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Fine Antique Mechanical Musical Instruments For Sale

October 23, 2002

Serpentine Short Bedplate Reginaphone Style 250. Scarce Reginaphone model of the very desirable serpentine short bedplate 15 ½" table model. Beautiful oak serpentine case. All original, beautiful combs with almost no wear, has had very light restoration. No phonograph arm or turntable. Very scarce and desirable model. Serial number 2500293. $5400.

Mira 18 ½" Oak Disc Music Box With Base Cabinet. Very nice oak table model 18 ½" double comb Mira with scarce disc storage cabinet. Should be here in late October. Call for details.

Polyphon 19 5/8" Disc Upright Music Box. Style 104. With base cabinet. We are adding a pediment (may be a reproduction) and glass motor cover to complete it, but they will need to be refinished to match the rest of the case. To be picked up in late September. $6800 with 12 discs.

Regina 27" Automatic Changer Style 8a, Fire Damaged. This was a beautiful Regina 27" disc automatic changer, complete with carved dragon single upper door case, gallery, etc., see Bowers page 204. However this one was damaged by a nearby fire. It appears to need a virtually full reveneering and of course refinishing to bring back it's original beauty. It does work mechanically but will require a full normal cleaning of the mechanism. Combs and leads look fine. Glass is missing, as is the oak frame around the back. So if you are handy with restoring cases, this would be an excellent opportunity. $14,500.

Melodi-Pan Monkey Organ. 24 key. 14 visible round pipes in front, plus about 19 pipes underneath (one of which looks like a replacement). American tunes. Case marquetry says: "Angelo Bassi; Lodz, 12 Nowo-Lagiewnicka.12; Melodi-Pan. Looks very interesting, much like a typical Harmonipan. $5250.

Bacigalupo Harmonipan. 33 key. 19 visible round pipes in front (1 acorn missing), and about 19 pipes underneath. Case marquetry says:"Harmonipan; G. Bacigalupo Schonhauser Allee, 78 Berlin. N.". There are labels inside showing that this organ was owned/handled by Esser Bros Theatrical Customs Wigs and Supplies, Pittsburgh, PA. Large decorative printing on the case showing where it was operated during the 1930’s (Clarksburg, WV, and Atlantic City, NJ). One of two decorative brass "medals" remain on the front of the pretty case. Lid (top) of case is new. $7350

30-key Monkey Organ. Make is currently unknown, however there may well be an inlaid maker’s name under some heavy varnish, which we will be able to check when it gets here. 30-key, 52 pipes (including larger pipes in front, but not exposed). Case is 22 ½" wide, 15" deep, 24" high. Plays but needs restoration. Inlaid center design, missing cloth to cover open areas in front. Should arrive in November. $6,500.

Unusual Street Barrel Organ With Two Barrels, Metal and Wood Pipes. Probably Spanish, with both metal and wood pipes, early example. Not working but complete and in good condition, requires normal restoration. Includes two multi-tune barrels. "Upright" style with barrel in the lower front section. Should be here in November. $4,000.

Rare Stella 26" Disc Upright With Inlaid Cabinet. This rare 26" disc double comb Stella is in a gorgeous very tall oak case with extensive inlay on the top and bottom fronts. Needs restoration. Upper back door needs to be replaced, speed control is missing something, there are about 20 broken teeth. With a wonderful library of 31 discs. Should arrive in November. $18,500.

Cylinder Music Box With Hidden Drum & Bells In Unusual Case. This lovely early hidden drum and bells music box has a 15 1/8" cylinder, I recall it has a brass bedplate, has hidden drum and 5 or 6 bells. One of ten bell teeth is broken, and two comb teeth are broken. Most unusual is the lovely case with curved corners and metal boulle work in front and on all four corners, and extensive metal inlays (a small amount of which is missing), one inner board is missing. This is a very pretty music box, very unusual. Not running. May need repinning. Should arrive in November. $3,200.

Interchangeable Cylinder Harpe Harmonique Piccolo Zither. This 3-cylinder music box is all original. It is in a plain veneered case with drawer underneath for cylinder storage. 13" X 2 ½" cylinders, eight tunes each, complete with original tune card. Could be a Paillard. Sounds good, very dirty, needs normal restoration. Should be here in November. $3,800.

Polyphon 15 ½" Table Model Needs Work. Nice double comb 15 ½" Polyphon table model. Combs look okay, with no broken teeth, however both damper rails are missing (these can be bought in England). Mahogany case with incised designs on top. $2100.

22 ¼" Polyphon With Bells Mechanism Only. Seems complete, including the coil spring type motor, but no case at all. Barbell type. Combs are discolored but seem okay, starwheels partially frozen up. Came with only 1 disc but I think we may have more in stock. These are scarce and desirable and will be worth three times our price when restored, if only you can find or make a case! Should be here in November. $4,000.

Criterion 20 ¾" Mahogany Double Comb. Large table model music box with perfect combs and nice carved front case, ball feet missing. Lid has a lot of nicks in it and case will need repair and refinishing. Plays but needs adjustments and normal mechanical refurbishing. Combs are beautiful but leads have deteriorated and will need replacing. Drive sprocket doesn’t seem to be engaging properly, resulting in inadequate power for driving discs. Hold down bar knob also needs repair. Will be an outstanding music box when restored. $4,600.

Important Paillard Interchangeable Cylinder Music Box in Carved Cabinet Style Case. This is a very unusual Paillard interchangeable cylinder music box. It is in the rare cabinet or buffet style case which is one piece and has three drawers (plus one fake drawer for the mechanism) going to the floor, carved columns and paneled effect. Lid may not be original. Sublime Harmony Tremolo format. Scarce Longue Marche spring and gearing format. The three large cylinders are 18 ½" by 2 11/16", six tunes each. 49" wide, 21" deep, 31" high. Some bent pins from mishandling, needs extensive damper work. Sounds very nice absent the damper problems. Needs normal mechanical restoration and the case needs extensive reglueing. $12,000

Mira 18 ½" Disc Console Music Box in Mahogany Case. All original, came from a family in Oklahoma. Combs are fine, has zither attachment. Case is all original with minor dings, never refinished, needs cleaning. Has carved columns, very pretty. Needs normal cleaning, mechanically and cosmetically, but should be an outstanding example of this very desirable marque. Leads are oxidized, so it is out of tune, but should be able to retune with existing leads. With 12 discs (more available). $8,300

Capital Cuff Box Style A. Oak, with four cuffs. Recently mechanically restored, plays great. These odd transitional style music boxes are very difficult to find, having been made in quite small quantities (as is evidenced by the low serial numbers). With five cuffs. $3600.

Original Mahogany Cylinder Music Box Table. Boy are these scarce! I think this is the first cylinder music box table we have had, separate from a music box, in 3-4 years or more. This is a lovely mahogany queen anne style table with lovely carved curved legs and carved all around. It does not have a drawer, instead it has a sound box with a panel underneath and lyre style cutouts on the top. There is a raised molding around the top edge (to keep the cylinder box from sliding off). The interior of the molding measures 20" deep by 38 ½" wide. The overall measurements of the table are 23" deep, 28 ½" high, 41 ½" wide. Very very difficult to find. $2000.

Symphonion 14 7/8" Disc Double Comb Music Box. Attractive plain oak case with pretty molding, probably Imperial Symphonion. Fine original condition, excellent combs, but the governor is missing and it of course is therefore not playing. With ten discs (more available). $2400.

Nelson Wiggen Style 5X Cabinet Style Nickelodeon. Beautiful original Style 5X, one of their most popular models and similar to a Seeburg KT. Playing weakly. It has a 28-note wood zylophone, triangle, and snare drum (new cover). The case is quite nice, oak finish, probably original, probably varnished over. The case lid edges, especially on the left side, and the edges around the bottom need some repairs. Beautiful original decal on glass. There is no coin slide or coin mechanism, this was replaced with an electric switch. There are 10 – 11 rolls, all recuts. No cabinet key. Serial Number 112808. Hammers and strings look good, undoubtedly replaced at some time. Needs full pneumatic restoration. $9,000.

North Tonawanda Cabinet Style Pianolin with Two Ranks of Pipes and Art Glass. Cabinet style. Has replacement glass, has had considerable restoration. $12,500. We have a second, also in a lovely oak cabinet, also with considerable restoration but with clear glass, priced at $12,500.

Oak Regina 15 ½" Bowfront Automatic Changer. Very nice unrestored example of one of the most popular Regina formats. Mechanism is dirty but plays well and sounds very good. Case is in very nice condition (finish on bottom section has aged slightly different than top section). Much harder to find in oak than in mahogany. A great addition to any collection. With 12 discs. $18,000.

Olympia 9" Single Comb Disc Music Box. Plain case, two broken teeth. Runs slowly, 9 discs, unusual separate drawer for discs that music box sits on, oak – should be refinished. Lid stay incomplete, lid closure hardware missing. $1200.

Jean Billon-Heller Interchangeable Cylinder Box. These are typically delightful sounding, loud and very bright – although this one is not playing at this time, since we have not had anyone to look at it. Has six 6" cylinders stored in a section in the bottom of the case with a flip down door, each cylinder is marked with a paper strip with three tune titles on it (although the snail has six points). In generally good condition but with four broken teeth, needs new worm gear, case needs some gluing, and the center inlay is missing on top. Case is 15 ½" wide, 10 ¼" deep, 9" high. $1850.

North Tonawanda Military Band Organ Style 173. See Bowers page 910. Similar to Wurlitzer 150. Lots of brass trumpets. Converted to Wurlitzer 150 rolls. Double tracker bar. This is a big, strong brass trumpet military organ – you’ll wake up your neighbors with this one! Working very well. $24,000.

Regina 15 ½" Disc Bowfront Autochanger in Mahogany. Beautiful curved front Style 35/36. Full mechanical restoration, works and sounds great. This would be a nice example for any collection. $18,000.

Cylinder Music Box With Hidden Drum. That’s right, hidden drum – no bells. This originally had hidden bells as well but they are missing, although the bell comb is still there. Very pretty case with large floral inlay, warp to lid, beautiful brass handles and large brass escutcheon. Case is 25" wide, 10 ¼" deep, 9" high. Cylinder is 15" x 2 ¼" with 9/84/6 teeth, one broken, some surface rust. Smooth bedplate, SN 43396. Plays, very bright lot of damper noise, should be repinned, no tune sheet, probably eight or ten tune. $1400.

Goodale Console Phonograph playing Celluloid Strips. Unique, complete with copies of patent papers. Floor model, two horns, lots of brass, you will never see another. Call.

Mermod Freres 9" Interchangeable Cylinder Box Oak carved case, one cylinder, needs work. $2200.

Early Brass Recording Telegraph Machine. Beautiful large all brass recording telegraph machine. Complete with wheel for paper inside drawer below. Made by Siemens Brothers & Co., London, #24079. Should be here in November. $1650.

CYLINDER MUSIC BOXES – Good, Bad, and Indifferent!

    1. 10 Tune, 13" cylinder, has tooth repairs, needs tuning, ratchet unattached, tune card, 23"W X 8 ½" D X 6"H. $900.
    2. Ten tune, 10 ¾" cylinder, zither. 35 broken tips, surely needs repinning. Governor needs rebuilding, spring may have a problem. Tune card, torn around edges. Nicely inlaid lid, case is 20 ½"W X 10 ½"D X 6"H. $500.
    1. Three Bell Box. 6" cylinder. Tune card. New support board for bells. Eight tune. 8 broken teeth! 17 1/2W X 9 ½"H X 11 1/2D. Handyman special. $400.
    2. J. Thibouville Lamy. Ten tune with tune card. One broken tooth. 10 ¾" cylinder. No glass. Large black mar on lid. 21"W X 9"D X 6 ½"H. $1,150.
    3. 13" Cylinder. No tune card. Early case ratchet model. Probably 12 tunes. Good comb, damper squeaks, plays well. Will be quite nice despite coarse comb. 21 ½"W X 9"D X 6"H. $1,450.
    4. Three Bell Box. 6" cylinder, good comb. Tune card. Plays, damper squeaks. 14 ¼"W X 9 ¾"D X 8"H. $1,100.
    5. Zither Harmonique Piccolo. Six tune, 13" cylinder. Tune card. Three broken teeth, zither loose. Looks rough, needs full restoration, but has lots of potential. 22 ½"W X 9 ¼"D X 5 ½"H. $1,350.
    6. Ten Tune. 13" cylinder, tune card. Damper squeaks but a good comb and will be very nice when restored. 23 ½"W X 9 ½"D X 6"H. $1,400.
    7. Rough Keywind. Finish stripped, about one-third of lid veneer/inlay gone, case needs regluing. No tune card. 10 7/8" cylinder. Surface rust. Runs. 17"W X 5 ¼"H X 6 1/4D. Should restore well. $900.
    8. BHA 3-Bell Box. 7" cylinder. Bee strikers and flowers on top of bells. Amateur repairs to 8 tips or tops of teeth, out of 34 teeth. 12 tunes, very nice tune card. Plain case, no inlay, 19" wide, 7 ½" high, 11 ½" deep, inner dividers missing or partly replaced. Surely needs repinning. Another real handyman special, but mechanism is complete and it is only $500.
    9. Sublime Harmonie Eight Tune with tune card. 11" cylinder. 18 teeth and 23 tips broken out of 76 total teeth. Surely needs repinning. Nice case with inlay, crack in part of lid. Needs repinning. Potential. $400.
    10. Small Late Mermod Freres Cylinder Box. 3 5/8" cylinder. 6 of 25 teeth broken. Right side winding key missing. Case 14" long, 4 ¾" high, 7" deep, painted black. No tune card. $125.
Columbia Graphaphone. Nice original working Columbia Graphaphone, larger size with enclosed motor, working but no horn, with six cylinders. $450.

ORGANETTES! We still have some organettes left over from the famous Doc Abrams Collection (see Bowers Encyclopedia pages 768 – 773), as well as our normal stock of several pieces. Following is an abbreviated list, call if you are interested: Bijou Orchestrone, wrong cranks, $650; McTammany, $550; Ariston, 24 Note, 13" cardboard disc, replacement crank $500; Gem Roller Organ, needs work, $400; Gem Roller Organ, $450; Chautauqua Roller Organ, nice case, barely works, $750; Automatic Melodista, $550; Musical Organette, Mctammany design, $350; Celestina, very nice, wood off crank, $800; American Organette, $450; Mascott, $550. 14-note with large roll holders at each end, no roll, $325. Mandolina (same as Celestina), fine condition, plays, $800; Concert Roller Organ, glass missing, good unrestored condition, $650; Concert Roller Organ, disassembled, needs some case work, a real project, $300; Tanzbar, larger size 4" roll, literally in pieces and I don’t know how much of it is there, $350. Rolmonica and three rolls, very nice condition, $125; scarce QRS Play-A-Sax and three rolls, $175.

Pianista Book Operated Piano – Mechanism Only. Probably out of a horizontal style cabinet with hot air engine originally. Lots of music books. $3,400.

Tanzbars! We have three of these, in two different sizes. Priced $1000-1400.

Rolmonicas. We usually have one or two of these in stock at $125 each with three rolls.

Brunswick Console Phonograph. With rare 3-way reproducer. $350.

The Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments by Q. David Bowers. Great 1000 page hardbound "bible" of antique mechanical music. $90 postpaid in the U.S. Now out of print and our supply has dropped sharply. I doubt it will be reprinted and I believe we now have the only remaining stock.

BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS! We have lots of books and other paper material related to mechanical music. We don’t list these, but will try to work with you if you are looking for something and can’t come here. We have copies of Barrel Organ, Clockwork Music, and many others.

DISCS! DISCS! DISCS! We make no attempts to sell discs other than when someone buys a music box and wants extra discs. As a result we have well over 1,000 discs in stock of various makes and sizes. Heavy concentration in Regina, Stella, Mira. If you want to buy in quantities of ten or more with no list, call us. Otherwise, please stop by and you can go through them.

Mechanical Music Wanted To Buy – One Piece Or An Entire Collection. We are continually in the market to buy items to resell. Please let us know if you are thinking about selling. Quick decisions and quick payment – no risky and speculative consignments. We only buy outright.

Mechantiques – Marty & Elise Roenigk

The Crescent Hotel & Spa

75 Prospect Avenue, Eureka Springs, AR 72632

Phone 479-253-0405. Fax: 479-253-0406


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