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Digest NrSubject
2017.02.18.01 Ed Link Jr. Player Piano Roll Controls Sky Sign
2015.08.10.03 FS: 1917 Autopiano, Bench, 2500+ Rolls & Cabinets
2013.08.18.03 J. Lawrence Cook at the Keyboard
2013.08.04.05 Carousel Music Only During Rides or Continuous
2010.10.10.04 Strange Duck a Choralcelo, not Orchescello
2010.04.22.07 Don Gilmore's Self-tuning Piano
2009.02.21.01 AMICA Annual Convention, July 22-26, 2009, Cincinnati
2009.01.06.01 QRS Buffalo NY Annotated Thermometer
2009.01.04.02 Durrell Armstrong Brochure at AMICA Web Site
2009.01.03.02 QRS Ceases Piano Roll Production
2008.12.01.03 Seek Audio Recording of Duo-Art "Soliloquy"
2008.08.31.01 AMICA 2008 Convention Photos On-line
2008.07.10.06 1977 AMICA Convention Movie
2008.07.09.02 AMICA Convention 2008 Video is Rotated
2008.06.08.08 FS: AMICA Publications
2008.04.06.01 Seek Roll "Theme from The Apartment"
2008.02.02.02 Join AMICA On-Line
2007.12.15.03 Seek Ampico "Limehouse Blues" Label Image
2007.09.25.01 2007 AMICA Convention On YouTube
2007.09.06.02 Music Licensing Service: Legacy Productions
2007.08.07.04 New England Foliage in the Fall
2007.04.21.01 Seek Audio Recordings of Automatic Music
2006.12.03.01 Mechanical Music in the Movies
2006.09.04.03 AMICA Convention Photos On-line
2006.04.08.03 Seek Simple Free MIDI File Editor
2006.03.22.01 New Gallery for Murtogh D. Guinness Collection
2006.01.28.04 Electricity Saving Device
2006.01.21.07 Transferring Old Audio Recordings to CD
2005.12.05.03 QRS Elects Three New Directors to Board
2005.11.03.02 Weekly Player Piano Performances at Alberta Library
2005.05.20.06 Music Roll Paper
2005.03.11.01 Austin Organ Company Quits Business
2004.12.12.01 Seek Ampico Christmas MIDI for AMICA Web Site
2004.09.01.01 MMD Resource Links Updates
2004.08.29.03 AMICA Web Site Redesigned
2004.04.05.03 Value of "Collector's Classics" Piano Rolls
2004.02.11.05 FS Free: 88-Note Piano Rolls
2004.01.04.02 Tape of CBS "Sunday Morning" at QRS
2003.03.15.05 New England Music Rolls Is Closing August 2003
2002.11.16.01 Search for Babe Ruth's Piano
2002.10.15.04 Player Pianos Are Fun & Piano Moving Cost
2001.12.09.01 Mechanical Musical Instruments of Russia
2001.11.23.04 "The Divers Collection"
2001.11.21.05 Mechanical Music in Animated Cartoons
2001.07.15.06 Printing Lyrics on Rolls: Dot-Matrix Printer
2001.07.08.11 Ampico Roll Producers in Comprehensive Source List
2001.06.24.06 Seek Video Converter for AMICA Meeting
2001.06.17.03 CD: Skinner Residence Player Organ at Elm Court
2001.06.17.02 Virgil Fox Memorial Recital on Wanamaker Organ
2001.05.20.02 Player Piano Group (UK) Meeting, May 5th 2001
2001.05.15.04 Seek 88n Roll "Tribute to Foster"
2001.05.15.02 AMICA Australia Convention
2001.04.17.02 Sanfilippo Collection on Minnesota Public Radio
2001.03.14.01 Technology & Mechanical Music Auction in MA
2001.03.02.03 Value of Tel-Electric Music Rolls
2001.02.23.02 Contributing to MMD
2001.01.29.02 USPS Defines Music Rolls As Sound Recordings
2001.01.27.02 Music Rolls Defined As Sheet Music
2001.01.17.07 Relative Humidity Effect On Pneumatic Cloth
2001.01.15.05 Securing Jack Flange Pin
2001.01.15.04 Relative Humidity and the Piano
2001.01.13.04 U.S. Postage Rates for Music Rolls
2000.12.23.02 Stolen Reuge Musical Pocket Watches
2000.12.13.06 FS: 66-key Player Piano Rolls
2000.12.03.03 Insurance for Mechanical Musical Instruments
2000.11.25.01 Restoration Supplies at MMD Sources List
2000.10.05.01 Seek Music Rolls for Tournaphone Organette
2000.09.30.02 Theater Organist Lee Erwin
2000.09.26.07 History of US Roll 43867 "Jackass Blues"
2000.09.25.01 Seek Restoration Suppliers & Instrument Manufacturers
2000.09.22.03 "The Duo-Art & Pianola Monthly"
2000.09.03.01 MMD Hosts Comprehensive Roll Manufacturer's List
2000.09.02.01 AMICA 2000 Sacramento Convention Report
2000.08.24.04 Piano Moving Fees
2000.08.11.01 Antique Store Prices
2000.08.07.03 Telephone via Internet
2000.07.30.02 Mechanical Music on TV
2000.06.27.07 Seek Help for Microsoft Access User
2000.06.09.04 J. Lawrence Cook & Jelly Roll Morton Research
2000.05.24.03 Visiting Sacramento - PianoDisc
2000.05.11.02 Comprehensive Music Producer's List Project
2000.04.21.01 Sources of Piano Rolls - Comprehensive List Project
2000.03.31.07 Sources of Piano Rolls - Comprehensive List Project
2000.03.30.03 Sources of Piano Rolls
2000.03.23.06 Carlo Curley concert at Wanamakers, April 29 2000
2000.03.11.02 NEMR Seeks Music Roll Dealer in Western Europe
2000.03.04.02 Value of Story & Clark Reed Organ
2000.02.21.07 New Piano Rolls of Jelly Roll Morton Songs
2000.02.20.09 New Piano Rolls of Jelly Roll Morton Songs
2000.02.20.06 Frank Lloyd Wright and his Cecilian Piano Player
2000.01.01.05 Tangible Thanks to MMD
1999.12.24.03 Mechanical Music Fatality at the Post Office
1999.12.22.06 Dealing With Overseas Customers
1999.12.11.04 Mechanical Music in the Movies
1999.12.10.05 Mechanical Music in the Movies
1999.11.22.06 Scotch Brand Adhesive Tape for Repairing Rolls
1999.11.21.04 Repairing Old Piano Rolls
1999.11.20.05 Postal Service Options for Shipping Music Rolls
1999.11.17.11 "Flamin' Mamie"
1999.11.15.03 QRS Buffalo NY Annotated Thermometer
1999.11.14.15 FS: Autopiano Upright
1999.11.06.04 New Piano Rolls of Jelly Roll Morton Songs
1999.10.26.04 Times Zones - EST, GMT, BST
1999.10.25.01 "Ballet Mechanique" To Be Broadcast On Web Radio
1999.10.24.05 "In Dohomey" Sheet Music Cover
1999.10.15.02 Wired Magazine Highlights Antheil's "Ballet Mechanique" for 16
1999.09.06.04 Pictures of AMICA 1999 Convention
1999.09.05.02 AMICA Convention 1999 - Waltham/Boston MA
1999.08.27.10 FS at eBay: Musical Toilet Paper
1999.08.08.03 Seek Band Organ To Play In Massachusetts
1999.07.10.05 New York Times Web Site
1999.07.10.01 Billings' Rollography -- A True Treasure
1999.07.05.07 Piano Rolls Arranged by Wm. Christopher O'Hare
1999.07.01.04 New Music Roll Selections from NEMR
1999.06.22.04 Seek Audio Recordings of Welte Music Rolls
1999.06.10.06 Original Piano Trio on an Ampico Roll
1999.05.18.03 Seek QRS Rollography by Billings
1999.05.09.03 Westin-Waltham Hotel Rates for AMICA Convention
1999.05.08.15 Joke Book with Minstrel Roll?
1999.05.08.03 Roll ID/Loan Request
1999.05.07.09 Jelly Roll Morton "The Pearls" Found
1999.05.05.03 Announcing "New England Music Rolls"
1999.04.26.02 Piano in "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
1999.03.07.11 Piano Roll Retail Identification Labels
1999.03.06.02 Hurdy-Gurdy in the Movies
1999.02.28.03 Claes Friberg of Denmark
1999.02.27.05 "Etude" Magazine Pictures at MMD Gallery
1999.02.11.17 FS: 142 Piano Rolls at eBay Auction
1999.02.08.03 Seek Frank Adams & Automatic Music Rolls Co.
1999.01.26.02 Autographed Book by Larry Givens
1998.12.25.05 Database of Used Player Piano Parts - Fields
1998.12.12.09 Music Played by IBM Line Printer
1998.12.01.07 Christmas Music Played on Theater Organs
1998.11.27.09 A quick "Phase Locked Loop" Description
1998.11.27.03 Mechanical Music in the Movies
1998.11.27.02 Mighty Mo & "Movie Palaces" Airing Saturday 11/
1998.11.12.04 Biograph Piano Roll CDs
1998.10.17.06 Making The "Killer" Duo-Art Test Roll
1998.10.12.03 Seeking Roll Repair Services
1998.09.02.12 "The Charleston" Sheet Music
1998.08.02.10 Lagonda Player Information Requested
1998.07.25.03 AMICA 1998 Convention in Niagara Falls
1998.05.28.12 "Ear Witness" Account of Solenoid Piano Demo
1998.05.25.07 Freedom for MMD Information
1998.05.09.08 What Are We Here For?
1998.05.03.10 Hammer Velocity and Player-Mechanism Technique
1998.05.02.10 Ampico Hammer Velocity Recorder
1998.05.02.09 Sounds of Pneumatic vs. Solenoid Pianos
1998.04.27.06 Spencer Turbine Co. Vacuum Cleaning Systems
1998.04.22.14 Harold Powell and Klavier Operations
1998.04.20.11 Ads We'd Like to See and Hear - Ampico
1998.04.20.05 Tape of CBS "Sunday Morning"
1998.04.19.04 Harold Powell & Klavier Music Rolls
1998.04.15.05 Copyrights On The Internet
1998.04.08.13 George Bogatko's Music in RealAudio
1998.04.08.06 1998 AMICA Convention Workshops
1998.04.05.14 Scott Joplin and Zez Confrey Rollography
1998.04.05.12 RealAudio: Gershwin, Confrey and Others
1998.04.05.08 Audio-to-MIDI Conversion
1998.03.29.13 More Pianos Than Babies
1998.03.29.11 Great Piano FAQ and Internet Resource List
1998.03.21.08 More Player-Piano RealAudio Music
1998.03.21.03 Voice of Betty Boop
1998.03.01.08 New RealAudio Tunes
1998.02.22.10 Pseudonyms of Roll Artists
1998.02.22.09 More Player-Piano Tunes To Hear on the Web
1998.02.21.06 Ragtime Automated Music
1998.02.16.05 RealAudio FAQ
1998.02.16.03 New QRS Player Piano on TV
1998.02.14.05 More RealAudio Player-Piano Songs
1998.02.07.10 More Fun RealAudio Songs
1998.01.31.09 Pouch Circumferential Failure
1998.01.30.13 Pipe Organ at St. Christina The Astonishing
1998.01.27.04 New Player Piano Recordings at Web Site
1998.01.16.01 Identifying MMDers at 1998 AMICA Convention
1997.12.28.10 Piano Roll Companies
1997.12.28.09 Classical MIDI Web Site - The Motherlode
1997.12.10.09 Playing Reproducing Rolls On a Pumper
1997.11.01.02 Spooky Halloween Music
1997.09.07.13 Stopping Roll Tears On Rewind
1997.08.26.09 Rolls Tearing on Rewind
1997.08.02.04 Purchasing Piano Rolls, Knowing Before You Buy
1997.07.27.15 Polylon Pouches and PVC Glue
1997.07.26.07 Roll Exchange Service
1997.07.26.06 Roll Librarian Software
1997.07.20.05 On-Line MMD Chats via AOL
1997.07.20.02 Movie "Old Ironsides" and The Constitution
1997.07.17.03 Wall Street Journal Piano News
1997.07.12.10 Beer Songs
1997.06.28.01 Radio City Music Hall Organ
1997.05.25.21 FS: Five Boxes of 88n Rolls
1997.05.25.13 "Missouri Waltz" Facts ...
1997.05.25.07 Leaky Bellows Cloth
1997.04.19.06 Miniature Electric Valve Data
1997.04.18.03 Visiting North Tonawanda
1997.03.19.12 Air Valves from Ragtime Automated Music
1997.02.26.11 "Kickin' the Clouds Away"
1997.02.18.17 Replicating Roll Labels
1997.02.15.29 Autopiano Horror Story
1997.01.28.12 Ivory and Plastic Keytops
1997.01.26.08 Re: Switched-off Keys
1997.01.25.17 Re: Switched-Off Keys
1997.01.22.06 RE: QRS Roll Auction Department
1997.01.21.17 FS: Alan Pier Estate Sale
1997.01.19.06 Re: Player Piano Co.
1997.01.17.02 Boston Chapter AMICA Meeting
1997.01.05.14 Wanted: "The King's Horses"
1996.12.31.02 Change My Signature Block?! Grrr!!
1996.12.30.06 Re: "Questionable Words" on Rolls
1996.12.13.02 Re: The Cost of Quality
1996.12.03.15 Roll Tracking Problem
1996.12.01.02 AMICA Membership
1996.12.01.01 Welte-Mignon Piano Roll CDs / AMICA ...
1996.11.30.11 Another quest for Massachusetts PP Restorers
1996.11.21.08 More Smithsonian Recent Letdowns
1996.10.27.04 Perforators and Bridging
1996.10.24.08 Re: Partial Punch Material Problems
1996.10.18.03 A Simplistic Roll Perforator Idea
1996.10.15.11 88-Note Test Roll Not Exercising All 88 Notes
1996.10.12.08 Re: Spring Wound Melville Clark Player Piano
1996.10.06.02 88-Note Players Playing Reproducing Rolls
1996.09.29.07 Silent Movie/Organ Accompaniment
1996.09.23.06 Re: Phonograph Wound by Pumping Piano
1996.09.10.18 Pedal Piano For Sale ...
1996.09.06.06 Why Don't Tracker-Bar Air Filters Exist?
1996.09.06.05 Our Own "Virtual Roll/Disk Auction" ?
1996.09.04.12 Classical Music for 88-note Piano
1996.08.26.04 Artist Pseudonyms: J. Lawrence Cook
1996.08.26.01 Player Piano Restorers in Boston Area
1996.08.24.03 Boston Area Player Piano Restorers?
1996.08.17.04 Re: MIDI Decoder for Pipe Organs
1996.07.31.15 QRS's Email Address
1996.07.05.02 Hecht's (a.k.a. Wanamaker) Organ Day ...
1995.12.26.05 Paul Eakin's Gay Nineties Village
1995.12.01.02 Fixing damaged rolls ...
1995.10.17.02 Reed Organ Octave Coupler / Sob Story ...
1995.10.09.02 Base and Treble Coupler Suggestion
1995.09.21.03 Brunswick Piano? Final Chapter.
1995.08.30.02 Brunswick piano 'n' radio . Part II ...
1995.08.20.02 Brunswick Player-piano and Radio in One
1995.07.16.01 A Chat with Dan, the QRS Man
1995.06.14.03 Sock-drawer Vaults and Roll Velocities ...
1995.06.08.02 Name That Tune
1995.05.28.01 A 1917 "Stairmaster" ...
1995.05.23.01 Introduction

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