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Digest NrSubject
2018.12.04.01 Unknown 13" Cylinder Music Box
2018.11.27.05 Electric Hot Glue Pot
2018.10.26.02 "Pictures At An Exhibition" On Piano Rolls
2018.09.06.02 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2018.05.24.03 Ampico Rewind Problem
2018.04.22.03 Ampico Repeat Mode Problem
2018.03.08.01 Tom Thumb Player Piano With Chinese Red Finish
2017.10.21.02 Removing Silicon Adhesive
2017.08.20.02 FS Free: Duo-Art Stack From Steinway Upright
2017.07.04.03 Broken Music Box Spring
2017.02.07.03 Dispersing Randolph Herr Collection - A Sad Story
2016.11.22.04 PianoLodeon Repair
2016.08.29.02 FS: 1918 Steinway Duo-Art Upright in California
2016.06.22.02 Whistler Tune is "Show Me The Way To Go Home"
2016.06.14.07 Sealing Leather Pouches
2016.05.02.09 Rotary Pump Makes the Grand Piano Shimmy
2016.04.03.07 Seek Duo-Art Pump for Pedal Electric Duo-Art
2016.03.23.05 Average Time to Rebuild a Player Piano
2016.03.18.01 Passing of Don Rand, "Collector's Classics"
2016.03.07.03 Friction in Musical Box Governor Assembly
2016.03.02.02 Visiting the Nisco Museum in Israel
2015.11.29.03 Seek QRS Piano Roll "The Streak"
2015.10.07.02 Cleaning & Adjusting a Swiss Musical Box
2015.09.24.02 Griesbaum Whistler Tune
2015.09.11.03 Griesbaum Whistler Repairs & Parts
2015.08.17.03 Seek Instrument Mover, Washington to California
2015.07.21.03 Early Duo-Art Grand Plays Poorly After Transport
2015.07.04.07 Vacuum Gauge for Player Piano
2015.07.02.03 Does Music Box Disc Material Affect the Tone?
2015.06.27.01 Seek Upright Reproducing Piano in Good Condition
2015.04.09.03 Low-frequency Vibration in Ampico A Grand
2015.03.21.02 Thermoforming Plastic for Prototyping
2015.03.16.01 Unknown Ducommun Girod Musical Box Tunes
2014.08.25.01 Maker of "Nicole a Geneve" Musical Box
2014.07.16.01 Market for Mechanical Music Instruments
2014.04.21.02 Steinway Upright Duo-Art Style "S"
2014.04.04.01 Small Electric Glue Pot
2014.02.22.07 String Scales in Mason & Hamlin Ampico Pianos
2014.01.03.09 Sealing Leather Pouches
2013.12.22.01 "The Nutcracker" Played on Ampico & Duo-Art
2013.10.29.06 Hand Punch for Music Roll Repair
2013.08.11.05 Silicone Rubber vs. Shellac to Attach Valve Seats
2013.08.10.08 Keys Flutter on Playing Chained Holes
2013.05.27.04 Ampico Flap Valve Material
2013.04.13.08 Plastic Bottles for Hot Glue
2013.03.26.02 Ampico Compensating Pneumatic Connection
2013.03.20.06 Seeburg L Motor Power
2013.03.17.02 Seek Small Brass Gear for Ampico Transmission
2013.02.16.03 Ampico A Restoration Guide On-line
2013.02.13.02 Visiting Beijing
2013.02.08.01 Visiting Beijing
2013.02.06.06 50/60 Hz Mains Frequency Converter
2013.01.29.02 Worn Ladder Chain in Music Roll Transmission
2013.01.27.01 Packing & Shipping Musical Box Metal Discs
2012.12.27.10 Replacement Motors for Electric Player Pianos
2012.11.15.01 Reproducing Piano Recruits a New Believer
2012.11.09.03 Seek Knob for Ampico Rotary Switch
2012.11.06.06 Thanks for Recut Music Rolls
2012.11.04.03 Hurricane Sandy and Steinway & Sons
2012.10.20.08 Stiff Pneumatic Cloth Appears New
2012.10.08.04 Plastic Key Bushings for Player Pianos
2012.09.13.01 Passing of Richard Rigg
2012.09.12.01 Passing of Jay Albert, Piano Roll Collector
2012.08.27.09 Sealing Lead Tubing In Wood Tracker Bar
2012.08.24.01 Shipping Large Instruments & Parts Abroad
2012.08.18.05 Bypassing Ampico Automatic On/Off Control
2012.08.12.05 Pneumatic Cloth For Striker Pneumatics
2012.07.27.01 Repairing Regina Model 35 Musical Box
2012.07.19.03 Tune Your Piano Before Presenting It On YouTube
2012.07.05.04 Seek "Star Spangled Banner" by Rachmaninoff
2012.05.13.04 Mason-Hamlin Upright Foot-pumped Player Piano
2012.03.18.06 Seek "Star Spangled Banner" by Rachmaninoff
2012.01.17.10 Testing a Key Striking Pneumatic
2011.12.31.02 Happy New Year to MMD
2011.12.20.04 Ampico Conversion from Duo-Art Reissued
2011.12.18.04 Mildew on Piano Rolls & Boxes
2011.12.14.01 My New Email Address
2011.12.13.03 My New Email Address
2011.12.05.04 Piano Purchasing and Moving Scam
2011.12.01.01 How to Interest People in Mechanical Music
2011.11.17.06 Using Tracker Bar Pump
2011.11.11.06 Tracker Bar Pump Maintenance
2011.09.21.04 FS Free: Sohmer Welte Licensee in California
2011.08.16.06 Musical Box Comparison, Regina vs. Mira
2011.06.18.02 Visiting Munich
2011.05.31.06 Cost of Membership in Collector's Societies
2011.05.15.01 Musical Boxes in the Old West
2011.04.27.03 1923 "Centennial" Chickering Ampico Pianos
2011.03.17.07 Hide Glue for Rebuilding a Pianola
2011.03.10.03 Preparing Musical Boxes for Transport
2011.02.19.01 Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music in Israel
2011.02.17.04 Help with Newer Player Mechanism
2011.01.02.01 Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music in Israel
2010.12.15.01 Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music in Israel
2010.12.06.01 Nisco Museum of Mechanical Music in Israel
2010.09.14.07 Dancing Ampico Grand
2010.05.31.04 Duo-Art Rewinds Too Fast
2010.05.25.01 Lubricating Musical Box Star Wheel Mechanism
2010.03.11.07 Electric Power Cord for Franklin Ampico
2010.03.06.03 Weber Duo-Art Soundboard Decal
2010.03.01.02 Aeolian Orchestrelle Discussion Group
2010.02.14.02 Ampico Piano Repair Isn't Affordable
2010.02.09.05 Knabe Louis XVI Ampico A Grand Piano
2010.01.20.06 Installing an Auto-Rewind System
2010.01.18.05 Rewind & Shut-off Problem in Ampico Grand Piano
2009.12.20.02 Straightening Bent Cylinder Pins
2009.10.31.09 Puzzling Stroud Duo-Art on eBay
2009.09.14.03 Paper Roll vs. Computer Disk Player Pianos
2009.08.24.03 Removing Pianola Action from Weber Grand Piano
2009.06.24.01 Passing of Marty Roenigk
2009.06.02.07 Sealing Valve Pouches
2009.06.01.06 Sealing Pouch Leather
2009.05.21.09 Building a Player Piano Suction Box
2009.04.26.05 Reducing Nipples
2009.04.23.04 J. Lawrence Cook Personal Master Recording Piano
2009.03.30.10 Sustaining Pedal Releases Too Slowly
2009.03.29.02 Parcel Shipping Delays, UK to Israel
2009.03.19.03 Reducing Turbine Suction Pump Noise
2009.03.12.03 Ampico 30113 "Fingal's Cave Overture"
2009.03.07.07 Ampico A Rewind Problem
2009.03.04.04 Removing a Grand Player Piano Pump
2009.01.22.03 Seek Roll Doors for Aeolian XY Solo Orchestrelle
2008.12.24.03 Ivory Keytops Violate eBay Wildlife Policy
2008.12.22.01 Background Music by Mechanical Music Instruments
2008.12.21.06 Ampico A Won't Play Loudly
2008.12.17.09 Rebuilding Duo-Art Player Action Stack
2008.12.14.02 Player Piano Market Value
2008.11.30.02 Locating Instruments for Collections
2008.11.11.01 Learning Proper Restoration Skills
2008.10.22.06 Aeolian Primary Theme Valves
2008.10.12.01 Passing of Douglas Mussell
2008.09.16.03 Tuning the Organ One Note Lower
2008.09.10.05 Cork vs. Leather for Gaskets
2008.09.07.01 Source of Cylinder Music Box Keys
2008.08.03.05 Fair Organs Should Play More Modern Music
2008.07.29.11 Rebuilding Duo-Art Graduated Pneumatics
2008.06.05.01 Appraisals for Insurance Purposes
2008.05.15.04 Repairing a Crushed Instrument Case
2008.03.24.01 "Carioca" for Duo-Art from Artcraft Music Rolls
2008.03.13.04 "Zampa" Ampico 64313
2008.03.04.03 Seek Rubber Diaphragms for Mechanical Singing Bird
2008.03.02.01 Building a Player Reed Organ
2008.02.24.01 Cost of Membership in Mechanical Music Societies
2008.02.06.04 Duo-Art 6266, Chopin Fantaisie, Op. 49
2008.01.30.06 Duo-Art vs. Ampico
2008.01.21.01 Mechanical Music in Museums
2007.11.11.11 Fitting Salvaged Player Piano Parts
2007.11.11.01 CDs of Paul Morris' Orchestrelle Player Organ
2007.11.05.07 Removing Piano Action from Duo-Art Grand Piano
2007.08.26.04 Penetrating Oil - Kroil
2007.08.01.01 Favorite Duo-Art Classical Music Rolls
2007.07.27.03 Removing Orchestrelle Keyboard
2007.07.25.01 Restoration vs. Reconstruction
2007.07.08.05 Removing PVC-E Glue
2007.07.01.01 Mechanical Music Museum in Israel
2007.06.24.01 Duo-Art Audiographic Rolls
2007.06.14.04 Player Piano Plate Breaks During Restoration
2007.06.03.02 My First Mechanical Musical Instrument
2007.05.28.04 Replicating Metallic Decals
2007.05.20.03 Repairing Ivory Keytops
2007.05.17.07 Repairing Ivory Keytops
2007.03.12.07 Source of Recut Duo-Art Rolls
2007.03.11.04 Duo-Art 88-note Mode Pneumatic
2007.02.22.08 Duo-Art Rewind & Repeat System
2007.02.04.09 Rebuilding Box Pump Valves
2007.02.04.02 Rebuilding a Roller Organ
2006.12.20.01 Happy Holidays To All MMD Readers
2006.12.18.07 Stripped Screw Holes in Wood
2006.12.18.04 Leonora (Fox-Trot) by Abner Silver
2006.11.14.11 Repairing T-100 Red Welte-Mignon Upright
2006.11.05.01 Source of Damper Rails for Regina Musical Box
2006.10.11.03 Want Welte Licensee Tracker Scale
2006.10.09.09 Aeolian Colonial Organ Available for Museum
2006.09.17.01 Deodorizing an Instrument
2006.08.07.01 Mystery Barrel Organ in Israel
2006.07.24.06 Orchestrelle & Aeolian Organ Rolls
2006.07.23.03 FS: Aeolian Colonial Organ in Virginia
2006.07.20.01 Mechanical Music in Israel
2006.07.06.01 Rubber Bands Around Music Rolls
2006.07.01.01 Moving Instruments Overseas
2006.06.29.09 Weber Duo-Art in Israel
2006.06.20.06 Seek Aeolian Duo-Art Pipe Organ Player
2006.05.21.08 Seek Parts for Weber Duo-Art Grand
2006.05.21.01 Rebuilding an Aeolian Model XW Orchestrelle
2006.05.04.07 Lyrics On Piano Rolls
2006.04.11.09 Player Piano Rebuilding Supplies
2006.03.14.04 "Gorilla" Glue
2006.02.05.03 Replacement Comb for Musical Box
2006.02.01.06 Windway Sealant for Pouch Chambers
2006.01.25.07 Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
2006.01.23.07 Converting a Weber Pianola Grand Piano to Duo-Art
2006.01.19.02 Symphonion Geneva Mechanism Stop is Missing
2006.01.08.04 Aeolian Orchestrelle Discussion Group Created
2006.01.02.02 My Favorite Nickelodeon
2005.12.02.04 Mechanical Music in Beijing
2005.11.16.05 Player Piano Motor Runs Backward
2005.11.10.06 Player Piano Motor Runs Backward
2005.11.04.02 Seek Aeolian Solo Orchestrelle Model XW Owners
2005.10.26.03 Olympia Musical Box Discs Damaged by Hurricane
2005.10.15.03 Sending Money from USA to Europe
2005.09.27.02 Internet Auction Fraud
2005.09.21.08 Teflon Bushings in Steinway Pianos
2005.09.13.02 New Mechanical Music Museum in Israel
2005.08.29.09 Rebuilding Welte T-100 Crescendo Pneumatic
2005.08.29.06 Cleaning Wood
2005.08.28.01 Cleaning Wood
2005.07.14.05 Player Piano Keys Don't Move
2005.06.29.06 Pouch Leather As Duo-Art Gasket Material
2005.06.23.07 Pouch Leather As Duo-Art Gasket Material
2005.06.07.04 Stella Disc Box Value And Repair
2005.06.05.08 Welte T-100 Rolls For Trade
2005.05.31.04 Identifying Aeolian Organ (Orchestrelle)
2005.05.17.06 Is A Welte T-100 So Heavy?
2005.05.16.14 FS: Steinway XR Stack -- Free
2005.05.16.11 Selecting Leather For Valves
2005.05.15.02 Is A Welte T-100 So Heavy?
2005.05.10.03 New Pouch Ideas
2005.04.24.04 Seek Hammer Rail Lift Linkage for Duo-Art Grand
2005.04.13.03 Packing & Shipping a Big Musical Box
2005.04.06.02 Book "Mechanical Music" by Kevin McElhone
2005.04.03.08 Dihydrogen Oxide
2005.04.02.07 Seek Hand Control Knobs for Weber Duo-Art
2005.03.21.04 Removing PVC-E Glue
2005.02.24.01 Nancy Fratti Panchronia Antiquities Web Site
2005.02.23.04 Internet Auction Fraud
2005.02.19.02 Internet Auction Fraud
2005.02.06.04 Duo-Art Operating Pressure
2005.01.24.03 Visual Effects in Mechanical Music Instruments
2005.01.21.03 Cleaning Musical Box Cylinders
2004.12.25.02 Erratic Repetition in Ampico A
2004.12.16.04 Duo-Art Won't Play 88-note Rolls
2004.12.01.08 FS: 1923 Knabe Ampico
2004.11.29.01 Help With Nicole Freres Restoration
2004.11.23.14 Player Piano Failed After Moving
2004.11.23.03 Musical Box Maintenance Primer
2004.11.16.06 Ampico Symphonique Roll Tracking Problem
2004.10.31.04 Repairing Torn Music Roll Bridges
2004.10.21.03 Player Piano Systems to Play MIDI Files
2004.10.12.04 Describing a Player Piano For Sale
2004.10.02.01 Storing Musical Box Discs
2004.09.13.06 Number of Duo-Art Expression Levels
2004.07.08.07 Erratic Air Motor
2004.07.07.07 Heating Hide Glue
2004.07.05.06 Why I Rejoined AMICA
2004.06.26.04 The Future of Mechanical Music
2004.06.02.03 Welte-Mignon Book by Charles Davis Smith
2004.04.22.03 Visiting Austin, Texas
2004.04.18.01 The Future of Mechanical Music - Museums
2004.04.10.15 Replacing & Gluing Ivory Keytops
2004.04.08.02 Is It Still an Antique?
2004.04.07.09 Cost to Restore a Player Piano
2004.04.07.01 Regina 8-1/2" Disc Music Box
2004.02.21.01 Merry-Go-Round and Carousel
2004.02.16.13 Ampico Expression Mechanism Tubing Diagram
2004.02.16.09 MMD Spam Solution
2004.02.10.02 Seek Linkage Diagram for Early Duo-Art Grand
2004.02.06.01 Filling In The Gaps
2004.01.31.03 Cutting Wheels for Musical Box Comb
2004.01.29.05 "Easy To Pump" Player Piano
2004.01.26.11 Seek Pump & Motor for Duo-Art Grand
2004.01.25.05 The Pleasure of Restoring Antiques
2004.01.04.12 How To Move a Piano
2003.12.31.08 Adhesive for PPCo Purple Pneumatic Cloth
2003.12.27.05 Ampico Sustain Pedal Compensating Pneumatics
2003.12.23.03 What's an Orchestrion?
2003.12.17.01 Olympia Musical Box Plays Regina Discs
2003.12.02.08 Sources of Player Piano Parts
2003.11.24.07 Duo-Art Bass/Treble Split Point
2003.11.12.05 Storing a Piano
2003.11.09.06 Duo-Art Audiographic W & Y Series
2003.11.05.04 Repairing Folded Music Rolls
2003.10.28.05 Rebuilding a Player Piano in the Customer's Home
2003.10.23.02 Seek Replacement Boxes for Ampico Rolls
2003.10.21.03 Repairing Broken Musical Box Main Spring
2003.10.08.16 Converting T-98 Welte to Play T-100 "Red" Rolls
2003.10.05.01 Repairing Gem Roller Organ
2003.09.21.01 Mechanical Music in China
2003.09.10.09 Are Mechanical Music Instruments "Robots"?
2003.08.21.03 Repairing Musical Box Comb With Soft Solder
2003.08.20.02 Musical Box Restorers
2003.08.08.01 Seek Mozart Works on Ampico Rolls
2003.07.27.06 Politically Incorrect Piano Rolls
2003.07.08.08 eBay Transactions
2003.07.07.03 Electronic Tuning Device for Musical Box
2003.06.22.06 Playing a Player Piano via Electronic Media
2003.06.18.02 Repairing a Cylinder Musical Box Spring Barrel
2003.06.10.07 Fix the Tracking System to Avoid Roll Tearing
2003.06.07.10 Duo-Art Tubing Diagram - 1925 Steinway Grand
2003.06.03.03 Steel vs. Zinc Musical Box Discs
2003.06.01.04 Piano Technicians Guild
2003.05.18.06 Storing Leather & Pneumatic Cloth
2003.05.15.02 Musical Box Plays Slowly
2003.05.14.11 Gluing Bellows Cloth
2003.05.14.04 Early Forte-Piano 2-per-turn Musical Box
2003.05.11.05 For Sale Announcements in MMDigest
2003.04.28.03 Building a Duo-Art Vorsetzer
2003.04.14.03 Collecting and Dispersing and Museums
2003.03.22.03 Mechanical Music In the Movies
2003.03.18.01 Perfection Music Box Company of New Jersey
2003.03.13.03 Single-Comb 11-Inch Regina Music Box
2003.03.09.03 Source of Ampico Model A Transmission Frame
2003.03.04.08 Rebuilding My 1923 Ampico
2003.03.04.01 Austrian Musical Clock
2003.02.25.03 Mechanical Music Museums in Western USA
2003.02.11.11 Piano Mover Horror Story
2003.01.22.02 Music Box Repair in Northeast USA
2003.01.18.01 Music Roll Has Center Sprocket Holes
2002.12.29.04 Universal Computer Transcription of Any Cylinder
2002.12.18.10 Cutting Cylinder Musical Box Gears
2002.10.07.04 Protect Our Musical Heritage
2002.10.01.02 Storing Music Box Discs
2002.09.28.09 Storing Music Box Discs
2002.09.22.04 Customer Wants a Non-Original Case Finish
2002.09.22.01 Music Box Size vs. Movement Size
2002.08.27.02 Maintain And Enjoy Your Instruments
2002.08.22.02 Mandoline Cylinder Music Box
2002.08.18.02 Testing a Damaged Music Box
2002.08.08.05 Deagan Chimes Tower On Santa Catalina Island
2002.08.01.03 Deagan Tubular Bell Carillon on Catalina Island
2002.07.31.07 Crated Piano Survives Fall From Movers Truck
2002.07.23.04 Quality of Knabe Pianos
2002.07.21.03 What MMD Means To Me
2002.07.15.03 Mechanical Music in Budapest
2002.07.10.04 Ampico Player Is Missing Parts
2002.07.06.03 Ampico Player Is Missing Parts
2002.06.26.05 Rebuilding a Player Piano
2002.06.15.07 Getting The Right Parts
2002.06.09.06 How to Make A Musical Box
2002.06.04.04 Refinishing a Grain Painted Case
2002.05.28.02 New Dampers for 15-1/2" Regina
2002.05.07.04 Visiting Prague
2002.05.04.07 Visiting Prague
2002.04.25.02 Nancy Fratti, Panchronia Antiquities
2002.03.15.04 The Ideal Reproducing Piano
2002.01.17.06 Replacing Grand Piano Hammers
2001.12.30.04 Should a Restoration Look Like New?
2001.12.20.04 Music Boxes on Top of the Piano
2001.12.06.01 Lubricating a Small Music Box Movement
2001.11.25.08 Ampico Won't Play Immediately
2001.11.14.13 Removing a Bent Screw
2001.11.12.05 Removing a Bent Screw
2001.11.08.02 Yamaha Concert Grand Ampico Piano
2001.11.04.04 Yamaha Concert Grand Ampico
2001.10.29.10 Cabinet Restoration
2001.10.16.02 Tune Words For Regina Discs
2001.09.25.08 Fair Organ Restoration Ethics
2001.08.22.01 Repairing Spring Motor
2001.08.07.01 Alignment of Regina Disc Music Box
2001.08.01.07 Mechanical Music Mistakes in the Movies
2001.07.05.01 Regina Coin Mechanism
2001.05.15.06 Tempo of Scott Joplin Rags
2001.05.07.02 Shipping Instruments Overseas

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