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Chatres Auction 6 December 1998  
Mechanical Music Digest Auctions
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MMD>Gallery>Auctions>Chartres Auction, December 1998

Important auction of Automatas and Mechanical music instruments
France - Chartres - Galerie de Chartres
Sunday December 6th, 1998, beginning at 13h30
690. Drinking man with a barrel
No. 690.  Phalibois: "L'homme au tonneau" - automaton of a drinking man with a barrel.

Traduction enanglais du catalogue vente Chartres 12/98 (PhR) 1
Cette impression : 11/1/98

France - Chartres - Galerie de Chartres
Me Jean-Pierre Lelièvre - Pascal Maiche - Alain Paris
Commissaires-priseurs associés
1 bis, place du Général de Gaulle - 28000-Chartres
Tel. + 33 (0)2 37 84 04 33
Fax. + 33 (0)2 37 36 34 71
(Do not dial the first (0) if you are outside France).

Mechanical music consultant for this auction :

M. Philippe Rouillé, (expert CNES),
Tel. +33 (0)1 42 36 10 25  Fax. : +33 (0)1 42 33 69 81

Important notice.

This English translation is given only for the convenience of English speaking clients, and tries to be as reliable as possible (For some less important numbers, the English description has been shortened). Nevertheless, only the French text of the catalogue (with the occasional corrections given during the auction) is conclusive (Please read the general conditions of the auction on the back of the cover of the French catalog). If you have any doubts or questions about an item, please ask the auction house before the auction.

This translation describes only the automatas and the mechanical music instruments included in the auction. There will be too about a hundred phonographs and gambling machines, which are described in the French catalog.

The price mentioned in the estimates is the price expected at the hammer, in French Francs. For the buyer, add a total premium of 11 %(exactly 10,854 %) on the hammer price.

A reference is sometimes made to the D. Q. "Bowers" Encyclopaedia of Automatic Musical instruments (Vestal Press, USA, 1972 and many subsequent reprints).

Chartres is a beautiful old city, about 1 hour from Paris with a car or by train.  You may visit one of the finest XIIIth century cathedral in France, with wonderful deep blue stained glass windows ("le bleu de Chartres"). It has been for centuries a well known pilgrimage.

The auction will take place about 300 yards from this cathedral, in an old gothic chapel, at the Galerie de Chartres.  The three auctioneers are MM. Jean-Pierre Lelièvre, Pascal Maiche and Alain Paris.  For any information or to get another catalog (please specify if you want this English translation too), just write or fax to the above mentioned address.

Photographs of some items may be viewed at

No. 1 to 650 : Toys and Dolls (auction on Sat. Dec 5th, 1998).
If you are interested, ask the auction house for the special related catalog.

No. 651. Musical turning doll "Marotte",
Est. 1/1.500 FF

No. 652. Musical turning doll "Marotte",
Est. 2.500/3.000 FF

No. 653.  A small singing birdcage Ca 1950.  Needs adjustments. H. 35 cm.
Est. 500/1000 FF

No. 654.  Decamps, Three small mechanical ducks
Est. 1500/2.000 FF

No. 655.  An automaton dog by Decamps Small skin-covered mechanical dog which "trots". Good condition. L. 25 cm
Est. 1/1500 FF

No. 656.  Decamps, Teckel.  Battery operated toy.  L. 40 cm
Est. 1/1500 FF

No. 657.  Decamps, Toto and Tata  A famous couple of children after Poulbot. Very good composition heads. They walk with a rolling gait. New clothing.  H. 37cm
Est. 10/15.000 FF

No. 658.  A papier-mâché bulldog.  A mechanism makes it bark. L 48 cm
Est. 3/4.000 FF

No. 659.  A whistler  A tramp, leaning against a street lamp, whistles.  Wooden work from the Black Forest. H. 45 cm
Est. 3/4.000 FF

No. 660.  Three French books on mechanical music and automatas (May be sold separately). L'âge d'or des automates, by Christian Bailly (1st édition Scala, Paris, 1987) ; Les Automates, by Eliane Maingot (Hachette 1959) ; Les Automates, by Jean Prasteau (Gründ,1968).
Est. 700/1000 FF

No. 661. Chapuis, Alfred, Histoire de la Boîte à musique et de la musique mécanique (81368/1)  Scriptar, Lausanne, 1955. Beautiful hard-cover copy No. 418.  Certainly one of the most looked-after books on mechanical music, with many photos and drawings.
Est. 1500/3.000 FF

No. 662. D. Q. Bowers, Encyclopaedia of Automatic Musical Instruments
Est. 3/500 FF

No. 663. Chapuis, Alfred, Histoire de la Boîte à musique et de la musique mécanique, red cloth cover,
Est. 5/800 FF

No. 664. Several books on mechanical music, amidst them : L'Art du Facteur d'Orgues, by Dom Bedos de Celles (Reed. 4 vol.).
Est. 3/500 FF

No. 665. "La Joueuse d'orgue", old poster for a famous novel, signed H. Meyer, begin. XXth c.38 x 58 cm
Est. 1/2.000 FF

No. 666, Carl (Germany), a Monkey  playing a barrel organ. Beautiful mechanical lithographed toy.
Est. 8/1200 FF

No. 667. A musical photo album(91350/6) 2 tunes. In working order. Ca 1900.
Est. 800/1200 FF

No. 668. A musical alarm clock  Wooden case with carved top, height 37 cm  Excellent condition.
Est. 12/1800 FF

No. 669. A musical cigarette dispenser with a stork.  Lacquered box in the Japanese style. Height 18 cm, good condition.
Est. 12/1800 FF

No. 670. A musical Chalet clock, Width 20 cm Excellent condition, rare.
Est. 15/2.000 FF

No. 671. A musical table tile Tune sheet (2 tunes). Showing a bird and foliage, sepia.
Est. 800/1200 FF

No. 672. A musical table tile.  Tune sheet (4 tunes). Château de Vigny ?
Est. 1/1.500 FF

No. 673. A curious musical alarm-clock.  Peculiar fat 6 cm cylinder, with projections as in a disc movement. Side-winding (key missing). Wooden case, One tune. 4 broken teeth. Height 46 cm. Ca 1900.
Est. 1000/1500 FF

No. 674. A musical alarm-clock with 12,5 cm discs.  Wooden case, Height 52 cm.  In working condition. 2 teeth missing.  Ca 1900. With 4 discs.
Est. 2/3.000 FF

No. 675. A clock picture  (80048/166)  Naïve painting in wooden frame (51x39 cm) picturing a church and a river by wintertime, with skaters.
Old watch movement, rope-winding.  As is.
Est. 1500/2500 FF

No. 676. A musical box with dancing doll.  Wooden box, width 14 cm with on top a 17 cm high dancing doll, bisque head,  "bouche fermée", (1 broken hand). Small musical movement (tune sheet under the box) playing "Le voyage de Suzette". Winding ratchet defective, otherwise good condition. Ca 1900.
Est. 25/4.000 FF

No. 677. A musical sedan chair, H 17 cm
Est. 2/2.500 FF

No. 678. A musical clock with landscape and automatas.  Wooden case with a glass protected landscape picture.  Two automatas (accidents) on top of the case. Small musical movement.  Sold "as is", with an extraordinary network of cobwebs inside.  Needs cleaning ... Height. 65 cm
Est. 1500/2000 FF

No. 679. A small musical box playing 3 tunes.  Lid with a painting of an Alpine landscape.  Old box, but possibly not the original one.  Very nice tunes (piccolo) with a "tyrolienne". 7 cm cylinder. 1bass broken tooth.  2d half of the XIXth c. 125x75x42 mm
Est. 25/3.500 FF

No. 680. A small Bremond musical box.  4 tunes (tune sheet). Box with spotted and precious wood, brass stringing. Length,  ca 15 cm.  10 cm cylinder fine mandoline snuffbox type movement, which has to be fixed again into the case. Nice playing.
Est. 2/4.000 FF

No. 681. A musical 2 tunes snuff box, teeth by trees.  Tortoiseshell box, in very good condition (small restorations at the rear). The bottom is in composition stuff ("sang de boeuf"). Lid with a gold escutcheon.  Movement : 21 groups of  3 teeth (4 broken teeth).  Very fine notation ornamentation), and excellent musicality. Ca1840. 90x56x28 mm
Est. 3/5.000 FF

No. 682. A rare David Cadet musical box.  Key-wind, 3 tunes on a 15 cm brass cylinder.  Clear wooden case (some restorations)  30x14x11 cm, with 3 levers on the left side, protected by a flap. Red inside with glass protection frame.  Divider for the key.  Signed on the bed plate "David Cadet fat amore det du jura"  Good musicality.  A modern handwritten sticker under the box mentions : "3 airs, 89 lames, Ressort (spring) marqué Hany 8bre 1834"
Est. 6/8.000 FF

David Cadet (ca 1830/40) is known for the high quality of his boxes.

No. 683. An unrestored Serinette.  Walnut box. 27x20x15 cm, 8 tunes hand written tune sheet.  Unreadable signature on cylinder : "Audin?? laîné".  10 metal pipes. Good quality make.
Est. 2.500/4.000 FF

No. 684. A rare small gold musical watch.  Dial with Roman black numerals.  Cylinder escapement, "sur plateau" movement with ca 15 teeth(unverified condition). Needs attention.  Ca 1830/40. Diameter : 40 mm
Est. 8/12.000 FF

No. 685. A gold quarter repeating musical watch.  Golden dial with "guilloché" decoration, black Arabic numerals in white enameled cartouches. Some small chips. Cylinder escapement. Repetition by pushing the head of the pendant.  Musical "sur plateau" movement with ca 25 teeth (unverified condition). Nice music.  Good working condition. Diameter : 59 mm  Ca 1820/30
Est. 15/20.000 FF

No. 686. A singing bird tortoise-shell box, with fusée movement. The lid with a countryside scene in the XVIIIth century style (a young boy presents a bird in a cage to a young girl).  Good unsigned movement with fusée winding. Seems complete, but needs restoration.  The bird revolves and flaps its wings, and moves its head.  2d half of the XIXth c.
Est. 10/15.000 FF

No. 687. A singing bird box.  Ormolu box with blue enamel decoration. The bird revolves and flaps its wings. Good condition.  Beginning of  XXe c. Signature EB in an oval.  105x65x45 mm
Est. 12/15.000 FF

No. 688A. A musical turning doll "Marotte".
Est. 2/3.000 FF

No. 688B. An automaton by Lambert of a flowergirl.  "La bouquetière". Beautiful automaton with original blue silk clothing, Jumeau bisque closed mouth head, with red stamping, three movements, one tune musical movement in a red base. H. 55 cm
Est. 25/30.000 FF

No. 689. An Moon automaton, probably by Phalibois.  A papier-mâché Moon. Inside stands a double mechanism : one with a motor acting on four cams (for the movements) and on a small musical movement ; the other is a clockwork mechanism acting on two clock hands.  The time is shown on the periphery of the moon. Movements are : eyes, moustache, and an animated part (missing) which protruded from the top of the head. Sold incomplete and as is. Attributed to Phalibois thanks to typical wooden cams, and a little brass plate inscribed J. P. Breveté Paris (Jean Phalibois ?). Diam. 50 cm
Est. 15/30.000 FF

No. 690. An automaton by Phalibois of a drinking man with a barrel. ("L'homme au tonneau"). Exceptional and rare automaton featuring a man with a large body and a small head. He laughs, and his braces raise his trousers. After drinking from the bottle, he hides himself behind his umbrella, and, when he raises his umbrella again, his head is no more there. At this moment, the cover of the barrel opens and the man's head appears ... and so on again.  On a large wooden base (50 x 41 cm) with a small musical movement. Mechanism with wooden cams. H. 95 cm.
Est. 150/200.000 FF

No. 691. A vertical Polyphon, with 40 cm (15 3/4') discs. Coin operated. Case 62x38x89 cm, top decoration missing. Double combs (39 teeth each).  Good condition, coin mechanism needs adjusting.  With 5 discs
Est. 20/30.000 FF

No. 692. No lot.

No. 693. A beautiful Fairground horse, probably by Limonaire. (More details in the printed catalogue)  H. 1,45 m, Length 1,40 m
Est. 12/15.000 FF

No. 694. A rare gold minute repeating musical watch.  White enameled dial with Arabic numerals.  Cylinder escapement. Musical "sur plateau" movement with ca 21 teeth (unverified condition).  Good general condition.  Diamètre : 60 mm  Vers 1830/40
Est. 18/25.000 FF

Musical minute repeaters are rare. Most musical watches are quarter repeaters.

No. 695.  A 6-tune musical box, with inverted winding lever. Clear wooden case, doucine shaped lid, two levers on the right side, internal glass protection frame. 40x16x13 cm.  Inverted lever winding (the grip is a black wood cylinder).  Brass 21 cm cylinder. Geneva stop bent.  Ca 1860, probably by L'Epée.  Very fine and excellent notation and musicality.
Est. 6/10.000 FF

No. 696. A rare Gavioli "Méloton" barrel organ.  Wooden case with inlay decoration, and a Gavioli medallion front. 53x46x30 cm.  37 cm cylinder, playing 8 airs on 26 keys (reeds) + one key acting simultaneously on 2 bells.  Original tune sheet mentioning 3 cylinders. Only the No. 2 is available, with 8 tunes (La Matchiche, La Tonkinoise, Auprès de mablonde, Valentine, etc.).  Excellent condition. Restored.
Est. : 45/65.000 FF

No. 697. A rare cylinder hand played organ, from the beginning of the XIXth century, with 5 stops, two of them made from the same planks.  Case in shape of a coffer, Empire style, mahogany  veneered. 110 x 79 x 48 cm.  The tune sheet (small lacks) mention 4 cylinders (only one remains), with the  signature:  "Chevallier, facteur d'orgues à Paris, Faubourg St Antoine No. 33,  1815".  30 keys, 5 stops, of which 3 are visible, in metal. The two other stops are under the organ, and formed of wooden pipes made all together from two large boards with dividers. 89 cm cylinder.  This is really a museum piece, deserving a good restoration.
Est. 20/30.000 FF

Probably for cheaper building, or to win space, some very old pipe barrel organs present this type of pipe building.

No. 698. An exceptional singing bush by Bontems.  A brass-metal vase with a garland of ivy and flowers.  For four animated birds (two lacking), which revolve, movements of the wings. Mechanism with 8 bronze cams. Remnants of a label "Bontems rue de Cléry à Paris". On a "rocaille" gilt-wood base. Needs adjustments. H. 65 cm, under glass dome, 2d half of XIXth century.
Est. 15/30.000 FF

No. 699. A dance of animals.  Nice picture with lithographed silhouettes, in the manner of Granville, an artist of the 2d half of XIXth century. A couple (cat and dog) dances at the music produced by an Ariston. Musical mechanism (pull rope wounded),which activates all the movements. With a plate "Dejort 1860 ?" and a label of the "Nain Bleu" (famous toyshop). 33 x 41 cm
Est. 15/20.000 FF

No. 700. An automaton by Vichy of a cook and his pumpkin ("Cuisinier et sa citrouille"). Rare and beautiful automaton featuring a standing cook, trying to cut his pumpkin up. After several trials, the pumpkin opens itself and shows a dancing mouse.  Good original condition, with musical movement. On a round wooden base (white silk clothing worn). H. 55 cm
Est. 80/120.000 FF

No. 701. An automaton by Vichy of a monkey playing the violin (Singe violoniste). The XVIIIth century clothed monkey is seated on a cloth-covered armchair. Two movements of the head, movements of the eyelids, jaws and right arm (which conducts the orchestra, accident to the hand). With musical movement. Good condition. End of XIXth century. (Old restoration of the clothes). H. 46 cm
Est. 30/40.000 FF

No. 702. An automaton by Vichy of a harp-player monkey ("Singe harpiste"). This beautiful automaton stands behind his instrument.  Mechanism and music movement inside the body. Composition head, two movements : eyelids and jaws. Movements of each arm. Metal hands. Good condition (old restorations to the clothing).Height : 65 cm.
Est. 50/70.000 FF

No. 703. A gold quarter repeating musical watch.  Dial with "guilloché" decoration, with garlands and two chimera figures, with numerals in white enameled cartouches. Some chips.  Cylinder escapement. Musical "sur plateau" movement with ca 27 teeth(unverified condition).  Good working condition for the music, but the watch movement needs attention.  Diamètre : 59 mm  Middle XIXe c.
Est. 15/20.000 FF

No. 704. A steel Swiss watch, with a cylinder musical movement. Enameled dial (many chips), 2 tunes (one is an extract from the Marseillaise) on a 27 mm cylinder playing on ca 31 teeth.  The music plays, but the watch movement needs attention.  Diameter : 62 mm.  2d half of XIXe c.
Est. 4/6.000 FF

No. 705. A very rare and spectacular musical box "Swiss station", coin-operated, with a large dancing doll.  "Boîte de gare". Large case with glass panels and door, carved top. 82 x 55 x height. 141 cm (120 cm without the top).  Winding from the outside with a handle.  In the lower part, a large 36 cm nickel-plated cylinder musical movement, with double spring. In the rear, three "Mongol" automaton figures turn their head and strike on 6 bells. Zither.

In the upper part, a transmission through a chain and cogwheels allows a large 45 cm high doll to revolve, in a setting of red curtains with golden fringes. Jumeau bisque closed lips head.  In front of the musical movement, and around the doll, decoration of artificial flowers.  End of XIXe c.  An electric lighting has been added inside and outside the case.  Very good condition, small usual restorations. The mechanism is a bit slow and would deserve adjusting.
Est. 80/100.000 FF

A similar musical box (with a miniature roundabout instead of the doll), credited to Lassueur, Ste-Croix, is pictured in the book by Weiss-Staufacher, Automates et Instruments de musique mécanique (Office du Livre, Fribourg, 1976), p 88-90, with historical comments on "station musical boxes" in Switzerland("Boîtes de gare").

No. 706. A "Voix célestes" Musical box  with 8 religious tunes.  Beautiful case with spotted and precious wood, boxwood stringing and inlay of musical instruments. The internal glass frame protective of the movement is missing.  Tune sheet. Lever wound. Brass 27,5 cm cylinder, playing on 2 teeth combs and 11 reeds.  Good presentation and working condition.  Ca 1880.
Est. 12/18.000 FF

No. 707. A rare large portable reeds barrel organ.  Perhaps Italian. The 40 reeds are showing in front of the beautiful case. Inlay of flowers. 70x37x63 cm.  Usual restorations.  One large 54 cm cylinder (interchangeable) playing 8 tunes.  Beginning of the XXe c.  Good presentation and working condition.
Est. 26/35.000 FF

No. 708. A Wilhelm Bruder Söhne Barrel Organ (Waldkirch) 24 keys, 1 register stop. Ca 40 pipes.  Beautiful case with boxwood stringing and inlay of flowers. (Some worm damage).  55x33x55 cm.  42 cm cylinder with 9 tunes according to original tune sheet : Waltzes, mazurkas, polka, etc.).  Good condition, usual restorations (bellows), needs some adjustments. End XIXe c.
Est. 40/60.000 FF

No. 709. A musical 2 tunes snuff box in a tortoiseshell case, signed H. CAPPED on the comb, which could have belonged to the King George III of England, according to a joined undated attestation signed by a former curator ? of the London Victoria & Albert Museum. It is written in a rather moving style : the only musical joy of the blind king stayed in this small snuff box.  The box protected by a leather box, inside which lid is glued a hand-written document bearing the date 1808 and signed by the King George III.  The authenticity of this signature, as well as that of the above mentioned attestation cannot be guaranteed.

The tortoiseshell box itself is in perfect condition. 6 cm cylinder. Geneva stop missing.   Excellent notation and musicality (with a "tyrolienne") .  Very early in the XIXth century, although the comb is a one piece comb. Case 90x56x30 mm.
Est. 6/8.000 FF

No. 710. A singing bird box.  Ormolu box. 95x60x40 mm.  Enameled cover, depicting outside a mountainous landscape, and inside, flowers.  The bird revolves and flaps its wings, and moves its head.  Good condition, needs some adjustments.  A compartment for the key at the rear of the box.  End of XIXth c.
Est. 12/15.000 FF

No. 711. A singing bird in a cage with a watch (Reuge). Modern. The bird revolves and flaps its wings. Good singing. Quartz watch movement. Excellent condition. Height : 19 cm
Est. 8.000/12.000 FF

No. 712. A musical snuff box in a composition case, 2 tunes, teeth in fives.  Very fine floral decoration on the lid (repaired hinge). 95x38x32 mm.  6 cm cylinder playing on 14 groups of 5 teeth, the last one with 2 teeth only (original).  Very good notation and musicality.  1st half of XIXth c.
Est. 3/5.000 FF

No. 713. No lot.

No. 714. An automaton monkey playing the violin on a 17 key reed organ.  Works with a handle. Some little restorations, but good general condition. Movements of the head, the eyes, the mouth and the arms. End of XIXe c. 41x27x56 cm
Est. 15/20.000 FF

Similar organs are illustrated in the 1889 Thibouville-Lamy catalogue.

No. 715. A large English table clock, with double chime. Very beautiful case on round feet, with a rich ormolu decoration of the facade (framed with 2 round columns) and the sides, with pine-cones on top. 44 x 27 cm, Height. 77 cm.  Large steel dial, with black roman numerals. 3 auxiliary dials : silence, slow-fast, and choice of the chime (every quarter of an hour) between a "Westminster" chime on 4 gongs, or a "Cambridge" chime on 8 bells.  Anchor escapement (pendulum).  Remarkably good make, excellent condition, beginning of the XXth century.
Est. 12/18.000 FF

No. 716. A rare small musical box in a metal case, 3 tunes, with chromo-lithographed flowers on the cover.  Tune sheet (with Strauss waltz). Cylinder : 7 cm. 115x65x45 mm.
Est. 2.500/4.000 FF

No. 717. A large 10 tunes musical box, with drum and 6 bells, Very beautiful case, with boxwood stringing and inlay. 65 x 27 x 26 cm.  Tune sheet :  Maison Wurtel, Paris (La Traviata, la Norma, le Barbier, etc.).  Lacks internal left  wooden divider. Lever winding. 41 cm. brass cylinder. Drum optional. Entirely restored, plays well.
Ca 1870.
Est. 20/28.000 FF

No. 718. A 35 key Limonaire organ.  With bass drum, snare drum and cymbal on the sides. Paintings(restorations) of flowers and landscape. Restorations to the case, and bellows. Possibility of activating an Automaton. Limonaire handle. L. 160 cm, H 155 cm Some books of music, some by Catteaux. Good working condition, needs some tuning.
Est. 70/90.000 FF

No. 719. An Automaton by Lambert of a seated clown playing a guitar. ("Clown sur chaise jouant de la guitare"). Exceptionally good and unworn condition. Composition head, bisque hands. Several head movements, he shows his tongue, leans forward, moves his right hand and raises his left leg.  Key with initials "L. B.", two tunes musical movement, "Maison Lambert" label. Height : 60 cm.
Est. 40/60.000 FF

No. 720. A musical clock with automaton picture of a blacksmith shop. Beautiful varnished wood case with brass and tortoiseshell Boulle style incrustations. Beautiful picture with animated lithographed silhouettes. 5 movements (bellows, hammers, dog's tail). 46x20x71 cm.  Paris clock movement with thread suspension and striking on gong. 2d half of XIXth century. In the base, nice snuffbox type musical movement, string-wound, 3 ? tunes.  Very good condition.
Est. 30/50.000 FF

No. 721. An exceptional automaton of a equilibrist acrobat, by Gastson Decamps  "L'homme serpent" (standing on his hands). With a realism which is rarely obtained by automatas makers, very near human behavior, this android changes from the lying position to the standing position with a facility which does not reveal a mechanism. On a podium and a revolving table, he greet people with movements of his head.  Activated by an electric motor. A model made by J.A.F., who succeeded Vichy. Part of the mechanism is in the podium, and part under the table.  Length of automaton 63 cm. Base : 75 x 33 cm. Total height : 90 cm).  C.f. "Les Automates", by A. Chapuis (1949), p 270.
Est. 100/200.000 FF

No. 722. An Automaton by Gustave Vichy of a clown playing a mandolin ("clown joueur de mandoline"). End of XIXth century, composition head with movements of the head, the eyelids and the mouth. Movement of the right hand. It bears a plate and a label "Magasin des Enfants". Mecanism and music inside the body. In original condition, the mechanism needs attention (wear to the clothing and the head).Height : 75 cm
Est. 25/40.000 FF

No. 723. Exceptional orchestra Musical box  on a table, with a clock and two singing birds, interchangeable cylinders, for the Chinese market.  Low black lacquered Chinese table, with a drawer. 97 x52 x 47 cm.  Large case, with decoration of boxwood stringing and inlay of flowers and music instruments on the lid, ormolu handles, on a black-tainted wooden base, with a drawer to receive the cylinders. 87 x 42x 40 cm.

A clock is visible in front of the box, and can start the musical mechanism. "Mouvement de Paris" style, signed Japy, hour and half-hour striking. Cleaned, with ancre escapement replacing the original cylinder escapement (preserved).  Nickel-plated musical movement, lever wound, with double spring barrel.

No maker's name.  Four 33 cm interchangeable cylinders, diam. 55 mm, playing 8 tunes each.  Combs with 80 teeth (amidst them 8 for the drum, 6 for the castagnets, 6 for the bells) and 11 keys for the wooden flutes (rare) for the song of the birds.  Zither, tune indicator and changing at will, "parachute" safety system.  The two birds (long 8 cm, height 5 cm) have 5 movements(revolve, wings, beak, head, tail) (one wing is blocked on one of the birds).

The case was restored, the clock runs and strikes, the musical movement is complete and in working order, but requires a general cleaning and some adjustments (a few old repairs, especially on the governor, but the original comb is untouched. The link clock-musical movement is to be adjusted).

This box (a rare bird indeed !) is typical of the luxurious musical boxes which were exported by Europe to the East and Far East at the end of the XIXth century. It is possible that this box was purchased at the period by a high dignitary, even by the imperial court.

Chinese traditional tunes, very audible for European ears.  It is very rare to find in the same box a clock starting the music and  two automata birds whose singing is produced by wooden flutes.

Est. 80/120.000 FF

No. 724. A 16 keys Organette playing 22 cm discs.  Operated by a handle. Black wooden case. 35x20x27 cm. Good condition, with 10 discs.
Est. 3/4.000 FF

No. 725. A 39,5 (15 3/4') table Polyphon.  Wooden case with sculptured stringing and inlay of flowers. Inside the lid, lithograph of playing children. 54x48x26 cm.  One 77 teeth comb, with a kind of muting effect at will (rare).Ca 1900.  Good general condition. With 10 metal discs.
Est. 12/15.000 FF

No. 726. A 24 keys W. Bruder barrel organ.  By Wilhelm Bruder Söhne, Waldkirch.  Beautiful typical case with boxwood stringing and inlay of foliage. (Modern protection clothes). Width : ca 55 cm.  42 cm cylinder playing on 24 keys and 38 pipes, most of them stopped. One stop for the 14 highest note pipes.  9 tunes with original tune sheet. Polkas, schottische, quadrilles, Waltzes, etc.  Usual restorations. Beautiful sonority.  End of XIXth c.
Est. PhR :  50/70.000 FF

No. 727, Three small roundabout horses, by Limonaire.  With plate "Limonaire frères". H. 1 m, length 1,10m.  (More details in printed catalog). May be sold separately.
Est. 6/8.000 FF each

No. 728. A portable Harmonipan Frati pipe barrel organ. Frati and Co, Schoenhauser Allee 73 (Berlin).  Beautiful varnished wooden case with decoration of boxwood stringing and inlay of flowers. 68x36x63 cm. Restorations.  40 keys. 23 pipes visible in front of the case, and 18 pipes hidden under the case.  With two 55 cm modern cylinders, playing 8 tunes each (tune sheet).  Beautiful presentation and working condition. (Some small adjustments needed).  Ca 1900 (Cf. reproduction of the Frati catalog in Bowers, p 852).
Est. 40/60.000 FF

No. 729. A rare Capital Musical Box, American.  Interchangeable tapered hollow cylinders, with projections and dampers as in a disc musical box. (Cf. Bowers, pp. 134-141).  Nice light-colored wooden case. 38x29x18 cm.  Lever wound. Nickel-plated spring barrel. 44 teeth.  Excellent condition, good sound. With six 10,5 cm tapered "cylinders". End of  XIXe c.
Est. 15/30.000 FF

No. 730. A 30 cm (11 3/4 - inch) Symphonion.  Lithograph of children inside the cover. Box :50x41x26 cm.  Playing on two combs. Excellent condition.  With 10 new discs, (Carmen, Roses du Sud, etc.)
Est. 12/15.000 FF

No. 731. A Concert Roller organ, 20 notes.  Small American reeds portable organette,  Case 16x38x32 cm.  With 6 "cobs" (wooden pinned cylinders).  Excellent condition. End of XIXe c
Est. 8/12.000 FF

No. 732. A large hidden bells musical box.  24 tunes (2 per turn) on a fat brass cylinder 53,5 cm long, diameter ca 8 cm.
Large richly veneered case, with ormolu handles. 95 x 42 x 28 cm.  Lever wound (cylindrical bone handle).  In addition to the usual combs, 17 teeth command the hidden bells.  Completely restored. Ca 1870.
Est. 20/30.000 FF

No. 733. A beautiful gold quarter repeating automaton watch. Golden box, gilt cuvette, case with rope-twist band and delicate engraving of a landscape on the back. On the front, on a blue-black enamel  layer, two automatons ("savages" with their bow) strike bells, on each side of a small white enamel dial with Arabic numerals.  Finely designed and open work steel bridge for the spiral balance.  Keys on a small "chatelaine".  Repetition by pushing on the pendant.  Very good condition. Beginning of the XIXth century.  Diameter 60 mm.
Est. 20/30.000 FF

No. 734. A good bush with singing birds under glass dome, by Bontems. Rococo style black painted base, over which five birds fly and sing in a tree.  A clock and a fountain, two other birds drink or peck around.  Good condition (accident to the globe). Height : 80 cm
Est. 30/40.000 FF

No. 735. An automaton by Vichy of a farmer with a pig.  ("Le paysan et son cochon"). Famous automaton picturing a farmer seated on the back of a chair, who feeds his pig. The farmer moves his head, speaks to the animal with a movement of his eyelids. He shrugs his shoulders and taps with his right foot while he feeds his pig. The pig turns its head and shows its tongue. The original truffle has been replaced by a carrot, otherwise this automaton is in perfect original condition (clothing with wear and faded).  In working condition, but some movements have to be adjusted. H. 80 cm. Beginning of XXth century.
Est. 150/180.000 FF

No. 736. Rare and beautiful singing birds bush with a clock (attributed to Bontems).  Three birds go to and fro, revolving and flapping wings amidst white roses, whereas ducks and a swan swims on a mirror in front of a small animated cascade, with accompaniment of a music. Black wooden base with two small independent musical movements, snuffbox type, pull-rope wound. Mechanism with 4 wooden cams and two whistles(to be adjusted). 63x28x75 cm. End of the XIXth century
Est. 40/50.000 FF

No. 737. An automaton by Decamps of a black woman playing a lyre. ("Noire joueuse de lyre"). Beautiful automaton, with a nice composition head, with movements of the jaws and of the eyelids. Beautiful movement of the head, movement of the right arm. Richly dressed (old restorations which kept the original golden laces).  Mechanism and music movement inside the body. Height : 68 cm.
Est. 70/100.000 FF

No. 738. A Franz Oehrlin barrel organ with automatas.  Painted wood case, with a rich decoration of sculpted and painted flowers, and golden painted threads.  On the upper part, under glass protection, are 7 wooden 25 cm high automatas, featuring musicians, dressed as common people (cloth), excepted the band leader in evening dress.  35 keys organ, with books of perforated cardboard.  Works with a handle, or with an electric motor.  Excellent presentation and working condition.  Ca 1980. 74 x 106 x 65 cm.
Est. : 60/100.000

The Organs and Automatas made by the German builder Franz Oehrlin are always good, rare and very sought after.

No. 739.  A gorgeous French barrel piano, in mint condition. Very large orchestrion style case in clear oak, Art nouveau style, with sculptured decorations of foliage and music instruments. Two glazed doors and a central glass panel allow the mechanism to be seen from outside. 7 sockets for electrical lighting on top of the facade.  180 x 75 x 260 cm.  Coin operated. Works either with a large spring motor (handle wound) or through an electric motor.

Huge cylinder (1,44 cm, diam. ca 40 cm), signed "Pianos mécaniques E. Duigou, 22, rue des Halles, Nantes".  The same signature is to be read on the tune sheet : 10 tunes (valse des cols bleus, java, tango, etc.).  58 piano keys , 12 xylophone, 3 bass drum sticks, 4 snare drumsticks, 1 cymbal, 2 woodblocks.  Restored, in perfect condition of presentation and playing.  First part of the  XXth century.
Est. 40/60.000 FF

No. 740. A rare large musical movement with teeth by groups of twos. Beautiful movement with 43 groups of two teeth, typical of the beginning of the XIXth century, with bass teeth on the right side. Originally key-wound, a lever has been added later. Brass 24 cm cylinder playing 6 tunes.

Inside a later box (ca 1870), in painted wood with decoration of boxwood stringing and inlay of flowers. 58 x 23 x 14 cm. Some restorations(spring barrel, 2 groups of 2 teeth replaced).  Typical sound of the first musical boxes, good notation and playing.
Est. 7/10.000 FF

No. 741. A French barrel piano(71445/5)  Manufacture du Buisson-rond (Chambéry).  Brown colored case, Art nouveau style. Coin operated. 115x66x158 cm.  89 cm cylinder. 38 piano keys, 8 bells. Ten tunes (original tune sheet). Java, Valse, etc with a Spanish flavour. The pointer of the tune indicator is missing.  Otherwise, excellent presentation and especially good playing. Ca. 1920.
Est. 10/15.000 FF

No. 742. A large 8 tunes Nicole Frères musical box. Beautiful case veneered with precious wood, boxwood stringing and inlay, ormolu handles. 75x30x20 cm.  3 levers disposition in the inside. Tune sheet "Mandoline Expressive" n°44722, gamme 2802.
Lever wound, large brass 44 cm cylinder, playing on 2 combs with the Nicole Frères stamp. Ca 1875.  Good notation and musicality.
Est. 12/18.000 FF

No. 743. A musical clock picture with Angelus ringing.  Golden frame (accidents) 99 x 82 cm.  Mountainous landscape with a church and a river, with people and horses (accidents to the painting).  Small snuffbox type movement, cyl. 6 cm, defective cogwheel.
As is.
7/10.000 FF

No. 744. A large French barrel piano, Orchestrion-style case. Guilbaud Frères, à La Baule. Coin-operated.  Mahogany colored. 97 x 63 x 181 cm.  8 tunes (tune sheet) on a large 72 cm cylinder.  35 piano keys + snare drum, cymbals, woodblock, jingle.  Complete, in working order, but needs cleaning.
Est. 8/12.000

No. 745. Modern automaton of a Pierrot with a puppet.  Beautiful modern creation by a young maker J. F. Lebeault. The thinking Pierrot, seating on a chair, moves a puppet, a "dragon-fly woman". Fine modern conception, with visible mechanism. On a blue Labrador marble plated base (52 x 67 cm).  Beautiful movements succeeding after short intermissions. 6 cams for the two head movements, the eyelids, and three movements of the right arm.  Original creation and sculpture, signed by the artist on the movement. No music. H. 67 cm
Est. 40/60.000 FF

No. 746. An automaton by Roullet Decamps of a standing Negro woman playing a lyre ("Négresse debout joueuse de lyre"). Painted papier-mâché head, with 2 movements, the eyelids move, glass eyes, movement of the right hand. Clothing partly original. Mechanism and musical movement inside the body (in working order, but needs adjusting). H. 72 cm.
Est. 50/80.000 FF

No. 747. A drum player automaton.  Rare automaton depicting a standing Empire soldier playing a drum.  Composition head and hands. Fine skin and fabric clothing. 3 movements :head, eyes and hands. Good condition. Unknown maker. Height : 130 cm. On around and flat base.
Est. 40/60.000 FF

No. 748. An automaton by Decamps of a lady drinking tea ("La buveuse de thé"). Jumeau head. 4 movements :moves her head sideways, shows her tongue, and moves each arm. With music.(Lacks velvet on base, clothing not original).
Est. 18/25.000 FF

No. 749. A toy to be pulled,  Biscuit head S PB, etc. Shows a boy presenting flowers.  More details in the printed catalog.
Est. 3/5.000 FF

No. 750. An automaton by Decamps of a young farmer with a pig ("Le petit paysan et son cochon"). A standing man(with a composition head) holds a pig under his left arm. On a red base, with musical movement. Movements of the man's head, his right arm, and the pig's head. Usual restorations. H. 55 cm.
Est. 18/25.000 FF

No. 751. A Lambert automaton of a girl and her cat ("fillette et son chat"). German bisque head, open mouth.  The seated girl feeds her cat which lies on a table, while a mouse is dancing. (Cat and mouse missing). On a base with a small musical movement (2 tunes : Cadet Roussel and Petite Manon). Key with initials CB.  Height : 55 cm.
Est. 20/25.000 FF

No. 752, An automaton by Decamps of a knitting woman "La tricoteuse". Part of a large automaton, composition head and hands, movements of the head and of the eyes(mechanism and music work). Are lacking : clothing and low part of the automaton, excepted one leg.
Est. 8/12.000 FF

No. 753 An automaton of a potato-eater.  Papier-mâché sculpture made in 1922 by the celebrated collector P. A. Muller, from his automaton pictured in Chapui's book. Works by pulling (may be coupled with a clock). H. 25 cm
Est. 25/4.000 FF

No. 754 An automaton of an elegant woman.  Beginning of the XXth century. 3 movements. On a base with 2 tunes musical movement. H. 37 cm.
Est. 25/3.000 FF

No. 755. A waltzing couple.  Automaton clothed by Mlle Philippart, with Reuge musical movement. Under glass dome. H. 20 cm
Est. 1/1500 FF

No. 756. An automaton for a fairground organ.  As a soldier. Sculpted wood. Uniform mid XIXth century(repainted). Movement of the hand. H. 70 cm
Est. 6/8.000 FF

No. 757. A religious "Lourdes" musical electric lamp.  The sculpture, in painted metal, with red flowers, represents the Holy Virgin with Sainte Bernadette. Plays the Ave Maria.  Original label under the base.  Height 39 cm.
Est. 1000/2000 FF

No. 758. A musical 2 tunes snuff box, by F. Lecoultre.  Wooden box painted in a tortoiseshell imitation, with a brass escutcheon on the lid. Box 100x70x36 mm.  Very fine one-piece comb, stamped F. Lecoultre.  63 mm Cylinder, with 2 tunes, one is an air from the Barbier de Séville, by Rossini (air de Rosine : Io sono docile).  Very beautiful notation. Ca 1820/30
Est. 4/8.000 FF

No. 759. A musical 2 tunes snuff box, teeth by fives.  Later Wooden box with mother o pearl veneer. 95x62x45 mm.  Inside protection brass-ringed glass frame.  14 groups of teeth by fives (6 for the last high notes). 6 cm Cylinder. Geneva stop finger missing.
Good musicality. Ca 1840/50
Est. 3/5.000 FF

No. 760. A singing bird ormolu box,  With decoration of garlands of flowers. 95x60x40 mm.  The bird revolves, flaps its wings and turns its head. (Needs completion of feathering).  XXe c, France. Good condition, in working order.  In a protective case.
Est. 8.000/10.000 FF

No. 761. A portable 26 keys reeds barrel organ.  Wooden case with inlaid decoration (flowers) on front part (some accidents) and a new top cover. 52x30x45 cm.  37 cm cylinder, 8 excellent tunes. Some restorations. Ca 1900.  Works well, good musicality.
Est. 28/40.000 FF

No. 762. A singing bird ormolu box.  Beginning of  XXe c. Good condition, but needs some adjustments.  105x70x50 mm.
Est. 5/8.000 FF

No. 763. A curious musical cigar dispenser.  In the shape of a miniature office desk. Width : 22 cm.  Beginning of the XXe c.
Est. 800/1200 FF

No. 764A.  A Coelophone orchestre.  37 keys large reed  organette Gavioli/Thibouville.  Case 77 cm. As is, seems complete, but without a handle and no perforated book.
Est. 12/18.000 FF

No. 764B Two books of music for a Coelophone orchestre. (Carmen, Les contes d'Hoffmann).
Est. 200/400

No. 765. A 30 cm (11 3/4') disc table musical box.  Probably Symphonion. Ca 1900.  Wooden decorative case, with a light sculpture of birds and foliage on the lid. Inside protection glass frame (split glass). 49 x 38 x23 cm.  Winding lever in front of the case.
Two diametrically opposed combs. 1 broken tooth.  Good condition. With one metal disc (worn).
Est. 7/10.000 FF

No. 766. A beautiful carrousel horse by Limonaire.  (More details in the printed catalogue)
Est. 12/15.000 FF

No. 767, A Carrousel goat.  (More details in the printed catalogue)
Est. 5/8.000 FF

No. 768, A Carrousel pig.  (More details in the printed catalogue)
Est. 5/8.000 FF

No. 769. A small 16,5 cm (6 1/2") table Polyphon.  Case with lithographed decoration outside and inside the cover.  Width 20 cm. One comb. With one disc.
Est. 2/3.000 FF

No. 770. A beautiful 8 tunes musical box with bells and drum. Case with decoration of boxwood stringing and inlay of flowers. 59x31x26 cm.  Lever wound, brass spring barrel and 33 cm cylinder.  Tune sheet. End of XIXe c.
Est. 15/20.000 FF

No. 771.  A Mignon 22 keys organette.  Black case (accidents and wear), long. ca. 50 cm.  With 6 rolls.  Germany, ca 1900.  In working order, but needs adjustments.
Est. 5/8.000 FF

No. 772. A 24 keys pipe barrel Organ using 24 keys Organina Thibouville books. Contemporary maker (unknown). Clear wood case 70x40x60 cm.  24 pipes visible in facade, and 24 other pipes under the organ. 2 stops, very strong construction. Big round handle. Very good sound.  With 5 books labeled "RMB Musique perforée".
Est. 20/30.000 FF

No. 773. A large street Gebrueder Bruder barrel organ, Waldkirch, hand cranked.  Beautiful black case, typical of this kind of organ, with golden painted threads and cloth protected apertures for the sound, with a lyre decoration on the front (lid of the case missing). 15 pipes visible on the front.  86 cm cylinder, 47 keys, 4 stops.  Restorations.

The 9 tunes cylinder (waltzes, marches, fox-trot, etc.), with its tune sheet, is anew one and was excellently made and noted by a Swiss organ maker and restorer, M. Zumbach.  Excellent presentation, notation et sound.  Ca 1900 (excepting the new cylinder).  Dim. 110 x 136 x 67
Est. PhR : 70/100.000 FF

No. 774. A Hupfeld upright piano using cardboard stripes. 26 cm wide stripes playing on 64 keys.  Beautiful black case.  Mechanism of the "Pianotist" type, placed in a drawer under the keyboard. Works with a handle.  Very good condition of presentation and in working order. Usual restorations.  Ca 1900. With 10 cardboard stripes.  155 x 125 x 68 cm
Est. PhR : 8/12.000 FF

No. 775. An Imperator 18 cm disc musical box with 3 bells. Wooden case, with a beautiful colored instruction sheet inside the lid. 27x24x17 cm.  Lever wound. One comb and 3 bells at will.  Leipzig, ca 1900.  Very good condition, with 10 metal discs.
Est. : 5/8.000 FF

No. 776. A 24 keys Organina Thibouville.  Reeds organette. Length 53 cm. Restorations (bellows).  Good presentation and working condition.  With 8 books of music.
Est. 10/15.000 FF

No. 777. A 24 keys Ariston.  With three 33 cm cardboard discs. It works, but needs some adjustments. Case : 40 cm.
Est. 2500/4.000 FF

No. 778. A key-wound 4 tune musical box.  Rare transition box, probably by l'Epée : red inside, but black painted outside, 3 levers apertures, sliding glass protection. Very little worm damage. Length : 31 cm.  Brass 15 cm cylinder with 4 religious tunes (Angels we have heard on High, etc.). The instant stop and tune end levers are missing. So is also the finger of the Geneva stop. Good musicality. Ca 1860.
Est. 3.500/5.000 FF

No. 779. An "Improved mandolina" Celestina.  Reeds Organette with 20 notes. Width 40 cm. American, ca 1900. With 10 endless paper strips. Unrestored.
Est. 7/10.000 FF

No. 780. A rare table cuckoo clock.  With two pipes for the cuckoo song, and hour-striking on a gong. Some chips to the dial, otherwise good condition of presentation and working. Height 42 cm.  Beginning of XXth c.
Est. 2500/4.000 FF

No. 781. A 16 key "Serinette parisienne" by Thibouville (It is actually a small Organina, rarer than the usual 24 keys model). 38x26x25 cm.  With 11 books of music.  Excellent condition, restored.
Est. 10/12.000 FF

No. 782. An American Melody Player Organette.  In a yellow metal case, with a good lithography of a satyr playing for a young woman to dance. 19x17x17 cm.  Plays the "QRS Play-a-Sax" rolls. Comes with 5 rolls.  Good condition.
Est. 2.500/3.500 FF

No. 783. A 73 notes melodico (Racca )grand piano, with 18 books,  46 cm wide.  Length of the piano 138 cm. Width 86, Height 96 cm.  Very good condition, excellent repetition of the notes (mandoline effect), with expression lever. Very beautiful moving sonority.  Good program, mainly classical (Traviata, Carmen, etc.), but also the Merry Widow, Fifi, The Puppet Fairy Valse by Jos. Bayer, etc.  Ca 1900.
Est. 30/40.000 FF

No. 784. A 14 keys "Diana" organette, Hand operated, with nine 16,5 cm metal discs.  Very good original condition of presentation and playing.  Beginning of  XXe c.  26 x 22 x 15 cm.  (See Bowers, p 751).
Est. 4/5.000 FF

No. 785. A musical Christmas tree stand.  By J. C. Eckardt (Germany). Diameter 36 cm, Height. 25 cm.  Plays 2 Christmas tunes as the tree stand revolves.  Ca 1900.
Est. 4/6.000 FF

No. 786. A table 27 cm (10 5/8') Symphonion.  Musical box with 12 metal discs (Carmen, etc.).  Black case with metal handles, a transfer print (used) on the outside of the cover, and inside a beautiful colored Operating Instructions print.  35 x x35 x 18 cm
Two 42 teeth each combs diametrically opposed.  Winding with a lever in front of the case. In working order.
Est. 5/8.000 FF

No. 787. A fairground organ Automaton.  In painted wood. A woman strikes a bell.  Probably Dutch, ca 1970.
Height. 77 cm. Very good condition.
Est. 4/6.000 FF

No. 788. A "Pianolodeon" miniature pneumatic Piano.  By J. Chein and C°  USA, Electrically operated (110VAC) with 3 perforated paper rolls.  Plastic "Bordeaux" coloured case. 52x25x51 cm.  30 notes (on metallic bars) when played manually, 23 notes when pneumatically operated. In working order.
Est. 4/5.000 FF

No. 789. A French barrel piano by Guilbaud Frères. Black case in Art nouveau style (some worm damage).  Coin-operated.  110 x 66 x 148 cm (176 with the top).  Split table. 87 cm cylinder with 10-tune tune-sheet.  37 keys, 7 bells, cymbal, snare drum, woodblock.  In working condition (needs tuning).
Est. 4/8.000 FF

No. 790. A "Coelophone orchestre" large organette,  Reed 37 keys hand activated organ, system Gavioli/Thibouville as inscribed in front of the case, using perforated books of music. (Cf. Bowers, p 750).  Black wooden case with handles  77 x 50 cm, prof. 40 cm.  Seems complete (excepted the handle, missing) and in good condition. Needs cleaning and adjusting.
Est. 12/15.000 FF

No. 791. A large interchangeable Thibouville Lamy musical box. Beautiful case with handles, decoration of boxwood stringing and inlay of musical instruments, 80 x 36 x 26 cm. Another very beautiful case, same kind of decoration, houses the cylinders.  Lever wound, double barrel. Sublime harmonie, tune indicator. 20 damaged teeth.

Three nickel-plated 33 cm cylinders playing 6 tunes each, according to the three period tune-sheets (rare, these unfixed tune-sheets being usually lost).  Very rare and curious late system using a lever on the right side to disengage and change the cylinders. If only because of this system, it is valuable to restore this box.  End of XIXth century.
Est. 6/8.000 FF

Only 3 or 4 boxes with this interchangeable system are known. It is possible that L'Epée tried to get round a Paillard patent.

No. 792, A beautiful fairground horse, attributed to Limonaire. (More details in Printed catalog)
Est. 12/15.000 FF

No. 793, An Automaton by Renou of a dancer.  Small automaton, bisque head, open mouth, blue eyes, bisque hands. She stands on her toes and revolves. Base with musical movements. Original clothing. H. 38 cm
Est. 4/6.000 FF

No. 794, An automaton by Lambert of a clown with a mandolin, repainted composition head. He is seated on a chair, shows his tongue. Movements of the body and of the left leg. New clothing.  On a base with musical movement. H. 36 cm.
Est. 10/15.000 FF

No. 795, An automaton by Lambert, flower or perfume giving girl. Bisque head Dep SH, open mouth. Movement of the head, eyes, and two movements of the right arm. Hands, clothing and accessories lacking. On a base with music. Key L. B. H. 50 cm
Est. 6/8.000 FF

No. 796, A girl with a bird, by Lambert.  Automaton partly original (case, mechanism and body).  Late Bisque head (clothing and decoration reinvented).   Needs restoration.
Est. 6/8.000 FF

No. 797, A Humphy Dumphy Circus.  Frame of a mechanical clown
Est. 3/500 FF

No. 798, An advertising Jazz Automaton.
Est. 7/1000 FF

No. 799, A monkey showing a puppet.  (More details in the Printed catalogue)
Est. 5/8.000 FF

No. 800, A he-goat ["Billy Goat"], the king of animals. (More details in the Printed catalogue)
Est. 5/8.000 FF

No. 801.   A Horrific scene.  (More details in the Printed catalogue)
Est. 10/15.000 FF

No. 802. A fine English musical photo album.  Color printed, it celebrates the victories of the English Army throughout the centuries. Even the famous Battle of Vitoria (Spain), won by Wellington on June 6th, 1813, is there. It was later immortalized by Beethoven. 2 tunes musical movement with operating instructions.
Est. 1400/2.000 FF

No. 803. A Perroquette in need of restoration.  Walnut case, with tune sheet for 2 cylinders (only one present). 2 stops. Long. 33 cm. XIXe c.
Est. 1000/2000 FF

No. 804. A good large musical box movement.  8 tunes, brass 30 cm cylinder laiton. Key wound, 3 levers on the left-hand side. Perfect condition, excellent notation andmusicality.Ca  1870.
Est. 4/6.000 FF

No. 805. A clock base with a small snuff box type movement. Oval black varnished wooden base, width 53 cm. Good 6 tunes movement, with a 7,5 cm cylinder, pulling rope wound. Ca 1900.
Est. 1000/1500 FF

No. 806. A musical necessaire in shape of a violin.  Velvet and beveled mirror decoration. 2 tunes musical movement. 38 cm.
Est. 500/1000 FF

No. 807. A Gaveau upright piano with Stransky-type mechanism. Rare mechanism reading rolls of perforated cardboard. (59 keys, width 25 cm). Located in a drawer under the keyboard.  Action by pedaling or through an electric motor. Similar system to the Hupfeld Pianotist.  Restorations (piano, transmission).  Beautiful case. 140 x 125, prof. 64 cm.  Ca 1900. With 5 stripes of music.  (For a similar instrument, cf. cat. fore coll. Triquet, p 66-67 ; see also Bowers, Encyclopaedia of Automatic Musical Instruments, p 582).
Est. 10/15.000 FF

No. 808. A "Boîte de gare" musical box (70563/14) Glass front case. Coin-operated.  63x34x63 cm.  Lever wound, 8 tunes movement with nickel-plated double spring barrel and 33 cm cylinder, with two dancing dolls.  Needs to be restored : 3/4 of the teeth off, and governor endless screw missing.  Ca 1900
Est. 7/10.000 FF

No. 809. A musical clock with an automaton ship.  Very richly ornamented ormolu clock, with on top a miniature sailing boat rocking on the sea, between two lighthouses. Clock :"mouvement de Paris" with hour and half-hour striking. Independent mechanism for the ship.  On a (modern) wooden base, with an old small musical movement(cyl. 5 cm) with  winding through pulling a metal rod. Total height 57 cm. XIXe c.  Restorations. In working order.
Est. 12/18.000 FF

No. 810. A musical clock.  Wooden case (top missing). 2 tune cylinder. Working condition. Height. 28 cm
Est. 800/1200 FF

No. 811. A musical table tile.  Tune sheet (3 tunes). Showing : Flowers and fruits, in blue colours. Spring unhooked. Good musicality.
Est. 800/1200 FF

No. 812. A French barrel piano.  Fabrication française de pianos automatiques A. Proust et C Tareng, 33, rue de l'Entrepôt, Paris.  Black case, Art nouveau style. Coin-operated. 118x66x148 (175 cm with the top).  90 cm cylinder. 10 tunes according to original tune sheet (valse, polka, fox, etc. and the famous : Elle s'était fait couper les cheveux).  44 piano keys, 6 bells et 2 castanets.  Ca 1920.  Some restoration. In working order, needs tuning.
Est. 8/12.000 FF

No. 813. "La Charmeuse", a rare table organette.  using 41 cm discs. Black wooden case, with cut out decoration. 26 keys, with twenty 41 cm discs marked J. H. Z. (Probably John Heinrich Zimmermann, the maker of  Adler and Fortuna. This all-reeds model seems rare.)
Est. 6/8.000 FF

No. 813B A Griesbaum singing bird box.  Roccoco case (silver plated). Width 13 cm.  Key-Wounded (the key stays under the box).  The bird revolves and flaps its wings. Nice singing. Good general condition. Germany, mid XXth c.
Est.: 7/12.000 FF

No. 814, Regule clock with a monkey.  The eyes and the tongue of the monkey move. Needs restoration. H. 26 cm
Est. 1/1500 FF

No. 815. An Aeolian 65 notes Pianola Push-up   (80774/1). Plays paper rolls.  To be set in front of a piano.  Mahogany, width 115 cm. As is, needs restoration. With 10 rolls (various conditions).
Est. 1000/1500 FF

No. 816. An 8 tune Mayermarix musical box.  Wooden case with decoration of boxwood stringing and inlay. 43 x 21 cm.  Lever wound, brass 20,5 cm cylinder.  10 broken teeth and many bent pins.  Mayermarix tune sheet.  End of XIXth c. Sold as is.
Est.: 2/2.500 FF

No. 817, A small musical box with a dancing doll.  Bisque head (crack), wooden limbs, supple  articulations, 2 tunes
Est. 2/3000 FF

No. 818, A singing bird cage.  Gilt metal, middle XIXth cent. It works but needs adjusting.
Est. 3/5.000 FF

No. 819. A Phonola push-up   (81283/3).  Piano Magazin H. Schütter, Wiesbaden. To be set in front of a piano. Plays 73 notes paper rolls.  Black varnished case. Width 109 cm. As is, needs restoration.
Est. 1000/2000 FF

No. 820.  A musical tile.  Blue, depicting a soldier
Est. 7/1000 FF

No. 821, a musical tile.  Depicts women gleaning cereals. 6 tunes. With label and a bell. (motor needs attention)
Est. 8/1000 FF

No. 822. A musical alarm clock.  Height 28 cm. Wooden top lacking, otherwise good condition.
Est. 1.000/1.500 FF

No. 823. An empty musical box case.  Boxwood stringing and inlay of flowers decoration on the convex shaped cover. 34 cm.
Est. 500/800 FF

No. 824. A large 10 tunes Mayermarix musical box with 6 bells, drum and castanets. Base with decoration of boxwood stringing and inlay.  Handles. 70x36x34 cm.  Lever wound, brass 38 cm cylinder. Zither.  Tune sheet.  One of the two combs and the governor are missing.  Ca 1880.
Est. 1/2.000 FF

No. 825. An empty musical box case.  With a lithographed decoration on the cover. 44 cm
Est. 500 FF

No. 826. A large empty musical box case.  Boxwood stringing and inlay of flowers and musical instruments decoration on cover.
69 cm.
Est. 500/1000 FF

No. 827. A 24 keys Ariston organette, in need of restoration.  Case : 40 cm. With 11 cardboard disks
1500/3.000 FF

No. 828. An Aeolian 65 notes Pianola Push up.  Plays paper rolls.  To be set in front of a piano.  Mahogany, width 117 cm. As is, needs restoration. With more than 60 rolls.
Est. 1000/1500 FF

No. 829. A Hérophon 22 cm disc musical box. With 6 metal annular-shaped discs. Needs restoration.
Est. 1000/2000 FF

No. 830, Polyphon, Ten original 40 cm (15' 3/4) discs in good condition.
Est. 500/800 FF

No. 831, Reuge music.  Small singing bird cage with two birds. Gilt metal. Good condition. H. 24 cm.
Est. 1/1500 FF

No. 832, 7 cardboard stripes for a Stransky piano
Est. 3/500 FF

 No. 833 - 961, Please look at the printed catalog in French.
A few non automatic musical instruments, about 40 gambling machines, some Fairground accessories, and about 50 phonographs.

End of this document.

Photographs of some items may be viewed at


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