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MMD>Gallery>Auctions>Chartres Auction, December 1999

Important auction of Automatas and Mechanical musical instruments
in Chartres, France (80 km, or 1 hour by car, to the Southwest of Paris)
Sunday December 5th, 1999, beginning at 13h30 (1.30 pm).

chtr1299_682.jpg (15kb)


To obtain more information or an illustrated catalog, please contact :

France - Chartres - Galerie de Chartres
Me Jean-Pierre Lelièvre - Pascal Maiche - Alain Paris
Commissaires-priseurs associés
1 bis, place du Général de Gaulle - 28000-Chartres
Tel. + 33 (0)2 37 84 04 33
Fax. + 33 (0)2 37 36 34 71
(Do not dial the first (0) if you are outside France).

Mechanical music consultant for this auction :

M. Philippe Rouillé, (expert CNES),
Tel. +33 (0)1 42 36 10 25  Fax. : +33 (0)1 42 33 69 81

Important notice.

This English translation is given only for the convenience of English speaking clients, and tries to be as reliable as possible. Nevertheless, only the French text of the catalogue (with the occasional corrections given during the auction) is conclusive. (Please read the general conditions of the auction on the back of the cover of the French catalog). If you have any doubts or questions about an item, please ask the auction house before the auction.

This translation describes only the automatas and the mechanical music instruments included in the auction. There will be also (n°s 799-893) many phonographs (about 65) and gambling machines (about 35), which are described in the French catalog.

The price mentioned in the estimates is the price expected at the hammer, in French Francs. For the buyer, add a total premium of 11 % (exactly: 10,854 %) to the hammer price.

A reference is sometimes made to the book, "Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments", by Q. David
Bowers (Vestal Press, USA, 1972 and many subsequent reprints).

Chartres is a beautiful old city, about 1 hour from Paris with a car or by train. You may visit one of the finest
XIIIth century cathedrals in France, with wonderful deep-blue stained glass windows ("le bleu de Chartres"). It has been for centuries a well-known pilgrimage.

The auction will take place about 300 yards from this cathedral, in an old gothic chapel, at the Galerie de
Chartres. The three auctioneers are MM. Jean-Pierre Lelièvre, Pascal Maiche and Alain Paris.

For any information or to get another catalog (please specify if you want this English translation too), just write or fax to the above mentioned address.

N°s 1-650 : Dolls, and 800-893 : coin operated or gambling machines and phonographs : Ask the Galerie de Chartres for the special catalogue.

651 . "Le joueur d'orgue de Barbarie, un type populaire qui disparait"  An engraving from the "Petit Journal", 1908. Glass-protected.
1/200 FF

652 . "Imagerie d'Epinal (Moyennes constructions)"  Paper picture of a mechanical organ, for cutting out (2 ex.).
1/200 FF

653 . A plate picturing a barrel organ player.  A few small defects.
2/400 FF

654 . A black casket featuring a barrel organ.  Nice one tune "manivelle" music movement. 27x16x16cm
5/600 FF

655 . A little automaton of a monkey playing a barrel organ.  "Carl Germany". A spring motor (needing attention) activates the tail, the arm, and the music (played on a few vibrating metal tongues). Good used condition. Mid XXth c. H. 15 cm.
15/2000 FF

656 . Bowers' Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments.  1979 Edition. Good condition. Over 1000 illustrated pages. A "must" for mech. music fans.
4/600 FF

657 . Zeraschi. "L'orgue de Barbarie", Payot, 1980. 252 pages with numerous illustrations. An excellent book. Good condition.
150/300 FF

658 . A 1908 Catalogue of "Le Bon Marché".  66 pages with some musical instruments (and mechanical in the last page). Phonos, cameras, etc. (used condition).
2/400 FF

659 . An old table tile with music. Montereau (some cracks), decoration of 2 lovers. 2 tunes with tunesheet (difficult to read). Plays well.
8/1200 FF

660 . An old table tile with music.  (Longwy), decoration of birds and bamboos. Very good Lador 6 tunes movement, cyl 7,5 cm, 36 teeth.
12/1800 FF

661 . A 2 tunes musical photo album, velvet cover.
5/700 FF

662 . A musical lithographed metal box, featuring an organ with musician angels. When turning the handle, a mechanism (siren type) produces a sustained chord. Mid XXth century. A few adjustments needed to the mechanism.
4/600 FF

663 . A rare metal musical tea-pot, 1 tune. Very good condition. H. 22cm
8/1200 FF

664 . A musical photo album, Good small 2 tunes musical movement. Beginning of the XXth century.
5/600 FF

665 . A small music box,  Fine spotted wood, curved corners, with brass incrustations. 11,5 cm. 2 tunes movement (not original ?) in need of restoration (some parts lacking).
4/600 FF

666 . A small music box,  wooden case, with a painting of a landscape on the cover. 3 tunes movement (needs restoration).
3/500 FF

667 . A musical glove casket,salmon-coloured velvet covered, with brass décoration. Small movement.
4/800 FF

668 . A 3 tunes musical snuff-box, black composition case (crack on the bottom) finely featuring on the impressed cover "Les Sabines" by Morel. Width 10,5cm. 3 tunes (6 tips broken), nice sound. In working order. XIXth century.
18/2500 FF

669 . A 3 tunes musical tile, Decoration of a river. Tunesheet (movement needs attention).
5/700 FF

670 . A small music box for a dancing doll, "Gisèle" type (doll lacking). L. 14 cm. Good condition, beginning of the XXth century.
7/1000 FF

671 . Two "Bols" musical decanters, Good condition.
3/600 FF

672 . A musical sewing or beauty necessaire, without implements, outside covered with golden velvet and brass ornaments in the Art nouveau style, blue padded inside with a mirror. Small 2 tunes movement. Good condition.
7/1000 FF

673 . A 1 tune musical casket, covered with red velvet (one handle lacking). H. 26cm. Beginning of XXth century.
6/800 FF

674 . A rare and fine musical photo album, with feet, to be put on a table. Cover in bakelite and lithographed cardboard featuring an oriental woman. Good 3 tunes Paillard movement with tunesheet (amidst them "Américan Patrol", composed in 1885). Cyl. 6 cm. Beginning of the XXth century. Good condition.
18/2500 FF

675 . A wooden musical alarm clock, 2 tunes, H. 27 cm. Complete (excepted top decoration) with detailed operating instructions from the "Maison Alexandre, Paris" and tunesheet (rare). Beginning of the XXth century.
1/1400 FF

676 . A classical 24 keys Ariston organette, with 3 cardboard discs. It plays, but needs attention. Ca 1900.
25/4000 FF

677 . A pedagogical rarity : 4 very special cylinders for an organ, probably for a Mirecourt instrument of the type "orgue 21 touches n° 1430". All pins and bridges have been punched out, probably for a repinning with more modern tunes, which never occured. So remains only the paper which was glued on the surface of the cylinder, with all the written notation marks. On the side of each cylinder, a fine handwritten listing of the classical 10 tunes, in a fanshape presentation. From the tunes, 2 cylinders seem to date from the beginning of the XIXth century, and the 2 others seem to have been already repinned in the middle of the XIXth century. The notated lenght is 54 cm. Two cylinders are in an original wood box, the two others without a box.

These 4 cylinders constitute for a museum or an exhibition an excellent pedagogical example of how cylinders were notated and repinned.
5/800 FF

678 . An 8 airs serinette, probably from Mirecourt. Walnut box 27 cm. 10 metal pipes. Over restored, it works, but would need some attention.
25/3000 FF

679 . A fine 24 notes Ariston organette, Excellent appearance, with 7 discs. It plays, but needs attention.
3/4000 FF

680 . A 2 tunes musical wooden alarm clock, complete (without key), good condition. Beginning of the XXth century. H. 45 cm.
6/1200 FF

681 . A 2 tunes musical wooden alarm clock, complete (without key), good condition. Beginning of the XXth century. H. 38 cm.
6/1200 FF

chtr1299_682.jpg (15kb)682 . A rare keywound Forte-piano Ducommun-Girod musical box,  Painted wood case (XIXth c., but not original) with inlay on the lid (restorations, small chips). 45 cm.  Fine 6 tunes musical movement (mid XIXth c.), signed on the bedplate, 3 commands, cyl. 32,7 cm, 123 teeth (89 for the Forte comb + 34 for the piano comb). Good patriotic tunes ("la Marseillaise", "le Chant du Départ", etc.) with caracterised forte-piano effect. Good original condition (instant stop lever lacking, change lever remade).
12/15000 FF

683 . A fine and interesting small musical ormulu clock, with Alibert signed movement (teeth by 4).
The clock depicts the return from the war of an army sapper, who will use scythe and shovel in agricultural tasks. Fusee anchor escapement watch movement (in working order, protection glass lacking), signed "Th. Gounouilliou Jne à Paris". The sapper's scythe is the winding key. Height of the clock : 19 cm.

On an oval wooden musical base, long 25,5 cm, signed in pencil "Alibert à Paris 19 juin 1858" (possibly a repair, because the clock and the musical movement seem earlier). Fine 2 tunes musical movement (snuffbox type), with teeth by groups of 4, good musicality. Probably by H. Bordier, although signed Alibert on the governor (Alibert was mainly a retailer). A few lacks and restorations, some adjustments and cleaning needed. Otherwise, good condition.
12/18000 FF

684 . A good 26 keys reed barrel organ, Case with a decoration of flowers inlay (accidents to the veneer on the sides of the case, new lid). 52x30x45 cm. Cyl. 37 cm, 8 excellent tunes. Some restorations. Ca 1900. In good working order and good musicality.
20/25000 FF

chtr1299_685.jpg (17kb)685 . A good Gavioli 26 keys 4 stops barrel organ, "14 rue d'Aligre, Paris". Beautiful case with decoration of inlay and an oil painting (waterfall). 62 x 36 x 57 cm. 8 tunes, one of the stops has 8 trumpets. End of XIXth c. Completely restored. Plays well and loud.
35/50000 FF

686 . A very fine 50 cm table Polyphon, Case with inlay on cover, and a coloured photo-engraving inside, depicting a harbour. 53 x 68 x 31 cm.  Musical box mechanism with 118 teeth (in two two-parts combs facing each other). Wound with a handle and started from the side of the box. Excellent condition and musicality. Beginning of XXth c. With 25 discs, most of them in good condition (some rust on a few ones).
For a similar machine, see Bowers Encyclopedia, p. 155, style 47C.
30/50000 FF

chtr1299_687.jpg (21kb)687 . An outstanding large early music box movement with teeth by four, bass on the right side, 4 tunes, 3 levers. No visible mark. In an oval clock base (44 cm, split cover, replaced screws), rosewood veneered, with stylised inlay on the front. Key-wound on a barrel. Inside command for a start from a clock. 22,6 cm cylinder, 25 groups of 4 teeth. Excellent condition and musicality (lacks only the "finger" of the Geneva stop). Ca 1820.
Large early movements with teeth by groups of four seem rather rare.
14/18000 FF

688 . A fine 6 tunes musical box movement, In an oval clock base, 55 cm, exotic wood veneered (boxwood stringing, small accidents and splits).  Good keywound musical movement, 2 external levers (knobs lacking). 25 cm brass cylinder, 94 teeth, very fine notation (piccolos) and musicality, good programm. Mid XIXth c.
8/10000 FF

689 . A 6 tune musical movement in a clock base, Black varnished wooden oval base with brass stringing. 58.5 x 28 cm. 27,3 cm cylinder movement. It plays well, but governor and commands need attention. 2d half of the XIXth century.
4/6000 FF

690 . A Celestina 20 notes American organette, complete, good condition, but needs attention to be in playing order again. Ca 1900. With one paper roll (some tear). Case 40x35x35cm.
5/8000 FF

691 . An old musical tile,

depicting a hunting scene (dog and birds), one tune (modern movement).

7/1000 FF

692 . An old musical tile,

Longwy, decoration of flowers. 2 tunes (modern movement).

7/1000 FF

693 . A "Marotte" musical doll,

Bisque half body and head, German, fixed blue eyes, old clothing, accidents to the musical movement, the long wooden support as a whistle.

1/1500 FF

694 . A "Marotte" musical doll,

Bisque half body and head, Simon & Halbig N°1010, open mouth, fixed blue eyes, the long bone support as a whistle, silk clothing with jingle bells. Nice music.

2/3000 FF

695 . A mechanical bulldog, by Elie Martin (?),

skin-covered, glass eyes, on a wheeled base. Long. 27cm (needs attention).

7/1000 FF

696 . A little automaton of a cat,

in a wicker basket. By Decamps ? Blocked mechanism. H.15cm 1/1500 FF

697 . A fine musical toy of a "Clown violoniste",

playing on a barrel. Rare bisque head with "white clown" make-up, impressed "Paris SL. O", handle mechanism. Very beautiful original condition. 36cm.

5/8000 FF

chtr1299_698.jpg (17kb)698 . "Les valseurs", by Gustave Vichy,  Rare and beautiful dancing couple (by Bru or Barrois ?), lead hands for the man, and bisque hands for the woman. Fine period white and blue silk clothing. The couple revolves and dances in circles. Rarely found in such a good condition. H. 32 cm.
40/60000 FF

699 . A Bontems 2 birds birdcage.

Fine giltwood base with stucco decoration. Movements of the head, beak and tail. Mechanism plays continuously or discontinuously at will. Good usual condition, and in working order. End of XIXth c. Height : 55 cm.

18/25000 FF

700 . An fine automaton of "La bouquetière", by Roullet-Decamps,

Jumeau head with closed mouth, taille 3, blue paperweight eyes with a well preserved silk costume, bisque hands. She takes some flowers out of her basket to breathe their smell. Movements of the head and of both arms. Red base with canted corners, and 2 tunes musical movement. H. 48 cm.

30/35000 FF

701 . A "négresse debout jouant de la lyre", by Roullet Decamps.

(A black girl playing a lyra). Two movements of the painted cardboard head, movements of the eyelids, glass eyes, movement of the right hand. Partly original clothes. Mechanism and music inside the body (it works, but needs attention). H. 72 cm

30/50000 FF

702 . A skin-covered bear,

It was a part of an automaton scene (for a Decamps windowcase ?). H. 48 cm.

5/800 FF

chtr1299_703.jpg (28kb)703 . A magnificent animated musical clock picture.  In a painted cardboard scenery, a train travels from the right to the left, passing on a bridge over a sea with two pitching ships. On the right side, a horse-drawn cart travels on another bridge. In front of the picture, some peasants (some with movements) are walking. On the down left side, a mill-wheel revolves as the miller leans at a window. On the upper left side, the wings of a mill rotate, and two other millers appear at windows. On the balcony of a house, a character plays the trumpet. A fisherman is taking a fish out of the water, while his wife moves at his rear. A sentinel appears at a postern. Two other characters wave to the ships, and several other characters stay still. Rare clock movement with two "Jaquemart" automatons. 2 tunes music movement. 100 x 75 cm. Beautiful gilded frame.
50/80000 FF

704 . A rare animated musical picture,

depicting on several levels "Le passage du col du Saint Bernard" (the crossing of the St Bernard pass) by the army of Napoleon. Paper silhouettes, pulley mechanism (needs attention). 2 tunes musical movement, playing "Annie Laurie - Within a mile of Edimburg". 58x68cm.

10/15000 FF

705 . A very good 24 keys portable organ by Christian Bigaud,

ca 1975-80, inscribed : "La Belle Epoque". Blue painted wooden case with decoration of flowers and women on the front, and two glass protected engravings on the side and the rear. A few chips. 90 x 60 x 86 cm.

24 keys tracker bar analog to the Organina Thibouville system, but playing on 24 large wooden open pipes. Works with a round handle. Good condition, very good non agressive sound. With 6 books.

30/50000 FF

706 . A 8 tunes musical box with "voix célestes",

Beautiful case with spotted and precious wood, boxwood stringing and inlay of musical instruments. The internal glass frame protective of the movement is missing. Tune sheet (8 religious tunes). Lever wound. Brass 27,5 cm cylinder, playing on 2 teeth combs and 11 reeds. Good presentation and working condition. Ca 1880.

8/12000 FF

707 . A fine 20 keys reed organ, with dance tunes,

Case in precious wood with a fine inlay on the front of a dancing girl.

56 x 32 x 39 cm. Handle, 8 tunes cylinder. Completely restored (lid new). Mirecourt ? End of XIXth century. Very good condition of presentation and playing.

16/20000 FF

708 . An exceptionnal "Piano Orchestrion", by Veuve Amelotti,

sold by the Maison Ferrari in Lyons. Very good condition and sound, 6 instruments. Mechanically or electrically (220 V) driven, coin operated. Painted front with lighting and ormulu fittings. Height 1,96m - Width 1,40m - Depht 0,80m.

20/25000 FF

709 . A small key wound musical box,

in a walnut case (bottom and sides lacking). Brass cyl. 11 cm, 3 tunes. In need of restoration (cogwheels, pins, 2 tips). Ca 1840.

2/3000 FF

710 . A 18 cm disc Kalliope musical box with 4 bells,

Varnished case 26x22cm. One comb (2 broken teeth). Good condition, but handle lacking. With 8 discs.

3/5000 FF

711 . A 24 keys Ariston organette,

Large case (46,5 cm). Fine transfer decoration. Ca 1900. In need of restoration.

12/1800 FF

712 . A fine 24 keys portable reed organ,

using books (Gamme Thibouville). Fine painted wooden case, with decoration of twisted columns, flowers and a shell on the front. 70 x 50 x 82 cm. Reeds with resonator wooden pipes and two trumpets which protude from the top of the case. Expression flap. Good condition, plays well. Unknown maker (ca 1980/90). With 5 books of music.

20/25000 FF

713 . A Regina 25 cm disc music box.

Wooden case with convex lid (feet and handle lacking). 37x34x22. One comb (5 broken teeth). Needs restoration. Ca 1900. With one disc.

4/6000 FF

714 . A 4 tune music box,

brass cyl. 12,5 cm (Needs cleaning).

25/3000 FF

715 . A potentially good 8 tunes musical box,

having suffered some strange transformations (electrified, etc.). Happily, the barrel, comb and brass 30 cm cylinder are good. Original case (some worm damage) with tunesheet (sold by Bozzo, Paris et Niort). Ca 1870. Well worth a correct restoration.

18/2500 FF

716 . A small music box with a dancing doll on top.

"Giselle" type. 1 tune (La Vie Parisienne). Keywound. Good condition (later doll). The stop and closing devices need attention. Beginning of XXth century Total height : 22 cm.

12/1800 FF

chtr1299_717.jpg (12kb)717 . A fine perroquette as a small chamber organ,  Good walnut case, 50x33, Height. 70cm.  10 tunes on a 34 cm cylinder, 13 keys, 3 stops (open/stopped metal pipes). Some pipes creased at their top. Otherwise well restored and plays well.
10/15000 FF

718 . A fine painted wood female figure for a fairground organ,

Very beautiful attitude (twisted dress, hat with a feather). Height 80 cm. Some restoration.

5/8000 FF

719 . A 58 notes Aeolian Orchestrelle reed organ,

15 stops. Foot operated. Impressive case 173 x 74 x 156 cm. Overhauled, good condition of presentation and in working order. With ca 45 paper rolls. American, ca 1900. "Play it in ten minutes, master it in a month", said the advertisment.

15/25000 FF

720 . A good 33 keys Coelophone portable reed organ.

With handle and 5 new books of music (Frou Frou, Le dénicheur etc.). Completely restored, excellent condition. 70 x 36 x 44 cm. (This model is more rare than the usual slightly larger 37 keys model).

20/30000 FF

721 . A good Rzebitschek musical box movement,

in a gilt wood clock base (with a replaced mirror in front). Width 29 cm. 2 classical tunes on a 10,5 cylinder, bass teeth typically on the right side. Geneva stop lacking, otherwise good condition. Prag, XIXth century.

3/4000 FF

722 . A small music box movement, teeth by groups of 5,

in an oval clock base, with inlay decoration, 42 cm.

Snuffbox type 2 classical tunes movement, with rare handwritten tunesheet glued under the cover of the base. Impressed CMM on the bedplate. Rope wounded. It plays, but needs cleaning. The outside command levers are missing.

18/2500 FF

723 . A "Coelophone orchestre" 37 keys portable reed organ,

Système Gavioli Thibouville. Width. 77cm. As is, in need of restoration. It seems complete, but without handle and perforated strip.

10/15000 FF

724 . A coin-operated French mechanical piano,

"Pianos automatiques A. Proust et C. Tareng, 332 rue de l'Entrepôt, Paris". Black upholstery, Art nouveau style. 118x66x148 cm. (175 cm with the top part). 90 cm cylinder playing 10 tunes according to the original tunesheet (valse, polka, fox, etc... et "Elle s'était fait couper les cheveux"). 44 keys, 6 bells and 2 castagnets. 1920's. Some restorations. It works but needs a tuning.

5/8000 FF

725 . A reed organ with a monkey violin player.

Varnished wooden case with boxwood stringing decoration. Movements of head, eyes, mouth, arm. The organ (handle cranked, 6 tunes, 17 keys) is in good condition and plays well and loud. Some restoration needed to the automaton (clothes, eyes). 42x26x56 cm. Such organs with a monkey are illustrated in the 1889 Thibouville-Lamy catalogue.

10/15000 FF

726 . A Wilhelm Bruder Söhne Barrel Organ (Waldkirch)

24 keys, 1 register stop. Ca 40 pipes.

Beautiful case with boxwood stringing and inlay of flowers. (Some worm damage). 55x33x55 cm

42 cm cylinder with 9 tunes according to original tunesheet : Waltzes, mazurkas, polka, etc.).

Good condition, usual restorations (bellows), needs some adjustments. End XIXe century.

35/50000 FF

727 . An electrified 88 notes pneumatic piano,

by Gilbert, London, metal frame, Aeolian (?) system, fine mahoganny case. May be used either by foot pedalling or with an electric pump located in an independant mahoganny piece of furniture which houses too about 50 rolls (classical and light music). Good condition (restorations). First third of the XXth century.

12/18000 FF

728 . A Herophon 24 keys reed organette,

using square cardboard discs. Needs restoration (handle lacking). Ca 1900. With one disc.

To avoid the Ariston patents, Herophon uses a fixed square disc under which the whole mechanism rotates.

1/2000 FF

729 . A small 2 tunes music box "qualité excelsior",

with tune sheet, in a varnished and veneered casket. 12 cm. Good condition, mid XXth century.

6/1000 FF

730 . A rare small 12,5 cm disc musical clock,

in a wooden case (without top), H. 34 cm. Beginning of XXth century. Chips to the dial, driving of the discs to look at. Otherwise good condition. With 6 discs.

12/2000 FF

731 . A metal musical alarm clock,

Damage to dial, wooden bottom lacking, otherwise good condition and in working order. Beginining of XXth century.

5/800 FF

732 . A 12 tunes (two per turn) musical box,

Painted case with transfer decoration, 37 cm. Lever wound, nickeled 9 cm cylinder, tune indicator. It works, but needs attention. Ca 1900.

15/2000 FF

733 . Two music boxes cases,

(without movements). One is in good condition, with feet, boxwood stringing and transfer decoration (angels), 31 cm. The other one is used, with transfer decoration, 32 cm. Both cases ca 1900.

5/1000 FF

734 . A musical tile,

decoration of flowers. 1 tune Lador movement. Mid XXth century.

4/600 FF

735 . An old musical tile.

Decoration of windmills. Small 2 tunes movement (as is) with tunesheet.

8/1000 FF

736 . An Aeolian "Push up" 65 notes pianola,

Good general condition, but needs attention. Mahoganny case. Width 116 cm. With a few rolls.

2/3000 FF

chtr1299_737.jpg (16kb)737 . A beautiful animated musical picture by "Ferdinand Würtel (1849)",  as indicated by a brass plate on the frame, with Wurtel commercial card inside. On a metal scenery is fixed a 3 dimensional painted cardboard scene, depicting a village, a river running under a bridge, a cascade running down a mountain slope, a road with a stage coach and walking people, two trains on a track running on a bridge, and a water-mill. A clock strikes the hours and half hours. The following elements are animated : stage coach, walking people, trains, mill wheel and the cascade. The mechanism, using wooden pulleys and threads, is hidden under the secenry, in the lower part of the picture. A small musical movement has its own rope-winding spring driven movement. 112x76 cm. Beautiful gilt wooden and paste frame.
50/80000 FF

738 . An fine automaton of a young girl with a bird, by Lambert,

"Jeune fille à l'oiseau", Jumeau head with closed mouth, "taille 4", chestnut paperweight eyes, fine original silk clothes. Movements of the head, of the left hand which raises an egg inside which a bird is moving, while she shows the scene with her right hand (unfortunately, right hand and bird missing). On a one tune musical base playing "La Mascotte

- Romance du Caire". Fine original condition (the 2 missing parts excepted). Height : 50 cm.

20/25000 FF

739 . A fine electrical advertising automaton of two children, by JAF.

"Les deux enfants" (The two children). A boy and a girl are sitting in front of a table. Four movements each : head, arm, mouth, and eyes (the eyes need attention). Electrical 220 V. non original motor. Restorations to the clothes and the transmission rods. With a lighted front plate advertising for an English trader. H. 0,80m - Width 0,80m - Depht 0,41m

15/20000 FF

740 ."La coquette", an automaton of a girl by Lambert.

Bisque Simon & Halbig head, open mouth, movements of the eyes, and two movements of the head, bisque hands with movements of the two arms. She is seated on a bamboo chair, fans and looks at herself in a mirror. On a musical base, L. B. original key. In good working order, replaced clothes. H. 50 cm.

15/20000 FF

741 . "L'Espagnol joueur de mandoline", a fine automaton of a Spanish mandolin player by Lambert.

Jumeau head, closed mouth, blue paperweight eyes, fine original clothes. Bisque arms (one missing), 3 movements. Beautiful one Spanish tune music. H. 50 cm.

15/20000 FF

742 . A charming automaton of a girl and her cat, by Lambert.

"Fillette et son chat".

The girl sitting on a bamboo chair, with Simon & Halbig bisque head, open mouth, composition hands. She feeds a cat which is dancing on a table, while a mouse (missing) dances below. Movements of the head, the arms and the two animals. Musical base. H. 52 cm.

20/25000 FF

743 . An automaton of an Acrobat clown by Decamps.

"Clown acrobate sur chaise". Jumeau bisque head, open mouth (crack). He leans against the back of a chair, supports himself on the right hand, rises and moves his head and his legs. New clothes and restorations to the mechanism. H. 68cm

12/15000 FF

744 . An automaton of a young woman playing a mandolin, by Lambert.

"Jeune femme à la mandoline", fine fashion-type Jumeau head, closed mouth, blue paperweight eyes, pierced and added ears, bisque hands (the left hand is not original, accident to a finger of the right hand). Movements of the head, the body and the arms, original underwear, period-style clothes. Musical base (new red clothing). It works but needs attention. H. 50 cm.

15/20000 FF

745 . A small jumping carved and painted wood horse,

White and chestnut coloured, glass eyes (usual fairground repairs).

H. 0,80m - Long. 1,16m.

6/8000 FF

746 . A rare carrousel she-goat,

in carved white painted wood, with its horns and a small bell.

H 1,08m, Long. 1,17m.

10/15000 FF

chtr1299_747.jpg (13kb)747 . A fine and large carved wooden jumping horse,  Painted in grey and white, red saddle on a green blanket, glass eyes, fine mane blown by the wind (usual fairground repairs). H. 115 cm. Long. 150 cm.
12/18000 FF

748 . A rare carved wood ass,

painted in grey with moving head, blue saddle and harness, green blanket, glass eyes. H. 140 cm. Long 140 cm.

10/15000 FF

749 . A rose painted wooden pig,

yellow saddle with green ribbons, glass eyes, Height. 48cm. Long. 1,06m

7/10000 FF

750 . A large carved wooden jumping horse,

painted in grey and chestnut, red saddle, glass eyes. Height. 1,05m - Long. 1,32m

10/12000 FF

751 . A carved wooden carrousel gondola,

The front as a chariot with radiant wheels and a decoration of flowers and foliage, the rear and the two sides more simple. H. 1,20m - Long. 1,80m - Depht. 1,20m

5/8000 FF

752 . A rare carved and painted wooden Donald figure.

Height 95cm - Long. 85cm

4/6000 FF

753 . A painted icecream man cart,

made of wood and iron, three-wheeled, with 2 icecream tanks, a presentoir for pastry horns, the ceiling being supported by four twisted brass columns. Height 2,10m - Long. 1,34m - Width 0,85m

15/20000 FF

754 . A fine automaton of a woman with a mirror, by Lambert.

"L'Espagnole au miroir", with several movements. The seated woman looks at herself in a mirror, her right hand shaking a tambourine, and she beats time by tapping her feet. Jumeau head taille 2, closed mouth, chestnut paperweight eyes, bisque half body. Height 42cm

15/20000 FF

755 . An electrical advertising automaton of a seated man, by Descamps.

On an oak base wich houses the completely original mechanism (head lacking, mechanism not tried), clothes in very good condition. This character was probably laughing. With a plate inscribed : Decamps, 10, rue du Parc Royal, Paris. Height 75 cm.

8/12000 FF

756 . An electrical advertising automaton by JAF,

of a schoolboy disclosing in 3 steps with his arms an advertisment written on a blackboard, thanks to a circular masking board which revolves. With regulating rheostat. Good condition, mid XXth century. 74x61cm

4/6000 FF

757 . A windowcase electrical automaton,

of an old man in a rocking chair. Ca 1980. H. 75 cm.

8/1200 FF

758 . A windowcase electrical automaton "the Forest",

depicting a tree with a bear, an owl and a rabbit. 220 volt. In working order. Height 1m.

2/3000 FF

759 . An electrical automaton of a dog.

Lenght : 50 cm.

7/1000 FF

760 . An automaton of a "Pierrot" playing a mandolin,

2 movements, homemade work from the 2d half of the XXth century. It works together with a small music by turning a handle. Plays "La lettre à Elise". H. 45cm.

5/1000 FF

761 . Two plates featuring fairground strong men,

one performing with the accompaniment of a barrel organ. Good condition.

5/700 FF

762 . A large carved wood jumping horse,

painted in grey and chestnut, red saddle, glass eyes. (One ear missing).

H. 1,05m - Long. 1,32m

10/12000 FF

763 . A carved and painted wood fairground organ front,

in three parts, the central part decorated with columns and flowers.

Height 1,54m - Long. 1,30m

The two side parts (45 cm wide each) with many fittings for lighting.

3/5000 FF

764 . A fine gondola in three parts,

the main front, the fore and aft parts are in carved wood with foliage on a rose-coloured ground, and eagle heads with insertion of glass parts. L. 2,30 m.

4/6000 FF

765 . A fine painted canvas curtain for a fairground booth,

picturing 3 cherubs in a garden, the border in the XVIIIth century taste, signed "A. Ponsart. Décorateur. 34 rue de la Pelouse à Sotteville les Rouen" (some tear and chips). A 31 cm diam. circle is cut out in the middle (to allow a mechanism ? or a head ?). H. 1,80m - Long 2,85m

3/5000 FF

766 . A fine carrousel gondola, by Coquereau et Maréchal,

in four parts, the front in carved wood with decoration of mermaids and foliage on a rose coloured ground, with mirrors and brass handles, the three other panels are more simple (usual restorations). L 1,70m, H 1,35m.

10/15000 FF

767 . A two face to face seats fairground ship,

as a small wooden gondola painted in blue and white with red thin borders, and metal rail-guard. Long 1,22m - H 75cm.

15/2000 FF

768 . An English carrousel motorbike, ca 1950.

1/1500 FF

769 . A carved wooden jumping horse,

painted in black and white, yellow and green saddle, glass eyes, fine mane turned down on the right side (usual fairground repairs). Height of the horse : 90 cm. Long. 1,20 m - overall height 1,30 m.

10/12000 FF

770 . A carrousel pig,

in carved wood (modern work).

25/3000 FF

771 . A fine 25 keys, 3 stops portable barrel organ,

executed in a very similar way to an organ clock mechanism (it seems probable that Black Forest clock makers made too portable organs). Walnut case 60x45x65cm. Fine dark red coloured 48 cm, 10 tunes cylinder (Waltzes, polkas, mazurkas, one tune titled : "Napoléon Lied"). With handle. Completely restored. Very good condition and sonority. The windchest bears a date : "1869".

30/45000 FF

772 . A fine musical fruit dish on stand,

(unfortunately with a large crack), with decoration of young girls and flowers. Good small musical 2 tunes movement with tunesheet (one tune is "la Polka des pétards"). Beginning of the XXth century.

3/600 FF

773 . A wooden musical alarm clock,

2 tunes. Good condition (without key). Beginning of XXth cent. H. 36cm

6/1200 FF

774 . A wooden musical alarm clock,

2 tunes. Short top. Good condition (without key). Beginning of XXth cent. H. 29 cm.

6/1000 FF

775 . A 2 tunes musical table tile,

Decoration of blue flowers. Good musical movement (no start-stop lever).

5/800 FF

776 . Three items, musical or for automatas,

One good small musical movement (manivelle type) in a circular base for an automaton ; remnants of a base for an automaton ; remnants of an interesting musical postcard (rubber band with plots). All items in "as is" condition.

2/400 FF

777 . Eleven small electric motors,

4,5 volts, for automatas.

2/400 FF

778 . Several pieces for barrel organs,

2 wooden pipes, 2 metal pipes, one tracker bar (27 keys) one reeds set for a 27 key, and another reeds set for 36 keys (Thibouville ?).

3/600 FF

779 . Nine books of music for a 24 keys Thibouville organ,

(song tunes), by Boyadjoglou father (good choice of tunes, and good condition).

9/1500 FF

780 . A 24 notes Ariston organette,

In need of restoration.

1/2000 FF

781 . 19 cardboard discs for a 24 keys Ariston.

(With one "gamme" disc). Good condition.

5/1000 FF

782 . A lot of rolls for pneumatic pianos

2 different kinds, amidst them about forty 88 notes rolls.

5/800 FF

783 . "Revue de l'A.A.I.M.M".

(French Assoc. des collectionneurs de musique mécanique).

Numéros 11, 18 à 22 (1981-83) and 2/1985.

1/200 FF

784 . Four 88 notes "Metrostyle" rolls,

for pneumatic piano. Amidst them Hungarian rhapsodies n° 10 and 11, by Liszt. Rather good condition.

100 FF

785 . Very rare miniature promotional Duo-Art roll,

in its original box. At a scale of ca 45% of the original, it imitates perfectly the normal roll in the "Annotated series" of Artur Rubinstein's selection from Rimsky-Korsakof's Golden Cockerel. Long. 13,5 cm. Light tear to the beginning, otherwise excellent condition.

This promotional roll, with a reduced scale, could actually play the theme on a piano, after obturating the unused holes of the tracker bar. Ca 1920-24. Very few of these rolls have survived, and usually in bad condition.

(Informations thanks to Arthur Ord-Hume).

5/1000 FF

786 . Four rose cardboard "Pianolist" rolls,

Width 26cm.

2/400 FF

787 . 14 discs for musical boxes,

12 for 45 cm Calliope, and two 50 cm Polyphon. Rather good condition.

5/800 FF

788 . 4 paper rolls for an organette,

one (modern) for a Seraphone, the other 3 (German ? width 105 mm) for a 28 keys (?) organ. Good condition.

1/300 FF

789 . 3 books for a Marenghi organ,

One is marked "70 touches 1920" and overprinted "Gaudin et Cie Sr". Width 25 cm. Good used condition.

2/500 FF

790 . Seven books for a Melotrope,

amidst them "Amour et Printemps" and "la Vague". Good condition.

2/500 FF

791 . Ten 34 cm discs for a Kallipe music box. Good condition.

3/500 FF

792 . Ca 68 books for a Pianista Thibouville

marked "pour nouveau Pianista à double soufflet (n° d'ordre supérieur à 1000)". Good condition.

8/1500 FF

793 . An 8 tunes cylinder for a Gavioli organ,

"2 rue de Taillebourg, Paris", Noted lenght : 59 cm. In its original wooden case. Good condition.

2/400 FF

794 . A diatonic Accordeon,

end of the XIXth century.

4/600 FF

795 . Ca 15 books for an organ,

Classical and mainly popular music, fairly good condition. Most seem to be for a 36 Thibouville, and a few for a Pianista.

400/800 FF

796 . An old binded book with a musical movement,

by Thorens, one tune. Leather bound. (Writings by Bourdaloue).

3/500 FF

797 . A small automaton of a barrel organ player,

with a small musical Lador movement, playing "La vie en rose". Movements of the arm and the head. Fabric and plastic. "Carl Original Germany". Ca 1980. H. 30cm

5/1000 FF

798 . A small old musical photo album,

with modern Japanese movement.

2/300 FF

chtr1299_boxeur.jpg (20kb)799 . An exceptionnal fairground attraction "Le boxeur noir", (the black boxer), used to demonstate your strenght, in solid cast iron. Height, 2 m. Weight, ca 500 Kg.  Here is a description of a similar instrument, from a book by Jean Lemaitre : "100 ans de machines à sous" (100 years of coin machines). Says the pamphlet:

On the left, you can set up the tension of the springs according to the category of the player (weak, middle, strong). If the stroke with the fist is not strong enough, the player may play again. On the contrary, if the player makes the pointer go to the last quarter of the dial, the eyes lighten and the athlete begins to shout : "The stronger it is, the stronger I shout !"
The mechanism seems complete and in good order. There is an inscription on the base : A. Durenne Sonemaire.
70/100000 FF

chtr1299_3Phonos.jpg (12kb)There are also in this auction many gambling machines (n°s 800 to 832), and many phonographs (N°s 833-893).  Please see the French edition of the catalogue.

Next auction of automatas and mechanical music : May 2000


le 23 novembre 1999

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