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This page is subject to change. Please check it periodically.


The information you use to register is for MMD Staff use only.
If you have checked the box that enables your subscription to
the daily Digest, we will use your email addresses to send you
the Digest when it is published.   We do not share your registration
information with others.

We may periodically (not often) send you information about updates
to the website or policies.


The MMD functions as a repository for information of interest
to people who collect, restore, or just appreciate self-playing
musical instruments.   Subscribers to the Digest and visitors
to the Website are invited to send inquiries, answers to others'
inquiries, or informational articles.   Informational articles are
placed in the "Gallery" section at the editor's discretion.  Inquiries
and short answers are organized by the editor into a daily Digest and
are sent to the subscribers via e-mail.  They are also placed
into the MMD's permanent archive.  The Archive and Gallery are currently
available via the Web and may, at a later date, be published transportable
media such as paper, CD, DVD, or other technologies.  We may also
share your submission with other publishers or websites.

By submitting an item for publication, you grant us a non-exclusive
right to publish your submission.  Please be aware that, like a newspaper
whose back-issues may be found in a library years later, items submitted
to the MMD will remain forever.


The MMD is an internationally read publication.  Many MMD subscribers
speak English as a second language.  We reserve the right to edit
submissions for clarity, brevity, or to protect the writer or ourselves
from the embarrassment of publishing inflamitory or libelous material.
Do not count on the editors to be able to foresee what may be offensive
to another reader.   If you aren't sure, consult with us privately, or
write your message and save it and re-read it on another day first, before
sending it.

Net Safety

Although we do not share your registration information with others, the
whole world will see whatever personal information you put in your
submissions to the Digest. If you are discussing a high value item
that you or someone else owns, you may want refer to the location
of the item as near some city, rather than specifying a street address.
There are times when providing a phone number or e-mail address is
appropriate.   Be aware that e-mail addresses in articles may get
harvested by SPAM engines.  We will try to obfuscate the e-mail address
while editing, but the success of that is not guaranteed.

Communication between Subscribers

Although not implemented at the time this document was written, we
indend to allow logged in users to contact those who have
written articles.   We are not certain how we will implement this, but
most likely we will make it possible to send a message via a web form.
The sender will learn the recipent's e-mail address only if the recipient
replies.   We encourage subscribers to correspond with each other.
We believe that many new friendships and business relationships have
formed through the MMD.


The MMD maintains a WIKI.  The WIKI is a website maintained by its
readers.   The MMD WIKI currently has a seperate registration
mechanism.  You are welcome to experiment with the WIKI.  Submissions
to the WIKI are bound by the same terms as listed above.

The Wiki is currently offline due to lack of participation by the readers. We may restore it in the future if there is an interest expressed in it. 10/05/13 Jody Kravitz, Publisher Mechanical Music Digest - - - P.S. This window was supposed to be a pop-up. You should be able to close this window to get back to the previous window.