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Digest NrSubject
2019.02.17.02 Seek A.B.T. Game For Nelson-Wiggen Style 6T
2019.02.11.02 Seek Mexican Tunes On "G" Or "4X" Roll
2018.11.11.02 Seek Ampico B Power Switch
2018.10.30.01 Seek Ampico B Power Switch
2018.10.10.04 FS: Wurlitzer 146A With Pennsylvania History
2018.08.23.01 Visiting the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan
2018.08.14.08 Calculating the Dimensions of Pneumatic Cloth
2018.08.12.01 Seek Style 150 Roll No. 13092, "Sacred Music"
2018.05.09.02 Seek Information on Roseman Player Piano (UK)
2018.04.11.01 Piano Roll Label Maker Program by Jon Miller
2018.03.22.04 Seek "Leaning On The Everlasting Arms" Piano Roll
2018.03.09.01 Seek Simplex 2-tier Pneumatic For Tom Thumb Piano
2018.03.07.03 Tom Thumb Player Piano With Chinese Red Finish
2018.02.06.02 Who Is "88 Note Roll" Company?
2017.12.29.02 Seek Oiling Instructions For Regina Disc Changers
2017.11.23.05 Keeping the MMD Format?
2017.10.16.02 Seek Western Electric Selectra Model B Coin Piano
2017.09.21.02 FS: 1922 Seeburg "L"
2017.09.17.06 Late Ampico A Motor Governor
2017.09.16.04 Recut Ampico roll 55743 "Installation Test Roll"
2017.08.28.01 FS: Ampico A Removed From Late Model Knabe
2017.08.21.05 Seek Label Image For QRS 3672 "Mary Lou"
2017.06.09.03 FS: Recut "A" Roll 1383 Sousa Marches
2017.04.15.01 FS: Apollo X Roll "Carrissima" by Felix Arndt
2017.03.01.01 Rebuilding Upright Ampico B
2017.02.11.02 Seek Flange For 1-1/8" Ampico Tubing
2016.09.02.01 Recutting Clark A-1383 "Sousa Memories"
2016.08.10.02 Seek Piano Rolls Made in Mexico
2016.07.26.03 Seek Boxes for Style "A" Music Rolls
2016.07.11.02 Seek "Ballad for Adeline" Piano Roll
2016.05.26.07 Status of BluesTone Music Rolls
2015.06.30.07 FS Free: Old Keystone Music Roll Co. Catalogs
2013.12.06.02 FS: "Gypsy Blues" & "Scott Joplin's New Rag"
2013.11.23.06 FS: "Scott Joplin's New Rag" QRS 31282 Recut
2013.05.20.01 Carousel Organ at Balboa Park, San Diego, Calif.
2013.03.10.02 Ron Brewer, Instrument Mover
2012.08.10.06 FS: Motor Player Corp. Turbine Pump
2012.08.10.05 FS: Ampico Box Pumps
2012.08.02.05 FS: 73-key Tom Thumb Recordo Player Piano
2012.08.01.12 FS: Coin Piano Parts
2012.07.06.04 FS: Recut Roll of QRS 1674 "Gypsy Blues"
2012.02.22.06 FS Free: Straube Artronome Player in St. Louis
2012.02.19.04 FS: Fisher Ampico "Top Loader" Studio Upright
2012.01.02.04 Story & Clark Reprotone Player Action
2011.03.28.08 Seek Flanged Fingers for Early 3-tier Simplex
2010.05.13.04 Seek Piano Roll of "Bohemian Rhapsody"
2010.02.22.02 Replicating a Regina Musical Box Key
2010.01.29.03 Regulating the Recordo Expression System
2009.11.19.05 Cremona Lamps & Seeburg Coin Drop by Don Teach
2009.10.20.01 Player Piano Parts, Inc., Wichita
2009.06.29.16 Spoolbox Light
2009.06.27.07 Need Seeburg Junior or Early "L" Pictures
2009.06.10.05 Player Piano Co. Auction Prices Paid
2009.04.14.02 Ampico "B" Upright Includes Ampico "A" Parts
2009.04.12.03 Upright Ampico B Pedal Regulator Mystery
2009.03.27.05 Ampico B Unit Valve Seats
2009.03.20.09 Ampico B Unit Valves
2009.03.16.12 FS: Test Rolls for Pianino & Aeolian Grand
2009.02.08.04 FS: Ampico Upright Electric Motor
2009.02.08.03 FS: Ampichron Clock Faceplate
2009.02.04.10 FS: Fisher Ampico Studio Upright "Top Loader"
2009.01.14.03 Supplies for Rebuilding a Player Piano
2008.12.11.02 D.J. Isalis, Band Organ Technician
2008.11.08.04 Learning Proper Restoration Skills
2008.11.01.04 DeLuxe Piano Company of Chicago
2008.10.23.06 FS: Western Electric Selectra Nickelodeon
2008.07.12.03 Wurlitzer 146 Pressure Specifications
2008.07.07.03 Seek Turbine Blower for Band Organ
2008.06.04.01 Appraisals Needed for Insurance Purposes
2008.06.02.04 Materials for Band Organ Pressure Bellows
2008.02.27.04 Automatic A-1271 Tune List
2008.01.20.10 FS: Music Roll for Wurlitzer Automatic Harp
2007.12.06.09 Rebuilding Hardman Duo Player Piano
2007.11.28.07 FS: Tom Thumb Recordo & Ampico Studio Upright
2007.08.15.09 Scott Joplin Piano Rolls
2007.03.22.01 Long Distance Piano Mover
2007.03.15.11 Seek Wurlitzer Caliola Parts
2007.03.15.06 Gasoline Engine for Band Organ
2007.03.15.05 1921 Electric Duo-Art Test Roll #2
2007.03.06.04 Odd Wurlitzer Roll Frame
2007.01.12.02 Pass On Your Knowledge
2006.11.28.04 Lights Inside a Coin Piano
2006.08.30.09 Miniature Player Piano is Tom Thumb Recordo
2006.08.17.03 Unknown Action Stack for 41-note Player Organ
2006.06.30.06 Seek Caliola Roll Frame Photos
2006.06.05.06 Gap Between Tunes For A-roll Selectra Codes
2006.06.04.03 Gap Between Tunes For A-roll Selectra Codes
2006.04.19.02 Clark "A" rolls 509, 922 & 1086
2006.01.24.03 Seek Nameplate Restoration Service
2005.12.31.05 My Favorite Nickelodeon
2005.12.28.04 Seek Wurlitzer Caliola Information
2005.12.21.09 Seek Wurlitzer Caliola to Restore
2005.10.31.05 Seek Western Electric Piano Company Items
2005.10.31.04 Seek J.L. Cook "Collectors' Perforated Roll" List
2005.09.20.09 Fleece Back Bellows Cloth
2005.06.23.02 Western Electric Selectra Listings
2005.06.16.04 Selectra "A" Roll Information Wanted
2005.06.16.03 Capitol Roll Label Image Needed
2005.06.09.11 FS: Wurlitzer Harp Roll
2005.04.19.05 Rebuilding Tom Thumb Recordo Player Piano
2005.04.11.09 Rebuilding Nickelodeon Xylophone
2005.03.01.01 List of Western Electra Selectra Nickelodeons
2005.02.16.08 Tune Selector Label for Western Electric Selectra
2005.02.11.02 Seek Flat Leather Belt & Pulley for Nickelodeon
2005.01.15.08 FS: Composite All-Rag Roll for Pianolin
2005.01.02.03 Seek List of Rolls for Western Electric Selectra
2004.12.29.03 Seek Hand Punch for 'A' Rolls
2004.12.23.05 Seek Western Electric Selectra With Xylophone
2004.12.22.06 Mounting Bells in Wurlitzer 146B
2004.12.22.02 Booklet "Reproduco Piano-Organ Instructions"
2004.12.01.03 MMD Readers Are The Best!
2004.11.29.07 Mounting Bells in Wurlitzer 146-A
2004.11.15.02 Seek Wurlitzer Valve Blocks
2004.11.11.02 Seek Wurlitzer Duplex Roll System Publication
2004.10.11.08 Construction of Wurlitzer Style 150 Tracker Bar
2004.10.09.03 Seek Wurlitzer 146A Band Organ Operating Sheet
2004.09.12.08 Seek Electric Power Plug for Player Piano
2004.09.12.07 Simplex Two-tier Player Piano Action Stack
2004.09.08.01 Replicating Wurlitzer Spool Frame Drive Wheels
2004.07.30.02 Seek "Scott Joplin's New Rag"
2004.07.29.09 FS: Lot of 125 Ampico "A" Rolls
2004.07.25.03 Kramer Recordo Made in New York
2004.07.12.11 Seek "Tom Thumb" Recordo Adverts
2004.07.02.22 FS: Ampico Rolls, Ampico System, Cremona Style 3
2004.06.27.10 Holes Found in Wurlitzer Band Organ Drum
2004.05.05.02 Wurlitzer Band Organ Drum Finish
2004.05.03.04 Seek Wurlitzer Roll Frame for Wurlitzer 146A
2004.04.18.05 Seek Bells for Wurlitzer 146 Band Organ
2004.04.11.11 Seek Photo of Wurlitzer 146-A At Seabreeze Park
2004.04.11.10 Wurlitzer 146-A Band Organ Color Scheme
2004.04.01.05 Piano Roll Artist Eubie Jones
2004.03.07.07 Seek 1925-1930 Kohler & Campbell Sales Catalog
2004.03.02.09 Duo-Art Test Rolls
2004.01.27.03 Seek Piano Roll Cabinet
2004.01.02.05 Registry of "Tom Thumb" Recordo Player Pianos
2003.12.23.05 Connorized "U-Play" Piano Roll
2003.12.11.07 "Tom Thumb" & Small Upright Player Pianos
2003.10.31.10 FS: Ampico "Brother Can You Spare a Dime"
2003.10.31.07 Seek Black D-hook Music Roll Tabs
2003.10.31.04 Seek Post-WW2 Ampico Roll Catalogs
2003.10.29.04 "I'm Just Wild About Harry" on Piano Rolls
2003.10.15.05 Seek Ampico Rollography
2003.10.08.10 Seek Ampico Test Rolls AMR 30033 & 30043
2003.10.03.02 Seek Post-WW2 Rolls for Ampico Piano
2003.09.28.05 Post-WW2 Reproducing Rolls: "Mancini Medley"
2003.09.27.05 Ampico B Jumbo Roll Flanges of Metal
2003.09.07.05 Ampico Roll Identification
2003.07.16.03 Seek Ampico B Parts
2003.07.16.02 Seek Book "The Ampico Reproducing Piano"
2003.05.20.03 Seek Book "The Ampico Reproducing Piano"
2003.03.29.03 Upright Ampico Spool Frame Numbers
2003.03.01.06 Seek 1-1/8" Elbows
2003.03.01.05 Seek Ampico B Test Roll
2003.02.22.03 Two Sizes of Ampico B Unit Valves
2003.02.12.15 Ampico B Owner's Manual
2003.02.10.03 Ampico B Service Manual
2003.01.30.02 Parts quality
2003.01.23.09 Seek Ampico Roll 71903 of 1941
2003.01.22.08 Seek "Decals Unlimited"
2003.01.19.06 Seek Identity of "A" Roll No. 2443
2003.01.15.07 Seek Ampico Unit Valve Retaining Nuts
2003.01.02.02 Seek Western Electric Selectra
2002.12.04.03 Piano Refinishing Cost
2002.11.14.05 Ampico Artist Wilbur Chenoweth
2002.11.14.04 Seek Book "The Ampico" by Dick Howe
2002.10.28.05 Ampico B Unit Valve Blocks
2002.10.27.05 Seek Ampico B Unit Valve Blocks
2002.10.17.05 Seek Ampico Spinet Piano
2002.10.12.03 Player Action Date vs. Piano Date
2002.10.11.06 Ampico B Needle Valve
2002.10.01.03 Mills Violano Bow Wheels Found in Antique Shop
2002.09.17.06 Seek Hinges for Marshall and Wendell Ampico B
2002.09.05.07 Seek Ampico B Parts
2002.09.05.02 Rolmonica Roll Numbers & Titles
2002.08.27.03 Introduction & Seek Piano Roll Cabinet

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