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Digest NrSubject
2018.02.17.04 Seek Crankshaft for Aeolian Air Motor
2017.10.18.03 Help Wanted For Piano & Nickelodeon Restoration
2017.01.25.06 Seek Holtzer-Cabot Motor Parts for Orchestrion
2016.06.18.01 Sealing Leather With Rubber Cement
2016.05.03.07 FS Free: Behning Welte Mignon Baby Grand & Rolls
2016.03.14.01 Passing of Don Rand, "Collector's Classics"
2015.10.05.03 Recutting Haunted Halloween "A" Roll
2015.09.03.03 Restored Welte Mignon Licensee on YouTube Video
2015.07.13.06 Seek Welte Upright Licensee Tempo Governor
2015.03.14.09 Seeburg L Vacuum Requirements
2015.01.30.05 Seek Seeburg Roll Frame Brake
2015.01.20.03 Seek Seeburg Low Vacuum Reserve
2015.01.02.01 Too Cold to Run a Band Organ?
2014.11.18.03 New Wurlitzer 165 Organ Roll by Mikey Mills
2014.10.09.01 FS: Definitive "Roaring 20s" O-roll
2014.09.11.08 Seek Welte Upright Licensee Tempo Governor
2014.08.04.05 Seek 65-note Tracker Bar for A-roll Coin Piano
2014.07.17.07 Seek Threaded Nipple Inserts for Welte Licensee
2014.07.07.03 Seek "Baby Seals Blues" by Baby F. Seals
2014.04.07.03 Seek Welte-Mignon Licensee Pneumatic System
2014.03.06.02 Seek Welte Expression Shifter Switch Diagram
2014.01.13.04 Seek Duo-Art Pump and Motor
2013.12.16.08 FS: "That Society Rag" & "Zig-Zag Rag"
2013.12.15.03 Christmas Music on "G" Rolls
2013.12.07.04 Source of Round Leather Belting
2013.11.16.03 Player Piano Pneumatic Cloth of White Skin
2013.11.06.04 Seek Ampico A Cut-out Valve Block
2013.10.30.06 Seek Ampico Player Tech in NSW, Australia
2013.10.14.01 Unknown Tunes on Style "O" Blues Roll
2013.10.01.06 FS: Haunted Halloween "A" Roll
2013.09.23.01 National Acoustical "Tootsday"
2013.09.10.03 Wurlitzer A.P.P. Rollography
2013.07.30.02 FS: 1925 Book "Rewinding Small Motors"
2013.07.11.08 Seek T-100 Red Welte Tracker Bar
2013.06.26.04 Restore North America's Carousel Organs
2013.06.15.04 FS: Ragtime for 88-note, "A" & "G" Nickelodeons
2013.06.05.05 FS: Two Great Patriotic 88-note Piano Rolls
2013.04.09.01 Seek Photos of National 8-roll Changer Piano
2013.01.29.06 Seek Ampico Expression Cut-out Block
2012.12.19.06 Seek Standard Coin Piano Adjustable Spill Valve
2012.11.30.13 FS Free: Haines Ampico in Central California
2012.11.27.02 Mechanical Music on TV
2012.11.08.06 Reproduco Sacred Music Rolls
2012.11.08.05 Replacement Value of Reproducing Pianos & Rolls
2012.11.05.01 Celebrate John Philip Sousa Birthday November 6th
2012.06.03.05 Piano Roll Arrangements vs. Transcriptions
2012.05.30.04 Piano Roll Arrangements vs. Transcriptions
2012.05.08.02 Evolution of Restoration Techniques
2012.04.13.02 Seek APP Rolls With Disney Tunes
2012.04.05.04 Seek 44-note Peerless Endless Music Rolls
2012.03.29.03 Seek Reproduction Victorian Piano Stool
2012.03.02.07 Milhous Auction Prices Paid
2011.10.19.07 Is My Nelson Wiggen 4X Snare Drum Original?
2011.07.22.09 Lead Tubing for Player Pianos
2011.07.13.06 FS: New "A" Roll of Marches and Rags
2011.06.03.02 How to Interest People in Mechanical Music
2011.05.12.04 Coin Pianos in the Old West Myth
2011.05.11.09 Seek Loesche and Kuhl & Klatt Orchestrion Photos
2011.05.10.07 Unknown Kuhl & Klatt Orchestrion 29 cm Roll
2011.02.14.04 Am I Allergic to My Nickelodeon?
2011.02.10.05 Wurlitzer APP Rolls with Registration for Bells
2011.02.08.03 Wurlitzer APP Rolls with Registration for Bells
2011.01.26.01 Encore Piano Moving
2011.01.10.08 FS: Previously Unknown Wurlitzer All Ragtime Roll
2010.11.16.04 Seek Nelson-Wiggen Casino Cabinet Upper Panel
2010.10.04.01 Need to Hire Player Piano, Tombstone, Ariz.
2010.09.17.04 First Newly Arranged G roll in 40 Years
2010.08.28.05 FS: New "G" Roll of Ragtime Tunes
2010.07.22.04 Unknown Band Organ Tune at Circus World Museum
2010.07.21.03 Percussion Instruments in MIDI Files
2010.06.16.03 Seek Push-pull for 5-cent Coin Slot
2010.05.11.01 "Alive and Well Rag" on American Fotoplayer
2010.05.05.07 Seek Carl Lambie, Music Roll Producer
2010.05.05.03 Price of Hupfeld Clavitist at Colorado Auction
2010.03.12.08 Seek Modern Coin Slide Acceptor & Counter
2010.02.27.08 FS: Lead Tubing for Player Piano
2010.02.13.06 FS: Pratt-Read Player Action Upper Section
2009.12.31.02 Mechanical Music in Movies: "Ladies of Leisure"
2009.12.29.07 Unknown 65-note Rolls Perforated by Don Rand
2009.10.29.04 Marple's "Lucky Dog" on Music Rolls
2009.10.06.05 Seek Pedal Return Springs for Early Angelus
2009.10.05.07 Angelus Player Restoration - Springs
2009.10.01.06 Angelus Player Restoration - Springs
2009.06.01.01 Seek Titles of APP Rolls Re-cut by Don Teach
2009.05.22.05 Seek "Just Across The Street From Heaven" O-roll
2009.04.27.04 Seek Video of J. P. Seeburg Factory
2009.04.09.07 Seeburg E Nickelodeon Rewind
2009.03.20.04 Replacement Parts for Rare Player Pianos
2009.03.07.06 Seek Ampico Flap Valve Spring Clips
2009.02.18.07 FS: Coinola Manual Slide Valve Override Blocks
2009.02.12.01 Play a Wurlitzer Harp for Elevator "Muzak"
2009.01.28.02 Learning Pneumatic Rebuilding Techniques
2008.12.16.04 Seek Vacuum Feeder Bellows Design Formulae
2008.11.06.11 Seek Coinola Slide Valve Lever Linkage
2008.11.01.03 A Plea to Do-it-yourselfers
2008.10.29.03 Rolls for Peerless "Wisteria" Orchestrion
2008.09.10.06 Rebuilding Gulbransen Player Piano
2008.09.09.03 Ray Siou, Wurlitzer Roll Dealer
2008.08.27.06 Restoring Orchestrion Percussion Instruments
2008.08.05.06 Rebuilding H. C. Bay Player Piano
2008.06.19.06 FS Free: Angelus Push-up Player With Rolls
2008.06.16.06 FS Free: Angelus Push-up Player With Rolls
2008.04.23.02 Building Lower Cover Panel for Coinola
2008.04.07.04 Karl King Marches
2008.03.11.02 Visiting Clients in So. Calif. 21 April 2008
2008.01.19.01 Montana Heritage Commission Ridicules Collection
2008.01.09.03 Seek Piano Tuner in San Miguel, California Area
2007.12.27.07 Berry-Wood A.O.W. Tubing Layout
2007.12.26.03 Berry-Wood Music Roll Arrangements
2007.12.10.03 American International Galleries, Inc. (AIG)
2007.11.22.13 Player Piano Restoration in Argentina
2007.11.22.01 Promoting Mechanical Music
2007.11.17.02 Promoting Mechanical Music
2007.11.08.04 Source of Old Coins for Coin-op Machines
2007.09.19.02 Mechanical Music in Amusement Parks
2007.09.17.06 Knott's Berry Farm Update
2007.04.05.08 FS: Rythmodik Solo-Elle Piano Rolls
2007.03.29.03 New Welte Style F Music Roll
2007.03.26.10 Seek Upper Seats & Valve Covers for Coinola Stack
2007.01.08.04 FS: English Aeolian Themodist with Original Rolls
2006.12.30.07 FS: Art Melody Slides & Song-Hit Slides
2006.12.07.12 FS: Clark "Christmas Cheer" & "Can't Beat 'Em"
2006.11.30.02 Paper Music Rolls and MIDI
2006.11.04.06 Band Organ Is Too Loud
2006.11.03.02 Player Pianos for the Next Generation
2006.09.23.06 Seek Coinola Unit Valve Blocks
2006.08.24.02 Seek Digital Photos of Old Instrument Locations
2006.07.29.04 Rube Goldberg Restorations
2006.07.10.11 Early Wurlitzer Pianino Has Wind Motor
2006.05.29.03 Seek Seldom Heard Ragtime Tunes on Orchestrions
2006.05.04.11 Seek Wurlitzer Bass Drum Lug Nuts
2006.04.16.05 Auto Electric Piano Co.
2006.03.04.04 Seek Coinola Coin Slide & Story & Clark Treadles
2006.02.28.05 FS: Cable-Nelson Recordo System, Complete
2006.02.12.01 FS: Duo-art Steinway Grand in Fresno, Calif.
2005.09.30.05 Player Piano Rebuilders in this Economy
2005.09.17.01 Favorite Music for Coin-Operated Pianos
2005.09.16.07 My Favorite Coin-Operated Pianos
2005.07.14.02 Restoring San Francisco Instruments
2005.06.30.15 Seek 46-note Aeolian Organ Rolls
2005.06.25.08 Value Of 1917 Seeburg Model L
2005.06.25.07 Declining Prices And Restoration Costs
2005.06.17.04 Ed Freyer And His Acme Perforator
2005.06.16.05 Music Selection For Commercial Rolls
2005.06.14.08 Scans Of MSR Rolls Wanted
2005.06.14.07 Choice Of Tunes For Rolls
2005.06.14.01 Ferret Brothers
2005.05.28.10 Seeburg L Auction Price
2005.05.16.12 Wanted: Lugs For Wurlitzer Snare Drum
2005.04.13.02 Seeburg Celesta Super Orchestrion
2005.03.04.06 Recutting Wurlitzer 10-Tune APP Rolls
2005.02.15.12 FS: Stroud Duo-Art Upright in Central Calif.
2004.12.23.04 Seek Lamp Socket Hardware for Coinola
2004.12.03.04 Parody of "The Old Oaken Bucket"
2004.10.18.06 Wurlitzer Organette Tracker Bar
2004.10.11.09 FS: Reproduction Seeburg Percussion Units
2004.10.11.05 Seek Mandolin PianOrchestra Rolls for Transcription
2004.09.13.09 FS: Wurlitzer Friction Drive Tires
2004.08.30.07 Seek QRS Roll of "Estrelita"
2004.08.23.05 FS: Steinway Duo-Art Upright in San Francisco
2004.08.16.02 Deagan Bells in Seeburg Orchestrions
2004.08.14.01 Color of Grill Cloth for Coinola Midget
2004.08.05.05 Color of Cloth for Coinola Midget
2004.07.22.03 Spencer Orgoblo Jr. Organ Blower Maintenance
2004.06.14.03 Seek Art Glass & Panel for Coinola Midget
2004.05.26.09 FS: Steinway Duo-Art Style S
2004.04.13.08 Cloth-covered Electric Wire
2004.04.09.09 Source of Cloth-covered Electric Wire
2004.04.03.04 Seek Roll Chuck for Cremona Style M Rolls
2004.03.26.04 FS: Parts for Cremona Style 20 or 30
2004.03.25.03 San Diego Seaport Village Carousel At Auction
2003.12.01.05 FS: 1-5/8" Copper Tubing and Rubber Hose
2003.11.04.10 Seek Wurlitzer Trombone Bass Pipe Resonator
2003.10.23.01 Spooky Halloween Player Piano Rolls as MP3 Files
2003.08.19.10 FS: Reproduction of Rudolph Wurlitzer Photo
2003.08.08.05 FS: Stroud Duo-Art in Central California
2003.08.08.04 FS: Disklavier Files
2003.08.07.01 Pinned Barrel for Faventia Instrument
2003.08.04.07 Seek Seeburg 'A' Roll Tracker Bar
2003.08.02.01 "Popocatepetl" by Piano Player Roll Co. of L.A.
2003.07.17.02 Popocatepetl Piano Roll Co. & Mauricio Calderon
2003.07.14.08 FS: Player Piano Rolls, Free
2003.07.01.10 FS: Wurlitzer Leather Roll Drive Disc
2003.06.24.14 FS: White Alum Valve Leather
2003.03.13.05 Seek Orchestrion Mover for a Difficult Location
2003.03.10.16 Seek Lock Strike Plate for Seeburg E
2003.02.07.11 FS: Player Piano Domain Names
2003.02.02.02 Philipps Paganini Monstre
2002.09.19.04 Customer Wants a Non-Original Case Finish
2002.09.10.01 Paul Gottschalk, Capitol Music Rolls
2002.08.27.07 Seek Pressure Reserve Unit for Seeburg Celesta
2002.08.20.08 Paul Gottschalk, Capitol Music Rolls
2002.07.19.03 Restoration Quotes - San Francisco Region
2002.06.01.04 FS: Torch Lamp Shades As Seen On Hupfeld Orchesstrion
2002.05.29.02 Oil for Wurlitzer Splash Systems
2002.05.23.04 Oil for Orchestrion Gears
2002.05.04.09 Seeburg Music Roll Friction Drive
2002.03.19.11 FS: Recordo Roll
2002.02.10.03 Date of Seeburg E Nickelodeon
2002.02.07.02 Seek Mover from So. Calif. to Central Calif.
2002.02.05.03 Seek Celestina Organ Owners
2002.01.21.06 Orchestrion Rolls Derived From QRS Rolls
2002.01.09.03 Propose Band Organ Rally in NYC Central Park
2002.01.05.10 Electric Motors in Seeburg Orchestrions
2001.12.29.02 Organ Grinders in New York City
2001.12.26.07 Gulbransen "Fishing Pole" Tracking Mechanism
2001.12.19.06 Christmas Gifts
2001.12.01.03 Darren Black of Kansas City, Missouri
2001.11.28.06 Seek Seeburg Single-Strike Xylophone
2001.11.28.03 Darren Black of Kansas City, Missouri
2001.11.06.07 Seek Cardboard Core for Wurlitzer APP Roll
2001.11.05.03 Darren Black of Kansas City, Missouri
2001.10.30.05 Music for Halloween
2001.10.17.06 FS: Sheet Cork For Ampico Gaskets
2001.10.04.02 Show Your Colors With Music
2001.09.27.05 FS: Metal Violin Pipes
2001.09.23.01 Source of Cloth Covered Pneumatic Hose
2001.09.18.01 Show Your Colors With Music
2001.09.15.04 FS: Celesta parts
2001.09.05.05 Early 'A' Roll Re-Cuts from Don Rand
2001.08.06.08 Seek Pressure Reserve for Seeburg Celesta
2001.08.02.09 Value of Duo-Art Foot Pump VS Electric
2001.08.02.08 Wurlitzer 10-Tune A.P.P. Roll Recutting Project
2001.07.25.06 Imperial Roll Artist Burt Franklin
2001.07.13.04 Piano Rolls from England
2001.06.13.06 FS: Coinola A with Quarter Sawn Oak Case
2001.05.23.06 Pipe Loudness Inside vs. Behind the Case
2001.04.20.02 Calfskin Heads for Orchestrion & Band Organ Drums
2001.04.10.04 Altering Original Instruments
2001.03.15.01 QRS Featured in Rag Times Article
2001.02.14.15 Nelson-Wiggen vs. Seeburg Expression
2001.02.14.14 Nelson-Wiggen Style 4X vs. Style 5X
2001.02.12.09 Nelson-Wiggen Style 4X vs. Style 5X
2001.02.12.08 Piano Key Contact Switches
2001.02.01.05 'A' Rolls Arranged for Single Strike Xylophone
2001.01.31.01 Cremona "Orchestral" Orchestrions
2001.01.20.07 Seek Seeburg Xylophone Beater Wires
2001.01.14.08 Mechanical Music on Display
2001.01.13.10 Mechanical Music at Theme Parks
2001.01.03.04 Seek Mandolin PianOrchestra Test Roll
2000.12.12.02 Seek Standard Pneumatic Player Action Stack
2000.11.17.04 Coinola Orchestra Bell Beaters
2000.11.03.11 FS: Original Welte-Mignon Roll Labels
2000.09.28.17 Price Paid for Haines Ampico
2000.08.23.09 Cabinet Maker Hates Hot Glue
2000.08.03.01 Wolf's On-Line Music Box Auction - Prices Paid
2000.07.31.11 FS: Lower Sections for Player Pianos
2000.07.27.16 Seek Parts for Wurlitzer APP Gear Standard
2000.07.19.05 WW1 Songs Around the World
2000.07.13.11 FS: Violin/Gamba Organ Pipes
2000.07.08.03 WW1 Songs Around the World
2000.07.05.05 WW1 Songs Around the World
2000.07.05.01 Spring Motor in Regina Disc Console
2000.06.17.07 Deodorizing
2000.06.06.14 Deodorizing
2000.05.25.04 FS: 12 Stopped Diapason Pipes
2000.04.25.06 QRS Artists Pete Wendling & Walter Redding
2000.04.24.05 Banjorchestra at Knott's Berry Farm
2000.04.21.02 Replicas of Collectibles
2000.04.10.06 Seek Male Plug Caps for Seeburg KT Special
2000.04.06.08 FS: Impossible to Find Brazilian Rosewood
2000.04.05.05 Seeburg Castanet Mechanism
2000.03.19.15 Limitations of MIDI
2000.03.16.03 Misunderstood MIDI
2000.03.13.04 Don Rand to Recut Wurlitzer APP & 165 Rolls
2000.03.02.08 Seeburg E With Pipes Pressure Reserve Adjustment
2000.02.14.05 Stack Valves in Seeburg Celesta
2000.02.08.05 PC Laugh for the Day
2000.01.24.17 Seek Pressure Reserve for Seeburg Celesta
2000.01.19.14 Removing Silicone Sealer from Wood
2000.01.07.17 FS: 65-Note Rolls
2000.01.07.16 Seek Source of Seeburg Male Plug Caps
2000.01.07.05 "Spirit of Independence (SofI)" Video Review
1999.12.30.15 Seek Rolmonica Gasket
1999.12.22.12 Player Piano Repair Christmas Story
1999.12.17.08 FS: H. C. Bay Pump Unit, Rebuilt
1999.12.02.14 Small London Aeolian Themodist
1999.11.22.09 Seek Seeburg Xylophone Striker Balls
1999.11.18.09 FS: Music Roll Boxes
1999.11.13.13 Single-Finger Music Roll Tracking System
1999.10.14.16 WTB: Wurlitzer Harp Rolls
1999.10.11.11 Seek Wurlitzer Harp Rolls
1999.09.24.13 FS: Art Glass with Frames for Coinola
1999.09.23.10 Coinola Art Glass
1999.09.18.05 Needed: Supplier of Flat Springs
1999.09.07.17 Seek Peerless O-Rolls
1999.09.07.15 Bellows Pump Stick Lubrication
1999.09.02.12 FS: Coinola A2 with Quarter Sawn Oak Case
1999.09.02.10 Custom Made Round Leather Belts
1999.09.01.16 FS: Custom Made Round Leather Belts
1999.08.31.17 Seek Rolls by Losche, Weber, Engelhardt, National
1999.08.31.16 Seek Crank For Chase & Baker Push-Up Player
1999.08.18.10 Tubing the Seeburg KT Special
1999.08.10.02 Carousel Organ at Lincoln Park, Dartmouth MA
1999.07.31.02 Solution for White Glue Headaches
1999.07.28.04 Octet Systems' Laurent Coray Dies
1999.06.24.15 FS: MIDI Files of Original 58-note A-rolls
1999.06.12.03 Cleaning Drum Heads
1999.06.11.04 Simplex Recordo Baby Grand
1999.06.08.10 Free To Good Home: Two Full 880 Note Piano Plates
1999.06.07.06 Seeburg KT Special Drum Lights
1999.05.31.10 Player Action in Berton Piano
1999.05.31.08 Seek Seeburg Celesta Reserve
1999.05.31.05 Unknown Perfection 88-Note Roll
1999.05.26.08 Seek Rotary Pump Strap Material
1999.05.14.07 "Silver Fox" Special Finish on Seeburg Pianos
1999.05.13.04 Clark Music Roll Arrangements
1999.05.10.05 Clark versus Capitol Music Roll Arrangements
1999.04.14.12 Coinola A-Roll Piano & Coin Box
1999.04.10.07 Craig Brougher's "Ding-a-Ling" Orchestrion
1999.03.25.10 Aeolian Valve Facings from PPCo.
1999.02.24.09 Source of Thick Bellows Cloth
1999.02.14.05 Seek MBSI Article About Seeburg Celesta
1999.02.12.11 Seek Hose Diagram of Seeburg Celesta
1999.02.04.03 Materials for Organ Pipes
1999.02.02.12 FS: Ampico and H. C. Bay Parts
1999.02.01.22 FS: Aged Brazilian Rosewood
1999.01.19.05 PowerRoll Demonstrations in California
1999.01.14.16 FS: 88-note Piano Plates, Free
1998.11.28.06 FS: Underwood & Sons Player Piano, Fully Restored
1998.11.10.15 Seek Electrova Rolls
1998.09.19.18 Plea for New Classical Ampico Arrangements
1998.09.15.16 Seek Percussion Parts for Seeburg G or H
1998.09.15.15 Seek Glass for Seeburg G or H
1998.09.11.10 Bylon Cloth
1998.09.11.06 Ragtime on Ampico Rolls
1998.09.11.04 Seek Recordings of Seeburg Celesta
1998.08.31.15 Aeolian Single-Finger Tracking System
1998.08.29.08 Aeolian Single-Ear Tracking System
1998.08.29.07 Piano Mover Gene Sandberg
1998.08.19.10 Zephyr Skins
1998.08.17.16 Zephyr Skin for Pillow Pouches
1998.07.25.20 Auto-typist Pumps
1998.07.17.08 Sharpening Arch Punches
1998.07.15.10 Recuts of Seeburg HO Rolls
1998.06.24.17 FS: Peerless, Berry Wood Harps/Sounding Board
1998.06.24.16 FS: Rotary Pump and Motor
1998.06.15.20 FS: Rotary Pump & Motor, More
1998.06.10.25 FS: Snare Drums, Rotary Pump and Motor, More
1998.06.09.15 Seek Titles of Seeburg HO and Clark CR Rolls
1998.06.04.05 Seek Instrument Mover, IL to CA
1998.06.03.07 Reproduco Piano Pipe Organ Pump
1998.05.31.09 Sharpening Arch and Tube Punches
1998.05.26.10 Sharpening Arch and Tube Punches
1998.05.25.09 Freedom for MMD Information
1998.03.25.04 Reproduction and Restoration
1998.03.16.11 Nickelodeons in Public Locations
1998.02.12.16 FS: QRS Recuts
1998.01.26.05 Autographed Photos of MMD Composers
1998.01.09.12 Mean Temperament Tuning for Band Organ Pipes
1997.12.21.12 Seek Peerless Orchestrion Parts
1997.12.13.09 MIDI Control for Deagan Unaphon
1997.12.12.03 Help for Music Box Repairs
1997.11.25.06 Bacigalupo & Sons
1997.11.13.09 Ampico Rolls at eBay -- URL okay
1997.09.20.07 Seek Electrova Rolls
1997.08.07.10 Illicit Music Discs
1997.08.07.09 MIDI & Preservation of Paper Rolls
1997.07.18.04 Sheet Music to Midi Files
1997.07.17.07 Material for Orchestra Bells
1997.07.16.05 Direct Electric Valves
1997.07.11.10 Modern Band Organ Design
1997.07.09.09 "Down Where the Wurzburger Flows"
1997.07.07.12 FS: 100+ Original 88-note Rolls
1997.07.07.07 Beer Songs
1997.07.06.06 Seek Electrova 88-note Rewind Rolls
1997.07.05.02 Beer Songs
1997.07.02.02 Avant-garde Music Rolls
1997.06.28.04 Critters Inside Pianos
1997.06.20.12 FS: 88 Note Rolls and Recordo Piano Rolls
1997.06.10.04 New Nickelodeons
1997.06.06.03 Failed Music Box Humor :-(
1997.06.03.02 Music Box vs. Musical Box
1997.05.30.08 Musical Box Definitions
1997.05.28.09 Wurlitzer Player Harp
1997.05.25.14 "Homemade" Player Stacks
1997.05.24.07 Go West, Old Pianos!
1997.05.24.06 Laclede's Landing Ragtime Festival
1997.05.20.11 M-Rolls
1997.05.12.11 Mills Magnetic Expression Piano Rolls
1997.05.08.11 "O" Rolls
1997.04.28.06 "Titanic" Joke
1997.04.26.01 Band Organs and Concert Bands
1997.04.25.13 Salvaging Sunken Pianos
1997.04.23.02 MIDI Tune Pointer / Disneyland Welte
1997.04.21.13 Coin-trip for Midi Player
1997.04.20.09 Miniature Electric Valve Data
1997.04.05.07 Peerless Roll Recutting Project
1997.03.26.10 Seek Midi Files of Early One-Steps
1997.03.18.11 Berry-Wood A.O.W.
1997.03.15.12 FS: Pianino Rolls
1997.03.12.21 Seek Calliope Plans
1997.03.03.13 "'Tain't No Sin"
1997.03.02.15 Seek Parts and Rolls for Berry-Wood
1997.02.20.07 New Songs for Wurlitzer 165
1997.02.12.04 Disney World Collection
1997.02.10.08 Reproduction Instruments
1997.02.05.16 Value of Nickelodeons
1997.02.04.08 PianOrchestra Rolls
1997.02.02.03 Wurlitzer Organs in Cuba
1997.01.26.16 FS: 3 Pedal Player Pianos
1997.01.26.06 Re: Orchestrion Cabinet
1997.01.26.05 Re: Full Scale Piano Rolls
1997.01.26.03 Peddling and Pedaling
1997.01.18.07 Value of Instruments
1997.01.14.12 Re: Value of Wurlitzer Nickelodeon
1997.01.11.04 Big Publisher vs. Little Music-Roll Company
1997.01.11.03 Re: Royalties on Music
1997.01.09.08 Re: Pouch Leather
1997.01.06.05 Re: Royalties for Mechanical Music
1997.01.04.10 Re: Need Wurlitzer 150 Roll Frame
1997.01.04.04 Re: Royalties for Mechanical Music
1997.01.03.06 Re: Composer's Fees for Mechanical Music
1997.01.01.04 Derogatory and Obscene Lyrics
1996.12.26.03 Reeds and Angelus Player Question
1996.12.19.04 Arrangements to Order for Monster Wurlitzer
1996.12.16.14 Ampico Tracker Bar Tubing
1996.12.14.13 Re: Electrified Pumpers
1996.12.14.07 Re: Removing Old Tracker Bar Tubing
1996.12.08.09 Re: FS: Steinway Duo-Art 6'
1996.12.04.10 Re: Orchestrate My Piano ?
1996.12.01.04 Re: Adding a Xylophone
1996.11.30.09 Re: G rolls classical
1996.11.28.12 Re: Adding Bells to Foot Pumper
1996.11.28.07 Re: Electric Pump Motors; Disney Conspiracy
1996.11.22.05 Technical Opinions Sought - Adding bells...
1996.11.06.10 Re: Pianocorder Mr. Fixit
1996.10.26.03 Re: Lead Tubing Replacement
1996.10.15.09 Request Posting of MIDI Site Information
1996.10.08.07 New 88-Note Rag Roll
1996.10.05.24 advertising on the group
1996.10.03.04 Re: Violano Virtuoso Violin
1996.09.26.06 Internet Player Piano Commentary
1996.09.22.07 Banjorchestra Rolls (96.09.21)
1996.09.19.05 Re: Gulbransen Air Motors (96.09.18)
1996.09.18.07 Re: SoundBlaster Development Kit
1996.09.17.07 "Pumping Lessons" Rolls (96.09.16)
1996.09.14.04 Re: Hi to S. K. Goodman from Jack Conway
1996.09.08.01 Re: Pouch Replacements
1996.09.04.03 Re: Introduction of Jack Conway
1996.08.29.08 Dreadful Piano Music - "Tears in my eyes"
1996.08.26.09 FS: 88-note Rolls
1996.08.12.02 Re: Engineering "Improvements"
1996.08.10.06 Seeburg KT
1996.08.08.04 Re: $35K for a Reproduco ?
1996.08.08.03 Bogatko and O-rolls
1996.08.06.08 Re: Artcraft Online
1996.07.27.02 Theatre Organ Resources Wanted
1996.07.24.05 Re: Converting Audio to MIDI
1996.07.20.07 Source for Wooden Violin Pipes ?
1996.07.12.01 Chordephon player
1996.06.30.03 Nelson and Wiggen Orchestrion
1996.06.21.07 New E-mail Address
1996.06.20.04 New Address for S.K.Goodman
1996.06.05.03 Addresses for Two Useful Publications
1996.05.05.05 Pillow Pouches
1996.04.28.03 The Flip Side of Painting the Town
1996.04.14.11 Re: Thanks for the Band Organ Music
1996.03.07.03 Re: Moller Correspondence
1996.02.07.09 Re: Coinola A Missing Parts
1996.02.07.04 Re: Gulbransen
1996.02.03.06 Re: "Scott Joplin got Stung!"
1996.01.30.05 Re: Digital Watermarks
1996.01.28.02 Digital Watermark
1996.01.22.01 Roll Repair Parts Supplier Requested
1995.12.19.06 Re: Acoustic Tracker Bar
1995.12.09.04 88 Note Piano Rolls For Sale
1995.12.02.01 Re: 'O'-roll scale questions
1995.12.01.06 SongWright Music Editor
1995.11.28.10 Looking for WurliTzer APP (65-Note) Rolls
1995.10.26.04 Re: Definition of Ragtime
1995.10.14.02 Re: Defining "Ragtime" and "Joplin"
1995.08.26.05 The Automatic Musical Instrument of NOW
1995.08.26.04 West Coast Ragtime Festival in Fresno
1995.08.26.03 Sample Ragtime Midi Files Promised
1995.08.20.04 Introduction

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