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Chatres Auction 6 December 1998  
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MMD>Gallery>Auctions>Chartres Auction May 1999

Important auction of Automatas and Mechanical musical instruments
in Chartres, France (80 km, or 1 hour by car, to the Southwest of Paris)
Sunday May 30th, 1999, beginning at 4 PM.



To obtain more information or an illustrated catalog, please contact :

France - Chartres - Galerie de Chartres
Me Jean-Pierre Lelièvre - Pascal Maiche - Alain Paris
Commissaires-priseurs associés
1 bis, place du Général de Gaulle - 28000-Chartres
Tel. + 33 (0)2 37 84 04 33
Fax. + 33 (0)2 37 36 34 71
(Do not dial the first (0) if you are outside France).

Mechanical music consultant for this auction :

M. Philippe Rouillé, (expert CNES),
Tel. +33 (0)1 42 36 10 25  Fax. : +33 (0)1 42 33 69 81

Important notice.

This English translation is given only for the convenience of English speaking clients, and tries to be as reliable as possible. Nevertheless, only the French text of the catalogue (with the occasional corrections given during the auction) is decisive. (Please read the general conditions of the auction on the back of the cover of the French catalog.) If you have any doubts or questions about an item, please ask the auction house before the auction.

This translation describes only the automatas and the mechanical music instruments included in the auction. There will be also many phonographs (about 50) and gambling machines (about 20), which are described in the French catalog.

The price mentioned in the estimates is the price expected at the hammer, in French Francs. For the buyer, add a total premium of 11 % (exactly: 10,854 %) to the hammer price.

A reference is sometimes made to the book, "Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments", by Q. David Bowers (Vestal Press, USA, 1972 and many subsequent reprints).

Chartres is a beautiful old city, about 1 hour from Paris with a car or by train. You may visit one of the finest XIIIth century cathedrals in France, with wonderful deep-blue stained glass windows ("le bleu de Chartres"). It has been for centuries a well-known pilgrimage.

The auction will take place about 300 yards from this cathedral, in an old gothic chapel, at the Galerie de Chartres. The three auctioneers are MM. Jean-Pierre Lelièvre, Pascal Maiche and Alain Paris.

For any information or to get another catalog (please specify if you want this English translation too), just write or fax to the above mentioned address.

Excerpts from the printed catalog (mechanical music and automatons):

901 "Les orgues de Barbarie des (chasseurs) alpins", a copy of the "Petit Journal", dated oct. 24th, 1897. 8 pages. Medium condition.
Est. 100/200 FF

 902 "Organ Grinder", A coloured glass plate for a magic lantern, depicting an organ grinder with two small monkeys.
Est. 100/200 FF

 903 A black musical casket, with a pleasant small one tune movement. 27x16x16 cm.
Est. 5/600 FF

 904 Three pieces with a musical movement : a chest of drawers for a doll, a cigarette dispenser and a jewel casket.
Est. 1/1500 FF

 905 Two small caskets with musical movements (in need of restoration).
Est. 300/500 FF

 906 A powder box with a musical movement. Outside checkered silver plated, inside gold plated. Swiss, mid XXth century.
Est. 1/2000 FF

 907 A beautiful small musical wooden trunk, covered with a paper imitation of leather, brass decoration and leather strips. When opened, the music starts playing. 36x20cm.
Est. 1/1500 FF

 908 A nice electric musical coffee grinder, made by Elaul.
Est. 3/500 FF

 909 Karl (Germany), "A monkey playing a barrel organ", nice mechanical toy. Cloth and lithographed metal plate. Ca 1950.
Est. 7/1000 FF

 910 A musical table tile. 2 tunes (one is "La chasse de Marly"), depicting a thatched cottage.
Est. 1/1500 FF

 911 A musical table tile. "Le Favori" (Flowers decoration). 2 tunes with tune sheet. Good condition.
Est. 1000/1.500 FF

 912 A model of a Street organ on a cart. Long. 50 cm. Popular art. Inside, a curious modern small musical movement, 19 teeth, (pull cord winding), stamped : "Ateliers du Val d'Oise, Enghien". Electrical lighting.
Est. 1.400/1.800 FF

 913 A rare musical clock depicting an organ grinder. Needs restoration. Small musical movement (good condition). Long. approx. 25 cm.
Est. 800/1.400 FF

 914 A bird organ "Serinette", 8 tunes, mid XIXth century, with tune sheet, metal pipes taken out of their sockets. Sound, but needs restoration.
Est. 1/1500 FF

 915 A bird organ "Serinette", in need of restoration. Many parts missing (pipes, handle, etc.). Good wooden cylinder with very fine notation.
Est. 800/1.500 FF

 916 A musical wooden alarm clock, with 2 tunes ("Sambre et Meuse" et "Les Dragons de Villars"), 2 broken teeth. Height. : 37 cm.
Est. 800/1.000 FF

 917 A musical wooden alarm clock, The music works (2 tunes). Height : 37 cm.
Est. 800/1.000 FF

 918 A musical cigarette dispenser with a stork. Lacquered box in the Japanese style. Height 18 cm, good condition.
Est. 1/1500 FF

919 A good brass car horn "le Testophone", with rubber bulb. It plays a 8 notes melody on 4 brass horns. With another spare cylinder, and a Xerox of a period advertisement. Very good condition (some small bumps). France, beginning of XXth century.
Est. 2.500/4.000 FF

 920 An 8 tune Mayermarix musical box. Wooden case with decoration of boxwood stringing and inlay. 43 x 21 cm Lever wound, brass 20,5 cm cylinder. 10 broken teeth and many bent pins. Mayermarix tune sheet. End of XIXth c. Sold as is.
Est. 2/2.500 FF

 921 A large 6 tunes musical box, in need of restoration.
Est. 2/3000 FF

 922 A rare small barrel piano, art nouveau style, (some accidents to the case). 36 notes on a 49 cm cylinder. Spring motor, coin operated. Tune sheet (6 tunes, one of them "mon petit coeur"), with the maker's stamp "Felisio à Montigny-Metz, 30 aout 1921", and a "Bedel à Malakoff" commercial card. Good general condition. 68x100, depth 45 cm.
Est. 7/10.000 FF

 923 A good brass car horn "le Testophone", with rubber bulb. It plays a 16 notes melody on 3 brass horns. With a Xerox of a period advertisement. Very good condition (some small restorations). France, beginning of XXth century. 64 cm.
Est. 2.500/4.000 FF

 924 A Concert Roller organ, 20 notes Small American reeds portable organette, Case 16x38x32 cm With 6 "cobs" (wooden pinned cylinders) Excellent condition. End of XIXth century.
Est. 7/10.000 FF

 925 A French barrel piano Manufacture du Buisson-rond (Chambéry). Brown colored case, Art nouveau style. Coin operated. 115x66x158 cm. 89 cm cylinder. 38 piano keys, 8 bells. Ten tunes (original tune sheet). Java, Valse, etc. with a Spanish flavour. The pointer of the tune indicator is missing. Otherwise, excellent presentation and especially good playing. Ca 1920.
Est. 8/12.000 FF

 926 A "Voix célestes" Musical box with 8 religious tunes. Beautiful case with spotted and precious wood, boxwood stringing and inlay of musical instruments. The internal glass frame protective of the movement is missing. Tune sheet. Lever wound. Brass 27,5 cm cylinder, playing on 2 teeth combs and 11 reeds. Good presentation and working condition. Ca 1880.
Est. 8/12.000 FF

 927 A reed organ with a monkey violin player. Movements of head, eyes, mouth, arm. Varnished wooden case. 6 tune and 17 keys reed organ, with handwritten tune sheet under it. A good piece, but in need of restoration (handle and music stand lacking). 42x26x56 cm. Such organs with a monkey are illustrated in the 1889 Thibouville-Lamy catalogue.
Est. 6/8.000 FF

 928 "Jeu de salon" G.L. , "Nouveau jeu atmosphérique", ca 1860-1880, as a lottery, with beautiful glass-painted scenery in a black frame with nautical decoration. 32x32cm.
Est. 6/8000 FF

 929 "Jeu de salon" G.L. as a lottery, ca 1860/1880, in a black frame and with glass-painted scenery of Italian landscapes.
Est. 4/6000 FF

 930 A musical base for an automaton carrousel (missing). Beautiful base with white satin fitting (worn and dirty). Inside, a keywound mechanism for the central axis of a carrousel, and a lateral music movement. Diam. 42 cm. With a sticker of the famous toy shop "Au Nain Bleu".
Est. 1500/2000 FF

 931 A mechanical duck, Beautiful Easter showcase automaton, with a balancing movement of the head and the beak, in paper mâché covered with fluff. Height 54 cm.
Est. 2/3.000 FF

 932 Decamps, a small mechanical trotting dog, Skin covered body. Good condition. L. 25 cm.
Est. 1/1500 FF

 933 Roullet Decamps, "La Trapéziste" Beautiful mechanical doll, with bisque head Simon & Halbig, bisque hands, key wound mechanism acting through the arms. The doll, suspended to rings, does the great circle. Nice movement of the head, arms and body. Some restorations to the clothing. 34 cm.
Est. 12/15000 FF

 934 A singing bird cage by Bontems. Wooden rectangular base, movements of the head and the tail. Good singing. Height 44 cm.
Est. 15/20000 FF

 935 An good automaton "Singe violoniste sur tonneau" of a monkey sitting on a barrel and playing the violin. Beautiful automaton probably created for a luxury shop. The cardboard barrel opens, showing sites for four (missing) bottles (drinks, perfumes ?). Beautiful head and jaws movements of the monkey, clothed in the XVIIIth century style. Near his feet, a cat moves a leg, and a dog barks. Under a glass dome, with a small musical movement. End of the XIXth century. Height : 44 cm.
Est. 15/20000 FF

936.jpg936 An exceptional automaton by Vichy, "Les haltérophiles" (The weightlifters). Probably the only example known today. It depicts a circus balance prowess, accomplished by a father and his two sons with a dumb-bell. The father, seated on a stool, reclines, then raises the dumb-bell. While he is in this position, each of his sons having climbed a scale, rest their hands on the rod and raise themselves till their feet are all the way up. Very good original condition of the heads and the hands, original clothing (wear and tear, mainly in the silk fabrics). In its actual condition, this automaton is not working and needs a complete revision. Exceptional mechanism with six main cams and many subsidiary gears, and relayed by drawing transmissions using pulleys inside the rod of the dumb-bell. Height : 95 cm (when completely spread : 125 cm). Base : 68x52 cm. With its handle, and music.
Est. 250/300000 FF

 937 A good automaton of "Le singe cuisinier" (a monkey cook). attributed to Phalibois, placed under a glass dome. Under an arbor, the monkey, placed behind the stove, prepares a sauce which will be served with the chicken which is cooking in the oven. Movements of the head, jaws, eyes, right arm (turning the sauce) and left arm (pouring wine in the saucepan). Good original condition, on a black musical wooden base. Second half of the XIXth century. Height : 67 cm.
Est. 50/70000 FF

 938 A singing bird ormulu box Mid XXth century. Good condition. 105x70x50 mm.
Est. 5/8000 FF

 939 Very beautiful "Boîte de gare" musical box, coin operated, with drum at will, 6 bells and 4 dancing dolls (fine but not original). Wooden varnished case with decoration of columns and pierced wood (small chips). Spring motor (handle wound). Brass 33 cm cylinder, 8 tunes. Later electrical lighting. Completely restored, in very good working and presentation order. Swiss, end of XIXth century. 75x40x72 cm (89 cm with the top).
Est. 50/70.000 FF

 940 A good 26 keys German portable barrel organ. Varnished wooden case, with front decoration of boxwood stringing and inlay (flowers and music attributes). Works with a handle, with a cylinder playing 8 tunes on 32 stopped pipes (19 wooden pipes, and 13 metal piccolo pipes designed as "Zauberfloete"). Completely restored, in very good condition. Plays very well. 51x34x55 cm.
Est. 35/45.000 FF

 941 A good 10 tunes musical box with 5 bells, drum and castanets. Very beautiful case, with ormulu handles (refitted), varnished rosewood with decoration of boxwood stringing and inlay of flowers on the lid. (split bottom plank). Lever wound, nickel plated barrel and 33 cm cylinder on a gold painted bedplate. Tune sheet (replacement), with extracts of Carmen, William Tell, etc. Tune indicator. Many restorations, with several replaced tooth-tips. Two tips are missing : one in the bass teeth, and one for the drum. Very beautiful presentation and good working order. Swiss, end of XIXth century. 68x35x25 cm.
Est. 18/25.000 FF

 942 A small musical box playing 3 tunes, Lid with a painting of an Alpine landscape. Old box, but possibly not the original one. Very nice tunes (piccolo) with a "tyrolienne". 7 cm cylinder. One bass broken tooth. 2d half of the XIXth c. 125x75x42 mm.
Est. 2/3000 FF

 943 A singing bird box, gold plated engine-turned decorated case, movements of the beak and wings, good condition. Long. 10 cm.
Est. 8/12000 FF

 944 A 8 tunes keywound swiss musical box Simple varnished wooden box, red inside, with folding side for winding and the 3 levers. Nice coloured tune sheet (old, but probably replaced). Plays William Tell, Gazza ladra, etc. Brass 27,5 cm cylinder and bedplate. One tooth and some pins are missing. Very good musicality. Swiss, ca 1860. 44x15x13 cm.
Est. 5/8.000 FF

 945 A rare 6 tunes 3 combs "Sublime Tremolo" musical box Case with boxwood stringing and flowers inlay decoration. Lever wound, brass 33 cm cylinder playing on more than 120 teeth (8 broken tips). Zither. Tune sheet (Carmen, la Norma, Offenbach, etc.). Very dirty, dampers and tune stop needing attention, otherwise good notation and playing. Swiss, ca 1875/80. 57x23x14 cm.
Est. 8/12.000 FF

 946 A French bird organ "Perroquette" Walnut box with boxwood stringing decoration (2 lateral planks of the lid missing), with tune sheet of the 3 cylinders (partly illegible). Beautiful handle. 10 tunes, 3 stops of 10 metal pipes each (one stopped and two opened ranks). With 3 cylinders (2 in a separate box), one with helicoidal notation. First half of the XIXth century. 38x27x27 cm. Almost complete, but needs restoration. One of the cylinders bears a sticker "Ch. DENIS, cadet, Facteur d'orgues et de sérinettes à Mirecourt, département des Vosges". The Denis family, in Mirecourt, were organ makers from the end of the XVIIIth century to the middle of the XIXth century, and had the reputation of being excellent musicians.
Est. 6/10.000 FF

 947 A rare Gavioli "Méloton" reeds barrel organ Wooden case with inlay decoration, and a Gavioli medal in front. 53x46x30 cm. 37 cm cylinder, playing 8 airs on 26 keys (reeds) + one key acting simultaneously on 2 bells. Original tune sheet mentioning 3 cylinders. Only the n° 2 is available, with 8 tunes (La Matchiche, La Tonkinoise, Auprès de ma blonde, Valentine, etc.). Excellent condition. Restored.
Est : 35/50000 FF

948a.jpg948 Beautiful, rare and very interesting XVIIIth century mantel clock, with carillon and automaton. Base (40x17cm), richly decorated with black or veined marble, and ormulu and a bisque medallion in the taste of Wedgwood. This base houses a 9 bells (12 hammers) carillon playing 8 tunes noted on a cylinder, with fusée and cat-gut winding. The clock movement (anchor escapement and pendulum) figures on the front an enameled dial, signed "Courtin à Cambrai", showing the hours, minutes and day of the month. This dial is included in a rectangular plate decorated with golden foliage and a (later ?) painted miniature, framed with columns, and topped by marbles and a gold-plated brass railing, which limits a terrace on which moves (through a rack) an interesting Mauresque automaton which strikes the hours on two glass bells (replaced, the hammer is missing). 948b.jpg The clock shows also on a subsidiary 24 hour annular dial the time of sunrise and sunset. The whole instrument dates from the end of the XVIIIth century, with some modifications, lacks and accidents. Good general condition, the carillon works, the clockwork mechanism needs to be restored. Total height : 48 cm.
Est. 90/120000 FF

 949 A gorgeous French barrel piano, in mint condition Very large orchestrion style case in clear oak, Art nouveau style, with sculptured decorations of foliage and music instruments. Two glazed doors and a central glass panel allow the mechanism to be seen from outside. 7 sockets for electrical lighting on top of the facade. Coin operated. Works either with a large spring motor (handle wound) or through an electric motor. Huge cylinder (1,44 cm, diam. ca 40 cm), signed "Pianos mécaniques E. Duigou, 22, rue des Halles, Nantes". The same signature is to be read on the tune sheet : 10 tunes (valse des cols bleus, java, tango, etc.). 58 piano keys , 12 xylophone, 3 bass drum sticks, 4 snare drum sticks, 1 cymbal, 2 woodblocks. Restored, in perfect condition of presentation and playing. First part of the XXth century. Overall : 180 x 75 x 260 cm.
Est. 30/50.000 FF

 950 A table Symphonion 30 cm disc musical box. Wooden case with decoration of a bronze head and a light relief of flowers and birds on the lid, and a transfer decoration inside. Inner glass lid. Two diametrically opposed combs (42 teeth each). Good condition and sound, starting mechanism needs attention. With 6 discs.
Est. 10/12000 FF

 951 A large street Gebruder Bruder barrel organ, Waldkirch, hand cranked. Beautiful black case, typical of this kind of organ, with golden painted threads and cloth protected apertures for the sound, with a lyre decoration on the front (lid of the case missing). 15 pipes visible on the front. 86 cm cylinder, 47 keys, 4 stops. Restorations. The 9 tunes cylinder (waltzes, marches, fox-trot, etc.), with its tune sheet, is a new one and was excellently made and noted by a Swiss organ maker and restorer, M. Zumbach. Excellent presentation, notation et sound. Ca 1900 (excepted new cylinder). Dim. 110 x 136 x 67.
Est. : 60/80000 FF

 952 An Ariosa 18 keys portable organette, with one 30 cm annular metal disc. Black case with transfer decoration (some chips) 33x37 cm. In good presentation and working order.
Est. 3.500/4.500 FF

 953 A good small 6 tunes Swiss musical box, 9 cm nickel plated cylinder, with tune indicator. Plays "Aimer, boire et chanter". Good condition, long. 36 cm.
Est. 2500/3000 FF

 954 A rare small musical box in a metal case, 3 tunes, with chromolithographed flowers on the cover. Tune sheet (with Strauss waltz). Cylinder : 7 cm. 115x65x45 mm.
Est. 2500/4000 FF

 955 A reed organ with a monkey violin player. Varnished wooden case with boxwood stringing decoration. Movements of head, eyes, mouth, arm. The organ (handle cranked, 6 tunes, 17 keys) is in good condition and plays well and loud. Some restoration needed to the automaton (clothes, eyes). 42x26x56 cm. Such organs with a monkey are illustrated in the 1889 Thibouville-Lamy catalogue.
Est. 10/15000 FF

 956 An automaton by Vichy of a farmer with a pig. ("Le paysan et son cochon"). Famous automaton with a 5 cams movement. The peasant gives a piece of bread to the pig which is seated on his knees. The friendly collusion between them is noticeable when the peasant shrug his shoulders as the pig shows his tongue. Beautiful mechanism, musical movement, good original condition. Height : 82 cm.
Est. 120/150000 FF

 957 A good automaton by Decamps, "La joueuse de grosse caisse". Jumeau head, closed mouth, blue sulphur eyes, head marked with a red stamp, bisque hands. Movements of the two arms and of the head. On a red musical base with canted corners. Needs some small adjustments, good original condition (excepted white lace). Height : 50 cm.
Est. 35/40000 FF

 958 A rare automaton of a doll with a lantern, by Lambert, with "Joyeux Noël  " ("Merry Christmas") written on a ribbon. With her other hand, the doll holds a basket with various gifts for children : a doll, a small monkey, a cat. With original cream-coloured satin costume (worn and faded). In working order. Height : 53 cm.
Est. : 20/30000 FF

 959 An automaton of a smoking monkey by Decamps, seated, with movements of the head, jaws and eyes. He holds in his right hand a cigarette holder. In paper mâché covered with skin, good condition. Height : 38 cm.
Est. 7/10000 FF

 960 An good automaton of "La joueuse de volant", by Lambert, (A girl playing shuttlecock), closed mouth bisque head, stamped in red "Déposé Tête Jumeau 4", blue sulphur eyes (small chips caused by an ungluing of the wig). Three movements : head, both hands, and the shuttle which rises. Musical base. Usual restorations. Height : 46 cm.
Est. 18/25000 FF

 961 An automaton by Lambert of a "Noir fumeur assis sur un guéridon", (Black smoker sitting on a table). Beautiful composition smiling head, sulphur eyes, movements of the head, the arms and the left leg, with music and air pumping mechanism, in working order. Height : 62 cm.
Est. 25/40000 FF

 962 An automaton by Lambert of a "Coquette", (a smart girl), with Jumeau bisque head, marked with a red stamp, size 4, closed mouth, blue sulphur eyes, pierced ears. One movement of the head, movements of the right arm holding a mirror, and of the left arm showing a mignonette, bisque hands (accident to the right hand), clothes formerly restored, on a musical base covered by yellow velvet. Height : 49 cm.
Est. 15/18000 FF

 963 An electrical shop window automaton of a "Corsaire" by Jaf. He rises the lid of a trunk while turning his head and blinking. Incomplete mechanism. With the Maison Jaf plaque. Height : 66 cm.
Est. 10/15000 FF

 964 Three exceptional shop window automatas, perhaps by Decamps, In the tradition of the large animated scenes proposed by the department stores. Three large figures (figuring drinkers ?) are seated, with mechanism of numerous cams, rods and metallic armatures, for action through electric motors. It only remains : a head, some paper mâché parts in very bad condition. The whole ensemble needs recreation and restoration. Height of the small figure : 1,10 m ; and 1,50 m for the large one (without the heads).
Est. 15/20000 FF

 965 An automaton of a "Clown acrobate sur chaise" , by Decamps. (acrobat on a chair). Bisque open mouth head (crack). Taking support from a chair with the right hand, he stands up and moves his head and his legs. New clothes, and usual restorations. Height : 68 cm.
Est. 18/25000 FF

966 An exceptional gambling machine with singing birds, by JAF, the famous automata maker, who succeeded Vichy. This machine is of the "Put 1 franc" type. Metal yellow painted case, with red lining and black inscriptions "to receive a filled egg and listen to the singing bird". The bird, mechanism by Bontems, is in a cage above the case. Total height : 1 m. The unverified mechanism looks complete.
Est. 12/18000 FF

 967 A rare English fairground coin operated attraction, inside an oak window case piece of furniture. Two seated babies (molded stuff : composition, rhodoïd, plastic ?), in original clothing, drink from their bottles. Through handles in front of the case, two players try to be the first one making a baby finish his drink. The unverified mechanism looks complete. Works with 1 Penny (1d). Height : 1,67 m. Width : 61 cm.
Est. 15/20000 FF

 968 An exceptional gambling machine by Abel Nau, "Les petits chevaux", (Small horses game). Less than 10 copies of this game seem to exist. Made around 1900. The cast-iron case bears a high quality decoration of bindweeds. Man is bidding on the colour of the winning horse. Very good condition, with original pediment. Many counters, 2 Francs coins, key.
Est. 15/20000 FF

 969 A gambling machine La Gitane France, Bussoz Transformation in 1937 of a Johnson roulette, so as to conform the law. A pack of Gitane cigarettes is won when the red case appears. Good condition, 1 Fr coins, with key.
Est. 3/6000 FF

 970 A gambling machine Mills Poinsettia 1929 USA Beautiful flowery decoration of the cast aluminium facade. When winning the jackpot, you may get 80 times your bet. Works with counters (more than 1000) or future (?) 0,10 Euro coin. Good condition, with key.
Est. 9/13000 FF

 971 A gambling machine Riviera Mini-Maxi 1970 , Australia Entirely mechanical, but with charming lighting. Combinations Tic-Tac-Toe win in every position of the three visible lines. Good condition, works with 2 Francs coins, with key.
Est. 4/7000 FF

 972 An Imperator 18cm disc musical box with 3 bells, Wooden case, with a beautiful colored instruction sheet inside the lid. 27x24x17 cm Lever wound. One comb and 3 bells at will. Leipzig, ca 1900. Very good condition, with 10 metal discs.
Est : 5/8.000 FF

 973 A 35 key Limonaire organ With bass drum, snare drum and cymbal on the sides. Double rank of pipes. Paintings of flowers and landscape. Many restorations. Width 160 cm, H 155 cm With several books of music, some by Catteaux.
Est. 50/80.000 FF

 974 Organina Thibouville 24 keys Small chips to the case. Long 53 cm. Good condition, bellows restored, some adjustments needed. With a good and varied program of 22 period books of music.
Est. 10/15.000 FF

 975 A good musical picture clock, Giteau, ca 1840. Country scenery (accidents to the canvas) with people and cows. Gilded frame (accidents). 91x78 cm. Good early musical movement, two combs (1 broken treble tooth). 22 cm cylinder playing 4 tunes. Very good sound. With a detailed trade card of Giteau, élève de Breguet, au Palais-Royal, and (probably later) of a clock and jewelry trader, Bontemps, 98, rue St Lazare.
Est. 8/12.000 FF

 976 A table 20,5 cm disc musical box by Edelweiss. Varnished wood box (split, needs cleaning), with transfer and boxwood stringing decoration. Winding through a handle (missing). One comb. Plays well. German, ca 1900. 41x27x18 cm. With 12 metal discs.
Est. 2.500/3.500 FF

 977 A 16 keys organette by Intona. Black varnished case, 27x23x17 cm. Plays with a handle. Needs restoration. German, ca 1900. With ten 22 cm annular metal discs.
Est. 1.500/2.500 FF

 978 A table Polyphon musical box, with ten 20,5 cm discs. Varnished wooden case (small chips), nice transfer decoration inside. One comb (1 broken tooth). Good sound. In working order, but needs cleaning. German, end of XIXth century. 25x22 cm.
Est. 3/4.000 FF

 979 Table musical box "Etoile", with four 20,5 cm metal discs. Box with transfer decoration (worn). One comb, 3 broken teeth. In working order, good sound. 39x27x18 cm.
Est. 2.000/4.000 FF

 980 A Gaveau upright piano with Stransky-type mechanism. Rare mechanism reading rolls of perforated cardboard. (59 keys, width 25 cm). Located in a drawer under the keyboard. Action by pedaling or through an electric motor. Similar system to the Hupfeld Pianotist. Restorations (piano, transmission). Beautiful case. 140 x 125, prof. 64 cm. Ca 1900. With 5 stripes of music. (For a similar instrument, cf. cat. fore coll. Triquet, p 66-67 ; see too Bowers, Encyclopedia of Automatic Musical Instruments, p 582).
Est. 7/10.000 FF

 981 An automaton of a female Harp player, Unknown maker, using old elements, beautiful model head with a straight neck in the style of BRU, almond shaped blue eyes, composition articulated doll body, very beautiful harp (a masterpiece) and mechanism attributed to Lambert. Height 46 cm.
Est. 7/10000 FF

 982 An automaton of a Spaniard playing the mandolin, by Lambert. Nice automaton with closed mouth Jumeau head, blue sulphur eyes, with beautiful original clothes, bisque arms (one missing), three movements. Good spanish music. Height 50 cm.
Est. 15/20.000 FF

 983 A small automaton of a mandolin player by Roullet Decamps. Two movements, bisque head Unis France, with musical movement. Height 44 cm.
Est. 4/6000 FF

 984 bis An automaton of a small peasant and his pig, by Decamps. The standing peasant with a composition head, holds under his left arm a pig. On a red musical base. Movement of the head, right arm and ears of the animal. Usual restorations. Height : 55 cm.
Est. 18/25000 FF

 984 An automaton of a nanny with a child, by Roullet Decamps. She rocks the child in her arms. Bisque head Unis France. Movements of the head, body and arms. Two spring-wound movements, one for the automaton, and one for the music. Mid XIXth century. Height 38 cm.
Est. 5/8000 FF

 985 An mechanical toy of a cat with spectacles, by Decamps. The body with white rabbit skin. The cat rises and downs his spectacles, and refreshes himself with a fan (not original) with his left hand. The mechanism is blocked. Height 32 cm.
Est. 1500/2000 FF

 986 An automaton of a female mandolin player, by Farkas. A charming automaton with three movements (head, arms and legs) needing adjustment. Second half of XXth century. Height 35 cm.
Est. 2500/3000 FF

 987 A singing bird cage The bird moves head and tail, and revolves. Modern. Height 34 cm. Good condition.
Est. 1500/2500 FF

 987 bis A rare and large electrical automaton of Minnie, for a shop window. Fabric body. Height 120 cm, on a base 70x33 cm.
Est. 3/5000 FF

 988 An electrical automaton of a dog with a basket, for a shop window. Height 60 cm.
Est. 2/3000 FF

 989 A small musical automaton of a Trumpet player, 2 tunes, bisque head, mid XIXth century. Height : 36 cm.
Est. 3/4000 FF

 990 An automaton of a girl selling flowers, by Lambert. 4 movements, period mechanism and body (head, hands and clothing not original), red musical base. Height 58 cm.
Est. 5/8000 FF

 991 An automaton mechanism by Lambert. On a red base, part of a body with a 4 cams mechanism. Music is lacking, and head is not original. Height 49 cm.
Est. 2/3000 FF

 992 An automaton of a doll playing the mandolin. Small bisque head, musical movement inside the body, two movements. Unknown maker. Base 38 cm.
Est. 1/1500 FF

 993 An 8 tunes classical musical box Case with boxwood stringing and inlay (music attributes) decoration. Lever wound, tune sheet, tune indicator. Brass 21 cm cylinder. Modified governor. 1 tooth and 6 tips lacking. Swiss, ca 1900 49x23x15 cm.
Est. 2.500/4.000 FF

 994 A French barrel piano Fabrication française de pianos automatiques A. Proust et C Tareng, 33, rue de l'Entrepôt, Paris. Black case, Art nouveau style. Coin-operated. 118x66x148 (175 cm with the top). 90 cm cylinder. 10 tunes according to original tune sheet (valse, polka, fox, etc. and the famous : Elle s'était fait couper les cheveux). 44 piano keys, 6 bells et 2 castanets. Ca 1920. Some restoration. In working order, needs tuning.
Est. 7/10.000 FF

 995 Picture clock. Good painting with several figures, churches, lakes and mountains. Dated March 25th 1847. Gilt frame 88x75 cm. Needs restoration.
Est. 4/6.000 FF

 996 A table Polyphon with twelve 28 cm metal discs. Wooden case (accidents) with a beautiful lithograph inside. A vertical handle winds the spring. One comb. Good musicality, but needs cleaning. (rust on discs). 28x32x18 cm.
Est. 2.500/4.000 FF

 997 A 16 keys Ariston organette, with nine 21,5 cm cardboard discs. Lacks handle. Needs restoration. 29x29 cm.
Est. 2/3.000 FF

 998 A 6 tunes Swiss musical box 20,5 brass cylinder (some rust). Needs adjusting.
Est. 2500/3000 FF

 999 A 8 tunes bird organ "Serinette" Walnut case (27 cm), 10 metal pipes. Many restorations. In working order.
Est. 3/4.000 FF

 1000 Two 2 tunes musical table tiles, In need of restoration, nice tiles.
Est. 600/1.200 FF for both pieces.

 1001 A coin operated 10 tunes barrel piano, Art nouveau style, painted in white. Spring motor. Tune sheet (walzes, fox-trot, javas, tango, etc.). 90 cm cylinder on 46 keys (37 for the piano). Two snare drums, cymbals, wood block. Case and mechanism need restoration, otherwise seems complete. Ca 1920/30. 115x170x65 cm.
Est. 6/8.000 FF

 1002 A rare 88 notes Pianola catalogue, october 1925, Published by the Aeolian Company, Paris. 16x24 cm, 160 p. Paper bound (cover worn, 4 missing pages replaced by xerox copies). A fascinating document to know the musical tastes of that time.
Est. 300/500 FF

 1003 Twenty-seven 88 notes Duo-Art rolls, Most of them in very good condition, in their boxes. Some rolls are in wrong boxes (ask for a complete list). With seven 88 notes standard rolls. Mainly classical (Fauré, Offenbach, Gounod, Saint-Saens, Liszt, etc.).
Est. 1.500/2.000 FF

 1004 An Aeolian 65 notes Pianola Push up Plays paper rolls. To be set in front of a piano. Mahogany, width 115 cm. As is, needs restoration. With 10 rolls (various conditions).
Est. 1000/1500 FF

 1005 Ten 20,5 cm metal discs for an Edelweiss musical box.
Est. 200/400 FF

 1006 Three musical photograph albums (musical movement missing in one), red velvet, some with photos. Medium condition.
Est. 1500/2000 FF

 1007 A wooden cylinder for a mechanical piano. In its case. Length 62 cm. Good condition.
Est. 500/1.000 FF

 1008 43 metal discs for various musical boxes Especially : Eleven discs for 28 cm Polyphon, and seven 22 cm zinc annular discs for a reed organette of the Intona type.
Est. 1000/1500 FF

 1009 Three musical objects, A doll on a 3 wheel socket which makes the music play when moving (head in Limoges porcelain, medium condition), a wooden casket, and a fabric casket.
Est. 1500/2000 FF

 1010 Nine 20,5 cm metal discs for a musical box "Etoile", and several other discs (Two 14,5 cm Symphonion and two 11 cm Thorens).
Est. 200/400 FF

 1011 About 45 rolls for Universal Aeolian Company pianos, mainly classical music.
Est. 800/1200 FF

 1012 A wooden cylinder of a Gavioli mechanical instrument (according to label). Practical length, 74 cm. Good condition.
Est. 500/1.000 FF

 1013 A French barrel piano by Guilbaud Frères Black case in Art nouveau style (some worm damage). Coin-operated. 110 x 66 x 148 cm (176 with the top). Split table. 87 cm cylinder with 10 tune tune sheet. 37 keys, 7 bells, cymbal, snare drum, woodblock. In working condition (needs tuning).
Est. 3/5.000 FF

 1014 A musical table tile, depicting a stag. Two tunes (including Faust) with tune sheet. Medium condition.
Est. 900/1.200 FF

 1015 A musical table tile with house bell, depicting pheasants (cracks). Two tunes including a Parisian march. Probably made in Longwy (France).
Est. 1000/1500 FF

 1016 A musical car in the shape of an old Torpedo, serving as a bottle holder.
Est. 2/300 FF

 1017 About fifty boxes for 88 notes rolls.
Est. 500/1000 FF

 1018 A 2 tunes musical wooden alarm clock. Good music. Height 42 cm.
Est. 800/1.000 FF

 1019 A musical wooden alarm clock. Height 28 cm. The music plays 2 tunes (one is "La Tonkinoise").
Est. 800/1.000 FF

 1020 Revue de l'A.A.I.M.M. (in French), no. 11 to 19 included (1981-1983).
Est. 2/400 FF

 1021- 1033 Gambling machines : please see the French text.

 1034 "Bimbo Box", funny juke box featuring 7 musician monkeys, in a window case. Mechanism needs adjusting. Height 142 cm, Width 75 cm.
Est. 3/5000 FF

 There are also in this auction many other gambling machines (nos. 1021 to 1033 and following 1034, about 20 of them), and many phonographs (about 50 pieces). Please see the French edition of the catalogue.

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