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Digest NrSubject
2019.03.09.03 PianoDisc Solenoid Player Unit Sold
2019.03.06.01 FS: PianoDisc Solenoid Player Unit
2018.10.01.08 FS Free: Welte "Original" Parts in Pennsylvania
2018.02.16.02 Polymobil & Dux Autos by Polyphon-Werke Leipzig
2017.10.30.07 FS Free: Hupfeld "Universal" in Pennsylvania
2017.08.11.05 Reed Organ Reed Puller
2017.07.16.01 Book "Waldkirch Street and Fairground Organs"
2017.05.18.06 How To Make a Leaky Duo-Art Play
2017.03.09.06 Seek Valve Leather For Aeolian Grand Player Organ
2017.02.24.02 Reed Ranks In Aeolian Grand Player Organ
2017.01.07.02 Player Piano International Shipping
2016.10.20.02 Passing of Bill Kromer of Wayne, Pennsylvania
2016.10.13.04 Passing of Siegfried Wendel
2016.08.11.05 FS: Style "O" Coin Piano Rolls
2016.08.11.04 FS: Loesche Orchestrion Rolls
2016.07.24.03 Panos Ioannidis and the Laterna Barrel Piano
2016.07.23.02 Barrel Organ Pinning on YouTube Video
2016.06.24.06 Testing Pouch Leather Sealants
2016.06.20.04 Sealing Leather Pouches
2016.06.05.01 Unusual Orchestrion in New Zealand
2016.03.10.03 Wintergaten Marble Music Machine
2016.02.09.02 Passing of Dr. Jan Jaap Haspels of Utrecht
2015.09.17.01 Unknown Orchestrion Rolls 350 mm Width
2015.09.16.01 Musée des Arts Forains in Paris
2015.07.23.01 Dick Hyman Piano Rolls
2015.07.20.05 FS: Small Recordo Grand in Pennsylvania
2015.06.08.03 Hupfeld Phonola Vorsetzer Height Adjustment
2015.04.15.05 FS: QRS Pianomation Grand Piano System
2015.03.15.01 Passing of Jan van Eijk, Dutch Organ Builder
2015.02.08.02 Ampico Player Piano is Moving to the Desert
2015.02.04.07 FS: Knabe Ampico Grand in Pennsylvania
2015.01.20.04 FS: PianoDisc PDS22CFX Grand Player System
2014.08.02.07 FS: Tanzbär Player Accordion
2014.07.30.08 Building a Crank-organ Cart
2014.07.12.04 FS: 20-key Hofbauer Harmonipan Street Organ
2014.07.01.01 Repairing Hofbauer 20-key Tanzbaer Accordion
2014.04.10.01 Seek Discs for 27 cm 10-5/8-inch Symphonion
2014.03.26.10 Piano Moving Horror Story
2014.02.10.05 Eliminating a Moth Infestation
2013.09.03.04 FS: Steinway XR Duo-Art Grand in Pennsylvania
2013.08.29.02 Seek Book on The Workings of a Band Organ
2013.05.31.01 Piano Rolls in France
2013.03.20.04 Duo-Art 1641 "Karavan"
2013.01.25.03 Seek Foot Pump Player Piano in Philadelphia Area
2012.11.28.01 Welte Orchestrion Entertains Weavers
2012.11.23.07 FS: Seeburg MO Organ
2012.09.26.01 Vibrato vs. Tremolo
2012.03.30.03 Seek Tilting Aeolian Air Motor
2012.03.20.09 FS: 88-note Piano Rolls
2012.03.20.06 Bergytone Suction Box Controller
2012.02.23.04 FS: Player Pianos Near Philadelphia
2012.01.11.05 FS: March Music on Piano Rolls
2011.12.28.05 Seek Steel Pin Ends for 65-note Roll Spools
2011.10.13.05 FS: Chickering Ampico "A" in Florentine Case
2011.09.04.07 Donating a Collection to an Institution
2011.05.10.01 Passing of Todd Augsburger
2011.05.07.07 Shellac
2011.02.17.01 Seek Player Piano in Philadelphia Area
2011.01.14.02 Passing of Coulson Conn
2011.01.11.04 Perforating Music Rolls for French Orchestrion
2010.11.16.02 Mechanical Music at Mill Bridge Village
2010.10.15.06 FS: Hupfeld Clavitist Coin Piano
2010.09.02.05 FS: Glass Front for Peerless Style D Nickelodeon
2010.08.31.06 FS: 80-key Mortier Cafe Organ in Pennsylvania
2010.08.22.07 FS: 88-note Piano Rolls
2010.08.10.04 Player Piano Revival & Mitch Miller
2010.06.30.05 FS: Art Deco Ampico Roll Labels
2010.05.05.13 FS: Wilcox & White "Symphony" 44-Note Player
2010.04.10.02 Hupfeld Clavitist at Colorado Auction
2010.02.05.06 Rachmaninoff Re-created
2009.12.20.05 Seek Accordeo-Jazz Music Rolls
2009.09.15.04 FS: Hobo Whistler Musical Box in New York
2009.08.22.07 Kohler & Campbell "Tom Thumb" 61-key Player Pianos
2009.08.12.05 FS: Auto-Deluxe Player Piano Action Stack
2009.08.04.04 FS: 88-note Piano Rolls as "Assortment Boxes"
2009.07.19.03 FS: Hupfeld DEA Reproducing Piano Rolls
2009.06.10.10 FS: Steinway Duo-Art XR in St. Louis
2009.06.10.04 Player Piano Co. Auction Prices Paid
2009.05.11.10 FS Free: Wide Carriage Printer for Music Templates
2009.04.13.14 FS Free: Ampico Upright in Delaware
2009.03.23.04 Seek Functioning Small Player Piano
2008.12.30.04 eBay Allows Sale of Pianos With Ivory Keys
2008.12.27.03 Keytops of Elephant Ivory
2008.12.24.05 Ivory Keytops Violate eBay Wildlife Policy
2008.12.19.05 Wurlitzer Roll 5.5" Wide
2008.10.23.05 FS: Barrel Pianos in Pennsylvania
2008.01.08.12 FS: Imhof & Mukle, Wilhelm Bruder Organs, More
2007.10.15.02 "Punish The Monkey, But Let The Organ Grinder Go"
2007.10.08.08 FS: Welte Licensee Upright
2007.10.03.14 FS: Welte Upright Piano
2007.08.30.02 Advertising Site for Non-player Organs & Pianos
2007.05.13.02 Shipping Piano Rolls to Europe
2007.04.22.07 FS: Steck Ampico Spinet
2007.01.30.01 Seek Autophone Organette Music Strips
2007.01.23.01 Seek Regina Style 1 Photo
2007.01.11.07 FS: Bush & Lane Welte Licensee in Pennsylvania
2006.12.18.05 Paper Roll Label Adhesive
2006.11.13.09 Seek Piano Crating Firm in London
2006.11.10.03 Weber Grandezza Music Roll Project
2006.10.29.07 Replicating Piano Roll Spool Flanges of Wood
2006.10.25.06 Music Roll Perforator Control Program
2006.10.08.01 Weber Grandezza Rolls Wanted?
2006.10.03.05 FS: 100 88-Note Rolls
2006.09.10.03 Repairing Rubber Rollers
2006.08.01.01 Criterion Music Box Rear Panels
2006.07.27.08 Auto-Electric Coin Piano Friction Disc Drive
2006.07.24.05 "Tino" Accordeon Player
2006.07.23.02 Scale of "Tino" Accordeon Player
2006.07.10.10 Scale of Kuhl & Klatt "Accordion-Jazz" Roll
2006.06.26.05 FS: Mason & Hamlin Ampico, Duo-Art Upright, Rolls
2006.06.12.03 Source of Newly Carved Fair Organ Figures
2006.06.08.02 Mech. Music in the Movies: "A Nous la Liberté"
2006.05.16.06 Hupfeld "Clavitist" Fallboard Decal
2006.05.10.04 FS: Hupfeld DEA Upright in Pennsylvania
2006.05.10.01 Albert Timmerman, Organ Facade Carver
2006.03.31.04 Kuhl & Klatt "Original Pneuma" Music Roll
2006.02.16.09 Seek Tubing Diagram for Autopleyela System
2006.02.08.01 Street Music in Little Italy, Manchester, UK
2006.01.27.05 FS: Weber Duo-Art Grand in Pennsylvania
2006.01.05.05 Instrument Mover Available, Oregon to Pennsylvania
2005.11.01.03 Titles of Reproduco Music Rolls
2005.10.25.13 FS: Lot of 88-Note Piano Rolls
2005.10.22.06 Titles of Reproduco Music Rolls
2005.10.19.09 DuPont "Tyvek" as Bellows Covering Material
2005.09.01.03 FS: Weber 65/88 Player Piano in Pennsylvania
2005.07.13.08 Seek Roll for North Tonawanda 44-Note Pianolin
2005.07.12.02 Seek Wurlitzer Pianino Roll
2005.06.02.07 FS: Player Grand, Street Piano, Push-up Player
2005.05.29.12 Sting Suction Box
2005.05.08.10 FS: German Orchestrion
2005.05.06.02 Seek Phillips PM Rolls
2005.04.29.02 Seek Thomas Jansen
2005.04.07.08 Rebuilding Aeolian Grand Player Organ Pneumatics
2005.03.08.07 Marketing the Player Piano
2005.03.06.03 Seek Street Organ Grinder for NSW, Australia
2005.03.02.04 Ghost Items at Internet Auctions
2005.01.19.09 Repairing Warped Keys
2005.01.11.01 Passing of Ken Smith and Cliff Gray
2004.12.02.07 FS Free: Aeolian Player in Southwest Pennsylvania
2004.06.22.02 Book "Rebuilding the Aeolian Orchestrelle"
2004.05.24.10 FS: George Steck Duo-Art Upright in Florida
2004.05.16.03 Dutch Street Organ "De Twee Engelen"
2004.05.12.05 FS: European Orchestrion Parts
2004.04.10.08 The "Cement" Lauter Piano
2004.03.31.01 FS: Aeolian Style "V" Orchestrelle Player Organ
2004.02.28.12 FS: Lauter Humana Player Piano in Pennsylvania
2004.02.24.07 FS Free: Story & Clark Player in Pennsylvania
2004.02.01.15 FS: Chickering Concert Grand Ampico
2004.02.01.01 Seek Organ Grinder in New York
2004.01.27.02 Electric Hot Glue Pot - "Hold-Heet"
2004.01.13.07 Source of Screws for Player Pianos
2004.01.03.02 Edison Gallery Mechanical Music Auction House
2003.11.23.03 FS: Bush & Lane Welte Licensee Upright Piano
2003.11.10.13 FS: Rubber Mats for Player Pianos
2003.11.04.13 FS: Story & Clark Player Organ
2003.11.03.09 FS: 52-key Gasparini, Tom Thumb Recordo, Ampico
2003.08.30.04 Seek Hupfeld Phonola Vorsetzer
2003.08.17.03 Odd Retrofit Piano Player System of Circa 1900
2003.08.17.02 Piano Purchasing Scams
2003.08.16.05 Player Piano Auction in Philadelphia 16 Aug 2003
2003.08.12.14 FS: Duo-Art in Pennsylvania, Free
2003.08.12.09 Dissolving Epoxy
2003.07.18.07 Seek Auto-Deluxe Valves for Welte Licensee
2003.06.06.02 Seek Transport from London to Brighton UK
2003.06.05.13 FS: Dutch Street Organ CD
2003.05.19.10 FS: Aeolian Orchestrelle Model Y Player Reed Organ
2003.05.13.05 Ivory Transport & CITES Agreement
2003.05.07.09 FS: Steinway XR Duo-Art Grand Piano in PA
2003.05.01.02 Musical Box Tuning Lead Replacement
2003.04.09.03 New Edison Cylinder Recording of Street Organ
2003.03.29.10 FS: Marshall & Wendell Ampico
2003.03.28.02 Andersson 18-Note Piano-Harpa Scale
2003.03.24.05 Loading an Orchestrion Onto a Trailer
2003.03.22.11 FS: Tom Thumb Recordo Grand
2003.03.22.06 Removing Hide Glue
2003.03.17.07 FS: Chickering Ampico B
2003.03.11.07 Book Cloth for Roll Leader
2003.03.10.14 Seek Cloth for Roll Leader
2003.02.28.09 37-Note Schoenhut Piano
2003.02.21.02 Modern Songs for 1900 Player Organ
2003.02.20.08 FS: Story & Clark Repro-Phraso Player Piano
2003.02.13.08 Mortier Vibraton Pipes
2003.02.12.09 "Diana" Brand Piano Rolls
2003.02.10.01 Laser Scanner Replicates Carvings
2003.01.30.01 Organ Dowels
2003.01.25.02 Book "Waldkirch Street and Fairground Organs"
2003.01.18.06 FS: Hupfeld Orchestrion
2003.01.16.05 Music Roll Has Center Sprocket Holes
2003.01.08.09 Exhauster Cloth vs. Pneumatic Cloth For Air Motor
2002.12.20.03 Rueckenklavier Back Piano Might Be a Laterna
2002.12.09.04 Cylinder Musical Box Plays 30 Tunes
2002.12.06.02 PianoDisc MIDI Capability
2002.09.26.04 Seek Mover, Wisconsin to Pennsylvania
2002.09.08.06 FS: Popper Welt Piano Konzertist
2002.09.06.01 Storlein Swedish Mystery Organ
2002.06.27.02 Seek Barrel Piano Mover to MBSI Convention
2002.06.03.10 FS: Molinari 40-key Barrel Piano
2002.05.25.02 Seek Marquetry Repair
2002.05.04.04 Rubberized Cloth Business
2002.05.02.15 FS: Player Pianos in Pennsylvania
2002.04.14.02 FS: Marshall & Wendell Ampico B
2002.04.04.05 Makers of Band Organ Facades and Carvings
2002.03.28.06 Seek Piano Mover in Germany
2002.03.17.11 Grey Market Yamaha Pianos
2002.03.13.11 Seek Kimball Electramatic Player Organ Restorer
2002.02.13.03 Grey Market Yamaha Pianos
2002.02.09.06 Refinishing The Piano Case - Waterborne Lacquer
2002.02.07.07 FS: Weber Duo-Art Grand Piano
2002.01.06.13 Ampico B Expression Problem
2001.12.04.09 Potato Glue for Bellows
2001.11.28.07 FS: 65-note Test Roll
2001.11.26.02 Haarlem Organ Hall "Stichting Het Kunkelsorgel"
2001.11.17.03 Modifying a Grand Piano for a Player System
2001.11.14.08 Hand-Cranked Barrel Piano on "Masterpiece Theatre"
2001.10.18.01 Take Up Spool Wanted
2001.08.12.06 Parts For Aeolian Pianola Pushup Player
2001.08.05.06 Seek Beveled Glass for Peerless Nickelodeon
2001.07.22.02 North Tonawanda Pianolin 44-Note Rolls
2001.07.09.10 FS: Ampico & Recordo Reproducer Grand Pianos
2001.07.06.07 Piano Movers: Keyboard Carriage
2001.06.30.06 Edison Cylinder Recording of Street Piano
2001.06.24.04 Book "Drehorgeln" by Zeraschi
2001.06.20.03 FS: Ampico & Recordo Grand Pianos
2001.06.11.03 Seek Organ Grinder for Long Island NY Party
2001.06.01.02 Duo-Art Accompaniment Rolls
2001.05.28.05 Making Torsion Springs for Organ Bellows
2001.05.21.12 FS: Gasparini Organ, Tom Thumb Recordo, Steinway
2001.05.21.02 Passing of Jim Wells
2001.05.16.01 Prinsen Organ at Dutch Festival in Memphis
2001.05.05.02 Shipping Instruments Overseas
2001.05.02.03 FS: 27-Key Barrel Street Organ
2001.02.20.13 Rebuilding Band Organ Feeder Bellows
2001.02.05.03 FS: Bruder and Frati Organs
2001.01.28.01 Music Rolls Defined As Sound Recording
2001.01.27.01 Mike Kitner Tribute in Maine Antique Digest
2001.01.18.07 Gluing Ivory Keytops
2001.01.08.05 FS: Items from Mike Kitner Estate
2000.12.23.03 Unique Floor Model Organette
2000.12.18.01 Mike Kitner Memorial Service
2000.12.12.01 Passing of Mike Kitner
2000.11.04.13 FS: 18.5" Console Miraphone Music Box
2000.09.24.05 J. Lawrence Cook Autographed "A" Roll Catalog
2000.09.21.08 Value of Chein Piano Lodeon
2000.09.18.09 Losche Jazzband Orchestrion Sold
2000.09.13.06 FS: Jazzband Orchestrion
2000.09.11.05 Barrel Piano Wanted
2000.09.08.06 Moving Grand Player Pianos with "Piano Horse"
2000.08.30.05 Seek Simplex Valve Seats
2000.08.22.10 FS: Weber Duo-Art Upright Piano
2000.07.21.10 Pneumatic Cloth for Schulz Pouches
2000.06.28.02 LP: "Barrel Organ Music of the Kalverstraat"
2000.05.31.02 Richard Wagner Music for 1876 Exposition
2000.05.13.01 Seek Cylinder Box Movement
2000.04.30.01 Replacement Glass Dome for Automaton Clock
2000.04.28.03 Schafer Bros. Piano Moving
2000.04.11.01 List of Organ Operators
2000.04.03.14 Price Paid for Seeburg Tune Indicator
2000.04.03.11 Source of Urethane Belt Material
2000.03.28.10 FS: Seeburg Tune Indicator
2000.03.23.05 Themodist Operation
2000.03.18.10 FS: Regina Style 14 Coin-Op Music Box
2000.03.08.02 New FOPS Book "On Display"
2000.02.24.03 Seek Photo of Regina Coin Mechanism
2000.02.06.13 FS: PianoDisc PDS-32 Player Piano
2000.02.05.10 Action Stack Bass/Treble Split - Themodist
2000.01.26.17 FS: Amorette Organette Discs
2000.01.21.01 Winding Key for Square-Hole Spring Barrel Socket
2000.01.14.08 Seek 65-note Test Roll
2000.01.11.06 Punch Machine Project
2000.01.08.05 Modern Organ Makers
1999.12.28.17 Seek Aeolian Pedal Spring
1999.12.05.10 Transposing Pianos
1999.12.04.09 New Keyboard for Terribly Spaced Piano Keys
1999.12.04.02 Seek Article from "The Music Box"
1999.12.02.17 Grand Pianos and Square Pianos
1999.11.28.08 Piano Shapes
1999.11.22.10 Seek Piano Mover, Tampa FL to Charlotte NC
1999.10.23.02 Mission Style and Craftsman Style Pianos
1999.10.22.14 Seek Big Wood Screws
1999.10.11.10 Seek Suction Box for 1970s Wurlitzer Player
1999.10.07.02 New Street Organ Web Page
1999.10.06.03 New Street Organ Web Page
1999.10.01.02 Price Paid for Glass Harmonica
1999.09.24.10 French MM Site - Le Turlutain
1999.09.24.06 Barrel Organ Price
1999.09.23.15 FS: Glass Harmonica
1999.09.14.02 Help Identify Photo of Player Device
1999.09.12.14 FS: English Chamber Barrel Organ
1999.09.06.10 Bellows Pump Stick Lubrication
1999.08.26.04 Organ Rental Fees
1999.08.25.02 Glass Harmonica at Franklin Institute
1999.08.17.04 New CD of 47-key Prinsen Dutch Street Organ
1999.08.12.16 Seek DC Motor for Street Organ
1999.07.09.07 Seek "Cop on the Beat, The Man In The Moon and Me"
1999.07.06.08 "AcryliKey" for Ivory Repairs
1999.06.29.05 Licensing Music - Harry Fox Agency
1999.06.26.08 Cold Liquid Hide Glue
1999.06.22.02 Orgues de Barbarie with Reeds
1999.06.17.06 Foundry for Metal Castings
1999.06.03.07 Source of Shellac Flakes
1999.05.29.06 Restoring or Painting Fine Gold Lines
1999.05.28.03 Anton Pieck Prints
1999.05.25.11 Gold Leaf Suspended in Gum Arabic
1999.05.18.09 FS: Keywind Pianoforte Box at eBay
1999.05.16.06 Steel Rule Dies for Die-Cut Gaskets
1999.05.08.06 European Pipes
1999.05.06.09 Cloth-Covered Electrical Cord
1999.05.02.02 Gasparini Handle Reproductions
1999.05.01.05 Gasparini Handle Reproductions
1999.04.24.17 FS: Aeolian Orchestrelle Model S
1999.03.23.02 "The Melodette!" Player Glockenspiel
1999.03.21.17 FS: Art Echo Player Grand
1999.03.17.19 FS: 5'6" Knabe Ampico "A"
1999.03.13.03 A. K. Brill
1999.03.04.02 Herbert Juettemann's New Book
1999.02.28.05 Lou Pike Dies
1999.02.09.01 Florida Auction Prices
1999.01.27.04 Seek Addresses of Museums in Germany
1998.12.21.09 Source of Sheet Ivorene For Key Tops
1998.12.11.05 Seek Roy Mickleburgh of Bristol, England
1998.12.09.10 FS: Steinway Duo-Art & Aeolian Player Piano
1998.12.02.03 Hicks Barrel Piano
1998.12.01.05 Videotape of Hansjorg Leible Organs
1998.11.20.13 Source of Motor Cloth
1998.10.22.09 Seek 65-note Themodist Rolls
1998.10.21.13 Rebuilding Themodist Control Unit
1998.10.06.10 Steinway Cheek Block Removal
1998.09.25.04 Info About Trailers for Band Organs
1998.09.23.07 Shellac on Cardboard Music
1998.09.16.03 Translation of German Inscription
1998.09.11.07 Egg White and Egg Tempera
1998.09.01.04 Sources of New Barrel Organs
1998.08.20.03 Payment for Foreign Purchases
1998.08.19.11 Marvel Mystery Oil & Teflon Powder
1998.07.28.14 FS: 1914 Steinway Duo-Art Vertical
1998.07.28.13 FS: Antique Myers 10-inch Lathe
1998.07.23.19 87-key Gavioli from Great Adventure
1998.07.16.03 Auto-typist
1998.06.27.07 Street Organ Power
1998.06.09.05 Shipping & Insurance
1998.06.02.04 Quarter-Grabber Piano
1998.05.25.24 Value of Welte Upright
1998.05.25.02 Problem in 52er Gasparini Bass Pipes
1998.05.25.01 Christian Taralsen Barrel Organ
1998.04.27.03 'Organs On Wheels'
1998.04.24.08 Celluloid
1998.04.23.09 'Amsterdamned'
1998.04.21.03 'Puppet On A Chain'
1998.04.16.20 FS: Steinway Duo-Art Upright
1998.04.11.11 Why Bother With Tapered Holes?
1998.04.11.08 Piano Movers
1998.04.11.03 KDV Dues
1998.04.10.10 Why Bother With Tapered Holes?
1998.04.07.04 Transposed Organ Tuning
1998.03.29.27 FS: Stroud Duo-Art
1998.03.29.16 Embarrassing Piano Stories - A Stormy Night
1998.03.26.05 Reproductions and Buildups
1998.03.22.26 FS: Steinway Duo-Art
1998.03.22.06 Value of Reproductions
1998.03.18.01 Milhous and Murphy Auctions
1998.03.11.02 Mike Kitner
1998.03.09.18 FS: Aeolian Pedal Mats
1998.03.03.14 Strange Electronic Piano
1998.02.20.09 Street Organs in Cuba
1998.02.20.03 Organ-clock Maker
1998.02.15.03 Aeolian Style 1500
1998.01.28.09 Turkish Accordion Music
1998.01.23.07 Bob Pierce, Pierce Piano Atlas
1998.01.07.15 FS: Cylinder Music Box
1998.01.02.10 Value of Faventia Barrel Piano
1997.12.26.08 Seek Gene Sandberg, Piano Mover
1997.12.16.04 Photos for F.O.P.S. Anniversary Book
1997.12.14.03 Still Need Band Organ Photos
1997.12.10.03 New Resonator for Brass Trumpet Pipe
1997.12.02.18 FS: Welte Roll Collection
1997.12.02.07 Seek Photos of American Band Organs
1997.11.20.01 Paying K.D.V. Dues
1997.11.13.05 Lost Shipment of Carvings
1997.11.05.08 Disklavier Price
1997.11.02.07 Modern Player in Hotel Bar
1997.10.24.09 FS: Steinway Aeolian 65/88-Note Upright Player
1997.10.21.02 Mahopac Auction Results
1997.10.20.01 Auction in Mahopac, New York
1997.09.26.05 Soft-playing PianoDisc
1997.09.17.01 Organ in "House of the Seven Gables"
1997.09.15.08 FS: 84-key Book-music Reader With Switches
1997.09.15.07 FS: Artizan (?) Spool Frame
1997.08.16.04 Seek Spoked Wheels for Dutch Organ Cart
1997.08.10.06 Organ Director Figure for Gavioli
1997.08.08.06 DeCap Roll
1997.07.30.07 Angelus Rolls
1997.07.21.11 Source of Orchestrion Lamps
1997.07.13.04 Surface Mail from Europe
1997.07.08.06 Book: "Kistdraaiorgel", by Johan deVries
1997.06.20.01 Chicago Move
1997.06.02.10 Things For Sale
1997.05.28.03 Seek Tom Meijer's Address
1997.05.13.22 FS: Gasparini
1997.05.05.11 Lauter
1997.05.01.07 Large Organ Makers
1997.04.30.25 FS: Melville Clark Apollo Player Grand
1997.04.24.10 FS: Apollo Grand
1997.04.16.02 Max Geweke
1997.04.10.02 Photo Index to deWaard Draaiorgels Book
1997.04.06.02 Index to deWaard Draaiorgels Book
1997.03.21.11 FS: Ampico Parts
1997.03.13.10 FS: Base for Symphonion Clock
1997.02.20.09 Test Roll for Aeolian Orchestrelle
1997.02.13.14 Bellows Leather
1997.02.12.11 PianoDisc Mission
1997.02.11.11 Remo Drumheads
1997.02.11.09 Bellows Leather
1997.02.10.09 Reproduction Instruments
1997.02.09.27 Recovering Drum Heads
1997.02.07.03 Fair Organ Preservation Society
1997.02.01.03 FOPS Organ List
1997.01.30.05 Wilhelm Bruder Organ and Karl Soukup System
1997.01.15.02 Organ Rally in The Netherlands
1997.01.08.20 FS: 56-key Riemer Barrel Organ
1997.01.06.08 Sources of New Screws
1996.12.30.02 My New E-mail Address
1996.12.12.08 FS: 56-key Gebruder Riemer Barrel Organ
1996.11.30.07 Feite Posthumous
1996.11.21.10 FAX Number Request
1996.11.12.17 Accordion For Sale
1996.11.05.07 Glues
1996.11.02.07 Searching for "De Prinsenstad"
1996.10.30.10 FS: Molinari Barrel Organ
1996.10.24.15 Lead Tubing
1996.10.23.13 Any Subscribers from Netherlands, Belgium?
1996.10.18.11 2 Organs For Sale
1996.10.15.15 PianoDisc Stuff For Sale
1996.10.05.12 Ads?
1996.09.24.09 German Translation Help
1996.09.22.06 New Organ Makers
1996.09.20.02 Ampico Drawer Bar
1996.08.25.04 Lamp Fringe and Organ Books
1996.08.18.09 Band Organ Parts in Massachusetts
1996.08.17.07 Pierement Photo Book
1996.08.12.03 Mercury Switches
1996.07.23.04 Hurdy-Gurdy
1996.06.11.06 Re: Pump Direction
1996.06.07.05 Re: Proper Restoration
1996.06.03.03 Re: 65-Note Rolls
1996.05.18.02 German Society Information
1996.05.11.03 Bone Key Tops
1996.05.09.04 Orchestrion Lamps etc.
1996.05.06.06 Ivory keyboard Replacement
1996.05.05.04 Piano Lamps
1996.04.25.02 Fair Organ Preservation Society
1996.04.22.06 Popper Valves
1996.04.19.05 Popper Konzertist
1996.04.15.14 Popper Valves
1996.02.22.06 Hammond Organ Rolls?
1996.02.11.02 3 Reproducers for Sale
1996.01.24.07 A New Automatic Violin
1995.10.21.01 Organ Figure For Sale + Pouch Sealer
1995.08.19.02 For Sale: Aeolian and Ampico Items
1995.06.17.02 Re: Reference for Art Case Styles Wanted
1995.05.18.05 PianoDisc System
1995.05.16.02 Printed templates from MIDI

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