,20 m.
Est. 8000/10000 €

Nº 568: TRIBOULET Successeur de VICHY
"Normand buveur" (a Norman man drinking)
A fine 110 volts electrical automaton, with six cams and a good decomposition of the movements. Fine staff and cardboard head, he bows his head, looks right and left, movements of his mouth, his eyes, his eyelids and of both arms pouring the liquid (it really works). On a wooden crate, original clothes, 1st half of the XXth c. Ca 1910/1920. Total height 1,03 m.
Est. 6000/7000 €

Nº 569: "Le cordonnier" (A shoe repairer)
An electrical advertising automaton, probably English made, cardboard head and hands. Height 78cm.
Est. 600/800 €

"Le trésor du pirate"
An elecrical automaton : The pirate is kneeling in front of a richly ornamented tin casket and upheave its lid while standing up again. His left hand plunges into the casket to grasp jewels, and then he closes the lid. The whole item is fixed on a thick slice of elmwood, of which the irregular contours figure out a rocky platform. A molded cardboard rock hides the easily accessible motor and mechanism. In very good working condition. It was made for a jeweller's windowcase in the 1960's. H 50 cm - Width 58 cm.
Est. 1000/1500 €

Nº 571: An electrical automaton featuring a "young female mandolin player"
With bisque head, four movements, independant musical movement. Mid XXth c. Height 50cm.
Est. 500/700 €

Nº 572: An electrical automaton featuring a female piano player
Bisque head, four movements, with independant musical movement. Height 38cm - Width 35cm.
Est. 500/700 €

Nº 573: Heubach. A bisque head of a shouting young boy, with straight neck, for an automaton, with blue intaglio eyes, moule 7634, full head and fair painted hair. H 10cm.
Est. 250/400 €

Nº 574: A mechanism for an animated picture under glass dome with ship, windmill and watermill. Needs restoration, without glass dome. The mechanism and the musical movement are working. Width : 39 cm
Est. 400/600 €

Nº 575: A basset hound
A modelled plastic dog made by "les Etablissements Convert à Oyonnax", with electrical remote control (defective). 44 cm.
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 576: An automaton clock
Wooden home art work with in the upper part a dial and asmall mechanism operated by a battery and in the lower part a window where successively appear various wooden sculpted and gilt characters. The mechanism needs overhauliing. H. 45 cm.
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 578: The improved Celestina Organette, 20 notes
Case 40x34 H. 36, End of the XIXth c. With one endless strip. Good condition but some adjustments needed.
Est. 800/1300 €

Nº 579: A 8 tunes musical box with piccolo effect
Good movement with inverted lever winding. 33,8 cm cylinder. Fine notation and sound, a few damper noises. Ca 1860/70. Perhaps by l'Epée, with two original levers on the right side on brass horizontal contorted shaped plates, with transmission to the outside of the box through levers, according to the ulterior casing of the movement into another period box. 53x22 cm H. 16 cm.
Est. 800/1500 €

Nº 580: A fine Organina Thibouville, 36 keys
Large model in a fair fruitwood case, with a "jeu céleste" lever. 86x46x40 cm. On a blackened wooden base with two drawers housing some books, on feet, height 50 cm (some wear). End of the XIXth c. Good general condition, some adjustments needed. With 6 old books of music, and ca 20 modern ones.
Est. 3000/5000 €

Nº 581: A good serinette
Walnut case 27x22 cm. Height 16 cm. Handwritten tunesheet of the 8 tunes (amidst which la Marseillaise, le Chant du départ, la Petite chasse). With an oval label "La Creusette et Quandrieu Valenciennes". 10 metal pipes. 2d half of the XIXth c. In good condition.
Est. 500/700 €

Nº 582: TANZBAR, a small 18 keys automatic German accordion
working with perforated paper rolls. With two rolls in good condition.
Est. 2000/2500 €

Nº 583: A fine 12 tunes musical box
Fine not original but period case with inlay and handles 64 cm. Double spring barrel. 33 cm cylinder. Tune indicator. End of the XIXth c. Restorations. Fine playing and sound.
Est. 1500/2200 €

Nº 584: A very rare and fine 6 tunes musical box with a singing bird in a medaillon in front, and 9 bells
Large canted corners case with handles, on a elaborately shaped black wooden based with brass decorations. 76x47 cm, height 36 cm. Richly decorated with brass stringing and a cartouche on the lid (small brass parts missing). On front, a glass round opening window (13 cm), bordered by brass inlay (a few parts missing) houses the singing bird (height 3,5 cm, needs refeathering), in the middle of an imitation of foliage. 5 movements : it rotates, flaps its wings and tail, turns its head and opens its beak.
The inside of the box is decorated with boxwood stringing and inlay. Fine handwritten tune sheet : Verdi : Traviata, Trovatore, Reine Topaze ; Rossini : Barbier de Séville, cavatine, valse ; Paganini : Carnaval de Venise. Lever winding. 36 cm cylinder, diameter 6 cm, playing on 106 teeth : two combs of 45 and 35 teeth, 9 bells at will, 12 notes for the song of the bird (at will, on small wooden flutes), and 5 teeth for the movements of the bird. No 19156 on the handle and under the case. Ca 1870. Swiss (Brémond ? Rivenc ?), very fine quality of fabrication and musicality. Traces of old repairs (amidst which tune sheet, jewel missing), slight adjustments needed for the song of the bird, otherwise excellent condition of presentation and playing.
A similar box, from the Reuge collection, is pictured in the book by Christian Bailly "Flights of fancy", p 334.
Est. 18000/25000 €

Nº 585: A good 12 tunes musical box
Case with transfer decoration 54 cm. Fine tune sheet (Ploermel, Carmen, Faust, etc.) stamped LJM Paris. Lever winding. Tune indicator. 28 cm cylinder. End of the XIXth c. Good condition.
Est. 1000/1500 €

Nº 586: A large musical chalet with four automatas, one of them being a barrel organ female player
Fine cut out wooden chalet, fixed between two trees, on an oval base 66x28 cm. H. ca 40 cm. In the upper part of the front of the chalet is a removable watch ("cylinder four jewels") needing restoration. In the base, a clockwork movement drives both a good 2 tunes snuffbox type musical movement, and four automatas : a woman who turns the handle of a barrel organ, her companion who moves his arm forward to ask for money, the female owner of the chalet whose body and bisque head rotate, and the owner who walks along the balcony. 2d half of the XIXth c. In good condition (needs de-dusting).
Est. 1500/2000 €

Nº 587: A good 8 tunes "mandoline" musical box.
Fine case with boxwood stringing and flower inlay decoration. 56x22x15 cm. Tunesheet (Traviata, Vie Parisienne, etc.). 33 cm cylinder. Zither. Ca 1880. Good condition and musicality. Needs cleaning.
Est. 1200/1600 €

Nº 588 A good "Limonaire" 34 keys organ, with percussions
Half modern making by a follower of Limonaire. Restorations. Case painted with landscape and flowers. Width 160 cm, height with top 166 cm, depht 40 cm. Bass drum, snare drum, cymbals. 2d half of the XXth c. In good condition of presentation and playing (220 V electric motor, no guarantee). With ca 16 books by Fournier.
Est. 6000/9000 €

Nº 589: Prag : WILLENBACHER ET RZEBITSCHEK IN PRAG, two tunes musical movement. Key winding. N° 1041/12747 on the brass plate 15x7 cm. Ca 10 cm cylinder, with 81 teeth (bass on the right side). Ca 1839. Good condition (excepted 5 broken teeth and 2 broken tips). Very fine playing and sound.
Est. 400/600 €

Nº 590: A rich 6 tunes musical box with "voix célestes, tambour et timbres"
Very beautiful inlaid case (cherubs), with bronze handles. 72x44 cm H. 29 cm. 33 cm cylinder, 16 keys of voix célestes, 7 bells. Ca 1875/80. Restored, in good condition, a few adjustments needed.
Est. 3000/5000 €

Nº 591: Gavioli à Paris, A fine 8 tunes cylinder 36 keys portable organ, with piccolos.
Beautiful case with stringing inlays and brass protections on the corners. 65x37 H. 60 cm. Restorations (bellows, tune selector, etc.). Very beautiful miscellaneous tunes and excellent sound.
Est. 6500/8500 €

Nº 592: A 30 keys Piano melodico. Shaped as a small rectangular grand piano on feet 87x44 cm Haut. 82 cm. Plate "Bossola Genova". A few restorations. A small split to the table, otherwise good condition, some advisable adjustments. Ca 1900. With 5 books by Boyadjoglou.
Est. 1800/2500 €

Nº 593: An important Black Forest organ clock by "Joseph Klein"
With two stops of 22 keys each. Fine sculpted front with scenery of red curtains, white and gilt half columns, and two painted characters. Clock with hour striking on a bell. Fine organ movement with label of the maker. 40 cm cylinder playing 8 tunes on two stops at will of wooden pipes. Mid XIXth c. Entirely restored (as a book of photos shows), good condition. H. 89 - W. 55,5cm.
Est. 7000/8000 € €

Nº 594: A large and beautiful coin operated French barrel piano by E. Duigon (Nantes)
Fine "Art nouveau" front with two portraits of women in medaillion, and a marine landscape. Very fine sculptures on the upper front (very small accident) and to the feet, with gilt stringing. 150x67 cm. Height. 164 cm. Spring driven, coin operation. Tunesheet for the 10 tunes. Very fat cylinder, lenght 123 cm. Strings, percussions at will (bass drum, snare drum, cymbal, triangle, woodblock). Beginning of the XXth c. Excellent general condition, very powerful sound.
Est. 1800/2500 €

Nº 595: Clariophon, a very rare 24 keys organette.
In its original travelling case stamped Leipzig. Instrument case in clear wood with transfer decoration and printed "Clariophon". 45x33x29 cm. Uses perforated metal sheets (alas missing) which are rolled around an inner cylinder. This instrument is not mentionned in the Bowers Encyclopedia. According to McElhone (The organette book, MBSGB), we know only a score around the world. See his complete description pp. 70-73, but our model seems to be another original type without openings on the lid (but with inner openings on the right and left of the cylinder). End of the XIXth. c.
Est. 800/1200 €

Nº 596: Stransky, a fine upright piano with a mechanism reading perforated cardboard strips.
Fine bur walnut and mahoganny upholstery. 155 x 1,30, depht 68 cm. Seven octaves. Metal frame, good apparent condition. Wheel at the rear for electrical operation (motor missing, electrical lighting on the front needs restoration). Under the keyboard, a drawer houses the mechanism (probably Hupfeld type system), playing on 61 keys by turning a handle. Ca 1900. Good general condition, in working order, but needs some revision and adjustments. With one perforated strip.
Est. 1000/1500 €

Nº 597: Melodion Meissner, a 26 keys 8 tunes portable reed organ.
Case with boxwood stringing and flower decoration. 59x31x59 cm. "Georg Meissner Orgelbauer in Zörbig" Tunesheet. Beginning of the XXth c. Very good condition of presentation and playing.
Est. 2500/3000 €

Nº 598: No lot.

Nº 599: A typical cylinder Turkish portable piano
Case in blackened and cut out wood, with decoration of stars and crescent, with openings in the front and at the rear, covered with fabric to let the sound escape. 72 x 115 cm. Small splits to the table. Fine S shaped handle. 8 tunes on 38 keys and a bell. Card and stamp of the maker unreadable. Beginning of the XXth c. It seems complete and sane, it works, but needs restoration.
Est. 2000/3000 €

Nº 600: A 4 tunes musical box.
Fine box with boxwood stringing and inlay decoration (revarnished). 42 cm. Lever winding. 21 cm cylinder. Ca 1880. Plays well and loud (a few dampers noises).
Est. 900/1500 €

Nº 601: Dolcine Piccolo, a small 16 keys organette
German, end of the XIXth. c. Restoration needs to be achieved (bellows are restored). With one endless strip. (Description in McElhone, The organette book, MBSGB).
Est. 400/600 €

Nº 602: A good and large perroquette, 3 stops, 15 keys.
Fine case painted on the front with a parrot, and on the top with a marine. 49x30x30 cm. Fine inverted C shaped handle. Inside, handwritten tune sheet for 3 previous 12 tunes cylinders, which seem to have been replaced many years ago by one 10 tunes cylinder, according to a tune sheet by J. Noël à Mirecourt. Three stops of metal pipes (two open, one stopped). The base seems to be end of the XVIIIth c. on which important restorations were made, old and modern.
Est. 1800/2500 €

Nº 603 A fine musical clock on a base housing a very rare movement with teeth screwed one by one.
An ormulu clock featuring an angel with a quiver, a lyra and a jug, striking the hours and half hours, and starting the music on the hour. Height 50 cm.
On a plain mahoganny base with rounded feet and rounded corners on the front. 42x20,5 cm., height. 10,5 cm. Three (remade) levers on the front. Inside (re-housed ?), a very fine and rare musical movement. 4 tunes on a 17,8 cm cylinder, diam. ca 3,5 cm. Comb with 66 teeth screwed one by one. Ca 1815. Fine notation and typical sound of early movements. The clock dates also from the beginning of the XIXth c.
Est. 5/6000 €

Nº 604: An unusual musical "unfolding"photo stand
on feet, with a drawer and a small musical movement. Height 37 cm. Green velvet (very faded) and heart-shaped mirror. Needs cleaning and restoration.
Est. 250/400 €

Nº 605: A large musical decanter
Veneered case with decoration of exotic boxwood stringing. Height 40 cm. 6 side doors. 4 tunes good snuffbox type movement. Ca 1900.
Est. 250/400 €

Nº 606: A 12 tunes musical box
Case with transfer decoration of flowers. 35 cm. Tune indicator. 9 cm. Nickel-plated cylinder. Ca 1900. Good condition and sound, a few noises.
Est. 350/500 €

Nº 607: Symphonion, a table 27 cm disc musical box
Black square case 34 cm. Transfer decoration (much wear). Lever winding in the front of the case. Fine instruction sheet inside. Two combs diamatrally opposed. Twelve discs (Faust walz). End of the XIXth c. Good sound but the playing needs improvements.
Est. 600/800 €

Nº 608: A small 6 tunes reed organ, crank operated.
Fruitwood case. 37x22 cm H. 29 cm. We did not dismantle it, but it seems apparently with 16 keys. Beginning of the XXth c.
Est. 500/700 €

Nº 609: Manopan, a 39 keys organette
Black case ca 70 cm. End of the XIXth c. Apparently complete and in good condition. Some restorations. With 3 strips.
Est. 700/1000 €

Nº 610: A small 6 tunes musical box
Shaped as a large burrwood snuffbox (21 cm, accident). Keywound under the case, 11 cm cylinder. Good mechanical condition, but playing needs improving. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 200/400 €

Nº 611: A 6 tunes musical box. 38 cm. 9 cm cylinder. Movement is blocked, one broken tooth, some bent pins. End of the XIXth c.
Est. 200/300 €

Nº 612: A musical picture clock.
Naïve painting in a gilt frame (75x55 cm). Clockwork on rectangular bedplate, striking hours and half-hours. Good independant small 2 tunes musical movement on the side. Ca 1900.
Est. 300/500 €

Nº 613: A metal musical alarm clock. 2 tunes (La Marseillaise). Clockwork needs restoration. Beginning of the XXth c.
Est. 100/200 €

Nº 614: A wooden musical alarm clock. With brass decoration. Height 32 cm. Beginning of the XXth c. In good condition.
Est. 120/180 €

Nº 615: Ariston, a 24 keys organette
Case 41 cm. End of the XIXth c. Without discs, unverified working order.
Est. 250/400: €

Nº 616: A fine musical "globe de mariée" (marriage flowers under a glass dome)
With orange flowers and 2 tunes snuffbox type movement, pull winding. In working order.
Est. 300/400 €

Nº 617: Two wooden musical clocks, in working order.
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 618: A musical tile
Blue ceramic, with scene of hide and seek game.
Est. 80/120 €

Nº 619: Lador, a modern cigar box with a dancing doll. Ca 18 cm.
Est. 50/100 €

Nº 620: A musical photo album, with red velvet cover (some wear).
Est. 100/150 €

Nº 621: A small musical movement in need of restoration.
Est. 45 mm cylinder. Beginning of the XXth c.
Est. 20/50 €

Nº 622: Ten various perforated rolls for pneumatic pianos.
Est. 20/30 €

Nº 623: Lecoultre Frs, a keywound 4 tunes musical box
Inlaid case 37 cm, 3 levers. Tunesheet with indication "Forte piano". Ca 20 cm cylinder. Alas, the movement "turned" (most teeth are broken, bent pins). Ca 1840. A fine witness, it would be interesting to restore.
Est. 180/300 €

Nº 624: Pleyela, Themodist, Aeolian : more than eighty 88 notes rolls for pneumatic pianos.
Est. 200/300 €

Nº 625: Le Moulin Rouge.
An important closing in iron sheet cut out and painted in green and yellow in the Art Déco style. Fifteen main elements, measuring : lenght between 1,67 and 1,75m ; width 68cm with two doors with their tops.
By tradition, this very decorative items were placed in the famous "Moulin Rouge" between the two world wars.
Est. 2500/4000 €

Nº 626: A rare and large silhouette for a shadow theater.
depicting a smart lady with a parasol, seated on a camel. Several cut out sheets of metal, animated by a wooden lever, and many string pulls. Ca 1900. Character H. 46cm - W. 44cm - Total height 81cm - Width 60cm.
Est. 3/4000 €

Nº 627: A pyrogenic counter or bar Roulette, in multicolored cast iron, depicting a vine maker seated on a barrel, with vine decoration. On the roulette is a chromolitograph depicting two children. Height 33 cm.
Est. 600/800 €

Nº 628: Bayol (Angers) : A small wooden sculpted carrousel horse.
Rare jumping position (for taming, obstacle), repainted in yellow in the fairground way, many metal reinforcements, with the escutcheon of the Maison Bayol à Angers, chestnut glass eyes, with its original bits. L. 1 m, H. 53 cm.
Est. 3000/4000 €

Nº 629: Bambi, a sculpted and painted wood carrousel animal
on a spring plate, swinging back and forth. Ca 1950. L. 95 cm, H. 1,10 m
Est. 400/600 €

Nº 630: A fine carrousel carriage with horses
The carriage with a painted and imitation leather covered opening door, drawn by two multicolored sculpted wooden horses, rubber wheels, fine original condition, excepted one wheel. L. carriage 1,40m / L. horses 1,10m
Est. 1200/1800 €

Nº 631: Harley Davidson : a police motorbike for a carrousel, by Lenaerts Brussels-Belgium. In yellow and orange painted metal, many chromium plated parts, rubber tyres, in very good condition with its windshield inscribed "police". L. 1,50m
Est. 1000/1500 €

Nº 632: A carrousel jumping horse in waxed wood. L. 94cm - H. 75cm
Est. 400/600 €

Nº 633: A part of a wooden carrousel horse (head missing). L.1,15 m.
Est. 100/150 €

Nº 634: Two large and exceptionnal carrousel cocks
in multicolored moulded resin, mid XXth c. ? One with its round brass bar. H. 1,40m W. 1,60m
Est. 3000/4000 €

Nº 635: Two carrousel tops, in painted iron sheet, depicting Mickey, Minnie, Donald... L. 175 cm, H 73 cm.
Est. 200/300 €

Nº 636: A painted sheet metal carrousel boat, artisanal fairground work. Mid XXth c. L. 1,13m.
Est. 200/300 €

Nº 637: A carrousel motorbike, artisanal fairground make, in painted metal sheet, with rubber tires. Mid XXth c. L. 1m.
Est. 300/500 €

Nº 638: A carrousel sheet iron plane
Naïve fairground art ? Mid XXth c., in used condition, with chips and some rust. L. 1,55m.
Est. 300/500 €

Nº 639: A carrousel locomotive in sheet iron and wood
Naïve fairground art. Mid XXth c. L. 1,25m.
Est. 200/300 €

Nº 642: Five books on phonographs
including "Le Phonographe" by Coeuroy and Clarence, and catalogue of the Bibliothèque Nationale exhibition in 1988.
Est. 30/50 €

Nº 643: A ceramic plate in "terre de fer" de Montereau
with a printed scenery about listening to a phonograph (some chips and wear).
Est. 20/30 €

Nº 644: An accessoiry set by His Master's Voice to adjust 78 rpm discs : speed tester. In a box.
Est. 30/50 €

Nº 645: A maintenance necessaire for an Edison cylinder phonograph.
Est. 20/30 €

Nº 646: More than 30 needle boxes, various models.
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 647: An advertising cardboard plate for the Marshall needles.
Est. 20/30 €

Nº 648: A colored disc : "For the children" with sleeve by James Jewell.
Est. 30/50 €

Nº 649: A Saturne 78 rpm colored disc : Monsieur Beaucaire.
Est. 40/50 €

Nº 650: An enamelled sheet iron plate "phonos, radio, Barthe".
Est. 20/30 €

Nº 651: A "Bébé Jumeau Phonographe système Lioret", with a cylinder "Fais dodo".
The mechanism seems complete and in good condition, but key and grate are missing. Wooden bedplate and resonator stamped by Maison Lioret. Molded bisque head stamped in red "Déposé Tête Jumeau 11", open mouth, blue paperweight eyes, pierced ears, spring fixation ; articulated body stamped in blue "Bébé Jumeau Diplôme d'Honneur Breveté SGDG", cork top and original mohair wig, socks and shoes stamped "à l'Abeille", taille 11. 62cm.
Est. 2500/3000 €

Nº 652: A body for a JUMEAU Phonographe-Lioret doll : housing the (working) mechanism, with two cylinders : one in wood (nous n'irons plus au bois), with its repainted crate (some chips to the body). We add a SFBJ taille 12 head, not original and with accidents.
Est. 1500/2000 €

Nº 653: Lioret. Eight large cylinders of phonographs (in various conditions).
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 654: Lioret. Four large cylinders for phonographs in their original cases : Mme Angot, Les enfants terribles, Mignon et Machtagouine.
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 655: A Portable "le colibri" phono, complete.
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 656: Mignonphone. A folding portable phonograph, fawn-colored leather sheated, fine condition.
Est. 200/250 €

Nº 657: Phono "La voix de son maître", in a black suitcase, mahogany style inside.
Est. 30/50 €

Nº 658: Odéon. Phono Kismet for discs, in a black suitcase with Odéon disc sheet incorporated.
Est. 50/100 €

Nº 659: A cylinder phono "Je chante haut et clair", without reproducing head, aluminium horn, in a sewing machine type case.
Est. 200/300 €

Nº 660: Kidi. Phono in a wooden suitcase, fine condition.
Est. 60/80 €

Nº 661: A reversible phono for cylinder Virtuose, recording and reproducing, complete, hunting horn type horn. In working order.
Est. 250/300 €

Nº 662: A fine phono for discs of the brand APGA, mahoganny contorted Louis XIIIth style case, floral horn repainted in black. Complete.
Est. 250/300 €

Nº 663: "Le coquet". Phono Pathé, in fine condition case, aluminum horn, with reproducing head, small and large module.
Est. 300/400 €

Nº 664: "L'Oratiograph". A rare small folding German phonograph
for a small wax cylinder, activated manually through a large black and gilt lacquered wheel, reproducing head and "cornet" small horn (repainted and unsoldered), black wooden case covered with paper imitating wood.
Est. 1000/1500 €

Nº 665: Edison Standard Phonograph : oak case with sewing machine style cover, complete, fine condition, "cornet" horn painted in black and copper-colour, reproducing head.
Est. 400/500 €

Nº 666: A rare and fine phonograph of the " Maison de la Bonne Presse"
Cornet horn, in suitcase covered with black fabric, inside covered with green velvet, drawer in the base housing twelve cylinders. Key.
Est. 400/600 €

Nº 667: Talking machine Co: a fine disc phono with a Columbia suspended horn in black iron sheet. Iron cast support, painted lacquered black with gilt stringing. Fine condition.
Est. 400/600 €

Nº 668: A fine coin-operated German Parlophone phonograph
with a red and yellow painted iron sheet floral shaped horn, crank and various parts.
Est. 400/600 €

Nº 669: Peter Pan, a portable alarm clock phono, covered in black, complete.
Est. 300/500 €

Nº 670: Compagnie Française du Gramophone
Disc Phonograph, with suspended horn in aluminium, cornet-shaped, oak case.
Est. 300/400 €

Nº 671: A large disc phonograph with saphire reproducing head, of the brand Odéon, chestnut repainted floral horn. With a plate of a shop in Angers.
Est. 200/250 €

Nº 672: "Peter Pan", a folding travelling phonograph covered in chestnut leather. Compete, some usual wear.
Est. 250/300 €

Nº 673: A lyra-shaped phono, bedplate in black cast iron, fine flora horn painted in black and yellow, with reproducing head and eight cylinders. In working order.
Est. 200/300 €

Nº 674: Pathé, a saphire phonograph "Pathé Difusor". Cardbloard horn fine condition.
Est. 100/150 €

Nº 675: Edison Shaving Machine. A machine to erase recordings from cylinders, in working condition.
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 676: Phono "La Voix de son Maître ", oak case, inside horn said "phono cercueil" (coffin phono).
Est. 100/150 €

Nº 677: Phono Diamond, grated inside horn, original reproducing head, in working order.
Est. 70/100 €

Nº 678: Phono His Master Voice, with needle reproducing head, copper cornet horn.
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 679: A cylinder reversible gramophone, aluminium horn, medium condition.
Est. 150/200 €

Nº 680: Decca. Phono in a black suitcase, with inside horn.
Est. 100/150 €

Nº 681: A curious electrical phonograph, maker Joboton.
Est. 50/80 €

Nº 682: An Orphée phono in a red suitcase, for a child.
Est. 30/40 €

Nº 683: Two reversible cylinder phonographs, incomplete.
Est. 100/150 €

Nº 684: An oak case for a reversible phono, and a bedplate for a lyra-shaped phonograph.
Est. 50/80 €

Nº 685: Three portable suitcase phonographs : two by Pathé (one without the reproducing head) and another without maker's name.
Est. 40/60 €

Nº 686: A lot of 37 phono cylinders.
Est. 30/50 €

Nº 687: A reversible phono in walnut case (without horn nor head).
Est. 100/150 €

Nº 688: A reversible phono in walnut case (without horn nor head).
Est. 70/100 €

Nº 689: A reversible phono for cylinders "je chante haut et clair", aluminium pavillon, complete with two reproducing heads.
Est. 200/250 €

Nº 690: "Je chante haut et clair". A small cylinder phono mechanism.
Est. 50/100 €

Nº 691: 116 small diameter cylinders (medium condition) - 91 large diameter cylinders (medium condition)
Est. 50/100 €

Nº 692: A case with 19 Standard cylinders in cases, mainly black and three large ones.
Est. 50/100 €

Nº 693: A floral green horn for a disc phono. Lenght 58cm (rusty).
Est. 50/80 €

Nº 694: Spare parts for phonos : reproduction heads, motors, handles ...

Nº 695: Ca six hundred and ten 78 rpm discs. - 80 rpm et 90/100 rpm. Makers : Pathé - Odéon - Columbia - La voix de son Maître - Téléfunken - Aspir - Opéra -Henry.
Est. 300/500 €

Nº 696: 35 discs 78 rpm : light music.
Est. 30/50 €

Nº 697: 7 albums with discs of jazz music.
Est. 30/50 €

End of this auction.
Next specialized auction : May 2009.

18 November 2008

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